The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 11
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(AIIK.T COURIER NEWS HURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1037 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rule per line for consecu- 10 o 08c per uuy .. OCc ir day .... 05c live insertions: One time per line Two times per line per day Three times' per line per day Six limes per line pc Month rate per line Cards of Thanks ... OOc 50B & 15C Minimum charge 50e Ads ordered for tliree or six time* and stopped before expiration will be Sharycd for the number of times the nd appeared and PHILLIPS WALNUT AT IM'TH ST. Here Is Your Chance Tu liny u Good Used Car Al a Price You Can Afford -To I'liy. Some of These Curs Have '37 Licenses am] A|l Are Ju (tunning Condition. '31 CIIEVKOI.ET COACII .. ?155 '34 FOIIII FOR 1)0 11 SEDAN. For Rout Real Eslale 5 room I'UHNISIIED lirillsi 1 , all ; '-'OH KALI'): MY HOME, 1045 W. conveniences. 124 E, Cherry. i Walnut. •! hcdimmn, all con- li'Jc l;:i jvcnlencrs. Hawaii* if sold ;it once. jP. !•:. Cool.-y, nlione in. 1-tk-lf COMFORTABLE UEDItOOM, 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hai'din. 20-ck-lf Loans! S room homo, uaragc ft ijardcn. Mrs. Webb, 715 W. Ash, 27-nk-l adjustment of bill made, All Classified Advertising copy submitted by pervns residing outside ci the city must lie accompanied by cash. Uates may "be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of ii.iy classified ad. •37 License •DD FOHI) FOa»O,K. New Taint • S ' •30 VOKI) COACH. A (Jood One Bus, Opportunities WANTED ! ! Ball Players lictwcen ages ti and 75 To Bee Our clew Line of GOLUSM1TH ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J. W. Sliouse . Wilson Henry Beauty Culture 1C THE COMING PROFESSION Le.rn tins pleasant wjik whlcl pays well. New class opcnltiB—state supervise Reasonable Tuition Mrs. ".Villlain Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop '32 CHEVROLET COACII. New 1'ainl sl ' J5 2 FOIil) COUI'E. iUuilcl "B" S 1 I)E SOTO SEDAN * i'ulIKVKOMJT SEDAN * I'CHEVKOLET COACII. New Taint ? 0 CHEVROLET SEDAN .... Business Directory For Expert Bbiuity Modem Beauty Shop HG s. 2nd Phone 24 Let Us Grind Your Lawn Mower A Trial Is All We Ask Blytheville Machine Shop PHONES 80S & 848 3 rootn house. garage. i;ar;bn. Vacant May 1. Harry Atkins, over Gem theater. 27-i'k-3U jje a-rootn furnished anunmcnt. 0 Doughn. Mrs, Jif'llo Woo:i. ffli-c-U Nice'Be liedroom. Mrs. Ndlcn. 310 Walnut. 20c kir 2 or 3 room Furnished Avmrtmonl, with garden. 014 Ilcarn. ^Opk5 Nicely furnished BEDROOil, «11 W. Main. Call 280. licss Hall. 1 ( .!<; klf Nicely Furnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, bath. Call 5li(i. 4c 1^5-4 Farm Low li.i'.is Terry Ahslracl & lU'alty Ci>. I'hone 017 Warned To Buy wn PAY CASH roil 2ND HAND FUKNITUKK Huhlianl 2iul Hiiml Furniture Store I'hone 10:11 N Till: COUNTY AND 1'KODATE COlllfT KOU THE C11ICKA- s'AWiiA nisniicT oi> MIS- HlSSll'l'I COUNTY. We IJuv In Ihc Matter ol III'.' Kilnlo o( .1. M, IK'CMisod. \V. M. William*, Atlminisliiilor. Noti.v i:. hi'ii'by given that as, ;i;linin!'li;Ui]f of (lie eslnlr of J. M. Aiuk'iSLiti. di'mised, 1 will, bMhveei] \'.'c h(nn:i o! len o'clock l» Ihc [ommoij and three o'clock In Ihc iiltmioon on this 'IIU day of May, l'.':n. ,u the front door of the coinl Iwiuu' in' Mississippi conniy. In tin 1 cily <)( IJlj'lhcvillc, rMoi 1 lor xile at public uuelion to ihi- liislU'.it bidder upon a credit i't thuv monllis, lliu folliiwliij; lands Tin- Norlh -15 feet of Uils vli'ven and Tivclve. Illoi'k Nlnit- K'li UO), lllyllie Addiiiou to lllyihcvUle, Arkansas, U|SQ Ixit Nino i9), lilock Elljht 181, Uhlrka.satvl):i AiMHton to Hie City of lilytlievl|k\ Pinchasf:!' ill siioli uiile will |IG rciiulml to give nojcs will) sccn)'l- tles .to Ue ai)[)ro^'cii by jne, ii lein upon said lands Jvlll Ue rc- (iiini;il for the payinciil of purclmso money, dated l-|th day of tiny w. M. K 0 It I) U It Three Unfurnished Koimis. Adjoining ball). 232 noutjitn. U7pkl 'QU Ciiit Make Sniiill Down vmeni - Balance \\'ec)dy r nluntlil.v. )rivc liy - Look These Over Phillips Used Gar Lot I'hone 810 toy Calvin, Msr. tlsed Car l)cpt. Automotive Personal Scrap Blvllicvillc Iron Cherry .V K. K. Iron AT Mclal Co. Plume '111' Mal 10 MEN nsiniciion t. om-e In learn harber- in Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Etclicvrs lit!i'H!!vii05«, rniiKMiiaHnu nn<l l.lvcr 1'ills Kl -l :,1 <!,.. nur slii^^Nfui.-ss :>IH| IHT^OII. ]i>-\ l,(.»,lach.js. Atllv rfiil r.viif fit ynur slii^^Nfui niftW you ,'rrl lik« n tit'W IHT yunr hyh[«'iu of Mir|.]ns [in^ti Iclivu Liver I'iHi. llaniLli'»<. ..-johl 8t oil Ktrlis' J)rtii: Slc.rc ck'mnnd in (tie history of barbcr- i'.il,'. Moduli C(illtt;i', 81 Worth Sce- dnd. Meinplil. 1 ;. 'I'eiin. 23p I;3U EASY CREDIT Goodrich Budget Plii" 'Hrcs - Tubes - Batteries Home, Farm and Auto liudios BUFE JONES-TIRES Urcduce contains no ;laiu:trou:< drugs. ScienUfic;dly overcomes of ilabby fat. Mailed post- i nald. $1. Dr. Meissnei 1 , 151) N. State, Chicago, 311. Drs. Wcrl & Wcrt OI'TOMETKISTS Over Joe T:;aae.',' Storft -WE MAKE 'KM SEE" Phone 5-10 Batteries 7Ml a]si ' viaoK AT ONCE| r 1 ^ ' • New Oslrex Tonic Tabis contatr raw oyster Invlgora- ors and other stlimilanls. One osc ucps up organs, glands. Jf ot delighted, maker refunds few elite paid. Call, write Klrly; Bros. Drug Stores. \LLKY~OOI' All popular brands o£ CIGARETTES 2 packages for 25c •'•-. Good' Whiskey ... 18 to 2>,d years old 50c per half pint Uood Baseball Game Every Sunday HAR8.Y BAILEY At llw SLilc Line Cafe in connection-—Frcsb K Catfish Sporting Goods of all kinds OnlforrfiS As equipment for base fall, handball, Softball, soccer bai: tennis, track oo boxing. Best Prices Hubbard Hdw, Co "MY COAL IS ISLACK— TJT I TREAT YOU WHITE 1 I Also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 HATTpRY Call J. Ben Clune I'hone 8 at Tom Jackaon's Seeds - Plants COTTON SEED Stoncvllle No. 5 Prices Reasonable. Gay ,t Billiiiss, Inc. Phone' 7G ELECTUK; ACI;TYLENE AT BEST PRtCES PROMPT SERVICE PHONE IS Wrecker Service Host Prices tier Motor Sales Cnll 1000 Storage Nelll Heed, Atty. . (\diulnlsli-alor Head Courier r}c\va VVlVDt ', "jBI.VIHEVII.lE .-> ^upfi-ror- Coalla-,Mining Co. Will liny 2-1 W iicri'H «f land in cnriioriite (imifs — locak'd on Frisco U. It. liehvoi'ii Oil Mill iliul Dacus Lbr. Co. \Vosl Alctnpliis, Ark. I'hoiic (il llllleracy IIal(p 1-igurcil SAN FRANCISCO IUI'1 — Mll- vcd J. Welsc.'sppei-vLx)!- of llll- gfapy am) gi|rpd Americanization, lias If nil the lllllcrales f Cnllfornla were bunched In oije The Jewish population of the world has been estimated at more than 14,021,000. ' . Foreign physicians cannot practice In Turkey unless they were circek (Ire was an liiwnritn oni|jos|tlon of lisphalt, .sall|icter, nd Biilphur. II was used by Ihe lyzanlhie Grpcks and would burn or under \valer, I Ity, It would be the third larg- \ uruuled licenses by the Turkish st clly b| Hie. stale. And Calif- .government prior lo 1014. rnlij ranks ojily 151U among Ihc tales |ii I"" FOR SALE We have on nand several tons ot Stoncvllle No. 4-A one year f|-oin breeder, state tested. A ew tons of D. P. I,. No. 11. leans, Uircdo, Virginia, Dchla, Tin} . Mammoth Brown. Peas- nixed, New Ern, nud Whips, .'ens and DCHIB reelcancd anil Beaded by us. Will trade lor cotton seed. L. R. Matthews Gin Co, UoUon, C'olton Si'cil nnil Coal. Tcleiilionc Ifill-I'-:!. Yarljro, Ark. Phone 886 or 888 24 Hour Wrecker Service And Garage Work lioily A rciiilm A . Sjiet'hill)' BARNETT AUTO SALES FARM LOANS.' l.oursl rales—lowest expnisc Also cily proncrljcs DON H. KASSERMAN Itoom r20 Lynch Hlilg. Phono 817. P. 0. IJflX 410 All Now Located ^l 101 IXortij Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON I'nWAKDS, 1'roprlelot ruakcD ct Itcbullt Typc^vrUcrs, AtMIng M:tunlnrt Calciilaturs— Uciialrliis— Parts— Kl'bln-.ii FOR SALE KOY HE.IN 11 A v VLANT'INC, SEKD S'l'OXEVII.Li: SA STO.NEVILJ.E JA 1st year from Stoncvllle Station 8 BOV5. I'UItE lilJEO WHITE ROCIC I'ULIjETS rvi'sli Hcirerij wlth-SmnU Calves H, C. Knappenbergcr FUNERAL HOME A Lcanllful and sympathcllt service at moderate, cost. Ambulance Service III N. 1st Thonc 58 FUNERAL HOME Phone 2ti ON THK HI'OT! Mamoloxi Soy Beans H. Vl.' PLEEMAN MANILA.'ARK. "COTTON SEED Half & Half big boll Planting Seed Grown and ginned exclusively . I year from Crook Bros. $60 per ton Slillman Gin Co. Peacli Orchard, Mo. / HUH.' WHO'S IM? 1 SHOULD 5AV MEV, FOO1V, FOE HECK 5AKE, /THIS HA1W- FACED I DO.' HE'S JUS AWOTMEB CALL GPF THESE 6CEH.LAS. WILL^JUM? TH 1 ?/ GIMME TREE APE^ SOU v — ,s __ , KWOW WUG FGQM Mo-JUST AW MOT QUITE BUT HE'S NOT BAD, UE5 QUITE ME A SERVANT TVOU? t'LLia-LV'HOW > WHV,VOU IOWG-W05ED HUMKA HORSE LWGR, BACK "~\ I GOT1AGOOO Hiiiiiliu 1HA.S CiOOD ADVICE, 5HUDDUP \OOP, V'CAWTAKB AMD 1TPKOM1;5OOO SIDDOWSJ. 11 ; ^ ME 5AV5AKJ 1 DOW'T Half & Ha|f Cotton Scud 1st year troiA breeder Fred Flccman CALL 201 For Sale liOOTS AND HER HUDD1KS STKVK FINOS OUT! P.eai Estate' . Buyers' & Sellers' Ex:lianf;c Terry Abstract & Realty Co. 213 W. Walnut Phone 617 Ten volume set of Shakespeare. Oood condition. Very reasonable. Mrs. H- E. Neblcti, Phone 7G8-W. 25-ck-tf Poultry & Eggs POULTRY WANTED We pay highest market prices tor all kinds poidlry. Fishnr fr <3aines nt Galnes Grocery &. Market. 11 W. Main. WALL TENTS for sale nt reasonable prices. Phone Gi:i. CARNEY AWNING CO. 113 S. First St. BABY CHICKS /.M, VARIETIES Cirstom Hat:lihi£j MARILYN HATCH EH. V Hvvy. CI North, Blylheviim Coal & Wood No. 1 Alfalfa Hay. $20 p:r ton. H. G. McIIafrcy. Route 2. iVi miles west Lutes' Gin. 27 pl:30 FOR SALE—Pair good farm mules. Also wnnt to .sell several hundred bushels Bcl.sla soybeans SI .75 bushil. Stock peas S2.75 bushel. PAUL BYRUM 27c klf Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky C 0 A J/ Shavor-Fuster Gin Co. phone 27S Ch!cl:n r ,»wbn ft R. H. Repairing KINNEV'S SHOl' 121 S. I'irsl SI. ~ Saws gummed, filed; circular saws homuicred. Furniliirc rsppircd, tc- Shoe llciniiring WEU--.THERt'6 ONE WftY 9HOME BRAVlOi Rt ff HOME "ftlarlin VOOM6 Of ft SOU 6ME ROOM ? JKCOPR.19378YNEA«EFWJC£,iNC-. T.M. FEC. U.S. PAT. OFF WASH TUBBS NICK PEOIM.K! By Cram Six room House, \vltli bath, servant house and double B«iragc. 102 East Kentucky. SliOO cash, balance like rent. Phone 513-J. [ f!|i V.5-D Gcoil hcrvvy •! wheel trailer. Ilucii- anan Coal yard. Phone 107. :i-c-tf Furnilurc —Mijestir. ran?e. Red SUir stove. Mrs. S. S. SLernbe,rR. Phone 931. 3-ck-tf Five-burner Pel fret ion Oil move. Chea|>. 818 Chlckasawta. largams! NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. !•', A. nwimegarrt In chnrer i Photos FUKK with Pn^> Or(lcr lor Half Sole Job If yon Ihink limy can't be Itad, IIXIT Ihrm made like new at the TItUI-: KI.IIK SHOE .t IIAKNFSS SHOP - - 316 E. 3Iai" We have^some especially good bargains In cars. Ir^'ss anrt pick-nils. Sec Our's Tieforc You Buy] I'j36 Chevrolet 1','; Ton Truck TO'I Chcvrolel Kcdun And Oilier liargalns Delia impIeTtieiiis. Inc. V A: *ife F5S BL«ES! V NO WUWNPe V z CAN'T FI66ER. 1 HE NE^RLY]VOU DON'T COME WOT WLS HIM.S'HELP viNGEp/OFTEN, LULU BELLE, ME, SONNV, fr's THE U5. A IF TH,*T 1 5 THE /FIRT-tiWEHeS WAV VQUR. FOLK5 / TOOK A SHOT AT M& ftCT. ^/\ SINCE I CAUGHT HIS BEAKP IN IV.i: WASHtNS MACHINE. KRKCKl.KS AND HIS I'K1EN!)S I'I ( AYI.N«. TJIICKS! lilossci Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, INC. CITY SHOE SHOP Wo strive lo do Hie Impossible- To Please Everybody! \VfiJ. FIIEEJJAN .t J- T;. llp'-'f 4 Doors East ji Pcnncy's coi.nnsu MINNOWS G. C. Hawks. MO E. Slain Prr.oilcally new Automatic Delco, j Light plant. With radio, fan' | and iron. Will sell for half piice. j i l>elta Implements, incorpovatcd. I THIWK OUR PLAY -WILL BE WELL. RECEIVED BOYS! GEE.THOSE KIDS FROM THE SCHOOL CUGtfTATELL OPCVIESTRA CERTAINLY ARE TLIBA HAVEN'T PLAYED A NOTK .' PUT THIS THIUS IN AHE> 1 CAN'T BLD\V [T OUT ! IVE HUFFED AMD PUFFED ?J HEY, EDDIE , SOFTEM rr up A LnTLE IT SOUWDS TERRIBLE ' A PEW BARS OF ''POMP» AWD CIRCUMSTAWCS

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