The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1933
Page 5
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PAQB HW MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2i>,J.933 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dnlly rat*' per nue lor conjeen- ilve Insertions: (Five average words to » Une) GOOD MILK cows and Barn at Canning The BECK wfe« a WK1KKR, king ft ^_^,»VP- beilfctf fceer. 20CUO-W target of Kidnap TOR SALB^Nelgl'.borhood grocerj with living rooms. If 6014 thl* week will discount $150.00. Phone glrb One time per Une _ Two times per line per d»y 06c Three tlme« per line per day Me six times per Une per P»y •• J» Month rate per line .••••••• «« Minimum charge 60o Ads ordered lor three or *t» times and stopped before explr»- tlon wilt be charged lor the number of times the *A tppewed art adjustment ol bill m»de. All ClusUled Aoverllsing copy lubmltted by persons residing outside ol the city must be accompanied by cash. Ratea m»y be easily computed from above Unie. No responsibility will be taken lot more than one Incorrect »ertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordered ioi irregu- la; inscitlous Uke the one time FOR SALE—1933 De Luice Ply- month, almost new. If you are thinking of buying » car, here is a real bargain. Write Box M, Courier News.. 33c k» REAL ESTATE Conic Ih, list yotir r«l esUtf. Set what we have to tell. K. M. Terry. LIceBHd Dt.i(er, Terry-Worthlne'O" Till « Ce ' lytheville ' ftant 611 VANT'LAND-W« -have b 40's, Wa 1 and laTge/ ' ' sell. «j|0 ttft OMPANY. L'sed furniture Bought and So ld .Stoves i-ep-Jrcd-A.iy make Alvn, Hardy »"«- * "Happy day* *re here Drink HUDWEISER tied beer. ^^^ Tarpaulins Vcu can buy a home In Blytheville on monthly InstallnicnU f^s than it Is renting for. I'd be glad .to tell.'you E. M. 1EBHY, A«Dl C A ORES »•-•»«•*« •- , 1 building;" *-4'' Ynfle' gravel [iWOOp .,lr3 neasht'rtbateie* i °" Itrms.'E.' M. TERRy,..fer^y f W,WtTtr :n;ton"Tltle'Co.' : '•''•' : '-'-r^<^ , FOR RENT * SYRACUSE.' country Is not 60 foi- moil. Y- iup>—"This i 'll\e woipen J J fo» a dipt*- in lea .served- «* , , \|witc!|bc«rd ''opej*' counry s uvu tut » «*>•-•• > *«* i^« *vyij"" **"--M_—— torlal system, or government, nov Uors. lulors, w«W<nei, and need we -fear a dlctatorrttlrt 4>idcr ipsmphcrs to mention a ww-. tlie leadership ol Pitiidenl.Boo&e- Job*, of 60 twdonta who were PU£- velt," br. Hermen 0. Beyle ol Byra- fil In,the bureau last ytar, EUMO!<iTON, Aluerlu IU1 1 > — Olio of the strmiKcfti round-tins AJbvrta vnni'hers ever huvc euse University told the alumni ot Pht Delta Thela fraternity. Trie president's power has been created by public opinion, Die ballot box and the press, he declared. The tendency, lie said U, toward Socialism. '.• ' "Nutshell r|»lltles" is responsible r numerouf day dlfflcul-1 l«s, »ccord\B8 to Beyle, wlio;de- cribed ' v nuUhell poUtlcs"ias "stick- g to one Idea and bclle.vlnc that will'do trie, trick." • ,i Puck Roupdup ratiii''ROOt.'. ,-,.., . -talh. Call3^7 after 6 P. M.' ; ' 236 k 1 ,,iin.i-» •"«. , 19 ci 35. 1-il^r.L.x SwS;S*to»^ weigh ^»= wrdc to order. Carney Awning NICELY FURNISHED Apartment dote In, 619 W. Main. Phone 20c ktf . 113 S. First St. Machine Hcpuiring. U. enshlp. 110 B. Hose. C Blaii- Kesistcrcd JIr5. J. J. Spencer Corseliere D-ivis Phone <Z1 20o klu-2 L. G. Moss Bljthcvillc's cuf rate ' FURNISHED Bedroom, preferably ."or man, furnace heat 514 Main. Plione. 98. 5ckIO-5 SoiHJiwe'ier'B desjieiuilpes plot ted to kldnnp Peg£y Ann I.uii- don, above, ic-ycar-old .ilinieri- ter ot OoTernor Alt M. !«don of Kaneas in_ »n effort lu etlect the reic;is>- ol sovi-Vnl lire-li'im umvltts in ihc- KRII- f as jieiiileiitiaiy. (Jdvcviiqr, Ijiii- dou lisa revealed. nnmlnK Harvey Bailey. nlleBfd monitor of the Urschel kldnaii mns, at •n* *t the 'plotter*. • I )eprewion Drive* Co-edi T« Work im Educttiom CHICAGO. (UP) — Depression j ondltlons have made > nil clmnge I n the life o! the average, co-ed, according to figures released from.tlic Bureau', of Employment gt North- wcstein University. More and more as provincial to move ten* of thouundi of duclu Into the Is wider wny [•me 'w-injens acck In which the dupki nested lul sprlnK dry. Farmers in the s"Wh- crfi part ot the proylncii reported myriads of young dlwkj wcre.wad- dllns into lliclr yard», nwxlna food 1 mid water/ Aid ot p)e provlnlclul tame deuurtincnl ww Mllcltcd, »"d scvenil trucks no»; Hre op live Job In (he unique roundup. Inflewood Bird A prolonged dry spell lo/l sloughs Sleep Tilkor lx*( yvite. SAN FRANCISCO lUP'l .— isc Joseph Huhaten talked in .-,u sleep he »'a« without a »1to today. Mrs. Hashngen was Rran$*d' IIS.T dlwce from the cigar storp owiie'r when »U«"testified he .cji;- ili-d q» a. conversation "wtth'^» ffrl named. MKbcl"—in his slcep^ MONTREAL . <UP)—Canada vyill exhibit about M birds at tt^e World's Poultry Conference to Jje Be-1 held in Rome, Italy, next mont|t OUR BOARDING HOUSE m By Aherfi •^ . r? s o a» pr«.»W«. nt divided liy Iicnian>l» « ir ' rlion'. term. 8ardl.l» *J on|» in ITALY. The VK' Tfc " STATUS' drink" '»<"• mlw . T " ^*raoa thai any rtdir ,*«tl(». Modem J room famished »r unfurnished apartments, newly aec- oraled, over KlrbT Dru» C«. AIw store bnlMlnj adjolnlnf Roiy Theater F Simon, 1Z9 W. DftTl*. Cal 76*. 25C W-25 NORTH WEBTPORT, Mass. (UPj—Voluntcer firemen here are building their own .new fire station In the Greenwood Park Dl»Met - • ••;.- ' . '.;- Hanld glerabert . uaaa(er SternlicrR (Una, rich in reputation and atisocinliiiw. need' no Introrlue- tioii to IhiB 'community . . . for (wq Seiieralions Sifrribcrg h a n .served you -^satisfactorily.. ' JTE-CMJECjfev.eiN: ITS TOO LOTE NOW, rAX ^WICETO A GUV UMN' UP ^ EeATS.SNUTFV—I JUST HAPPENED TO TWNK— VOU KNOW, i HAVEN'T TSONE ANY SINCE I TOOK OVER THVS, VET STORE, ,WtTH THE &>£ET?T1ON OF THf\T $ 12 WHROT I SOLD TO OFFICER MAODEN . OUTSIDE. OF THAT, I KAVEhJT EVEN A* TIN OFR<bH VOODjJ-UtvVrA- fc&aNNINC) TO WOKDER IF THIS & A. GOOD BUSINESS POP tN TWO WEEKS-HrA-fv\- ONE HE CNN fcW • "KE DEU, CASE TVllNSS &0 ZUN«? LEFT STUCK WHH ND THE PETS EAT CLEAN BBS. TAILORS For Quality Cleaning Phone 180 lUrnfi NuWa Cltmers 12c k " Hals Blocked Look Like New E'honc 111 Unique Cicaning ONE or two rooms on ^ortft KaUroad street, suitable for cotton offices. Will fix to suit tenant on. lease. Apply Uourier New* BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MmrtU ^ i nuiv^uuurna ul ai» W. Mam Beacoom. can '.v^e.. Mrs. nu xiaruui, SFWING, alternations, very rca- sonabie. Miss Louise Crane, Phone BL>. We arc I'liiiiiiiulng our Golf Rail Sale Offer-Come in and inquire about 11. llubtard Hardware Co. Aitrnctive bedroom, 618 W. Main j-irs. McMuilins, pnone " 2| - WAJYltiU '1O FRESH COW with youns calf, giv IIR 4 gallons day. Will pay casi Mrs! Price. 22 HADIO SERVICE HIGHEST PRICES paid for tire inner tubes, iron, meialb, magi zincs, hides, cars to week. Wo Arum, 128 E. Main, pnone nu. "EXPERT RADIO SKRVICING ,-cst. Biuiiwl Shop in IIAK01.D SUDBURY - Ncw Ford uatlerics "RE'&^BATrEIlY STATION 25cklO-^5 CORN WANTED MAUILVN HATCHERY ALL KINDS Men, Women a cnilnrnn's H-«!rt T?oth!p<! shnw. Hlpnn-si rash price. i wn'E. 320 E, f!<=-!r. --WANTED WASH TUBES FIVE ACES HAS HOPES! "IHAGIWt? NOTHlM'TO eftT BUT i For'rroiiipt nailery Sen-ice B» lc ««~ 31 Several Thousand Feel Rough lumber, also Bids to put up Box [tjuse. Apply Wantalinga Hotel. 23 p ki!6 AUTOMOTIVE Oatctfay Guuil Mechanic - Work Guaranteed Trices 19pk26 Day & Mich'. Service Station Complete IJtn; Slicll Products Repair Work at Any Time phone 605 Milton Stcrnberg. • 13c klO-IS SLEEPING ROOM. 55.00 per N «jo»lh Acidre,, "CC" Co,^ nrink h»rr. By_CjJL_ .^ "AMD PRETTY AS"A PYCTURE." JIPS! THtir 7 ^'- UtTt-E CU5S/| LOOK-i MORE PROMISING TUMI I'D .._. - rT/ AlMTSHt? )l SHE'S vuORKir46 OM A. SHOESTRING, MlKtT,- AMD HASN'T ft DIME. •) ~7 DIRT FLOOR,TOO. WO AV10 •SOKE.FROieM MEftT, SALESMAN SAM HARD LOSERS! WANTF.P To bVY »'.'.«•'' i Mncllino in C<VJ1 r-onrlilior Ctt iV OC- ?*"" no ' WANTED TO l.MtCJKST STOCK USF.I) PARTS | MO DERN HOUSB-PrP^Q'-'y B>-tv.ccn Memphis nnd St. Ix>iiis, wc6l riL'trir.t. "S", Cn'.i" 1 ;- N" Also Anlo Glass — Phone Gfl " ln JACKSON AUTO TARTS CO^. ^W Auto Glass I All Kinds Installed I The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. • 10cklO-10| ' Red's Place—IIS E. Main Call .108 for Auto r»lntin? Body and Fender Service Formerly with Shousc-LIttle Co. sTR* YEP-1 pav Mule npd .' W Mu i c 4 V rs. old. Wplzh shout !?CO. REWARD -A. A. OUDtcr.-Route 2, Blvthcville. ' ^__Wp RliSSKLL ANDERSON In charge Chrysler Garage Wnrk Guaranteed on any make car New Van Norman Horing Machine Phono 888. 25ckO-25 DOCS, PETS llsrk Jersey Cow about 8 years old. short left horn, left state line. Notify Willis Glass, Judge Cunningham's place. Reward 21p U1 FEMALE HELP WANTED Negress-for general housework and cooking. Apply 203 Dougan street, - . . 22U Hor Healthy DOBS feed Miller's nations ft Quick Lunch IIDBDARU IIARRDWARE CO. llcklO-ll I'OH SALE OR TRADE WILL SETA cheap my house and 2 lots In Blyttevillc or trade for H5Cd car Box 95 or 021 S. Lily St. FOR SALE 4 WHEEL TRAILER will hold bale cotton. Call 124. «2ck29 Burglars Returned All Monogratned Silver BUFFALO. N. Y. (UP)—Burglars who robbed the home of Patrick J. Moriarty, possessed "accommodating consciences" in his opinion. Two days after they entered and stole $2,600 worth.'of silverware and jewelry a portion of the loot was tossed through the same cellar window which the thieves liad forced. Examination of the returned j sack revealed that only the monogrammed articles' 'had been brought back: y S«v'tt-T SXVLI.-ReMEMfteB.-OW^ TO SOtAE OF (Oe Roceo OViTlM • VAft.0' 6E' ctoe i* *'*» FRECJQJBS^M) HIS FRIENDS WW, I THINK YOU'RE Ni. WPOW& WELL-ANYWAV, THW HUHCM CAME TO MEI ALVJAVS LIKE TO PL)kY HUMCHES.. ! THOSE FELIA& 6EAT [T GOT OF TOWN-DIDWT TO GET A Of THOSE- MSN-PROM HOTEL WE WB3E E*CK THM MORMIN6?

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