The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1949
Page 6
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Senator Predicts ', Virginian Endorses Criticism of Spending ':,.'. Policies by Nourse WASHINGTON, Oct. 20. (/!*) — , Senator Byrd <D-Va) yesterday fortcut' feder«l deflciU totaling '116,000,000,000 thli fiscal year and 'next. Be said there 1: a possibility . of -"permanent deficit financing" unless the government cute Its . »pendln|r. • Byrd heartily endorsed the tongue lashing of administration spending policy by Dr. Edwin G. Nourse, 'retiring chairman of the President's -.Council of Economic Advisers, .;'- "Dr. Nourse is one of the greatest economists, I believe, In this count-try today," Byrd told the 50th »n! nual meeting of the National Retail Farm Equipment Association—the same group ' addressed by Nourse Tuesday. Byrd drew sustained applause lor hi* economy appeal, and was Interrupted repeatedly by the farm equipment dealers when he blasted the Brannan farm plan, favored' by the administration. He called It a -costly and "socialistic" scheme which would end in "the regimentation ot farmers." The Senate economy advocate es- i.tlmated that S3 5,000.000,000 has ibeen spent on foreign affairs since ;the war. The prospective deficit for this fiscal year, ending next ;June 30, he said. Is $1.000,000,000— "or : Just about the amount we are .spending in Europe." IS Million in Red He figured the red Ink financing •at $8,000,000.000 for the next year— ~or more If any big hew appropriation is approved. Dr. Nourse's complaint . against ; what he called the • government's failure to put "its fiscal house In order" drew criticism. as well as praise in Congress. Senator o'Ma- honey fD-Wyo) labeled It "a political argument" against deficit •apending. On the other hand, Senator Watkins (R-utah) said Nourse I: the only member of the truee-man council who has followed a "purely professional course." ' _WatkInj aiserted that the other members. Vice Chairman Leon Keyserling and-John D. Clark, ."slanted their activities politically." 'O'Mahoriey • heads the Senate- House Economic. Committee set up t6 -study presidential recommendations—based on the council's advice—on how to keep the nation's economy on an even keel. Watklns Is • member of the joint committee. BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.)" COURIER KEWS Shape of the Earth Being Surveyed From a Rock in a Kansas Pasture THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 194» %UCAS, Kans.—(NBA)—An un- impcxlug rock that rises about six Inches above thi surface of Prank Robinson's pasture 12 miles northwest of her« is the center of a pro Ject as big as the work 1 Itself. Affixed to the rock ts a small bronze plaque. On the plaque 11 a. tiny triangle. Inside the triangle Is » dot. And that dot Is being Japan Ha* Big Chestnuts , TOK7O —(/P>— Chestnuts as big as.hen.eggs may soon be exported to the United States. The Kjodo;;agency says.':that :Kenichl Tauchlda, » fruit-tree specialist, ban deveolped the nuts after years of experiment, »nd that a candy firm has arranged r to glaze them and export them ^to America: Bell Plans Appeal If Oklahoma Rate Increase Denied OKLAHOMA CITY, Oct. 20—(^ —Southwestern Bell Telephone Company yesterday indicated it wil appeal to the federal district court for more raie Increases In Oklahoma If the requested Increases are denied by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. John Cantreli, company attorney, gsve the Indication of a federal appeal when comaiiy officials appeared before the commission. On Monday, the commission awarded Southwestern Bell toll and exchange rate Increases totalling approximately $5,150,000. However, it denied increases in exchange rates of about $2.000,000 annually. The company Isle yesterday filed an appeal for a supcrsedeas bond under which It could begin making the additional charges for exchanges temporarily. ; "rr supcredeas be denied under circumstances such as these the order would amount lo legislative denial of review thus opening to the utility the doors of the three- Judge federal court." Cantreli told the commission. The corporation .commission look he telephone company's request under advisement. . ' Truman to Use Train For Next Two Trips WASHINGTON. Oct. 20—Wi— President Tnnnan .plans to travel by special train on his next two trips. He usually flies. The White House said yesterday that the chief executive will go to New York for a United Nations address In the bullet-proof: private car used during his -1948 election campaign, ire will leave for New Vork Monday morning to speak at the laying of the cornerstone of the new United .Nations building. He will return to Washington Monday night. Presidential Secretary Charles c. Ross said Mr. Truman will travel by train for his speech at St. Paul, Minn., November 3 In connection with the. Minnesota state centennial.",. .'" ... . ;- ' •• . " Ross explained the switch from plane to train for the St. Paul trip was due to uncertain flving conditions In fall weather. There was nothing to be gained especially, Ross 'said, "in using a plane to go to NewiYork; : ROIUNSO.VS ROCK: From Ihe dot In a Kansas field, a new de- lerniinalion of the earth's exact size. used by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey to. measure the size and shape of the earth. ,. The current project is the second phase of the Job. Last year, astronomical calculations w e r • made by geodetic survey offlclat.i. This year they are making gravity checks, centering around the rock on Robinson's farm. The scientists will lie the two studies together and get a new determination of the earth's exact size. Robinson's rock has been used before. For about 50 years, it ha» been the basis of every triangle drawn by surveyors over Ihe whole United Slates. All buildings surveyed, from the White House to the barn on Old Macr lalrt's farm, are down on charts as gelng a certain distance from the rock. When the,marker was first put in rjliice, in 1891, It was Just one of many points of reference established across the nation. But It soon became the principal one. when Geodetic Survey qfflclals decided it was the most'nearly accurate of the all. . A plumb line at this point, ther found, was least likely to be affected by forces oilier than grav- lly. More'Ulan any of the' others. It would show the earlh's natural gravity. Its accuracy was attributed to its location—on a barren hilltop, without great mountain ranges or bodies of water or land masses nearby to deflect the plumb line. . :- . II became virtually the geodetic center of the nation. And, in 1313. the rock extended its importance beyond the borders of the United Slates. Canada and Mexico L_ corded Its recognition as the basis of their surveys, too. So. for all Intents and purposes, it became the geodetic center of the whole" North American continent. Gradually, It extended its sphere of geodetic Influence around (he world. More and more nation* adopted II as the point of reference for surveys, until now a maze ol triangles, linking most of the earth's surface, arc based on the dot in the triangle on the plaque on Ihe rock on the farm in Kansas. Now a must for tourists, it ha: gradually been chipped away by souvenir - hunters and the onslaughts of plains winters. But It hasn't been moved, and the rock has now tackled its biggest job as .scientists use it to measure the size of thfi world. Painting Interior & ExCcrior • Kxpert Paper Hanging Eslimales Gladly Given Russell Price Phone 6360 as Autumn When th« leaves turn gold...and the winds turn cold—why not do yourself a good turn too? Turn to th« superb and sur« quality of 7 Crown —Seagram's finest American whiskey. 7 Crown. Blended Whiskey. 86.8 Proof, &5'/& Grain NeuUaf Spiritl. S«a6t«n-0«tiD«fS Corporate*. Cfcfjster Building, New York Construction of Office Building on State Capitol Grounds Gets Approval LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 20. <je>— The Arlcatuas Welfare Commission has approved cooperative construction of * $650,000 office building on the slat* capltol grounds. It will house the Welfare Department, the Employment Security Division and the Merit System Council. Approval of the proposed construction was voted by the commission yesterday at a meeting attended by Employment Security Director Homer M. AdkJiis, The plan calls for Issuance of two per cent certificates ot Eiidcbt- ednes to the state, £327,000 to be retired by the employment security division and $237.000 by tile welfare department. Adkins suggested that dea'dline for completion sliould be fixed a.s Jan. 1, 1951. The exact location of the buUdirijr on the capitol grounds has not been determined. Camp Chaffee Closing flans to Be Discussed LlTLE ROCK. Ocl. 20. (AP) _ Governor McMatli will meet with a survey party from the office of the Secretary of Defense Friday lo discuss the po.«ibilitv of abandoning plans to close Arkansas' only large Army installation — Camp Ohaffee. The meeting, to be held at Cnmp Chaffce near Port Smith, will begin. Friday morning. McMath and a group of Arkansas officials ami civic leaders recently went lo Washington to ask Secretary Johnson not to close the camp. TRAVELERS-Airline stewardess Edith Bodie Intro duces Mr Poodle and Madam Pheasant at the Seatlle w a £ airport before their departure as fellow passengers or United Air Une's new Pacific Coast all-cargo night. Cargo on °l, e fir t plane to Los Armies also included woolens, mushrooms machinery liousehold goods, baby chicks and 24 martens valued al 514 ooo' Memphis Police Start Anti-Speeding Drive MEMPHIS. Term., Oct. 20 HP)— Motorists, you'd better drive slowly If you come to Memphis. Police Chief Claude Armour said yesterday "We are going to put a stop to speeding oir Memphis streets if we have to arrest half the motorists," more than 200 persons have been arrcstecl for driving too fast in (he past five days. Arkansans Push Move To Get Funds tot Dam WASHINGTON, Oct. 20. (/ft _ Senator Fulbrifht and Rep. Hay» (D-Ark) have asked Budget Director Frank Pace to include funds to start the Dardaneile dam In the next year's budget. . ,. Fulbrighl ami Hays told a report, cr that Pace assured them the matter would receive the bureau's careful consideration and his own personal attention. Pace is a native of Arkansas. • The proposed Dardanelle 1 dam U one of the big projects in the program for development of the Arkansas river. To be situated near Little Rock, it would provide power and flood control. Senator McClcllan fb-Ark) succeeded in getting the Senate to ap prove a $1,100,000 appropriation for Dardanelle this session but tKt- House declined to go along TM) big objection was Jack of budget arT proval. Body of Fisherman Is Found in Pond LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 20. (AP) J_ The body of John Storch, 65, retired bakery employe, was recovered fi-om a po«d on the Hot Springs highway ye.stcrday. Stoi-cli had gone fishing and search was started when he failed to return home last night Capt A A. Jones of the LHtle Rock Fire Department Rescue Squad said bait anci Ilsliing pole were found on the bank ot the pond. Storch, a former resident of Conway, is survived by his wife, a. daughter, two brothers and two sisters. WEEK-END SPECIALS AT THE JIMO&OWN STORE Good Quality HOUSE BROOMS Regular 1.19 79 Hurry . . . Quantity Limited r GARBAGE CAN GALVANIZED TUBS 1.77 RADIO FLYER STEEL WAGON Matt Popular 1 nt- R-Wilar 8.95 I.SO A famous make and a kid dies' favorite. All steel con" sfrucfion with hdjfht red enamel. JO-in, rubber wheels. 34-in. box. 10 Col. Size Regular 1.99 Drig-ht galvanized finish, corrugated sides for . extra strength. Tight fitting cover .with handle. :Wire bail. KEROSENE CAN 77c Reg. 98c Heavy galvanized steel. 1 gallon. With spout, bail. 4 I > No. 2 5ii« Regular 1.59 Hot (lip galvanized to resist rust. Leakproof seams. Corrugated bottom for added strength. Drop handles. HAND DRILL 1.09 Reg. 1.19 Takes all bits up to </i~. -Die cast pinion and gear. S" Everyday Quality at . Week-End Special Prices. Shop Thur., Fri., Sat FILM CLASS Per 15 ft. Roll 5A09 36-inches Wide L Low cost transparent material » aterproof, easy to cut. K or perfect frlass .substitute. n reinforced mesh. Asphalt ROOF SAVER ^GALVANIZED PIPE '"""m *«5. 2.89 9 AQ 5 Gallon con C.*4O Makes oici roofs like nc\vl Fills and seals cracks. Forms a lasting,, watertight, weather-tight surface. Easy to apply. Innerlined SOCKS MIXED NAILS 3 ,4 -Inch Sire . Reg. 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