The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1952
Page 2
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^^^AMI IWHPJfe TWVB TWO BLYTHEVTTXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONT5AT, ?8, 1991 1 Federal Officials Move To Halt Increased Trend Of Bank Embezzlements WASHINGTON (.fr-Federal officials, gravely concerned over a sharp Increase In bank embezzle- Yoshida Pleased With New Peace Japanese Prime Minister Hails It As 'Magnanimous' By oiiKft CI.EMI;NTS TOKYO «v-Quiet peace fell over the misty Japanese islands tonight. No Incident marred the night that officially ended history's bloodiest war in the Orient. Japan again became independent at 10:30 p.m. (8:30 n.m. Eastern Standard Time) — the hour set arbitrarily by the U.S. und Japanese governments to mark the close of six years and eight months of Allied occupation. The peace treaty signed by Japan and 48 oilier nations became effective at the same time. There was no dancing in the streets, but peace prayers were offered at shrines. Japanese peace lanterns swayed on the Ginza, Tokyo's Broadway. Millions of Japanse flags—the rising sun on a while field—fluttered for the first time since the occupation began. Yoshida Halls Peace Prime Minister Shlgeru Yoshida called it a "magnanimous peace unparalleled In history." He ureed his people to "march Joyfully, courageously nnd resolutely on the broad highway of peace and democracy." Political lenders generally followed his lead. But the Communists were dour. They said today was one of "national humilitatlon. ... A blot on the nation's history that has never been seen before." There was no official word from empress, Tomorrow Is Hirohllo's 5lst birthday—a national holiday. The full celebration of the conclusion of the peace agreement will be held Saturday." Murphy to Japan The new American ambassador to Japan, Robert D. Murphy, was scheduled to reach Tokyo from the U.S. at about midnight. For Japan It was a great day oh the diplomatic front. Nationalist China and India made peace with the 84 million Japanese Just as had the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, No Zealand, Canada, Pakistan and France. Red China and Russia technically still were at war with Japan. Neither signed the San Francisco pence treaty nor joined in the Allied peace move that restored Japan to full sovereignty in the family of nations. The Japanese government Issued a while paper calling attention to Russian, psychological warfare activities in ihe Orient. The document said the government believes "Russia Is not yet determined to resort to ah all-out war to win over Western Europe and all of Asia." The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said arrangements had been made with Belgium Brazil. Ceylon, The Netherlands and Norway for the resumption of diplomatic relations. Missions will be exchanged with The Philippines and Indonesia. ments, are taking steps to halt !hc trend which some blame on a general lot down of morals after World War II. These arc the cold statistics of ft situation which FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover called "alarming" and Kdwi;i u. Cramer of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) described as "startling": An FBI survey showed » jump of 188 per cent since 1946 in em- acxzlcments and shortages in banks nnd savings associations, the 1051 boost was 25 per cent. Embezilements Reported Tile PDIC reported IW3 criminal embezzlements or similar types of bank shortages In 1951, compared with 270 cases )j] 1046. The FDIC surveV showed 125 per cent In crease over the past six years among batiks alone. More than eight million dollars was involved In 1051 shortages. Tile FDIC. which Insures individual deposits up to $10,000 in member banks, reported that the percentage of bank officers guilty of embezzlement was more than twice as high as lesser employes. Or the 102 of/leers nnd employes involved In 1951 shortages. Ihe ratio of those guilty was 30 in every 10,000 officers and 13 In every 10,000 lesser workers. Officers and employes hired by the banks and similar associations lolal 4SB.OOO. Campaign Underway Earl Cook, nn FDIC director, said a vigorous campaign is underway to halt the steady upward trcml of embezzlements. Bank directors are being urged to: 1. Watch officers and employes io see il they are living too high — one of tho chief reasons for embezzlement. 2. Rofale workers without notice and Insist that they take vacations so that shortages cannot be bidder long. 3. Impose tighter auditing and other Internal checkups. MAILBOX (Continued from rage 1) all obstruction* (including snow and parked cars) promptly re moved. 6 Pill ruts with crushed rock or broken brick or cement. 1. Drive your own car up to your box. If you can easily reach your mall from behind the wheel of your car, reaching out the right hand side a.s the carrier is required tc do, then the chances are that you box Is pretty well located. Bette yet. talk to your carrier about the proper locution, nnd the corrcc setting. 8. Yottr carrier serves this box 305 days every year. If it 1.5 correct); set. II lightens hLs work and save; him time so (hat he can • more quickly serve other patrons farthe along his route (and saving hi. time can ssve the government nion ey). 9. This will be appreciated, to with the rapid development o housing on acreage.'!, the work loai of rural carriers has more thai doubled in the past fe v years. 10. Ycur mailbox is lh« front doo to your home. Since it ta i£uall ii) front of your home, its ncir np pearancR will add considerably t the neat appearance of your honn Ruts fillet!—box and post paintc white—possibly a few flowers planl cd behind it. WHEN YOU NEED- ASH Get it wifh a Convenient, Low-Cost PERSONAL LOAN (With Up to 18 Months to Repay) at DELTA LOAN & FINANCE COMPANY OF BLYTHEY1LLE 324 West Ash Phone 2091 Commodity And Stock Markets- ew York Cotton ay uly ct ec Open HlRh l/)w Close 4006 4006 3002 3062 3010 3D40 3899 3301 3685 3685 36C5 3071 3G51 3051 3633 3047 lew Orleans Cotton Open IflRl] Low Close 3094 3034 3855 3955 3534 3934 3893 3853 3635 3685 3663 3605 3640 3640 3628 3630 oybeans Low 286'1 Close 239 V, 285!.| 276 211?:, lay .......... 290 ul ............ 285 : 2 opt .......... 270!i 27<t ov ........... 271?i 210 ivestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. 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Sheep 1.000; lambs about steady; ew lots good nnd choice wooleti mbs 28.25-50; good ami choice lipped lambs 20,50-28.25; load tllity and good clipped Iambs 1.50; cwu's not established. OOS.NKU, HONOR 5TUI1KNTS—James Lovell Lucius, son ol Mr. and Mrs. !•'. E. Lucius, has been named valedictorian of the 1052 graduating class of Gosnell High School, it was announced today by principal Floyd B. Irby. Ealutalorian ol the class Is Katherine Hoffstctter. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B, Hoffsletter, James also Is president of the senior class. lusscll Says No' to FEPC TAMPA. Fin. (/rt—Sen. Richard I. Russell said ypstcrday he svould ave no'part ol a compulsory fair mploymcnt practices plank in the Jemocratlc party platform 17 North Missco HOC Women Attend Pilgrimage to Old Mississippi Homes As part of the celebration of National-Home DemonslrMion Week, 17 North Mississippi County home demonstration club members and Mrs. Gertrude B. Holiman, home demtinsirntion agent, jiucnded the pilgrimage to the antebellum homes and churches in Hotly Springs, Miss,, over the weekend. The women visited ihe old Mis- sis.sinpi homes in groups, completing the pilgrimage Saturday. Among the homes visited by the club members were those built in the early clays of the city of Holly Springs. Severn! or the homes were occupied by Gen. U. S. Grant during- the Civil War. One of (ho homes visited by Ihe North Mississippi County delegation was built by the parents of Henry Wndsworlh Longfc!lou r , the poet, Twelve homes were visited in all. Those nUenrti?)gr the pilgrimage included: Mrs. Luther Thompson, Mrs. Bill Cable. Mrs. Bob Scott. Mrs. Clyde Lutes, Mrs. Jerry Scrape, Mrs. Charley Lutes Mrs, Raymond Payne, Mrs. P. S. Parker, Mrs. Bud Guntcr, Mrs. Leslie Obituary Fin told n news conference that he became the party's prnslden- tal candidate, he would disavow ny such plank. iGraveside Rites Held For Weatherly Twins Graveside services for [he Russell is campalKninR Tor Florl- son " n<1 'laughter of Mr. and Mrs. a'R delegate slate to Iho national Joc Weatherly of Blytheville were onvention. i conducted yesterday and today at The Georgian !s opposed by Sen. Estes Kcfauvcr (D-Tenni who hns aid that If, the pary adopted an PEPC plnnlc he would feel bound norally to support It, Moore, Mrs. J. O. JIuey, Mrs. Lee Sliles, Mrs. Forrest Moore, Mrs Xoa Thompson, Mrs. Mary Scraps Mrs. p. B. Jarrett and Mrs. Neta Bunch. Farm Manager Slain at Proctor Is Buried Here Services for a. Procter. Ark., farm manager who was slain there Infit Monday, were conducted at 2 p.m. ioday at Holt Funeral Home Chapel here by the Rev. B. c. Brown, pastor of First Baptist Church. Burial was in Memorial Park Cemetery. At noon today, no IMy- theville survivors had been Iccated and It was not clear why services and burial were held here. Body of the farm manager. Hcm- er L. Smith, 32. was thrown into a «-e!l at Coldwater. Miss., and not found until yesterday afternoon. Mis.sls.yppi authorities are holding a Negro they say has admitted the killing. The Negro was identified as Jimmy D. Wright, 28, a laborer on the Procter farm. Officers quoted Wright as saying he killed Mr. Smith after an argument about the laborer's work and drove the body to Colclwater in the dead man's car. JAPAN (Conllmicd from rage 1) Peace Treaty. Japan mul six oiner countries had previously deposited their ratifications with the Slnte Depart- mcnt and only the American aclion was necessary (o bring the treaty into force. Acheson nlso exchanged ratifications with Japan's ranking representative in the United States, i Tnkeuchl, making the security treaty effective also, Takeuchl presented his credentials as first fully accredited Japanese postwar diplomat in the Uni- led States. A new American ambassador, Robert 1). Murphy, is already en route to Tokyo. Acheson read Die statement from President Truman and Takeucbi presented the declaration from Yoshida. Thus a little more than 10 years after Japanese bombs at Pearl Harbor touched off World War II in the Pacific, pence was restored between the two leading enemies of that conflict, America and Jap- j an, and the other nations which Read Courier News Classified Ads. have ratified or will ratify the peace treaty. The ceremony, In fact, marked the end o( World War II tor th» United States, the state of w»r with Germany having been ended by legislative action last year. The peace thus formally established, however, Is only a partial and uneasy peace because Russia has louRht it since long be/ore th« treaty signing conference at San Francisco last September. President Truman called the !>•-* ginning of Japan's Independence a "great event" and said the United States had worked for Japan's "restoration as a prosperous and progressive nation." The peace treaty, the President sold, gives Japan R chance "to make a great contribution to world peace and progress." "Japan takes her rightful plac* of equality and honor among th» free nations of the .world," Truman said, "at H time when Communist Imperialism, having already enslaved large areas and many unfortunate peoples, is seeking to extend Its system of tyranny and exploitation by direct and indirect aggression." Participating in the ceremony were representatives of the 47 other countries which signed the peace traty. Most of those countries have still to ratify the pact. SEARCH (Continued from Page 1) 1 ncy of Ph)l;jrie)j>hla. It was feared j he might have gone down with his ship. | The Hobson Jiad a normal com- ! plcmcnt of 13 officers and 212 en- \ listed men. However, at the time '. it carried .slightly more than that i — 14 officers and 223 enlisted men. | The Navy wtis listing the missing [ and notifying 1 next o/ kin today, j as rapidly as conditions allowed, i Names were then made public. Of \ the 176 missing, It said seven were i officers. 169 enlisted personnel, I The crippled Wasp turned back : for Nev.' York, accompanied by the ; Rodman as an escort. ! The other ships continued on to Eurojje. i Women Stand Firm on 'Ike' CINCINNATI W,—The League of Women Voters stood firm today on its derision to allow a "stand-in" for General Du-ieht D. Eisenhower to .speak on iLs radio-television forum for presidential candidates. The league insisted, however, that Senator Robert A. Taft—and every other candidate—appear MASTER MOWER The Modern Way To Cut Your Grass! small. Sizes: 2024-48-72 inch cut. 2 to 10 HP. 4-cycle engine. The most sensational Power Liiwn Mower to be introduced anywhere. LIGHT RUNNING * ECONOMICAL, EFFICIENT ir STURDY — CUTS TALLEST WEEDS — CUTS LIGHT BRUSH — CUTS ANY BEAUTIFUL LAWN This mower knows no height oi grass. See this mower today at all the dealers listed below HUBBARD MISSCO Hardware Co. Implement Co. 213 West Main South Hiway 61 DELTA Implements Inc. 312 Soulh 2nd WESTBROOK Machine Shop Authorized Clinton Kn?ine Service Station — Genuine Parts — Reasonable prices on repairs. America's Finest Power Mower! Ask For Free Demonstration — No Obligation Jlytheville Life Jnderwriters Meet Member!"jf-the Blytheville Underwriters -Association held their monthly meeting at the, Hotel No- b'.c Saturday. Guest speaker was W. O. King of Memorial Park Cemetery. Kits for Ray Weatherly, who died j the fonim personally cr re'rnain un- at birth at Walls Hospital Satur-| represented. Ta!t told a reporter he' day. were conducted yesterday could not see the laimess ol this, mornine and those for Fay Weatherly. who died Saturday ni»ht. v.-ete held at 10 a.m. today. Holt Funeral Home was in charge. The Korth to Army Post infants are survived by their par- enU - WASHINGTON Truman Jonosboro. field representative for the Social Security Administration. _ who showed a film on social secur- j nct-^eu who was promoted fast -si it-.v . — President today nominated Fred Korlh to be assistant se,'re;riry of tile Army, succeeding Earl R. Ben- l to undersecretary. AT LAST SCIENCE HAS THE ANSWER ... every cam owner should know about lubrication service INI OR YOUR MON • MO Drugs • NO Dieting • NO Exercise ^^^^^L^m .* "® Calorie Counting REDUCE THE ]1I!1C,\ WAY Where All Other Reducers FciH .SAFE IIIIK'X PLAN v NOW YOU CAN •• TAIIYOIT WANT!- •". 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