The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1950
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAY 9, 1950 Russia Proposes to Okay City - Wide Berlin Election If Allies Remove Troops BERLIN, May 9. (AP)-Russla*. says she will agree to a city-wide election In Berlin if Allied 'troops moved more than 103 milts back to West Germany. There appears little chance that Soviet condition will be accepted. , Along with four other demands calciilflied (o give East German Communists the upper hand m the elections, a Russian note last night proposed withdrawal of all occupation troops from (he city. Russian trootxs would need to move unlv to Rerun's outskirts. American, B'.it- ish and French soldiers would have to go to the Soviet zone bonier on Elbe River, more than 100 miles to the Reactions Are Coo] Guarded but cool first reactions io the Russian were registered by two of the three Western commandants who three weeks ago proposed the city-wide ballot. MaJ. Gen Maxwell D. Taylor, the American occupation chief here, said he found "little encouragement" in the Russian note. The British Commandant. MnJ. Gen. Geoffrey K. Bourne, termed the reply "a very roundabout way of saying 'no.'" Taylor added he found "some consolation" that "even the Soviets cannot be silent before the deep desire of Berlin to be reunited. Bourne said he was glad to sec some response to the Western Appeals for free elections. .May Sleet Today An American spokesman Indicated the three Western commandants might meet today to see if any of the Russian conditions could be accepted. 'he Soviets demanded, In addl- to the troop withdrawal: 1. Scrapping of the occupation law now in force in West Berlin. Under it the Western powers gave their occupation zones self-government except in matters of foreign policy and security. 2. Permission for all Comrmn.lst- laspired East Berlin organizations including the Red "National Front" to function freely In the Western sectors. Boundary Abolition 8. Abolition of sector boundaries. 4. Restoration by the Western Al lies of voting privileges to all for mer Nazis except those who los the franchise because of conviction as war criminals SS Slaughterer Is Sentenced BERLIN, May ». W;—A Wes £ylin court last night sentence cR clesith a former SS-officer on charges of having gassed "mor than a million Jews" in a Na? concentration camp In Poland dur Ing the German occupation. The defendant, 50-year-old Ericl Bauer, ira« "gassinng officer" o a camp near Lublin In 1942-43. Hi was convicted after testimony of i string of prosecution witnesses whi You Knew It All the Time! The Answer to Lion Ad Puzzle With thB experience gained in Picking the best in previous 1-ian OJ Company paired ads, you probably don't need to be lold which ad the experts Picked this month. But just lor the record we'll pass on to you the choice of the experts along with their reasons. The majority of the experts chose the ad headlined "A Man sGot A RightTo Choose." ilere are the main reasons: The headline and the illus- I rat ion get across the theme of freedom of choice in a more appealing and eye-catching manner, bringing hack hanpS memoncs of chiTdhood. With attention onco focused on tho mdiKimnt little boy. curiosity nalumlly l^ds the reader into the cony, the experts said. The copy i self, accordinc to ll, 0 majority opinion, wns more etrcclivc m supporting Lion Uil Company's position as one of (|,o home folks" who un- Btintmgly promotes the best in boulliern tradition. There'll be another Lion Oil af puzzle next mm th Watch for " and . ' )ro « vo«r contention that ya,i know what's what in good adrL «,"«* SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! I'rnmpl Service Kxpcrt Workmanship H-RLTCRS QUflLITY SHOE SHO1 : 121 W M O 1 M ST EDSON Continued from Page 8 some Dutch old masters was arranged, for exhibition only. " If It can be arranged, Prince Bemhard, Juliana's consort, who Ins been touring the United States, will inspect Hie merchandise, £n- cluded in the sale will be such varied stuff as food products, electrical goods, textiles. Delft chinawarc and o/ course, diamonds, cheese bulbs and nursery products, Dutch beer and liquors. Just another smart advertising stunt by an alert U. S. department store sales manager? Well, maybe. But there's more to it than that Some of the Dutch goods art- samples. They may be taken on lour lo other U. S. cities, and orders solicited. Wayne Chatfield Taylor of [lie O. S. Marshall Plan staff has been working at this problem of Increasing imports from Europe longer than anyone else. The encouraging thing now. he says, is that a few enterprising European exports and American Importers are beginning to tc"-t the U. S. market, to see what it will take. Britain Ready With Her Bid The British auto show In New York is a prime example. The British hope they can sell $50.003,000 worth of automobiles In America. Chicago is planning for an International Trade Fair August, 5 to 21. Detroit will have a similar fair In 1951. Internationa! at New Orleans, while primarily interested in Latin-American trade, is becoming Increasingly Important as the import center for goods from Europe, for distribution throughout (he lower Mississippi valley and Southwest. San Franckco has plans for permanent foreign trade fair. A year ago. the Germans held an exposition of their postwar merchandise In New York. The French and Belgians have similar exhibits on the road In the U. S now, touring principal market centers. The Italians are trying to get their merchandise show over before very long. Planning all these imng* takes time. Six months were required to plan, order, buy, ship and put the Dutch merchandise on display at Philadelphia Gimbcl's. it will 'take months more, and maybe years, to build up buying habits and a sustained market for what The Netherlands has to export. One boatload of merchandise doesn't constitute a trade pattern. In the meantime, opposition from American manufacturers in compe- BI,YTHBVTT.T.B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLAIMS BEACON HILL-An ex-press agent, Baron William Theobald b'rary Von Blombery, above, of Boston, Mass., claims he owns the cily's famous {Sea- con Hill and the very ground that the Massachusetts State House stands on. The baron says he can substantiate his claim by a 105-year-old grant. Germon Industry Controls Relaxed BONN, Germany, May 9 (AP) — The Western Allies relaxed controls on German industries vesterday reasonably confident that the Uer- mans will not use their Industrial strength again to rearm. Under the new antl-reannarnent law published by the Allied High Commission in West Germany, some of the control functions were turned over to the Germans themselves. "We are quite optimistic over the degree of German cooperation to be expected," said Maj. (Ten. James P. Hodges, American chairman of the Allied Security Board set up lo enforce Germany's disarmament. "We are accepting In good faith the assurances we have received from the eGrmans." charged him with "personally putting the Jews into the gas chambers." Acrobat Takes 100-Foot Dive AMESRURY. Mass., May 9. W)— A London acrobat was hurled to death yesterday when a 125-foot high sway-pole snapped In high winds on a carnival lot here. The man was Identified as Jerry Wicrzhicki, hilled as the "Great nel orti." Friends said that although he came from England he may have been a displaced person in that country. WierzSicki was atop the sway- pole as it was b ing tested for an evening performance at a Franco- American veterans' carnival. It snapped in two suddenly. Associates said Wierzbickl had a wife and nine-months-old son in England. Trouble Hinted srmal ' F 'y Mu ** I LA •* I I •/ Cap Gum at Theatre In Marital Life Of Bing Crosby PARIS, May 9. </P)—The Crosb' brothers - fling nnrt Larry—told conflicting stories today of trie state of 'he famous crooner's 20-year- old marriage lo onetime film star Dixie Lee. Here In Paris the screen and rartlo •singer denied a Hollywood "iat "strained relations Cluing his inariicd life. B »t In Hollywood his brother Larry, head of the Crosby Research Foundation, -said: "We hope 11 Is a separation nnd not a di- vorcc." Tlle rciwrt sl.irlcri with John O-vlelveney, an attorney for Bine, who said yesterday in' Hollywood' mat things were not going so -.veil between the singer and his Dixie OMetvency said a reconciliation ivas hoped for in June, when Ding is diie home from a European jaunt. Some columnist, must have started It, said Crosby last night. "Sneh reports "crop up every (our or five months." he added. Bing. who leaves London next wej* to play the British amateur Bolf championship, said ho liarl a letter from Dixie four or live clays ago and "everything was nil rii-lit then." '' Mrs. Crosby. In Hollywood, wasn't available to.- comment. report are bli- titive lines has to be taken Into consideration. It will take Europe's best, sales efforts to build up enough volume business to close the dollar gap by the time the Marshall Plan runs out In 1852. Orchid Field Found in Florida PORT MEYERS, Fla., May 9. (IF, —A new field w ith millions of rare orchids has been found in the Everglades within 30 miles of the Tamami Trail, a Port Meyers collector reported. Robert Hatgrim, manager of the rhoma s A. "aiison home, said upon ils return yesterday that the 1111- isually dry weather allowed his >arty to go Into R section usually closed to collectors. When the home of the great nventor was (villcd to the city O l 'ort Meyers, one of the conditions was that work In plant experiment hould be continued. Halgrim's find was mostly of arth growing orchids, but many beautiful tree growing specimens also were collected. May a. m- must Neighborhood Spot Ends With Bullets FAYK-ITEVILLE, Ark., May 9. .'. ~ A ndehbors' quarrel ended with Lee Williams. 41. dead with in bullets in his back here yes terday. Sheriff Bruce Crider sairl Millnrd ^.""MM"' 4I ' wh ° liv>C[l ncxi door to Williams, was arrested In connection with the shooting n nd admitted firing the latal shots. He said witnesses reported Brown kept firing a .22 calibre automatic rifle until it jammed. Coroner Edmond p. Watson said Williams was hit 10 times. Sheriff Crider .said he had been called to the scene earlier because of a quarrel between the two men but that at that time, neither would swear out „ warrant. Buying a lowest price car? Read this ! Now 4 to see instead of 3 The Studebaker Champion is one of the 4 lowest price largest selling cars! And look what you get in this Champion.. You g«l brakes thai aulomalically adjuil lr)«mi«lv»» • Clare- proof "black light" in 5 |, U rr, er ,| pane | dio ,, . fcu|oma ,; e chok . • A-cylinfe, Slud.bake, Champion engine ol new higher comprejsion • Variahte-ralio "extra lev.rog," ,tMrin e • A brand new kind of £ o!l-,p,l n( , , ronl « nd tulp(!nsitm . Lux . unous uphoUlery • loung.-wid.h ,„„ wilh ,«„, hip , Dom l«9 room, head room • riahl- 8 ,ipp inB ro)q , y ,,„„ ,„„,,„ . Capaciom ,, un k . A fine choice of altracliv. body «olo,,l IHAMBLIN SALES Railroad and Ash STUDEBAKER CHAMPION 6-PASSENGER, 2-DOOR CUSTOM SEDAN $1552.27 Delivered in Blylhcville, Arkansas Stale anj loral tat,t. If OBJ , „,„ „„,„„„„„ iavbaV*r C * ft'Cftt tijfciiji | O C (, 3l ,v COMPANY Phone 6888 MASSENA, N. Y., rledgllng "cowboys" tlicir guns before eiitciin(r a Ilira- ler (Shine's) in Ihls north country c oin mil niLy. It's mall i iiianaBcmcni rule Ihat Ihc fry leave their cap pistols with ticket sellers until after the SllOlS'. Since Ihe state law legalizing the sale of cap pistols wcni Into effect recently, maunder Richard Hyde says, the boys have been "doing '">»£ up Job." '" just c an'l resist '""ley taking thrfll- . , • j'-"v V,OI| tl ll'hlfcV shots at villains In western "s, he explain.-!. No Airport •MAGNOLIA. Ark.. May 9. (a proposed tioo.coo bond Issue loi construction of a municipal airport was defeated In n special election here yesterday 300 to 055. Druggist Bans GiV/j For Old Assistants ? AIIA . M - j-A drug. Children beg cakes n ncl fnilt ol [\c\v year's c a .. j,, Scotlnnd. CHOCOLATES THE CANDY SHOP Not jlUh<xolat., IV, Hi (1.50 i>h rti. si.oa 5 Ibi. HOI The Traditional Way To Say... * * '* ^\ &yf May N J6 IS THE IMOE-MARK OF THE WOKlO $ HNEST CANDIES BORUM DRUG STORE 427 W. Main Blyrhcvill*, Ark. „' , , , j>*«uu—v« ) — e\ uriiK- gist here became tired of hiring girl <-lerks who rtuit ui take other Jobs as soon as they !r-rued the work He decided, as he told reporter! later, to "get more dependable »s- slstmiis." So he advertised lor "lint young men over 60." Now lie las 32 applications to choose from — all received within, the first day and a half. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE LUES JOB AS CONTROL TOWER OPERATOI! Interesting Career, Says Technician "ll« imarlesl move of my life -a« (homing lilt Aif Force when fiimhcij lugli !( hnnl 18 monllis 'R«. »ys !>I : C Dnnilil K. Ii;oivn, 19, of San Anlonio, Texas, A" 'n Ait IW<-<Mrainc<i control lower operalo/, llroun lias corn- pltlrtl ilu <quii-alcni ol i>vo yon of tolltse --an.! l,e ,va> out of iht TOP iiutltint in Im tla«. My joli i, ii,, cret iin(. anil lu, • wonderful linure," he jcli '""• mo, , ran liavt jour l"t more llian .(U Klior.Ii of du U, i. Air Force. U. S. Army and Call or visit tour Nearest Recruiting Station I'lC Donald K. Brown. Sin An- lomo, Texai, U , conirol low.r upctauif ,viih ihc U. S. Air Fore.. U. S. Army JL 1! S. Air I urcc llrcrulting Station lib lh, v.III-. Arkiin.Mis Cit) Hall F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 North 2nd — Just Call 2192 LAWNMOWERS BLACKSMITHING Power and hand mower* sharpened and repaired... picked up and delivered. WFI nikir WtLDING t'lmv poinls receive prompt a " d ex " ert sharpenin »- Acel.vlene and electric., .h, I lie shop or un the job. Satisfaction guaranlwd. MACHINE WORK We have (he c*peritne«4 men anil (he equipment U do your joh right. iw«w»*«« w * i ADMIRATION COFFEE OFFERS YOU A SAVING EN YOUR COFFEE COSTS Whenever or wherever you buy flavorful Admiration there's an extra dividend for you wilh every pound! Save the coupon - eighteen coupons are redeemable ot your grocer's for a pound of your favorite Admira»ion, that full-bodied coffee blended for extra flavor, Fragrant aroma, end superb richness. Enjoy the extra goodness of Admiration — and the exlra saving that the free coupon gives youl ^*5?s f^S \,i*: i I

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