The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. and Mr. and Mrs. Rush Supday. Miss Mctany 1 Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS American Irtsrion auxiliary benefit fcrldte a lid rook part;, Woman's eliib, 7:30 P. M. • • WEDNESDAYS EVENTS Bingo parly, Armorel Junior high school r.udilorium, 1;SO P. M. Executive board, Women's Missionary society of First Methodist church, Mrs. Elton W. Kirby hos- tfss. 2:30 p.m. Kroeger-Black Wedding Brilliantly Solemnized Miss Eliza Anne Black, younger daughter of Mr. .and Mrs. Waring Axson Black, became 'the bride of Mr. Karl Kroeger, son of Mr. und Mrs. H. A. Kroegcr, of Oklahoma City, Okla., In a ceremony solemnized this afternoon at the home of the bride's parents, 801 West Walnut street. Only members of the.families and Utelr most Intimate friends witnessed the. ring service performed by the Rev. Alfred S. Harwell, pastor of the' First Baptist church, o'clock. at three-thirty An autumn/tnotlf of modern design was carried out in the decorations. Tlic selling for the reading of the rites was an embankment of ferns, palms and smllax, flanked with gold cathedral tapers In candelabra, which, were lighted by Mrs. Ixo irorr'jon. At each side of the Improvised altar was a basket of gladioli, In fall colors. These blended with other Ivory floor baskets of Joanna Hill roses and dahlias which formed sti aisle from (he smDax entwined stairway. . Miss Margaret Merrill played the nuplial music. She Included In her selections "Ah. Sweet Myslery of Life." Herbert, and "I Love You Truly," played as Ihc gucsls assembled, and Wagner's Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin heralded the bridal party. During the ex- chanting of the marriage vows strains of Liszt's "Liebestraum" *fere played. Miss Merrill wore »n afternoon frock of gray flat crepe and a shoulder corsage of Joanna Hill roses. Little Betty Black, niece of Ihc bride, scattered' rose petals in the bride's pathi She wore a peach colored crepe dc chine frock trimmed in white organdie and her flowers were sweetheart roses. The bride, who wns given In marriage by her lather, was gowned. I a/an .-itptMMMMde 1. 'of i brown piled crepe," cut bias, 'Tiny ruffles of white rushing on starched net formed the short puffed sleeve* and folds or the brown made a broad shouldor effect. She carried Talisman roses nnd Adlantum fern, lied wilh Talisman colored satin ribbon. Mr. Kroeger had for his besl man, Herbert Beardmorc, of Oklahoma Cily. Guests for the wedding and informal recepllon were received by Mrs. Black. Mrs. H. A. Kroeger, Mrs. Leo Morrison, of Oklahoma Cily. Mrs. Farnsworth Black, Mrs. A. M. Bull, Mrs. K. A. Smith and Mrs. W. J. Pollurd, who registered the guests. In the dining, room a pink color scheme was used. Bmtlax and tiny pink rose buds circled the base of a tiered wedding cake for the centerpiece of the table. Pink tapers, lied In pink and silver ribbons, were on the table and buffet wilh low bowls of the same flowers. After Hie bride cut the first piece, Mrs. Farnsworth Black served the cake, with individual ices. Mr. Kroeger and his bride will leave late this afternoon for a wedding trip to Chicago and later will be at home in Oklahoma Cily where Ihe bridegroom Is in the automobile business. For traveling Mrs. Kroeger will wear a suit ol mustard jolored basket weave fashioned ~~ with a short brown blouse of the same material and a three-cruartcr length coat trimmed in deep lapels of brown formed from a long collar In the back. The bride, who came here a year ago with her family from Oklahoma City, was educated in Memphis and at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, where, .she became a member of the Delia Delta Delia sorority,;.: Mr. Kroeger U n graduate of Ihc Oklahoma UrilyersRy and is a member of the "Alpha Sigma Phi fratemlly and ; tire Alpha Chi Sigma, national honorary fralernily. Out. of town tmesis here for the weddinj are Mr. a>,d Mrs. Kroegcr, patnts of the bridegroom, Mr. and Mrs. Leo : . Morrison and 'Herbert Beardmore,-' all; of Ofclahoma City, and Mrs. 8. S.'Sherrod, of Memphis. JWiss Gelia LaFerney Weds Mr. Lewey Caraway The marriage of Miss Cclla La- Ferney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William LaFerney of this city, ami Mr.JUwey Caraway of Washington, D. O., took place Sunday ai ihc BaplUt church oj Manila. The ceremony WRS performed at high noon by the Rev. G. P. Galhrjghl. Golden rod and fern* w^rc used for the only decorations. An om-' bankmenl of these covered tlic chancel and altar and baskets of. the nutumn blossoms marked the allies for the wedding parly. The bride wore an attractive frock or navy blue triple sheer crepe fashioned with R hip length coat. Tlie dress was untrlmmed and ulic wore no adornment except a shoulder corsage of pink rosebuds cnughl with pink ribbons which fell half way to the walst- Inle bolh In froul and back. Her father gave her In marriage. Her only attendant was Miss Mamie Louise Edwards of this city, whose dress was of eel brown flat crepe and satin. Her corsage was of sweetheart roses. Mr. Adrian Caraway of Manila was his brother's best man. The ring bearer was L\nia Doris Young of Horncnsvillc. For the nuptial music Miss Do- lols Thorn pson, of Brink Icy, Ark., was pianist and Miss Martha Matthews of Manila, soloist. Miss Matthews sang "f Love You Truly,' preceding ihe ceremony, and as the vows were asked she softly sang "O Promise Me." The Bridal chorus from Lohengrin was used for the processional. After t!:e marriage service Mr Caraway and his bride were guests of honor at « dinner party given by his parents, Mr. ami Mrs. E. L Caraway, at their home. IncliidK in the 34 gucsls were these from out of the city: Mr. and Mrs. Wll LaFerncy, King LaFerney and Miss Willie Marler LaFYrney, of Blytho- vllle; Mrs. J. H. Hughes, Mrs. Bertie Thompson and daughter, Eva Mae of Portagevlllc, Mo.- V A Caraway of Earle, Ark.; Mrs. Lulh «r Young of Hornersvllle, Mo. am Mrs. J. E. Cole of-Detroit, Mich The .brkip.jwho is a graduate o the city high'sch'ooi, has lived here for a -•numb'cr ; of.-' years, she • 1m been employed-at-Kress for severe years. -Prior-to- 1 her marrlaEo sh was the-guest-of-honor at a num ber of Interesting affairs given boll '•Mr.'.Caraway, who is'n nophei of the laic Senator T. H. Curawaj is In charge of the Senate Suppl building at Washington, D C where he and'Mrs. Caraway wl make their home. He attendee Khool in Manila laler Wash Inglon Unlvcrelly. • • K tuntheon To Be Given for Mrs. El| a S. <Ji%r Mrs. Ella S. Quljjg of El Doracl president of [he Arkansas Fccloi atlon of Business and Professional I Women's clutis. will I; honor al n luncheon I DO NOT UK? By HIUN WBLJH1MER 1 DO not like the uafanmbf twllithl.... 1 II ii u» fclkd wkk wlffcrUp cpf you, ft i rtinijti in ft mini rf»» riii)i^ riHi n>f . To mcdkxc on olrlficiii >wiWy totw, Tkrct wordi you laid, dug^i wmMimt* r Slflj down Ihc helb-ywr trnik 4»(ror< tHf Thii I hive timed tXroufk dayi o< IHilc i An >ntldo« which aurlu a dviU nluM, "VOU draw (o tan— Mmrtlrna I lUMk 1 (M «ou . •*• HCK>I out |lxl Hindi while I jrow Kripfdy Mil, And i»ilith[ urifii acroii a W|» <rf cntadow. Slips down a brook, or blowt Kn>»s • htfl. Nlfki KM the «m and lutfx (or t«rly ihinlac. The day Kinfi up a polWwd iun—why, ihci, MUM duik btcome a void with pnm belli rimfint, An Antelus to tear a w^vad italnT parly fur Mb.Black, Brife-Elect. Eight, of Mlra Anne Black 1 '* mos Mrs. 8. 3. Hhtrrod of Memphis rrlved today to attend Ui'e wed.- ias of h,er niece, Miu Anne 3'tck, to Kar) Kroefer. She ta ht hoti^esuest of Mr. and Mn H. A Kroeger was solemnized ernoon, was r'.vcn Sunday evening by Mr" anil I Mrs. H. A. Smllli. Mr. Smith is nn uncle of 'lie bride. Autumn garden flowers decorated the llvine and dining room NTl.crc n supper menu was served. The Burst !lst, limited to members of the fimillcs and out of inwn guests who hud already ar- for the wedding, were: Miss Pe«on«J B. B. HoUncld cf Rector, who ai be«n sttkruly ill at the JiU 9«pU*t awpiUJ, wu d to fttt hone of hl» . Z>| .B. Kwritoo, U MexMly faB*ovl«c. »nd rUufiSn, Mr» Holland, aecdmpanM hl» . &. B, Thorns h« wturetd Mm krief buttoew trip to JIONDAY, SKPTKJIBKR 2r>, 103. vwt to M»m'pbl». KITCHEN BY SISTER MARV NBA Service Writer 1 The busy-mother whose children K'Me home from school at different hours for their noon mca f»«5 the problem of finding dishes that can be Kept hot and appetizing for an hour or longer than .this, she must serve Underweight ng the type of snlad nnd dessert desirable for the meal, if grated 1 cheese Is stirred into the hot soup ' ust before serving, the food value s Increased in proportion lo Ihc' amounl of cheese added. Eggs stirred into the chowder also in- , irease Us food value and make a ; hwrly salad and dessert quite tin- 1 ., ... , necessary. 'Need More iron in Their All kinds of vegetable.'; can oe : combined. One very cood nitcj uses potatoes, onions, carrots and. ci'iMivn <\lic> MV t;r.n :in<! l>;il'J ce|cry with milk and eygs added' :m<i ivlm hu-k i'.n,vii'.r :m- if,;i:iUy Ihe iasl thines before serving. An ' iultmns (ni:i) n drlli-ji'iicy or i:ou. improvement of flavor is cffc-cti!(l , Wli.-n the b'.o;:d l.n-!:s irnn il U>if Ihe onion is always browned ' mini's thin :ni:l in-or and fulls lo slighlly in llio melted bultei- ori n'mrhili. .Tlion :i i-iiild loses n|i- bacon fat, Iwfoie the ntlier vege-'ivtiie nnd bccomi-s Mill llilnmr tables and water aie added. I ; m 'j u-cakc-r— niid easy pivy l« clv 'When the chowder must slnnd 1 ei , so i for some time between servings. ^o build up your cliild, five It's good idea to add an CBB to ccah o/ j; tiiooa. individual ixjrllcn as it is scrvcil. **«U)r difetted. aero answer Vegetable chow- purpose splendld- him Grove's Tr,bte!c:s Chill Tonic. It contains i;-cn which uwkcs for ...... ileh. red Wood. It also contain.; Mondays Menu ] taxless . C|iilnli:e v.hich tends to BREAKFAST: Grapes, cereal.! r , n: r v u,,. bloo;i The*- two cl- cream, bread cnimb pancakes, lion- i iifls - milkc ,,_ .„, rect|)lio , u ,i ,.,«!l Cy ; ™''*' ™"f' , , s , , lie-:"- 1 for voiins and old. A few LUNCHEON: Vegetable chow- (i . lvs • .„ TaliV .\<!M Chill der, croutons, lieail lettuce wilh 1 on, D. C. He mad* the Wp'b plane. W. Leon Smith .MI) children pent yesterday with Mn. Smith ' vho. Is it the Mempbi* BaptU reeuperatta»,.iro«i m tn for 'operatloi).- Bhe wll! be ab!e <« return borne within teb 4ay>. Mrs. Clarence Vetittm; ww i;. In .letnpfals ye»ttn!iiyv with te ffith- , .., t , . .nata, .»o U III at tiie Baptist. bO»pit«l. She WM acc««np«rJed hoiw by her'.«te- tcr, Ml*. Malbell* >.C!q6ke, era. who U her Mra.^0. M. Marf»n, ; Mljtes - . Mtanie'. . a.'Ken Jls.returMd last, nlgtt from . Hew- M»rt ; H-beire • Ihej; a^hdett ,', the ; mating ;ef;. ly because they are Quickly made and sullable for children of all MM. II the chowder is made with •>Uk H contain* a large amount cf nourishment and Is easily di!«l«!. Is not heavy or -*lh enoofh' to prodiKe the loygy 'eeltaj thai frequently makes nf- ernoon work to trying, but Is nour- shing and quieting to tired nerves and growing'bodies. .-.- SujHrfyinj; Bulk K«p in' ; mind the necessity; of erving ivllh chowder some other 'ood that will supply bulk and Coasted crackers arc a good choice. :rltpneic. Toast slicks, croutons ro lUdltbeti and celery arc good crisp food*, too. • /^simple salad Is suitable, pro- j dessert hearty enough to , -T*p of the '.«;, Business . and.'profealoral Woman's clubs 'Mr., and, -Mrs.! William BryTht, of Cairo, -I)!., were, -guests: ol -Mr. d. Hr«. T. H. Haynea.widlMr. id Ifrs;. Hti=sell Fair .yesterday. They were .' accbhipanled homj by Mri:. Artha *shop who 'had been vlnjjnj' here: : fw a month. .,, '•Irs. O. H: drear has returned ' : ' .-Ivrd U!fick and, Mr Kroegor, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Kroegcr, Mr. and Mrs. F^d Morrison ind Herbert Bcard- mnre, of Oklahoma Cily, Mr. and M'B. W. A. Black, Mr. andiMrs: J'nrnsworth Black and . daujhler, Ilclty, and Waring Black Jr. • « • " t'rknds Join B. A. Lynch In Birthday Ceebrailon Some forly friends Joined B. A. Lynch In celebrating.his 50th birthday anniversary at .a stag supper al Hie Lynch homc'j'ut night, arranged by Mrs. Lynch as a surprise to her husband. "Kalter aufschnltt" and beer were served, followed by an evening of story lelling and reminiscences. be'gxicsT'of Eilc:h of tllosc Present was, jn- meeting of vltcd to confeis "when nrut why" ' ' the club Tuesday, 12 o'clock ut llc cnmc to Blythcville. The >,._ ~-,, ... • . Wcr5 i-^eaied t | ln( nonc WRS . evening ; for n maxlfig' a scr cvchta enjoyed by this set' line M'ss Black's engagement' wa» an ".itmced. Drtdal tallirs and taw bowls ot lell. bloesoms decorated '.the • living loom. .-'"-.. ' ' In "the bridge games.Mrs. Farris- uv.rth Blapk • received "». po'tjery' i«jwl for high score and'the, bride elect's gift was guest ~toMb. A.molded salad iraiMrrM *lth potato chip*,: hot rolls, • cake'ancT Iced tea. tatartaiiw S. S. Clu*. . : Members of Mr*. J.-C.' i'.mday school. c]asa^c<-;th« Christian chureh were 1 hw. gtiejts FT:day. pvcnlrta -for- a party, ••fhls •vr.s » (artwell- nflalr to'lhe !cta»s u a group as some of (he- rnern- ctr* .were promoted Sunday. [•? Dart ball and other garaec' were en Joyed before the guests ^ent -. to the.- hospital for a • brief ivislt frith H' member, Martha Washburn, ' from' .Cfyctio where : she w»i 'the ei!«t::of. Ji*r dnujiiWr, MUs'Kath- erjn,' for a week while attitiilng the.'f< ; lr:- : . '. •••• . , "^ Mrs. ' : B. B. .Qoodman of Mem- pl'ls is the 'guest. oJ^her son,' Whit .Goodman, • and fsimlry,- for : severs da'y«. . ......' - ' Mrs. -Rush •.Tmnke'rsiey is improv i after an lltoess wlte -matarta :ver. •':'.'-•'• Misses- Dorotlff McKay. -and -Hat ie Bell '.- Covey- arid ~: LeRoy Flynn and Olenn. McLarty:of .Memphis th « Goff hotel. Plans hurt originally Seen innclr "„ S l , cvlllc ' thouRh ° nc ' for a banquet, with a mm be" of ! , c " Phlmps ' nm Mw Ulc "* nt '»f guests to be included, btil bccatw ' dny °" ly ft few mll « awa l r - »'»"#of the criilcal Illness of Mrs.!?,' 1 " "nUeUwted anything scnsa- llonnl in ihc explanation.-; by me'm- bcrs of the party of why they cnrae to Blytlieville he was disappointed, for none admitted fr*r of thc'Sher- iff of the county where once he dwelled. The expectation ot,. becoming rich was the reason ad- I yanccri by many, but all profets- irmsUi>nc-B)«ir ! e(l tliqnwelves well salUHed despite Annouiiccnwul has been marte ol i fa ''i lrc ^ " nllz * • tnat - »mbl(!6n. •Tliiirnian Atkins, sis ct of MiSo Marie Hamlsh, il was decided lo havr a fomple nffalr. Mrs. Quigg, who Is visiting a numcr of clubs In llic slate dl Ihis lime, has a special message for chairmen of the committees. ^ Later ''they went to store for: refreshments. , 'm- .r the drug niiirriage of Miss Oorotliy Blair, of Luxora, to Ellis Arm- ding of Sleiige. Miss. wos sdemnl/,cd The wed- Saturday. September 17, ,1 the home of ihe • ?" t that hr h. I'cv W. J. LcRoy pastor of »-c : n , i.t; =,™. ,7;n,v:J,.r:,.:.„.. -," c ;'l'an ,10 years, c Lynch, who .has lived -in) Blythcville longer than any al the party except W. W. Holllpcter, and is therefore entitled to'be regarded us an old settler, despite the '" here less Street Mitlioritst church, |:i-iformed tlw ring service. Supper Parly. ,10 years, confessed that Ihc i prospect dtd not appear bright to ! him when he first arrived from ; Pnragoutd to commence his duties whose l- Blythcvinc is a good place lo lUe . LIFE INSURANCE Where your. dollar 'is always -safcly invested: 'the; bflstVeatate to leave your 'loved.-'one^. : : All ; modern forms,' ; at I o Av-.n p n • - i)articip.atitig; rates: ; • - . • • • ;.V ; •* Our., new, low. rate or^ii- nary 'rate • for business men' will interest you. A-, talk ••.with W. H. BURKS, Agent Jefferson •' Standard Life' Insurance Co. .will con-, vinco you. • French riiessing, rice cusliuy pudding, milk. tea. DINNER: Baked bhieflsh, potn- to au gratin, h^kcd tomatoes, Chinese cabbage and celery in lime Jelly salad, pumpkin pie, milk, coffee. Tonic will u-orl: wonders in jour th!!d It will sh:ii-pcii h:r. up;wt:w, iimirove his tolor :nul uuilil u;j his r»i> and win-ay and IIICKM-SI: his i-rfislanuc to disruse. Grove's Tusicless chill Tonic ii pk-itLiiiit It take, children like il r.ncl it's nlxsolutcly s.ife for them. Contains nothing harmful All stores sd'i NolcS \ Usovo's Tasteless Chill Tcnic. KiA Barbara Ann I.em!eim;e, rout? 2.| a . .";° ulu ,,, to , ll!l . y ^ i1 " llrl scc ., l!ow 5' O1 »' was admitted and Corany.ii Hos?. " "'^ '"'" "' Rulcvlllc. Misa., was disnii.ssed. ciiitd will benefit from it. —Adv. 100-Year-Old Quill Winner I) NAMPA. Idaho (UPI—Mrs. Flor-j | ence Duval Maffllt cnlcreil a 100- j year-old 'quilt in the annual worn-1 en's exliibtl hprc and won t^c '• sweepstakes prize. Tlie miilt 'was Inherited from her grandmother. 11 *iuiii4 a aessert nearly enough tol/> . ,1 j take care of Ihe necessary calor-iv»0 lO the afUg Store f«* Is served. Endive, head or . ; shredded leaf lettuce, cabbage, and get a bottle of CARDU1 creu, romainc, escarole nnd Chinese cabbage offer a variety ol green* which may be served plain with a French dressing or used as the basis for a meat, fish or egg salad. an egg or meat salad is servtd, a simple dessert without should be chosen. Apple sauce and ginger bread, crisp cookies and canned, or fresh fruit, fruit Betty served with hard sauce arid- fruit tapioca puddings round out : a chowder luncheon satisfac- 'korUy. However, when a plain green salad Is planned, rice custard puddings; custard bread puddings and desserts rich In eggs arc usually wanted. ' Denerts to Choose Naturally the chowder Itself is an-important' factor In determin-1 to take l' ust * ing painful monthly times, i Shop and Parts Dept. open 'til |10 p. m. every night Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Miss Nell Williams Announces the Opening of n KINDERGARTEN AND NURSKUY SCHOOL October 1st (.'nil 2-Ui-\V for Information i Letters . From Home Each Week Xrinounwrncnt.; has been made of the marriage .of Miss Bonnie K!rt to Mr.-;Clarence Handsom. which was soIemniMd Friday evening. The Rev.' Alfred 3. Harwell, pastor o! the First Baptist cnnrch,' read Uie service at lib home. : The bride votz an eel gray Sfiiol.'- crepe: frock with accessoriek in-tt« same shade. .• Her matron of honor was Mrs. J -H. Donham - who wore a dress of .black salli i. •. : w. "Donriain was Mr. : Hand- «Kti*-best'man, ' •". ; ,'After ' a hriteymopn Mr. liand- at;hop)* 'In'.'this city were be is ."f&bectcd with. Uic •mrilty . Farm! -'Qoiistruction com' ,H«' formerly' resided in "•'- .Tfce. trfile,; ( ,tl»e daughter of Mr: aid Mrs. Itmes Ouatney of this city.." Brighten Up Your Fall Outfit With CLEANES Attractive neckwear 'is ;.tlie ' keystone of • j appearance. . . . the "color" .of the, masculine costume. Many men "•• thousfitlessly neglect their ties, which are as' subject- to soiling as any other gafinent. Ixwk^ oyer. yoiir 'tie rack anrl pick out those old favorites; . . . we'll restore them to seryice'nt a -reasonable cost. "Stoddard Solvent Is Kind to YQUT (T/p$«" Barnes' Nu-Wa Cleaners : PhpnilSO There will be many a claylluvl other will prevent you from writing lo tliosc ;il school, and there will be many a lime llml you aren't in the mood to write ihcni a long newsy letter. Send them the Daily Courier News at our new reduced college rate. It's like getting six tellers a week.-from home al only , $A.OO 4 Per School Year NEWS

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