Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 26, 1972 · Page 12
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 12

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1972
Page 12
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I, - s t \ r 10 Gglesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, IIK Saturday, Aug, 26, 1972 e Gklva Club Scfts Meeting At Church HOSPITAL NOTES GALVA - The LMI Club will meet-Sept. U at 7:45 p.m. at the G a 1 .V a First Congregational Cliarch with the members displaying treasures in a program called "Collectibles." Hostesses will be Mrs. Dorothe Johnsen, Mrs. Verna Jaquet and Mrs. Hazel Halsall. The Sept.' 26 meeting will be held in the basement of Four Square Church at 7:45 p.m. Members will make tray favors for the Galva Nursing Home at the activity meeting. Officers of the 1972-73 year are Mrs. Byron Robertson, president; Mrs. Kenneth Loquist,, vice president; Mrs. Harold Knudsen, secretary; Mrs. Clarence Schultz, treasurer, and Mrs. .Donald Falk, program coordinator. Program meetings for the year; will be held the second Tuesday of each month and activity, meetings will be held on the fpurth Tuesday, September through May. No activity meeting, will be held in December or May., Paul Hahn, trick-shot golfer, will present a program today at 5, j).m. at the Lake Calhoun Golf Course. Tickets will be available at the gate. J The annual meeting of the Bishop Hill Old Settlers Association will be held Sept. 7 at St. Mary's ADMISSIONS FRIDAY: Theodore Schumacher, 385 N. Academy Miss Jane Mayes, 1583 McKnight Mrs. Dorothy Schis!er, London Mills Mrs. Frances Johnson, Moline Miss Julie Pinkham, 742 Pine Mrs. Inez Boyd, Monmouth Jay McGee, Altona Miss Doris Marshall, Wataga Mrs. Beverly Wade, Monmouth Miss Edna Roberts, Abingdon DISMISSALS FRIDAY: Miss Patricia Saiidors, 740 E. Knox Gary Simons, 40B S. Soangetahaj Paul Berg, Oneida Michael Berg, Oneida Mrs. Doris Pettis, 1059 W. Berrien GALESBURG AMERICAN LEGION Tractors Enter Pull Contest At Bushnell BUSHNELL — More than 40 tractors competed in seven classes in a tractor pull at the Bushnell Town and Country Festival Thursday afternoon at Marigold Amusement Park. Classes and winners were: antique tractors, Harley Lafary; garden tractors, 1,200 pounds, Mark Woolam; Class A, 7,000 pounds, Phil Hodgen; Class B, 8,500 pounds, Steve Woolam; Class C, 10,500 pounds, Ralph Simmons; Class D, 12,500 pounds, Scott Ault, and Class E, 14,500 pounds, Kenneth Worthing ton. 8 p.m. at the Colony School. Officers for the year will be elected at the meeting. PORK Bar-B Knoxville County Foirg rounds $undoy, Aug. 27 II A,M. - ? > Public Invited Mrs. Phyllis SaJsman, 682 W. Sanborn Miss Gayle Godsil, Rio Mrs- Lois Bowman, 1238 Morton Ave. Donald Zielke, Alexis Miss Sherri CantweH., Victoria Verne Larson, Colchester Mrs. Jackie Waggoner, Williamsfield Joseph Rico, 124 S. Cedar Cottaffe ADMISSIONS FRIDAV: Mrs. Lleselotte E. Anderson, East Galesburg Mrs. Ella L. Lacy, Knoxville Mrs. Jo Lynn Allenbpugh, Farmington Mrs. Mildred M, Cochran, East Peoria Miss Lucinda D. Sharpshair, 682 Pine St. Charlie W. Thorno. Victoria Mrs. Shelia A. Martin, Oneida Mrs. Pamela J. Jones, Monmouth Mrs. Edith C. Carson. Gerlaw Steven E. Miller, 1007 Harrison St. Mrs: Beverly M. Birchell, Viola Mrs- Charlica Brush, 583 E. Brooks St. Leonard D. Beary, East Galesburg Steven D. Carter, 392 Columbus Ave. Michelle A. Guerrero, 781 E. Main St. Mrs. Karen K. Landon, 65 Locust St. Miss Judy L. Moorehead, GiJson DISMISSALS FRIDAY: Mrs. Stella M. Molburg, 699 Monmouth Blvd. Donny E. Byerly, Alexis Miss Marie K. Gillette, 528 N. Henderson St. LaVerne N. Thomas, 243 Cedar Hugh F. Poulson Jr., Monmouth John A. Martinson, fl5 Edwards Jonathon W. Sheppard, Cameron Mrs. Sally S. Wolford, 665 E. Main St. Mrs. Barbara J. Anderson, Knoxville Mrs. Cindy S, Henry, Monmouth Mrs. Rosamond J. Bruyn, 835 Wisconsin Ave. Jay K. Kille, 918 N. Seminary Mrs. Clara L. Remaiy, 2021 E. Knox St. James A. McGaan, 1193 N. Academy St. Donald E. Wexell. Cambridge Carla S. Ackman, V72 Bateman Carl E. Anderson, Oneida Arthur C. Brown, GJljon Mrs. Bonnie M. Sipes, 1286 W. Losey St. Timothy E. Wddhams, New Windsor Mattoon Man Exonerated I In Shooting CHARLESTON, 111. fUPI)- John Kerry Mullaney, 22, Mat* toon, was cleared Friday of all charges in connection with a shooting incident which occurred at the home of Coles County State's Attorney L, Stanton Dotson. While Dotson and his family were asleep on the morning of Nov. 4, 1971, six shotgun blasts were fired upon his home. Mullaney was charged with seven different counts in the incident, including criminal damage to property, aggravated battery and armed violence. Was red By n vent I n By CEORGE J. MARDER WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Republican Party looked into a mirror at its national conven- Was '11 Wiiidoir tion and obviously liked what it saw. That is why there was so little change made during the low-key skirmishing that occurred at the Miami Beach meeting. It was much more than the enthusiasm for a re-run of the Nixon-Agnew ticket. Or being attuned with the party platform which was shaped up under Earlier in 1971, Dotson had White House guidance. It was the winner-complex, pany of moderates or liberals | Middle America reasserted its party in their image influence over the Republican It is doubtful that tne party, leaving little room for increase in the number ot others. women, black and ytmg prosecuted Mullaney on marijuana charges. Mullaney is presently serving a one-to-three year term at the state prison at Vienna on a felony drug charge and was out on bond at the time of the shooting at the Dotson home. The state claimed the drug prosecution prompted the incident. The key witness for the state was David Furste, 20, Mattoon, Mullaney's roommate. Furste testified he and Mullaney fired the shots. Furste was one of 17 prosecution witnesses. Mullaney was the only defense witness. He denied having done the shooting. Trial proceedings began at noon Wednesday. The jury went out at 5:30 p.m. Thursday and returned with a verdict of innocent at 11:30 a.m. Friday. and confidence in a Republican victory in November was mirrored in everything that went on at the convention. But the real message at Miami Beach was that those who class themselves middle Americans are once again strongly in the saddle In the Republican party and have no intention of yielding control. To Right of Road In the political spectrum as now constituted, the Republican party is somewhat to the right side of the middle road. It leans to conservativism in Congress, and even more , so in state legislatures. It is more rural than a one-man, one-vote urban philosophy would reflect. Those are the facts of political life about the GOP and anyone who watches Congress operate knows this is true. The Republican party isn't the HI/ -' 1 NOW SHOWl NG ACADEMY AWARD ii WINNERI BEST Art Direction BEST Costume Design DAILY 7 P.M. Lawn Tennis In Final Round HAVERFORD, Pa., (UPI) Top-seeded Virginia Wade was to meet 17-year-old Laurie Fleming today in the final round of the Pennsylvania Lawn Tennis championships at the Merion Cricket Club. Chemistry Professors Find Two Dead Flies, No Drugs REYKJAVIK, Iceland (UPI) —A two-day investigation byj chemistry professors, lighting engineers and X-ray photographers produced a piece of wood and two dead flies at the hall where the world championship chess iTidtcli is held* But there were no traces of ^vans said, "I think Bobby is the 'electronic devices and ^ chemical substances" that the Grandmasters agreed it was uncharacteristic of Fischer who in the past has criticized the Russians for taking easy draws. But they did not agree on Fischer's motives for the draw, the fifth in a row. U.S. grandmaster Larry Russian camp had charged the Americans were using to upset world champion Boris Spass- ky*s game. After Friday's adjourned 18th game in the 24-match championship between Spassky and U.S. challenger Bobby Fischer ended in a draw, Icelandic Chess Federation President t r SUN. MAT. 1:30 } f V In men's play, contract pro Gudmundur Thorarinsson led a Roger Taylor of England wasiParade of experts on stage to scheduled to meet Jimmy Con-'^^'"P'^t^ investigation - nors, Belleville, Hi., today.'The winner of that match will face Australians Mai Anderson in the $2,000 championship game Sunday. READ THE WANT ADS! A SAM SPIIGU- FRANKIINJSCHAFFNM PAOOUCIION NOMINATED FOR 6 ACADEMY AWARDS mtmko BEST PICTURE mmOH FILM from COLUMBIA PICTURES ^cntMiyhr JANES COU)IUN • Ur«id by f KASKUN J.SCHAt^NM • tioimti by m miUl T OUR REGULAR SUNDAY BUFFET DINNERS $1.50 Serving » 11:30 AM-2 PM Eagles Club 74 N. Chambers St. he called Thursday. "Gentlemen, the search is over," said Thorarinsson after technicians had dismantled Spassky*s $470 black leather swivel chair. "There was no trace of electronic or chennical devices. I hope we can get on with the match.'' ' The I9th game in the 1250,(^00! match gets under way at 1 p.m. EDT Sunday amid disagreement by grandmasters over Fischer's latest playing tactics. Fischer needs only two more points to win the championship while Spassky needs 4^ to retain the crown. Fischer opted for a technical draw in Friday's game by playing the same move three Limes. Spassky nodded his consent on the 47th move. willing to settle for draws. The match is now over the critical stage and the days of the big fireworks gone." But Robert Byrne, another U.S. master, disagreed. "Bobby loves to kill his opponents, to drop them m condor-largest land bird in their tracks. I don't think he is North America-^said there were only about four to six of the birds left in the refuge, miles away from the fire. The rest were away from the retreat. or progressives. They sometimes make the most noise in the GOP but they simply don't speak for the basic party. Periodically in the past, these so-called progressives—basically, the Eastern wing of the party (helped at times by the three states of the West Coast) would seize control to put over their own candidates and philosophies at Republican conventions. Image Changing It was that Eastern GOP power bloc that was able to win nominations for Eisenhower, Dewey, Willkie and even Herbert Hoover, who was a leading progressive for his time. In more recent years, the darlings of the GOP Eastern bloc have been the Scrantons, the Rockefellers, the Romneys. But they fell by the wayside as California's Firefighters Holding Line FILLMORE, Calif. (UPI)Firefighters held the line on California's worst brush fire of the year today but feared wind could push flames further into the mountain retreat of the rare California condors. "We're playing it on a hour- to-hour basis," said a U.S. Forest Service spokesman. "We only have fire lines around 14 miles o! the 26-mUe perimeter but there haven't been any major runs." Erratic north winds gusting to 30 miles caused a number of flare-ups in ' the 16,500-acre brush fire in the Los Padres National Forest late Friday with most of the activity near the western boundary of the Sespe Condor Sancuary. At least 350 acres of the refuge was blackened. "So far we've been able to handle the flareups with 10 air tankers and most of the movement has been toward the southeast, away from the heavily populated Ojai Valley," the spokesman said. Two wildlife biologists who flew over the nesting home of . Even so, the Republican image is changing. Although the GOP NatMnal Committee itself doesn't reflect it, the recent convention did have more blacks, more women and more young people than ever before. Bui the change is more in appearance than in substance. women, delegates at the GOP convention can be traced to any change in the rules> It is more likely that it is the natural resuH of an increase in general political activity in recent years among women, blacks and the young. Nothing tells the GOP story better than the treatment These people already feel at accorded Matthew Lippmann, a home in the GOP camp or the young, blue-jeaned, sockless, party is making them over in long-haired, would-be delegate its own image. It is not goingjfrom northern Virginia who through the convulsive overhaul jcomplained about the makeup of the Democratic party which of one group from his area. He has attracted reformers eager not only was unwanted; he was to remake the Democratic out of place. OPEN At 12:45 obc GREAT STATES ORPHEUM ^ ^ CONTINUOUS FROM 1 P.M. FEATURES SHOWN OAIIY AT 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 SO TIMELY... SO REFRESHING! REDFORD'S WINNER! ROBERT REDFORD "THE CANDIDATE" A WtlOWOOORllCHlE pflOOUCIION ROBERT REOFOROin'THE CANDIDATE" Starring PETER BOYLE and MELVYN DOUGLAS as John J McKay Directed by MICHAEL RITCHIE Wntten by JEREMY LARNER Produced by WALTER C0BLEN2 lECHNICDLOR* From WARNER BROS. AWARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY STARTS THURSDAY! STARTS THURSDAY! OiiiiT 1 playing safe but his game might be affected by a couple of blunders in earlier games, notably the 14th where he almost let Spassky in for a win. 15-Year-Old Wins Junior Tournament TRY THE NOW SHOWING Huddle lounge & Sirloin Room STEAKS - SEAFOOD - SMORGASBORD ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY ue FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY CUNT FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY NIGHT • Get Acquainted Spatial • TOP CHOICE T. BoneJtH Sfreak FRANKFORT, 111. (UPI) - A 15-year-old golf star, Nancy Lopez, Roswell, N.M., Friday became the fifth player to win both the Women's Western jun ior and United States Golf Association junior girls' golf titles. Miss Lopez beat Brenda Goldsmith, San Antonio, Tex., one-up here Friday in a come- from-behind cliff-hanger at the Women's Western junior -tournament. The new champion was three down after nine holes, but won the llth, 12th and 13th to draw even. On the 18th hole she I pul'ed two strokes ahead. The tournament included 70 ; competitors from 19 states and I six from Canada, H <nifl Coach CLEVELAND (UPD-Klaas De Boer, former Michigan State soccer standout, Friday I 'was named head soccer and tennis coach at Cleveland State .University. I De Boer, currently playing with the Boston Astros, succeeds Bill Clarke who resigned in June to become athletic direcior and head basketball coach at Walsh College. OPEN AT 1:15 P.M. TODAY obc GRCAT SI Alts AND SUN. WEST CONTINUOUS FROM 1:45 f II HOSPITAL' At 1:45-5:25.9:05 DOLIARS" At 3:40 & 7:20 Movie Calendar SATURDAY. AUGUST 2S CINEMA I: "Nicholas and Alexandra" at 7 p.m. daily. Matinee Sunday at 1:30. CINEMA H: "Joe Kid" at 7:30 & 9:15 p.m. Matinee Sunday at l ;ao. SATURDAY «t SUNDAY AUGUST 26 Ic 27 ORPHEUM: "The Candidates'* at 1,00, 3'.0Q, 5;00, 7'.00 & fl:00. WEST: "Hospital" at V:45. 5:25. & .9:05. "Fistful of Dollars" at 3:40 & 7:20. :0 :5 1'^ NOW PLAYING The Beguiled CLINT EASTWOOO On* Show Eich Night it 7:30 ADUITS ONLY $1.00 ^ Umtid/IptMti — Plus 3nd Hit — CUNT EASTWOOD'S "Fistfull of Dollars" STARTS THURSDAY HKMf SEE NIM NdNV YDU DONT JDEXECimVE A WALT DISNEY PRODUCT lOHS' THE '^^ N BAREFOOT TtCHNtCOLOft I a& mw ^?^a. TECHNCOUNT OPEN 8 P.M. NOW SHOWING! SHOWS START AT DUSK Western Action « Cy^le Thrills • . 4 Trinitsr^ ba€k . in the saddle again and st^ horsing around. A L (SHOWN 1st At DUSK) JOINAMimi ef C.C.Ryd«r at hit girl Daily 7:30 it 9:1S Sun. Mat 1:30 The |(fiH'st Speaker Mrs. Carol Cook, vice president of product marketing for Luzier Cosmetics Co. will speak Tuesday at a dinner beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Sheraton y y 111 T I ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ Silkman, LmJ /% J ^ 1/3 I VIVI I '^^'^^ representative, has an- f I I/tlXlXLt^ XlLlI' !"«unced. Luzier Inc. is a sub-i M. M.mW9W I ^.^.^^.^ BristoI-Myers Co. u R G 1487 N. Henderson St. Ph. 343*$151 RK.^D THE WANT ADSl Jowfib E- U\ine ud A ko Embtuy Pmetii An lulo ZintM^ii Film Pnau b> Deluu* • COLOR • 4n Av<o Imbauy blMM Loving, brawling ond liustin' It upl /J hi Mo t -Shown ill Part Saturday

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