The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 12
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'PAGE. TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1937 And Lesser Personages May:Also Share in Its Delights The king of England, 'Us sail!, relishes it snnck' of onion with n \ Jiltlnx beverage before retiring -at, night. Sucli Imperial' recommendation should bo accepted by tlirlf- ly housewives. The flnvor value of onions and their near kin Is so lilSh tliat dull foods leap to In- , tcieit and fumilhir foods uppinr' si'itdcnly different when u, disc-ret display of onions'is Hindi*. 1 Better rend your, dictionary of i nions. . j Tlie Northern-Blown onion Is; trad most. They arc harvested up ' to Aiisiist mid stored. By April, •dino'.l all of them have been .sold ly thi:- markets. | UcrmiKla onions, which .come nKo from Texas mid Califoinlii, nre not generally Inrge but they . mild like tile Spanish onion, i And though there may lie no i kings In your family, these Bcr- i mo-i type onions lire grand for serving raw with Cheese, in salads ! i.nd sandwiches. Tlielr best market 1: from April through July. 1 ceks are long nnd green and not strictly onions, hill their magic. In nn Irish slew Rives tliem ' place of- honor In thrifty families, i Clever chefs serve them like as- 5>aru°us, too. with 'miter siuicc on toast. Suilhons nre for the Appetizer tray nil the way from January to June. Salads welcome them, loo, and many a sandwich has Improved with their agreeable strength. Shallots arc a milder nnd smaller type of green onion without .the scallion'.s bulb .development. They, too, love to yet into a stew and caught between bread. Chives arc no more than j threads of onion, mild, helpful | nnd Inexpensive If kept in n box of earth on the kitchen window. No experienced clief would think of living without them. And those small white delicacies called pickle nnd pear] onions nre really no mystery of life—they are just tlio midget members of the nortlicin- grown onion family'with n*strong sense of their own importance. Gnrlic! How many Americans shudder at the word. __ That's a sad state of kitchen nerves which should be treated nt once; treated, let's-say with a salad bowl rubbed first with garlic to give the salad subtlety of flavor, or rubbed on n hot platter before Ihe steak Is broiled, or even left to while awny the hours in n cruet of snlnd dressing to impart wisdom nnd flavor to the mixture Itself. In some Swedish .country homes j the tablecloths have, names. They me named alter long-dead women from whom Ihe patterns -originally were obtained. •• ,. PA'RM I-TOME KITCHEN O i taljilslies tho typos of kitchens. It would be possible to extend the wliolc kitchen In n .single line, with the cooking center n(, the extreme left, followed by the clearing away space, sink, fooJ prepaiatian spaca. and refrigerator. In some apartment kitchens, tills plan Is fol- | luwcd, l)i:t, lii tlie mini homo, more ! space Is needed than tun IK fltt-fl i Into one wall, If the room Is rath- for large, the essential «|iilpment i is oftc'n placed along two walls, , lorniing an L-shapc. In the U-typs i l:iicl:eii. the sinl; is placed In tha • i'f!)t-;r of a short wall, and the ! v:oikhi({ equipment, nils lids short wall, and extends along the two adjacent walls, Narrow kitchens are usually panned in Ih2 parallel ; tov type, with 'lood preparation j and clearlng-away space along on™ ' uaJI. an.l the cooking center, and '• storiixc or refrigerator on the ou- j p.sib wall. ; A great iiuiil of Itmnranpnl "'in i IK- m;id» In present liomes. often with little expense, exempt for add| til .storau'. 1 shelves, simply \><? a ri*ariaii*>:inent of the working aiulpnionl. Arkansas Extension i''lr •• l -n- m contains information en Michcn and storage cqiilpincnt, which mny be securer! from your tjojne deuiojistration agent. "Easy As Pie'-and New ' A tropical trio that Is enough :lo make you want to go native Is •' com'ilnalion of cubed fresh ; pineapple, sliced fresh banana and | ilimi tercel fresh straw berried. SERVICE -pxtension Set-vice - University of Arkansas -r of?Acjfictiitilfe— „,-- Ki lei i c 11 E (Ti ci on cy Ma L ler of Equipment, Arrangement r v.> n . ' *^ Kitchen planning Is not so much a problem of size .or slinpe of room us It is a proulent of work centers, cquipmcnl, mid arrangement, says Deunt; G. Carter, nsri- cullinal engineer, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Tr.cre Is no ideal size of kilchen, yet almost ai.'y klfi;hen can be iniulc iiienl In arraiisemenl by u replannlng according to a few simple principles. In every kitchen, i the llm 1 need is tar tin; ademmli 1 hniKii'iiii; of foods work, prcpara I tlon of minis, cooking, clearing away und dishwashing, if the room is very small, the entire space may be needed for these, purposes. If tlie room is large, space may be. utilised for such purposes as the. serving of meals or for laundry work, provided these uses do not Interfere wilh food preparation and other food work. Every kitchen shou'.d consist pri- nmfili- of a food preparation space, including work surface and storage; n clearing nway nrea, with space for sink, drain, stack space. 1 ' nnd storage; and n cooking center that ,-save on M _, 2-saveonCURRENi! 3 . so ve or. UPKEEP,! Now you can easily afford ihe finest refrigerator money can buy. General Electric— the refrigerator that atu'tiys cost Itis lo own — is nan priccil lower than ever! Don't lie satisfied with anyclung less. Know (he thrilf'of owning trie best—antl sitie three KWIJ. coiHulns tlic stove, surfnccs for work, und .sliclf spuce for utL'iistl:;, tools nml Mi|i|jlk'K iisniilly kcjit. near tllC StOVL 1 . • , i The most common pf Act Ice 1» plniniliig the clearing nway men Is to stnvt with tlic sink nnd extern! to Hie left. Since food preparation spuce .should Up near tile sink, mid also convenient to lift refrigerator, this portion of the kitcheh is normnlly al the right of (lie sink. Tin* cooking,- center Is usually planned (o be nt a right ntigle with the sink, or on an opposite wnll nnd well nway,from the refrigerator, depending upon Ili6 ;Size nncl shape of tlic room. • The 1 , nrniiiKemenl In plnnnlng cs.- 20 (i W. Mn in Phone "Where Everybody Trades" We Deliver Strawberries Fancy No. 1 Pint lOc Red Potatoes . U. S. No. 1 10 Lbs. 39c PURE LARD 8-Lb. Carton $1.16 ORANGES Juicv Calif. CARROTS Fresh, Crisp Hunch BANANAS Golden Ripe Uo/.. CELERY Junilio Slulk k Kasy. 2-l-lb Suck !IOc Big, Roomy Cabinets • Brilliant New Styling • More Ice Cubes • More "Cold" Capacity • More Usable Storage Space • MoreConveniences AU AT LESS COSTI Pricti start at The only r«fngentor mechanism with forrtJ- ftrtt lubrication nod ail cootfng, that assure less current consump-, lion and loagcr life. NEW LOW PRICKS Full 4 foot box .. $139.5(1 Full 7 foot box $200 7f Full 5 foot box .. SI59.50 (Prices deli.vcrcil in your I-nil G foot box .. S17D.75 hoim>, plus sales lax) Compare OB prices wilh any standard box. You will find them as cheap or . cheaper than any of the leading refrigerators and remember you jjel Ihe GE guarantee and Quality." RIythcville, Ark. ClftllD Whil « Hiscuil, 2'1-lh Sack S1.05 ruuuit cmik POTATOES While 10 Uis. SALAD DRESSING Prcsligc Arc Kill! Qtiiirl LETTUCE Large, Firm Heads Kach 1 (J BROOMS A Real Kuv Kadi 25 ( GRAPEFRUIT JUICE No. 2 Can Potato - Pepper - Tomato Plants Sausage Pure Pork Lb. 15c Fryers Oven Dressed Lb. 40c PURE LARD 2-Lb. Carton 32 ( CANADIAN BACON Lli. SLICED BACON Sugar Cured ni\( Lb. Oi LINK SAUSAGE Smoked. Skinless A jjtldcn filling with u new flavin- l« lop the :• i ci springtime pit's is imilc uitlt fresh grapefruit jui«'— liraml new; "Wrial will you hiwe for dessert?" [ .!«!ic:ita Ihilllness o; snowy nierin- | —and t:ie is "I'll lak;> phr ! M's lo top it off do "more l!ian It's UK All-Ainerican favorite. Now i .n'.'A ihe eye" in the gold and dainty and delicate lo look al, dis-i .vliltj Imuly shown alxw. Wl'.ols- llnctlve mid /.jstful to taste, yrape- • tauie r.nd etorum:cal, as v.eli iis fruit jjic joins the parade! The! "c.isy as pie" to make, yrapsfntit golden sparkling juice of tree-trash , ;>ie i'; also strm^ for lier.Uh anil graj.-efniit In ilic tilling ami the la'goodly slice may even b- given lo tlis youngsters to satisfy (haNl nvcet toolli. pjstlve enough fyffl .uc-s.s. tnc bosi is none too go(k\ .;!• tiie funilly, so ti-y this new All- ..inerican dessert for dinner lo- [•'loilila !>io 1 i--i clips Sijgur .-, u*as|»on salt 1 A-I ^tij«s IxjiJing water 'j c-jg yolks i u,.—(Kuii butter .-i cup grapefruit Juice 1 teaspoon^ gi'ated rind u i:i»iespoon.s sugar. Mix tonmiucii, .sugar an;l sail. .iuu ucihii^ waisr, .stirring; to blend -v-li. Cook tur 15 rntiuiies in <ioil- .!_- b-jiier, s.irnjig till inieK ami nioclh. b.'iu t-jju >j]Ks slMillly and j.our cormtai-cri nuxiuri.' lulu meui .o..iy, Stirling constantly. Return ;o doiiWj uuner and COOK 2 uim- tii's loj^er. Kcmove from stove and ..<i.i Uiiacr, grciperruii ji ; it.-e un:i IjllJ, Stir:illg till Wtll Ultrll-'ita. (JOul. i'oiir inii) ij-ineh bilked pu.- sii--ll. teat egy svnncs uiiiii sun UI:L jut. dry. Add sugar grsiuum.., O.ML.JIJ till .slilf anu I-.L. Jp , piu r.nd brown in slou- ov...i ujj-u.- a:tes P.) for 15 minutes. A new chutney :.; on u, 3 m;»:: '. rcminciing one thai It's been ux> long since we Imd n curry on a mound of .snowy boiled rice, serv- 11 I'd with chutney. Curried crab- <| meat is one way to try it! EVERYBODY LOVES A PUN NOW TO SEE ft BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMING NEW KIND OF COURIER AT THE ROXY THEATR T\ A VC! Tuefwed DATES DOORS OPEN Picture Starts T h urs . ' MAY 4-5-6 1:45 P. M. 2:30 P. M. FEE You will be able to see a\\ and to hear all FREE GIFTS

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