The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1950
Page 7
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, MAYV19SO H-Bomb Making AEC Chairman Says Hydrogen Bomb Success Is in Lap of Gods By Douglas B. Cornell WASHINGTON, May 9 (AP) Success in developing a hydrogen bomb was described at the Atomic Energy Commission as "entirely In the laps of the gods" and "some- igjiere between probable and possi- That was the apraisal made nt a news conference by Sumncr I'ike, acting AEC chairman. Pike also said the government Is making a variety of atomic weap oils, but he wanted to stop right there and not expand on the point. A recent defense department report hud indicated this country was de- veloning a variet yof such weapons. Pike was told there have been some suggestions lately thai there was no determined effort to develop the H-bomb, which reportedly would be tremendously more powerful than the atom bomb. He replied that "comments on scales and rates are completely off the reservation." Effort Being Marie A reporter asked: "Can you say in general whether progress is be- In? made toward the development of the hyclroqen bomb?" Pike: "I think that is entirely in the lap of the sods. If you had asked whether effort was being made. I would say yes. As to whether progress is being made, the answer to that will come when one goes 'bang' or when It doesn't." Pike was asked, too, whether, the word "probable" he once used In referring to the chances o. F success on the H-bomb is now too strong, in reply, he put the prospects of success at some point bj^een probable and possible. W?e acting chairman was told that Admiral Forrest Sherman, chief of naval operations, had indicated he expects an atomic- powered submarine In 1952. Pike said "I would guess he sounded to me like a bit of an optimist." But he wouldn't say just how much of an optimist he thought Sherman was. FRANCHISE Continued from •'age 1 Thereafter, the city will receive two percent of the gross revenue each year. Revenues from Industrial consumers are specifically excluded from figures used to compute this percentage. 'Here is a condensed review of the other sections of the franchise, with the legal verbiage removed: SECTION 1 — Grants Ark-Mo right to construct and maintain ""flouting system and sell gas in lie "for light, fuel, power and heat and for any other pur- . poses. . . . " SECTION 2 — Gives grantee (Ark-Mo) permission to use streets alleys and other public places for the laying of gas lines within Blytheville as well as points outside the city; city has right to require that lines be laid in alleys instead of streets. SECTION 3 — When laid ir streets, lines will be at mininnmi depth of 18 inches and present grades will be followed. SECTION 4 — After laying plpe^ lines, the company shall relay all pavements and do other work necessary to restore streets or sidewalks to the "condition equally as Delight your mother with the hose you know she'll be proud of. . .Gotham Gold Stripe. In all the nicest spring shades. 51 gjiugc 15 (Unicr. All sizes. 1.75 I. ROSENTHAL Inc. 226 West Main Phone 2562 JggTHEVTLLE. (ARK.)COtJIUER NEWS GAS Continued from page I points Jn Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri "by the 1951 heating season" from Its new generating plant between St. Francis, Ark., and Campbell, Mo. The "Big inch", line serves the -vt plant. Switching from earlier plans to bring gas here from the Mississippi River Fuel Co. line west of Para- goultl, the proposed corporation also seeking the franchise changed its proposal to cover piping gas to this area from Helena. Source of this Rock, The third bond Jlrm behind the proposed corporation is Equitable Securities, Inc., of Nashville. BJythevlIk Key Blythevllle was (he key city In plans of each organization. Failure to get the franchise to bring gas here apparently will mean that the line from Helena will stop at Wynne. This line was planned primarily to bring gas to the new AP & L generating plant a t Palestine, near Forrest City. Without Blythevllle as the northern terminal, the line from Helena will now be 12 Instead of 16 Inches In diameter. A network to serve about 50 East Arkansas towns was proposed by the new firm's representative. Dallas P. Raney of T. J. Raney and Sons, Little Rock, one of the bond firms forming the new corporation, explained the proposal last night. Also present was James E. Womeldorf, of Womcldorf and Lindsay, Little good as tt-lien disturbed;" company •shall only open the space needed ana for a minimum time; all replacements and repairs to be at expense of grantee. SECTION 5 - No fees shall be mposed on giantec for opening any itreet or sidewalk or for laying ines; grantee shall display danger Hgnals at obstruction and excava- ions. SECTION s _ company lines or work shall not interfere with other ilility systems (electric, sewer lrainn { ;e or water); city not liable tor claims to damages resulting from u-tivity of grantee. SECTION 7 _ Grantee shall sup- Ply gas ' to all applicants having premises on or abutting streets or other public places where lines are laid; can require written agreement with applicants for service. SECTION 8 — Company will nuke all connections with mains and lay pipe to curb line, but other piping must be furnished and Installed by owner of premises to be served. SECTION 0 _ Co: ipany shall furnish all information on system requested by proper authorities. above")™ 1 ' '° ~ pcr P et «a"ty < see SECTION 14 _ company shall maintain "sufficient, suitable and adequate pressure of ga- in its main" where grantee's line connects with that of any user. SECTION 15 - Rates "shall be reasonable" and approved by the Arkansas public Service Commission. SECTION 16 - if a portion of the franchise shall lie judged invalid, this judgement will not affect validity or ordinance as a whole or^any other part ol It. SECTION 17 — Emergency clause placing franchise ordinance in effect immediately after passage, approval and publication. sas. It also wi: In Missouri. Ark-Mo plans to serve Caruthersville. stecle. Hayti and Kcnnett. The first three towns have scheduled special elections for May 31 to decide granting of franchises to Ark-Mo. Piggott and Rector already have granted franchises to the utility. Among those present at last night's meeting were officers and, directors of Ark-Mo Power Co., mayors of approximately 15 East Arkansas cities and representatives of 12 others. A large number of Blytheville civic leaders and businessmen also were present. A referendum vote by Blytheville voters and hiring of an impartial engineer to select the better proposal were suggested during the session. H. G. Partlow of Blythevllle. prosecuting attorney for the Second Judicial District suggested a vote of the people to determine the grantee and Oscar Fendlcr, Blythevllle attorney, supported a suggestion made three weeks ago by Mr. Raney that an engineer recommend which proposal to accept. PSC Man Questioned Foy Etchieson. Blytheville cotton man, later asked John R. Thompson of Little Rock, a member of the Arkansas Public Service Commission, if the PSC could examine both proposals and tell the council which was best. Mr. Thompson said the PSC could not do this as it could only fix and approve the rates after a franchise had been granted. In answer to a question from the council. Mr. Thompson said a proposed rate schedule submitted last night by Mr. Raney "was not worth a lot" because the PSC fixed the rales. Cost of gas at the source of supply Is regulated by the Federal Power Commission, he said. Later. James Hale of Marion, former prosecuting attorney for the Second Judicial District, said to Mr Thompson: "The (city) council can set the rate and if it is not outrageous, the PSC will accept it. Isn't that right?" Mr. Thompson agreed and said the PSC would - -cent such a rate if there were no objections from citizens of the gas distributing company. The council has concurrent jurisdiction with the PSC In such matters, he said. He also said the PSC "doesn't care who brings the gas. Just so you Set It." The commission is concerned, he said, with the most economical price and the most feasible way of bringing the fuel here. He said he thought the cost would be the same from all three lines since it Is based on piping gas from the fields. "But there may be something I don't '<now about this." Mr, Hale asked if It was true that the state would like to "issue a permit to serve all eastern Arkansas." i Mayor Henderson Interjected that he didn't like to sec state polllics enter ti:c issue and Mr. Hale denied that It had. Ranry Claims Cheaper O:is In submitting the bond firms' proposal, Mr. nancy claimed the proposed corporation could offer gas cheaper to more consumers, that it would have more experienced personnel and that competition of utilities would result In better service and a bigger payroll. E. B. Thomas, assistant to Ark- Mo President James Hill, Jr.. outlined the power company's proposal and pointed out that it could serve 30.000 persons In Southeast Missouri from the line Hint would bring gas to Blytheville. He said the utility "owed it to Blytheville to give the best service to the city and its trade area " Referring to delegations from Eastern Arkansas south of the Blytheville vicinity, he said "Memphis is their trade area." Mr. Thomas also said that the FPC had Informed Ark-Mo yesterday morning that there was not a published rate for purchasing gas from the Texas Oa.t Transmission Co. line opposite Helena. Mr. Raney later declared that there was such a published rate, since the line served Memphis. "Tiiis is our home," Mr. Thomas said, "ami we've got to live with you whether we give you gas or not." When asked by Mr. Partlow if Ark-Mo could provide a proposed rate schedule such as submitted last night by Mr. Raney. Mr. Thomas replied that the "PSC Is not bound by the rates Mr. Raney has showed us " Mr. Thomas also said he believed that Texas Eastern is going to make Its rates cheaper in Arkansas than in Missouri "and we can take advantage of that." Cost Kslimated The proposed rate schedule submitted by Mr. Raney last night set an estimated cost of S102.51 based on annual use of 120,000 cubic feet by a typical residential customer. Early in the meeting and several times during it. Mayor Henderson voiced bis support of Ark-Mo. "I'd like to wind this thing up tonight. I know there has been a lot of pressure from every side and there's no need to carry this thing any further," he said. He continued: "I recommend that Ark-Mo be "We can make complaints n- /?f. 4w •/r£ik A PRETTY DRESS AT A VERY SPECIAL PRICE! The finest sheerest Bemberg rayon dresses.. .famous "Gold Seal" Bemhcrys specially priced for Mother's Day! In multicolor prints and I'aisly prints. Sizes 16'/ 2 to 24'/ 2 . Regular $14.75 $g75 Lovely dresses in the very finest chambray and broadcloth . . . trimmed with pique. Any size you might want..."l2 to 52. Check this Mother's Day special price: Regular $5.95 m 3 PRINTED RAYONS Wonderfully pretty new styles and you'd expect to pay dollars more! Sizes 14 to 20 and 38 to <18. Mother's Day Special! Reg. $1.95 2 95 For Mother's Day, Best Values Are at I.ROSENTHAL INC. 226 West Main p ho ne 2562 '"I Dbwer service rlglil here and set something done, but we couldn't BO to Nashville (Equitable Secur- nbout gas. C ''' a " s "I suggest ns strongly as I can a-s mayor that Ark-Mo bo given the franchise. All I „„, trying lo do is make It fair for the city of Blylheville." . CKos Missouri Trade Answering iwlnts raised about, iel,>],,g get for lids trade area, Hie mayor said "we got as much trade from Southeast Missouri as anywhere." First demand that representatives °f the other East, Arkansas towns present last night be heard came »•<«» John Mosby. city attorney 101- Lewiito. He said these towns a "d cities were not Interested In who got tlie franchise but only in Belling g -,s. Jl was at, Iliis point that Mayor Henderson contended that the franchise proposition was a local issue before only the lilythcvllle council. He again recommended thnt Ark-Mo be given the franchise. Mr. Partlow and .Mr. Hrle quickly entered the warmini; debate. Both said tliey were not present as attorneys for any particular person or group. Asks "Indulgence" Sarcastically, Mr. Hale said he 1 realized that the representatives of these other towns arc meddlers uninvited guests and interlopers" bin asked that the council "indulge the meddlers by hearing them." 'fill Mr. Hale and Mr. Pnrthnv said they were interested only In obtaining gas for this area at" the cheapest rate obtainable. Mr. Hale cited the staled rate difference and held that If cheap ' would benefit Blythevillo It would help the entire area. He favored service for all of East Ark- Mayor Henderson re-iterated that "the City Council Is meeting to act for tl>e city of BlyMieville" and that it would hear citizens from here. Ho said, however, that he appreciated the others being here." a ivlllwut a hearing." H looks like," h e charged "that a deal has been arrived at In private." The charge (hat an agreement had teen reached In a secret session brought a vigorous denial from Mayor Henderson and Alderman Louis Nash. After the council voted to hear (hose present, A. B. Carlson, head 01 ine Singer Sewing Machine Co., at Truman, spoke. Ite pointed to Dosslblc competition with Joncs- horo for Industries coining into this area. He said jonesho'ro offered a 17-cent rale to industries, and that gas for Industrial use could IK bought for 12 cents a thousand cubic feet at Helena and for 21 cents at Campbell,' Mo. Shortly before the council's vote, (he mayor said he "regretted that personalities had entered Into this tiling." Great to relieve 'PERIODIC' PA/MS Vv Helps Build Up Resistant. ^J Against Th«nl Do functional monthly ailments make you sillier from pnins at such times? And rio you start suffering a few days ocforc your jwriod from nervous, strangely restless, weak, dragging feelings—duo to tills cause? Then start taking Lytlia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Pinkham's Compound DOES KOBE than relieve this monthly pain. II also relieves accompanying nervous, tense emotions of this nature. Regular uso helps build up resistance against such female distress. The woman's fricndl l.YDIA E. PINKHAM'S ££SKi TB Association Names Committee A. F. Barham. Mrs. Carroll Watson, both of osceola, and Mrs. James Roy O f Blythevllle were named as a committee for revising the constitution and by-laws of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association at an executive committee meeting yesterday at the Court House. The meeting, conducted by president Hays Sullivan, was called to hear a report on the national conference at Washington, D. C., from Mrs. C. G. ncdman, executive secretary, who attended the conference last week. Those attending the committee meeting were: Mrs.' Sullivan, of Burrietlc. joe Evans of Blythevllle, William Wyatt of ynrbro, Steve PAGE MVRfl ———^—•• Ralph of Osceola, Mrs. John Thw«. att of Luxora, Mrs. Vf. R. Browa ol Manila, Mrs. Wlllard Pe»M rf Blythevllle. chaster Danehoww at Osceola and Mrs. Redman. TROUBLED WIVES Going Through. Chanj* of Llf« Afr*td that t'lyy ntrvei, your ntKKlnt, junitleil, tipiet fe«Hn? «iy "us* m«rlt3 rliiC(,rrlT for gel ill Thousands of wlv« *r» <JcliKMr4 at their Incrcaied merer «4 renewed test for life, thanV* to Ctrdut. A gthm\ stomachic tonic. Cirdul he!p« Nature Ituilii resbUnee agftl/iit the itr*U at /unclfnnnl disturbances, Heine «Uo *» arulsjiftiriio'tle, Canlui encourages R Aooth* inn jcnse of calm and confidence, to val. uab'e in helping <li*pel tenaion »nd anx/tlr roflultinfir from periodic pain. ofUn «X*K. Derated nt this time. For an enttnly briK^ter outlootc on H(*, try Cardull BEGINS WED. MAY IQf/i B1C6CR SALC THAU BlfOPf! 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