The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1937 BTATHEVlI-Lli (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE For Afternoon \V< Keceplion Ccurirr News Invites Ev- crynne \<i G n .v Piclurc n''Rox-"N-:x'. Week "Wlio Is the bride?" There is mystery at the very outset of the Hollywood fcalurc film, which the Courier News is bringing to Ihe Roxy theater for three days, starting Tuesday aftei- noon at 2:30. The novel approach to the story Is an accurate index of the until* picture, for it represents n departure in screen productions and In Cooking Schools, A Cook- i ing School on the screen? Indeed, ' yes. a modern course in practical ' home economics, with Jhc added inducement of close-ups of every process for every interested pupil Tlie picture will be presented for three consecutive days without charge. The public welcome Includes a 'gala entertainment, with free recipe sheets and dailj gltt-s added for good measure. Even though the' plot revolves around an attractive young bride, experienced housekeeper.? will syro-, ( 'anapes may be small but llu-y [ilav a large l>ar( at pathizc with her plight, nnd foi- I THfflT '^ aste Appeal Is Needed II I'.s Deve'o;) an| Jnicroil In' kV.Mc.-alr. Hy he lowing her adventures, they are apt to find themselves learning too. For this gay, swift-moving the afternoon UTiltling reception. They bine liny shrimp,, onions, caviar, pimieiilos and such Ihinss wilh jjreal delicacy. (From Park & Tilford, New York) iini-iu v, rt i-i 1 -i , «v,. b .. £tumum;> icquires i uio sc •er „• M,rM 1 ! C " enS ' f ° hear J ' et * r ° rmal ™°"8" '» 1'°"°' " „ questions and r the the ccciision. Koch calls himself the actual "Canape King" and hails from entire Swilzcrland. His passport proves i;;s;;;;;T,,"' r5ll , n "T 1 " 1 ' 5 as i' h « Switzerland a a \ m , ,, 0 w iers luscious nouliie fudge cake tempting apple pie and dainty, quickly- pvepared salads and chilled des-! nerts. b or ^ l™, OE .i 01 all, to watch the measuring, mixing and • Her« is-a fcalure flhn In which Hie producers have , dared to' de- ,part_fro-inllie traditional succession df close-ups of a pretty lace. For the camera's keen eye Li fo- cussed' .sharply on , the mixing bowl, where the alert watchers U. . , can see the exact method of ImS is creaming the shortening and sugar, the blending of dry and wet ingredients, and later watch the baking, frying or roasting. There Is no trick photography in these authentic kitchens, despite • the Hollywood background. Tlie camera sees also the convenient wonders of these compact simplified kitchens. It records the demonstration of vi:es designed labor.' The way with honor? two iicari "Yes. If it please the court—and I know il will—a canaijc is also The Jury a curled anchovy, an olive stuffed with toasted Jordan almonds and A canape can be a Norwegian a tiny cocktail shrimp, all on the micnto, decorated wilh onions." So far, so delicloiu. craves more evidence. cccktail sardine decked a same caviar toast." I Sal in on Circle. Lpa I: Wins Pri/c for Mrs; Klelndienst Bohemian Dish You'll Find No Alien to Palate Even Ihe mosl demure young bride may deceive her husband with Paslika Z Kural and make him like it. Pnstlka Z Kurat is nolhing more outlandish than - - convenient de-' chlckcn plc as Ul «' 2d lo save lime nnd i ° hemi!m ilomes ' Elisabeth Reth- aiccession of clear-cut bel ' Bl sourano ° r the Metropolitan camera close-ups will give a far '"" = "'' picture and a better more understanding of this useful equip- Opera Company, vouches for the authenticity of this recipe from , - ..._ ..„„„. ...,„,,,. hcr native la ml. which borders on hours of readine or Bolletnla < now 'ca.lled Czecho- '•SlnvriiVifi^ UK'lli thai lecturing. Kitchen doors arc open wide these days, and Ihe camera—like the willing guests, is ready lo pay tribute to the shining perfection of this culinary laboratory where Ihe woman-of-the-housc spends so much lime. Wise counsel lo Ihe bride, which will cover many a home problem, extends lo making Ihe' most of her electric rcfrigeratcr and olher mechanical servants, suggestions for handling laundry, hints on . entertaining smoothly, and some timely beauty secrets to guard the charms of the busy homemaker. M'ork of Experts Throughout the story is the atmosphere of friendliness, of hospitality and keenly human appeal, which characterize (he popular personal-appearance Cooking Schools. The advice. Is authentic, helpful and timely because the Hollywood cast has the assistance of trained home specialists who have devoted years to the study ol average home' problems. They know what worries the busy wife nnd mother, who must be her own l:ome manager, .cook, marketer laundress and hostess, all In one. They know how to lighten her burdens, because that is their life job. "She makes cooking and housework scm so easy." said one of the first women who had an opportunity to watch the nationally- known household authority at work in the model screen kitchen. Tlie observer sat. in the back ' row of the hall, too, and remarked that for once the guests in the ''far will not be penalized, prov- 'i»! that the expert photography and clear explanation will* be emially effective in all parts of the Roxy theater. Surprises In store for readers of the Courier News will not be limited lo free entertainment, since there will be a generous supply of printed recipe sheets onri dally gifts distributed . each of the three days. Many of ' the gifts will bring pleasure and renewed appreciation of "school days" long after the final gradua- Tlie winner this week in the Courier News recipe contest is Mrs. H. J. Klelndiensl, 107 Sixtli street, who will receive SI as her award for the salmon loaf recipe printed below. Next week the SI prize will be awarded for the gelatin salad recipe submitted •., by a reader. Everyone-is eligible lo com- pele, so send in your favorite recipe at once. • , SALMON' CIKCI.H LOAF By Mrs. H. .1. Flake 1 cups il ]b.) canned salmon. Remove bouts'. .Combine with 1 1-2 cups cooked tomatoes, 1 3-4 cups slate;'bread crumbs.. 2 tablespoons melted butler and 1 egg well beaten.',1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon sail, 1-4 teaspoon pepper. Mix lightly. Four Into well-oiled ' circular mold or loaf pan. Baker In" !io> oven (425 degrees F.) about 25 minutes.' Turn out on platter! fill center with buttered or creamed peas, and surround with tiny whole buttered beets. OAVNOIl' M \l>no.\ NliA Servlrj Slaff Wrili'i in^ery foods, of eo'irse. shonhl >im::le. Ui>i out of the imnl/.s ol tubes may came wisdom, bill li tci Ihese sum; seiislllve moiillis (slitiil-J s n none bill loo:ls 111 for (ii'f:-nt epicures. | M=<!i-i'h psycholosisls have I'lU'n much vahiiible study to Ihe !(. lotions of tiny hrains to their ciiviro'imeiit. bill Ion ofleii lltlla has been said nboul Ihe Iliwarllni,' litfhicnfc of dull cooking on ihe intiirally sensitive chil:l ap-.:eltlc. The apiiotlle of children is born j wise, ihe puritanical food manyl mothers set before Ihcm often: blunts their natural wit In eating.) T.-ir'ii soiing upv-otlles fail and ilo:- tors icccmmcnd the muunUitns and c"d liver oil. and no one Is happy. Tl c mountains and oil are cxcul- lein. bill a few vlvlcl rcclp:s mijhl have nelil,evcd Hie same thing more chcap'y. May He UI B hl AUoiil Kutnat'li Take spinach for example. If your child hales It. Ihcn don'l mak; him eat it. The markets iibound in other equally good green vc»e- takles. Or take 'oaliucnl. If :laily you right the. oatmeal biitllo over mirsury .t.ible. daslsl. Try 'lie . wholewheat (oust. As long as thnt liutenllal epicure gets enough vL'ge- labb and cereal food In his tiil- 1113 day. the form of that fowl Fhoulcl be btl to his, not your, pref- nence. His yjalnlc Is his own nnd there is no vh'U:S In moral discipline lit the cost of infant resent- iiieiit. It is easy to leach a very voung clilltl to enjoy almost, all types ol vahipble fco:ls. Oranjes, grapefruit. bananas and orchard fniils are dramatic in color and shape. Tench him .to take footls realistically. Let him handle them, an;! above all. let him smell them before he cats. _ , . . ., , /•Ifoyou' develop 'a child's sense- of aui'll for foods, you will yuan! him in his youth against fatin* ini- fresh and S|»iled food for the rest of his life. A fresh egg has its own smell. Let your Infant epicure actually learn Ihe smell of a fresh egg both when raw and cooked. When the child, shows tr predilection for bread and Jelly or cake, even at meal time, it's a sign Ihal Ihe oilier food lucks inslc appeal. of prepared gelatin, place It In a towl urnl Itieii ail.l tin- rejulrcd amoimt of warm \\ater fio-.i Jho a .fixior., scon the'gelnlln .ciissgivc 1 uii<i wonrtersd at (he prs'tty ccio.,' he should placo It In ti e lefilgig,,- lor and Icavo It there to set..Ko lii|> When lie im stlued It with licallhy minded child can Ircovw Iliat thai liquid, \ hith h> uc'lTilv stirred into a brilliant pnddin'» without experiencing a tin 111 of $e- atlun. If the family ac-kimlcd^ his crcntton, cats II, with him and nsks for more;,t-)al ci!U Is Cell along the highway of the Intclh- Benlly hungry. ^{Xlll is ,t vital fapv of life. A child can not bsijln l> learn about thai fact of Ufa 'foo A prime ronsl of hsef h one'of Iliii most r.livory fatls of jife 3l)J •10 ebild' learned to live until, lie has seen [lie slcel edge ot' n airvhig knlf; piss down lhrf,g»h ihal pfl-fectlj' cooked roast oive him b?ef. He i> a growing animal ind nc;-ds sturdy fond. '.< Hi'Cf will- citch Hi irm«i,!5n ind in its nv\ nourishment' he tvlll find spontaneous enjgjiiisnt. Ei- :c!iriiBO the child to rsllsh Its ifa- vor. Don't spojl his pncllcnl cx- irrlss In epicQi einh'n by ttllliw him lhat roast b;et Is good "foi Mm. Enjoyment Is the birllnlglit if every child anj In the food'd" must cat to achieve lih blalun and tiatiUaln health, thers U such Ivl- t«| pleasure as^nakss gan»sl2r movies and loltypopi sjeni but Ito iubrtituies foi- nitiiial enjayni;iii. Modern children can llmnk child psychologists foi dlsco\jiln s that children are people, and thank their modern mothers for • miller- standing how. to couk loi iiitelll- Bcnl people. ttmlly r ?( .| wh A i hiia Imnpeueil to llum (, L . can stand near while j you m ash Ihem and can hand you the road to foo:l enjoyment. Tlml g o« or vegetables too. .,., 0l | l S''""'f bmcllliir I'erlort lhls smelling" period in his eat- ! butter arxl scasonin- and milk as Ing education may bo a titlle try- i needed, 'clils lillle' drama of the nil! from a manners stand-point, ! mushed pitaio has two oreat val- l)iil he will grow out of it and | ue, from a child ediisatlon sland- soon detect freshness and -pcrfcc- 1 |x)lnl-i-H demoiisirutes an-| it al- lion without the business of handling what you scl -before him When' the child cptcura lins graduated from the smelling gnule, promote him Inio the kitchen clvis. Let him watch how food Is prepared. Once he sees wilh Iih own lows the child to participate In a family activity. After such a lesson In cooking, niiy normal' child will show a far greater Inlrrosl in nmslicd potatoes on-J in ll;e magic business of ecoking, generally) eyes lhat there is a magic lo the cooking of the'foot! he cats, his apuetlte will turn keener. There-Is a world of 'difference ,.„„„„ between a raw potato and a mash- I «„,;. n ?d potato., Firs-;.let him lake the i-^ ki. pntafncs fro!>> l!>! 1 Mi!i r^ 1 ! *hoir imrdness, see tiielr enrtliy .skill. Let Mm watch yon )>;el Ihcm. tlien let him wash iben: for son. Show him how you plunge Ui2in In boiling walcr and add n.ilt. When they are ten;li>r, drain Learning Cooltrry Aflcr the kilc'deii iidpcr anule, he should pass into the principles and prncllcc ot cooking, if very "a package apple.- ALUMINUM COMKS TO VOKK IN' HRIDAI, OIFl'K Hand forged alnmlnnm Is u4d lo make some of the loveliest Rift, for the Junc v bride This metal h decorative and Inteicsling and -it does not tarnish, so the bildc who has lo polish her own sllv?i will lie doubly appicciatUc. A hand forged aluminum tray \i finished in: pine cone design 'A beautiful vase shows a rosebud motif, and a flower bowl and matching bookends have noises' heads on them. ' Cole slaw pops up with Innumerable variation 1 ! Add fiull lo II.! Canned red cheriies, i (chopped/ are one bright dca, and best of all is the addition of. sonic slieal" dales and n few segments of phie- ' ' nn u and you have set-his liny feet on once and with a fork, let him a=- Slovakia). "Bohemian Sunday dinners are "omcthtng big to look forward to, I assure yon. Wholesome food fo: not make paste too thick, soup stuck and stir ell until lure is .smooth. • --- n.ii.i.1 .-HI Limit l. J\UU - and always a. of vinegar and cook " ' chicken pie and fruit tarts, Bohemian .Chicken Tic (G to 8 servings) Five pound fowl, 1 onion, 2 ta- ) few three Add beef and lip your hat to (he next Czccho-Slovakian you meet on his way home lo dinner. blespoons butter. 2 cups boiling j water. 1-2 pound ham, 8 potatoes. '• Salt, pepper, paprika, parsley pie ' she ntes. Just before serving, add 2 ior 3 tablespoons sour cream r.nri [some very finely chopped dill Serve over broiled fish or boiled Keep scissors in your kitchen cabinet drawer and find out how • | many tasks are made easier with their cheerful, shear-fill help. crust. "Clean chicken, remove large bones. Mince onion, fry in but- | ter. Add cul-up chicken and brown a little, then add water and ham cut up fine. Cover pot and .simmer until chicken is tender. In meantime, peel and quarter potatoes and cook in salted water 15 minutes. Next line pie dish with pastry, then place/ in it a layer of potatoes, then of chicken and ham. Sprinkle wilh parsley and dot with bulter and cover with pastry top. Flute the edges and brush with beaten egg white and bake in moderate oven (350 degrees P.) until crust is baked. Serve this special gravy with it: Melt 1 tablespoon butter in fry- pan, sllr in tablespoons flour, then add 1 cup stock in which chicken and ham were cooked and 1 cup milk. Season, add I tablespoon minced parsley and add I beaten egg yolk. Stir constantly while simmering and serve very hot. , Boiled beef Is not a very ele- ganl dish, but says It can be Omacka Koprova. For years kn a homebody when Mmc. Rclhberg if served wilh . isn't gracing Hie operaltc stage. Elisabeth Rethbcrg's word on mailers culinary Is as true as her pitch. Mill Sauce (Omacka Koprova) Melt a small piece of butter, atid a little flour and brown. Do tlon on the closing dav n Thursday. ' Join the adventurers i;i Ihe Romance of Homemaklng in the Rosy theater, starting Tueslav afternoon, at 2:30. ...fir delicious I'jrs. Cakes, anil Cnokirs lo serve your family. Purity products aclil Hint "extra scrnelhiii;" to soar meals. Try Ilirlter-Kisl fircail. cilhc r phi,, O r inastcd. l.oaf Si', l\vo loaves* for ISc. Sold at Your Grocer's And Al Purity Bakery 101 W. Main rncnc.231 FANCY At. Reasonable Prices We handle (he hcsl money can buy. All kinds of Staple and Fancy Groceries. Excellent culs of Meat-^None luit the Very Heat. Give us -a rinff. We Deliver Phone 181 When you paint floors, choose,a special floor paint that can take heel-and-loe pounding. Chooso Florhide enamel. Gives a tough, C'lastic finish. Resists dirl, oil, water, weather—great for exterior as well as interior iloors. Quick-dryinrj, loo. 10 practical colors. We Want You to Actually Try This On Your Yard Phone us nnd we'll send it out \vitliout obligation. Notice how easily it pushes! Also notice its silent miming qualities and how perfectly it cuts every ifi-ass blade. A really lirie mower with hall licsiviiiKs and rubber tires. Try it todav. Phone 32 i SPECIALS FOR )AY and SATURDAY I,tin;c Head Louisiana Pin! GLO-COAT 2 ftlr Pricc of One Fancy Tips No." 1 Sq. Can Fresh Garden Pound Toilcl Soap Wilh ,'!5c Trc-Jur I'erfunic 1000 Sheets Roll I'uro ling S-lli pail SI.30; •i-lli pail Life Huoy 3 liars' Howl KREK With 2 I'kgs. At Tayslce , 12c Loaf Now- Compound Krey's Sliced Few End Cuts " Pound ' I.h. Shankless Fed Fryers Fresh Small Pig Pound

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