The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN fAHK.v cmmm* HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN O/c/ Rough and Tumble Life Of Butte, Mont.,ls Moving Out as Town Makes Progress BUTTE. Mont. fAP) — Once a*, bartender in (hi* copper mining capital of America got into an argument wilh an unfriendly customer. Before the bartender could end Ihe dtscuMlon he found It netessary to bite off the fellow's ear. He rose and flipped Hie ear on Hie bar and announced: "The next round U on (he home. Drink up, everybody." This tale of tyutcal of tlw old Butte. But it is also typical, in a way, of the new buttc. Silver Hollars Clink For Buttc is still one ol a half dozen men's towns left in the United Slate.*. It is a free-and-easy town, where Ihey give you change In clinking silver dollars' in.itcad of paper bills. It l.s a man's town xvhere Ihey lake a stranger at his word until his acts prove him a liar. This might be because this in a far west niellin" pot ol 50 nationalities, and In a town like that the only way you ran ju<!<ie anybody is by the .simple standard: -l.s he a good Kuy?" Tt mi£ht be because miners, corning up from daylong work under temperatures ranging up to 110 decrees, don't want to hear any guff as they drink their "boilermakers"—a whisky shot cha.sed by beer. The basic fart remain. 1 ; lhal Uie atmosphere or this wide-open town Is friendly-they like you until you start trouble. But If that's trouble you want, you cai) gel it fran every direction of the compass. Copper from Sweat Copper 'comes from sweat, and sweat comes from muscle, and there is a lot. of mu-scle In n miner. And when a miner uses his muscle against instead of hard rock he can raise a mighty, and quickly chance (he .silhouette or a man with buck teeth. But there tsn'.t so much ear- cb.-uvms nnd fiiee-slompfng hereabouts as there was in the old duy.s. There is a sign outside Buttc now that advises tourists: "She ii'as a bold, unashamed, rootin', toolln', hel-ioarhr camp in days gone by and still drinks her liquor straight." Bu( civilization has come to the bad, mad, glad copper camp. A half century or more ago most of the miners were single men and lived In boarding houses. Now most are married and have their own homes. There used to be 800 to 1,000 prostitutes who paid $5 a night to rent cribs In the red light district. Today there are 'probably less than 50 doing & subdued unglatnorous business. More miners now would rather 20 square dancing nr help their kids with their homework. Butfe Is ChariEiiij; Butte is a changing town. It still takes pride In Its ribald past—and there's plenty of it left—but It also Is proud of Its growing civic responsibility. You don't near anyone bragging any more that it has more dead men In its cemeteries than live men listed in the town directory. It's a great place yet for a fight or a frolic, but Butte is slowly laming down—or growing up. You know what Ihe folks are proudest about today? "It'« our high school band," several men told me. "if* then best damn band In the country—150 pieces. A lot of other cities ask to hear our kids play — Pasadena, Portland, Washington. All we have to do is pass the hat, and in no ' time at all we can raise $20.000 or more to send them. Everybody chips Editor Dies in Falll Na " 0 ' IO ' lsf p ' From Sixth Floor T ° *" Famine Fight TUESDAY, MAT 9, 19SO I'ONCA CITY, May 9. «v_jolm Swindle, managing editor of the I'ampa, Tex., News, was found dead yesterday on u sidewalk six floors below his hotel room here, Deputy Sheriff Marland Johnson said Swindle, who was 33, apparently (ell after gettliiK up sleepily to close H window. A cold front had just arrived, bringing heavy rain and a sudden temperature drop. Johnson said the newspaperman, here witti a group from Pampa attending the U. S. Highway 60 Association convention, entered his room about 11 p.m. His body was clad only in night clothes. Who Cares AboutDignity? TOKYO, May 9. M'i—The Japanese government yesterday decided lo give Princess Taka. second daughter of the emperor, 4,800,000 yen (nboul TAIPEI, Fomosa, May 9. <AP) — Ten Nationalist pinups 'were loaded, wlih 5,000 hags or rice yesterday to be dropped, on faminine areas in China. The plane* were expected to take off during last night to minimize their chances of being Intercepted by Chinese Communist fighters. Reds Walk Out Again 1,AKE SUCCESS, May 9. M>) _ Soviet and C/cchoslovak delegates walked out of the United Nations statistical commission yesterday and boycotted the U.N. commission on j the status of women. This raised to j 24 the total or U.N. organizations lilt by the Soviet bloc walkout-strike against Nationalist China. MacKenzie Continued from Page 8 build up tlielr combined military strength. This view Is based on all available knowledge of Soviet armaments production—including atomic weapons. Washington officials conclude that Russia will have achieved, greater armed power than the Un— Jted Slates alone, by 1954. Since $100.0001 10 maintain her dignity America is the mainstay o[ Western when she marries a commoner late j defense, the need of western unity this month. 1 i s obvious. RIGHT NUMBER—Pretly Joan Caulficld is worth ;i rinfi, plus a long, low xvhislle. She's making like a Petty girl for a forthcoming Hollywood movie by lhal name. Reds Are Passive As Arms Aid Is Unloaded CHERLJOURG. I-Yancc. May ID. iAPI—Unloading 'of tin; second American arms shipment lo Prance under terms of the Allanlii: Pact, began yesterday without Incident. Five representatives who were present, at the hiring office* abstained from provoking any deinnnstfUion. . Grubby men lined up at the bars fork over us quickly as the people at the'country club. Bulte's even talking of bringing Toscanlni out here—so he can lead some KIOS who really know music. For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cases investigated in several hospitals and clinlci, subnormal Kidney function was improved, Bladder poin and discomforl reduced after Ihe use ol Mountain Valley Waler. If your doctor lias diagnosed' your condition as functional Kidney impairment this nalural, untreated mineral water moy be very beneficial, fry if for a few weeks. It it delicious, pure-tasling, and moy be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Are You Protected Against TERMITES? Vour house is world a lot of money so don't let Termites cause expensive damage. Get protection now. . . hill . .. BE SURE YOU GET THE BEST! H. C. Walls, a charier member and director of the Sla(e Pest Control Association, can do your jnl> right. Here's why: 1. Licensed longer Hum any operator in Mississippi County 2. l.imgesl continuous salisfac- lory record of STATE inspections in Norlheasl Arkansas. 3. Your individual needs honestly diagnosed. <t. Conscientious workmanship. 5 S;me plan oT upkeep. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE 924 Eos* Main H. C. Walls Phone 3792 Hollywood Continued from Pa'ge 8 thing." if a certain glamor doll at the same studio doesn't do something about her hair, we'll be having "Rag Mop." Lumllfan anil Day are before the camera. \Vliilc Dennis sings "There Will Never He Another I'ou," Bill, \vlio doesn't play Ihe piano at all, Is making like a regular Oscar virfuiHO in Hollywood, such as l.evaiil. Anybody can be a piano Cornel Willie's role of "Chopin" willi .lose Iturbl doubling for him on the keyboard. When the number is over, Dennis shakes Bill'.s hand. "Go.-l>," says Dennis, "you were great at the piano. Why, you're even better than Cornel Wilde." The 1951 Kaiser is America's OCWCSt car! America's most Triumph of r car! *SfOfi* For color, glamour and excitement, it would he hard to match the famous Kentucky Derby.y Whiskey at i Hill and Hill won't help you bring in a winnur-but it will win the up-] proval of your guesls for being Kentucky "whiskey at its best!" 86 f«00f i5S GMIN mm\. SPIRITS . McKe.v, 0 ,, t Kobbln,, Inc. - Kxclu.iv, W,i,ib,rto,, - l.utle Kock . ,«l 12 nmlch. ll)J, a .M,,,, r Urn,- ,,,,uhi,/,- :„ nil ,,,,,,/c/j at extra cost. .•Innfrirmr MMI.C/I ,..(Ana-TOM-ic) the ncwesl. mosl ailvanml ,=tcp ll rtmlor car inakini;. It is li,,. prlnciptc of Cligincrrin p Ihe nnntomy of ihc, every fcittm- ,,f t|,,. |,,,,| y ;lm l cliassis. lo snil llin needs of liniiian ,in;ilomy in a way never l.nfmc ncliicn:,!. ll n-sulls ill a car that is easier lo ccnlrol, mere cumloilalik-, saft-r lor you ami your family lo riilc in. ,l,i<l hrrc il rt . ..,],„ (i, M car in America built from ron.llinc lo rooflinc on the pnnciple nf Anatomic Design! Like r,Vi,,o ",,„,,,„„„", , a any car...ii[) "Wind 5p<,| s "i ,i/«.il roo , , v i n< | slli(:]l | sli||) , n , cor ,, c . r sls in one glance and you knniv it's tlic car in America! one mile behind the wheel and you'll want lo own it! ,i/«.il room cr ,.,! l/f^.llri.lgr Door, offer n --w wnlk-in rase. Smflr-Rnll llo,ty I.rovulcs cslr.i vv,,[ L ., loiing.^oon.forl seals, ,m,,c hea.l room ami leg i»..m. ,5,«f ri,'r f ,,,, ,!„• „„„/.' ,\,, /(,,/,... | H , ril ,,, c csc l 115ivB aring suspension i.,k rs up road sliock ! lien .< 5i(/)<T-si,/,., v .r /.„„,., crnlc , a f fru ,. fl) ail( | 7V,,/,-,,,. c.rni,Ti,eint Strciins ei [lie :>1 kai.rr l,k,- cuives faslrr, safer ! UverM,ed j,, m l,o brakes - mnke l „„„„,,. , . ] ns[ing CC()no inflection {or \i>n T AVir 1151,.,,. ^n^,e,^•,,,„. ^ ,, ) ,„• r /f,>/,. T,,r,,,,c K,, B i,, a K>ns you faslrr aecclcralton; less vibration with higher comprc.«,(, n . quieter, smoother performance- ,mi>rc lirivmp |.,,w r |lcr horsc|ioiver, lower B .,s anil oil consinnjiiinn. Built to Bella e.sf OH the Road! 61 MOTOR CO. - North Hiway 61 - Phone 2142 MOTHER'S DAY Sunday, May 14 • I'angburn's Candies • C'nrdiiy Cologne • Airmaid Nylon Hosiery And Many Other Inexpensiv* Gifts BARNEY'S DRUG West Main GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUEL — KEKOSBNB FUEL OIJ, _ DIESEL FUEL OIL & GREASE G. O. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 (Kficc: llfi \V. Walnut Bulk Plant: Promised Und Be Thankful For Health Most ot us who enjoy good health accept It as a matter of course, it is only when we have experienced the pains and suffering that accompany severe illness that we can /ully estimate and value the state ol being well J'oi more than .nity-lom years Chiropractic has been delivering an ever increasing health service to sick and suffering Humanity. Chiropractic is a separate and distinct Health science The Chiropractor does not treat, heal 01 cure He uses no drugs and he does not practice medicine, surgery o, osteopathy His objective is to restore the normal transmission ol nerve force from brain to the various organs muscles and tissues of the body by ad- Hislms the vertebral sublimation that Is creating interference to such normal transmission and causing disease in the body Renewed health Is the natural result. Lindquist Chiroprectic Clinic Phone 3170 61 5 Chickasawba Blylhcville, Arkansas Call 6911 for Blytheviile TIN SHOP 111 North First We offer complete Sheet Metal service, gin, oil mill A: feed mill work, house gutters, duct work Call Taylor l.ayton, shop manager. Arkof 2-1 Colfon Seed Produced by University of Arkansas Experiment Stn BREEDERS SEED Available to Arkansas Growers Extremely early in fruiting and matures quick Harvest C5 to SO per cent of crop at first picking Hijrh Kin turn out. Staple: 1-1/32 to 1-5/32 inches, three-year average at Delta Substation 712 pounds lint per acre. Other production words in 19.19: At iMiirianna —892 pounds per acre; At Hope —628 pounds per acre; In Craighcad County—722 pounds per acre. Rig | )0 I1. Predominately five-locked. Easy picked by hand or machine. Seed are of high K ermi- nation. s See Your Ginner or RAY F. PRICE IM West Walnut Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2271...Long Distance 13 ANHYDROUS AMMONIA llon't lake less than the best! We can .supply the fertilizer and apply it tlie way the jnh should he done. For riromiH service call 6581 or 4388. Lowest Applicaling Prices Available. SCRAPE & WEIDMAN Agricultural Service South Highway 81 BlyUicvillc IS THE TIME! Use MIXED FERTILIZERS To Get More Cotton! Anil wilh loitay's reduced cotton I acreage it's even more Important I for you to Increase the yield p« I acre. That's what our tertiliKr* I can do for you We have on hand all at the I mosl commonly used grade* of I mitert ferlill/ers and nttrate of I sort... Gel yours nrm and put it I ^ down while sufficient supplies | are available. ORDER NOW! Blytheville Fertilizer Corp. Highway 61 South Phone 4471

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