The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 8
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THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1937 1 To .Tempi lite Bridal Guests 'And Promises as Much Happiness as the Most Breakfast ; lly MKS. GAYNOIt MAODOX 'NEA Service Staff Writer ; The sl?c of your wedding brcak- fast'.'doas riot delenhlns the inim- ber of \cais s°W will slay married. If II 'did, Ihe Count tuiel Coimlfss de- Tristan surely would remain married for eternity. Ho 0 er Cret.uix. executive ehst of the St Francis Hotel In San j ntmcisco v,as in charge of Ihoir voddmg breakfast.' He r/:rsi5ls in keeping his ledpes a secret, vst he'", will lell what he served nl that nationally discussed California •nodding Just a snack, yon mulir- sUnd, beginning with 1200 assorted! fancj canapes, plus smoked salmon, fillets of anchovies, sardines. domestic caviar and foie uras to', waken the .guests' appetites. - Tlieu llicj lleR-.mtJo Kal Then came the Io?.l: salmon mousse, lobster mousse, hnm moiis- ,sc hams in Jolly decorated \v(tli ' elaborate -initials of -the bri:lc inul grtKim «alaj of chicken, trunk's CBle'rv knobs and artichokrs. slulf- cd eggs a In St. Francis, small Fiencli^ paslrles. fruit sherbets. small, fancy assorted pctlls paius and butler, and coffee, 'llial wns a bOfTet for the standing guests to iifbblc at, but, the bridal party got chairs : and added hot coiisamnis. seaTood soutne, potatoes. asparagus ,lij>s bombe Ncsselrodc and pqtit fours In spun si.gnr baskets to their achievements. 'But- such magnificence , though, pleasant, enough for the tu'.'sls, isn't al nil necessary lo assure the hilde. ami gloom a happy life. For the small wedding in an apartment or tiny house, this menu is suggested for Us economy; flavor and ease of preparation: chicken moirac with individual molds of jdllied tomato aspic, hot buttered rplls, cheese ami plmlento _ sandwiches, plain \\atercress sandwich- cs, ptcnn he ircnin, bride's • cake. col fee,' salted nuts and mints. Chicken Moiiuc (10 servings) : One cup boiling vyater, 1 package salad gelatin 1 (aspic), 3--1 cup icld \\atcr, 1-4 teaspoon siUl. teaspoon paprika. 1 1-2 cups finely chopped cooked chip ken. 1-2 cup mayonnaise, 1-2 cup cream, whipped. Dissolve salad gelatin in boiling water Add cold water, salt, and papiika Chill .until ' it ' begins ' to thicken, then gradually toat in inasonnalse Fold in chicken air. shipped cicam. Mold' and chll until firm. , t Tuipatu v Abpir. .-- ' (10 individual molds) .'One .package salad' gelatin (aspic), 2 cups tomato juice, l-l lea- spoon Worcestershire jauce. ( Kent f cup tomato juice to boll- ing, Pour o\cr salad gelatin and stir until dissolved, Arid 1 cup cold tomato juice Stir njuin. Add Worcestershire sauce. Pour into 10 mold= Chill until firm. UnmoUl and arrange around chicken mousse. Garnish with watercress a~ fresh 'and: lovely ns the bride her- self The housewife can make Ihe wedding bells ring jusl as swcelly over the wedding bullet us any noted caterer. It's clilck- en mousse willi individual tomato molds that pays tribute to the brand new bride • and groom above. Marsh mallow Glaze For Mam .ind carrots, will place. the. whole bead of cauliflower In the center' of a large platter,-- then around-it will arrange thn carrots-arid peat; If her guests like onion '(arid the perfect hostess always kcc'ps a (He of her uue/ls' likes and dislikes) the mashed 'potatoes will have tiny diced pieces of onion or perhaps diced celery stirred Into UiL'lr creamy depths; hot liilngS will l:s served hoi and coJU things cold, au;| foods will be brought to the table dressed so attractively thai they instantly register eye- appeal. _; On one occasion our hostess baked a ham with a lemon-nnrslminl- lo-iv tilawi; then slip garnished It with 11 spray o( inarshnmllow flowers. So alaitnlUKly popular :itiJ much talked about svjis this creu- lion that tile pliolOKi'uphei's .got wind of it an<l latr'r Rot. p^rin 11 ;ion lo take a "pitcher" of -'Ihli glorious ham. 'J'he Lej,i(jn-mnrshTna!l[)w i r ''ji!e Hives tbe ham that shiny "I'd like a pitice riglit now" look, and. an i ided piquant llavor.. Hci'c'Ls'tho recljie for the yla-ic: F.pmim-."\!ari:hniallow Ola/e' ' 1--1 iniind inarslimallows 1-4 cnp lemon juice • . 1-1 cnp walcr. I'tiice miirsliniLillows, lemon jniec atxl water in sauecpan anil Inut until mnrshmallows arc thoi'ouslt- ly melted, Hoil vigorously For ap- proximntely 3 minutes, -or .u.ntll iiiixiiiic is dear aiid transparent. I Here is the way we bake ai Miirshmallow Ham: place ham, fat side up, on rack In shal: low open roasting pan. Bake, in a slow oven (1100 degrees) without' adding water and without covering, allowing 2a minutes per pound of luitn. Foi'ly-iive minutes licforc the liam is done.' rctnovn Ihe skin, all cxceut a collar around shank bone, ficorc- the fat and dot with whole cloves. Then pour over if, the lemon ivmrshmallow syrup and return to oven lo finish bilking. During tlte last 1(1 minutes increase heal to brown the. ham. When ham is ready to serve. (IcL 1 .orate It with a ''spray' of flowers." You can easily make this spray by cutting thin slices of graep pen-. per lo form the stem and branuh- | es. Al the end of each .green brunch place a halved' marshmal- lo\v (cut through MIC rounded side). And to complete Me illusion of a spray.of llo\vei'.Tdot the-ccn- tcr of each marshmallow flower with a halved red maraschino cherry. - And there -you have a colorful red. while. an:l green garnish that will merit the "ohs" and "alii" of admiration that will surely escape your guests as the hai borne to ils place of honor at the buffet or dinner table. - The Complete [''noil Store ' ;)H W. Main St., lilyllicville, Ark. Specials For Friday and Saturday Why Pity More? s The BMST For UiSS One-fourth pound marshmalluus tlioroufihly nirlied wjlh 1-4 cup each of lemon juU'c and water makes delicious gla/c for linked ham. Marshmallnv,' flower garnish adds eyc-appi'al. A womnn of our acquninlnnce j has -caviled the sobriquet o( "The rettect Ugstcss" from her frlunclr nnd" 1 ti'lfiKlly encniics—.simply Iw- canse' stlc-.goM to n. little extra ef,-, foi'l when she entertains. And it is" that "little extra clfort"—the brightly polished silver, the fresh flowers, (lie- cherished Wcdijewood cjiina on the candlelit table, an;) Ihe new del|ai\l[ul way of dicssing- U|S dishes—thill, says "welcome", more graciously, perhaps, ,than words. Our "perfect hostess," if her menu calls for caulillo\vcr and peas 't'he "saucier" the Spring dessert the better. A cay and refreshing [combination is mint sauce on ricc- mndc- like this: Mis one cup '-' ed pineapple. Juice of o' 1 " . ,. nnij 1 cup finely chopped datfe; Color'^ with, .;i fe-\v_. drpiis. of' • ciiKCtnblc coloriiiR iin'd ii(itl-i« .minljllnvorini; In taste. Pour ov'ifr | boiled rice chilled and sweetened lo taste and serve in lull sherbet Glasses. - i 1 .! Use Your Broiler Some people have the idea that only expensive cuts of meat can be. broiled. The truth (sMhRl many inexpensive foods actiuirc sudden distinction and sophistication, from the broilm;' piin. For cxtimplc, the round, rump, and chunk of well- aged, qu.ilits grade beef, cuts well known foi their full-flavored succulence, aic surprisingly t;ood when broiled. Fish loo, steps up in Ihe world When the quick heat 'ot broiling gives it a lovely golden brown without drying it out. And you j have to broil liver, brushed with incited butter or margarine, to know how good it Is—or sausages, bacon, or hamburgers. Remember, too. Ihnl when there Is - room f . broiled accompaniments can nh\i\s be slipped on the rack j with meat or fish, For example raw mushroom:; or cooked slices of: sweet or while polatoes welt brushed with butter, margarine, or ialad oil, or lomato hnlvcs sprinkled with liullercd crumbs. Bruilcd- fruil g-*rni.shes like canned pineapple slices, or halves of bananas, canned peaches, or pears brushed with bultcr and a dash ol Ic- mcn juice, just round out, the flavor of ham or'fish. Hroil 12 lo 15 min. without turning them.— From ' Good Housekeeping Magazine. Half-ounce bottle of .'TRE-JUR Gardenia' Perfume for with yo«s' purchase of 3 cak$s of Camay --*-Baskets. C oranger, "L cup dales '.': cup mil meats Vi cup cocoa'nut, 1 ess vhitc U cup |x>wdrrcd sugar Cut a slice from the i:nd of each orfngD nnd carefully remove , the pulp. If feasible, cut edges ol 1 omhgc shell in scallops. Mix 01- nnpe pulp, tlicctl datf'5, chopputl nuts and cocoanut toaether. and rcM orange .shells. Beat (he cp; white until stiff, add sugar grad- uili> antl c.olitinue 1 bealins. Cover lop of oranges \yilh flic mrrinsiic Bake in Flow.bvcii (275 decrees K.t , f or J5 iiiinulcs' or xinlil merinp.ue is bmv.ii . Bcnc \\ann. spunklrl with cocoaniit G reiviDBs The pmiilc eggplant take., 1 n<t ly to being cut in slices ciumbco and inrd in rtecp fat, as a t will pioVe, Tho Sanp of Beautiful Women ^'inir li.ilf-omicc liotllc of e iiarilrni.i rcrfnmc, crcalcil by Trc- Jur of l';irb Dud f\'cu- ^nrk, is nl your dealer's m>lv. You'll :;i:rcly ivaitt suine, so clon'l delay! ^ftWTi: AIAKI-; yon llii.s am:i/> Ww ing offer lo get yon lo try Camay. We ivanl you In prove to yourself that it is llio iincst litaiity uiil you have ever u-i:ii. Hill don't lake our word fnri f.'oHri'ncc yaursvlj wlial vull do for your skin. Ju-i lujw lliorouglily, liow ('auiay's cieainy-ivjiilo I'kaiiscs lo uiiikc your skin m or, snioollicr, licllcr-lonlu .See how quickly your i:omi>1i ion resjioiids lo a Camay triNilinoiit. And nolicc sootliing Jiiildncss. Jtr|n-ati:,l lr.-l« have shown Camay In |,, ; ihjinitcly, provably inilil< all oilier leading beauty K>J]I.-. Decide today to dijcovor \vli.ii Camay cnu ilo for you. (|,, your dealer—liny llircc Camay—and accept u full l l; ,|f. ounce liolllc of Ti'c-Jnr nan!,-. nia Perftunc for only one cent, » DON'T DELAY -iliis offer „„ lie made only while ihcsiipp!) -Tlit I'niiied Ccrciil . ORK SHOULDER .or Turnip ItlllK'll APPLE ASK HOW YOU HAY SECURE VIK. A. ROGERS Al PLUS CiUAllIY SILVERWARE- MADE PY ONEIDA, ITO. MAI/PKl) ,\ilI,K ,

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