Waukesha Daily Freeman from Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 10, 1955 · Page 2
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Waukesha Daily Freeman from Waukesha, Wisconsin · Page 2

Waukesha, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1955
Page 2
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{Freeman Staff Photo) Seybold (right) explains album to Davis Davis Presented Album Of Songs by Local Vet Congressman Glenn Davis Wednesday helped Waukesha fire its opening gun in "Roll Call U.S A.," a nationwide campaign being conducted by America's 5,000 paralyzed vet- efens. In a bedside ceremony at the Veteran's administration ^ospital at Wood, Davis was presented with a new album of patriotic songs entitled {'Nine Days for Americans." ' jt was made by James E. Sey' old, Waukesha, national sec: ;etary of the Paralyzed Veter- .ns of America, national or- ;anization of disabled ex-serv: fcemen. Seybold, a patient at he hospital who-iecame par- dyzed from the waist down in Corea in 1950, is also vice- jresident in charge of membership ~of the Vaughan PVA bhapter at Hines, HI. The PVA commissioned the album to fi- |iance a program of medical research and rehabilitation Counsel for the benefit of 100,|00 paraplegics. * In presenting the album to |)avis, Seybold said, "On be- fcalf of the Paralyzed Veter- Sns of America, it's an honor for me to present you with this :opy of 'Nine Days for Amer- cans.' We want every family n the nation to own a copy. /Ve feel it is not only an enter- aining and informative way cf revitalizing the real mean- ig of our patriotic holidays, but also, through sales of the album, PVA will be able to help finance its program of re- s e a r c h and rehabilitation counsel for this country's paralyzed men and women. "We veterans are grateful," he continued, "for the aid and assistance we received from the government which has helped us back to useful lives. But we know that other paraplegics who -are-not veterans, have not had this help. From where we sit we can appreciate the importance of re- labilitation help to bring a paralyzed human being back irom a world of absolute helplessness." "Thank you, Jim, I'm proud and happy to have this honor," Davis said. He wrote out a personal check for $5 as his contribution. Salary Boosts \ ' Are Approved Salary increases for the sanitarian, two staff nurses, and two secretaries in the health department were approved by the common council budget committee Wednesday night. A-total health department budget of $31,125 was approved. S810 less than was proposed. The decrease came when the budget (Committee decided to eliminate $1,500 for a polio program, placed in the budget for the first time this year "in case of an emergency." According to the approved budget, the salary of the sanitarian, Harold Elder, will be raised from $4,500 to $4,800. The salaries of two staff nurses will be raised from $3,600 to $3,780. The proposed budget had set the salaries of the two nurses at $3,280, but Mrs. Elizabeth Connell, a member of the board of health, said they were "unhappy" with the $10 monthly' increase. Aid. James Hawkins then moved for the additional raise. A salary of $2,520 was set for both the secretary to the sanitarian and the secretary to the nurses. Last year, Elder's secretary received $2,250, and ihe nurses' secretary, $2,400. Approved as proposed were salaries of $4,500 for the supervisor nurse and $3,480 for a new staff nurse. The budget committee also approved a tax levy of $93,754 for operation of the Lindholm Vocational and Adult school. A. J. Natalizio, the school's director, said $3,400 of the m-j crease came in salary schedule increases for 11 full-time instructors, three part-time instructors, and 10 circuit instructors. The increase also included a $2,550 shaper, and $1,234 for univents. The committee took out a $900 expenditure for garage materials, but added $90 to the $855 allocated for a fence to be built along the school property. The committee approved total expenditures of $129,434 for operating the school. Of this total, $35,680 will be raised in revenues. Petition to Rezone Fails ! NEW BERLIN -- The New Berlin town board and plan commission Wednesday night denied a petition of John Hoder to rezone an acre of land from agricultural to light manufacturing. Roder wanted to rezone approximately one acre of land on Cleveland avenue near the Sprmgdale school. Several residents objected. The board granted the request of Howard Hansen of the Todd farm on Calhoun road to rezone from agricultural to Class A residential. The petition of Paul Bornemann to rezone a tract of land at Suimyslope and Greenfield avenue from Class B residential to local business was deferred until Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 7:30 p.m. Another petition will be acted upon at that date concerning a request of the Allen acres to rezone from agricultural to Class B residential an area of land on Cleveland avenue west of Sunnyslooe road. Yake,, 127 "Ckrroll st.; ' Carol Wiesenthal, 400 ,S. Ro- Chester st., Mukwonagp; Mrs. Clifford O l s o n , Waukesha route 1; Mrs. ErWin Olson, 826 Niagara ct.; Mrs. Nancy Fay Horr, 21l"E. Park ave.; Carl Falk, 177 Walton st; Mrs. Robert Sell, 805 W. St. Paul ave. BenliX'Ar;tl*fa Beth Stl ISltt Sordtn «4',i Jor« Warn'439,4 ~ .,_ :::.»% Bu cOa.Uae ui its Seybold explained, the album will not be released through usuaL commercial outlets, although several ma]or distributors want io feature it in their stores. The album may be purchased by sending $5, in cash, check or money order,- to PVA, Box 10, Times Square by direct payment to him. "Nine Days for Americans" consists of ten songs specially composed for each of our major patriotic holidays, by Gerald Marks, author of many ave.: 1925 Mrs. Brad Lyle st.; popular musical works. public service for all the family Attorney to Speak At Hospital Ceremony Nicholas 1 " Inzeo, Waukesha attorney, will be the speaker at the Veterans day ceremony Friday morning at Resthaven, the VA hospital here. The program is being sponsored by the American Legion and the Legion auxiliary. In addition to the morning ceremonies, there will be an all-hospital bingo party in the afternoon and musical entertainment and a coffee hour in the evening. Hospital Notes From Memorial ADMITTED Miss Adelle Carlson, Waukesha route 4; Mrs^ Clara Petersen, 1194 Lelah ave., Pewaukee; Richard Vertz, 1185 Lelah ave., Pewaukee; L. Paul Mundschau, Dousman; Lewis Callow, 408 W. Newhall ave.; Peter Pope, 210 E\ Park Jorgenson, Mrs. Arthur Beaudoin, W a u k e s h a route 4, box 825; Sandra Wonders, 162 Main St., Merton; Kathleen Savage, 13420 Adelaide Lane, BrookfieldjiElroy Zodrow, 120 Third st.; Lawrence Abbott, Pewaukee route 4. DISMISSED Sandra Wonders, 162 Main st.; Kathleen Savage, 13420 Adelaide Lane, Brookfield; Lawrence Abbott, Pewaukee route 4; Mrs. Jeanette Williams, 16A Motor Hill Terrace;-Mrs. Annie Swan, 841 Oakland ave.; Blythe Conrad, 855 Perkins ave.; Mrs. Louis Stock Market Rises Again NEW YORK UPJ-- The stock market extended its rise again today -- the fifth strong advance -- with prices around their best in the early afternoon. The best part of the rise was one to three points, and the advance was well distributed. Trading was in the neighborhood of 2% million shares; c o m p a r e d with 2,580,000 Wednesday. Higher stocks included General Motors, U. S. Steel, International Telephone, Southern Railway, Goodyear, International Nickel, Texas Co., Allied Chemical, Union Carbide, Olin Mathieson, and Johns-Manville. U S. Treasury bonds were easy. Stock Quotations (These are yesterday's closing stock market prices) A Abbott.L 40 Admiral 20% Allied Chem 108% Al Stars 5914 Alhs-Chal 66T 8 Am Air 23% Am Can 44 Am Cyan 58% Am G E Am Mtrs 9 Am N G 575/« Am Had 22% Am Smelt 48 7 A T T 180% Am Tob 77% Am Zinc Ana Cop 70% Armco Stl 47V t Armour 15 Atchison KOTs Avco Wig 5% -- B-Bald Loco B 0 --K-- Kennecott I19»i Kimb Cl 47% Lehman 42V 4 Lib 0 F 81'i lab McN 13% Loews SCHs --M-Magnavox 39 Marathon 30 Marsh Fid 36 /, Mont Ward 97 1 /. [SJ-L^Nat Bisc 38- Ns-t Cont 23V« Nat Dairy 40% Nat Distill 19% Nat Steel 67T« NY Cent 45 Nlag Mo 321', N A Aviat 6414 Nor Pec 71 Nor Sta Pw 17 if II Mfe (tier 30»A Can Pac 32'/ z -ase 14y 2 Caterp Tr 52',i OMB-Oil S» - - Oweni 111 8ft _p_ Param Pict 38,i P«nn«y 9714 Penn R ZV/4 P«op G L 152V, Pepsi Cola 21% Pnelps Dod 58^4 Philip Mor 441,4 Ramsttck on Sunnyslope j and jincoln avenues. No damage was reported. Ties 4 : 0 55= CJESP 26% " C-M-SP Pfd 68»i Chi NW Pullman 63 Pure OH 3814 Pac _ Chrysler 92Vi "" Ser 58ft Gas 16 Ed 40ft Con Edis 49'/» Con N G 34 Reynlds Tob 105»,i *"* SA .» Shell ito Od 4 Cont Can 77,i Corn Prod 27'i ^rane Co 37 Cudahy 7% Curtis Wr 27 Doug _ ry Airc Co South PtC 59 South Ry 96 Spiegel 15 ! ,i Std Brands 38,i 78 ,T. Du Pont " East 84*4 Std Oil N Sterl Drug 53% Stew-Warn 3514 Stude-Pack 10% Erie HR 22 M««T Texas Co 113% Gen El 49^ ai Foods 87 Motors 48 J » Goodrich 73V« N Ore Gt Nor »y __ . Greyhound 14ft t-- _ Homesta^e 38 --1-- m Cent 62V» Inland SU 87',i Inspir Cop 58T4 Int HSJTV 36'i Int Nick 79% Int Paper 110% I T T 27% Johns Man 85 % Twent C T Un Carbide 105 3 / 2 Un El Mo 29% Un Oil Cal 51% Un Pac 174/i Unit Air L 36% Unit Airc 60»/ 2 Unit Fruit 53% US Hubber 44 US Steel 55% --W-Wauk Mo 23 West Un 21% West El 57% Wilson 13 Wis El Pw 33 V 2 Wis P Ser 22% Woolworth 48% Zenith Sad 127% Chimney Fire NEW BERLIN -- The New Berlin volunteer fire department answered a call Wednesday to a chimney fire at the home of Mrs. Harriet Vogel FISH FRY Every Friday Night Serving 5 thru 11 P.M. MOOSE CLUB Clinton St. tommmm mm * I I I I I I Legal Notices STATE OF WISCONSIN WAUKESHA COUNTY NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that there wiJUUbe a public hearing on the petition of Walter H. Golensgeske arid Helen L. Golemgeske to rezone tne "ollowmg described property: All that part of the South East ft of Section 30. Township 7 North. Range 19 East. 1 located South of the public highway, from Bural Homesites and Agricultural District to Residence A-2 District I I DANCE i Watertown Turner Hall Sunday, November 13th Music by ... SIX FAT DUTCHMEN America's Largest Oldtime Orchestra DANCING EVERY SUNDAY j Said hearlnrto be lield at the __.,... Hall on the 17th day of November,1355 at 8:30 o'clock-P. M. 't Dated this 17th day of October, 1955.' TOWN BOARD, TOWN OF PEWAUKEE By Carl Kloth j Clerk Nov. 3. 10. 17 Advertisement There's sorriething fascinating t if_. most bizarre about a new Hotel like a community or a new school!*' We wonder who lives there!?; who goei there!?; what they do!? etc. The old fogies who resent new things foresdy nothing Very good-abdilt it "if it's new it's questionable": the- timid ones wonder but never act while the live people -.those who things today and becortie the leaders tomorrow go and find out and are delighted, benefited and inspired moving ahead with the times. That's what happens at HEAVEN City - new ideas, new life, new friends, new and fresher enjoyments. The food is finer; the drinks better; the decor delightful. ·j And they keep on going to HEAVEN City HOTEL - the newest, most expansive, most hospitable and fastest growing Hotel in Waukesha and ad-joining counties. Building a bigger arid better Waukesha! Come to Heaven City today and thrilled. Come for luncheons and dinner - bring your clubs, weddings, anniversaries. Live music every noon arid evening. The new Club-roomj are beautiful - beyond! If you can qualify you should join A. J. Moore, Director, Phone Mukwonago -4016. I L WEEK-END "SPECIAL" HALF GALLON In Half Gallon Cartons O n l y Rig. Value $1.25 SOLD AS tCE MILK Our Last Day Is Sunday, Nov. 13 STOCK UP NOW I 928 N. Hartwel! Are, Mr. and Mrs. Go. Barwali ELK'S FEATHER FROLIC AND DANCE SAT., NOV. 12 8:30 P.M. AH Elks Guests by BALL-BAND 'JPinest protective footwear-Red Ball Weatherproofs by Ball-Band--are your best buy for all the family. Live, stretchy rubber strongly reinforced at points of wear. More comfort, quality features, and style built into every pair. See them today. CONN'S f! Waukesha's Most Modern Shoe Store" S j^fOURRAlNE" c Lightweight, toasty warm, jj .Thermo-Lite insulated. * [Sleek ij-ool pile trim, j! ankle slimming closure* ! $4.95 J In Brown Blac I in sizes to 10 i ^CHILDREN'S AT $3.95 JALL-BAND 3 LB. BEEF ROAST U. S. GOVERNMENT GRADED "CHOICE" GIVEN AWAY And Delivered to Your Home! NO COST * NO OBLIGATION KorberV Food Service does this merely for the privilege of presenting you with a new way to eat better and live better at a lower positive cost. WE FEEL THAT YOUR TIME IS WORTH THE GIFT CALL LI 2-6110 TODAY! OR MAIL COUPON BELOW ,.^f_ .* _ Fully Guaranteed MADE BY ONE OF THE WORLD'S LARGEST WATCH MANUFACTURERS Name . Address in Family KORBER'S FOOD SERVICE 269 W. Broadway Wauktihi USUAL VALUE PLUS FED. TAX LIMITED QUANTITY ^^·^ -^^^^ Down with FREE GIFT BOX SIK SCOTT FLAGSHIP LADY HARRISON + 17 Jewels Swiss Precision Movement -i- Unbreakable Crystal Unbreakable Mainspring + 1OK Gold-Plated Case Matching Expansion Bracelet * CHOICE OF MEN'S OR LADIES' B.F.Goodrieh 1 FIRST IN RUBBER - F/RSF IN TUBELESS 138 W. BROADWAY § 2 «-S^aukesha Daily, YTceem

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