The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1949
Page 7
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Truman to Ask Tax Increases No Other Way Open To Meet Deficit, President Asserts WASHINGTON, Oct. 20. (ft— President Truman made it clear today he will isle (or an Increase in taxes at the next session of Con* •ress. He told a news conference, under questioning, that 11 anybody c»n tell him any way to avoid tax Increases to meet the deficit, he'd like to be told. Congress went home last nlghl but will come back In January. Mr. Truman last January Hiked for $4,000.000.000 more taxes, but .did not get them. He dropped the |pilcmand during the summer because of the business turn-down that had Ml in. The statement of new plans to Mek > tax increase at the next session grew out of news conference questioning about the $5.000,000,000 deficit which Mr. Truman said he had no plans to meet. Blames Republicans He blamed Die deficit on the He- publican-conlrollect 80th Congres: which he said passed a lich man's tax reduction bill. Told that Dr. Edwin G. Nourse, resigning chairman of the Economic Advisory Council, had said he was unhappy over deficit financing, the President suid he was just as unhappy, as who isn't. The President said he doesn't believe in deficit financing. But he commented that there is a flat charge of $35,000,000.000 against the government and he has no recourse but to meet it the. best way he can Then someone asked if he had any remedy which would Involve a request for a revision of the tax structure. He said it may require a raise ir taxes and then went on to say he doesn't' know of any other way to meet the deficit. He said the deficit was brought about through no fault of the President. Mr. Truman gave reporters permission to quote the following answer to the question as to whether ,. he might request tax revision: : "Certainly, we've got to find money to run the government and that's *)1 .there is to it." BLYTHEVTTXW (AMC.V COUHTES Brunette Admits Weird Attack On Matron; Denies Intent to Kill MARSHFIELD, Mo.,. Oct. 30. (AP)-An attractive brunette lele- >hon« operator was held today on a lelonlous assault cliarge In a weird nl«ht attack on another woman that backfired, Th« prisoner is Miss Mary Margaret Evans, 31, of Springfield, arrested yesterday after the attack on Mrs. Carmen Ralney, «, wile of a funeral home operator here. * L_ Roy Miller, Webster County pro- ecuting attorney, and Sheriff E. I. Cunningham, said Miss Evans' had made a stalement admitting the at- ack, but denied that she altempted to kill Mrs, Rainey, Obituaries Arthur Stedman Former Arkansan Dies in Memphis ' MEMPHIS, Oct. 20. G. Sledman, 74, former chief stat game warden of Arkansas and on time superintendent of 'the Arkans^ State Prison System, died early to clay at St. Joseph's hospital here. Stedman, who moved here afte retirement some seven years ago had been an Invalid for the pas two years. • • He headed Arkansas' game war dens for 18 years and then becam prison superintendent for abou three years. He was active In poll tics. He was born and reared in . gould, Ark., and lived in Newport for several years. Stedman was a Meth fcodlst. "-• Survivors Include his widow; tw step-daughters, Mrs. Fred Snod grass, wife of the telegraph edito of the Memphis Press-Scimitar, anc Mrs. K. A. wickham of Philadel phia, Pa.; and two brothers, W. T end Charles Stedman, both of Para sould. Services and burial will be In Paragould, arrangements are in complete. » • • Former Resident Die* In Madisonville, Ky. Mrs. Tiny Angeline Justice. 60 of Madisonville, Ky., died last nigh and her body is being returned to Blytheville today for burial Arrangements sre Incomplete, bu it is believed that the funeral wil BONDED RADIO REPAIR For the firsl time in Bly ttieville, we offer yoi BONDED RADIO REI'AIH SERVICE. Every job bond ed by an indemnity rom- pany which stands behind our guarantees. WH\ TAKE LESS THAN THE BEST? Piano Tuning AND REPAIR We use the famous STRO BOCONN in our tuning service. WHY TAKE LESS THAN THE BEST? PIANOS NEW AND USED MUSIC INSTRUMENTS- SHEET MUSIC- RECORDS Everything in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main TeL 811 Mrs. Halney was ueaten on the lead and face with a toy pistol and i flashlight after trie. intruder first rled to chlorolorm her. Mrs. Ralney ought back and finally the atlacker led. • . ' t Miller said Miss fcvans related that he had been acquainted with Mrs. Batney's husband. Rex Ralney, for ibout. five years and had accom- >anled him o n trips. Miller quoted ler as saying she was seeking to md a gun she was Informed Mrs. Ilainey had hidden. Officers said they had been unable to locale Rainey, who was in riansas City when the attack took place early Wednesday morning. The prosecutor said Miss Evans went to great pains to assure herself that her victim would be ren- the cobb Chapel burial to (oilow ^ered unconscious so she, could earch Ihe Ralney quarters at the fi.neral home. She related, he said that she even purchased some red jepper. she asserted, he said, lhat she had read in a magazine that tl;« condiment sprinkled in Hie shoes would throw blood hounds <<lf (heir scent. Miss Evans in her statement, Mill- .er said, related that she first planned lo use tlie chloroform and then in- o'uce a solution into which some sleeping pills had been dissolved into her victim's stomach Ihrouch a tube. Mrs. Ralney said, she was awakened by a strange odor and found Ihe woman atlacker standing over rer with a lowel, Slie ballled with the atlacker through several rooms of the quarters and finally manngcc lo break loose. The attacker Ihcr I'od. Mrs. Rainey was treated for multiple cuts and bruises on Ihe head end face and released from a Spring- Held hospital where she was taken lor Irealment. Early-Morning Blaze Damages Home of Negro Fire of an undetermined origin gulled the three-room home of Charles Bedford, Negro, at 1743 Charlene Street at 1 o'clock this morning. Bedford told Fire Chief Roy Head that smoke from the fire awoke him and he found the entire house was engulfed by the blaze. Chief Head stated that, the fire had made good headway by the time firemen reached the scene. Firemen answered an alarm to the home of Judd Crlner at 806 Camp Moultrie Drive at 7:30 last nlghl when a short, circuit in the molor of a refrigerator Ignited the wall, causing considerable damage. The (ire burned through the wall, Chief Head said, and filled the house with smoke. Law Makes Informers Of Cigarette Dealers LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 20—W— A new federal law makes dealers In- formeri on clgareile tax evaders, Arkansa« Revneue commissioner Dean Merely said today. The commissioner said the new law requires dealers selling mall order cigarettes In other states to supply stile lax administrators with full Information on each »hlp- ment. Merely believes the law will make I virtually Impossible for Arkansas to purchase cigarettes through mail order houses and escape payment of the Arkansas cigarette lax. SCHOOL ae conducted a' tomorrow, with „„..„, . in the Elmwood Cemetery. Mrs. Justice came to Blyiheville s a small child and had lived here until about a year ago, when she moved to Madisonville. She had been in poor health for about two years. Survivors Include three daughters, Mrs. Oinalee Unflegt of Louisiana, Mo,. Mrs. Tom West and Mrs. Check Haney of Madisonville; three sons. Tom and. Bill Tedder of Madisonville and Alvin Justice of Pala Alto. California, two brothers, Curtis Pennington of Blytheville, and Elmer Pennington of Mantce. Miss., and three sisters a Mrs. Mobiy of Keiser, a AJrs. Little of Bentoii. and a Mrs. Witt of Memphis •. . Another daughter, Mrs. Sam Smith, was killed aboul two months ago, in an automobile accident just ! meeting | C |«tn'.^ a f' SOnVi , l i e> - 1Vh J! e rcl "™-i studl! "t '"'airy between the two in Blythcville me " ' y*°f 5 h " S bCCn inlense for ' "*«? Co//ege Rivalry Flares' Between ASTC and Tech CONWAY, Ark.. Octl 20. W>> — Student rivalry between Arkansas Slate Teachers here and Arkansns Tech at Russcllville flared again last niRht. ASTC students said today that two cars of Tech students came here last night to "paint" the college, but that five were captured and the others escaped. No painting was done. The Tech and ATSC football teams play here Saturday. The ASTC students said the five "prisoners" from last, night's forny had their heads shaved and-were forced to. attend a Teachers', pep Continued from Page 1 ber's Board of Directors at its meeting next Thursday. The directors will decide if the report Is to be forwarded to the School Board, or if it will be amended before being presented to the School Board. Pictures were made of the schools located In Memphis and of (he school in Batesvllle. These pictures will be Included in the report to be made by the Education Committee. Those in charge of arranging the trip emphasized the fact that tile tour in fiO'way incurred obligation to the Memphis architects. The firm of Hanker and Hcyer was chosen, Worth D.' Holder, Chamber of Commerce manager,' said, because it was known that organization had designed many schools in the Memphis area. Those making the trip Included Mr. Holder, Mrs. T. I. Seay, Mrs Buford Young, Mrs. M. S. Edwards Mrs. J. C. Droke, Mrs. R. E. Van Hooser, Mrs. Ray Hall, Mrs. I, H Hay, Mrs. Paul Jobe. Mrs, j. M. Ferguson. Tom Miller, Oscar Feml- ler. Wendell Phillips, J. E. Stevenson. Jr.. Adoiphe F. Hcinlcke and H. A. Haincs. DEFENSE Continued from Page 1 planning must be aimed at containing the threat of Russian aggression. "If we are ever to abandon (lie wishful sanctity of our pevlous altitudes. It should be now, after the announcement of the atomic explosion that ha* taken place In (lie Soviet Union," he declared. Militarily, Bradley averted, this means "balanced forces"—and that In turn includes the means to wage strategic • air bombardment, and large scale land operations. He predicted that no future war will be fought on the "island hopping" lines of the last Pacific campaign, or with large-scale amphibious operations, such as those in Sicily and Normandy. 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Undford—thrj Navy's N ( o 1 airman— of "misprcsctitatfori" In saying U.S. war plans are based on an "atomic blitz" theory. • • ... Strategic bombing, Bradley said, nuusl be considered "our I;st priority retaliatory weapon in case of attack." 'Along with' many others," he said, "i believe that the atomic bomb which has been derided, and Ihe Air Force strategic air command which lias been denounced, have contributed lo the avoidance ol war during the last couple of years. ''Tills combination has been. In my opinion, one of our gcalcsl de- terenLs lo aggression, bolh here aiul in Europe." Turning''lo Ihe Air Force B-30 bomber, Badtey said; It was the best plane available for Ihe mission assigned it—thill of carrying tho atom bomb. , . . He accused the Navy of belated opposition to Ihe B-36, and a.skert why II had not opposed il nt the time of it.s "unanimous vatiticn- lloh" ' by the Joint chleis "eight months go," PAGE • SEVEN Livestock NATIONAL STOCKVAflDS III Oct. 20. (/l';-(USDA)-.H 0 g s IQOOO'-' market steady to mostly 25 j owcr than Wednesday's average; little change on weights under 150 ll )s these very uneven: good and choice 180-560 Ibs 18.50-15: largely Is/75 practical top; two part, loads early 1885-10.00 ; 270-300 Ibs mostly odd lots 18.00-70; HO-170 Ibs 17.00-18 SO' 100-130 Ib pigs 15.00-17.00; good sows 400 Ibs down 10.75-17.75; few 18.00; heavier sows 15.50-16.50; stags 12,00-14.60. • .• Cattle 2,000; calves 1,000; general market active and fully steady la strong; one, load good yearling Meeri 28.00; medium around 22.00-24.00; small lot choice mixed steers and heifers 31.50; medium and good largely 20.00-27.00; good cows 16.00; common and medium 14.00-15.25; dinners and cutters 11.00-H.OO; medium and good bulls 15.50-17.50; cutter and common 13.00-15.00; veal- crs i.oo higher; good and choice 23.00-35.00; common and medium 17.00-27.00. 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