The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1944
Page 7
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2G/ 1944 BIA'THEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER NEWS •oil i PAGE FIVE &CCUS6d SlflVer What's On Your Mind, Soldier? •* " v fmm^mf^^fsmimmmi^fm^mmm^^mmmit^&s<if To Go On Trial Mississlppian Will A Be Given Hearing r In Soldier's Death SARDIS, Miss., Sept. 20. (UP) — Circuit Judge Jolin M. Kuykcmiall lias scl the hearing of Alfred Shaw, Jr., Coftcyville mule dealer charged with slaying Jlmmic Dcskln, of Tulin, Texas, for Oct. 2. . According to court records, Sliaw and Aaron HcfTner picked up Ucs- kin, then an infantryman stationed at Camp McCain, along with Mrs. Margaret Hunt, taking them in hts automobile from Colfeyville to an unfrequented road near the town. Mrs. Hunt, who testified at the trial of Heirner last January, said HefTncr, after hitting Deskin over the head'with a tire tool, handed the weapon to Shaw, who also struck the soldier. Mrs. Hunt said Shaw then drove the car Ixick to Highway No. 1 near Coffeyvllle, rolled the soldier's body onto tlie road and ran over it several times with hts automobile. Heffner, how nt Parchman, was sentenced; to life Imprisonment. Shaw, testifying In behalf of Heilner in January, disclaimed any knowledge of the soldier's death. Defense Attorney Idc Stone, of Coffeyville, maintained and attempted to prove that the soldier hail been struck by a hit-run driver. The attorney nlso attempted to establish the fact that the defendants were miles away from the dcatli scene. Shaw's trial was scheduled for hearing last July in CoiTeyville, hut a plea lor change of venue was granted and the trial was sent in Pancila County. Judge Kuykendall ordered a ipe- cial venire of 15 persons summoned r - the hearing. .. LOOKING AHEAD WOCOHOI i IINJON NOT POLITICS The Kiwanis Clubs of the United States recently launched and sponsored an educational program for the purpose of pointing out to all Americans this: America is what it is because of Free Private Enterprise. We have the only economic system thai can exist under our Constitution. Any time America's business system comes to wreck, our Constitution is ready for the ashcan. It was heartening to hear what Khvahis did, for Kiwanis is no political organization. It is, however, completely patriotic^ Its members are nien^of all poHMciil-'fnlths. Their weekly salute to the flag and their lusty singing of ''America" is not lip-service. They are not always perfect harmony but they arc solid American fundamentals. They t "victory on the home front. Wholesome Variance Politicians can, often do, disagree about how things ought to be done; disagree with perfectly honorable intentions. For instance—there are liy JAMliS THRASHER " NEA Shift U'riler This i? Pfc. .lolm Iliilko, U. S. Marine Corps, native of Munhall, Pa., currently nf Pcleliu Island, I'nlau Croup, Oceania. Take a Bnod look at him. Take a good long lonk. For you may never see u better portrait of the real man who has Income the vague smytmlical (51 Joe, the man whusc iluy to day business is fighting this war. It's a hard and dirty Job. You get dog tired. You sweat. 'Your clothes get plastered with sand or mud. It is a job full of immediate and vital matters like keeping your head down, finding a spot of shelter and getting to it, and digging vhile tile digging is good. It. Is a job which is the end product of manufacturing, logistics and strategy so vast and complicated that noljorty can really comprehend it nil.- Out in the end it Is a personal, individual job of killing when the time is right lo kill, and of Betting scratched and bruised, of being scared aiuL careful until that right time comes. ' ' It's a job willi moments of furious action, ami with hours ot waiting—tense waiting, wenI'y waiting, boredom. There's quite a lot of lime to think. What's on your mind, soldier? What ate you thinking about as you lie there, tired but ready, waiting to get up and go on again when the order comes? Arc you thinking about the speakers who invoke you, OI Joe, at poltical rallies, 01 eulogize you on the floor of Congress? Or about reconversion o; bureaucracy or private enterprise? Are you fretting about your uiiioi elections are i>olnn to go? Do-yon debate the pro and con wisdom ol selling liquor back home on V-E Day? Or th 0 relative merits of itale mid federal absentee ballots? Or lire you thinking flint yoi wish to hell the artillery wouU IIIUTV up and knock out that .um that lias you pinned <lowi lere? Are you thinking how inucl you'd give to have a wash and night's sleep In bed? Or, .suddcnlj how good a chocolate mailed wouli taste? Arc you thinking that it's' aboil time to get on with it again? T get up. take your chance, 'mpv a few yards closer to the conf|ue.s of this Isliiml. clean out a fe more of the Nips who stand be twi'cn you and the next tslan and the Philippines, and Chin Challenges All Coffee Drinkers "Our/cling ails" Comslock Is back In town, in case you don't loniem- ui'r Oils, lie's the ice cream man who sold Ills wares In the i;inml- stund at. thu Mississippi County fiilr last fall. Oils Is more Hum nil leu crenni mini. He's some stort of n cliam- pion coffee drinker and loilny he Issued a challenge lo any man, woman or child In Northeast Arkansas or Soulhciist Missouri who might like (o sit down with him for a joust of the coffee cups. "I'll meet any coffei) drinker In n nmtch Snturdoy afternoon," Coin- stock told the Cb'tj'rler News. "The I people In Ihe show arc willing to I put up a purse as a reward, for anybody who can beat me." ) ) Fat the Information of ambitious coffee drinkers who might Ilko to dispute Comstock's right lo /the title, lie says he lias never uecn beaten, Although lmnc>eds have tiled. '• Oils halls from Minnesota nml lias been featured by Rlplcy. 'Ihe year, Hint Lindbergh piit his state on the map in Europe, CIHS dirt llui same In America, only lie drank two gallons of milk in 20 minutes nml drank 85 cups of coffee In three hours to do 11. Since then he has drunk Imn- of gallons of coffee. A do/.ell ps of coffee are barely enough lo ict his appcllte. He Is the des- ntr of waitresses whenever lie sits wn in a restaurant. They just n't fccep ills cup filled because can pill it away almost as st as they can pour. , "Clii/.zllng Gils" Is n disabled vet- an of the first World War. Wlieii e Isn't living in Die Soldiers Hume Hiloxl, Miss., lie .spends his I'lntcrs selling newspapers on 'a ew Orleans street corner, and In ic summers lie sells Ico cream t fulrs all over the country. In one'of the firsl 1 pictures Inltcii of Ihcm since the recent blrlli of Iheir child, screen comcdlnn Charles Clinplln and his wife, the former Oona O'Neill, nra plclurcil 119 they watched Ilio I'acUlc Sonlhwesl Tennis clnmiplonslilp innlclics nl Los Anuclcs, seniority? Do you wonder how the'mid Japan, ami home? knowing very little of military strat- Constitution is not in politics. Rep- cg'y, argue endlessly about how to rcsentative, constitutional govcrn- win the war. Their disagreements ment is not a political Issue. It's, a are on methods only. Without ex- 'ital American issue, ception, all patriotic Americans hope for military victory and that soon. The same principle applies on. the home front. Good citizens want the United States to retain its position when the war is over; the most influential of all nations. Just the same, all wanting the same tiling, they -disagree:, about methods- and argue. SUcti'"disagreement and '.'discussion ; is wholesome until it makes us forget'what we all actually want —victory on the home front. Integral Liberties There are basic principles upon which the United Slates was built from 13 backwoods settlements to a power that towers over (not just the world) all history. These are not in politics. Foundation stones of self- government are too big to be called plenty of good Americans who, bones of contention. The American To precisely the same extent, Free Private Enterprise is a fundamental American issue and not political. Why? Because the American Constitution provides for no oilier. Open competition is just as truly an American liberty as freedom of speecli or the right to worship God as conscience dictates. All are fundamental and'wcldtfd together. For nation; al safety and stability we depend on them equally. Kiwanls is Hit;lit Where government controls men's work, their'trade and their properly, it means government by counties:bureaus, and government by bureaus is not the kind our constitution calls for. We have such a gov- , eminent now, in a year of emer- I .utlon. A few changes wouldn't ( the trick. H would mean comple departure from what made Amc tea great. Under the American Constitullo laws must be enacted by elect representatives of the people, A coniiiigly, a new conslilulioh . pe milling legislation by appointed bureaus would mnke- every congressman u powerless^ figurehead. It I'ullre Compile Hint Itouli CLCTEUANU (UP) — A "bluu took" of Cleveland racketeers anil crime leaders Is bt'lnu compiled by the city'police department. The book, which will not be published, will conlahV the mimes: of about HOC known crooks, listing, hi addition the ages, addresses, types of nuUu, Iriven by Ihe racketeers anil UIL Of 1,513 Norwich University, Norliifield, Vt., nlunnil in the urm- d. forces, 1,053 arc commissioned fficfis find 1-1 arc generals. I Have 0|u'iic;l NEW OFFICES 104 S. Second l.ocuteil In The First National Hank ItulIUIne. New Phono, 2641 H. C.Campbell Inclusive Itcal Kstitle Dealer plixcos llioy usually frequent, j V\issouribns' ' * Released From , Romanian Carrjp-- CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo , SeptJ fa" —Tech. Sergt Robert B, Culver Jr., on o[ n. B. Culver Sr. of this city, nd Stuff Scrgt. 'Irvin M, Hankinir- on of Mr. nnd Mrs. Vf. O. Hankiiis f llayll, were among the group ;<jf' nore than 1,000 American airman', vho were recently, liberated from a tomahlan prison camp when Ho- nnnla capitulated to the Allies on " Aug. 23. ,[ Otio week later, they and all the. oilier airmen, were flown out of Bp- imnia in n spectacular mass evncUjj- , lion by (ho 15th Army Air 'Forces* based in Italy j liolh Ctilsci mid Hnnklns, arid most of tbo olhei airmen, ucre shot down o\ci the Ploectl oil refineries^ and wcio logclhui at the same In* -' [eminent. camp. , / Sergeant CnUci was cnglnc^r- Kimncivon n n-24 Llberatorj while Sergeant nankins was a waist-gunner. iiolh men are recipients' of the Air Modal with tluce dusters, ,,J ( , - il Courier ' wtttt' Tfie BlytheYille Tire Co. has boon purchased by G. 0. Poctz and C. Modinger To «cl maximum .service friun your lircs, bring them lo us for iqKilr and iefa|)|ilnt;. K.vucrt lire men plus modern ciruhimenl Insures your :,.illsf;idl(m ullh every Job I GUARANTEED WORK — CEILIHG, PRICES MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Hwy. HI Norlli rhone 2201 DO YOU THINK THESE . ' ..I'. 1 .' 1 ,1 i i GREAT AMERICANS would be impossible to do American freedom 'a more -damaging disservice thaivUo 'degi L a'de fundahien- lal •American instituliotis to the level of political issues. Cities Co-Operate CEJICAao. (UP)—Bcnlon • Harbor and St. Joseph, Mich., wlilolv'-irc- ccntly acted to provide one scwngo disposal plant to serve both cities, now have voted to co-operate In joint ownership and operation gency, hut if it becomes peima-' of nn airport, announced the ncnt it will require n new cousti-' American Municipal Association, r i i i i i i i • i 'M SAVING i i i • i i i i i : BS is? at; HJ ±.-j; _-.- n:. v ::/.';rn LI TJS sac ifa as Ja i All over th* country W!Y«* aod iwectiieara art collecting wutt papM. Thtjr nadantand chat our fighdnj n«a deiperttely »«W ifai* critiod war matadal. They u* mkklog > weekly habit of MT ' old Mwtpapert, boiM, wrapping*. Thcjr U9 not burning or dwtrojrlag wt*M paper — they. ILT« Moding h to nutk* « wrap mor* thM 700^009 war artklM ui«d by our anule*. Do f**f pan along witk v thM3 pitrlode WOOMO. 0«t your club*, drk nod church gronpf Uhlnd thli morem«ot Colltot want pap«r-J>«»dl« Jt-and tw« k la .'.. and help U.S. VICTORY WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN COULD BE HISTORY O f REDDY KILOWATT your electric servant to 3 l«.y S s i bus ; nes5 i. c»n

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