The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1933
Page 5
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PAGE MVt (ARK.) COURIEtt NEWS JATUHD-kY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1933 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 19B-W. Dally rate per line ror cou«cu- llve insertions. (Hv« average words to a line) One time per line • .•• We Two times per linn per day 03. H •'- Thrp« times per lino per day OSc six timea per Uae per day • • 0-c Month rate per- toe •••••••• ** Minimum charge 60c The isrrit «isr are drinking BUB- Ins said rules ana rrgicalionx for 11 lie lns]KClIon service, then during \\Tl.srK kin" of bottled beer- I the benefit of Hie health ol llic i that particular period tho Mayor ° 20cklO-20il»ople of the City ot liiyincvllle. HislwH reduce tlie Ices temporarily . _.. " (.j.s Hereby lomid to be necessary lo i and proportionately. l-'OU SALE-Ncigiitarhcod grocery I llx and charge the inspection (ees I 5, Any person, firm or coi'porii- j with living rooms It sUrt this hereinafter outlined. Hie same to j lion violating any term ot I Ills or' •• • '" diicount. £150.00. Phonqi,,, pj| ( ( into the Milk lns]irclicn dlimucc shiill be guilty of a nils- 21pk25 and to be used only in puy- ; l-'OK SALE—133.1 Ue ; ins salary '»«l of ihe Plj" ] 1)citllh offlccr or his depuly who . cit e month, almost new. If you avei]lla kes ire insi>'-flli/,x and It ' Co'.iticr uf buvinH a cur, lii'ic KiiKuln. Write Box ew*. 2IU: :KAL, KSTATB ' further found that lire fees licre- ;: i inaftfr !>et forth aie Jus>l and equil- | able and that tlu-y are liie miiii- I uniiii fees required lo enable llic j City 10 carry on li.c Inspection Ads ordered for three or »b; Unie B and slapped before cxplra-! Uou will be charged Jor Ihe mini-; Dtr of times tlie ad appeared and, tijthevilic adjustment ol bill made. j ^_ All Classified Advertising copy I WANT LAND—We have buyers for lubinitted by persons residing out-1 /,o's, go's and larger tracts. Can ,lde of the city must be accoin- j^n 0 40 ttact. See THOMAS LAND Come In. list yon: 1 mil estate | Sco. what, \vc have to aril. : ],. M. Teny Licensed Dealer. Teiry-Wuri'slnBton Title Co. riione bl'I 23u 1:10-23 work; therefore, UU IV ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OP TUB demeanor nlid. upon conviction, shall be fined in iiuy sum not exceeding $5000 and each day of. such violation slull constitute a separate offense. d. Misunderstandings have arisen concerning llic milk ordinance; a great many i>cople are selling milk and milk products In ISiythe- villc contrary to the rules and regulations of the various Boards or Old Schoolhouse Home For Mine Family i-.Viild BO. ' '!o«n uillcli'iv niiNiou:; to ino- \l(lr sheltrr lor them, NiiH'inU-rctl ii.i' nhl M-liocllioiuw. liiilf ft n'.l' 1 - 1 till- cen.'.'i 1 . wlilch lind bocii DORS Foiled Oulc (Jraslicr. uKUKGLKV. Cal. (UP)— Unlver- sHy ot culifornla students have - "flnhkliiK gate-crushing" WATliHIIOliu OI3NTKK, Me., Wiilcrbuio Center got j J 1 ^ 1 n new,, rnmiiv mil 11 innv homo '."'•" >;L< " 1 - 1 " 1 ""•, >"" i"""""".:cia(i umicrKru-... ._. . . Mr ,mrt Mr • Klillh N Wnl T . I •"!'! sluCO ll.ll. ter.Td IIS tile hOlll,-j ••,,,,,.,,,. loclll UlcalMS Oil ft 1C- l-o e nd liel, e'la .' ll>r"~ ( »"' W«wrl,uu w Imnlly. ! will ra!ly ,,i B lu, they were rc- UUM. »n« men eibia um ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ lalhrr,; imlrcrt for the llrst "me In years. money earned ilolni! o(W Mice had Installed a squadron of liter sol i'""" "" "-•'•••'• which lind bwn'co'ii.sos In wholesale numbers tins "wni>!iinmisr~"lhi> Water- i l ' s " llollwl '«'•-'" u " JW Hll °", 1 ' year. When merry mobs of pajunui .sdiuillomc. l . vuiu , . cm:U , (l .,.,„. w;ls iwoviiUd.;.,.^ uHdorei-aduates iillcinpied lo ti°l >i i^v* i'" 1111 -. i H.,,.., i,.,,. ,„....,„! IIV um luim.':.. ,. i i. - Hcalllr, the City Is HnaiicUlly uu- by cash. Rates may bcj COMPANV . computed from above table. | ____ No rcsponsiDUliy will be taken. v;I | C O n montlily msla'.lmums for more thau one Incorrect In- '• ;,, t . s t n;in u is renting for. .erlion of any classiilcd. ad. | •- ••- -'— •- •-" Advertising o.dered loi l«egu-1 uv insertions lake the one tune, rat *' i <i*l ! Phone 306 or 307 , VU be slad lo tell you how. li. M. 'lliliRY, Agfllt. Plume 611 or 34C CITY OP liLYTHKVILLE, AR- ., KANSAS: | nble lo-lntvc tlie InsiKctions nnwti 1. The Healtli Olllci-r or his au- i without collecting llic necessary in- thorizcd rcpr'wcnliHive sliall inspect isiwclloii fees lierelnbefoi* net out; every dairy, dairy lArm and milk ] (lie Immediate enforcement of tt:e plant producing milt: or milk pro- rules fl«d regulations with reference ilucts for consumption within ilio to handling milk is required for Hit City ct nlythcville, 01 Its police jur- health of the Inhabitants of the Mi-re led \\llhoul slieller «hi'il heir hcine burned. They lind in> I^my"«iih whlcirio" build"u'liew | J-.L-S" In UnVn. 'lins tern uDle ioj"M:ecial duly" police ilogs at each I'Oiisn, nor was I here nny other : tuy hlmsell a lion.e, n iwv. «nu - flii.whouse, rspeclully trained foi lilncc'tn the vlllnxu. where they[ionie liens. Una detail. ClAUdc Swdnioii Is SBCKK- TAHY OK TUB NAVY. In tho V. S. csblnct. Tho letter shown Is ALPHA. Tho (owl Is s (1UINKA. Ximt'E OK SA1.K 0V UN- H,AIMFl> FKKUiHT •liie St. Louis Southwestern rall- isdiclion, a;id sliall test niid grade Cily; nn emergency Is hereby de-: October 2. 19S3, sell M new posl- the milk ami milk products ol such chircd nnd lliis ordinance shall l>e ul n ct , building. Blylhcvllle, Art., to dairy, dairy farm or milk plant, In full force and effect from ami Hie highest bidder for cnsli, n cnr- and'shall do nnd iwrform such otli- atlcr its possage. loud ot building stone shipped by ei- duties ns are required ol him j passed nnd approved Hits Scp- i Granllc Hill quarries, Granite Hill by said Ordinance No. 308. | (ember 13. 1033. Oa . 'MwH 21 > ltl l?' 'l 1 OA c ? r „ roil KENT 2. Every dairy, dairy Inrm or 3c kW-a nlilk I' 1 "" 1 - before beinj! permitted ' to dispose of Us milk or milk products within Hie city limits of Bly- llicville, soall pay into tlie Milk I'scd Furniture "'" Uonghl and Sold Stoves rciv.!rert-Any »^_ t Alvin Hardy SH . ^ "Ham 'I 1 '}" acc 1|C1C • 18Lli "' Drink UliiwEISEIt kins of but-, tied beer. ^^^^^^^-^_ wSeT^I'roof Tariiaulins ; I51.O3, ,' FUHNISHEIJ Apartment,! in 019 W. Main. Plionc 20c kt!I --URNISHEU APARTMENT. 10S| West KcntHcky. Piionr- C83. \ 23c 1:29: CECIL SHANE, Mayor, consigned to McCnitliy llros.. ConAttest: S. C. CHA1G, anictlon Co, Dlyllicvllle, Ark. City Clerk. 11-21-28-5 l6cW> ROO>.'. Apartment «'i t n> I^md ol tile City Ti-easurcr fne fol- Cfill 327 nftcr C 1'. M. lowing fees for tlie insix-clions herc- 2;ii; kiB| inbeforc set out and as bet out in said Ordinance No. 308: Each milk plant $25.00 Each dairy or dairy farm, with 10 cows or kss 10.00 Each dairy or daily farm with more than 10 cows Sl.OO per cow. j in determining ihe mnnocr of „ Bedroom, prctcrably.l C0 w.s, every cow giving milk diir- ;ar man, f-.iriiace lieat. 5H Main, j jug the per led for winch such fee 'hone 98. 5cklO-5:ls required shiill be counted. 1~* .,„ fnr .„,..', i 3. Oiic-;-.ali of the inspection in. M,,i. M T Moon. S i ^" s ^ h ^"^^"^ o! ^ ~ ji: ' I year 1D33; thereafter, such inspec- 7x0 S2.15; 8x10 S3.20: axV ; - , iixlS £000- oll'cr sizes and «eulilo 1Mdc w oruei. Carney AwmnB . ATrKACT iVE W.. 113 b. H«t St. M0 . lfi | doe _ __ __ !-_-— I "' •'" W - _ ____• . vvn l .-rri r Tvwwritiii- and Artiling M , lfl( . rn 3 ro(pn , r,, rl ,islied or im- ! lion fees .shall be anmial, with onc- p RCD'UvingT U. S. Bin"- 1 fiirnlslird apartments, nc»l.T dec- 1 half due January 1st and t.:c re . . 11G E. Rose. Call HJ5-J- 21CX10-21 oraled over Kirby UruR Co. Also i inahidcr July 1st. store building adjoining Rosy The- : 4. If during any [icriod the mater. F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. Call I spection fees become cr amount lo 7f,4 ' £5c k9-25 I more lhan is r.eccssan- to carry on T By A hern ESAtt^TD&ATV.—ANft ^i> NO-mMMKSSNOV f f ™£| MOW WOULD YOU LIKE. f ANV MO ? E 1N "™*> } f ?+&£ ^^ A -OCLT ^r- ^^ tA r- *~ rt^-r < { HOU*S\f. V I UAVV^ ON TV\ \-\\=. P\ l C. ( vJr~ oOlV\t: x?LJVs. i. •.- .) ' f \ Tritv^/" ViT" S/ SOfAE cHlMPANV-ttS J ( iONloHi, - • ' V- AND rfCENAS HERE// TDUCWESS ? -• C ^^^™°' ( ' (< NOW.YOLI CAM T £™\ ™$ (30LTJ-FISH, OR ^ •) TAKt BOWN To ; -RLCW.UTH , ' \ouR-pen-swopP ) MIXTURE.XOULV. *,/ xxKi^r 1 A T"/—xrST i IK i r: ^—4 CLEAN BBS/TAII-OK^ j.'ur Quality Cleaning names NuWa Cle.uw'S ONE or two rooms on North Uailrosid street, suitable for cotton olliccs. V»ll tix lo suit tenant on lease. Ayply (Jouricr ' j f aONT ROOMS at &18 W. Main, •)' r.rtnosoinelv iiecoratou. Keni 'Hals Blocked Look Like New Phcnc l"! Uiiiunc Cleaning S " v ! c ' vlo ... i) ~"UKESSaUKIN G „,.,.-, nltornatioiis, very rea- ionablc. Miss Louis* Crane, rlion^ BG. "llll. ' i-UrtNlSHED Bedroom. Call aftei •, o'clock. Mrs. Ed Jlarnin. lOn ; Attractive bedroom, 618 W. Main. . Mrs McMullms, plioiK' (J'iV-W. • WAMTEU TO -'SU i' GOODS Tr-^T^tu^ing our Oolf Hal Sale OITer-Coinc in and inquire ab:mt il- Hubbard Hardware 12c klC-1 ' ~~aApiolsEitvK;R ntXTER-FljAWIO SEKVICINr. J-est Emilpiicd Bhop in Blyllisvlll J1AROLO Sl'DBtHY - i l-'KKSIi COW with young *-'- 1 .". B iv ~ j ! in? -1 gallons day. Will pay cash. , '.Mrs? Pride. 22ei:26 : ! HIGHEST PRICEa paid lor tires,, ! Inner tubes, iron, metals, maga-i ! zincs, hides, cars to v.Tcc-k. V/o!l I'"'" " ScklO-9i "BY -JOVE, HOW ABOUT A „ M •RIM<3-TA\U fAONKEYf) EGAD, 1 H/\VE ONt ^ y vou WILL ADORE; V: ,/-. WHATSAY? . J ~*1 ~7s Stcrn))i'iir (ii»s, rii-h in 'rcpulitlion and associations, itwd no introduction lo this community . . . for two gcneratiuns Stornlierjr h as servnl YOU siitisfiu'lorilj 1 . Harold Sternbrri; Manager ^'Tmt ^ONK SURE PEEL AT J STEVK'S VKKSION W IT! BOOT'S AND HER BUDDIES WASH TUHliS _-_^-....JJl.SOI.l»! THftT'S~lT- OPEN r ER"~UPr~TR6ftT THE 8O>/S To'roC '^- CORN" WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY HEW I'ORD BATTKRTES ncnlal-Hcchareing-Rcpairlng . 7 TIRE k BATTERY-STATION. ALL KINDS Men, Women i-hlliircii's used clolhin shoes Highett cash price, tons 320 E. Main. ncklO-0. WANTED tor I'rompt Uatlery Service AUT0310TIVE : Ir: r'aiicl Feet > Rife 1" l> ; 'l "P \Vaiiialin?a Hold, 23p fi;i(c\iuv Oarage <;r>int Mcctianii- - Work Trices UigM 19;)U2G ~0.7v ,V N'iRli' Service Siatiun Coitip'.cle Line Shell I'rodm-U Ftcpair V/orV. at Any Tune E'honc 60S Milton members;. lie hlO-K HOUSE—Preferably in (ii.itrlct. "S". Conner News. •Jlp 1:26 l.AROKST STOCK USEH PART Setuct-n Memphis and St. Lou Also Auto Wars — Phone M JACKSON AUTO i'AUTS CO. 2c 1:10-^ Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10cklO-10 STKAYKI) S'l'HAYED -inayM'.i:!; and 1 DlAc!:! y:il- 4 y-.- o'.d. \Vei-4ii about 12M.- REWARD. A. A. Gisnler. UOllte 2. Blythcviiie. 2! !-'.-:!; Jcr::cv <"ov. atn.i'. 8 years o'.ii. yl-ir !r!t iiorn. ie" s-tnte Hi'.?. •-'••'•--.' \Viliis Gin:--. Jaclse Cim- iam':; pli'fc-. Reward 21p fc'-i Ilcd's I'lace—US K. Main C:ill 303 tor Auto I'ainlintr Kody and l-'cndcr Hcri-icr Fonucrty with Shotisc-J.lltlc Co 26p-k9-2t. HEi. ng. Apply 203 Douyun Mrtcl.'. RI:SSELL AXOKRSOX III clurgc Chrysler O.irajc Voik (iliarantrcd u" any make car New Van Norman Boring Machine I'honc 558. 25CM-25 LEGAL NOTICES '5 THAT LOft. OP'HORSESHOES FOR THE BOVS? i .^ BY BI.OSSEK SOMETHINC; IN A NAMK! PUT Op p, GREAT RACE "/OUR sHf>a& OF TH' DOUGH AU' \ KEEP MIM&S is, TEST Drink (I'f lie»t for the wine pricr. IIUDWKISKR kin.s; of bottled beer. a(J<-klO-ZO , WAMTEU TO BUY—U: eel Addir.u; SALKSMAN SAM M-iclni.c in iiood condition. Ever-; — - l^^k^fi- " ' BROOCA \YAXT CD TO 1-Hia'Ki.KS AM) HIS I'KJENUS DOGS. I'ETS for Ilcaltliy Doss fecit Miller's Rations A; fjuiik I.undi JIUBBARD HAKROWAKK CO. llcklO-ll _ xo. Ml i AN ORUtNANcV" TO I'KOVIDEi ron 'nu-; INSPECTION OF|>. liAIRIia. DAIRY FARMS. MILK i AND MILK PRODUCTS AS OUTLINED IN ORDINANCE NO. MR 0V THE CITY OF IJLYTHK- (_ r'f VILLK. PROVIDING FOR IN-1 —-"" -' — SPtXJTIOX FEES. AND FOR,'• OTHER PURPOSES. I ' Owing to the depleted revenues of: llic City ot Blythcviiie and its in- OLDWftl-!? BOY.' \ VWW DO VCU THIUK. OF LOOK r j GREW, ! JU5V ^ f-UP.. Cow'- on, POODLE! : !j ability, financially, to pay lo;- the WILL SELL cheap my noiiss and )„,,.„,(.,.;£„,;• nlul t c ;.. illgs oiillincil in •2 lots ill Blyti-.cville or trade lor u , e rulcs an() regula \ iol , s 0 , ,,, c Used car. Box to or 021 S. Lily bL su;( . Boav<1 flf HcaU1 , cou . U y " Board of Health and Board of " rrnn <s M w Health ot tv.c City of Blythevil'.c as ___J^ 1 ;" r.'_ J !>« fnrth In Ordinance 3G8 of t 4 WHEEL TRAILER will hold t'a'.n ordinances of said City, and o\v! . ,.„„ ,..,. n, n ''ck'>0 i to the absolute necessity or eiiforc- cottcn. 0,111 i - 1 - HER, RtD? 50ME. DOO liUH? V'e>E.TCH^.' A HUNCH! r SHD SURt &'....} WO, MOT EXNCTLV — ;GEE! IIAVDJ'T ( fcUT VJEVE TRfcCED voo 'ANY ILV;A. \ mt CHOPS TO-IHE. YET,WHO MIGHT /HUFF HOTLL—TV/0 HAVF GiyEll / TPWLUUG WEK1 HfcD HER T1IM "\CHOPSTVICT DW,BOT POI50NED PORH.J ntE.V WOULWfT DO \ CHOP? /' THING UKETHM.' A COUPLE OF TRAVELING MEN,nun! DO VOU KKIOV V;HO IMC-.V ARC,RLD HO-C-0-BOT LET 1/r-TKiKK A I ITTLE.-TWO TRWEL- A W.IJUTE! \ GOT HUWCH, FKXKLE.5! YE? ! 6 RED • KIMS TllE OV!E ^/HO O-M SOLVE TH13 MYSTERY 16 HI5 I-:OMCH

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