The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on June 4, 1921 · Page 6
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 6

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1921
Page 6
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THE OGDEN STANDA SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 4, 1921.' BIG LEAGUER PROMISES Wl Willett Has Had Unique Record; Heaved Four Wins This Season ILIETTTEUS YAKIMA HELD New Mgr. of-Ogden Team Gives Interesting Details of Blankenship Affair Cliff Blankenship, well known-base- Robert Edgar Willett, new manager ba]1 la and manager, and at one of the Ogden G TM n *TM' r **^? o TMv£: [ t i m e manager of the Salt Lake and ?oHa lat E ^cf^where hY'h'as been p e r - j Murray clubs of the Union association form'inr'in'style on the slab for .tho: and later manager of the Salt Lake Victoria club. Willett looks the pic- | c l u b of t n e Pacific Coast league, was t u r e of health and states that he is j rendered unconscious whifn struck ready to take his t u r n on the hill. ove r the a baseball bat by an Willett -is one of the Veterans or angry fan at Yakima, Washington, last baseball and is known from oi\c end , Wednesday, according to Edgar VVil- of the country to the. other. He start- i e t t _ new manager, of the Ogden Gun- A t h l e t i c s Easily Trim Tigers; White Hose Win From Senators A3IERICAN '1JSAGUE- Cleveland . . , New York . . I Detroit' - · Washington . Boiito'n ' . . ' . . cd his professional career in with the Wichita, Kansas, club of The Western league. He playi-d with tnat aggregation until the latter part of the 1905 season.' Willett joined the Detroit Tigers on the same'day that Ty Cobb obtained his first Tiger uniform. Cobb present manager of the Tigers. was August I'D, 1905. , .16 ,Pct. -.667 .581 .521 .511 · .462 .455 .364 Wash- ners, who arrived in Ogden last night f r o m the northwest. Blankenship _ at one tinn? a catcher for the Wash- j ington team" of the American league | and is the man who discovered'Walter | Johnson, at present with Wasl'-ington in the American league and consid- . ered one of the greatest twirlcrs in the This ! game. Blank also discovered Clyde The big right bander stayed wifch the -Tigers from that year until 1915, during which time ho twirled 194 vlcr tories during the ten years, losing 121 games during the same period. . Willett twirled for the Tig-ors in the world scries of 1907-S-9. The Tigers were defeated in all of these championships. Willett twirled one victory - Milan, the fleet-footed outfielder of the Washington club and one of the, leading base steali.vrs .in organized baseball. HIT BY BAT. Willett states that "Red" Held, the umpire, had missed several decisions. Blankenship approached Held and endeavored to tell him of tin:* 'Tunk" decisions" that he had made. This hap- and"lost two games during, these three penod at the close of the n i n t h i n n i n g ! years in- the title games. I a f t e r the contest had been played. | He jumped the Tigers in 1915 and | Held is then alleged 10 have delivered.] joined the St. Louis club of the F e d - | the first sling. Blank then squared eral league in 1030. ! ;i.way and the crowd flowed on the Chicago . . . Philadelphia Yesterday's Results. At Washington--;Chicago S, ington 3.' . -TH.-I At Philadelphia,--Detroit 9, Philadelphia 15. , ' ' · . _ At -New York--St. Louis 9, New At Boston--Cleveland 8, Boston -7 Today's Schedule. Chicago" at Washington. Detroit at Philadelphia. St. Louis at New York. Cleveland at Boston. BOSTON.r June 4.--Pinch Hitter Vick's single to center with the bases full and one .out in the last of the ninth, gave Boston'· a 7-to-6 victory over .Cleveland yesterday'. . · : Pratt's h i t t i n g . f o r Boston and Sewell's and Stephenson's for Cleveland were responsible for many of the early THE CRAZY QUILT By GENE AHEARN Phillies Win From .Cards; Cubs Down Dodgers By 8-3 Score ·'/· Pittsburg New York XATIOX At . W ..-.2 931 Boston ......... ". :29 Brooklyn ......... 22 Chicago . . . . . . . - . : 17 ^J St. Louis ...... . . ·-. .1" " Philadelphia ...... 1» · "f Cincinnati ... ...... 16 J Y-cstcrday's Results. At. St. Louis-- Philadelphia 6, Louis 5. . . At Chicago-- Brooklyn 3, Chicago At Cincinnati -- Boston 4, Cincinnati runs. Score: R. H. E. Cleveland : * 15 3 Boston . . . . ,. · · · 7 14 0 Batteries: Coveleskie, Morton, Uhle Thomas; Russell,' Pennock and WITH r«:EMPiiis. . In 1917 he twirled for the Memphis team of the Southern association where he twirled high grade ball. I n 1?IS he joined -the Salt Lake club ol" the Pacific Coast league. WiiltHt stayed with the Bees u n t i l May 21, 1911). field. One angry fan then reached over the crowd and hit the former Salt Lake niS'.nagiFT over the head with a bat vc-nrlerino: him unconscious. iiKiiD' TAKES COUNT. Dcmpsey, the first sacker oT ih« Victoria team, then slammed one E'RE GOIWG~K MEK\9 LOUHGIMG RoOtA-j t4e BOV£ COME OUT VIE R£ ID LAP U?' . ,-THEiR PRNfOfe .STbCK AHO sworr CRAPS 1 CLUB-HOUSE = 150,000 ROOM, ft . ^ MARBLE PHILADELPHIA, June ·4.--Phila.-1 scratches. when he' went to RexburTM, Idaho, i his f a m o u s namesake's punches on where he joined the Rexburg c l u b of j Held, Held takins the count. The delphia established a season, record and equaled the major league record by registering 1 seven'home runs in its 15-to-S) victory over Detroit yesterday. C. Walker drove in six runs with his circuit drive and a d o u b l e with the bases f i l l e d . crowd then started for IX'mpsey and Sot him down. the Snake River-Yellowstone league. He also playU'd with the Rcxburg clu.r , .. last year, also acting as manager 1 of | Flayers'of both teams then rushed the champions of that c-irouit. 10 the assistance of both Blankenship Willett twirled six games Cor E l a n - ' a n d Dempsey, t h e "former being re- kensliip this season in the Pacific I n - I moved to a hospital, lornational league, w i n n i n g f o u r games " ' ' Score: Detroit R. H. E. . ·» IS '2 Phiiiuielphia 1-51-5 i! · Batteries: Leonai-d and' -Bassler; Naylor. Harris aud Perkins. WASHINGTON. J u n e ·!--Faber was S- 0 ' A t Pittsburg--New York 4, Pitts- b u r g . 1.. ... ' . ' Today's Schedule. Philadelphia at St...Louis.... Brooklyn at Chicago. Boston at Cincinnati. s . ·· New York at Pittsburg. PITTSBURG.. June 4. -- The New York Giants w o n - t h e ' second game of j the series with ' ' Pittsburgr yesterday through a combination of hitting by the :Giants and loose playing Ijy the -Pirates in the ninth,-when the New Yorkers broke a tie and scored 1 three runs. The score was !,- to 1. Toney held the Pirates to four hits, ·but his'.'work was hardly any'better than Hamilton's, who held the visitors to six 'hits,' three, of' which were ··'R. H- 'E. . ,4 ti 0 '.' 1. 4 1- Snyder; New' York Pittsburg ....'· Batteries: - Toney and Hamilton and Schmidt. · - effective in all but one i n n i n g yesterday, b u t Chicago bVinched hits o:.- j Philadelphia ' ST. LOUIS, J u n e '4.--George Smith relieved Hubbell on -the mound in the ninth yesterday and stopped a St. Louis rally, Philadelphia" winning, 6 to '5. i · ' . With or second and.third and one -out, Smith forced the next two' batters to ground out. I'ilankonship returned to his hotel . . _ L ,, lla . u ^, i . and losing two games. Ho pitched t w o ) the next day a f t e r having f o u r stitches : both Mogndge' ana Knckson ana took gt L . _ contests by scores of 1 to 0. He also j u*en In his head., t h e - s e c o n d game of the series from Batteries: pitched a f o u r hit ganw ag'amst \; ima. losing by a score of S to '2. Wi'lett is also an outfielder a first sacker of ability. W i t h ' reference 10 the Ogden c l u b Yak- ! President Barnes of the Yakima c l u b sl.a'ed following the incident thai Washington, S to 3 ' Mulligan, with a .home r u n and "triple, batted m five of the visitors' Dempsey to t a k e p a r t - i n ' n n y contests j rur.s. on thi 1 Y a U i m a grounds. Considerable .Score: WiileU said: "It will take a few days 1 ! ira-;rest has been manifested over the to give all the players on- the local I affair in Ogden and local baseball fol- club the once o\\--r. K possible 1 would lowers are anxiously awaiting the out- l i k e to have .all of the players feel corne as B l a n k e n s h i p is well known in that their positions are- theirs as long as ihey keep the locals up in the race. Local "players'will be given a chance to show th'.-ir wares and if they can produce the goods they will bo retained on the club. PROMISES \VIXXKR. I "1 have come to Ogden to give th« j Gunners a w i n n i n g c l u b and from the ] i n f o r m a t i o n ' I have received this city j is no d o u b t one Of the greatest base- j ball cities of any city its size in t h e : entire country. 1 assure the fans t h a t I we will have a nifty" aggregation o f ! ' . R. H.. E. Chicago ^S 11 2 Washington . . .-. . . . . . . . . . . -3 3 ! Batteries: Faber and Yu.ryan; Mogridge, Erickson, and 'Gh'arrily. NEW YORK. June 4.'--Seven run's in the f o u r t h -inning, threo of them the result of Weizers home r u n , enabled. St. Louis to defeat the New York Americans i n . the second game of the series, it to S.. Ruth hit his sixteenth' home run. of the season. . Score: R- H. E. St. Louis ; 9 1 4 3 New Y o r k . : · S 13 J Batteries: Davis a n d . Severeid; ! lloyt, Collins, Sheehan and Sensing. DO Bruggy; R: 'H. E 6 \ 9 1 5 S 0 Hubbell, Smith and Pertica and Dilhoefer. THE (3O1JF COURS^, BUT ^ BEWiTffUL.9CEiJe.RY VJUEKi VOL5 WE'RE ALPS, HOW D.n VOU 9CEMHRY \ME50iJT USE VT MORE - WE'RE GoitJG TO " \TOiiTTo A 'TO ftLL ftROUUTJ VOUR CLUB-.V^OUSE' ' BLOCKED THE, 1 COULDKlT ' CHICAGO, June 4.--Chicago drove Pfeffer off the m o u n d ' in the .first in T j nin:j yesterday .before a man had 'been ; retired and then continued to Mammaux opportunely,' winning first, game of the series .from Brook of Detroit Hornsby of St Louis Each Go .435 CHICAGO, June 4.--The · American - rope 'jumping sessjoak were .the extent j* Jack Goldberg, of Panama, the of Georges Carpen;®?r''s li training- l-'rl- j terweight who gave Georges his best .O.ay afternoon. A'.crowd, of several | workout on Wednesday, did not ! h u n d r e d . m e n - a n d women who had I.pear. · hoped .to see him .at his best left the I .Manager Oescamps announced Car- camp · disappointed. · ·' '. The challenger sparred two rounds with: Paul. Journee. and did not appear to be-Work ing,- 1 but.'rather indulg- ' i n g . i n a series of slight lefts to the jaw,. receiving'as .many, as h? gave. Then 'he p l a y e d - t w o - r o u n d s with the I p l u m p little cook^ Marcot, . Hejuinp- . l e d . t h e rope in a listless'manner-and [ worked his hardest f o r - t h e camera-. pentier's weight as .172 pounds and his'measurements as 1 follows: Height 5 feet 11 1-2 inches. Wrist 7 1-4 inches. Ankli;, S 1-2 inches. 1 Neck.16 3-4, inches. Biceps 14 1-2 inches. Chest normal, 41 inches; expanded. faces listed in t h e l i n e u p . - i t is a eer- · tainty that s u p p o r t in the f u t u r e will | also be forthcoming." I Willett will in all probability take ! part in the contest Sunday. He may | hold down one of t h p o u t f i e l d positions I or, he may play the initial sack. And i again h-e may go' to the firing line. ; oo ' AUDACIOUS ENTERS SUBURBAN HANDICAP Thus | Both Champs Have Been G-ame Too Lon^ to Heed Crowd's Yells NEW YORK. J u n e 4.--Audacious, ·which set. a n A m e r i c a n competitive! horse racing record of 1 m i n u t e a n d ; S," 3-5 secojids for a mile Wednes-. day, is one of the n i n e horses n a m e d ] overnight for the Suburban handicap ( today at Bebnont park. The distance , for three-year-olds and upward is a t j a mile and a quarter. Topweight has j been assigned to Exterminator. P a u l ; Jones, w i n n e r if the event last year,! is entered. The probable starters, weights and jockeys follow: Horse. Jockey. Kxterminator ( J o h n s o n ) .. -Mad Hatter (Sancle) Audacious (C- K u m m e r ) . . Paul Jones ( R i c e ) Donnacona (Kelsey Sennings Park ( C o l l i n s ) . . . Yellow-hand ( M i l l e r ) Dr. Clark (Coltiletti) LaKablee ( M c A t e e ) FINAL SCCCEETOAME TO BE PLAYED TODAY Weight. is:-; . . . . 1 3 0 ; . . . . J 2 0 J 118 B Y J O H N N Y K I L B A N E Featherweight C h a m p i o n . . Did you ever wonder when you satin the crowd at a fight and yelled. "Murder him!" "He's wobbly!" "Finish h i m ' " just what effect you were having en the men in the ring? . It does have an effect. I can say that 1'rom my own experience. j A fighter, even | Saw Francisco though he is up | Sacramento . . against a man w h o : Seattle o i league batting 1 race has developed in- .-ito one of. the-tightest of,the year, with i,.i, o ^ .. . j Harry Heilman, of Detroit, leading ! Freeman was. hit .fairly .hard -but!- w ith''.'435 1 and Ty Cobb.. Trig .Speaker managed;to tighten up.'in-th'e'pinches.'and .George 'Sisler, of · St." Louis, las.. The hitting of Hollocher,. liaise I-'am d .year's c-h'ampion, setting .a terrific. n;v'; Griffith'"were features. iwith percentages of .408 each for Scores; 'and Speaker and ,404 for Sisier. R. H. E.; Jatter in the past f o u r - w e e k s Brooklyn ' 3 5 0 ' boosted his average more than Chicago.' S 12 11 points. . . . . . . . Batteries- P f e f f e r , Mammaux and ] in the National league, Tavlor; Freeman and -Daley: · '.Hornsby. ' St. Louis, continues in. a; . ., . · islistht slum-p. but s.tili holas the league; CINCINNATI, June 4. -- Oeschger ; leadership .with . 4 3 5 .over men' who held Cincinnati to f o u r hits yester-}have played in 25 or more games day and Boston won, 4 to 0. Marquard ! -Henry, another St. Louisian, loilows In the morning'he spent two hours in. the woods 'jumping- fences and sing- reach 73 inches. Thigh 23 inches. Calf .16 3-4 inches. ^~ ^--.QQ» . · i_»i A larger number'of suicides .take place ing. .His sparring partners said, thai i n May'than in any other month, the" challenger "is, entirely, free from i w.orr-y -'and' doesn't show .-any fear for the: coming f i g h t with Demps'ey. -oo- Mongolians have no custom equivalent to the hand-shaking and jjood-by. has. was h i t ' h a r d . Barbara's all-around playing featured 'the game. Hornsby .with 1 .394.' .468 hit- Boston. Cincinnati Batteries: Oeschger and ·Marquard and Hargrave'. 01. Seattle Trounces Senators; Oaks Again Win From McCredie Crev/ PACIFIC hammer aud -tongs, hears almost every . W. . . 3 9 , . .36 ... .31 . .211 . .30 LEAGUE. L. i y 23 Butler, of Kansas City, with leads the American association R: H.'£. jters. . . · ,. , . 4 11 o! Reb Russell, of Minneapolis, who 0 4 2lstarred as pitcher f o r - the' Chicago O'N'eil;!White Sox a-few years.ago.- has turn- led "outfielder and is.-tied with 1 Bunny 'Brief, of Kansas. "City/ for .home-run ·hitting, each 'having knocked out nine ! circuit drives. · . Dempsey Training to Go 12 Rounds if It's Necessary O a k l a n d . Salt Lake word »M.hai is spok- Portland . 2S 34 39 Pet. '.072 .610 .534 .518 .50$ .49.1 ! .3fS KIUBANE en by those in the| crowd. . . j And many a fight has been won by £ suggestion voiced by some friend · of j the boxer's '.vho. sat Yesterday's Results. Salt Lake 7. San Francisco 9. Oakland . 7, Portland 4- · Seattle 5, Sacramento 1, Lo's Angeles'", Vernon 2. SALT LAKE, June 4.--The Seals i a t the .ringside.. Often these friends i chased over seven runs ^^f..^^ ! 110 .'see the weakness of an opponent eien .108 | before a boxer has found it out, and Nye Aggregation 'Blanked in Fast Commercial- League G-ame COMMERCIAL LEAGtlE. . W. L. Wheelwrights .'. ;. . . ' . . - 2 . - 0. Yard Office ..--. .. .'.. . 1 · 1 Nye's . . . ..: .":;. 0 1 llaccabee's · 0 · 1 ATLANTIC CITY.'N- J., June 4.-^ Intensive' training '-was ' .resumed' -by Jack .Dempsey today after a, l a y o f f - o f i f our'days-. Refreshed and in a \ spirited mental.attitude as-a.-result...of his i '.vacation,-he was eager'to settle down; to work an'd said-he was perfectly confident he' would'defeat Georges Car- Pet. pentier. Jack The final soccer game of the season -will be .played at Lorin Farr park this afternoon at 6:30 p. m. when tke Ogden aggregation tmixes with the fast aggregation from Salt Lake. Ogden has a clean slate and a victory today will give them the state title and also the Daynes cup. v Secretaiy Tim Taylor of the Ogden- ites states that the field has been placed in perfect condition and that arrangements have also been made for the handling- of a large crowd. . l O S i b y slipping the advice to the man in · ll '° i the ring, they, put him hep a round or two earlier and make victory surer and oi'tenlirncs a knockout possible. Applause has the same effect on- a fighter as on an actor. Give an actor a good hand after a. good show iand he'll give you half a dozen encores. If a boxer gets a good hand' "when he slips over a hard one, he'U try to repeat- For who 1 doesn't like admiration? But razzing by fans doesn't have much effect on the ordinary fighter. He dcCesn't like it, of'course', -but it doesn't get on his nerves. Bees, the Bees were -on -the long 1 end of a 6 to 2 score. The score:.. .R..H. E. Sari Francisco' Salt Lake 9 11 13 Batteries: Couch, and Yelle, A.g. new; Leverenz, · S"""tu and Byleiv; SACRAMENTO, J une 4.--Failure Of the;.'Senators "to .hit- in the pinches gave Sea.ttle the "game'here yesterday, 5 to l. : - The local club outhit-the visitors, but could not score after the first inning. · · . . · Geary of Seattle knocked'the -ball over''right-field' fence in ' the ninth', scoring two ahead of; him. ·/ . Score:' · · · · ' ' · / ' . , R. H. E. Seattle . , . . ' . . . : . . . . 5 '9 1 i Sacramento - . . - - . . .- . - . . I l l 1 YESTERDAY'S iUESTJLTS. Wheelwright's 4.-Nye's. 0. Yard Office S,' Maccabees 4. TtTESDAY'S SCHEDULE. 'Yard Office vs. Nye's, Maccabee's vs. Wheelwright's. 1 000 Jack' -Kearns, manager -of .5 00 i Dempsey,. said that, he-.may. v. be otalig- O O o ' e d to call another halt ir pempsev "000 reaches-'the. peak, of his figh'ting condition to'o .-.rapidly. · · - . · · · : - . . · ··Negotiations are'pending'.to. have ,Mike Gibbons, .the'.St.':.Paul : middle- I weight-."join the camp.^for the fmish- 'i'ng drive; . . ' . . ' ' ''.· ··: · ~ ., , "1 am not- going out.'^.haJf-cocked with- 'the . notion ,that' Carp'eptier -will be easy," -Dem-pse'y. safd: today. "I am . . . .. · The Wheelwright team of the Com- j going, to tune mjse f r .,,- 12- lor a There has been a lot of fanning Eateries: .Geary. , a nd Tobin; Pen- among fight bugs about whether the Sport Spoilers T ^ i i ( t 4 * V » J i A * t » " ^ ^ i W itfcit»ti ^J. u tr v«* -_ . ,.- _ -. - t ^ j , Mayor Frank Francis wifl kick off f tact that .Garpentier w.ill be fighting the first ball- I in a strange land and the question has ' been asked 1 whether the fact that appearing before, an American, audience --a fight crowd -that says what it thinks 'in no, uncertain words-wouldn't get on the- nerves of the Frenchman. -No, it won't. Georges has x been .fighting since 1907. A man .who can hammer 'his way regularly in ; a ring through all the fighting classes certainly is immune by this time to' any remarks I that may be made during a .bout by those outside the^ropes. Dempsey, too, is the type of fighter -who -would keep on fighting if fire was discovered under the ring. So don't look for either of the boys who battle July 2 to go "up in the air" or even.''off the. ground" because of any choice remarks from'the crowd during the big scrap. Copyright 1921. by Newspaper. Enter: : prise.)- 60-- ner and Elliott. SAN '· FRANCISCO,-·-.June -4.--The Oaks .7, Beavers 4,. is. the story of yesterday's game. Winn weakened in 'the ninth frame and the Beavers made six clean hits, which netted .four tallies and threatened to tie the score. The Oaks registered eight 'hits arid five runs in -the seventh.- inning, off Pillette. Score:. . R. H. E. Portland 1 . 4 - 1 0 1 Oakland 1 . . . . . . . . . . . -7 15 2 Batteries: .'Pillette and Fisher; Winn,' Kremer and! J. Koehler. Collis C.'Lovely, of Buffalo. N. Y,, was re-elected, president of the Boot and Shoe TOorkC\s' -union at its convention in St.' Louis. .G: Martindale of Rochester, N.-Y., was "elected, secretary and Charles' L. Elaine of 'B.ostori, treasurer. - · ' ' ; ' LOS ANGELES, June. 4.--The An- gels'defeated the-Tigers by knocking McGraw out of the box-in. the early part .-of : the gatne 'and. through the wlldness of Schneider, --who gave eight free : passes. ' The score: was : 7 to 2.'. -McAule'y score'd: two runs, although he was not credited with'-an, at bat in, the box score. · · · Score: - . : R.-.H.'.E.. Vernon .....; 2 6 2 L o s Angeles .1 . . :......... . 7 9 0 Batteries: McGraw,- Love, "Schneider'.and Hannah; 'Cr'andall arid.Bald- win. · ' ' · ' -oo- The Central Trades andlLabor. Council . of. New York .City adopted- a^reso- lutipn calling on ; the IT. 1 S.-senate to pass, the'measure:- 1 authorizing : the ·president to'lnyi'te England : an'd Japan; to- a' conference, on 1 'limitation .of .naval: armament. mercial league blanked 'the 'Nye aggregation . in a : well-played game at | Lorin Farr park last-night',.-the'score j being 4 to 0.. .Preshaw..on the slab, for the winners twirled -gilt, edge ball. Chiltori 'oh the. rubber- for -the 'clothing men also, pitched well, .but. was ] accorded ragge' ' I t was the j second straight^.victory for the lunar bermen. . ' · . - · - · . . · · , In the other..contest-the,.Yard-Of- | fice nine'trimmed--the -Maccabees by a score of 8 . t o - 4 . : ' - F r a n k Scott heaved for the railroaders and twirled good ball. Collins on-the hill for the ··lodge- men was batted to all parts of the lot. - ... ' . ' . . - ' ' Tuesday evening the Nvy.e, aggregation will meet-'the-league 1 leaders, at Lorin Farr park, while the- Yard Office and the Maccabees .will dpj.,..battle at the Southern Pacific diamond.,; round fight."" Descamps Orders Carp to Make Up for Listless; Day MA'NHASSET,, : 3S T .'.Z.,.'June J :4.--A^full day's .-training; program: was'--ordered 'today'-'for,: -Georges, .Carpentier ; to.' 1 off- 1 set'his. listless '-of '.yesterday. -In. his ihprnihg. roa'dwork hu'. showed some of .his real" : ;speed N 'an'd-.:'after .,th'e f 'run 'spent, quite '· artime" ''wrestling., .with.- his .partners. -He'-.thlen ·wen.t'to.itKe'.gyni- nasium-'i'qr almost .an-ho.ur; and.-wo'rk- ed vigorously/-'·'."; ·.'.· ... · :·,--.·· .;. '. . : ; 'iSlo-w'-, rounds : ot .boxing. .a.nd a COLUMBUS, p.--Martin'. Burke, ..'of New. Orleans.'.'lieavyweight.. .and.-: at present bne of ; 'Jack. rempsey r s; :sparring. partners, haseen- matched ·j w ' it * Joe D.o-wney,.'Cblumhus, f or a. 1'2-rouna decision -bout ','here 'next ; Thursday night, it was anriounce'd tpday.'' -.' -CHICAGO.--Tii'e, : faculty', committee of- the .westerri-:-conference today VA 11 discuss a proposal .to : permit·· college athletes to -play baseball·· in- the 'summer on..'professional.; team's."' NEW . '. TOiRK-'-T-Benny! .Leonard,, lightweight -champion ' ·"boxei'.--..!-':a:na ( Rocky'. Kansas, ;;his;'challenger':.-ih Monday's ·bbut'^LtHarrisori, 1 N:-''J:, : .finished their training,'this;fter'n'oon.-"; -. - PHILADELPHIA--s.tarii.siaus'.j'zbys-. zkb threw-I.yan'iinow 1 ''with' 1 .a toe'hold in'59'miriutei';*- ; ' i . . . - ' V · ' SKIN MilDefy Lotiont t Oinfnenfs .Ecz«xn»','-t6tter. : an.d.similaraiB[ec- tions, should .b*,tr«ate,d:.tliro.ugli .the"blood.' Outside appUcationa oflisr bnljr.:. temporary/reUef.iTho thing to UBejisiS. S. S.--th.a stand- . ."ard.blbod-purifier," wliich'has-suc- ·-. cessfully'"relIeT«d : sucli troubles lor bVer, 60 years..'-" ; , · ..; For^Specifl.BooUtt'or.foT-izidi-'' '. . . . vjdu«7 «t/VJC«ytrlthoutchmrft, : ,- "rife -Chjrf. Madfai^Adrnor^ S.S.S.,eo.,Z)op't«i;At/«n«;;«. - · . - ' . . . Oat S. S.S. »t your'dTiigtift . ' · · · · Standard for, Over Fifty:Years Cleaned or Rebuilt Like New--and Cut the High Cost of Living The Standard-Examiner's Repair Directory gives all principal places where an article can be cleaned, repaired or rebuilt like new. Hoover says save. Here's where you can do it. RADIATOR REPAIRING For-quick, sure, safe, Guaranteed radiator repairing, a* us. Frozen/broken, leaky radiators repaired reasonable.., OGDEN AUTO RADIATOR CO. 2329 Hudson Phone 201 R E P A I R THAT BICYCLE It w i l l Save you time, money 'and wor- bicycle .'repairing at very All work guaranteed. ry. .low .costs. OGDEN BICYCLE R E P A I R H-. KAMMEYER. Prop. 1 .' . 2413 Hudson Avenue B R I N G Y O U R B R O K PIPES to us. We fix them like new. Biggest stock of «temi in the city. DE WIT BROS'CO. Store No. 2 -· Hudson Ave. and 25th St. VULCANIZING THAT'S RIGHT Bring-.your.worn tires or-casinos to us. We repair them Ilkft NEW. Retreading vyofk also our specialty. . · · OGDEN FELT AUTO SUPPLY CO. · ' . ' · ' ·'..." · .Distributors of Diamond Tire* 12205 Washington Avenuo . : .Phone 735 AUTO WASHING and.' polishing done . by ., " experts. . Cars called for, and delivered If desired.- '··.-'. OGDEN -.-' LpSMO3ILE CO. FOR SATISFACTORY SHOE .REPAIRING at right prices, call on us. Re- pairing-whifis-you wait.. 'BOSTON" SHOE.SHOP - 2352'Washington · Whiteside Glass Decorating . W l n d s w . G l a s s , Paint and Wall Paper. Paper hanglna, : - . ' "' liifl.'. tinting and fllazlna, ^rcsllverinB mirroc* .our specialty. .'. . Z542 Washlnflton Averiu*' . ' Phon« 1582 . : /FOR BATTERY REPAIRING SEE US. '-; We ; repair any make. We are dlttrlbutori for the fa- ": mous:Ui. S. L. Battery, the battery'with a 16-months' '.'· guarzntee: ' ' · · ' - ' - · OGDEN FELT AUTO SUPPLY CO. 2205 Washington ·"'· ' " ' · ' ' ' .Phon» 73! For pace ^in this Directory .· · .-· · ;·-' ····" - · - . · . ! · -..... ··;'·*· " · For? upholstering, iliat- treisct. . made . over, carpets .cleaned or ' laid, feath«r« -renovated or furniture rcp»lr- ' Ina, cee."--me. ; Price*, reaacnable.'.- -. .'. tlon' guaranteed. E. j. HAMPTON -4. co. 346'Second Street ' · . : 'Phone 25S6-W STOVEKBPAIB 'purchased;them. ..'^.C,.' . Store 2279 Washington^'Avenue.! 1 Phone'.'364.: y Foundry, and Warehou«e 2141 '. , : . ! ' . . '.'Jefferson'''Avenue-. : ; Phono 441. ' *" ·' ~'\ You :wni. : fliid. It;-Interesting to vlslt;our plant.-:::-.,; '-..- . . - ; . , . . . '· . .. S

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