The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1947
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XI,IV—No. 90 BijrttMrllle D*il 5 Couri»r ^™MiM,COyRIER NEWS 3*ilJ New* Blvthi.viiifi H*r*i.4 '" ~—-—— —— _ tmwf JU ?loOUlu Blyiiu-viiic Kerild MlsetBslppl Valley Jaycees Get Site On N. Second for Club, Playground Lot is Purchased And Additional Land Donated by Woman Hlrlhavillo's need for additional pljiyjji'omul space is a step nearer fiiinilmciit today with support of the City Joiincil received by the Juii- )<"• Chamber of Commerce in I heir combined project to 2i'ecl a Jiiycoo club house «n<l municipal playground. Site nt the proposed elm, house o,!> ,', ygroun<l is thp 10L '» t»e -00 hlock on North Second street "Wositc the American Legion Hut. The City council nt Its monthly session last nlBlit approved 'rilllni in or the lot with dry trash collected bj the Sanitation Department's garbage truck.';. Negotiations for this site were Hearing completion today and the Junior Chamber Is expected to ac- miiro tills for the lot shortly. The site is being purchased by the Jaycees from Mrs. Tihncsla fitraiimnons, who, hi addition to . selling the tot for the club house also donated two other adjoining ground bC Ucvclopcd "' lo « Pl»y- WJicn completed, the playground given by Mrs. Fitelmmons utll be named FitMlmmons Park l,, honor ol her late husband, Mike Fitzslm- FIIIK.'S Xccdcd for Equipment Construction f s .expected to extend ever most of the coming year and 1 'iaygroimrt equipment may be •™'r' lu ., ils donations from other BlyUicvillc civic clubs. ' The lot facing second street has n Frontage of HO feet and extends back In I he Frisco Lines right-of- way. The lots donated' by Mrs. Pitz- cunmous join the West half of the purchased lot nnd extend 100 feet North to the nlley. First portion or this project to be site, which UBS below street level undertaken will be filling O f the except for the area to be occupied by the club house foundation. I-'iHmg the area with dirt and dry trash will be handled by the Jaycees. who plants/organize "Pilling Days" whcu/crews of 'member*, aided .by donated equipment will work en raising the lots to above street level. - -.-In addition to the rot Mayor E-' n. Jackson, the City Council and other city officials backing of the county has also been promised. Jaycee officials said. The Jaycee club house will be of qiionsct-typc construction and will contain space for meetings, offices and dances, according to present plans. Tlie project was launched by Jaycee President Jimmie Edwards and the club's Building Committee, headed by J. T. Sudbury. The proposed project was presented to the club at its meeting Monday night and roiy-ived a unanimous vote of approval. Greeks Arrest 2,500 When Plot is Bared ATHENS, uly S. (UP) — Government .police cracked do*n on an allCRcd Communist plot for an up- risiiif; in Athens and Piraeus today and by early afternoon had rest 0 U)a " 2 ' 5 °° persons ""flcr ar- No resistance «'as reported by any of those seized. The Bovernmenfs bag of prisoners was said to include GOO persons niTCstcrf r .t, Piraeus, the port of Athens, as well a s doctors, lawyers nnd staff members of the Communist newspaper Rizopastis and the "in oi-Ran. Elcftheri Ellada. l lie riplit-wing Newspaper &tia claimed that i.he Rovcrnmcnt had discovered SC eret orders issued by (lie guerrilla chief. Gen. Markos Vaf mdcs, which revealed that a £!ir* T i ? ( """"" list "Prising was scheduled for tonight The orders allegedly were signed b. ATarfcos, using the title of Ma.-- slinl. 1 hoy asscrtedly claimed the LottisUs had 14 battalions In Athens and Piraeus in readiness for the attack on the government DimiM-los Partsalidcs, sccrctirv Temperature Here Drops To 60 Degrees for Low Figure for Mid-Summer Citiiwns of Blytheville witnessed one of the coolest July nights in the past several years last night when Ihe mercury dipped lo n low oF fio degrees, uccorclint; lo Robert F Blnylork. official iventlier• oovrvcr' Yesterday's high temperature was recorded at,80 degrees, he said. Additional City Bus RoutesUrged Aldermen Discuss Policy in Granting Of New Franchise After hearing report oF Ihc rstiuate bus uU e s "I'd findjn S 5 Btvtlie- The government said the roundup lirRan rarly this morning and con tiniird throiiifh u, 0 morning According to the government the leftists planned an uprising hi the capital and in the nearby Port of Police nnd gendarmerie troons made the arrests under supervision OF the ministers oF Public Order Air ami Navy. ' Air -Minister Panaghlotis cancK-v- poulos asserted that the uprising "would have cost the lives of thousands" if the government had not taken prcventative measures. N. Y. Cotton open high low close M'»r ....... 3151 320) 3150 3184 May ...... 31C2 3155 31C2 3133 •July . ...... 3770 3826 3779 3»18 Oct ....... 3230 3326 3290 3318 Dec ....... 3194 3245 3194 3230 Spots closed ot 38.23; up 27. of the cctuiltce to inv. lines operations in othei a criticism of the crnni.., by a spokesman for th c ville .Coach Lines, the City „„„„- cil in monthly session last, night in the Oity Hall decided lo ni"et with opcr.ttors of the line within the month 'to discus; requirements for gniiHinR a new bus franchise The present franchise is held ir; T. -J. and Utlio 'Barnes, operators of the Blythevilio Coach Lines and expires Sept. 31. Discussion bv the aldermen brought out that it would be "understood that more •outes should be opened up" in granting the new fi'jnrfijse. Attorney Graham Sudburv speaking on bshalf ol W. J. Wunrierlich. an applicant for Ihe franchise, said -the committee found that a 'majority of cities in the state preferred to craiit b'ls franchise.'; according to the "gross receipts or gross iiiccine" plan This plan cal's for a certain percentage ol the bus lines gross income to tc paid in the city in retuin for exclusive operating rights, he explained. More Routes Propose.! The committee Felt Urn a bus line should Furnish service alone routes not necessarily profitable in order to give more ecm-pelc service to the eity, he said. Two major points brought oul bv Mr. Sudbury called for the extension of bus service to other . rts of Ihe q'ty not now on routes and the bringinc of additional revenue to the city from privilege fees paid by the orpim- ization awarded the franchise.' •Attorney Jcos Taylor, speaking on behalf of the Blytheville Coach Lines, .said that the present, holders .Of the bus franchise had "given adequate transportation -and service for the , past. 20 yeifs- «nd-.pointed • out : that tlfe frafT- chisc was not "something to bo bid on like Ihe contract for build- iiiE a new house." It would be better to pi-ant the franchise to an cstnb'ished line than to give it lo n "stinnsc and untried group," Mr. Taylor "said. "The gross Income plan ignores thc fact whether thc line is making money and may prevent thc line from adding new facilities," Mr. Taylor said. He i<\[,\ he felt there would be loo much privilege lax levied. Mayor E. R. Jackson said the aldermen would nncet with pros- n«ctivo -bidders prior t,i the next Council'meeting AUK. 12., F«l Operators Know N'rnls •In a discussion of whether the r.ity should set up requirements for Franchise bidders to meet or let bidders sii'cmit their own offers of service, the councilmcn in genera indicated Iliev felt bus toic opcr- .itors would know more rtout the city's transportation needs Uian the cit.v it-self. W. T. Barnclt appeared be-fore the Council scckinc the city cooperation in construction of a storm sewer to drain standing water in the alley ol the leo block E>st between Main an-) strecls The Council voted payment of up lo $100 for thc city's part in financing construction of the sewer The Council also gave its approval Fo? dumping nf trash by Sanitation .Department trucks "to aid in filling a lot li\\ thc 20;) blooK on North Second .street purchased by the Junior Chamber of Com- miercc for construction ol a club house and mmiid.ial playground. Tn other ac'.icn, Ihc Council denied a buildinq permit to Buck Mchnrt; For construction ol a store building 0:1 Davis street noir Ihe entrance to \M:Okcr Park. The denial was voted Following reading oF a petition Filed ''Monday by properly owners of that section protesting erection of a business building in a residential -.irea. ___J^VT11KVI1,I.K, AUWANSA^VKiiNKSiUY. ,jlj|,y Miners Return to Work Foremen enter Monyour No. 10 mine at Library. Pa. With Ihe nig,,!,,,, of „„, ,„.„, Northern Mine Operators the threat ol .-, milton-wld • coi-l strlko wat avn.od uHb, liners in areas not yet covered h.v Ihe agreement is m-liiiu in ,„.. Tax Refunds Aid City Government State Pays $10,614 to Boost Revenues for June Up to $18,258 Tax refunds by the sUte totaling SlO.fiH.17 boosted revenues to the city in June to $18,258.07, nearly double the operating expenditures for that month, according to the monthly budget report submitted to the City Council In I night by Frank Whllwurlh, city clerk. This was one of thc largest slate turnbacks received by the city so far this year. Other major items of revenue received during June were police fines, $2,834.18; privilege license fees, $2,806; mid Sanitation Department receipts. (1,097.50. • City Hall bonds In the amount of $2,000 were retired during last month mid capital Improvements totaled $1,723.19. Building permit fees brought J170.05 nnd aifto license sales. $42.75. Ah-port rents totaled Eiipenditures for the month of June' were »9,419.3». Expenses by 358:32:.'• Sahi€nt'i6ii^'$2.t)24.if5; ''(jen-" oral and . administrative. $230454- Fire, $750.24; and airport operation' Smooth-Functioning Democracy Urged to Upset Communism >!)• it. it. SHAC:KFOKI> (IJnit e ,| ]'rcss Staff Cnrrvspnnilcnl) 1 WASHINGTON. July fl. (UP) _ ' * f 5*or Ihoso ii'lio mini to know what American uiriclnl; lliink the Uus- sinns arc up to, Washington diplomats leclny rccoinineiKleii u magazine article by an •aimymcnse "X" The 7000-r/orcl article appears iu the cm-rent issue of "Foreign A'f- I Fairs." an erudite luiarlerly publl- ( cntian of (he Foreign Affnlrs Conn- I cil. Inc.. which lias only n . S | lirv n clrcjilation, it is ciilillnd, "The Source oF Soviet, Conduct", and the " Total funds on'hand as of June 30 were shown as 558,563.76. Accounts payable on July I were yt- 834.34, the report showed. Blytheyille, At Last, Gets A Report of the Latest Flying Saucer Activity For .1 while it locked like Biy- thcvillc Wis going to fall behind the rest of the country in lurniiiR out a report of the latest thing visions— tlic "/lying saucer." Until today, that is. Jesse -Brown, 'BIMhcvillc Negro, brought in the first report although it was a variation on the saucer Ihcme. What he said he '.ind 15 or 2o others saw abjut 7:30 this morning on Ash Street may have been a flying tea tray looking for some saucers, for "Brown said it, was a white oval, about two feet long and pioht Inches wide. -It was headed South at :\ 1 '.'^ "I?"' '5 ° r 20 ml ' cs r ' " 1Ut dis n t ° Ur "" mUes ' o,,r r« S ,K S ° f Slcclc one for Southeast Missouri and Next U. S. Recovers A-Bomb Files Stolen in'46 WASHINGTON, July 9. (Up) _ Theft of some secret files fro'n Ihc Lcs 'Alamos. N. M., 'atomic bomb plant 'in 19M Mvas revealed If) Cic senate today by Chairman BoiirkD B. IHickenlooper of the join congressional Atomic 'Enemy Committee. r >; This theft, he -said, occurred while the <War Department WAS in charge of the country's ROIO.- COC.COD '.Uonilc energy plant Ilics- eu'oopcr said that'his committee "has 110 reason to believe" there have been any recent thefts ol important atomic secrets. Hickenlooped lo!d thc Senate t!ie documents stolen from Los Alamor, had since been recovered, j Los 'Alamos had since uccn re- Hickenloopor, low.i Republican, .'poke in .the (Senate after the Ne\v York Gun bad charperf in a dispatch 'that "unknown agcnt.s" I hat! stolen "several files of highly secret data on the atomic bomb." author is Identified only ns "X " There Is no official cciuirmatlon concerning who w i«| e u, but Hie experts who have -rend it urc confident that the author -Aas Geofgo P. Kennmi. career diplomat who has sppolalliied'.'ror years In Ini.<i- sian affairs nnd who recently w'ifs named by Marshnll t o hour lii.s I new, lonc-migc forclfn policy plan, nfng staff. T7i c nmionvmous "X" proiiose's two bronri linos: of policy for the y. S. toward the Soviets: ; -1. Ixins term, patient InS Brid: vlndant uonlainmcnt tjj ed to confront thc Rnssiiui nnaltcrnble connterforcc nf every point where they show slnns of -11- croachlng upon tlic interests ol a peaceful, and stable world." 2. Creation ntnoiiK all peoples o? thc world of the impression that the United states Is a country which knows what it wants, which Is copinir success fully >ith the problems of Its internal life and with the responsibilities of n world power, and which has a spiritual, vllali- tv capable of Ijoldiui,. Us own among the major ideological currents of the lime." Tito author contends that the keystone of Commimi.H philosophy is the "decrepitude of the capilalisl world." He snys that If the U fi can ward off an rarly economic de- nrcsslnn. it would have "deep and Important repercussions" lhroii»h- ont. the Communist world " "Hy Ibe same token. :• ], c rnn- JHICK. "exhibitions of (lukcisi'm disunity ,in t j intrrii.-il disliKrfirntinn' within this rountrv have n ii ex- hilaralin B effect on'the whole com- muntst movement." Arllnir "X" admits that, it, would be exaggeration to claim that American behavior could brim; almul the fall of Soviet power In Russia But ho leaves lltt| c doubt lhai, he 457 Visit Clinic Held in Wilson Hundreds More to Get Examinations in War on Tuberculosis A free chest x-ra v cllulp spnu- sorctl bv Ihc Mississippi Comity Hie .Tuberculosis A-;- He;' 1 socmtlon. -.iiul the Arkunsiu; Uc.'iri. of Health, >ln s held In Wilson yesterday mm [.pencil today hi O.-SL-Cola. >A mobile lubDrciilosIs clinic of I'm stale mard of Health Is prn- vuhiiB equipment for the foiir-diy -liliuic lo t.e 'held in M;.«is.slpi>l County. The clinic will bo he'd hi Ulytlicvlllc tomorrow and Fridny. miilrlv 457 citizens of Wil, oullyinjr cainmiii\ltlnx iil- IJiestcrday ulinic und "indrod neoDle nrr r» Id the Senate Group Quickly Okays Income Tax Cut House Approved Bill Appears Certain to Again Reach Truman WASHINGTON, July 9. tU.P )-The Simile Finance Commit too volcd UI lo 3 lodny to nppimv the Iliiiif.i'-imsM'd lirpiibllnm m.x reduction hill now In Its second tilp llirough Congi-ess, 'I li« vimmUtiv imfckly iipprovod lhi> im-niiuri! )n u session lasting U'ss Hum mi hour. •liin Unco dl«;i'iil|ii|, votes lo tha bill imssi'il by ihe n<>n»i> ycrtndiiy, wore ini.M by si'iinti: numncratin l.nidri Aibi'ii w. Durkley of Kon- Vm-ky. Di-momiUc Whip s™u w. lAirns, nt Illinois ami Sen. Toui i;<»iiititJj', o,, 'K'xiiK. Di'lorr Ihe ltn»l vole. IJI-BS »f- tiri'd u MibslUnl,. bill which p:o- Jioscd B real IT relief tov Ui- lower Illl'UllH! 1,1'llckL'lft Ul!lH l| U , Rl'pub. III'MII hill. H wits rejected by the saiiu- Hi to :i lineup. 'ihe Ui'imbHi-un hill, which Uio I louse m>|H'[ivcd by u voui ol :-.Oi 1<| 112, cnlls for per.sunal Income lax mi:! iiinulni! Irojn ;ii) |;,. r mi (, lor Individuals earning lusublo lo- I'ome up to OICIX), down l o ii)..-> Itt'r tent for those cnrnlnu niuri! tlr.ui $'jj2,-it,'j. TlH! bill. imd-.iiiK its second swing aruuiid (he i'0iien;xslouul circuit, was Kliid-d to ,,„ to the Senate flow UmioiTOw mid to h.' uppiovcd by the uppc-,. cJiiiniber 11,11 later thtiii Tuesday oF noi:t -.vsult. Thiil would (jlv« I'rcsldent Truniun 10 diiys to act mi It m, ( i . st m , )0 riMU L.ougn.\w Ip adjourn ms schcdnind 'I he measure' Is Identical lo the om: I're.Hideut Truniun vctucd hist iiiMith. (xcdpt Hint (he o:lci:tlvo dale has bl'«l ino«:il IID July I, HM7, lo Jan. i, i a .ii). veil • iidiiiiiilsti'iilUin •jppiiiicnLs 'he bill conceded the Si-mue woulil iippiovc It, Only two major I. Will I'iciildeiil. Trillium veto It? SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS rd Highs WASHINGTON, July 9. <UP)_ Rcrarri-urrnklni! demund tor food nt home mid «bio«d pushed farm ncoiiic dmlim the nrst half of 1M7 l<> f 11,708,000,000 or 30 per cent above- the tmmc period last year, Ihe Agriculture Department reports HiKli business activity continues to susl.iln (lomiuiic demand for farm Pioduels," the Department Mid euna prosperity thus .. iwr cent more tlini sales contrlbincd the " of thl! " lcnm8 »"" This WHS neiirly 40 i thu'fl»t8lxni(> Uniiy Income wax 3Q |>cr cent iiuove lust, year, poultry and CBK inumit! m 1)in - eoiil higher, and rc- ••ellil* for crops an per cent above Uio First halF of 1948, was nearly <o '«'using to take part in dis- /mSSE ^™ of thc Marshall plan 2. If he does, with mid House avcir:de MIC Ihe mi, veto. llciilcimnt:t 1 „, C ,, K , Association 'In thc Osccola clinic f will tc iiitmlxn's of. tin. Iviwanls' Club, notary club, Junior ciirm- t t^..—-—^ f \JijYIQf .-.,.,.. Off icial Dies Memphis be a basic Amo- Food Processor Predicts Sharp Drop in Prices WAvSHINGTON, July 9. (UPl— A cut in the average American's food bill of a much as 15 per cent by thc Full of 1848 was predicted today by one of the nations' leading food processors. nut the U. S. Ch'sunbcr of Commerce took sharp Issue with this statement, declaring thc Marshall Plan for European aid Is likely to involve "very considerable upward price pressure." These opposing views were given to thc Senate-House Economic Committee by Clarence Francis, board chairman of General Foods Corp.. nnd Emerson P. Schmidt, the Chamber's director of economic research. Train Kills Merchant CONWAY, Ark., July 9. (UP) — Funeral services are being planned today for James Franklin Trawlck, lo-ycar-old Quitinan Merchant, who was killed when struck by a Missouri Pacific freight train in Con- wn.v 5 r esterday. He walked into the path of the train and was hurled 20 feet iiuo a ditch, thinks that should ric-p.n objective. Thc United States has it in its power," (he author SMVS. "( ( , increase rnormouMv the strains uiidr-r to force upon the krrmlln o lar greater decree of moderation and circumspection tlian it has had to observe In recent, years, nnd tn this way to pn;mol,<- 'tendencies *h!ch must event nnlly find their outlet In ollhcr the breakup or tlic lira- dual mellowing or soviet poivrr " B-29 Crashes; 8 injured FRANKFURT, July 0. I UPI-Ail- Force officials announced today that a B-2!) suprrfortrcss crashed this morning while nltemptlni; lo land at the Zijbclstatlt Airfield bc- cwitsc a! ennin,; trouble. Six of the eight crew mt-inliers were injured seriously, the announcement said, no mention was made of any fatalities. All injured were' taken lo the Army hospital at Wur/.- hurg. Tomato Prices Slump NASHVILLE. Trim.. July n. (UPI —Tlic peak of the IninaUi season in West Tennessee should be rrachrd this week with tho quality gone! but prices disappnlmiiiK lo producers, the State Department of Agriculture reported today. Sparks Ignite Shingles Slight damage resulted when a chimney spark igulied singles on the roof of the Joe Wacldy residence at 7th and Chickasawba yesterday. Firemen also extinguished a car fire started \vhen_ leaking gas ignited the motor w'irim; at Franklin nnd Vine streets yesterday. Club, notary club, Junior C.iiriu- bcr oF Commerce nnd plr| S from the Osceola 'High School under tlic .suj.viTisltm of Mrs. Can-oil Watson. presldenl-'of llin Oiecola, PTA. Mrs. John Enochs; hibcrculnsls so 'I chairman and Mrs. J. N WhlUnkcr, jiresidenl of the Wilson Inr.v assisted with the clinic held In Wilson yeslonlny. The mcbile unit will l:e here tomorrow mid Friday For both while' and Neuro clti«?n.s l-l yours oF «TO mud older. The clinic will be located beside the Mississippi Ccitnl.y Health Unit ofFIcn Incatrd '•n the corner of 'H<illr»-.d njitl Wnlnut street.'-.. Asilstine with the clinic «'ill o-p Mrs. Irma Tiiinrh. C. O. neil'i-ui. Mivs Delia Pin-Uc, Mi;s iFollv Wllron, Mrs, Clara Am- brcse. Miss Clara Meyers. Mrs. S. C. Owens and Mrs. Ammo;!] B. Fill. The clinic will op^n at 8 a.m. slid close at 4 p.m. here Mrs. Scooter Pi(ofs Worried to Buy State Licenses State Tnljcr s'..i!.inni.|l in Ul; - - llicvllle l(v ( iay warned opcrjilnrs "of motor-scooters that thr-v imi-,1 hold a special' driver's .Ik-cnsr in "isn l.lnt lypr of vehicle nnd 111 it a. cnni'cinccl liccnw-rnfcrciiKml and safety drive was tin(lcr«av. State rolicciiian c. F,. Mnnt- Bmncry and A. E. UhrnnK-K-r [rilni- cd out that a scpan'.e lirciw other than nn nutornobilc drivers license was required bv law nf n:olor-scm>lcr cperatms. ''I3-)lh rue not reouii'Cfl. Ihe explained, but »n automobile drivers lircnsi> will not cr.ver opcrnion of a motir- scooter. for which a separate licensi; is nerrssary. A separate driving tr-st must also he taken to obtain a motor •vcoolor opei^itnr's lice:is-. tin- cf- liccrs siicl. it llir n|;pliriiiit i.s under 18 years of «KO. Tlic licenses may be obiniurd from tlic State Kevrnin H,~i>iiri- mcii!. ollice in City Ilall. 'Ilie frs is SI. •Molor-scooler licenses will Iw eranlcd on'y lo nnplicaiits over i'l rf =>.'te. the officrrs s.iid. j Mine Owners BowtoUMW Southerners Ready To Sign Contracts For Big Pay Boosts WASHINGTON, July 0. <U1M.- Mosl of Ihe holdout Southern soft coiil i-roduccra will s | gn u, c ,, cw Willie contract with John L. t/jwls by niglii lull, n njK)kc.iiiir,ii for the Southern Conl i>ro<lucC!r.i A.S- MJdcition nuld today. Ho sulrl thiil, biinlii B unforcacun dovulcipincnts, nltno,.it nil of Ihc Giiiilhvrn uroiip will bo uiulci- CDH- trncl by tonight and ready to re".•an thuli- mines. Northern uml Illinois end - III! dny, riles for M. A. Porlls °rmr,. drcult court clerk iiere i who d rd ycntcrday ;,t ),)., 1, O11I8 , tl ' i.Ic;,iph,s, will be held here lo- , mo, tow iirtnrnoon nt Muule 'Grove ocinelery. Jit- mus C Q KiTiicral services will l )c conduct- f'd sit. National funeral Home In Mcir.i;|i|,s trtnnrrow at lo u m The former Hlythovllle nnn.'who hus ninny rtiliillvra here, was kom in CcivltiKtnn. Tcnn., and moved t" 'South Mississippi County when :i tmy. ill? liitdi- inovcil 'here an-l :<-rve,| us clroiiit OTlirl cleifc from H1IO Iliroucli .inil. .He was it landowner i n CrlUcnilcn County, Tonn. J lln is survived by his tv.lfo, Mrs. Mnl.Ur> Uiviu p.iitls, nnd t\vn d.niKlitrrs. Mrs. Porter Iltcks ol Muti-oit, Mich., and Mrs. Clyde Einlll, fif Metnpfii-i. Piillbcnrcrs will be rjlraill. Judge 11. llnnlsnn. J. W. IBadcr of L prmhicers Kilned up yn.ler- limntlim a *i:i.»i Jail/ basiu tt«(je tinci other concessions—the lushest iifjri:cii)Giit over won by Lewis. Most of the 100,000 miners n Keeled by that nurcoinenl were back on the Job. Mir Western producers idoo were rcixnicd rcndy to sign, Tim Southern coin I'totHiccin Association scheduled H meeting lo mithurtac negntlntoni fov a l- Illialed district a.woclntions to sign up. United Mine Workcru (APL) hi'iiiUniHrlers said Lewis would be Hvnllablc this .afternoon to close nil agreement.' . The XJMW ulso dkcloMst liiat iiiilustrlnhst Henry Kmscr '«nd the Utah, Fuel Co.'had slmv .. KRrteihoiit..: wKftih'r wfl »124,»00,IX» ID''nilneri' |.ny next ycur. Kal.ier oprui^'''^ sliiBle mine nt Suiuiy'nicic, Ut^h. Colonuio, Kansas i\ud Olclii|\oiiia operator.? «'tre rea<ly to fqll In lino. Thc Union pacific Cos! Co.. Inrtlvlriunl producer ; Wes Scy- Ciirul.liersvillc, Mo., I/nvton minir. J. n:. Murphy 'and Kret Slnckny. a!) nf U.pnlllo. 7. T. I'-i'icas (,r west, Memphis nntl W. A. Itidmrd oF Monipliis. Ilonorarv rillbenrers will be Vir- •iil c.m-iip, Cmljs J. l,ilt)c, A. C. l.ill.l". w. A. VCdwui'ds. llenuaii Crn:,K, u. J,. C.nlnes, p. E. Conlcy .•'iid H. .7. Arnold. nl\ of Wlythe- viilc, .lim lii.-ifly of Proctor. C'raw- Ford Jordiin, .Allen Huulir.s Jr., nnd S. J. M.iyo. all ol Memphis. Stale Policeman Chronisler ^V 7" " «''^''-K N-ShMey and Wade Mficers had been instructed l:v ; 7 ,?"" l ."; !: . nlld . ^rgeant-al-anns- nlficers had been inslrncleci l;y Stale Po.'lcr officials to arre-,1 pnrciv:.s of children under M win were apprehended driving motor- sceotcrs. Unlicensed operators, regardless ol age. will meet with ', he said. Three Offices Contested in Legion Election The f.vo notnlnntliiK commuters or Ihe Dud Cason Post 2'1 of the American I.enlon Post hero, last nhjht submitted their lists of nominees for the seven offices to be Filled at the annual election of |)RKl officers. I/) be held July 23. Of tho seven offices to be filled only three will be conlr-sted. Ed Burks Is unopposed For the office second vice-commander: John Burnett Is unopposed for the post oF rhapJain; Dr. Jack Webb. Is unopposed for thr> oFFtcc oF past sur- Rooir, and c. A. CiinnliiKham |.s im- opnosed For Ihe oFflcc ol historian. Nominallotis for other officers were ,nr. Follows: commander- W. J Pollard and R. U. Slout; first vlcc- tiimaiidcr, K N. Shlvley and Wade Weather ARKANSAS—Clear lo partly cloudy tonight and Thursday. I.iltle tciiipci'atui'c rlianyc. W. )>. Mnhon and Roy Cunnlnehaiii. Air Reserve Officers Plan Flight to Memphis nnlcd personnel of the Air uc- scrvo rhaplcr here plnn lo fly to Memphis Saturday where ihev' will fly In the Army's Air Rcsorv-; f,m- grnm, Ed SlRwart, president or the Blytheville group, announce.I today. Three reserve pilots have iii- (licnlcd they will make the Ivip nnd olhci-s are sought, he siiul. Ihc Mississippi^ signed ycster- 'j'. 'ihe Southerner.? originally <i c - miindcd n separate agreement with Lewis' united Mine Workers. But their solid front was broken yes- terdiiy when 23 Southern fliiijs decided to lake the contract to cud thc strike that began earlier In tlic day. Miners In linldouV pits wore remaining Idle uiilil those operators alw signefl. Lewis said he expected the B5 per cent of the Industry which lie mis oiniiniwd to bo under con- Imct by the cud of tha week. 'Ihc remaining 15 per cent of the Industry is non-union o r org;u\- l/.ed by Independents. Under the contracts slgiic-l ycs- tcrdny, more than 22j,i>K> mlncr.i trooped back to tliclr lob'; this morning In mines producing more (him 3dO,GOO,OOa i.ons of coal nn- nuiilly. Thh Is ,,iorc Umii 50 per cent of the lota] ainiunl production. Itcporls from the coal field? said Uio miners were "julillaiiu" over thc new contract. Two Countries Decline to Attend Paris Conference Satclfitos of Soviet*, Bulgaria and Romania, Reject Invitations ^ PARIS, July 9. (U.1 satellite nations Russia's lead t<xto to take part in foV- in economic re- lor Kuropean covery. Roth Bulgaria and Ro-' niiinia rejected Anglo-French invitations to attend the July 12 conference 'in Paris O'/cc'hoslovukin was the brilj-' l«ti.s«uui-orientcd. cb u-ntr y "'Inch has accepte<i. 'Hie nomnhion rtcoLslon came aT- l ",' 1 s ! JCC *'l C(l) " net •"Mtlng.iit wlilci, it ,,| S ,, WRS decided W llom-inlK would app'y for member- - nl'lp In the United 'Nations. No vnlc on t|,e rejection of the invitation W ns rcporttd. Krniicu nnd Brltnln set Tliurs- <r.y ns the deadline ifor -ncceptlii" or dosliiilug luvJtntlons to participate in the conference - ... Poland wns expicted to reach "n decision this Rftcrnoon. D'sunlclics from several capitals disclosed Chut nussli. sought to iri- fluoiico the ScandinariRii nnd Ens- icrn Eurcpcan countries asainsi, iitlnidlng the conference. Memo- rniidii detnllbiR foreign' minister V. M. MolotoVs v,im>rous oble>;- llons were given to Sweden Deft: "I'lrk Norway, Huneary; Cz-clio- slovnkln nnd 'probably others . Cier), Premier K.'ement OottWft'rt end Foreign Minister Jcin MVsiirvk f e«- to Moscow today to explain llifilr decision lo Soviet leaders. " . Authoritative Routers S'Jrt Norwa-v. Sweden nnd Denmark had decided to accept Invitations. 'Formal acceptances were expected to- : day. - • . : The Soviet satellites were torn between Jnlnlnn the prwram for Aincrlii'ii aid or rejecting It bc- CIUISP Uiissin. denounced it . w ' Still on I li.. fence jn-ere Alhanta, Yugoslavlft, Finland. Hungary nnd Pn'snd. •.'...-• Definitely plertfiwl to *tlenri the conference wore Britain and Fi"Jice the hosts; Austria, BsVglum. Cxech- csluvipkla. Greece,. Iceland Eirt ,IUlv, ; , jAjxembojirf.. land«, Portugjil.v'ei Turkey. .. : "and Data Is Sought on Dell-Little River Telephone Lines LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. July ».— (UPi—The Arkansas Public Service Commission today ordered the Southwestern Bell Telephone company and K. Hitter and Company to appear before it on Sept. 22 and reveal plans for developing rural telephone service In the Little R!v- er-Dcll urea of Mississippi County. The order was Issued after the commission received numerous complaints from the nren and heard .nothing offlifally rrorti the two firms. Commission Chairman Charles C Wine said that Southwestern Bell filed mtes and an area map last September, outlining proposed con- si ruction lo serve 300 potential customers In the area South and East of Manila. He said that later Hitter, who serves customers In Marked Tree. Lepanto nnd other Easlcrn Arkansas towns, decided they wanted a porttdn 6f the area allocated to Southwestern and was said to have made an unofficial agreement to divide the area. Originally Southwestern planned to Inn* service out of Dlytlicvllle. "So far ns we know there lias teen nothing further done and neither firm has applied for a certificate of necessity," Wine sMd. "We simply want the companies to place tliclr cards on the table »nd tell us what they propooe to do." The chairman termed today's order ns the beginning of the commission's movement Into the field of nival telephone development. ilnat Shawnee School 1 Superintendent's Home Burns, on j : Campus at Joiner Fire completely destroyed the home of H. L. Overby. who recently resigned as superintendent' oF the Shnwnee Consolidated School District in Joiner to accept » similar iwslllon In Western Arkansas, while he and the members of -hid family were packing to move to'their" hew "nine, early Monday morning.' Mr. Overby's home was located on the camims of the • Bhuwriee High School near the ruins of the mafh school building which was destroyed ay fire last February. Damage to the residence, which was owned by the school district, was estimated Ht J8.000. Approximately,, 85--per cent ol the Overby's personal belongings were destroyed by the blaze. The ftrc was reported to hav» started after a butane cook stove had been disconnected for remova!. In disconnecting the stove, Mr Ovcrby, evidently- failed to shut off the gas flow from the m»In linc.niuf the pilot light on the stove caitsed a small 'explosion. Mr. Overby was burned slightly In his•.efforts'' to bring the blaze under control. Smoke and intense heat from the blaze forced him to abandon tho fight. . ' Joiner Is without f'ircFighting Facilities. An alarm was sdundect *- mong the neighbors nut before help could reach the scene, the house was enmilfed by the blaze. Dr. R. L. Johnson, president 6t the board of directors of the school, stated this morning that the building was partially covered by insurance. Plans for the replacing of the dwelling will be Included in the plans to replace the school building h c said. 1ST 1'2 757'8 3871S 8913 II* SS.VS. 59.7;* N. Y. Stocks CLOSING STOCK PRICES A. T. & T. Amer Tobacco ............ Anaconda Copper : ....." Beth steel Chrysler Gen. Electric ,. I' 1 . Gen. Motors ....',.... „ .,„ Montgomery Ward 8151* N. Y. Central 157'8 Int. Harvester 92314 North Am Aviation ' 7S;4 Republic Steel '.....' in3J4 Radio -.... iii| Socony Vacuum ,.,',.... 18j['4 Studebaker :,.. i»3^ Standard of N. J. ,.,..,....• 77 .'• Texas Corp ,..,..;.. CSSI4 Packard ' siii U. s. Steej .........'.'...'.'..'.. "."a- '

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