The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1933
Page 3
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4.10XDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 193 BLYTHEYILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE D 0 Bandits Seize Reserve Bank Mail, Kill Policeman I Mil Serve at Fall Term of Criminal Court Convening Oclober 16. ".•K'EOLA.Ark.. Sept. 25-Granrt |ir.i- pull Jurors who v,Hl serve at | | in- regular tenn of criminal di- • '.-;rn of clrtvlt court v.hlch con- '•u-.i lure on October !fi ari- bf:;•• r!:niino::c<i bv the sheriff.-, m- ! "TAlll" 1- IhC " s '- ° f I! 1 '-"- 1 ' , . ici'-v" li" H niookx. n. C. Bvy- i i: W. W. Kail. H. O. Ci.i'iienlvr. '. cscroki- Ri-:,.'.ill licwui. W. '!'. . .•j.,-u:t Oriel! Sealuii mi'- 1 . M- C. ' . -.",. of U'.i.xon: Rol,--lt Cre'.vs M! Hen W.'st «f Ath.lHon: G. A. .i.oi:cy of Whilton: R. H. Cm:', •'. Ncdcna; Hoy Water.,. Wii-.n::; i. l-. Wiliiiinui, Uvke-r: W. K. .'row. Joiner. :i!iii M. J. Wi/'lil, AlUinaU' unstd jiiroi:: O. C. busier. Basse 1 '.; A. l.m-raiu, Lux:u: Goodi liamK. Osa-nUi; I.. O. CJliimui. Lilt!- Hlvr-r; J. 11. Her- | u:t, Wihon, .Mid P. li. blunder, i L fiver. 'mil Jtircrs: I!, n. Shi.-lljy. Cal;i:i Williams,';;. P. Flttciier, Wil-' I on; Clarence Chamlx-rii:i. Cur- I on; A. O. lim-key, J. W. Carl- |.vn«)ii jr.. F.. M. Jfiire. I. O. |i!>.mes. n. Olilendorf. mid B. It- re, Osceolc 1 ; JWvty Pennon- Jo. Hosa; Joi' Asliburn. V. K,\ (until, Ilal]}h Houdcn,. Joiner; OH-I Clark, Melvir. Speck, Frencli- liisn's Bayou; S. C. Brandon, Tom l.'rnln of Wilson; Joe Hires, W. K. Illowai-rt, C. W. McDaniek, R. J. 1'ievlcr, Luxora; C:i!l Frank. Gri!:T. and l-Vcd Crockett, Ket.ser. Alternate petit jurors: John .ioorini;. Whiiloir, Emmelt Chiles,] "sn Point: H. B. Gooii'iin, | .'t-r; A. O Corlej, Joe Mounts.' |<r-:si;r; Guy Tirynnt, Oseeola. i Rhinoceros Horn Not Huge Chinese Beer Muf WASHINGTON lUP)-Tlw an- clcivt Chinese beer IIHIR (ssu ku- ang), which held almost (our quarts, must have been the horn of the Oimr or ilelatlang Distend of the rhinoceros ns previously claimed, Sinlthsonliin nrrhcolobLsls Curl W. JHshoji. nrcheolcglM of i IhoM'iw (inllny of Hie Smith-1 sonlnn. who recently mnde n study j of 'anclc-nl Chinese uses for tin 1 ! ihlnoreros. explains llml no horn i of nny of the Aslnn vprlellfs of' this nnlinal rouM hnvc- contained! seven slienj, "s reported in early i records 'I .lie Riwr mid c!i-ladiuus are (lie lareest of the faltlp fain- i "The unci.v C|imese," nlsliop i n'dded. "drunk enormous cNiiinil- , I lies of bm nrde from lice mill . | mlJK't inn!, seven slii'itg inuy Inue 1 tci/ii only, n Inlr poliitlon for a i vvternn dil|iker." ; .Allhniiijl.i. illsdiitiiilny tlui llilno- bucr iiinti theory, lllsho\i. sulil tlie .iint'leiu (/lilinw lorlllied iiolltlnil int.soners by u-rii))|)lni! them In the hide ot'n fre-shly ttllleil rlilno- i ceiiw. As the hide dried, lie ex-! | nlnlned. It eontrncled -slowly luul ciusliCd the vlrilni. Sister Aimee „ Goes on Stage Shrunken Dress Won " Suit for Woman . QUINCY, MassTuJPt-^lss Ellz- abt'tli llelly, 30, attractive Wollaston resident, wlio sought damages Iiom Urnel Sternberg, a cleaner, for .slirlnklnu n dress so tight It wus not nt to wear, was Instructed to don the dims Tor Inspection by Hie tourl. "Woulo you iixe to "nve your wife' walk dov.'ii the street In a dress like Unit?" Judge Kenneth .Johnson nsked Stcrnljerg. "No, your honor," said Hie elenner. | '"Hint's nil. then," sold the Judge, ; who look tlie under ndvlse.- • iiient. f hildrens Colds V.^ Yield uicker to Yield quicker to double action of Sf AIMLESS now. If you prefe 195 IX-sri-niliiiils Survlvrd . Cul. IUI'1 — 1'eler j 81), SbaftiT, lius been bur- [ ' std here. lei!- ; ii(; lOTi deseendnnUs in mourn Ills licatl). Sclinlll) left I'll . ch'.'dreu, 8G urnnclclilldren, U< ' jii-hl-BrantlclilHlrfji, two tircol- ;i«at-i!randchi!dren. nnd his wi- l.niiiu:liliiK liti-BClf on 11 tlieatrlcnl cRiei-i-, nt :i i;iuiraLiteo of $6,000 u wi-iilc, Aliniin Semiilu Mel'liurauu l» Hliovvn 11:1 shu nrrlvral In Now York to In'^hi u nerli'H of iierwiiiril ll|l|H\ll!UU:i v » Oil till* YilUdOVillO nn-ju. BORUM'S Rend Courier News Want Ads. |Luxora Girl Scouts Hold First Meeting Climaxing a series of daring mail, express and bank robberies In tlie middle west, bandits held up Chicago Ijydcr.d Reserve messengers, stole ! four mail lings, and killed n policeman in their getaway. Police Immediately .started a farming search for\Gcorri. iMncliine Ounl Kelly.. Verne Miller, former sherilf, nay a bandit gans; hader, nnd Oils wlnkler, Clileago public enemy, suipected '?(•_ t-njina-rliU! the holdup. Tlie l bandits si-izttl the mail bags nl the seconti li§hl standard shown In the picture-above, left, as the messengop's e:ilcrwl Ills Federal Reserve , Above, right, nre shown animunilion, liquor, first-aid kit, and stolen license plates iibandomd,; Ijy tin- robtwrs. Below, lelt, ! Miles Cunningham. Center, one of the bnndil ears; -wrecked in their night. It was eiqtiljiptd will-. ]mlkc radio, police I lights, anil siren. Below right, is shown a smoke screen l.irik in the robbers' auto.- '• building, at left, the .slain [joticcniaii, LUXORA. Ark.—The local organization of Girl Scants had Its meeting of the season last I Thursday morning. "This oruuni- Iration hns the fiillry.ving divisioiio IUKI leaders: Putrol 1.—lender. Ed- Geoitse; 1st assistant. Olivia Ijriham; 2m! nssistant. Earl iBmmley. Pafnl ?.. —leader. Letliu |3j,leer: 1st nssistnni, Ruth 'Cork-: \ an; 2nd assistant, I.onisc Vietory. j Wilmotli Tennyson is couu-' -e'tor for (.\K Iroup. The thirteen ] .leiubfers ure: Ednii Geovye, Vir-1 liila Williams. Olivia Graham,' Karl Brnntley, Ernestine Wlierry, IMixine Dugnn. Franc«i neirt Bow- I 1 !!, [.ucilte Fondren. Evelyn ^^e-' el. Alberta Walker, l.eilia Spi-i |;er. Ruth Cerkran and | |i,'itlory. j Virginia Williams, reporter, told' lii-out the l rip whieli the troo;i i |.rok to Reelfrail Lake this sum-1 Over onc-lialf of the troop taken the lendevfnol h:x "' Japanese Artist Paints World's Largest Dragon cci and Mrs. M. R Snel! vvclcomed inlo '.he club. Mrs. Walter Weed conducted the session .-.nd led a ciis- ra;s:or. i-f Ihe business proeeei)-! SAN FRANCISCO. (UP) — 'Hie iiiuj; of the state council ut Camp j i argcst [,nnd pninllng' of a single j Boston Bicycle Club Used Motor Bus Pike. Complete and detailed re-, Qb in t worW _ „ „ d -_ i;crls followed from delegates \vhOi ,,.,„•' nti.endod. Tlie club left tl.e tie-1 K°» »«> fMt lon e '» a K > >oto '™- ia- ! s of the Community Fair with | pie—was described in a tbs chairman tn appoint the a;i-1 ccived at Dollar Line ofltce.s here. ;}ropviate committees. | E. L. Matteson, Dollar represen- Miss Colemnii gave some bulle- tative at Kobe, Jnpan, told of the a tins ami ways of prepa Miss Colemnn rice salad. ... In . the stfciJl 'my ll niacte some on rice nnd was given. a delicious hour .community soni-s nnd contests were enjoyed. Mr.s. Kevior von n contest, th ;>j ize lor which w n.s a package of dye. Overton Child Dies painting, which adorn the ceiling of the main hall of tlie temple. Uomotp Insho .is the artist wljo is. painting-Ihe:'dragon,'with''a foot head and 14-foot whiskers, on thick blocks of pnpcr 36 feel by 72 feet in dimension. Tlie blocks \vill be reverted and cemented to the ceiling. I j Ski]i]ierK Had Same Ntunts • I FALL lyVER, Muss. .(UP)— Tile j :ipjwis o: t)n:. twin tankers Irene j I '•: ftV. ^lleii. and Jnstlnce C. Allen, i BOSTON (UP)—Tlie' 56-ycar-cldl whlc,h docked here recently hnd I Boston Bicycle Club omitted 'IS{the- same surnames," though not re-j annual '.'Wheel • about the Hub"; inted. Captain George A. Curler I for.the first time this year, cov- jsKipiiend, the, while Captain j ering. the usual'.route in a inotorlR. N. Carter skippered the Justine.; bus Instead. • - \T- ^ • • The eight club members who I Stop GaS PaiflS! German S ow, SepTon" ™ " "^ I' • " Remedy Gives Relief Captain Waller (Do'o) ^Kelidnil Ac(lng on BOTH upper low- 70, of Atlnntic, head ol the club, er biwcls Adlerl!:a washes out all than At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic i Rochester. Minn.) the health officer. Dr. D. C. Uwkhcad. recently fah 1 In n statement through the I.KSS, "We In the lienlth deparl- i.icnt nre concerned nbout milk Iroin two nnnlcs.! It l.« th" IK-SI food obtainable, we \vanl lo'see It consumed in great qnan- lities, and because of (he i»s.slbll- l(y of Its spreading disease, we \innt to know that our local supply Is produced under nil the refinements of production commcr- iinlly ixv'.slble nnd (Hal It bo pas- tutrlird so that nc ran luaranlrc Ti'lephone Nn. 7-1 Brnnrlt's milk Is safe — it's properly paiteurlzrd. Cook 9 s Goldbloume Beer has traveled more n bicycles enjoys poisons that cause gos, nervousness and'tod'sleep. On£ dose gives r'e- ,(11, once. Sold In EJi-.theviJJe wick Bicycling Club of London! by. gity,Driig Store. —Adv. J-7 (Inalily Hits No Siilislituli' COOK'H llliF.R ii most |M)pular with those who know Deer. COOK'S IlKEll is the same today I'JIIII us it was In 1014. COOK'S I1BEII was proiicrly brew- i-il and pr<i|ierly aged before It wns placed on the market. •fill 1 : rijAVOfl Is there. It is full 1 per cent potency.' which U satisfying the customers. CCCK'H Is the PERFECT liEER. llrewlni; I'KKKEOT BEER i.s un AR'I 1 . CCXJK'S skilled lirewmasler and l>:u|:ur aneiiiK Is the real rea- !,on for Conk's exquisite flavor. and |ierfrct beer. D. CANALE & CO. ^ . . j jx . KPIHIPTT S llftllV . IJCl|HCtl O I/ailJ : Memphis Distributors I'hone 8-Ui!l have taken HID second class | BO n of Mr. and Mrs. Bill O nnd tv.o have taken Ihe first i <|i<. ( | n t 12:10 p. m. Sunday at the'; leave tlie bowels acting regularly. Remember that the properuse ol Thedford's Black-Draiij|ht ^'- constipation, ten to l-liir.5 test. •Luxora Club Welcomes A fine, old reliable medicine. Not | j family home. Tlie death was the ! second in the family in five days .,.,/»-«va ' and tiie boy's dentil was altribut- expensive. Insist on TIIEDFORD 3, Three New Members ed to chills and fever. Funeial services were held this . inoriiing at North Sawbn ceme- Thc Luxm-a Ito'ne Demonsirn-j lr] 'V with the I Half Moon officiating. Tlie L. of a., I Rev. W. Walter lien club mei Fridav at the home I- 1 Mr« R I ni>vi4>r with two Moss Undertaking company was in , I l ;!,,;or" Mrs. W. J ^ve and S|Char S e of funeral urraugemeots. Mcliett. Three new mi'inbers, Mrs.: -john Martin. Mrs. Herman Spi- Read Courier News Want Ads. \[ IIKMOUKHOWS ll'ilrs) cured Mithoul tlie krife. Skin cancer, varirosed veins, tonsils removed non-surglcally. DKS. NIES and NIES ; Office 514 Main Phone !W f i OONT see so MUCH OF YOU THESE DAYS ILL SAY YOU DON'T! DON'T NEED GAS SO OFTEN SINCE 1 BOUGHT THIS NEW DODGE EASY TO SAVE MONEY WITH A DODGE! say owners F ROM all over the country come these enthusiastic reports. "Amazing how far it goes on a single filling of gas and oill" says a doctor down in West Virginia. "Surprising gasoline mileage" writes a Pennsylvania man. "36,000 miles without having valves grouncll" .. ."More than 10,000 miles without brake adjustments!" ... "Had my Dodge 8 months and never have had springs oiled, but they don't squeak." 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