Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on August 6, 1973 · Page 20
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 20

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1973
Page 20
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PAGE 20 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N MONDAY, AUGUST 6, Notice, Citizen Charlie Fans! Effective today, ALL Citizen Charlie crossword puzzle entries MUST be sent to the Tucson Daily Citizen by U.S. mail. All entries MUST be received by noon Thursday to be eligible. Entries delivered personally to the Citizen are no longer eligible. Mail to: Citizen Charlie, Tucson Daily Citizen, P.O. Box 26767, Tucson, Arizona 85726. And good luck! $525 CASH rm/j; Cili/en Charlie's Crossword AM Entries iMusl Be Mailed ·;· I^T iiiailiiijjacldw i" rule* In-low) ·j; Po'ti-anl onlrii prohibited In I .S. I'or-ial Si-rvii-c ·: ' i'»Ui»(--l)i.- Kiilrir.. Will Noi II,. Kli»illr xX x/ //·i- y ^ c o T R O A 1 N G L 1 Nan Stre City a llii fc N L U E 's 0 L D '* E A 1 Y E 1 ' ' E '"' \ "t- d Y '5 T P ' H A ' H T E T S E 1 , ti / B S 5 'R E A 1 N 5 0 T // 5 , ". f A E J 5 H T T E R E D / '" / / / 4 D ie et ' - s If von an i \ wUll t o Mlll- ·i square. l)t-li tat ol : crili vi^ry e Ph Citizen subvert her, ·, [i-lrasr put an X in will Mnrt this v;rk- 3. Its not surprising; tluit 3 sports-*/' wear dtsigiu-r would luive to think £ ol a gmiink-k to move sales of liis-y 6. If you're listening to two pre- ·:·: teruious people discussing a high-:-;brow -- . their efforts to impress "f. each other would probably be J; ;i musing. :"; : 7. In ;i Sherlock Holmes story, sinis- ·'.;. ter man uitli slight -- might be £ Holmes himself in disguise. ·:· S- Generally speaking, an iiiicdu- £ uiited person in particular will v know little about the -- -. :·: . Make something tractive. seem more at'- CtIP PUZZLE ALONG DOTTED LINE HEAD AM) FOI.IXUV CONTEST 1(1,1,ES 1--Solve the clues as you would any crossword puzzle. Fill in all blanks clearly. r 2--Clip puzzle along doited line. Mail entries to: Citizen. Charlie, TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN, P.O. Box 26767, Tuc- ' v ! son, Arizona 85726. Multiple entries in a single envelope ' v i are permitted (be sure you place correct first-class postage ' X j on envelope -- postage-due entries will not be eligible.} .' v 3--Alt entries-must be received via U:S. mail by noon * Thursday to be eligible. THE CITIZEN WILL NOT BE REX SPONSIBLE FOR DELAY OF ENTRIES IN THE MAIL. v 4--Cash prize of 5525 will be paid for correct solution. If ; more than one correct solution is received, prize will be ·f ' equally divided between the winners. If no correct solution v- is received, S25 prize money will be added to next week's X" award. : :;-5--There is only one correct solution and only a correct solu- ;·;' ( fion can win. There is one answer that in the opinion of the !. 1 judges is the best word fitting the definition of each clue. ;X Decision of the judges is final and contestants agree to ac- X cepf these decisions as o condition of entry. v'6--Anyone may enter except employees of the Citizen or '*;-. Tucson Newspapers Inc., and members of their families. Submit as many entries as you wish on puzzles clipped v. from 1he Citizen or an original exact-size facsimile drawn :V by hand. FACSIMILES REPRODUCED IN PART OR WHOLE ·:' BY ANY MECHANICAL PROCESS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. Car- I * ' bon copy facsimiles or puzzles drawn on graph paper are ' not eligible. No more than one copy on a sheet of paper :j -- clipped to exact size of the original. "·: 7--Correct solution of the puzzle and names of winners, if ·;-· any, will be published in the Citizen this Saturday. - ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED VIA S' U.S. MAI L BY NOON THURSDAY ·:; Look lor Puzzle Solution and :· AVitiner".* iNamo in Saturday's Citizen 1 1 . Criticizing ugly building on edge 1 :'; ol town. IIKUI may well sadly re- '··'· call -- trees that once blood there. * I J. Weapon. X W, A man \vho -- a partner in an 'j\ umuccesslul business might won- ·:· _ dcr · about setting up a private :·; company. :·: 15. Belore leaving dcscrtetl house, :·: hunted criminal might try to -- '··· up any trace of his being there. ·:· Ib. D.'iring. X IP. If an artist -- his cottage by the :·; sea. it's probably because be needs v a change. x 20. Very small. " ·:· 21. Normally, it uould be relatively v simple for a handyman to make v himself a wooden -- rather than X buy it. . X CLUES DOWN: ij: 1. Seeing a caged lion, it's natural to v imagine liim -- in the jungle $ ·wilds. · ·:· 2. Rebuke. $ 3. On his First night in Kome, Tourist X might -- out on liotel balcony to ·:· take in the fascinating view h e x sees. X 4. One might admire coolness ot x . chess muster who -- ascendancy X alter thrilling attack by opponent, v D. I louse w i t h -- windows that one ·;· takes to be empty might be occtt-; pied by an eccentric. '· 10. The look .on a young niaivs face is : likely to show the value he inter- '. prets lor himself hv winning them. ; 13. If, after working all night, a man · has a business problem -- solved.; he may teel it was worth it. ! 15. A store clerk could easily feel fool- : ish ii unable to answer a question about it. ; 16. Probably sufficiently pleased rvith · the description of being powerful. ; 17. Tardy. · IS. Month. : APACHE ."La Buscona" -- 8:07, 11:35; "Los Hombres de Lupe Alvirez" -- 9:58, ·UENA VISTA 1 --"Mary Poppins" (G) -- 1, 4,7, ?:!5. "'.-. BUENAVISTA2 '."Torn Sawyer" (G -- 12:30, 2:30, 4;30, «:30,8:30,10:30. CACTUS "Oklahoma Crude" (PG) -- 8:07, 11:55; "Pancho Villa" tPG) --10:18. CATALINA "Losf Horizon" (G) -- 8:15. CINE AZTEC* "Los H»os de Satanas" -- 6:30, 10:15; "Los Problemas dc Mama" -- 8:20. CINBWORLD 4 CINEMAS Theater 1: "Badge 373" (R) -- 12:30, X:07, 7:«; "Extreme Close-Uo" (R) -2:35, 6:12, 9:49. Theater 2: "Live and Let Die" (PG) -12:30, 4:31, 8:32; The Mechanic" (PG) -- 2:41,6:42,10:38. Theater 3: "40 Carats" (PG) -- 12:«, ·L«, 8:51; "Butterflies Are Free" (PG) -- 2:44,6:42,10:40. ' Theater 4: "Poseidon Adventure" (PG) -- 12:30, 4:28, 8:26; "Hot Rock" (PG) -2:36,6:35,10:28. fcfiOTIQUE 2738 N. CAMPBEU MAGA/INES BOOKS -- N O V E t l i f i 8 MM SUPER S T A G f i i w S MANV fTEMS 50 O f f QPfN 10 10 WEEK D A V S I 6 SUNDAY PHONE 326-0406 Movie /Schedule ELDORADO "The Sound of Music" (G) -- 2, 8:15. FOX "Super Fly TNT" (R) -- 2:20, 5:35, 8:30; "Dealins" (R) -- 12:45, 3:30, 7, 10:05. JERRY LEWIS "The Harrad Experiment" (R) -- 7:30, 9:30. MIDWAY "40 Carats" (PG) --8:07, 12:13; "But- lerflies Are Free" (PG) --10:19. All that pulchritude and Burr too! By LAWRENCE LAURENT Washington Post Ncvn Strvlct WASHINGTON - Elizabeth Baur is the kind of woman that other women find easy to hate. She wears a size five dress and is trying to gain -not lose -- 10 pounds. She never had a skin problem. Her hair is naturally curly. And she gets paid to spend up to 12 hours a day with Raymond Burr. She plays Officer Fran Belding in the "Ironside" television series (NBC). This fragile-appearing, 25- year-old woman is a fifth generation Californian who defied her father and entered the film business. Her father, is Jack Baur, a veteran casting director whose most recent job was at 20th Century Fox. "It started." she recalls, "when i was three years old. I'd get up early to watch western on TV. I wanted to wear' two guns and ride a horse." By the time Elizabeth was 1G, she told her father, "I really want to act." As a casting director, Jack Baur knew better than most the heartbreak that is part Of the film business. All he said to his only child, however, was "fine, Elizabeth" and arranged for her to audition before famed drama teacher Estelle Harmon. Miss Baur remembers: "Secretly, he hoped that she would tell me, 'Forget it.' But Estelle's reaction was just the opposite. She was willing to take me on as a student." Her father paid for three months of training during tl'.e summer and then told his daughter it was time to go back to Immaculate Heart High School. "He made it plain," she remembers, "that he had paid for my training and now it was time for me to have another ambition." She finished high school, but not before a friend found her a job in a corn flakes commercial. She worked with Jimmy Duranle. "Mostly, I just sat there looking pleased, which wasn't difficult since I knew the money would pay for more acting lessons." Still, there was father to be considered. Elizabeth duly enrolled at Los Angeles Valley Junior College and during the second year decided, father's wishes or not, that she'd go TV, football affects home living, layout CLEARWATER, Fla. (UPI) -- The 21-inch color television and pro football have had a profound effect on the configuration of American homes, according to a home designer. Television plays a large role in the popularity of "family rooms," especially big family rooms, says Spencer Hart, design executive of U.S. Home Corporation. "The family room of the 70s has replaced the living room of the 1950s as the family gathering place,'" Hart said, adding that "most home buyers want big family rooms that can handle leisure activity of Mom and Dad -- and all the kids." fulltime into acting. To make matters even stickier, she decided to try for acceptance in the talent training program then being conducted at 20th Century Fox. where her father worked. "He told me he wouldn't lift a finger to help," she said, "and he didn't." The young woman was accepted and became part of a class that included such performers as Jacqueline Bisset, James Brolin (now of "Marcus Wilby, M.D.") and Lyle Waggoner (now of "The Carol Burnett Show"). Elizabeth showed up as a mini-skilled policewoman in an episode of "Batman" and in a feature motion picture, "The Boston Strangler." The big break came, however, when she won an audition to play Teresa O'Brien in a western series called "Lancer." She thought all those dreams, at the age of 3, had finally come true. She hastened out to Malibu Canyon for five months learning to ride horses. "1 took lessons in roping and learned to drive a team of horses." "Lancer" was supposed to be the CBS-TV answer to the NBC-TV success with "Bonanza." Instead, it lasted two years and during a total of 51 one-hour episodes, Elizabeth Baur mounted a horse in exactly two shows. "Lancer" faded and she found other work. She was. "a naughty lady" in an episode of "The Young Rebels," a "little girl student' in an episode of "Room 222" and "a kind of sweet nothing" in an episode of "Nanny and the Professor." Meanwhile, across the hills in the San Fernando valley at Universal Studios, a problem had come up in the "Ironside" series. Barbara Anderson, who had won an Emmy Award as Police Officer Eve Whitfield, had decided to get married and leave the series. "I never thought Td get 'Ironside'," Miss Baur said. "(Producer) Cy Chermak saw 130 actresses. He. chose 14 to read for the role and seven were given screen tests. The others were more the policewoman type. I think he picked me because I didnt look like a policewoman." The actress remains a person of strong will and big ambitions. She recently moved out of her father's home, but she didn't move far. "I thought it was time that I had my own place," she explained, but she stayed in the Hancock Park section of Los Angeles where she's lived all her life. Father's home is within walking distance. Now she's busily decorating the apartment and dreaming new dreams. After 'Ironside' I'd like to be a star. I'd like to be the very best. "I think," she said, "that's being very honest." Arizona Theatres / (obc) * l !! H !* T " s (obc. 111-0616 HURRY! TODAY 3:00 « 1:15 P.M. JULIE ANDREW: THE SOUND OF MUSIC" COLO* 1C) Elizabeth Baur and Joe Don Baker in a scene from an "Ironside" episode. NOGALES BUS SERVICE leave TUCSON for MMJAI.ES 7:00, 9:25, 11:15 A.M. 12:15. 1:00 3:30, 5:00, 6:30, 8:15,10:30 P.M. leave NOGALES for TUCSON 7:00,9:15, 10:00, 11:15 A.M. t 1:15 2:45. 4:00. 6:00, 8:15, 10:15 P.M. Greyhound Terminal 792-0972 / ENJOY OUR V ENLARGED LUNCHEON MENU BARBEQUE KEEP, FRENCH DIP, HAMBURGER, FRIES CHOICE CHAR-BROILED STEAKS Pack*Em-lnn Serving Every Day 'til Midnight MIRACLE "Dilllnger" (R) -- 8, H:S5; "Cheyenne Social Club" tPG) --10:07. NEW LOFT "Repulsion" (NR) -- 7, 10:55; "Sundays and Cybele" (NR) -- 8:50. PRINCE "Badge 373" (R) -- 8:07,12:03; "Fuzz" (R) --10:26. RODEO i "Live and Let Die" (PG) -- 8:07, 13:14; "The Mechanic" (PG) --10:». SHOWCASE CINEMA 1 "The Day of the Jackal" (PS) -- 2, 4:25, 7,9:25. SHOWCASE CINEMA 2 "Jesus Christ Superstar" (G) -- liZO, 3:30, 5:40, 7:50,10. 2JND STREET I I "Man Who Loved Cat Dana'np" IPS) -- 9:50 only; "Legend of Hell House" (PGI--8,11:50. The Chalet 4030 E. SPEEDWAY VACATION · MONTH OF AU'GUST ·' . * RE-OPEN- Saturday September 1. 1973 Lunches [Dinners -- Suppers DANCE SHOW CLUB proudly presents again Elegant Hamburger r !l BEST BOOZE IN TOWN I \#m LEWIS Gown EXCLUSIVE FIRST TUCSON SHOWING THE EXPERIMENT CUTTY sm t JACK DANIELS SMIRNOFFS BEEFEATERS RESTAURANT BEER WINE COCKTAILS Op'.'ti 11 A.M. Closed Sunday Telephone 326-1818 1818 EAST SPEEDWAY Since 1961 DANCING S FUN - DRINK $ OPEN 5 7 P.M. TO 1 A.M. S MONDAY THRU SATURDAY J BACKSTAGE S A PLACE TO DRINK _ 749 W. MIRACLE MILE 5 623-1743 FIRST TUCSON SHOWING "DILLINGtlT (HI "CHEYENNE SOCIAL CLUI ftOSS HUNTEK'S LOST HORIZON' G "AL WILSON" RE.LIVE THE 1960'S WITH THIS DYNAMIC RECORDING STAR. HEAR HIS Mll- 110N RECORD SELLERS "IOBO" 4 "SNAKE" NO COVER CHARGE 6475 E. GOLF LINKS RD. -- TONIGHT ONLY RiPlHSiON ierl - 7:00. 10:55 Simbfl I Cybtfe - 1:50 SHOWCASE CINEMA1 TODAY 2:00-4:25-7:00-9:25 frrtZkmtmanns THE DAY OF THE JACKAL MAT. $2.00 EVE. $2.50 TODAY! 1:20-3:30-5:40-7:50 10:00; . · n nd now ihe film... A NORMAN JEWISON Rim JESUS CHRIST -B SUPERSTAR MAT. $2.00 EVE. $2.50 2 /7ift£/rtf"l ATONE LOOTIDH 3233 E SPEEDWAY-326 242S TiirMHtV K.\rithi!! New Concept in Frirndlinr^^ SINGLE MINGLE CLUB Trip.*! I'arlif.-I Danciua* N'"' I'rirml?! Fun! A Whole New World for Mature (Over 30) Single Men and Women Phoilr for lull clrlaiN. ll norm ;ini! 10 ji.ill. $82-9434 TUESDAY SPECIAL ay -House Chicken Fried Steok Diced Carrots Roll or Muffin Coffee or Tea Fricassee of Chicken Giblets ith Egg Noodles Oil Best Food In The Southwest 1145 N. AWERNON N. OF SPEEDWAY s A.'cufofafe 'or Vou' O'Onnj/nl'On'i Sreal'fosr Meelings And F rs, Coll Villager 32.V5 I 16 for Arrongemonh Stumpy's LOS CABALLEROS 2180N. WILMOT IBctween PIMA « GIANT) (Open 7 Doyi a Week) Stumpy's Los Caballeros Has Been Sold CLOSED JULY 28th Thank You For Your Patronage MEET KAREN -- The 'Greek Coffee' Reader! Come have your coffee grounds read 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.! /fs\ /) /} " The Contl ' nenta ' Duo" Bob Barbara Gary Perior RESTAURANT 4915 E. SPEEDWAY CALL FOR RESERVATIONS 325-2671 /327-4611 -- NOW SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES INCWOKLD/: INEMAS X CAMPBELL AT PRINCE 3260641 CONTINUOUS FROM 1 2:30 SEC MOVIE TIME! FOI STM!|NO TIMES INCWORLD, INEMAS 6130 f SPEfDWAV 298-3331 TWItITt Ht. 51.01 Ht TME«m$ t:tO-7:00 II 1ST TUCSON SHOWING IDIEIIT DUm-VEKIU ILOOM "BADGE 373" (R) LUS "EXTREME CLOSE-UP" (R) KOGEK MOORE »--i "LIVE AND LET DIE" (PG) 91. nus _J CHARLES IRONSON "THE MECHANIC" (PG) II 1ST TUCSON SHOWING LIV UU.MMN-EDNAIID UIEXT "40 CARATS" (PG) PIUS OOLDIE HAWN "BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE" (PG) CENE HACKMAN "THE POSEIDON y_ ADVENTURE" (PG) t I PLUS 7 J HOIEIT REDFOIB ""^ "THE HOT ROCK" (PG) "THE MAN WHO LOVED CAT DANCING PLUS AT i:S( ONIT "THE LEGEND OF HKtHOUSf ·T 1:00'11:51 (PC) LAST NIGHT IN COLOR ENRIQUE LIZALDE -- ISELA VEGA "LA BUSCONA" - PIUS- JOAQUIN CORDERO -- LUCHA VILLA "LOS HOMBRES DE LUPE ALVIREZ' =/ 22nd ST. AT ALVEKNON 325-2223 1ST TUCSON SHOWING GEORGE C. SCOTT 298-3331 CO-FEATURE AT CINEWORLD "EXTREME CLOSE-UP" (R) HOWARD W.KOCH BADGE 373 (jjl In color Prmls by MDVIELAB j=i A PAflAMOtJNT PICTURE CO-FEATURE AT PRINCE SURT REYNOLDS "FUZZ" (PG) NOWshowing · Chuck Mul-Kem MON.-SAT. Dancing and Fun from 8 P.M. · Drinks ' 2 Price for LADIES Every Tuesday from 4 P.M. · Always on Sunday Dancing and Fun from 4 P.M. with Silent Sam Spooky · Choice Prime Rib with glass of wine Corn Fed J 2 5 J 4 CLIFF MANOR RESORT HOTEL 5500 N. Oracle Road Phone 887-4000 always on Saturdays -- NOW SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES · flNEWORlP/T QINEMAS ^ 6/JOc. spfcow/ty 298-3331 6OLDIE HAWN «00fAST SPEEDWAY 326-D11I LIV ULLMANN EDWARD ALBERT A FIUNKOVICH PRODUCTION BDffEBFtlES ABE FREE A FRANKOVICH PRODUCTION 4© Carats FromCOlllRCIlWS H CHUCK CONNORS COLUMBIA PICTURES Pieuro Tht STANLEY KFWMEH j Producffonot OKLAHOMA CRUDE, CHARLES BRDNSQN "THE MECHRNIC" LAST 2 NIGHTS R G E I 4500 PAST SPEEDWAY 3260111 "40 CARATS" (PG) "BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE" (PG) SEE DISPLAY AD THIS PAGE CAMPBEll A! PRINCE 326-064 "BADGE 373" (PG) BURT REYNOLDS "FUZZ" (PG) SEE DISPLAY AD THIS PAGE v, · i /i in lole! NOW FEATURING THE WEST'S FINEST ADULT ENTERTAINMENT IN A TRULY MAGNIFICENT THEATRE (FOR THE DISCRIMINATING) THE SCANDALOUS CINE-PLAZA TUCSON'S FINEST ADULT THEATRE 3 !8E. CONGRESS 882-8882 ADULT MOVIES COLOR-SOUND *V° ' ' «** ^ 2h ;r?ho W Ladies Free with Escort OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10 AM to Midnight · large Variety of adult books, ' mogi, n«v(liics. color · I mm Jto? Tilm on sole t in the lobby · NEW Feature Every Fri. PANDORAS BOX ADULT 2737 N - TUC.TDC Campbell THEATRE 326-5173 Adult Movies NIKS FLIKS CHIKS Admission$ 2.50 ladies' Free New feature -- peep machines Program Changes Every Sun. Separated Seating for Ladies Couples Magazines Novelties live Entertainment Fri. Sat. Midnight Show Terrific film Sale-Trades Models for Photography -Body Painting and Sketching Group Rates Available 4 4567 So. 6th Ph. 294-1811 | ············^j j ff| · ADULT MOVIES Full Features IN COLOR SOUND NO MWMS ALLOWED! OPEN 12 TO WHITE DAILY ADULT

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