The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1933
Page 6
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: PACK six ,E, ( A RK.) COURIER NEWS Magnates Map Serious Series Business Refused to Sign Until He! Got What He Wanted} ; For Playing. • • •; ' KOlTOLl'S NOTE: This 'Is Ihe il uith u! ti\ itorifs on Ihr career of Bill Terry, by Danlfl M. Dankl, N'HU York World-Telegram bise- "' SATURDAY, SKPTRMBKK W, I'm Referee Has Signs That Convey Situation to Those Up On Signals. BY I1AN1KI. M. DAN1KI, i ,". NEW YORK, Sc|il. 23.—Mtmplils I • Hill Terr;., manager of Ihc champ-1 Ion Giants, .signed wlih thai club ' .in the spring of 1922, and has had 11 wuy of Celling what he has v.'anted financially civr since. I'Yom llw firril Terry di-mon-1 , Vrutcd Hint he was not awed t»y the sft-eat McGraw. In 1922, Mc• draw bought Ihe baseball rights lb Terry from Kid Elberfleld, of! -'i™ ^ ueIlMl!C " ll " >f "» 8< '" l "-iM«*tall 1 » annual -to**. ,„, w.nld series. *in ,„„.„ Tuesday. Oct. :l. ul '•"•"""• Pt-'iuiant winiR-r. inujor Icu^i.e nlfjnals and sctrtlnrles uf Iriujm- pilot of .he Ne w Yorksj wrote to Tirry. asking liiin to soc j ng In Chicago. Above I!K;h:il] 'him when the •through Memphis Clianls came On their way .from the Florida training camp (u Die Polo Grounds. • • • ••It was a sunny Saturday mor- , nlnsf in April when I visited Mc- Gravv in his suite In the old Peabody Hotel iii Memphis," • Terry jrfla'ted the other day. "Mac said ha had heard .some Interesting, reports about, my biisc- b:i!l rtblllty atld wnnted me to sign with Hie Giants. .' "What do yo:i offer?" I asked. "The old nitin said somct-hlnir about $3000. and 1 lauphed. 1 picked up my lull and said, 'You don't set-in to be very anxious to sign me, Mr. McGrav,-. I've KOL u Hue .lob here, with a business future. I have a home here, a family. T iliiri't want to go bouncing around !n r Pullmans unless you make U worth my while.' ."McOrtiv got sore. 'You cmi't he very anxious to play hall/ he prowled. 'Here I am ready lo tulce ti-chai>ce on you. and you want a fnlary I voulcl give only to n tested major league.' . "I told the old man to take it or : .leave it. Ten minutes later I walked out with the contract T wanted. 1 ' Thnt spring Terrs' Joined the Giants. He niade the first western trip. McGraw needed pitching badly. He had won a pennant in 1921. and was destined not only to repeat In 1922, but to go on a record of four straight flags, with two world championships. Bub all through these four sen- sons of glory, Mac was bcse[. with an ever pressing pitching problem, find . tie hoped'that Terry would regain the form he had shown for Shrcveport. But BUI was wild. And Bill was big and strong, and a hitter. McGraw. took a look at him around first base, and got a hunch. In June, the Giants sent Terry to-'Toledo, of the American Association, on option. McGraw had an Interest in the Toledo club, and Roger Bresnahan, the old Giant catcher,- was running the Mud Heiis for him. • it - . "I want you to put Terry . at first base and develop him *for me." McGraw told Bresnnhan. "He has the makings of a great first sacker and I want you to send htm back to me ready to take George Kelly's Job." Terry's success with Toledo was notable. In 88 games in 1922, Bill hit for .336, and fielded phenomenally. In 1923, in 109 games with Toledo, Terry's batting average was .317, and his fielding record was .993. Major league scouts flocked to Toledo with offers. Bresnahan laughed. "McGraw owns this bird." he said. Later in the same season, McGraw recalled Terry from Toledo. With him same a fresh, kid named Freddy Llndstrom. his roomie in Toledo, who was destined to make baseball history along with Terry in New York. • • * For ten years Bill and Freddy were pals. In 1932, Freddy was led-to believe that when McGraw quit, he would get his job. When Terry was chosen over him. Lindstrom was heart-sick. He had to be. traded. Now they say he maj realize his managerial ambition in Pittsburgh,' and in 1934, flgh Terry's ambition lo repeat. , In '1921 Terry Went 'south with the GlanU, stuck alter the weed Ini* out process, remained whet McQraw cut down to 25 players on June 15, and today Memphis Bil le*ds the Giants toward baseball' classic. (o rlKht: J. J. Coin inl&ilonti- Tlorncy. M-i-rr-turv of (he I'lifriuu Mountain Hindis; ICdv.-ard Eyiion. DEFEflJ PHILS IN ONE! 11V JIMMIE DONAHUE S'l.'A Service Sports Writer Who'll be the busiest man on Ihe . 'Idlroii Oils fnli when ihe pig- j.'-kin commences its life of- kicks •.ind hard knocks? ! No, Ous, 110^ I'" 1 tflcle; nor will i the cen'.or, end. (luurlerback or | lullljiiek In: loilln i; himicsl for his • dully bicml. The busiest Individual ! will be tin; referee. ' Nut only. In it ihe jcfcrec's duty I to "have genci-ul oveislghl and I control of lhc name," i<ml "be sole iiniliniity for the score. MI!C jn<lge . of forfeiture." diving Into piles of kicking, blling and gouging fool; bull players, but ho must make Hie National i k " OVr '" lo tllL ' :mdieiicc just v/lml's decree ' W ™ I1B whe " a tcam ls l«-'»'Jli/ed. "T-n";" w;;,; how ;; ! v"" y watmM m *^ ^- '^\»™ ^™<^™^ 1 ^ ( WHIiam lIunMlB", of the American Lni^uc; ' lor they have compiled a .sei of V/il.iiuii Ili-yilier, piv.sidi-nl of UK: Nutlonat League, unu ! si s'>als Ihat only the tMlUiUcd can of the Sinaiors. j iranslalc. signals are intend- to convey to the befuddled fan the park leading of Huck Bet Is Blanks Philadelphia Club; Giants and Senators Idle. Youth Will Battle Age For Title Another "youth versus a(;e" con- tesi, .similar lo [lie one recently singed In tlic minis of the national niniitenr chninpionship, will bs the cause for the various penalties inllicled. • The signs are transmuted In jernauhore fashion with the hands t'llhcr directly lo the funs or lo | an affilslant on the sidelines who relays them to (he audience. Tnere are 10 signals, which fol- ow; ' Piacing hands on hips indicates e Opening Game of I'!!.. 0 !? 1 !!?..'??.?-.. r °. r ' vhicil a ^"- Tak Grid Season at Osceola, 13 to 0. ally of five yards is given, provld- ing only one team was offside I! bu'.h teams were offside, no penalty resuils. Referee's Signals Keep Grid Fans Informed eyt: of i In? reletee, ami !o;- thai team making lhc \>uxx. or, if l>y aeilnn the offender's l^nii bus :i tliu dr-fen-Jvi- U'am, tin- ball Rot-.s penally o f Jive yards cominjj. In tin- spot, where Ihe loin was A S'A'eepinu norl/untal arc with made. tile right arm cnim-ys :hr infor- Wh<-:i lhr j referee stands out injition that u player on ihe of-' there dramatically with his aims feiise was Illegally °in motion, nnd! rulrtd alxjve liLs lu-ad, thr-' cro'*«I that the offense will h.ivi to .slart-isn't chteric« him. Cinssii-. tluy'rt operations 15 yards back l!'o:ti • cheering for dear old Padtitali LUXOR! BEHIS IEIS the last toe-hold. When the master of tlic lii-ld Miinds-out ther<- proiiilly. arms lolded over what is nften r< well- niLV>(1 hands rounded tummy, hi' :s telliiu,' you (hat someone used a JlyiiiK block or tackle :tnd is ubont it) !«.• linf-d Hve yards. Waving of tiio hands behind Die back shows the u.'e of nn il- ; VVaMiin-jtoi] legal forward i>i!.ss. Penalty for' New Yorii this Infraction of ily rules ranges Philadelphia' , ; which ha.s just scored, and the if- fi-rec Is merely Hying lo drive home this h,i't by I he use (,f that, How They Stand American from loss of down lo 15 yards. . Cleveland ' OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. defeated Pushing the arms and hands '. Uclrolt vertically is the sign which indi- . Chlcaso ". ,,.. , . cates crawling, pushing or help- Bciton A mihtary salute by the referee ; ing a runner. Now. that isn't al- ' S loms" the tan that unnecessary lowed. , ln d the offender -eh a 1 ' loughiiess wa s going on down un- fivc-vanls line " ! t'-lls W. fl7 87 75 14 70 6:i 50 55 male s htm across home plate. Cy Moore' was the losing pilcher. especially ! " n "Wessive game wllh outetand- shots. He '"'= v ' ork dono b V CJerald Hcnsou, failed to ciunlify In the Western C ' ui Walker :unl Walter Pncc. Amateur uimameiH at McmphL!: In Ihe back field ' Lapides and last summer, his first major ionr- Snelson did most of the ball enr- namenl cxpeiicnce. but gave a ryiiig. Secrnvcs played a goo<l de- good account rain swept course. Gee had of himself on the fensive game and Taylor got off Memphis country club j several long kicks. I Tin- trumann team- buUvciKhcd played go.f for some ! | hc Eemlnoles somewhat, but were 'rac- tlme at other places before coming | handicapped 'by a lack' of pi there to establish the local coiin-,ti c e this 'eason I try club several yenrs ago. Despite ..,,„ ,.";',',' ',...,..,., T u n m Series by , , 0 tO J. The teams will resume ihe ser« in New Orleans Sunday. Day me.s will be [ilayeel in New Or- ons and coiitiaiie unr!l one loam us Com games. Perrin was the losing pitcher sierday, beinu relieved by Moovu ler pllchinr less than tno.ln- ngs. Cook-fit Spot hi Town! ICITZ) Loxora Has Schedule Of Eight Grid Game LUXORA, Ark., Sept. 23.—Ti Luxora high school football ten has the following schedule for th 1933 season: Stpl. 32, K«ls*r. here. Sept. 28, Wilson at Luxora. Oct. 6, Osceola, there. Oft. 20, Crawfordsvillc, here, Nov. 3, K^str, there. Nov. 10, OsceoU, here. Nov. 11, Wilson, there. Nov. 30, Blyteville, there. i N»4t«lm] Boston tt Philadelphia, 6. BrooWm tt New York. 2. Pittsburih. «t St. Louis, 2. 1 ; . dnelnn«tl - tt Chic*f<h ' I yenrs ago. Despit I Ills exjierlencc however Gee while nlivnys one of (he club's best play, er.s was never a sensntionai |>er- TroVincing i tonnf * mit developed steadily un- n ^: 111 he won the club championship bst year. Gee still can hardly be classed n s n sensation but his con- HAN ANTONIO. Te\., Sept. 23— eady pitching by Miller In the nchcs enabled San Antonio lo siflent play has turned uaek other golfers who may occaslounlly flasli a bolter game. It is this accurate-, steady The Scminoles arc scheduled to play their first game under flood lights when they meet the Bly- Ihcville Chickasaws al Bljiheville •rhur.Hlny nljjhl. Their schedule for Ihe season IK complete except for two open dates, one for Ihe Thanksgiving game and one Cor October -7, Coacli Carioll Bird said today. feat New Orleans C to 3 here scntlv gnmo - linck!- d by expen- H night ami tnke the Iran, two:''""., «'!; icl1 Probnbly precludes the (,„„,., „., w p uics lo one. In the Dixie title; Pf'""''? of "cracking" thai acc._^ L_ will take into toniorro\v'.s Uti-hole I •llllc malch. - ! Todays Games American I.ea^ur Chicago al Cleveland. St. Louis al Detroit. 2. Philadelphia at Washington. New York al Boslon. SATURDAY ONLY Xanc Grey's "TO THK LAST MAN" SKU1AI, - - CARTOON ROXY Sunday - Monday "Give Him l.ove . . and You'll' Hold Your Man" SUNDAY MONDAY Mat. and Nito—lOc Hold Your man With STUART ERW1N A Sam Wood Production LATEST NEWS COMEDY .MAT. ;imi Nile— Iflc - ^5 Wild STUART iRWIN DOIOTHT WIISO 9UDIIY OI«GtS Dirtatd br IfVJnj ficW. 1 1 0 /MfJiMNC. COOr*£8, COMEDY — "Mickey's guise' "with Micke I Panthers Win Op- of Season from Keiser, 20 to 0. LUXORA, Ark., Sept. 23.-ln U-.<; , opcniiiK game of the lootuall r.nA- j.son here Ihe Luxora Clolden Pan- Pct. -'tlitt:; -.von a decisive victory over XC4. Ki.'isrr with a final score of 20-0. .Oi:i After threatening Reiser's "onl .S'« throughout the first tiiiiutcr "ilie .507 Pun I hers .scored on a plunge off .',70 tGckle by Purinenlcr early in the .4:15 scco:id quarter but, failed to mate .-113 the extra point. With one minute .377 to play in the half, Wundcr- lich«i 55 yards to Gallop, who went )5 yai-ds for the second touch Pet down. McOlaughlin made the es- tra poini. Bcott skirled right, end .551 for 20 yard, crossing lhc line for -550 the final score. McGlangiilin again .544 ; made the extra point. Liixorn then 531' substituted with a line-ii[i of re- .413 serves and Keiser checked the .3 ( J4 scoring for the remainder of the .368. game. Both Old and New Subscribers May Get THE GREAT AMERICAN Liberty 5* WITH WORLD 1 YEAR EACH Here's How be one of 01 You simply ° " nl ""« (i O cents . m on« h to Ihc Courier Xows ;ini! Imlii magazines delivered, for txvolvc mnnlhs—or, if yon are lucky enough to already if Ihe Courier News for another 12 months Here's What You Get Liberty (Weekly) Woman's World And The Courier News I'ov Fnrlher Information Phone 306 and We Will Have a Carrier Boy Pirk Up Your Offer or II You Prefer— I'sc This' Coupon Drop in Mall Emloslnf 60c, or Give Order to Your Carrier. 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months ALL THREE ONLY 60c Down paymrnl. plus monthly paymenls m GOi- lo the farrier for 12 morths. THE COURIER NKM'S. Blythfville. Ark. I hereby agree lo subscribe lo. or extend my present subscription for Hie Courier News for twelve months from this dale, and nkn tor the following 2 magazines: LIBERTY <\v«*ly) , WOMAN'S WORI.1I .'..'.'..'!.'.'.'.'..'.' 1 5-ear 1 am IIOM- paying CO cenl-s ami aerro to pay your regnbr f airier CO cents per mouth for twelve month.-;. 1 fully understand thai this contract cannot, hf cancelled without immediate iliscnnllmiancp of Ihe uiciga^hip suU^crlptions. Signed .............................. — Address ........................ ......... Town ................................... State

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