The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1950
Page 12
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(ARK.y COUUTE* NEWS HOW! HOME TUESDAY, MAY 9, Architects Prevent Building Mistakes Many families plan lo build Iheir own homes in 1950. They want a house that is individual in planning and sound in construction. For years they have filled scrapbooks with pictures mid clippings of ideas they want lo be incorporated In their new homes. When Ihe time comes 10'mind the house, the building contractor will you It is essential that an architect draw up the original plans and specifications for the custom-built home which incorporates the owner's Ideas. This assures the owner's satisfaction and guarantees a fail- profit for the builder, It first listen, then say: "What need is an architect." Bureau, national clearing house for building information. Building one home of special design is very different from putting up slandnrdizcd houses which are being built every day In developments throughout the country. In I lie latter, four or five basic interior and exterior plans are used The purchaser selects the type he wants and the builder puts it up. Pew variations are permitted because these raise costs and interfere with production. The Ari'luiecl's i iinruons architect not only draws -.„. vinf ultima the plans. He must know the legal requirements building w pointcclMclion chosen: the building or dl- Can Open Your Door On NEW BEAUTY A fill) of paint ov«r an eager arm . . . ;i tiuart of varnish or (prick-drying enamel — bring llicm home yourself and sec what BIG lliiugs can he accomplished at lilllc cost . . . liy YOU ... YOUKSliLR ...and We Can Tell You HOW Miuli;rn p , varnishes and lac- filters make ii /nr evfr, XI1 Ama . old MI r f a c r s iN E W, Hrrc Ftre H few of ^ item* we Ecsn VANK-CALVERT'S DELUXE I'AINTS Always Give Salisfaelion • Robinson Lumber Co Wanf New Ccilino in a Hurry? Use Handy Tilcboards Are you looking /or an easy am economical way to renew a daiuag ed or cracked ceiling? Take the advice of . remodeling experts who say Ihe quickest ant nealesl way to build a new ceiling is to apply insulating tileboartl right, over the old surface. Thii method eliminates the expense, de lay and mess of removing and re plastering an old celling. Square or retangiilar Insulating tllcboards arc available in pre finished and prcdecoratcd uniu-i They can be applied over largi areas In a remarkably short, timi and with a minimum of confusion An average ceiling can he completed In a rtay. Once the l.ileboard. arc fastened In place, there is ni need for further decoration. How ever, they can be painted later i a change In color plan is dcslreti. out by the Construction Research nances; ihe possibilities of of tin site: whether the ground will safely carry the blinding; materials needed for a solid foundation am how it should be constructed. The architect writes the specifications which tell the contractor how the work shall be done, ant the quality of materials to be used, He knows how much space to allow for walls; how doors anc windows should be installed to be light and weatherproof; Ihe proper pitch for stars to make them safe and how much space they shoulc require. He estimate how lo maki the construction fire-safe a he vermin-proof: the proper roof design to harmonize with the exter- tor; nnd materials to cover it. Every part of the house has to lie planned beforehand. The architect and contractors together work out correct type, size and design of lieating system to fit Ihe size and layout of the rooms; ami incorporate mineral wool Insulation In walls and roof areas, ennbJing the owner to save money by gelling greater efficiency from a smaller heating unit. Stairs, doors, windows, chimneys, flues, closets—all (he many small parts that make the house—must fit correctly fnlo the pattern. To misplace any of them will spoil the utility and appearance of the house. The architect deals with the con- 'ractor, supervises construction and ;ivcs the owner a finished building. He prevents costly mistakes. The Undersigned Firms Will Be Closed each Wednesday Afternoon during the months of MAY-JUNE-JULY-AUGUST This Measure Effective Wednesday, May 10th. 0 0 BERRY'S LADIES TOGGERY THE ACCESSORY SHOP THE NEW YORK STORE MISS WHITSITT'S SHOP THE EDYTHE SHOPPE Electric Water Pump Eases Rural Living The SN'ing from Die tabor-con- similiif!:, awkward hand-pump to the automatic, electric pump with gunning water represents (lie cycle r,t farm living In the first half of the twcmiclh century, accorriinR to the National Association ol Domestic and Farm Pump Manufacturers. Although rural electrification did not start, until 1010, tremendous strides have been made, says the association, in m.iking the farmer's life more profitable, more comfortable, and more sanitary. More than a third ol Die nation's 5.859,000 [arms noiv have running K'fltcr In (he home. There are 3.358.000 /arms served by electricity if the mo-1040 trend is continued it Is possible for all U.S. (arms to be eleclrUied by 1955. Electric water systems have brought a more secure life with hislier profits from slock and poultry. Running wafer, electrically supplied, means that the farm has Its own fire-fighting equipment, so necessary for homes beyond the town water mains. All electrified water system also serves (he farm by bringing running water into the home. Farmers have shrut'gcd off the big-city monopoly on bright, new bathrooms and labor-saving kitchens. With an electric water system working for a few pennies a clay, even the smallest farm home on power lines can en- Joy the conveniences n( urban life with none of the bic-clly problems of dirt, noise, and congestion. Oak Floors Offer 'Harmony' Range In view of tlie trend toward more emphasis on color In home decoration, floors /ire assuming greater importance than ever before. If bold colors arc desired for [he wall paper or paint, tor example, the homemaker first should make certain that they (to not clash with the color or colors underfoot. The problem of harmonious selection is rendered much simpler, many expert.-; say. when the floors are of attractive oak ap-l are left sufficiently exposed to reveal their full beauty. Characterized by Inimitable fig- ires and patterns of grain, oak is known for its versatility in interior decoration. Adaptable lo any color >lan of decoration and furnishings t permits the homemaker lo change he decorative plan whenever she desires, with complete confidence hat the floor will harmonir*. Neighborhood''t Value Joserf on Many Thingi A neighborhood Is » good one to ive In If it has convenient trans- wrtation; efficient schools and dequate playgrounds; Is corn-Client, to churches and shopping ccn- ers; ha.s the benefit,? of city gnv- rnment .statutory protection and dequate zoning; is equipped with UHties, city planning; has adequate drainage, proper lay-osil; re- reives the benefit of garbage collection and police and fire protection. M Ft. Builders Supply So. Hi way 61 PROTECT rOUd di&HT TO 9RIVE . . . rOUft FARMINGS .,HOMt.,,tANK ACCOUNT Wllry l« SAVE MONEY W. L Walker, District Agent 200 Isaacs Bldg. Bus. Fhonr 3tHO Ren, 211,1 'Perimeter Heat' Unit Is Devised Typical of Hie research for more efficient home equipment at lower crwi is a new method of "perimeter heating" (or iMsr/moiHIcss houses, developed by Ihe University of Illinois. Cast of the new healing S ysr tern Is about SfXW installed, as Kgatnsi an estimated .$750 for a conventional furnace. Metal duels encased on concrete i under R 4" floor slab arc run I around foundation walls, raiiiici'tiiiR I with the centrally located unit.! Heated air from a cr/-.>pact oil- fired unit 27" .square and 5' 4" high! Is driven through the ducts by a fan. Since 70% of the heat, radiates through the floor, the remainder is circulated through registers, with cold air Intakes located near the ceiling. This heating method works on the principle th- ; \t cold air is pushed up by rising heat. Fan operating cost equals that of a refrigerator, Title Insurance Protects Owner Title insurance p r o L e c I ,s the home-buyer forever aiid pro tr tits tlie widow and children in the event of his death. The title insurance company which insure. 1 ) the bank on Us mortgage has no liability to\*-vd the home-ovrncr; but if there is H claim on the title, the company lias the right ot pay the hank the amount due on the mortgage, . take the mortgage by assignment and compel the home-owner at his own expense to clear the title, A defect may not, conic to li*ht until the home-owner ha.s contracted to .sell his home, if this happens and the seller ha.* no title insurance, it is his obligation and not that of the company which insured the mortgage lo either remove the defect, at his expense, or risk a lawsuit by the new purchaser. Y/ashing Home May Save Cost Of Q Paint Job Periodic rrpainling ol a house in i cood protective investment, But .soiled or discolored exterior paint, It otherwise eood. can usually be restored by washing, saving the expense of repainting. Choose a mild, clear driy for the work. Equipment includes an extension ladder: scrub brush; palls to hold lukewarm water; plain soap and a prepared paint-cleaning powder. Clean window and door frames first. Wider rtrip stains should bf. snubbed vigorously with a solution of one cup of trlsodium phosphate in a pnil of hot water, then rinsed with clear water. U.«r plain warm water and soap to remove ordinary stains on the wnlls. For soot or heavy dust Mams. \i~r- a p?hit-cleaning powder dis- .sol'.Ttl in water. Bo^m with the lower portion of tlie wull and wnrjs upward, to avoid streaks macie by dirty water run- niirz down over the old .soiled area. Hiip.s of dirty water on the clean, damp lower area wipe off easily, Clean walls evenly and a small are:\ at a t.-me. to avoid spoiling. With liimlen hasp, rinse off remains nf ,-oai> or cleaner, which may discolor the paint. Above-Sink Vegetable Bin Is Work-Saver A convenient kitchen sU;p-and- stnop-saver is a trough-shaped vegetable bin recessed in the wall over the .sink drainboard. 16 can be marie In the home workshop. The bin is 15" long to fit between two wall studs, 8" wide at top and 8" deep. Triangular pieces of wood make the ends, to which are screwed fl" boards for front and back. A 'i' 1 .diameter dowel through the lower park of the bin, at the apex o( the triangle formed by Ihe two sides, projects 3|i" beyond each end of the trough, fitting Into » slot, in the wall Etud at either end, Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. 7°i!:ic nuts, native to China, pro- diire » fast-drying oil excellent for paint Average winter laying of hens has doubled in the U. S. Ir 25 years. You'll Love Our Flowers! BI.VTIIEVIl.l.E FLOWER MART Memphis Riwaj Phone 6002 WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 Comfort CAN 8E YOURS THIS WINTER WITH The New Cole man Oil-Saving Warm Air FURNACE ^Modumatit torn for/ nirans even It- per.ilu/o and constant circu- nn of frrshly waimt-H air; h 1 is mnilnhled to outside Ulicr conditions. N'o fluclu- ; Irmpriatme. No up and n heal. Mrans yjcatrr «in- ler comfort - bcllcr health. Automatie+Work»Free+Healthful+Dirt-Fre« 2-BEDROOM HOME Conipk-ltfly instiilled for as low as '650 TIN SHOP FOR SALE! SOYBEAN SEED • All Seeds Recleaned • Germination Tests 89% R D. HUGHES GIN CO. Phone 3141 or 4400 It's one coat of MAGIC! YOU can make beautiful rooms from drab with MHWIH-VWIMWS FLAT-TONE • SOFT VEIVETY FINISH » IDEAL FOR BRUSH OR » COVERS SMOOTHLY • DRIES IN A FEW HOURS • WASHES EASILY • BEAUTIFUL COLO*! ROLLER-KOATES APPLICATION $ 3 80 GAL SHIKWIH-WILUAMS PAIWS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., inc. W. H. I'casc South Hi\v;iy fil J. Wilson Henry 1'linno 21.11 Wherever you live — Ihe size of your family, kitchen or budget — be sure lo see the new Frigidoire Refrigerators for 1950. See the complete line of sizes from -i lo 17 cu. fl. — see all the reasons why your No. I America's No. I Refrigerator, FRIGIDAIRE! NEW gold-ancl-white"targe!" [alch and trim NEW Super-Storage design with Ml-longth door on larger models MEW improved Moter-Miser NEW shelves n rB a |l-aluml- num end rust-proof NEW spin sheif allowi room for large, bulky items NEW swing-down shelf for bu«cr, cheese, small item. NEW all-porcelain Twin Hy- dralors thcl stack up NEW 0 ||- porce | ain Meo , Storage Tray Come In! Get the facts about oil the new Frigldaire models for 195OI Adams Appliance Co v inc. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 2(l(i-20S \V. Main. . .SALES & SKKVICE. . .['hone 207) Salesmen: (icorRC Kurd. M. I). Hooper. Erie \Vhille.v Troy Myrick, Dale Carloi (Manila), '" Hiirl Hudson (Lcaclivillc). YouiiRslnwn Kitchens. R.C.A. & 7,cnilh Radios & Television. Mnylag, Duo 'I'hcrni.

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