The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1944
Page 8
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f AGE SIX 'BLYTHEVILLE (ARK:) COURIER'NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1944 feefefeTO BETTfR HOMES JU "V, • May Prepayments Be Made OnFflA Loans Home owners with FHA~ insured loans on their properties may make prepayments for'the cxprewcd purpose of establishing a mnrgln of' safety against possible fiilvue default! B W. Homer, stato FHA director, of Tennessee, has pointed out "Many persons who now are innK- ing more nfouey than in normal times limy desire to take such nn insuring action against possible bad times In the futuie," Mr Horncr said Swell prepayments, Mr. Homer explained, may be made for a definite number of month 1 ! for which installments ma v be skipped Intel •Thus n certain number of monthly installments ttould be considered piid in advance and if subsequent!! th'e home owner becomes unable to meet any month's monthly pr$menl 01 payments, he v-111 be able to have his mortgage In good condition and not face Ihe possibility of action by the moit- gnge company. "In addition, borrowers also mn> make propa>ments on the pnncim which will have the effect of accelerating the fmnl maturity of the loan by reducing the number of future pajments required to pay I off In full ! "Such a loin is excellent insui- ance against the uncertainties of the future." Mr Homer added He pointed out specifically though (hot persons wishing to make the payments in advance 'should not come to the FHA office, but should go to the mortgage company flom which they oblntned their loan "Lending establishments hnve been fully informed as to the plan Mr. Horncr declared, "and will understand the procedure." Sweden Is meeting the gas shortage by manufacturing methane gas in n sewage disposal plant at Stock- 'holm'for use : 'as : motor fuel for. busses and other municipal vehicles The cost is comparable to the prewar; cost of gasoline and the power derived closclj currcsponds to UM' obtained from the same fuel Building Experts Foresee Lumber Scarcity Ily ANN STKVICK NEA Staff t'aiTcs-|K>iulent WASHINGTON, Sept. 20.— You arc lucky It your Immediate postwar housing" needs arc limited to fixing U|> on old house,'Deportment, of Commerce construction experts believe. It-will be comparatively cnsy to find demobilized labor to do tile extra work niodcriilmllon requires, am! i you, have a better clinncc to get sltnpller lumber supplies needed. Ou Die oilier hand house-hungry folks with plans to build from the ground up may have a. long " before lumber slocks In local Here's a fuel-saving tip that's all right e If you re shivering all through the yards are complete with 1 the large night You can keep just aa snug As a bug in a rug By drawing:your window tight •» *To save die! at night Draw window shades light And dating the ihy Raise 'em only half way. variety of lumber needed for Joists, frame,-'flooring, nnd sheathing. II will take n good- season's lo after more loggers return to Uic roods, to replenish present low •stocks of lumber. With many mn- lor logging areas winter-frozen, ear- lost possible (late for new finished .umber supplies would be next July. nullders may go in for greater :isc of brick, masonry, nnd glass during the lumber deficit, but housing experts feel basic lumber requirements will remain a bottleneck, as well ns lack such as furnaces, bathroom fixtures, hardware. KIR FHEE/K AIIKAI) 'Ihe frocm food man will be coming around to your door like the milk-man, In (lie new food era /o Scen bv Department of AgrlcuiTiirc food strategists. He'll have n menu of cooked meals to shop from, as well ns the familiar vegetables meats and fruits. A splurge of home nnd farm 'reeling units Is nlso expected to do .awny with some of the fuss of Home-canning season. Hopes for seeing new toasters and oilier electrical appliances are dlg.ier H'ltli (lie announcement that there'll be enough copper wire after European victory to spare some for liomcfolks' goods. Copper wire lias been a major factor holding lip small electrical appliances. Up to now reports have Indicated .that millary demands were far ahead of out): Lit . . . You may sec all kinds of aluminum gadgetry. War Production Jiotircl Is urging rnanufncturers to use Uic surplus ... Civilians 'nrcn't likely to sec much cottor duck. This sturdy cloth Is so scarce that most has been commnn (Iccrrrt for military uses. • EDSON IN WASHINGTON Ickes' Ire Incurred Again Bunk Beds Ideal Solution For Saving Floor Space Double-deck bunk., .beds .are tjie smart ana practical solution to the ____ .. ........ _____ _. __ . problems of growing families and er in better' form than wlion he's after somebody, and at this ]|y PETER- EDSON Courier New* ; Washington Correspondent "The Hon. Harold L. Ickes Is ncv- small bedrooms. A bedroom which Is not large enough for twin. hpds - particular moment lie has a cou- nml scarcely large enough foi 'a. pic of pet punching bags on whom oublc bed can be adequate and nl- to exercise his spleen—Gov. Thorn •active with these -(louble-deckors.' ns E. rjewey nnd John t-. Lewis.. hey leiid themselves successful-1 The Dewey campaign Is highly • to bizarre motifs which arc nl- satisf.ictory, Secretary Ickes ndmlt- nj's so'delightful to children's ted- lo his lost press conference, nncy, I Highly satisfactory. "This year , we wiien the rurally grows mid' a | mv e Alt' Lnntton running with a carclty of bedrooms results, little- mustache.. And how he loves the rother must oflcn mo\c In with inliorlng iuan." ig brother, which \vorks out well I Had Uic secretary noticed that each has a bed of his own. I Dcwey was (jolng-to appoint a new The.Important thing for mother cabinet? o remember, however, is lo fit the ; oh yes. Ickes wns taking care of iunks with quality mattresses nnd (hat in his speech at Pittsburgh icdspitngs. Eye appeal and plenty nnd h c hnd It "11 fixed up. jf space all help to make ,n bed-1 who would be Ihe new secvclars room pleasant, bill good bedding is O f lite Interior? essential to Insure restful sleep. "Well, that would be a hard jol And when selecting It, mother may to fill." veil remember Hint the bigger Ihe | ... .nvestment, the bigger Uic health ' what did Ihe secretary thin' livldeniis, mid Ihe per-nlght cost of ntotil Dcivey's power progrnin fo The famous song "Down by the Old Mill-stream" refers to th Blanchardl Rner^ running througl Fremont, O It was \siltten by Tel Tajlor, who was born on a farir near Fremont'-In'ISIfi nnd live there until his death in 1931 qourwi wew» w»n» rlorilles. When a reporter reminded the cci'elnry that six months ago, vhen Ickes was negotiating a new ontrncl with the mine workers .cwls was his great and good friend, "ekes cracked back with. "Dewdy liould take note of that." Ickes was then asked who owec rhoin a telegram In llie latest exchange with Lewis, and the secre- ury acknowledged that, "1 owe hlir nore than one," • • • Mention was made of the Lewi, the admihlslratloi miners until attii even the best b«ld!ng Is small the northwest? "I didn't know hc had one. Hc didn't visit any of the dams, did hc? Hc couldn't have visited any of the dams nnd then made the request that . 'lay off the election." "We have lo have coal," Icke shot back. "We can't wait 111! af ler election to get coal. If. we us the weather man .to lay off, may be we can lay off." Previous!} Ickes had commented thai "no even John Lewis could keep him self wnrni next winter with h own vituperation." HE'S GOT MINERS' OVEtt A D.AIiKFI, The fact Is that Ickes now ha Check Bedding During Fall House Cleaning __ _ Take Inventory of joUi bedding statement that this administration during Fall housecleanlni}. Mat- hadn't done anything for the -west. tresses arid bedsprlngs, which are probably more Important than any other household equipment, are frequently the most neglected as lo care and replacement. They wear out, too. just as radios, rugs and re- frigeratory do, and when their span of service expires, they can no|long- cr provide the smooth, even support that necessary to rest weary limbs and revive energy. If your sleep equipment Is worn out, don't client yourself out of any more restful sleep by falling lo replace It with new bedding of good quality. Dewcy was just debating with lilm- self whether to sell public power lo nrlvnle .companies nt the bus oar, permitting them to resell nt a profit, and he couldn't mnke up Ills mind." K7KES IS A FOII, FOI! .TOHN L. LEWIS It is n foil for John L. Lewis vc It out... He did, and he. is- ecl one of . his charactcrlstii asts and I answered, that.'Thei c came back with another •, 1 on't Intend:to- answer, that. Lewis' signed a contract then ould be no strikes, and ho amoun : vituperation will cover It up,' • • • Wlmt t |id the Secretary thin bout Lewis' Intention lo iisk fo wage Increase lor his. miners? An assistant furnished the sec etary with the information tha ,ie bituminous contract expire larch 31, the anthracite April 3 I'm not worrying," said Inc sec- clary, "about anything that hap- ens after March 30, 1945." You can read into that any po- llical significance you care to. Messenger Service y You can tnkc out family Insurance against forgotten telephone calls and mislaid mall by fashioning u messeger service box with a slot for each member of the family, such as the one sketched, and attach it to the wall above the telephone. To make, take an unfinished hanging shelf, cut small partitions from plywood or some similar boarding, stain shelf to match telephone table and paste name tags for each member of the family beneath each slot Max Logan Purchases )up/ex on Hearn Street Max Logan has purchased the uplex apartment at 1514 Hearn rein Builders, Inc., as an Invest- io»t. Each of the apartments has four coins and bath. According lo Col. T. O. Gcriicr, Army Ordnance director of safety, icclclent statistics prove thai a wo- nan worker-is far safer in li pow- :lcr plant than she Is in her own iiome. i Decorative Asbestos Board Developed For Baths and Kitchens Among developments in the building materials field Is an enamel finished asbestos cement board whlc )iis attractive; easily kept clean, and moisture resistant. Since the board is made of asbestos fibers and portland cement, it is cx- tiemcly durable. The mineral composition renders it impervious to fire and Its ability to withstand severe moisture conditions makes I excellent for use in bathrooms and kitchens, fills board comes in plair coiors nnd sc'ore<j in tile patterns. It can be applied over old surfaces to create modern interiors. The Terminal Tower, Cleveland' wincipal railroad station, is th allest 'building in Ohio, rising t \ height of 52 stories. li you want to buy more Wa lionds StiLI, US THE FTJKNITUR VOIJ AKF NOT USING, for rasl Also liberal trade-in allowance f< old fi/rnilurc on new. Alviri Hardy Ftirn. Co. 301 K. Main Phone Fall and Winter TUNE-UP SAVE gasoline . . . SAVE Tires. Get All-round lieller Performance! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Parts & Service 121 W. Ash Flume'2U2 ATLAC1DE. Kills JOHNSON GRASS Sept. and Oct. arc considered best months for poisoning. E.G. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ISlylhcvillc, Ark. Head Courier News Want Ad«, DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" I ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE || TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET (Every Transaction Must Be Satisfactory) PHONE 3382 -Cwis over n barrel in calling a lentloti to the 1300 strikes hi 11 coal fields, affecting over 3-10,OC men nnd costing over six inlfllb tons of coal production since November 1943. , ,_ "I have communicated : -.\v!th J-ev.'ts on n number of occasions," .inys Ickes, "asking him to gel the mines running again. Hc hns co- pllert courteously and he nnd his Ircllnuc have made nn effort to gel the miners back. ,.? "This-Inst-time.-1-sent him one of these telegrrxms, calling atteti- _. ., lion to the critical situation. I diri- irmt.Ickes may have his greatest n't mark it personal, but I didn't role In the campaign, though peo-' I'.le who have pet hntcs against both these men may have a hard lime giving their prejudices propc Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING 11 ' While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blythevillc, Ark. Phone 2911 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Cill m« fix eheck-up without coat or obligation. RATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTEOL GUARANTEED ^yORK ! H. C. 8LANKENSH1P IW r. KentBckr ft»B» MM Smiling because, according to. Nazis' caption on photo above, 1 /'both are fully confident of our' 'final' victory," .Field Marshal Albert Kesselrjng (foreground), commanding;. ever - retreating German .armies in Italy, poses' during a visit to Lt.-Gen. Heidrich.^German photo from neu- _ * tral Sources.' .L Buy Your PLUMBING SUPPLIES FROM'THE MAN WHO KNOWS YOUR NEEDS r V ^ PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI For Good Insurance Call W. M. Burns Agency, Ph. 3361 Writing complete Automobile Insurance, Plate Glass, Workman's Compensation, Public & Contractor's Liability and Fire Insurance on anything insurable. W. M. BURNS — COSTS SO LITTLE SAVES SO MUCH HEAT YOUR HOUSE FOR LESS! 1 THIS WINTER RND EVERY W1H1ER r BAL SAM-WOOL ATTIC INSULflTIOH GUAHflHTEED TO SAVE FUEL IHCREASE YEAR 'ROUND COMFORT! E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service IAVI MOtWY-1 .f T«M*> «»*»« r<* "i ( «ii«i4 *f r**- >.•, *°"r> GOES ON OVER OLD WALLPAPER! QUICK TO DRYI EASY TO APPLY! • Thlnfc of redecorating a room b»- tween breakfait and lunch! You can •with. Tfechldo - Pittsburgh'* amazing new <5.«v«lopment In wall paint. TVo hour* U plenty of timo to apply ..Tfechlde. THEN ONLY ONE HOUR FOR DRYING I You tavo on labor eosti—««v» tha tupenss of »cr»ping off old w»llpap«r-and lava on th» 'cort of palnt.Techido i s IdeaUor paint' jng over w«upap*r, plf-ster, brick, »ic. PITTSBURGH PAINTS UBrHRD HARDWARE CO. The county fair is a true American institution^ bring the whole family to see our own Mississippi County Fair this year! . . . Visit the farm and home exhibits as well as the shows and entertainments! . . . You'll find it bigger and better than ever this year. THIS MESSAGE SPONSORED BY Blytheville Water Co. I Delta Lumber Co BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!' 1 %•*&&*? 201 N. Second Phone 497 Biythcville's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard

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