The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1933
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Served by the United Press BnrEHEvmE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 1153 I*Uy, Newa. BlyttoTlll* Court*. V»lle> U*d«r. Blytherillt H«t«ld. B1.YT11KV11,LK. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, SHITKMBKK 2!>, I'm SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NAVY CRAFT AUTHORIZED TO ACT IN CUBA Pill mm com : Urges Inflation To Aid Farmers Guarded Kiduaned Million-; aire Under Threat oi Death, They Claim. ! OKLAHOMA CITY, Sepl. ft-' (UPl —In a dssjicrate move to save: themselves from prison the three Texas Shannons placed the blame . In the $200,000 Urschel kldnayins | case today on tMr daughter. C-.ilh- ] erinc, George "Machine Gun" Kel- j , ly. aiid Albert Bates. , Boss Shannon, elderly, gray hair- f ed and dressed in a dark brown | suit with a blue shirt and no no. told the story he hoped would save him and two of his family from prison. i He related in detail his family luc under the questioning of his conn-1 sel and launched his story of how j hu was forced to take part in thc ^ kidnaping as a guard lor the vic- One Defendant Freed ! Opening the fight for the re- 1 maining ten defendants in thc case, i the Shannons' counsel beat Bates! to the jurv with a stcry thnt (li-1 rectly conflicted with the one he] had promised to tell regarding | Tfj [Michigan Bandits Wound IU Savings Bank Depositor FEBERRL OFFICE Senator i-:im(M' Tlmuuis of dkln- iiomii. sliovi'. i:-. a loailei :i:iuinr, jouMiern lt>.o:itli"-r* (if Collies* win* in^istin^ fin niiTt'iicy to Increase tarn. SUSPECIS HELD c ,|Pair Arrested Near Slutt- ill Direc.1 Distribution oi $100,000,000 Worth of Commodities. OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 25.—W. R. Dyes;; of Osccola, recently upualnt- cd federal relief director tor Arkansas, has been npiioinlcd federal director for the distribution of $100,000.000 of surplus foodstuffs and'clothing among 3,500,000 families now on the government's relief rolls. Mr. Dyess' appointment, expect cd by friends here for several days, was formally announced In Little Rock Saturday following a conference between state and federal relief directors on the question of re- liel for rtiral teachers. The new position will not, for the present, interfere with his du ties as state relief director, Mr Dyess said, and. although he plan to leave for' Washington in a few days, he will be back iu LiUle Rock Iu two or three weeks. As federal director, Mr. Dyess will I have jurisdiction over the deter- 1 mining of relief quotas and aur- ' plus distribution for the entire country. Included In Hie surplus commodities ordered purchased last week by President Roosevelt, to relieve the marketing situation, which will be distributed through Mr. Dy- FLINT, Midi., Sept. 25 .(,UP> — 1 luce bandits;lnvnded'the;CUl^ns Commercial Savings bnnk here' today, shot and wounded n depositor, and Kciuicd with an unknown nmouiil of cash. Tile wounded depositor wns Irving Fortgang, 50, operator' Of mall shop. Thr bandit trio, mined will! uwed off shotguns, entered the bunk shortly after II u|>encd for business. They ordered three em- ployes nnd three deixj.sllurs to on the floor. As the depositors started to comply with the order one of the robbers started liring. One of his shots struck Ftrtgnng and he /ell on thc floor. The robbers then scooped up J1.500 from the rages and eight- dejwsitors' money bags. Bank uf- tlclals estimated the bags contained $2,500. POLICE MIIE5T GUP Winkler. Susnect in Chicago Mail Robbery, Trapped in Home. FLASHES NKW MEXICO (JOVKltNOlt DIV.S'l}UKK<)Ui:. N, M., ,<luv. Arthur Stlliriiiiiii uf Ntu 1 Mexico Ml Jfud In his hnti'l rniiin hrn- today of heart 'I lie ullavk mine suiMfnly a fi« Jiilnulc; aftrr IILUII. Tlir KCIV- rniDr lind IHTM In Riiod lifulth and had runitr licrr tti altrnO a Hireling uf hanker* uf Ihr state. I'KIN'CK ASKS lHVOItCK I.OS AN(iKI.KS.—I'rlnrc Srrre Milivani liruiiKhl sull fur illvum: twlaj at.ilnsl Mary MoCormlr, ojiera singer, charging the ">tlr- rfil u|> uiylrasanf cos»V by UiMH-lathif with Samuel Instill. Tills LKtinn was liiueptndellt of Hie answer hr made rrrrntly lu Miss MfCnrmlc's sull fur «•)!- arule maintenance. (iKOWKKS HALT SALKS WKNUKI.l,. N. C. — Tobacco {rowers forced suspension of falts and caused u near riot in ujir of the warehouses un the Wtnilcll lubnmi nmrkrl today. Tlic nrar riot cainr as thc Krcat lubacro markets, uf North ami South- Carolina, I'lowd 'or thrfr weeks under a lulteriw- lorial marketing holiday, rcsiim BEMEB ! He'd End Retail Price Slashing ed opr-ratfuns w "h millions of iwunds of leaf un warehouse Ileus. The average priies today had been II lo 13 cents a pound. tiarl Believed to Have 1000,000 pounds 01 pork n n i 11 i i 11 recently through the go them. Defense testimony began alter Jud-je Edgar S. Vaughl, presiding in the heavily guarded courtroom, j . dismissed Pete Valder of St. Paul j r tilled Holdup Mere. as a money changer in the alleged | . conspiracy. ' Two young men, said to have Ttiis left ten persons, including ' been the bandit pair that held up Hie notorious Harvey J. Bailey, on the Noble hotel clerk here about, trial in the oovermrieut's first ma- | ti, ree o'clock Saturday morning. jor test of the new Lindbergh law. wcre taken into custody by B. J. chief weapon in the campaign Bass, marshal at Gillette, near '- ~ -'-' against kidnaping and other rickets of extortion. Judge Yflueht overruled a demurrer entered for Isadore Blumen- fle'ld; who wn5 aftiol!-er of trip seven men originally Indicted after part of [lie ransom money turned up In Stuttgart. Ark., Saturday night, officers here were notified yesterday. ; The men, whose names were not learned, were nrreslert on suspicion by the marshal and the telephone call to officers here Is said ess, are butter, eggs, beef, cotton and cottonseed products. The 100,100,000 pounds of pork purchased eccntly through the governmental hog processing agreement, will not be included iu the $100,000,000 surplus commodity fund. In his new capacity Mr. Dyess will work with Mr. Hopkins, federal relief administrator; Secretary of Agriculture Wallace, and Agricultural Adjustment Administrator Oeorgc N. Peek. usation ""•"•" ...... ' i men held up the local hotel. its second week | A s j lolgurli answering the dc- tivclvc mm nnti • sc ,.i ptlol , ot nno ukcn | n thE i, 0 i(i_ Rt. Paul. Bates Hears Ai The trial was in before a jury of two alternates, with a score of machine gunner guards nrctectiui the . w |,j cn courtroom from possible invasion by | v;ell 0 Ihe fugitive Kelly. Sam Sayers, Fort Worth attorney, made tl'.e opening statement in defense of Boss shannon, Mrs. I to have followed a statement by n | neavo companion that the two was found in the car ii the trio was traveling, as Shannon, and their son Armon. declaring flotlv that Kellv and Bates Hurricane Hits Coast Of Mexico lllc „,„ „,„ ,,... B . „„ MEXICO CITY, Sept. 25. IUPJ- -, c ,, „ a pistol. No money was re--The worst catastrophe in the Ins covered and a fountain pen, token tory of Tampico was reported to in the robbery, was not found. I day In official dispatches descnbln The bandit pair held up a night a hurricane which destroyed "thre clerk at the hotel and escaped | fourths of the town, with man with S33.50. a shoteun, fountain; dead." pen and several packages of cig-| Martial law wns declared in In were '"rinTYeuticrs in the kidnap- j arcltes. after overlooking S250 in area, ing and ransom plot. ! an. old bag, lying on top of the office safe. Local officers, informed that a As he told how Bates, with n machine gun across his knees, ttrcat- .....1 death to the Shannons il they did not guard the multi-millionaire oil mail on their Paradise. Tex., farm. Bates stan-d coldly and evenly nl him. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 25. <UP> — Cotton closed steady, open high Ocl 975 998 Dec 1005 1024 Jan 1018 1030 car bearing Kentucky licenses had been seen here for about a week with iwo occupants, said that Information from the Gillette marshal indicated tile pair nrreslcd wns thc same seen here and sus- Pan-American Airways estimate tlu; ^ead at more than 100. Military officials took charge the TampSco region to prevent loo ing and to s»ced relief for the hur rieane victims. Rivtr Overflows BROWNSVILLE, Tex.. Sept. pected in thc robbery. Police Chief Ed Rice nnd Clar ence \Vtlson. Mississippi county j Vhen thc Panuco river overflowed I (up)—An undetermined number [>ersons were drowned at Tampii Whole Bankruptcy Only Alternative Decla r e s Senator Wheeler. CHICAGO. Sept. 25 tUP)—Gus Inkier, north side gangster, who as trapped In his luxurious lake lore, apartment, wns questioned xtay regardhiE the mnchine gun I nying of Policeman Miles Cun-! inghnni during the robbery of ederal reserve bank mall pouches.! Winkler nnd hl s wife. Georgette.' ere surprised in their nunrters verlooking the exclusive Belmonl acht, harbor by detectives who rashed in niter a grocery boy. Winkler was connected by police with the shooting through o*ner- auloraqbJU. which wns j WASHINGTON, Sept wrecked Wjeii'.Ui£«JWeTii-'»W*h#e The alternative, of real d to escape in a smoke screen. Detectives learned of Whiklei's residence by trailing his negro Imuffeur. who unwittingly led wlice to his employer's apartment. louse. Meanwhile ballistic experts link,d the machine gun used in the ,layiiii; of the policeman with the veapon used In the assassination at the'Kansas Clly Union stntion on June 17. 'ncr. Fixi'io Provision Rc- miiiMs Chief Obstacle to', Approval. j \VAfilllNfiTON, Sept. V5 iUl'>—; \ .shrwiluwn ntnuvd today (mendi-s^ 'or tin- nation'* rtilnll and drug 1 stores. 1'rrMdfin Huosevelt was inixlmis lu llx wiikr nnd hour slandnrds for .he S.UCti.OOO affected workers evun If his decision luid to b« deferred, on disputed price control provLs-, ] lous. liccovcrv Admlnlslrator Hugh S. 1 Johnson hoped for ngrccinpnUs io|- clcur tlie way lor the NflA buy-, . liv campaign. This drive has been] • Ill-Id up mull the largo retail umli (liiig croups could be broughl tin-1 dcr cedes nnil until the admlnls- tnillnn's crcillt expansion efforts bfiiln to yield the desired re.suUs. The price control fl(?ht showed m> sl«ns of nbntliiK. It has divided ii'lnllcis and offlclnls of Ihe NHA llf.elf. with members of the consumes advisory board Aligned niialnst proponents of the . provisions fixing levels below wlilcli no" uoods could lie sold. Johnson wns scheduled lo we the president today and the dispute will be discussed: Mr. Roosc- t went over it with Jutliie Sniii- Uoscnman. counsel for'. tl)c w York City Ketnl) Dry Quods •ocliilloi:, who accompanlctl him his wuek end llshlng cruLse. Situation of Gran Sari . Martin Regime 'Remains ,Hi«hly Critical. • WASHINGTON, Sepl, 25 (UP)-i- Commundeis uf U. S. naynl -vessels off Culm hnve been authorized to net on their own Initiative in protecting lives of American cllls'.ons in emergencies, Secretiii'y of State Hull snld today. t When conditions permit, howf ever, Hull added, sl\lp romhinndr ers are lo consult Admiral Cliurles 15. Freeman, commanding forces;Ih Cubnu waters, before Intervening hi liny situation. •• • T«nli3 Guard I'abfc ' HAVANA. Cuba, Sept, 25 (UP) —Cavnlry nnd tanks guarded the presidential palace today while the government negotiated with l»!lt-- Ical leaders and sent troops to flojiiily Ailinliilflmlnr .• A. U. \Vtillonlilc «f NIIA, above, linn rcronitnciiilcil npiivoval o( a uiiiK- ter i-nilo lor reinll trade* ivhlcli would Inrlild inercliuiil) to «dl Kooiln at U'M llii"i conl iilun '<- upprcss half n, dozen small pro jndbpr<ihs Lan<l Safely on River at Red Capital :. 25. (UP)- Inflatlon or genernl bnnk'rupUy "faces thc'coun (ry, senator Wheeler (Dem., Mont, said today on his arrival here t appeal directly "to President Roose ndcd their seaplane on the river re today after a flight from Len- srad. Lindbergh flew litre despite wnrn- igs that a landlnn on the rl»er /ttl> Its .many bridges -woulcl^bc Mar. May July 975 1005 1018 1037 1051 1072 1019 10fi5 1082 low close 97S PSfi 1002 ion 1013 1M1 1028 1044 1061 sheriff, will probably go lo Gillette j ((X j,,y in ti le wa k e O f a severe Iropi- lomorrow to return the pair held | ca [ hurricane, the Pan-American idcntificn-l Airways office here was advised by 1054 1014 Spots closed steady at IOCS, off 10. New Orleans Cotton there if more definite tion con be obtained. $10,000 Bankbook Was v«v,v/u« I Oy for DIM-ON. Mont. radio. I Others were feared killed when !"« storm leveled approximately ; three fourths of the buildings in t,l:e city, the Pan-American opera- I tor at Tampico reported. Two oi! (UPi — Friends| tankers were blown ashore, NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 25. (UP) been —Cotton closed steady.. open high low close Oct 980 995 972 935 Dec 1006 1022 998 1012 Jan 1016 1031 1010 1022 Mar 1034 1045 1022 1035 May 1053 1063 1043 1053 July .... 1074 1079 1061 1013 Spots closed steady at 985. oil 6. of Olc Peterson found an old bank book on Ihe floor of Peterson's home in Norway shortly before he died. The book had been used as a ninOMiin? by children, and hcd kicked about the Hoor for . The friends mailed the book to American friends of Peterson, who found that it contained a S10.000 account on (he First National Rank of Difon. Peterson left Dil| Ion 34 years ago to return to Nor- Kansas Woman Invents Luminous Phone Dial KANSAS CITY, Mo. (TJP) -, A Kansas City housewife tried to d't.l a telephone in thc dark. She •,.-af unsuccessful, but got an idea. Today Mrs. Irene E. Carroll has u patent In her name for a lumln- DIES ff llGt M Father of Mrs. W. R. Sew ell Succumbs at Her Home in Hornersville. HORNERSVIl.LE. Mo.—Oscar S r-.-irfield, 84. fnlher of Mrs. VV. n Sewell. died Saturday. Sepl. 23 at his daughter's home here. Funeral services were conducted bj he Rev. M. A. Masscy. pastor o •_re Hornersville Methodist church and burial was mads at Pal Dealinp. Mo., beside members o lilr family. Mr. Barflcld wns born at Green v .Ic. 111.. December 28, 1848. Whe nine years olrl he come to Mis ,'ourl with his parenls, Mr. an Mrs. Louis K. Rarfield, who set veil for sllvei proposed In the Thomas inflalio amendment. "There Is scarcely an industry I the United stales today." Wheele sakl. "that Isn't overcapitalized, on that goes for Ihe packers, railroad power, shoe industry,, ttulomobllc cept Henry Ford, and the re .them. "Economic conditions -have sho» me Improvement, but.still nrii deplorable state. We havcr'oi idee now. We inusl run all 11 ustrirj"through the wringer of d nt!o:i nnd have general bankn;[> • throughout the country, or .list resort to inflation." llrd at Barfield. now known as Navlor, Mo. On November 8. 1817. he wo married to Miss Emily V. War p.'io of Barfteld. Four daughte tt-r-rc born to this union. Mrs. Bn 1 li,-!d and two of the daughte preceded their husband and fall MIS dial which fits on thc stand- i fT in death. The surviving daugl •d mechanism of all telephones. [ers are Mrj sewell and M: Closing Stock Prices A. T. nnrl T 125 Anaconda Copper 161-2 Bethlehem Steel 57 Chrysler *4 Cities Service 2 1-2 Coca Cola 88 General American Tank 32 General Electric 20 3-8 General Motors :. 30 1-8 Tntcrna;lonal Harvester 30 7-8 Montgomery Ward .... 213-4 New York Central 40 5-8 Packard * Phillips Petroleum .... 16 1-4 Radio 7 "'-* Simmons T3cd.s 22 St Louls-Snn Francisco 3 7-8 Standard of N. J -II 1-8 Texns Co 27 1-4 U. S. Steel 48 3-8 ISK VOLUNTEERS ID DEFER ccrlnlu perccuURe, coiilemimj; that prlcu control Is necrasnry lo *loii rotlilcan coiiuitlllloii. Tliu CoiKUincrn' Ailvluory lioirii ou- poses tin piOTUIou. MOSCOW, Sept. id Mrs. Charles (UP)—Col. Lindbergh BUT GE1 LITTLE Atlemnt to Crack Sole at A. S. Barboro Plant Unsuccessful. numerous. H a v e Trouble Finding Right Type to Help Mrs. Tliurman Atkins. Flies Coast to Coast for New Record FLOYD BENNETT FIELD, N. Y.. Sept. 25. (UP)—Col. iwscoc Turner today crncfced the Iraiis-conllnenlal airplane record when r.c arrived from Los Angeles at 11:43 a.m. His lime was 10 hours nnrt B 1-2 minutes. Tile previous west to cast record was Jimmy Hnizllp's spectacular night across the country August 59. 1932. when he traveled tlic 2,520 miles in 10 hours and 19 minutes. Turner nlrendy r.eld (he east- west crossing record of 11 hours and 30 minutes, lumg up on July 1, 1933. He had intended to return to I/>s Angeles within nil hour In an attempt to lower the record for both directions In one day. Weather conditions in the mid-west and nar- ticularly oil the west const, where he said l:e exirectcd fcgs. decided him ngainsl the project. Robbers and 'lioUtup triery h»d busy but rather 'luwUeciuluri'MK end here. One attempted safe robbery ended In failure while four stick-up Jobs netted but a small amount of- cosh. The attempted safe robbery occurred some time Saturday night at th« A. 8. Barboro company fruit and produce plant, a favorite spot for safe blowers and petty thieves. Using-a crowbar, the thieves pried open a back door to the plant and succeeded in working their way Into the office. There tlicy attempted to open thc safe by knocking oft the dial but apparently only succeeded In jamming the lock and gave up tl'.e' attempt. C. J. Kitlrell and Hoy Kltlrcll, Greenbrlar Ridge farmers, were held up by a lone negro bandit near Inclnl uprisings, t'nlgenclo Uulisla, army .ser r „ ?nnt. who become chief .of stuff vlien enlisted men put President Grnu Sun Murlin In office, gave mite evidence that thc army .'Wai •onsldcilng where to put Its stn> port by Joining the pnrtcys . be- ' ween the president nud opposition inrly leaders. : '_]" Anarchy . In Provinces ;. ~. There was no Indication that the ncgollntlons were mnklnp progress:; toward ending the deadlock IHot . has endured • since the president look office. Rumors.of an impending revolt persisted and caused the government to strengthen the pn'l-, ace guard. Although a stole ap^ proachlng anarchy .exlited In the province there'was no rejil threat to the f*i lm «' .The :^. United:;' 9tates;i- Destroyer^ I I iost«rn end "of the island, to pro- '( | lect. American and British citizens who were virtually Held prisoners an a sugar plantation owned ,by Vincent, Astor. Percy Rockefeller, and others.'. . - .- .'" ;• Communist Leader '. ': Denie$ Part in Firt MKPZIO, Germany. Sept.. 25 tUP)— Ernest Torgler. former communist party whip, opened '.his testimony In his -defense today ngninst n charge .that he conspired to burn thc Relclistng building with n sweeping declaration of^fti- il thc Blytlicvllle Saturday night. canning factory The negro gun- A call for volunteers to submit to tests for possible blood trans- Vision was Issued today by friends of Mrs. Thurmnn Atkins, wife of local policeman, who Is criticnlly ill at a Mcinohls hospital. A transfusion Is planned for tomorrow If n volunteer with the necessary blood type Is secured. .It will be the third transfusion for Mrs. Atkins, who has been 111 for several days. Necessary ctiulpnient and cul- mnn's total profit was $3.30. Another bandit, a white man, attempted to hold up M. E. Rosengrant, 123 West Vine slrect. near his home on the some night. Ros- cngrant. ordered to hnnd over his et, empty save for a lock, and pull- nioney, reached Into his hip pocked it out. At sight of the steel object, the robber, who wns armed, turned and fled, police were told. Two other reports of hold-ups rcnchcd police but definite Information was lacking except thnt the bandits [ailed to obtain any large: sums of money. A Mirthful Molev- .1 Mrs. Nan Sullivan of Osceola Is Dead lure for classifying blood types, hns been obtained and tests cnri be made ' at the Blythevjlle hospital where numbers were 'expected to undergo tests today. Mrs. Alkins' blood type Is said to . be unusually hard to match. Eighty OSCEOLA, Ark.. Sept. 25.—Funeral services for Mrs. Nnn Sullivan. 84. who died at her home here early Sunday morning after a two weeks Illness of colitis, were conducted nt 10:30 o'clock this morning from the family residence. The Hev. Eli Myers, pnstor of the Methodist Church, officiated. • and interment followed in Violet Cemetery. * Mrs. Sullivan wns a life long resident of Osceola. She Is survived by one daughter. Mrs. Johanna Tucker, of Osceola. Farmer to Exhibit Rattlers at Fair Taxless Kansas Town Enjoys Prosperity BEl/l'ON. Texas (UP) — While others may exhibit huge pumpkins, large ears of corn and other things ut the Bell county annual NEW YORK <UP>—There is an American town of 10.000 people. | Bartield." Episcopal Church. South, in 1885', and was a loyal and active church mem- ier. To score' of friends he was affectionately known as "Father Inhabitants pay no city ________ fair this fall, W. F. Bosl. Rural! w hose Mall Route One, will have a rat- taxes. •tlesnake exhibit. The exhibit con- Th e taxless town is Chanute, sists of ft mother rattler with a Kan. The story of this taxless [ User's burlai. brood of 20 small snakes. community is lold by Hen James. Bosl has mndi 1 quite a study of : | n -rt, c country Home, a farm rattlesnake. 1 .. He says lhal a rat- 1 n > a g az ine. Her will not strike nl a cat. as i A n t r . c costs of running this mag- it does at, other animals. He lias lc communily arc paid by th profit observed that chickens and horses' frcm cl t y . 0 wned utilities, Including detect the presence of rattle- ' waler gas and electricity. number of friends accom- at Memnhls. were tested before one, a fire cteiinrtii-.enl lieutenant, met physicians' requirements. The officer gave a quart of blood on two different occasions nnd phy- slclnns hnve refused to allow him to give further blood. Local oTflcers. Including police, Court Ordered Ohioan to Cut Down Dog Population CINCINNATI. O. (UP)—John E. V.'ullls, 60, has several days to get rid of 79 day. Wallls was cited ay John Goddnrd, officer of the Hamilton County Society for Prevention of Cruelty lo Animals to appear lender In an municipal court Recounting of Byrd'j First 'Vessel , Starts for Antarctic pnnlcd Mrs. Sewell and her fnm- i Sne rlff 9 'deputies and others were ._lilv lo Fair Dealing for t}er fa- submitting to tests here today and Chicago Wheat Dec. May open 90 3-4 94 1-2 high S2 3-8 low close 89 1-2 8?. 1-8 66 3-4 93 3-4 3-8 snakes by odor long before seeing them. Chicago Corn Dec. open 51 3-4 high low close Municipal ownership started In Chanute 40 years ago, when the city built a water $44,000. plant costing 62 5-8 50 5-8 52 1-2 May 57 1-* 68 3-4 57 58 3-4 Thc municipal gas and electric plants have a similar history, and the city government is able to ! enlisting help of others In nn cf- League Can't Use | American Dollars ( ! fort lo secure the required lypc. WEATHER -Mostly cloudy, BOSTON, Sept. 25 (UP) — The hardy cutter Bear, of Oakland, slipped out of Boston navy yard at 11:25 a. m. r today, formally starting Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd's second expedition to the Antarctic. l^iardianship over 82 of the liicndly onirnals. "I'm a lover of dogs," said thc founder ol the private clog nsylum. It was then charged the doj guardianship of Wallls was not i-pder attack, but that ho wns unable to feed them all nnd many v.-ere In a starving condition. Wfllls had Leen taking home "sliays" for weeks. The judge gave Ihc volunteer l-n eper severnl days to get rid ot 79, then with a bow to Wallis' love for dogs told him to keep ih:ec. Pastor's Byrd, who delayed start of his second expedition more than a year to serve ns president .of the National Economy League, remnln- ac- i ed a'board the cutter as she sailed OENEVA. Sept. 25. (UP)— The! United Slates dollar was barred ns [ a medium of exchange by the lengu* of nations today In carrying on league work. The league's supervisory commission ruled against the league pay- Ing out contributions In American meet depression with a grin and a dollars because of the loss entailed cackle, in conversion of Swiss Jrancs, Memphis and vicinity — cloudy, probably showers tonight and Tuesday. He planned to go as far as Boston, light and lo return aboard a navy lug. Fog, which delayed .siart of the The maximum temperature here | voyage, lifted before Ihe Min in yesterday wns 91 minimum 60., t)ie late forenoon and Admiral partly iclondy 'with' .63 of an. inch »•— ••- "— •"-" ~< '•" va'nfalr, acccciing to Samuel F. l"7rrls, official weather observer. Byrd gave the first of his expedition the word to be on their way, Blood Aided Woman Parishoner NEW BRITAIN. Conn. (UP)— When Ihe Rnv. Oeorgc R. LaFiash psslor of the Emanuel Gospe church called on Mrs. Lucy Jull-( ano, a parlshoner, in a Hartford; Prot. Raymond Moley. former: Hospital, he was told her condl-1 head of the President's "Brain : tlon had suddenly become critical and that a blood transfusion was necessary. "Perhaps my blood would do," suggested the minister. A blood test was made, the blood found satisfactory, and Uie transfusion followwl Trust," had a gooi laugh as b,»? left tbe White House th* other! day. Not about the conference! ha had Just attended, which coni! cerned the terlous business ot; Infiallon, tut »bout trwlse-craclt loosed by one of the new»'paji«l>i meo who ratt b!0i. ^^^1

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