The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1940 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1940
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BI,YTTIF,VILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1940 Centers Of Arms, Munitions Production Guns Are - Bright Spot; Lack Of Explosives Continues Critical is the latest month-by- NBA-Courier News survey on the progress of America's rearming eft'ort. * * » BY -MILTON -BRONNEB XEA Service Staff Correspondent : WASHINGTON, Nov. 7. — More \ than fire months • after President Roosevelt's/ famous message on. defense, a general survey on the whole picture is not, so rosy. If all the billions of dollars appropriated by Congress for defense were converted into dollar bills and laid end to end. they .would wind around the earth at the equator CG times. Bui that almost inconceivable sum of dollars has not yet begun to produce defense equipment on any vast scale. So .far, $8,480,000,000 worth of contracts have been let. But W. S. Knudson, In charge of the production division of the National defense' Advisory Commission, has again found it necessary to remind the public that letting contracts is only the first chapter in a long slory. After the contracts have been awarded, industry must enter the "make-ready" period, when machine tools/shop drawings, fixtures and the necessary raw materials must be provided. 'Then, finally, production can proceed. -. . Knudson omitted one other large factor: Many of the factories which are to produce have not yet been •erected. Many more plants have not yet built needed ..extensions. 'That's why 1942 and 1943 and 1945 are still ; mentioned as dates when . dollars will have been really tinned into war materials. It was Knudson who warned the country before that armament factories were going 'to need about all the machine tools and dies and gauges that can be produced in the next vear. GUN ORDERS GOING WELL Since the ast NEA-Courier News survey of the defense program, here are the new developments: Knudson said production' of military ^planes had reached a total per month of between 900 and 950. He "hopes this will : mount to 1250 by ,next January, 1500 by next July and 3000 'by 1942. In September,' 2400 airplane en- «rines were produced— 1500 for combat planes and 9$$ for training ships. . Production of 13-ton tanks has already been started, according to ""Kruidsen, at the rate , of 100 a month. Larger tanks— 30 tons and a few 50 tons— are expected to go on, the assembly line early next -summer. Gun orders are well underway. With one exception, Knudsen declares that all gun manufacture SPRINGFIELD •*' ^* BRIDGEPORT MUSKEGON V DETROIT Y' iow» '\ ROCK ISLAND-;; XBURLINGTON |-O y.. \ 4 \ I UL \ I V—<—---r—-VUNION CENTERy .—X ' ' \ INDIANAPOLIS PHILADELPHIA^ \ DAYTON \ JT WASHINGTON : >V CINCINNATI r£ SAN FRANCiBCO LOS ANGELES SAN PEDRO ' LONG' BEACH' SAN DIECd WARSHIP CONSTRUCTION Y WARPLANE ENGINE PLANTS • WARPLANE PLANTS JT ORDNANCE •• SUBMARINE CONSTRUCTION | AMMUNITION -. .'• : O TANKS Philippine Bishop Advocates Strong Nationalistic Church MANILA, Nov. 5 (UP)—Filipino desire for political independence icclay had its religious offshoot when Bishop Santiago Antonio Fonacier, newly elected "obispo STORIES IN STAMPS maximo" of the Church of Aglipay, i J eQ p| Qys Important launched his campaign to convert D . . .^. . ,*],. Filipino Catholics and Protestants j Ko '£ in World History . alike to the Philippines Independent Church. Bishop Fonacier succeeded Bishop Gregorio Aglipay as spiritual leader of the 2,000,000 Aglipayans. Aglipay was the founder of the organization, which broke from the Roman Catholic Church in 1902. HPHEY'RE serving tea in- Loiv don nir raid ' shelters now. Nazi bombers can't interrupt this centuries old custom, us firmly established as the British empire. Tea had much to do with the spread oC the empire, paving the Main centers of arms and munitions production in rj. S. defense program are spotted on above map. There are no factories in Rocky Mountain area, most producing centers being clustered on Atlantic seaboard and Pacific coast. _ . , • i,i.t, wa >' for British domination in In- Bishop Fonacier hones to estabteh di providing a trade lure that u purely nationalistic church oi | hphwd ln|j|d Ri . ; , ; ^ fiviririmo ihe Filipinos." He advocates sever- xvhlch demanded immediate independence . for the Philippines and a delegate from 1912 to 191G to the third Philippine Assembly. He served as senator from 1919 to 1925, during which time he was a member of Uie University of the Philippines Board of Regents and a member of the second parliamentary msision to the United States 1922 to ask for independence. in Light Bulb Burns for Quarter of a Century ASHEYILLE, N. C. (UP> — An electric light bulb in. the ceiling of the leach house of Han Rees Tannery has been burning day and night for nearly a quarter of u century, according; to Tom Williams, foreman in the plant. Williams said the bulb was burning when he was first employed by the company 22 years ago, and it has .been burning ever -since, except for short intervals when all .power was cut off because 'Of electrical storms. He said the bulb probably had bsen there several years before he v/as; employed. Pioneering Pair May Have | 10,000 Descendants in U.S! .BOSTON CUP)—When the Edfy family met here in reunion u celebrate the 310th anniversary 01 ihe landing at Plymoutli of Johr ami Samuel Eddy, they estimate Lhe descendants now living in Uii. United States of these two Pil grims numbered more than 10,000 John Eddy was a founder o Wateriown. Samuel Eddy \vas on< of the purchasers of Middlebon from the Indians. UAPPY GRO.& "MKT. F&EK DELIVERY W. Main St., Phone 15 Typical American Family' With F. D. R. ing of all religious ties 1 with other countries. "It is not for us to sleep on our laurels," he told the consistory of 42 Aglipayans priests and laymen ufter his election. "It is rather for us to be always active and alert, and to work., work, work. Let. us work unceasingly, with enthusiasm and true faith, and let us not rest until we have attained the full realization of those solemn aims which obliged us to separate from the Church of Rome and to found our own Philippine Independent Church, which is the true church of the Filipinos, for the Filipinos and-by the'Filipinos." First projected step in Bishop Fcnacier ! s program will be establishment of religious schools and colleges, and especially of a central seminary in Manila, where the church would train young men from the islands. "What, we need most," he dei clared, "are apostles''and ministers of God rich in faith, hope and charity, enthusiastic and active, because the'lessons of history teach us that; it is not the dogmas, and doctrines of a-church which most contribute to its triumph but apos- helped build British maritime greatness. Th'o tea monopoly Queen Elizabeth granted the East India company in 1600 linked the Orient and European world. Today the English drink 97 billion cups of tea annually, an average of nine pounds per person. Most of England's . tea comes from India, some from Ceylon, which lias honored the industry with the stamp above. Mozambique also has issued a stamp showing natives picking tea. In United States, cotYee is the favorite beverage. This prefer- Dnce may date from a famous tea oarty in Boston in 1773. Read Courier News want nets. i COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES *CaU 1C DELTA OFFICE 8UPP.LY STOKK K.R. and Ash Sts. GET ONE OF THESE DU PONT ANTI-FREEZE BRANDS TODAY! ties armed with the faith that can transport mountains and divide the seas." He admitted his plans for the future -were in the nature of dreams. 'J> Serve Three Years Fonacier is the first head of the Church of Aglipay under its new democratization" program. The church' consistory has revoked an The D. E. Leathers family of Clarendon, Texas; pictured with President Roosevelt on their way to. New York World's Fair as "America's Typical Family.":Left to right, behind the President, are: Father D, E. .Leathers; son John, 19; Mrs. Leathers ana daughter Margaret Jean, 17.—NBA , Tele-photo. provided for in the program is now; arranged. This means that contracts have been awarded and production has begun in big guiis, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft guns r.nd machine guns. Five plants are working on machine guns alone. Automatic rifles are being produced at the rate of 2000 a week. and by next January the figure is expected to reach 5000. Assistant. Secretary of War Patterson announces that the Garand rifle is being produced at a rate of 400 a day -and /will soon hit the 700 mark. The War Department is shy of giving out figures. About-as far as it will go is to concede that it has 3000 airplanes on hand and another • 18.641 under contract. EXPLOSIVE NEED ACUTE The ."Navy Department is less secretive. Here is its latest breakdown on its airplane situation: Com- Training dismantled. When the present de- T fense program was inaugurated, the government h'ad to rely on the du Pont plant at Carney's Point, the government-owned plant at : Dover, and the Hercules plant at KenviU all in New Jersey. The recent disastrous explosion and fire at the Hercules factory was a severe blow to the : defense program. To remedy this, the National Defense Advisory Commission has arranged for two powder plants, two high explosive plants, five loading points and two ammonia plan Us. Five more for manufacturing high explosives are planned. ioneymooning Couples Are Given Some Advice CHARLESTON, S; C. <.UP}-r-Miss Daisy M. Thompson, who works at he Francis'Marion hotel, has some advice for honeymooning couples, especially men who make a vain effort to disguise the newness of heir status. After a four-year study of the public behavior of honeymooncrs. she is convinced all the newlyweds attempt to pass as veteran married people. Without exception, they fail in Venus Mistaken for Balloon SALAMAUA, New Guinea (UP) — When what appeared to be a huge balloon floating over the city, was sighted recently, a local resident chartered an airplane and armed with a shotgun started out to bring it down. At 13.000 feet, however the plane lost sight of the ballooi behind a cloud bank. In the mean batant & Utility Useful planes on hand ....- 1234 578 Total all planes on hand 1642 BIG Wanes on order ..1502 1499 Since that table was issued, the Navy Department has let it be known that some 4000 more planes have -either t>een ordered or will be shortly. .. .Since the last survey on rearmament, .there has teen this progress - in ships: The - destroyer Livermore has been commissioned: keels •have been laid 'for -the battleship New Jersey, the submarines Gato and : Drum, the, destroyers Macomb and Cony, the seaplane tenders Humbbldt and Matagorda and the minelayer Terror. The country's greatest lack, in its preparedness program — bigger than its need for men or ships or guns or planes—is explosives. After World War I, most of the plants that manufactured explosives were time, an amateur astronomer witl a telescope had been able to iden tify it as the-planet Venus. that attempt, she says, and offers the following advice to them (oi rather to the men), if they want to avoid the notice usually giver the newlyweds. 1. Put on some old clothes so you'll look as though neither yov nor your wife care how you look 2. Plaster your new baggage witl old college stickers, or tell the bellman to take the luggage through the basement entrance. 3. When you go to the hotel desk ;o register, either take her with you or gently push her down in..a. chair in the lobby. But if you take her to the desk, contradict everything she says. 4.. Don't be, polite to her when you reach the elevator. Just put your hand in the small of her back and sort of shove her in. ; 5. Adopt an expression depicting that the whole thing is just another pain in the neck to you. .May End Toll Bridges MONTGOMERY, Ala. CUP) — A strong movement, with state administration backing, has developed in Alabama to free the last toll bridge in the state, the O'Neal Bridge over the Tennessee River between Florence and Sheffield. HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Repairing, Welding Across from Red Top Gin BUY NOW! PAY LATER! BUDGET PLAN TIRES as low as amendment approved in 1906 making the "obispo maximo" a life position. Fonacier will serve lot three years, with the right to succeed himself once. The "democratization" of the church, according to Bishop Fonacier, will be utilized "to reorganize and revitalize the offices of 'obis- pado maxinio' so that everyone in the church, "especially all bishops and priests, may be made to work for the church's advancement." Bishop Fonncier has been connected with the Philippine Independent Church since its found- Ing. He was ordained at the age of 18 when the movement was gaining momentum from Bishop Aglipay's charges the Roman Catholic Church had become arbitrary if not corrupt in Lhe Philippines. He was "on leave" from the church from 1912 to 1931, during which time he was a political writer on the Asamblea Filipina, a nationalistic Filipino-owned daily PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut IMionc v 810 Now I'm unaware COAL High • Grade—Low Price Farmer's Gin & Exchange Co. Phone 325 of underwear! "Yes, sir . . . I'm telling you that HANES middleweight WINTER SETS arc made for a man's comfort. You hardly know you've got them on! You're warm enough outdoors without sweltering indoors. Easy to pull on and take, off'. . . no buttons, draw strings or gadgets to fuss with- The all-round Lastcx waistband s-t-r-c-t-c-h-c-s comfortably even if you've had a hearty meal. Another thing I like is the gentle athletic support of the HANES Crotch-Guard." Select one of the popular /•••il HANES WINTER SET styles. «•••! Your HANES Dealer wiii be glad to show them to you. HANES WINTER SETS THE GARMENT Expert Service Home and Auto Radios An Work Guaranteed -?r-* . •' phone 676 Ward Pick the set you Hkc. Wear a sleeveless or short-sleeve shirt with x pair oi Crotch- Guard Wind-Shields (figure at -top) or Crotch-Guard Shorts (shown at led). All cotton (combed) or cotton-wool mixtures. HUNES HEAVYWEIGHT »f OTHERS. 1 69c to 52 (at left) to fit with full, accurate size. You can bend and stretch — without bind- v ing. Buttons, button- P. H. HANES KWTTIKG COMPAHY, WINSTON-SAtEM, N. C. au scVcd^curdy"^ 3 39 E ..65 C THE GARMENT MR. FARMER We have a demonstrator MASSFY HARRIS TRIPPER AT A DARGATN PRICE Either Power-Shaft Driven or with new motor assembly at bargain prices WE HAVE NEW MOTOR ASSEMBLIES FOR 1939 MODEL TRIPPER COMBINES AT MONEY-SAVING PRICES $220 F. 0. B. Wilson, Ark. WE HAVE UP-TO-DATE REPAIR STOCK FOR TRIPPER COMBINES WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS LEE WILSON & CO. 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