The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1947
Page 10
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HiYTEEVILLE (ARK!)' COURIER NEWB JTUESDAY, JULY 8, 1947 DOLL Copyright by Hilda Lawrence; Distributed by NEASERVICe. IMC. R.Ik «Ill*r, a !•* Kirt* «*.• In KOI«C <. •»„><• KM *«rU Kkc In »|M»«I <• a mew Illr. II - - - w J>TJTH walked slowly down the • last block. Other people were eotning home to shabby brown- tenements and rooming houses, stopping -on the way to buy food at the corner delicales- collecting the week's laundry 'from the Chinaman whose basement window was beaded with •team, she watched them from ,tKe secure heights of one who was bound for a warm dinner, a bed a cretonne cover, and a writ- lag d«sk of her own. There was * a'-, shoe-repair shop in thq middle .ot trie block and it a dry IcleSner's. Very handy, she told /herself, especially the cleaner's For when I get my blue. 1 The blue was a suit that every iwoman m New York .was trying .to ..wear that fall. It was a bright 'electric blue that dulled the eyes 'land hair of all but,the very young and consequently drew the mid- 'dle-ngcd and sallow like a mag- 'net. : | { Ruth dwelt on the blue. Seven ;ty-five dollars in stores liki packman's, sixteen-Jifty.on Four Ittenth Street. She had eleven dol ;lirs saved up and her week's sal : ai-y >vas untouched. She askc herself what she was waiting lor •Take out eight for board, she fig iired rapidly,' no carfares,' an lunch in the cafeteria is tweut . cents. I can do it and maybe •hat to match. And who's to to' me f not to? This is a new. life an I'want to look nice. I can do th 'glasses next month. Who's to te me the glasses come first? Wcl maybe Mrs. Sutton, but— She pu Mrs.' Sutton out of her mind. . the blue, I need it. There nothing like a touch of color afle black all day. . . . That Miss Brad said dinner was from six to eigh Ml,eat right away and get clow to 'Fourteenth Street. Salurdr night, they'll be open Inte. I ' wear'it to the dining room tomo iqtvt.' There's nothing like a goo first impression, and you neve know when you may meet somebody.-Some of the girls may have relatives in 'New -York and Sun• day's when they'd come to call. rf*~ And have dinner, maybe. Sunday ^•dinners are always special. . . . '.v: She saw herself entering the din- L[i "Ving room, alone and poised, silting '"J.- at one of the small tables, saying v^ something pleasant to the maid '" who served her. Weaving the blue. ~* i - • * * + ..--'fTHE house was straight ahead. * I She went up the steps. < • Miss Small raised her head when ' opened. This was a stringer with a .suitcase, therefore the new girl. She consulted the 'card quickly, verifying the name. Miller,. Ruth. It was important to •gft'.'.o name right, to make a girl feil/'as if she were expected and •wanted. She stood up. ''Well, Euth," she said, holding '-out a haq'd. j . .'• i' ; Ruth advanced, blinking in the light of a powerful lamp that n 'previous social worker had in- 'stalled'Cor a'-purpose. It ^vas trained to shine directly • in the shifting eyes of board-payers who .had spent .their money for new clothes" and'claimed their pockets had been picked again, and in the calm, wide eyes of supplicants for week-end. passes to visit what they • called married sisters. Ruth narrowed her eyes and saw a young woman with fair hair, and a bright smile. She was Spaniards Approve Monarchy MADRID, July 8 (UP) _ Top- lieavy approval by voters In a national referendum today inn-.le Spain technically a monarchy headed by Generalissimo Francisco Franco Instead of n king. Informed sources estimated that more than 80 per cent or Sunday's voters marked "yes" on the bJllot ratifying Hie Spanish cortes (parliament) resolution that Spain Is n kingdom led by Franco as chief of state. The succession law guv.; Franco power to name a king when and If he desired. Final official results In Madrid gave the proposal more than a 0- to-1 endorsement. The Madrid vitc was 684,539 in favor, 101,923 agiiin- i st and 39,358 abstentions or spoiled ballots. Parking Meter Issue Goes Before Forrest City Voters FORREST CITY, Ark.. July ». (Ur) — The voters of Forrest CiLv will go to the polls tomorrow to decide if the City Council had -he will of the people when it Inslnllru parking meters. The meters were Installed, but their operation was prohibited bv nn injunction which was upheld by the Arkansas Supreme Court. The court ruled that the Cit v Club 61 BlythcVllle, Arkansas '- - fflehway Cl North Dine and Dance Coup res and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By W. A. (Red) Blckerstaff and George Pjrd For Reservations Telephone 944 •»»» -•<•»••» ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••«•••'' GATEWOOD GROCERY I * Phone 915 \ • Ark.-Mo. State Line I on the left at the Arch "What kind of a job do you want on your lawn, Mrs.' Jones—the plai^ old 75-cent trim or the big super special, for a dollar?" ' •"' J 7 Crown . . : Calvert I Schcnlcy I Cream of Kentucky. I Three Feathers . . . . \ Hill & Hill • Old Taylor j Four Roses • 5% Beer y* vi. 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 rt. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.6S 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 . per Case $3.35 GAS, reg. . 17.9c; Etnyl 19.9e AH Brands CIGARETTES - - $1.35 On. Buy 'em Here! ""I~~ ^_ ; ., llluatrnUi! liy Walt Scott , Itulh Miller TnoTtcil as if she were cornered. She looked terrified. For a brief moment Miss Small felt the contagion of panic. ,i. about her. She coukl sec the other j question. She examined her - sharp- girls clearly. ly ami closely for the first time ami was disturbed by what she saw. Why, she's frightened, she CITE saw the d.irk blue curtains ul the dining-room door, the elevator and its uniformed attendant, (he telephone switchboard and its operator, the girl with red hair who slouched against the office railing 4 nnd whistled linden- her breath. There was a single yellow rose on the desk aild money box filled with nn open bilts and silver. Miss Small h;id light blue eyes and a rosebud mouth. "Kitty Drice and Lillian Harris," Miss Small's voice was saying, "tills is the new girl, Huth Miller. She'll be in 700 with April Hooper. Lillian, I'm afraid you'll be late for wark, dear. Arc you waiting for scmclhing'.'" The rcd-hiurccl girl drawled, "Not any more." She removed her felt hat, cuffed it into new anylcs, and sauntered to the door. "Scven-o-six," she snid over her shoulder, "I'm in GOG. Drop down sometime." Miss Small wcnl on. "Lillian is rather abrupt, but you mustn't mind. And now, my dear, let's talk about you. Do you want your dinner at once or v.-uul'i yau rather go to your room first?" 11 was a stock question and the answer was always the MUIIL'. Koom 'irst. To primp. A faraway look came into Miss Small's eyes. She made that answer herself three years ago, when she stood where Ruth was standing now, and Monny had smiled ucroi-s the desk. A chattering procession passed oil its way. to the (iiuiug rooiu. One girl stopped at the desk mid nsked for n tray check. it for, dear?" Miss Small told herself. Or is that shyness? No, it's fright. She looks as if she were cornered, or caught, something dreadful like that. She looks terrified. Kor a brief moment Miss Small felt the contagion of panic, but she quickly recov- crod. She rapidly scanned the lobby, but there was nothing unusual that she could see. The invisible diners chattered behind the blue curtains, as harmless as a cageful.of sparrows.-Mrs. Kistcr, the housekeeper, stood by the dining-room door calmly collecting the tray and guest checks. .Jewel lounged beside the elevator, waiting for the after-dinner rush. At the switchboard, Kitty's bony hands darted''from plug to plUE. and her monotonous voice droned on without a break. j Miss Small's eyes met Ruth' Miller's for an instant and the girl looked away. She made a quick decision. "I know what we'll <lo," she said briskly. "Here's your key, your room is at the rear. Now • Chamblin Salesr Company Sales — - Stwdeboker — Service You've been hearing a lot about Studebaker Postwar cars . . . luivc you noticed what Siudebak er trucks are doing? Buy With Confidence From Chamblin Guaranteed Used Cars & Trucks 1916 Ford Super 4-tlonr 1941 Stuiiebaker Ch.imricn i door 1941 Pontiac 8— 4 Door Sedan 1941 Plymouth Deluxe -I rtcsor disappointed. It wasn't Miss Brady Miss Brady was dark nnd thin an< her voice was loud and comical Who was this? Then she remembered. This must be Angel, Miss An gel I ne Small, the social worker who was Miss Brady's assistant. ,Mcke and Poke, the two stockroom girls from Blackman's, had described her. Miss Small docs a lot^ol good, they'd said; she keeps .you from making a mistake that'll ruin your whole lile for a minute's pleasure. .... She smiled at Miss Small when •" she look her hand. All around her were girls, coming toughing and talking. and Being, Miss Small adjusted the light. There," she said, "that's better, wanted to know. "Not Minnie May again?" "Yes, Miss Small. Miss Small, I'd ask you to find me another roommate, T really would, except that I'd have Minnie M;iy on my conscience. I think she needs my influence, 1 really dn, and because of that I'm willing to pul up with a lot, But iVs "I'll have a little talk with Minnie May later. Didn't I i;ce hot just a minute ago?" "Yes, Miss Small. She comedown with me, but she wont ri^h up again. She says the* whole place smells of In at night's fish She's—well, she's in ;i slate, nnd i isn't last night's fish, cither." : It \yas better, much better. She tiad almost been blinded by the jlare, and now she looked eagerly the girl went away, Mi? Small suddenly realized tha Ruth Miller hadn't answered he you run along and look things: over, and when you're ready,' come down to room 50C. That's; mine. I have a nice little suite all to myself. We'll hnvc our dinners sent up there, and I'll tell you nil about our little rules nnd so on. Fun? Ana you'll want to know about your rbommatc, too. She's just gone in tq dinner, but she'll be nrountl later." "I have to go out," Huth said, 'hey were the first words she had poken and they were thick and Irangled. I Miss Small nodded agreeably, nit she left the office enclosure ml followed the shabby figure to he front door. "Some other time !un," she said. "But do take •our key; slip it in your purse, icar. There, now you're really ono [ us!" She pretended not to see he shaking, fumbling hands nnd wcnl on brightly. "And let me inve your suitcase. I'll send it ip to the room, and you'll find : t ready ivid waiting when you! come back." | She carried the suitcase to the : desk arid shook her head reprov- -. ingly when Kilty Bricc laughed. "Didn't want to give it up, did sh.-!?" Kitty said. "Hung on like a drowning man. Would you say shj peddled diamonds or dope?" MLKS Small smiled wryly. "Another odd one, I'm afraid." She sighed, and relumed to her work. CTo lie Continued) Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople Out Our Way , BtiSTER.' JUST POSIH& Trie OF vw AIRTIGHT AhiO 3USTIC& HPNe \MACY OF L1F6 Sl(>!)CE- OUR FACVHER.S CAMO I DON'T CARE IF VOL) CO WAMT IN FOR O1L.V TWO SECONC'S-- COWBOYS WEVER COME liJ THE HOUSE WITH SPURS AKJD CH BUTTER COM 15TH£ POlMTCR YOU'LL THM ORiXVlONi TV1E PARLOR OUTFITS "-.i.",0f.», } By MERRILL BLOP3ER FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS Council did not have the authority A. family of flyin'g squirrels will not only share its nest hole with others of its kind, but, with a fiun- ily.of mice. MUTTV coon— NUT3- TOP SECRET FBCM LAKD SMITH -•- -SET YOU! KiEF ME OM DISPATCHES TO DATE, JIMS?' Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMM1E EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 1017 Chevrolet V- ion piclcup inifi Slmlcbaker 'A ton pickup 19115 nmlgn !i ton pickup 1 1911 Chevrolet : S\ ion LOTS OF OTHERS TO SELECT FROM . . . 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