The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1946
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 19-10 , CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DALly rate PIT lino for consocuiivu fa. sen IONS; -Minimum Cliaryo 50c 1 lime per lino jGc "A t i i rir- s per ] I n u |ic r day 1*2$ 3 Inni'-t por lint 1 per duy Ot; 13 lime* J>*T Jin.' |ier <Jay __ ? c J2 liiiifs |ier lino per day : Ji: lUfr line : 9i^ ive average worJs to the lute, .... orilfreil for liiree or six times nml • top 11 rd In'/oiv f.\iuiutiun will be char^od for ilie Dumber of times the uJ af>[j(>are<I AQj aJfusuiH'iit uf till made. AH Clu-^ifje.l Ailvurlining copy BU!J- miUfctl- Ijy jiet-iojis residing outsidu of the city l/L»st lie accompanied by ta*]i KaU & niaj- be easily cumi'iiu-.! from the :iljuvi' table. AdverliEtnjf order (or Jrrpguhr inwr- t iont, (uKe.i i KC o 11 P cHHU rate. « N'o rcsiifiii-iibSlity wjtt be tulVu fnr more than pfitj hu-orrct-l IntiTtiuu of auv clus- bifit-il oil. BLYTIIEV1LLE (ARK.) 'COURIER NEWS I FOR SALE 70S W. Main St. 5 rooms and bath. This properly located just across street from Methodist 'Church. A wonderful location. House in Rood condition. Can bej bought on reasonable terms. 100 W. Cherry St. 7 rooms and bath. Corner lot, good locution. New root' just put on. You can buy this one for SI500.00 cash, balance §40 month. ' T\y<> acres land . located one mile north on Highway (il. Has two small houses and garage. MO.vlO M. City water. Can be nought". Worth the money. 521 lAimerale SI. 4 'room house in fair condition. Has water in kitchen, with half fr«ij' rws. i v.,,,i; ,„„,... so« ,,.,.i bath in home. $1850.00 M". •'• K. K,..,I,, el,,,,. L,^,,,,,..!. . 5ar , -] jllmer ai e S ). ; { rof)m ~T~; I no " s e wilh water and halt' bath, fair condition. Price ?1000.00. Have several other 1 houses I for sale. Call 861. ,,,:'l TOM I-ITTLK HKAI.TY CO. .SI.S'CHJI SKWIXIJ MAI'ill.\l':"c''Vi!"n l' ! for Sol* im.1,1 .".\" I-,,,.,] c al | ;,-„;,< •J-'-lik.-^ ll.'.ST Ki:CKlVKI) Small ..l,i,,,, u l<»<id vuVii -l.-an..^ :.,..! :ni,,..|, ^ Dli] styli. .li.liii ])j.,. r »' tru.'lor* MLOl, trni..l fnnditicm Fur nt'iiiJ (,1 ili.rinv. Will sell ,,r i rail i. l.n y.nii.'!; l.islil lie hursi-^ ur ijiiil,.«. S,.|. 1:1,1,1 in ' Mill. 1 I'ridi- AdhiiMi. O. .S. Ki>1UMuii.::>. c k.^.l I For Rent linn Hl-SO ur ]00 aovs I-..H1. Can VurnMi' Ira Ji.«iri..l. .1. C. Klli> ,,J. l'ir.> ivitll ILvijit; ijiiarti-rs. KlHhrr \\Llh .| I,.],!:!] hllllM-* .\,i,i imat.-ly '1 a..r,.s ,.r Inu.l. Kv.inl- ..11 I!»•>-. 1,1. l,,.r.. Oiu.iri llcll I', II a|u. 'J r<i K. H., i'll-nl IKCUIUIJI fin iriiluslrv. | ly l'i,ii|il. Si',' ISiirluiiinu's (ini.M-i'y. X. I!«•;•. el. I "r :l!:(.-,. KfvcMl tjowil Elr'ctric \':ICIMIIII (:l(-i\i] H':iln."iu v'nh ln - i :i( 1015 Asli. anil I.nili. Ki i illy. Hum,. 2i - r .O gallon electric hot water hialiT -M'J - lm ^ -N. Jltli Si.• L'honi! . 2!>5U. -JO-nk. 1 -':! : I«r One ig'll PCiljje iiick-up. 107 S. I "III ] ^lecp! ^1. Cull a'-n;!. , . le-pk-^i I L'lioii It' lii-ilrfloin with |V|| risnnl kit Igdcn Soy Beans from Pcdi-| ''"'" i-riviiw.,. «i' ^^"^.^ 'greed Seed. .Crockett' • '--— \Vrirrrif TVTn'ri.lo «.. «..!! - 1 "' ce 'y [nnii.shc.l front linilroom. ..Rtc-ain wngnt, Manila, or. call. i, t , a ,. j, ot » v »,,. r , vt.onc.320.1. rS.,,h -.i;ia WHILE YOU AM WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD Bring Your Car to PHILLIPS for A COMPLETE MOldR TUNE-UP Here's What We'll Do:— ' • Check Compression • Test, Clean anil Space Spark I'luys • Clean anil Adjust Distributor • Check Coil anil Condenser • Check tii'iieraloi- and Voltajjc Ke'Kulutor, '• CleiVn, Adj'usl Cai-hurcloi- and Clean l-'ue'l \'iim|» • Service Air Cleaner • Tijihleu Hose Connect ions • Test and Service liatlery and l}atteryCi,>n,necUon's •yt Sec I's for ICxperl Hody-Fcnder Kepnirs • V\"e can «-i've iminedinle Service on the iristalhltion of New Windshields and Windows •fc Just Heceivcd—a Complete Stock of Seat Covers for All Makes and Models New Day! New Time! Great Entertainment! THE FORD BOB CROSBY SHOW Every Wfiltic.sdiiy .Niuln, !Ji:iO-10:0() KST on the CBS Network. P H I L L i P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fiffh—lily'lheville, Ark. Tel. 4f>3 154 Political Announcfements The Courier New* hu bwn ilhorlzcd to announce (he lollow- tcg cariilldatei, iubject to tho Dwnocratlo pclmuy; BlIRKll.'F AND COLIJECTOK JACK PINt.EY ROBINSON WII.14AM UEUUYMAN COUNTV JUUOH QENE K. CUADIJSX ROLAND OKEEN FOK TAX ASSlvSSOK UOYLE I1ENDKUSON CIRCUIT CMCIIK HAltVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CLCKK KUZARKTII BLY'l'UE COUNTV TRKARU)tE» DKL.LA PUHTU5 8TATK KKl'liESHNTATlVB ALENE WORD LESLIE "DUKIE" SPECIC L. H. AUTRY STATE 6KNATOR J. LEE DEAHDEN PAGESEVBM .Tlic following ore cnndltlatca for office In thrj Dlythcvllle Munlclpnl Election t 0 bo held A))dl a: CITY i;l.KKK PRANK WI1ITWOHTH CITY ATTORNEY PEUCY A. WRIGHT CPor Re-election) . HOWARD N. MOORE [ WAItl) ONE Al,I)i:KMAN JESSE M. WHITE ALDERMAN WAKD TWO . JODIE Ij. NADERS ALDKltMAN WARD TURKIC RUPERT CRAFTON Order Your New Elcctrolux Cleoncr Tcxlny Kor Preferred Delivery It's. tlu> New Cleaner iliiit does everything, easily and efficiently. You've walled for Ik Now you ran ttt It. Just Phone 2650 It. M. Grave.*, Local M»na[tr Rcml Courier Ntws Wunt Ails. Help Wanted Jess" Homer, BIytheville.t~" I'hon 3-9-pk-3-23 i I'hone 31(i7. Two flloline Z Tractors and equipment. One practically new. Also new corn picker. Loyd Williams, Imhodcn, Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3 Services al.j- clicks. »v»ilalilo nil tlio lime. Iltavy l>rroiU.-Mr>. buck Slclinrf. ;IOJ I 1 ., iljlti. phone Jjlii. ^. y-k-iil lor r,H i li.-rl nr 11,-rli )l,.r,l.. , yiinv il;Lvi.|l|ii>rl. from mtitli^ • : nls :t v^iir. Our. >].ruvin^ ..f I'>||* IIIIHL iljllli;li:i. for .*. y,-n^ ft.lve on r,.p.iir : -. S]n.fir.liv.- in Jinir uf vafiiutii .•l,-aii[.ra. llrii IK il llii:. A-h. Any jnak,. rlrauir. '^1 In \Vll:!.,1 l: ,I. ..,,:,, Nin-ili K:IM Arka Mis-nnri rnlliiii: an.I Smith !v:L-;l linrilvviin.. /urnl- ul Mi[.ply Mnn^ Mi.'li a' nlimiimini \v:ir.- art.I ..tlipr ^iK rln-t- i>f .liMw.-rs an.l alln't |ii.'.-,'s .if riiriiilur ron-nilF- V.i,.,- li. It , ,\]|,!,:.!,,<, HiMii r< ,.f AiVrinniN, i;i,ii \V. v| 7ll, All hickory trees are unlives of America, nut] tlic nnine comes from their Indian name "I'owco- liioora." House—8 rooms will, bnlli T.nnro lot willi Icnnril iiiinrlcr in roar. 1'rkni lo srll now ,n J-I700. l.ocntcil oi> I TjOO A'. 5Ui HI. 2 >;. blocks of Itiuli ' .•ni-linnl. .Soi^ Mrs A Cl Iliun l.iMcii- villi.. Ark. linx 10. ' I' liOOO drums, steel galvanized 5-galloh with carrying handle (Ulif/ Can). Earls Sales Co., Sleele, Mo., Phone) /*fU3. 3-19-pk-24 I will c:ir;. fnr rhililrrn Irinu li p.m. A|.|,ly ai 1 Hi K. fty We prompt service on Funiily lo innlio sli:»ri, tf iil.iMM 1lu> |,\ Cnoa h- K. 1'Hsk. .stall- Mm-, rimii Wanted To Buy of 5 olil liorses <riiarantoeil sound. Work any [ilacp. O. S Kollisuii. 1'riilc A,l,lili,.r, ai Mill. l.|-ck-21 Ann Arlmr Jr. i>ick-ti|i hay baler Terni c . llallcy Kinlcilge. .Slmlu. I'luiim -Illli after 5 p.m. ., . 1G-|,1:-C!3 U. S. Approved Baby Chicks. The very best grade seed oats, hybrid seed corn, and Sudan seed. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. ^Phoh'e 493 3-12-ck-tf Btravbcrrj- plant*. lllakctnoro. iltrio Ilarnisb. 171U -Cbickasnwba. ?-r.k:4]7 13ahy chicks, different varieties. Also poultry anil poultry feeds. Chester repairs to electric refrigerators, washing machines and electric motors. Our price reasonable. Full stock of repair parts. TOM MTTLI3 APPLIANCE CO. Plume 415. 3-18-ck-3-25 \Villinin li. Ovrrton, nclin K County Knrvvyor. I.nnd Surveys nii<l ilra K line farm ililclies. line and levels. Scrsfcl tins nn-n fr,r :tl) ye:irs. !G|.k-i;iO MACIIINKS serviced ami repaired. WhVri parts 'aro not availaljle we IifRnnfacliire tlietn. O.-LS engines overhauled on (,'as driven macliiticF. All sr-rviccs ijuaranteeil. Ifr-rberl ( is no-.v in charyo of Ibis department anil will be flail to service liis nl.l customers, lllythevillt; ilachine Sho;> . rouitry, 413 K. Main. Alf.lfs Uny munis. TclcpKo Xte«!i!. Jlo. mulo tlrnwn /arm imiilrt- 33. W. A. Jenkins. l-pk-411 Hatbit manure. 60c a bnsbel. Itp^l for lli>H-er> arid 'garden. 512 .>'. lull SI. . . R.lhbit Farms. . l-]ik-t|l Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let ^Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway __61 N. 2-2G-pk-<l-2G F-30 Traclor ani) Cnllivntar. 2 bolloin disc Iri'nkini; iiloiv. s mules smooths inntilli. Oitburt Lynch Victoria. Arfe. . Wanted to Rent Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 8(51. 3-15-ck-lf l.AWN' MOWEHH sharpened nnd repaired. Knelt bl.-ule ia precision cround on our factory method lilAchiiie. Hrin>r yonrs in nou- ntid avoid [he rush, while ivc tiave a lurne stock of parts. \Ve rlclap and deliver. Itl/theville Ms chine .Shop. 25-ck-3; - 25 "'Hero' Sues'Writer" i! pay i asli for n^ . nirnilnrf \ ['ie. 1 ur n hoUMniIulI/. UuiU.i302. Alv: Hardy rnrnilllre CoJ 20-ck-'J Silver service in good condition. Write P. O. Kox 380, ^Jlylheville. 3-12-ck-tf for Trade Refrigerator Service OP AIX KINOS—CALL W. O. BLUIE Phone 2918 or 2642 Kills Rats Rouches Biddle Exterminators IMetnber Nafl. Pert Control An'n. 115 S. Third St. Phone 2751 When It'a Refrigeration You Want Call In R 0 W E N ELECTRIC CO. Phone 2180 in-Ill South Railroad Bt Commercial Frozen Food JLocker Plants — Wnlk-in Boxes — Quick Freeze Home Cabinets. BRING YOUR ELECTRIC PROBLEMS TO US Wi: Iiiivc pli'iily of rx lii'lp :XNC\ n hi (tit; Mj|i|)llrs ,to five juii (irnmiit Ecrvlrr on 'all your det'lrli'ul ni'nlK. CHARLEY'S ELECfRIC SERVICE I Id Tiisl SI. Phone K9r» G.M. STRIKE Bring Your LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Mnilc to Yoiir Order. Order Yours NOW! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop H08 South First Stret't USED CAR In today While OPA Prices Ate Still High. JOJ] M I'annall Ir.iclor find fimii.liH.nt H U"iid t-iinilitiiiii [ur -II nr lain- .\- iiiidi'l Jul.iL U.-..r, u-a.-lrr II <i tdiiisun.!>vilk. 20-|il<-^7 Washington. D. C.. lies app'roxi- • niiitoly <luc north of the Pannnm'. Canal. fj C A L L TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUB Phon« OB SEBTICE- j 2241 I Perfect repairing for today's (jui-sUo footwear ".ssureil \\hvii built h. our muileni shop. H -fl LT e r^,, . - UBLlTY SHOe SH'OP I Zt' W. M « I W ST. Announcement I.K\VIS PINION ha* )mt julnnl iiur ur(iinlzotlon and will spri'InllzK In service work. iirliiR your electrical Jusf Received— A stilpnifni p'r Apartmrnt Charley's Electric Service I'hone ZflM lie No'rili 1st PRESCRIPTIONS or fake the Cash sit On New Car Stock Onar»htc«<I Ttest.PrtcM Kirby Drug Stores Kiitiv v Slnvt. i IIOUR.^ r.r aparlmrnt. No l.c-roy Klliso,,. ,,L,.o,. " C or 7 room nnfurnisheil honsc. T'hone Lost fi^rnct rltiR^or rinp. FT von srls yellow Colt! iiion n tine. Kew.inj. Write ]' O. • u ^'^^: COin. bicycle uilli rrtl f ' ftt nliintininn. STi rru-ard. O. H. For Sale or Trade Ac-rfs nil r.n.lcr (on<-c. 30 arrrs B ooil ; hinhcr. On liilinr. yravi-I rn.iil. I'nrHKoiilil. Will Irailr f«r I own |>"'l'- frly. H rn Tuo*i>r, Itl. I. l.nxor.i. Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. • . ># . '" Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blen Heath Auio & Home Supply CHEVROLET CO. tcxoco Gas & Oils 301 W. Waliiiit Phone 578 FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Chekptr Th*n Bridie tkmk«r OSCEOUA TILE & CULVERT CO. Dr. J. L. Guard I O/jfome* ritt ** JEWELRY 209 W. Phone 828 419 West Main Street RECTAL DISEASES (All Types Ex< DRS. N'.ES Lt.-Col. Frank' l £.' ;! ' t foscani, i above, has brought^ a S.225,000 ; suit against"prizo-u'inniriiifirjpitv i elist John Horsey and five oth- ! ers, claiming that Ilersey pat- i tcrned "Major Joppolo," horo of i "A Bell for Adano," after Tos! cani's Italian experiences. He ! alleges that the author's por- i trayal has "held me op to pub- i lie scorn and ridicule." . Cash Buyers for Property! nid yon ever notice In my ads I not only give rou the DOWN PAYMENT on the property, but also the exact amount yon arc to pay. You know the price before yon coninlt me. A good way to adver- llse. * [.1st your 'property with m e. My commission Is 5%. H. C. CAMPBELL 0«f|ce: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 Just Around the Corner . . . It's SPRING Again! and automobiles are another Year Older!! SO... It's lime to come in for th;i( Spring checkup. Here are jnsf a few of (he things lhal your 'war-weary car • Drain & Flush Radiator Cooling System • CHECK BRAKES • Check Fan Belt and Hose Connections • Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts • Check Wheel Alignment to Prolong the Lire of Your Tires. liring Us Your I'ainl and Ho<ly Needs . . . We Are Equipped to Handle Them See Your Studebakcr Dealer First. Wo tony and Sell Good Used Cars GHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lex ChambUa __ H R. *. * A*h Bta. SPRING OATS Sec Us nJiotil yoiir mechanical Iroulilc. Our expert mechanics working Willi modern tools and uquiimicnt can put your air i;i (op condition. We also liii've a paint and body shop repair Service. will 1'ix your car or l>uy your c«r FOR CASH. Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespcdcza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blyfheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West i\tain lilylhevillc, Ark. DON F.DWARDS Tot TyycwrKcT Mwa" CX3IIONA. AND REMJNOTOJI . I. SEAY MOTOR CO. . Complete Slocks of Parts For Chrysler Products 1Z1 E. Mala Phone WOTS AND TIKH P.UDDIKS WHWS WVSV\ TV\t O06 VOOD .BOO^S ? \S OOfa HOUSE ? ?RECKLKS AND HIS FIU1CNDS Two of a Kind BY MERRILL BLOSSEB OH, LAKO, STOP SO POSlTIVELV GSIM: ALL VOU DID WAS STTP IN A PUODLr; FOR ME TO SEE HOW DEEP IT WAS .' >er ALl,gHE SAVS? VHERE'S HVe WERE jusr ARGUIMG Asib WHETHER YOUD DO FOR HILDA WHAT HE'D DO FOR A Popular 'Girl RY V. T. HAMILTON THEN i KNEW THAT ,VHEW I WAS ' TO HER ON) TH" PL AWE OH ,VES. SPEAKIW& OF 4i\TV... PIO I TELL VOU SHE JCXMS LABOSATCRY STAFF TOMORROW VELL, THAT \V6(XH! I AlM'T HAP SO MUCH PACTV. yS'MCE OL' PIMVJY VSA6MTIT?/L.\ID AW E6G WATTCHED A CR THAT BIT 'IM SAPFRY. BOD WARCEM / THAT SIXTY GAL'S UP... AND I (3OT A LOT OM UMOSOME.' X -TU- BALL TOO

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