The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 30, 1937
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LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSODRJ VOL. XXXIV—NO. 37 Blythevllle Courier Blylheville Herald niythevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley U'uuV: mATHEVILLE, AUKANSAS, FRIDAY, Al'KIL.30, UK? SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEN'J§ 'I Tokio Princess' ! , Benl0 " Man District First School Day, Govcrnor of Rolaryl Demand Tlial Economy Drive Be Exlended lo Nalional Defense WASHINGTON. Apr. 30 (UP)— Republicans demanded In the Jiouse loday tliat the federal eeoncmy drive be extended to include curtailment of huge e\ | pcndlt'ires for national defense t As Ihe $416,413,382 was department appropriation bill was thrown I open for amendments: on the I house floor, Rep. John Taucrj (Rep.. N. Y.>. ranking Republican j on the apropriations commitl n e demanded elimination of "all unnecessary Items." The demand was made in face of assertions by majority members of the committee that no further reductions could be made without causing "undue hardships." The first Republican attempt to slash the bill was defeated when lue house rejected an amendment lo cut $3,01)0,000 from provisions IL nay the army. Chairman J, Bucll Snydcr (Dem., Pa.) of the house appropriations sub-committee handling the army bill contended that the measure had been "checked and rccliecked" in an effort lo reduce the appropriation further. Rep. Joe Starnes (Dem., Ala.) told the house that the appropn alions committee had already reduced budget estimates on hills reported this session by $80,000,000 and promised more economies by '•cutting extra curricular and unlit ccssary governmental activities." Two Days at Statehouse Enough (or Bob Bailey LITTLE.,ROCK, Apr..,30 (UP)— •-Acting Governor Bob Bailey left the Statehouse late today for his home in Russellville after, serving as the state's executive for hvo days. Although he will be acting governor until Sunday, when Governor Carl E. Bailey returns to the state from Washington, the; lieutenant governor does not expect to return to the Statehouse office. i : "I've accepted an invitation to help open a rodeo Saturday in Pine Bluff, so state duties for the cay are off. Bailey said. Employee of the government's office said that Governor Bailey was expected to return to Little Rock Sunday and resume his work at his office on Monday. Ford to Revoke Licenses Of Helena Beer Dealers LITTLE ROCK, April 30. (UP) —Stale Revenue Commissioner D. I,. Ford loday announced he was preparing to issue orders revoking permits of at least four Hot Springs beer dealers and a similar number of operators at Helena. Ford said the permits were being revoked on Ihe grounds that the operators were permittin law violations to be perpetrated in their business houses. The commissioner refused to disclose the names of tr.e establishments to be closed in both cities. HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Apr. 30 • UP)—John U Hughes of Beaton w is unanimously elected governor of the sixty-second district of Rotary International here today at the close of a two-day mt'Ct- ntj. Delegates to the convention endorsed the candidacy of j, c'oth- , ell Dobbins of Stuttgart for director of Rotary International at he 1338 convention in San Francisco. The board of directors of the ixty-second district will meet •Ucr today to select the district's lOSS convention cilv. When tl.o yuunt-esl princess of Japan's -KIT! family started to siie wore a plait] durable school riirss rind carried her books in a satchel on her shoulders, like other litlle girls the world over. Prim-ess Atsukn Yori, G, is shown as she left the Tokio palace of her purvnts, the emperor ;mo empress, to start her first studies nl the school / lor. iieiresses recently. ! wo Companions L e s s Gravely Injured in Auto Upset Lasl Nigh i Miss Heloner Jan-alt was seri- cuslv indued and Miss Gcraldine ".vice and. Billy Cain sustained sser irjnrics whin tliflr -i,r Ringed inio a ditch on Highway r ntoul three miles easl of Blv- Iheville last night. Miss Jan-alt," 18-year-oHI hi-h r-iocl senior, daughter of Mr i ml Mi.-, p. B. Jnrratt of the New l.pjnly community, sustained it fractured hip and injured verte- 1'rue. she is at the Blytheville hospital. Miss Rylee, driver of (he car. ho siUsiiicd cuts and bruises way to be examined loday for 1 cssibie ir.ierual injuries. Yomia Cain escaped with minor injuries. Thc trio had attended n party at Die Lake Street MfUyxlisl church earlier In the night. MLss Rylee and Miss Ja'rratt were motoring their companion to his home east of Blylheville. Misf Rylee, who was driving, was not familiar with the road arid failed to negotiate a turn onto a bridge. the car plunging into the diich and turning over twice, it was stated. A motorist who witnessed ! the accident said the car was traveling slowly at the time. He the occupants to the hos- Dismissals Were Expected! Says C. T. (Ryan, Per-' sonnel Director LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 30 (UP)— Dismissal notices, effective at once, have been delivered to eight employes of the stats highway de- The machine dc molls heel. was practical!} partment. it from reliable was learned sources. today Officials of the department, while admitting that several officers and district employes had been di.irni.v-i'd, declined to disclose their names. C. T. llyan, secretary lo Governor Carl E. Bailey and Cycling Club Officer Serves Half Century BOSTON (UP) -Dr.-Walter G. Kendall has, begun his 5Ist term as caplain of the Boston Bicycle Club. At Getting Python Set for Snack Convcn lion Speakers Em- '-hasizc Need To Regain Export Markets MEMPHIS, April 30 (UP>—Leaders in the cotton trade loday urged reduction of tiirlll and growlh of bsttcr grade and staple as the best methods to regain Dixie's export market. More than SOO delegates at the American Cotton Shippers' Association's annual convention ' heard speaker after sneaker emphasize the need for towered tariffs and cultivation of higher grade find longer staple cotlon. Oscar Johnston, vice-president of the Comrncdlly Credit Corporation and Mississippi delta planter, warn- t -0 that present tariffs eventually; will force the south to turn lo industry and to devote much of ths ! acreage now ulanled In cotton lo grains and dairy activities. "Tr-e position of American cot- lon compared lo world production still is very unsalisfaclorv" sail Robert Miner. Dallas, president of j the association. "One of the causes has br-n the r;ilher unsatisfactory i eharncrer of recent American -rops." -. I l'-iiirnin<r to the need for Vc-' moval of trade barriers. May=r said: '"Hie real solution of the export problem continues to be the •rohibitlvo tariff.. .increasing crops from competing countries speak their own langunxe. Tills competition to American grown cotton is here-to slay and we'must •>o fashion our policies that we may be able to meet Ihis compel!-j •Jen. Otherwise in years to come cotton exporter may Ire as dif- Utilities '"••" ,1 • Purchase oi Cotton Certificates Approved WASHINGTON, Apr. 30 <UI>> — Tlic .sennit' iiKrlcuHure committee Uxluy approved llio Dankhcud 1)111 to appropriate $1,1100.000 to purchase oul.slandlUB cotton pool participation trust certificates. The appropriation represents the surplus which accrued to the fed- crnl treasury through the operation of the producers' cnllon pool under the dcparlmcnl of asricul- ]>ri;griun for ordctly nuirket- 'I'he bill authorizes the purchase t>( certincnles for the price of one dollar per five hundred pound Ijnle. Thc pro|xisal sets a dcud- Ine at January 31. 1!)3U after which no certificates could be redeemed. lure II8, Help Evacuate Civilians PARIS. Auril 30, <UP)--T'V'n-' and Great Britain have agreed to aid In evacuation of civilians from Bilbao In response to tin-cut. nu- peals of the Haf<iue, loyalist gov- rrnmi'nt.'the foreign ollire asserted today. ' " "Several lhoirsnn-1." 11 \vis s->ltl were lo be Included 111 Inl to I"! s?nt' from the Kocdiiy a 2(i-fo<»l, MO-year-old, 3!10-|Huiiul pylhoii is about the bi^ol job in curing lor Hit? sn;i!;e, explained Owen Dasi- phiiu-e. shown above os lie began llio task. Seven men helped the keeper fence '20 pounds of hamburger, 2-1 eggs, a quail of Bar Delegates From I 1 Counties Give Him Unanimous Ludorserncnl (ho first war-lorn urc'a and It was assumed Unit, most, of Ihem would be small children. Circa t Britain, the forelijn olllcs sail.. undertook, io obtain the consent of the Smntsh nationalist government junta- l,o the evacuation "tid lo acres not lo fire on any linsciue. ' French or British ships iifi'rt to evacuate the refugees. DliECT HI! BUI' Fate of 840 Men Aboard Insurgent Vessel Is Unknown I'rllalii Sets Conditions 1 LONDON, April 30 >'(UP>—ni"">l Hrllnln will'protect th; transporta- Mon of r2fUL-c'"j in tVe lilth seas from Bilbao an-l the Basque country on two conditions, II was learned i-rlnv. '. ' The nrst condition Is thai only women, children, Invalids and men over military ages shall be removed. The f«<:o"<l l« jihn> |>.«-,i «i,-". at ils winter quarters. tie no discrimination in the choice cast | of refugees for polttoil reasons. British warships will not enter Spanish territorial waters"or carry refugees. Basque consent lo Ihe conditions that of . Insurgent, commandcr-ln-clilef, Is expected. fic.iilt.lo find as a grain exporte: ~~.- ••,& Sues Water Company for Cutting Off Service B. H. Jones, who operates a service station under the trade name of Bute Jones—Tires, has filed WYNNE. Ark., Apr. 30.—Representing bar associations of 11 Arkansas counties delegates at bar convention here • yesterday unanimously endorsed Cotrgress- .inaii W. J. Driver of Osceola for olive oil and a quart of citrate j the federal Jmtelilp of the easl- has been obtained and that of ol magnesia down the pythons ern Arkansas district to succeed Dun. Francisco Franco throat at ils Hamilton. Out,, Ihe lale Judge J. E. Martlneau. " Between W and 50 attorneys, authorized to cast votes for 214 members of the liar In their counties, hid at thc, call of [Chancellor J. p. Gautncy of Jonesboro, who presided over the I meeting. Chancellor Gautncy- said he had called the convention as "Mi Individual and not as president of thc state bar association! "I am disappointed that the other counties (there -are 45' In , . . M. thc oast(M ' n federal district) did thonzes ArkansaS-MlS- " 0| Participate, but I am not sorry (hat I called (he convention," Judge- dautney'declared. '"H seems 'ci mn Unit If -1 -were scklng tills Commission scui'i Scctiiities Sale LITTLE ROCK. —'; Appro v in g nomination I would want the en,„.,.. r__ .,.. .... . ... . dor^'nienV of the members of Ihc for thc company Arkansas-Missouri to reorgani/.-j us , chancery court here seekin BY .— I BOB — BURNS personnel director to- the administration, said that he had not been informed of the dismissals but had been i:.xpo<ling the removal of several Futrti; appointees fiom the departmuil for some tfir.e. Revenue Cbmmi.ssicrfcr D. L. Foid annoiu-<?d that two employes in his department had been switched to diiljri-nt y.-bs while a third, who was employed during -he ailminiSL.ntion of former Gov- cinor. Futred, was discharged. 03, Dr. Kendall remains an able cyclist, but, along with his fellow club members, numbering 51. he is content, because of pres _ cut-day traffic conditions, to leave j the sport to the younger members The club, which flourished iu the "gct-a-horse" days of antomo- biling, still holds an annual reunion and once each year thc members go for a "wheel about the Hub"—but nowadays this trip is made by bus. A r <?w York Cotton I don't know whether my kinfolks are any different from anybody else in a lolta ways. But I know they're (ho most independent bunch of people I ever saw. Papi use'Ui tell me that every tub could stand on its own bottom. That's always been a sorta $| 45 a family slogan. I think we inhcr- YORK. Apr. 30 closctl steady. open high low 1294 1233 1271 1270 1273 1275 tUP) — May July Oct Dec. Jan March ' Spots closed steady at twenty-five. 1303 1281 I219 1257 1275 1255 1278 1258 1280 1253 close 12S7 13[» 1277 1274 1277 1279 suit restrain the Blylheville witcr :ompany from disconnect!)!" his water supply, lo settle the Issue or a disputed bill for water s;rvlc° itid for damages alleged to have resulted from action of the wat°r company in previously disconnecting his water supply.' A hearing on the aiiplicalnn f— a temporary reslrainiiif order 'till urobably be h?ld Tr«dav beforr County Judge S. L. Gladish." Jones alleges that thc met or by if which the volume of water h- uses 5 : I is registered is defective and registers 10 per cent over the actual volume of water used. He charges that, after one month's bill had 'iscn disputed that the water company, despite his Instructions to the contrary, applied a check lie •,'ave in pavment for a subsequent month's bill to payment on the dis- nians Power ths Arkansas-Missouri Power corporation, thc state utilities commission yesterday granted the new cor- ooralion permission lo Issue S'l 832,000 in new slocks and boncU. most of which will be used to take up obligations of the old company. Arkansas headquarters of Ihe corporation will be in Blvthevlllc. Thc concern will organize as n Delaware corporation. James Hill ol Blytheville will be named as agent for service in this state. Atlonipys reuresentmp iwihr-'- 1 - 'rs and stockholders asked, the commission for permission :or organization and issuance of the {attended the bonds. Chairman Thomas Fitz-' hugh said that more than two- thirds of the bondholders and holders of preferred ,-itock and more than 50 per cent of the holders of common stock had been represented as favoring the plans. 'Hie company had Indebtedness of more than $5.000.000 when it bar.". .. On the first ballot Congressman Driver 'received an overwhelming majority of Ibe votes cnst. Tl names of William F, Kirsch of Paragould and Abner McQchec of Dcsha county, which had been submitted, were then withdrawn ind .the endorsement of Driver '.vas made unanimous. V. G. Holland and W. Leon Smith, delegates of the Blytheville bar association, and five other local attorneys, Zal B. Harrison, P. C. Douglas. George W. Barham, Doyle Henderson and C. M. Buck meeting at Wynne yesterday. der Section 77B r Q+s. 1 I) : „. ff otOC/C rTfCCfc j NEW -YORK, April 30. (UP) — Prices rallied in light trading on thc stock exchange today. A. T. and T ............ !. Anaconda Copper ........ Beth. Steel ............... Chrysler ................. Cities Service ........... Coca Cola .......... ..... Gen. Electric ........... Gen. Motors ............. McKesson-Robbins ...... Montgomery Ward ...... N. Y. Central ........... Packard 1305. up New Orleans cr*u,,,, NEW ORLEANS. April 30. (UP) —Strengthened foreign markets and a senate committee attack on administration price control efforts today lifted collon fiilurcs $1.25 lo Phillips Radio St. I,-S. Simmons Standard Oil N. J Texas Co U. S. Smelting U. S. Steel F Bed 102 1-2 51 7-8 86 1-4' 113 1-4 3 1-2 152 1-2 53 3-4 58 1-4 14 55 3-8 47 3-4 9 3-4 50 1-2 c> 1-1 3 3-8 4G 1-8 6U1-3130 puled bill. He alleges that the er-mpany disconnected his service: bankrantrV Hw . without justification for a time and •- a " Kmptc> '™' | that during that time he was pre• vented from carrying out his business of washing automobiles and ?ecl:s damages for suspension of 'Us watsr service. Nciil Reed is attorney for Jones. went into voluntary bankruptcy un- Lightning Strips Bark from Giant Oak at Park A giant oak tree, one of the most magnificent in the virgin grove at municipaliy-owncd Walker park, was slripped of Us bark and its trunk split by a lightning bolt dur- Ihc federal has been -federal courl for some . . litigation i time. Mr. Fit/hush said it Is his understanding that thc indebtedness will te reduced more than $1.000,- 'iCO under the reorganization plan. Holders of bonds ol $1.000 valuation will exchange them for bonds of S750 valuation and S250 in preferred stock In the new corporation, plus a small amount of common More Wives Entering Non-Support Charges Holders of preferred slock will accept a smaller amount of preferred stock and the balance in fli 87 lilt 1-4 C 1-1 ing Ihe rain and cloclrical storm early this morning. Bark was stripped from the i trunk of the tree, beginning about | Doctov above the ground. common stock. Holders of debenture bonds likewise will receive preferred slock and a certain of common slock. feet llcrt that Independent- streak from Grandpaw Fotchy. He carried his independence to such a point that some people seemed to think he was downright stubborn. I happened to IK visitin' him one time when the mail man rode by and Grandpaw went out to the gale and he asked the mall man. "Have ya got a letter for me today from President Roosevelt?" The mail man says. "No. not loday." Grandpaw Fotchy says. "Well, It's Ills turn fo write!" bale. May July Oct Dec Jan March open 1274 1282 1207 1276 1277 1280 Spots closed steady twenty-five. hish low 1274 127-1 1293 1274 1277 1258 1285 1266 1284 1277 1287 1208 close 12aib 1291 1277 1283 1284 1287 at 1333. up Chicago Corn open high ] ou . c i os e May 1301-4 132 |- 2 128 3-4 132 1-4 Copyright 1937RsqutroFeatures, Inc. July 11U3-4 11D 3-8 in 3-8 11!) Livestock EAS ST. LOUIS. 111.. April 30. (UP)—Hogs, receipts, 0.500. Top 10.35. 170-230 Ibs. 10.20-10.30. Light weights. 7.50-10.00. Bulk sows. 0.40-9.65. Cattle, receipts, 1,200. Steers, around 3.00. Slaughter steers. 7.00-15.75. Mixed heifers anc! yearlings, 7.509.50. Slaughter heifers, 7.00-11.00. Beef cows, 550-7.50. Cutters and low cutters. 4.00-5.25. Chicago Wheat open high low close May 129 1-8 13l" 3-4 123 3-4 131 5-8 July 1107-8 110 1-2 iifi 3-4 119 3-1 smoothly as though it had been removed carefully by hand and the trunk polished. From about the rame height the trunk vas split I in two or three places, at least, I one split extending all the vay to I the ground. The bark was scat! tered in every direction. | The tree is at the extreme east I side of thc park. Apparently no I other Irces were damaged. CHICAGO IUP)—Domestic Relations Judge George B. Weiss n-Hcs that Improved business has sent a record number of wives In pursuit of husbands for non-sup|X>rl. When a broadened business picture started an increased ' flow of funds into the pockets of errant husbands, forgotten wives who had seen non-support cases crumble In the dust of the depression ren<"»-.; • iieitalion for support, Judge Weiss said. He estimated renewal of these forgotten cases has increased work of the social service department 21 per cent. British Justice Is a Fight Fan Joseph Edley England, Jr. Succumbs At Little Rock LITTLE ROCK. April 30. (UP) —Joseph Edley England jr.. 67- year-old retired banker, diert here today after a lengthy Illness. . He is survived by his wife, a son ! C. E.. of Philadelphia, and a daughter. Mrs. Justin Matthews jr.. of Little Rock. Funeral services will bo held here Saturday. Gaining; New Richness ORLANDO. Fla. an'" — Peanul eating baseball fans s.wn will be acci'uirintf previously aliasing vital j elements alon» with (heir daily amusements this .summer, believes Dr. Charles Northcn of this city, discoverer ol mineral colloids. He explained trat ;hese ;hm;nts when added to Ihc soil in which peanuts nrc prcdur^d not only in- j sure bigger and better peanuts and I more of them, but actually add nu- [ Iritious values lo the uivshellcd | meals that come in small paper' bags. All this apparently will mean a greater prosperity for the peanut grower, but equally important, said Dr. Northen, will Increase the nealth of those who eat the goobers. Tile \vcll-EchooVd physician. minister, or lawyer. e:iu u.u- approximately 25,000 \Uffd.v Rescue Negro From Mob and Deliver Him, lo Sheriff's Cu'stody SAVANNAH; Gil., April 30. (UP) —Willie Hawkhis, youthful: negro charged "with 'attempted crlmina -.ifsault upon a white married woman, was held 111 the. Chatham county jail for safe keeping today after two "level headed citizens' rescued him from a mob near Mid- vllle, Ga. i The negro had been captured bj a group of white men at [illdvillc and held captive all day yesterday Thc two. unidentified men who rescued him from the moh and turned him over to sheriff J. L. Her- rlngion of Burke county said ''lynching party" had been planned for shortly after nightfall. Sherlll Herrlngton said the two men rescued the negro by a clever ruse from the midst of the mob and drove over back country roads to deliver him safely to the Burke county jail at Waynesboro. "Feeling was running high a! over the country and I 'immediately put him into my car and rushed him here," Herrlngton said whei he arrived here. Hawkins was accused of the attempted criminal assault, of a white woman at Blythe, Oa.. last Mon day. Groups of enraged men ha( been searching for him in all sec lions of Burke county for four days Kansas Mints 2-Mill Discs for Sales Tax TOPEKA. Kas. (UP)—The Kan sas state reformatory at Hutchln EOII Is manufacturing 30,000.00 two-mill zinc, sales tax tokens. W. G. Fink, chairman of th slate tax commission, said that ap proxitnately 12.000.000 tokens wi be ready for distribution May 2 and that thc remaining 18,000,000 will be delivered 30 days later. When the 30,000,000 are mami- j facttircd. Kansas merchants and j buyers will have in their possession the equivalent of three 'freight- car loads of tokens, or 45 tons. I11L.UAO, Spain, April 30. (UP) — The Spanish insurgent destroyer Vclasco opened fire on 'the 'British merchant steamer Knltsley today In a naval engagement In which los- allst airplanes sent the Insurgent battleship' Espagna to the bottom of Ihc Bay of Biscay with a-d'lrpct lilt by a heavy bomb. Shore batteries opened fire on the Velasco, which was escorting Ihc Ehpaiftia, when the dcstrovei egan firing on the Knllsley five illes north of the mouth of hllliao arbor. Destroyer To Rescue The IB,452 ton Espagna, only In- urgent battleship and backbone of ien. Francisco Franco t> mn> car- led about 840 officers and men. The 'elasco and fishing boats went to lie rescue. How many .were saved 'as not Immediately ascertained. The action occurred off Cabo layor, west of Bilbao. The. On bo Invor coast guard advised the Al- crlcla airdrome of thc attack on lie British sleamei Three trl-molorcd government lombers, part of n. squadron of. 32 Jlanes that had just arrived, left he.airdrome, ascended out of range f thc Esuagna's anti-aircraft guns ind started bombing. Built In 1913 The Esixigna's decks were cleared 'or action when the bomb struck icr. The Espagna begun to list to starboard and in 45 minutes tlis- npoearcd beneath the waves. It was the first time In history ,hat an airplane has sunk a battleship. The Espagna was of 1913 vintage and tin; bomb ripped thru ler .US-inch deck .plates, designed In days when airplanes were not ofTectlvc. . -Hi Advances Mola Conlinues HKNDAYE. Franco-Spanish frontier, April 30. (UP)— Gen. Emlllo Mola's mechanized nationalist army smashed through the center of Hie loyalist lines at Guernica today, routing the left flank of Bilbao's defense forces ^ The steam roller thrust took Mola's advance troops to within slit miles of the Basque capital ,bj|t Instead of pressing forward he-1)3?an a surprise enveloping move j i- mtmt toward thc north confusing loyajist defenders who exp a cted~his main attack from the southeast. Frontier reports said Mola'had selected May 2 as the day to "capture" Bilbao, as that is the anniversary of Ihe Carlist siege of 1874. As the whole left flank of the loyalist army fell . back oni .an eight-mile front from Bermao."on the coast, to Guernica, an'ctbnt Basque capital, destroyed Monday bv air raids which killed 800 civilians. Mola's bombers beean sjs- temallr, attacks on the small towns' near Bilbao. Mola's air force met no .oouosl- tlon. The infantry attack was* ei' r pcctcd to follow within a • few' hours. Border dispatches reportc'd* that the 30 old airplanes which had been available for' the Basque army had been destroyed and that- aid promised by the Valencia goy-r ' ernmcnt had not materialized utf'- until today. . >•' Spectators at a recent London prize fight saw ;ni avid fan in Lord Hewart, Britain's Lord Chief Justice, pictured above hi Ui een eycshade. He occupied 3 ringside seat. Distribution of. the tokens. Fink said, will not be an easy job. They will b; wrapped In rolls of 50 and packed in cartons of 10 rolls each. Thc cartons will be sold to merchants at SI each and no carton will be split. H will cost the state $1.86 a thousand to manufacture the tok- CEII. Fink said, and they will be sold at face value, $2 a thousand. The tax commission said that an estimated half-million tokens will disappear monthly from ctrcula- | lion, which will mean an annual i loss of approximately S10.000. "At this rale." he said. "Ilia state must manufacture about 6,000,000 new tokens every year to those lost and carried out of the state by travelers." The Kansas sales tax law states that all merchants shall collect 2 per cent on every sale. Missouri Senate'Votes to Cut Pension Age JEFFERSON CITY. Ma—The senate adopted Thursday, by a 32 to 0 vote the proposed constitutional amendment to cut the minimum age for old age assistance from 70 to B5 years. It will be submitted '" voters o,t Pie next'general election. The amendment would authorize the legislature to earmark .funds from any tax source for old aje assistance purposes. Michael Kinney. author of lh» resolution, said federal matching; of old age assistance grants would ^ be withdrawn agter 1940 if the age reduction is not made. A similar resolution without the earmarking clause has passed thc house. Whales ribs. have only nine pairs of WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonight and Saturday, slightly cooler tonight. Memphis and vicinity—Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday. Cooler tonight, lowest temperature 5G to 60. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 87, minimum 64, clear, with 1.11 Inches of rainfall last night, according to Samuel F. Norrls, official weather observer. ,

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