Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas on May 16, 1962 · Page 11
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Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas · Page 11

Denton, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1962
Page 11
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Vedn«day/May 16,1962 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY CLASSIFIED DISPLAY iPEGAC WASH GREASE . THRU SATURDAY Free Pickup Delivery We Repair Auto Air Conditioners After 5-00 P M weekends. Don't ml:* our opening special? ALV1N HOWARD CECIL CARDWELl TEXACO SERVICE STATION 220 Ft. Worth Drive A | IWIN 382-4660 T H E PENT.ON R E C O R D - C H R O N I C L E DR. SILVEY ONE OF 7 48 IN WORLD PAGE ELEVEN NT Water Pollution Expert ^^ _ T ^ ' _ ' · . JL · · . . , To Read Paper In London Hopeful Move Little Egypt Zoning Change Residents Tn c. /- . . I Dr. J, K. G. Silvey of NTSU I has been invited to present a pa;per in London in September at Houses for Sale UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN TAYLOR PARK 12 NF/rf fHA i-8EDP.OO.'A BRICK MOVES D. B. BOYD International Conference Water Pollution lie.scarch. His is one of 43 papers scientists from throughout ropean Economic Development and the Internationa! Journal of Air and 'Water Pollution. The World Health Organization will at the confer- of aquatic aclinomycctes. These' DALLAS. (AP) -- residents of: j world selected to appear on the on jbe represented by ence. the . are simple plants intermediate I 1 TM 6 '?*· * community of run- . between bacteria and molds. dovvn shacks in tl e middle of a! A recommendation that the cupied by not more than two doc- For Among other things, actinomy , cetes have been identiiied as the! ai , ta , sc ' n ' white residential moving Tuesday to cause of tastes and odors occur- l v y hat ey }lo P 1vyi be a better _ e r n g j L 3 A I i c acinomycees PR ATT "CROUCrT'R ea | }y 6T ^'M!^' D r ' Sllvey is distin " P urification of 1TM^ p«w»nti d) CCCT,«,C;«I. F«TM i^ lshed PTMfessor of biology and jstrcams. He will sho ' ' Dr. Silvey's topic is the role of ring in surface water supplies in! e * aquatic actinomycetes in self Jlhe Southwest. But other evidence a nearly 100 - ear water HOME IN NOTTINGHAM (.e^'cfftb.'e living, 6'sfir.ctlvt V/. W. KREMER, 382-4708 . indicates that their inter-action | old histor ' of a k'egTM commu . . of the NTSU biology de-(pictures and describe research!beneficial r»4 r » . . . _ _ J . motion with otl/r o/«anisms mny have' nit - v wWch #" ew fr °TM a parcel of . '., , . . · . ,, . * · ' . * ii««j j-.j-.i i- · ? r . J efccfc 17 PRATT Realtors conference will be attend- toi-y. N, P. 4,000 specialists Britain has Mone in the NTSU water labora- Burman of Great been named the In his London paper, Dr. Sil-; freed ' slaves - deeded to a pair of newly- city's zoning ordinance be amend ed to allow the construction of medical and dental clinics in ar- ·eas zoned A-l received favorable action from the Denton City Council Tuesday. A Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation was given to the council on the matter. It , . vey wUl discuss the possibility! The almost 200 rodents of Lit- ' contained a provision that suc of these effects in stream purifi-i^ e £ gT? 1 *old their homes in ai medical and dental clinics be-oc- 382-2235 A GOOD BUY » '^ (ir1d ri Cf $1 -- ~fw..u.»j.ii.?,.fcuiiuiu uco vvxzu uanicu lucjui luc^c elicits., lu Ml eSul puriii-r *-'oJ¥*' «*"« tnv« HUHIC^ in at Sept. 3-7. It!speaker to open discussion ofjcation and suggest the need for| casil deal to a syndicate which; French, West jDr. Silvey's paper. 'further research which might re- P lans a shopping center. j ¥1 ,,.., .^ , Sw^ish and| Since J97 grants totaling more'.suit in a better understanding of Tne surrounding area has al-i frl 0 !*(*(*3.STP CROUCH Really Co I i Sl ? l i° S scicntific societies.}than $100.000 have been received!the life cycle of micro-organisms read y ^en built into homes for ! v^c*u*,v/ " . ' ' 8 witn two international 'by NTSU from the National In-jin streams. · j whites and into another shoj ng lnie '?I? u ? s :_ t !l e _ 0r S aniza( ' ion ^r Eu-jstitutes of Health for the study j Three NTSU graduates will a t-] center - L5tt!e L 'g'Pt is at one of tend the London conference, one'^ e c 't"' s major thoroughfare in- as a speaker. He is W. 0. Pipes, itersectioiis. assistant professor of sanitary i Most residents will use the cash engineering at Northwestern I'ni- they received for their homes to versity. Also attending will be|move into the Cedar Crest sec- Dr. Louis Hemphiil of OWaho-! lion of Dallas, once populated on- tors. Areas zoned A-l are restricted to homes and apartment houses having not more than six dwelling units. The zoning ordinance now will allow for the construction of medical and dental clinics only ia CROUCH Realty Co. Realtor, 332-2285 Anytime , . CURTIS FREFA/AN Insurance r 5 S900 EACH :*-.tM SO,!iO lot*. ,,«., : 5 - WJNT ON NOAH 332-5*79 CONVENIENT LOCATION TO ALL SCHOni.s = E C V C O V S ( c»~»!ed d--, tajrcri!, « : ~ ' t y *rd irsnsf«r tca^. MRS. LOUIS GROENINO Aecessones, Tlrei . Partc TRADE WITH FROST SAVE ON THE COST A.C. S- A.C. 01 50^;, c f f '« ; r Merer Oil, Quirt __ _ "j:o BUYS $:ooo V - . " : ' 5 ' 52.95' 597. _ "5TA 1 }: If 'JL ' 4-S'drcf ~^"ivjr(r7"!cr~85TuO cr'cid T3 3»!L S7.1-CO. TRIANGLE REALTY. 387-2561 COUNTRY UVING PAULINE' ARRINGTON ; -Hr ; .OC.V hcvs*, '«vfll Vn? c- · j f sht;:*r. Automatic la.Tdry rocrri, PAULINE ARRINGTON 'jjTf riT^JTJT^ K e f i r * - c v . » Vj.JCO." with 2 ecrej, S6.toK"5?M BEAUTY - QUALITY AND. 5«Dt!CGttS coTbirt tc raV^ 1^5 -"·* * VUST ^c-r th» i;rs*'fr3 f^. '·'·;e rff.?, rylcn carr-fJi^j !..'c.,;'* 7 - :-d ;a sell. BARNS REALTY Cr-ar.btr S^d^. 3a:-50?C NOTTNGHAM WOODS 2006 WIIMAMSBURG srrm M" c c f f . 40^ c f f , i^x s:.;9 t;-.\ S'-D vaiji f C r 93: FROST AUTO ·C5 J. E.'~i fcj-h I?6C USED TRUCKS Jc20 ' GREENWOOD, TEXAS MAY 19, 1962 12 O'CLOCK NOON From Decatur take Hwy. 51 North to Greenwood sign, turn left. one Upright Chiffarobe (100 years old) one solid osk Bed and Dresser over TOO years old four tables (of antique value) two old sewing machines one Chest of Drawers three rocking chairs Many antique picture frames one Air Conditioner {evaporative^ three iron beds two radios one Book case one radiant healer one oak dining room table and five chairs Wicker Settee and Chair one Mirror and Comb box one Antique Ciock with dater, temperature and weather indicator. two straight back antique chairs Wash stand one drop leaf table one China Closet one China shelf one 7ft. Fngidaire one pot bellied cast iron wood stove one Tappan gas cook stov* two trunks one MAY sweeper Household linens: bed spreads, scarfs, embroidered pillow cases, towels, wash cloths (new) two Antique Ladies' capes clothing of all descriptions, one crocheted stole very old styes. BOOKS: Assorted bibles, some very old, Blue Back Speller, Many, many books copyrighted over 100 years ago two Coal oil lamps two Woo! Carders one very good condition V/ool Buggy lap robe two complete sets of dishes many pieces of odd china and glass complete set of silverware one Elgin pocket watch set of Charcoal burning irons quilted Show Quilts twenty hand pieced and SHOP EQUIPMENT: Hammers, saws, wrenches, Five old fashioned churns one Foot tub two iron pots one Dutch oven Garden Plow ine hand powered meat slicer AM articles rn this home are very old. There are thousands of articles loo numerous to mention, of the late Terry Williams. Administrator: ELMER WALLACE, MA 7-3790 Decatur Auctioneer: RAYMON MANNSCHRECK Gainesville telephone HO 5-4735 Decalur telephone MA7-3500 NotExpectiiij Rain In Area -2, in which ment houses of six or more dwelling units can be built. The favorable action taken by the council was the referral of th« proposed amendment to the ordin- lance back to the Planning and i Zoning Commission, which maintained that such a change was' intended when the ordinance was drafted. /: The next step in the process for; rmiking.the ordinance change will' If the weather ; forecasters are j be up to the commission. ma State University and Capt. I ly by whites but now' largely a I correc ^ area residents will have a Billy Evans, an army biochemist 'Negro community. A few res-i fcw more dn vs of wailj ng /or. a mucjl Reeded from San Antonio. idents will buy homes in other Heports and papers from the j scattered Xegro neighborhoods. ! , MHtMU5ll _^, uu l t f l u mi UK London session will be published! Minimum payment to homeown-i last of April hi*h winds of the in book form by Pergamon Press ?rs was $6.500. The syndicate paid i past few davs have robbed th* top r\f iivf/\»-/i e ___ IL _ . i · i * · r of Oxford. for the actual moving The commission is expected to notify owners of property in ar- , eas zoned A-l of the change and Although sufficient rain fell the' to advertise a public hearing. : · The council also referred to the . commission Tuesday two requests!' | soil of all moisture. Farmers re- jporl their seedbeds are dry to · depths below regular planting lev- ; Many farmrs are wailing for | rains to bring up sorghum and j some cotton that was late in being i planted. Other small plants are Jin need of moisture. i Farmers are not the only ones who are looking for a good rain. City dwellers need rain for lawns ' By THE. ASSOCIATED PRESS jPathet Lao guerrilla? were scor-i an d raanv ^ Q sprinkling lawns to successes in northeastern brin g them Uirough the dry spell. Laos, the flash point, few riches. cold war's current offers a conqueroi But to food-short _ changes. One of the requests'was for A-l classification for Lots 1 to 10, v Block 3. and lots 1 to 5, Block 2,J Owslely Park Addition. ' The second asked local business' district classification for property^ located on the north side of \VVt, University Drive, extending east" from Bonnie Brae. ^ Three Die As ; Plane Crashes r Laos before fighting subsided with! some home gardeners without! TEXAS CITY (AP) -- A t the 1954 Geneva agreement par-j waler lo i rr i ga t c young vegeta-' priest and two other men died Tititionine French Indorhinn Thip M. _i _._ ·_'..· i cjas a new plane crashed and.' damaged ori burned Tuesday right · A fourth^ and hich winds. man suffered grave injuries. · The crash 4 miles west of here [killed the Rev. Edward Sheffield;' I _ r ^ _ . ,. , , . -_ . ,. _, ,_ L . . . , --- warm weather fertile rice fields of Asia. I * ' * Romantically labeled "land of j JjY THAILAND the million elephants and the white parasol," Laos is slightly more than 90,000 square miles of j landlocked jungle and mountains j ^^ ofc^/o i from which its 2 million to 3 mil- j lion inhabitants draw a meager! existence. ! \ But for the Chinese and North] ; Vietnamese Communists, control | ( . :of Laos could £sn the road to the 1 HONOLULU (AP) -- Lt. Gen.^plained. "He packed his hag.jsaid he and Murphy arrived here'. irice of Burma. Thailand, Gam-P am ^s L. Richardson Jr., the new j kissed his wife, held a couple of Tueseday afternoon in the plan*, ibodia, and South Viet Nam, which ! U-S. field commander in Thailand, quick conferences and took off." which was bought at Vero, Fla.,share' Laos' borders ; has th * reputation as a "quiet, R j chardson will j ead a ioint ! ^- n: " w '-*--*··- -* il - "---- I _ _ . ' C/*nAl QT 1 !!? CAl/^l/ii* nnrt »^ * f /-.«f 1 rvrvs **n i J Pro-Communist Pathet Lao Roman Catholic priest, and" instructor - pilot Doyle Murphy, both of Te.xas City, and George Lee, 22, of Dickinson. £ Robert Charlett of Bacliff was- i taken to a Galveston hospital \vith- 'critical injuries. ' t i Father Sheffield was a flying (Student. ,; A friend of the pilot, Don , ,. , . , · itii-nujujuii \ \ i i i icuu ii IUU1L soldier and a gentlemanj f . . f . J luc fincJornrintS , · . · . i mis [ground units in Thailand. He'll| asanexperti york direcdv under an ^.^^ ,.|for flight instruction at the Texas { is res; , Rjd'c, Ful r, Drj; A ' e -- t r r . . . . . . . . CCE - J70 HP, 317 :-e ,'^jt Ov»r riv, I3.C03 LEGAL NOT1CF 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air, -2-docr Hzrc- fop, radio, heater. V-8, :, 2 Jor.e paint, '.vhi!« liies. An en?f« rilce c«r. BILL UTTER FORD 412 S. locust 3S2-5-W Hcrr$ jth P.25»:c F;-:r;:. coc;0 iels already control Lao.s' eastern j i border with South Viet Nam. and . - . JWOFK uirecuv unaer an oia oossf iXoMh VWnamese Communists!?"^ e = uetn . lla wa [ far ° Iwl " !re!an! i longtrmfe' comrade. Gen. Paul! ihave been Curing across it t.* ^"jlf'^^D Harkins. It was Richardson! twa^c wa" on the pro-\Vestern; F ., *__ __ . .icrnorri twage wa- on me pro-iv^eiu,- ... Richar ^son learned his= who rep ] aced Harkins when the jSaigoa government. The UnitedjS^ 1 a j^ sofn \^y eare ac ?° "jlatter was tapped for the ·sfrstpc fpar: thf? Rpd. 5 ; hflVP SJmi- *. '^ ^ ' " 'mJlii^rv flss;i;tpnpp rnmrrnn 3- £····: com :';'. S5.3S3. Drive, 5 jiirjss rcr.f-j. Cor-.siifr :rjc*. RUBY ALIEN. 382-3625 tnc'»., will" 'triiJ- e^itf fcr c' 'am t;urpT»r,r. 3S2-4155 cr . . k ;-i-r -S, C u - 5 TrucV - 4 5r'i. A»:», 3 vl V.'a?«r level Less than 2,000 rr.ilts. Cox.DleJe with | J50.00 v.orih cf st^re p^rti, rrechinlcsl- 31575; .V perfect. Pric» SriO-CO, v-i!l no! sell far less. Henry L Walter, 1203 E-iinturg Lar^, 332-5533. Station Wagcn, 9 psssen- JOSEPHINE ABBOTT CAIVERT MOTOR CO. i F. S-.c.'-crc 3S2-9671 1 naio, ^tdf«r, : -- r.ttf w-iifri well tires. S«95 Offerings U3A _ ESTELIE BROWN. Realtor "Serving Oentjn 16 vp«rt" :d.;» true*, 5:?^ ccrjificn, s: t*i, 6 cra:1'e»I(y c 'J'O, *rcj» - Oil Co., Xri-Tr, 7 s - Coivtr.ficr^f tears A fHi's THE NE8LETT AGENCY Used Cars A.5 _ ,_ .. , $500 DOWN PAYMENT "f". 0*rtr b'icV. i Urge bj:H;, fcjlif h erc'i v»'df v*i?i BARNS REALTY CC. lEiL 5 '··'»· 39: ATTRACTIVE FRAME DROC'.' wirh j*pira*» din!.-; r;;.-% #*njrfl'(. THE EWING AGENCY 1 - ^^'f^g^ 352-2r?5 RAY DICKSON Motor Company Denton Texas 416 S. Elm ei.i!956 FCRO F-*OC, t-lon long v-hefl'tast n.\ Fish plated Funr,;, Drjj ax!ts, 2 spied i reo: ens, larc;* grain box, runs ?coiJ, only !$1£CO. 12959 Surdff.v^. Farmtrs Branch, j CR-7-5776, i f95-t JAGUAR, Readier, $6007205 5?rwd, i a t r r 5 am. SETH MASSEY MOTORS I 3374001 ' '57 Zi-i.:V _ EXTREMELVTivEABLE *Jr. . Sre ;t ;:dav it THE EWING . AGENCY _ Schools, Si 000 Down SSTELLE BROWN, Realtor ^oll Located 5 Bedroom 3 5,V;»S, : r ' i r y f-r.r*. tw?; 1 -! I r V r l ''"'Jff 'of v\i:ri j;r.,l.!;r j'.i'fn. ESTELLE BROWN Sea! for ONLY $$,500 BUYS . ESTELLE BROWN, Realtor STREET, LARGE 2- c*-.i-ici la re'^e » qcd de! fiite C«rl prj- ;:rdv c' §;it "-'.l-?« r-v.t t* sa'rf by *-.,·'."··' of i«e i^-,e *. rr.i'fsj* . , 557 Coi- . Ce',1 iful 1st. (Wy J7.S50. Colicen Kane, Asscciofe ESTELLE Brown, Realtor 387-25.29 33:-50 MAY BE THE FAMILY rj rj |; v « berier - Un? 3 l USED CARS 1960 Plymouth Fury, 4 door, fully equipped including air $1695 1959 Boick Station Wagon, air and ail power . $1695 1955 Plymouth, cylinder fears the Reds have ^ ^^.^ . lar plans along the western bor-! lh ^ Phl ;?P 3ne f j f The Nebrask er. But for a few Western tO military assistance command job ilast February. CONTRACTORS' NOTICE 0? TEXAS HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION . ,. , , Sea.pj propcjaij for coiifa-ctirg 5.3siitjons, not all welcomed. milej cf grading, jjph.jttJc cor.trttt '·*:!*-!,,««!,. enir ri^rj. Frcm T. L ?. R*i!rcij Ovt'Basi jr, There are no ILIJJIUUVU uiu w u / , ,. i forces in the Pacific. The Army;P° st holding Roanck*. To FM 154 on Highway No. Sh''!-? W) m ]}^ nf roads JI4, ccvercd by C 353-2-2) in Dwion}?' 1 *:;, 1 ", V! ? County, wi!( be' r«cfived D«?r!ment, _ w r ^^_ 23, !962, «nc! then publicly"opVrljd Piar.s and speclficatior-j including i fru-Ti v.»; f ral« as provided by la* ivailabie at the offic* of which few Laotians; :an. 52, moves .-, . ihis new job from what is becom: Richardson and Harkins have] ing the Army's maid-in-waiting had Parallel careers the past twoj assignment. However, he will con-^' ears - BotJl arrived in Hawaii the! wear his deputy chief of _ . _ _ J Richardson the dual! r, he will c o n - l rrve n awa e old hat-that same month ' August, I960, with] U.S. Army } H a rk ins taking the deputy Army i _ the;^ thl i western edge of the kingdom. |* ere ! Industry IK negligible. Educa- ; . other the Certificate No. 173 No. OT- Stale Board of !r. S arar.ce. Stite. DALLAS. TEXAS ' A. AT ZALE'S . cy certify tha; K^^'J ·K^^ ll Is *' .*w, '· 1 *#*S; v v;-yx s vif^cCoi^-^ x^v«*^^'^: SO;.t71WF.ST I'MOj: LIFE INVKANTJ: COMPANY DALLAS. TEXAS Tf.tit ir. rfV.ic.n'V.Vir.ijr.ili.-f.' b^T-. unc-r tsy r.?rd ar.d **-l o? c'.i'-f . Amt.fl. TrtK. the fj-» f,--; j-w.r rfrJi.'irj . i IV? 1 L I N S U R A N r r . COStF'ANY DALLAS. TEXAS . . cf Tfxjij ir reUt'Tt { ca ur;-r r.v Comniv^xVjifjir.ViVar':* . ron-,par.-,- No. OM".:. 'lttI*M ». . o.' lr.rjrar.ct. of the 25th Division and i rperhaps,'| UtS - Army Ha ' vaii - j to name! When Harkins was promoted to ! ;chief of the military assistance! from the Pen- force in Viet Nam, it seemed only! TS before he logical his successor would be! short supply. \Vhat wealth is ac- ilefl '" onc of his staff officers «-,Richardson. i cumulated is usually lavished on religious 1 festivals. "While the United Slates was pumping $25 million in economic aid into Laos in 1%o. the government spent SSOCUXX) on cremation ceremonies for King Sevang Vong, who died 18 months before. Most Laotians are. farmers, usually rice growers, v.ho seek from their toil only enough to subsist on with r\ little extra for bartering. Thev are gentle and courteous and lead a slow-paced |life that on the average does no* j exceed 40 years. More thnn SO ipcr cent are illiterate. They practice a form of Buddhism widely j !rrt'\cd with spirit worship. j · For centuries, ihe Laotians; jhavv bco'i the pawns of bigger j I powers. France got the area, a- jzrou« of feudal kingdoms, from' 'Thailand Into in the last cer.turv.i l.lapan occupied it during "\Vorld; Iwar II. The French returned butj ]hv 1919 recognised I./ROS as an in- I dependent sovereign state. I The pro-Communist Piithc* I-ao (faction rejected the \lentiane i government, howcvci, contending lit wasr still a vassal of France. CHj The Oxford e AM-FM RADIO e STEREO · 23" TV $00095 / 7 7 with Trade TALIAFERRO HARDWARE NORTH SIDE SQUARE *$~n~iAr**^-~;!i- ^.·vx-/.v«i*.:WivJ5x^-jv*;« ' Compare Zate's Prices Your Money Back in 60 Days if You Find a Better Value V" ILTON WATCHES AT ZALE'S DISCOUNT PRICES Ait modern kirchf^ Ncr^eMt De THE GRAFA AGENCY 332 ' :m5 SEf TMi f on, fctas t*S, 7 full 1 USED CARS ] ; 1960 Bel-Air, 4 door, V-8, /power glide, radio, heater, /power steering, power ibrakcs, factory air, tinted ·[glass, white tires. Extra clean $1995 BEDROOMS ?! heme, Ncrth*Mf Cf.-v- varrf, c« t'.r .c-ii.t:Cf-f , rt , - 2 car ?jrj5-, r«r- 1960 Corvair, ord shift, heater. Only $1195 j j door, stand- THE GRAFA AGENCY 332-3915 FOR LEASe OR SALE School *nd Shcfvi^5 Cer.te'', rwn brik hOTie, cwnff help fii Roy \Voinright, Associate \V.F. ?at'HAMILTON 347-2300 210 Iniurstt,, Ut of C*r 13 from Chester Morris CHEVROLET COMPANY Authorized Chevrolet Dealer 220$. Locust 382-5451 OF YOUR OWN 14W 295°° down 60 75 per month BANK RATE PHONE 382-6395 ASK FOR GENE HUGE DISCOUNTS! TREMENDOUS SAVINGS! 24-MONTH GUARANTEE factory Jiifl ^FAMOUS NAME P IWATCHES COST I llESS A ZAITSJI " 2o!«"» prket »«r« olwoyt NOW Ihey'rt fo^er tr-on CONVENIENT TERMS Open Til 3:30 Thurs. Nita » Y L i,^'^Ji?';W s * TT+V .frhC-Vaa%BM 700 W. University 382-4156 Denton Center

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