The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 9
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•THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1937 I Take the Weight OH Your Digestion as Weather Grows Warmer It's a move to take tlie I weight of! your digestion In the splint' time. The heavy eater miss| es much of the season's delicacy I if lie stays too long Indoors at table. Try these simple recipes for "lightness" of body as well as | spirit. * I'lcuncil Asparagus am! Eggs IG to 8 servings) Tv.'o pounds fresh asparagus. I 1 1-2 cups boiling water, 1 tea- j I spixm salt, a tablespoons butter, ! 14 tablespoons flour, 1 pint mllk,"| 1 1 tenspoon salt, 0 liard cooked Hrenk o[f lower parts of stalks I us far clown as they will simp. I Wash, remove scales and cut into I small pieces. Reserve tips and 1 cook the asparagus in boiling I raited .water for 15 minutes. Add 1 tips, and continue cooking inl- I other live minutes, or until us- Siis is lender. Drain. Combine J lintter im-llul in .saucepan with jil:-ur. then add milk a little at a 1 time, .stirring constantly. -'Bring (to boiling point. Add suit.'Crush \yulk;; of lim-d cooked eggs and huld. Reserve 1 yolk for garnishing. I Add hard cooked whites cut in I strips. Add hot cooked asparagus. I Garnish with slices of hard cookf |ed egg and asparagus tips. Veal Cutlets and Pineapple CU servings) Six veal cutlels 12 pounds). 1 BK. 1 tablespoon pineapple juice, Jl-2 cup line bread crumbs, 1-4 Iteaspwm celery suit, 1-2 teas[H>on • salt, few grains pepper, C slices {canned pineapple. Dip cutleU; in egg beateji to- PgethiT with pineapple juice, then Iroll in bread crumbs. Brown cut- llcts on both sides in well greased Tran. Turn cutlets into well greased Jheat, resisiant glnss utility disn 2-qt. size. Sprinkle with mixture of celery salt, salt and pepper mid place a slice or pineapple on top of each cutlet. Bake in moderate bven (350 degrees F.) for 30 minutes. Garnish with sprigs of wat- prcress and serve from the same Banana Scallops Melted fat or oil 1 1-2 teaspoons salt G firm bananas, 3-4 cup fine corn fiakc erumlxs bread or cracker crumbs, o corn meal , For shallow frying, have 1 incl of melted fat or oil in frying pan For deep-fat flying, have dee "tie 1-2 to 2-3 full of meltei or oil."""" Heat tat to 375 degrees P. (o Jiintll a 1-inch cube-of bread wil Ib'rown in 40 seconds). Beat- and add salt. Slice peeled banana [crosswise into 1-inch thick pieces JUip into • egg and roll in cruinb |or corn meal. Shallow fry or deep-fat fry i Ithe hot fat 1 1-2 to 2 minutes c luntil brown and tender. Drain o |unglazed paper. Serve very ho Serves six. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS Shape Of Yolk Tells Age Of Egg FO'K FIUDAY iNDSATURDAY Fresh Shrimp ib Catfish Steaks C)ti>l>s or 1,1). If.c Slew, I'ouiul Cream Cheese Pwrtrv Wrt RutteOb 'fresh Ground Beef Pork GNws, first cuts lit 2l5c Salt Meat Marslimallow Baked Bananas 11 you've never served Marsh • mallow Baked Bananas your famil Ilias'a grand treat in store for them 1 that, is,—if you decide to folio jour advice and clip this recipe t I add to your permanent recipe file- IMarshmaltov.-s blend delicious! I with the bananas and serve tv, 1 purposes. They are the swcetci I in j agent and at the same tim I make a puffy golden-brown top I ping that delights the eye an | tickles the palate. Peel 'Bananas. Slice and arran; I in shallow greased baking pan an [sprinkle with lemon juice. Top wit I layer of pack-ette marshmallows 1 and bake in moderately hot oven 1 (375 degrees) for 10 minutes. Serve [ at once. Pictures of the freshness of tin egg may sound fantastic, but here they are. made by Cornell Unlvcr- Ity researchers and showing four degrees of freshness. At upper left is a fancy egg. Note the pherlcal appearance of the yolk, how the white hugs it closely. Grade A [upper right) has a while hat spreads out 'more, a yolk just slightly flattened. In Grade B eggs (lower left) the yolk retain.'! ts roundness but is noticeably flat, with white' much more runny. The Irregular shape of the white, the flat and distorted yolk tip off the presence of Grade C ami older eggs. G H Yolk Is Flat and .,\yhite Is Watery Old Age Has Overtaken It • lemon juice aiis work to paste. Season with a little condensed tomato condiment. Do not have loo moist. EESS I'uaelied in Cream (Six servings) Six eggs, 1 pint cream, 1-2 cream grated American cheese, salt and pepper, paprika. Heat cream In poaching pan but do not boil. Break in whole eggs, add cheese and seasoning. Keep fire low and spoon crvnm over eggs until set. Serve on toast with the cream and cheese sauce. Don't get cailght in : any kitchen shell game. The only thing that, makes an egg fresh Is,'freshness. .I[o\v tell when an e^g 'is truly fresh? Dr. Alfred Van Wagcnen find £>r. H. S. -Wilgus Jr.,.,of .Cornell University actually photographed freshness in "the broken out condition" of eggs. . : When an' egg Is brok'en out : on a flat, surface, you -can detect its freshness, if the-.yolk stanils up, almost spherically, with the white, firm and jelly like, closely about | it, then it is the best possible egg. On the other hand, as revealed by the Cornell photographs, if, when the egg is broken out, the yolk is considerably flattened ahd the white watery and spread over the plate, it Is just an average gradfc "C" egg. Egg Nest on Surimp (Individual serving) One egg. 1 round of freshly made toast,', i tablespoon shrimp paste, salt and pepper. Separt's yolk from white, kcep- jolk unbroken. Beat white and season. Make .round of toast and spread while hot. with 1 tablespoon simmy paste. Make a mound on toast of stiffly beaten egg white, shaping out well in center. Carefully slide' unbroken yolk into this well. Dot with butter. Cook in hot oven for a few minutes until yolk is set. " ' " - * Serve immediately. Shrimp Paste _ Chop fresfi cooked or eliuucd E I°: .^^'".L^L'^ 5hr "«P very fine. Add butt" • of raw spinach in your green salad' linixtures? Don't say no! • THE A fully motorized kitchen seems | destined to relieve the housewife of. all physical exertion, as witness the frozen dessert maker and the combination mixer, beater and whipper. The latter may be used in any con: venient bowl or pan in addition to hat supplied with It. The freezers ,i*re made in miniature or Icrge sizes vVilh the silver dome on the top enclosing the motor and gear driv* McCbrmick's Cinnamon because if makes better Floor Mats Just what you need for the spot near the ' kitchen door that gets dirty so quickly—or i for the worn spot near the stove—or in front of the sink.'These mats are colorful, and come in various patterns. 18 x 36 in. LIMIT 3 TO A CUSTOMER WALLfTYPEj CAN OPENER; 25,} Neatly cuts our top of any con In 4 seconds.' Leaves smooth, non- cutting edge. Every kitchen should hove one.' CLOTHES LINE Filty leel ol husky, braided cotton line. 2 hanks connected, il you need a longer line. For this quality, o bargain price. "ivory"biSHPAN Wide. d« pan. Ivor Hard enanwl c REGDIAS Sfc VAlUt ep, round 45 toe lha ovet*3$e i Hoi^'i a buy you won't tlnd av3in lor a long lld«. t^tily vrorth i*L • UotT. ytMA lltm • No«t populai ilia ENAMEL WATERPAIL ok) B^jhl Uu«. • «no™Wpoi!.Us< pall (of Waahiivj wUvJJwt, CIB cor, efc. Sav* ihb (or O "9ood" pctllor Ulcheix ijmil 2 to laundry, or <llhor nte<i». u - m " * "° Sdcmteu tfeel »l>ap*. 10 Customer Shouse-Henry Hardware Co. Blytheville, >Ark. Hens-Fryers Steaks Pure Lard 59c lioimd or Loin Pound 29c Shankless Picnic Hams Ib. 19c ASPARAGUS S 5 C POTATOES New BANANAS fiolden Ripe Lli. BABY FOOD 'X 25 PICKLES Heinz Fresh Cucumber 22 l CLEANSER Octagon 2 for 9 l LIMES Fres11 . Each GRAPES Fresh FANCY RICE 5 l HEINZ BEANS 3. Varieties. ;i for 25' CATSUP Hein/ Kle Sm. 13 C LAVA SOAP liar CARROTS Or lieets Cl Bunch V APPLES Winesiifi I)oz. 15 L SOUP Ilcin/. All Flavors OCt 2 Cans til MACARONI Heiir/, 2 for TOILET SOAP OctagonAU '2'ltars w CHIPSO l-nrgc 23c Small. COFFEE c. c:, Lh. .. Frenth, ],b. Jewel, Lh. . Jewel, 3 1,1) 25c 20c 58c '2-I-Ll). Sack 48-l>h. Sack Strawberries '^' IQc English Peas -• 19c Greens Aliislaril Or 'I'urilip liniich 2! C Oranges Juicy Fin. Lurjjc Sixe Uozcn 35c Clock Bread Loiip J,oaf or Sandwich I.oaf 2for15c Crackers Wesco 2-Lh. Box Each ISc SCOTT Roll TEA Wesco 1/2 Lh. Box 25 l MATCHES 3 Jinxes SALMON Chum Tall Can 10' DOG FOOD "S, 5 U MOTOR OIL 2 -t, 95 C CAKE Coconut Silver Each 39 ( APRICOTS Argo 2y t Can 19 C GINGER ALE 8 i-^ 25 CATSUP Frazier's M-Oit. Hot. BROOMS Sljec g.h'2f GRAPEFRUIT 5r I9 C PAN ROLLS MACARONI Spaghetti MUSTARD Quart 10 MOPS W TALL BOY * ! S 10° Peaches"- * 156 PintoBeans ! 39c Pears Argo LRC. 21/2 Can 17c Standard No. 2 Can 3 for 25c Tissue Waldorf •1 for 17c Butter Springfield Pound 30c Navy Beans 1 44c Fresh Eggs S22c Hominy Country Club Lgo. 2J/2 Can 3 for 25c P&GSoap • 25c

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