The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 6
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PA6E SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS INTO • RITES Shorl Term Credit System , a Barrier lo Soulhern Progress DAliAS, Tex. (UP)—A twofold, attack on the problem of farm tenancy In the .South Is recommended by Dr. J. T. Sanders, assistant director of the Ressttlement Administration in Trans and Oklahoma, To 'swing the trend from tenancy toward farm ownership, he urged Improvements In the type of tenancy whilj making purchase of farms easier. The Agrlcullural Adjustment Administration should guarantee tenants an equllabls, sbare In nil government, payment's, ur; Sanders said, and should demand fair treatment of tenants by landlords before permitting rented farms lo V'artlclpale In AAA program;. "The deplorably defective, short- time credit, system of the South must be replaced by a system Mint .furnishes credit at a reasonable interest rate." he sitrt "Such credit should, lie safeguarded by a more balanced type of farm organization In which cash crops are replaced by stable livestock enterprises. "One thing is certain: Hint annual rales of Interest ranging from 20.lo 50 per cent for store credit and from 10 lo 20 psr cent (or other credit cannot characterize Fhort-term credit in the south, as lias'been, he case in the past, if we are lo promote ownership." Dr. Sanders reported in this connection that the South now tenets toward an over-proiluctlon of corn, rephicluj (he cash crop'— cotton. The South had 10 oer csnl more acres planted In corn, (hiring 1935 Ihan were planted In cotton. While he commended the practice of growing feed for work sto:k, Dr. Sanders said Southern farmers could not hope to comp^li- with the Middle West In-growing feed for sale. TodtiSfa Pattern (D 8871. reigns in the kilchcn as well"as everywhere else.' THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1937 Osccola - Society — Personal American Bard% Mrs. Cliailrs I.oivrancc Hostess Three tables of players were entertained nt bridge hi the homo of Mrs. Qhnrlcs Lowrnnce jr. al Driver Tuesday afternoon, The club prize was won by Mrs. Braxton Bragg and second prize was awarded Mrs. W. J. Driver, Jr. Mrs. Charlc.s Lowrance or Memphis was presented the guest prize. Additional guests. were Mrs. W, P, ' Wilson, Mrs. Joe Cullom Jr. and ! Mrs. Wicks Cole , or Wilson, und i Mrs. Hen P. miller and Mrs.; Clmrlet* Colcman or Osccola. ' Mre. F. A. White Has Chili j Mrs. M, E. Pope was awarded high score club prize at the fortnightly meeting or her club In llu> homo or Mrs. P. A. White on i .i. .suay uiternoon, | Mrs. Until Halo Carlisle won i second prl/c and Mrs. Hugh Dllla- ] r.iinly was Riven the uuest prize, j r'irsl Gniclers Kiile Train liccausi' 24 or her 45 pupils hail never ridden on a train, Miss lilanche Cleerc took . her grade claw to Luxora on the morning train yesterday.-- Each pupil was permitted to purchase and handle his or her ticket. C. K. Sims or Chaffec, Mo., superintendent or the River Division of the Frisco, happened to tie- on the train and greeted t), e en ii_ dren and explained Hie advantaj>cs or Iravel by train. . At Luxora the pupils visited the first grade room.' The Osceola mothers drove up in cars and brought, them back later in the morning. Lnst week Miss Cleere took Hie HORIZONTAL ZToel pictured here. 12 Mature Insect. 14 Sloths. 1 SUnburnt brick. 17 Ulcer. 18 Malicious burning. 20 Verbal, 21 Thick shrub. 22 To sin. 23 A hoot. 25 Wrath. 20 Thoughts. >> Answer to Pr«vlou» Piuzt» • 13 Disposition. 16 Tribunals. 16 Measure ol area. 19 Negative. 22 Electrics) unit. 24 Bashan King. 27 Fleet of vrar vessels. 29 To rule, •• 32 Wrath. 33 To scatter,, 3 5 Either. 37 Heavy blow. 3£ To fly. ^OExclamalion. 43 Excuse, 44 Earth. 45'Southwcst. 47 Seed covering ] This 49 Organ of 28 Constellation. hearing. 3011is lt ,mous ™- ff firs. 05 New England nsh. 58 Public decree. Gl Nut covering. 62 Unmelricol composilion. VERTICAL !)nok,"I.caves of " 31 liailroad. 32 Sluggish. 34 To depart. 3G Tenon liolcs. 33 Polite. poet believed in democracy. 46 To marry. 2 keeper. 48 Provided. 3 Epoch. EC Affirmative 4Behold. Mstoam. 5To guarantee. 54Tohasten. 0 Pronoun. 65 Bashful. 7 Atmospheric 56 Bone. Mr. and Mrs. E. S, Driver and daughter, Flavin, Mines. R. H., J. c., and R. A. cromer and Miss Virginia Cromer; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brlekey, Mmes. M. E, Pope, W. E. Johnson, W. E. Hunt, D. H.. Wertz, W. w. Prewiu. H. C, Ryan, C. E, Sullenger, John Whitworth, C. H. Weathersby, S, J. Fi-nzior, Leo Schrleck, E. M. Jarre .nnti Miss Prances Jatfe. Buddy Dowen visiled his mother, who is n patient at the Bap- '•Ist hospital In Memphis, yester- dav ' , i .,)'«!,) Mr. and Mi's. Hoy Dillard visited Ihe former's aunt, Mrs. Fannie Robertson, in Memphis last night Mrs. C. K. Richards of St. Louis l> the guest of her sister, Mrs. C. B. Driver, and Mr. Driver. 41 To accomplish 64 His work lines. 8 Mother. 9 Stir. 42 Poem. '43 Social insect. displays great 10 Water wheel. 11 Erases. n '&.S'S ?,, !>A '":, ERN aiKi STEP-BY-STEP Regional Accents Doomed As Radio Brings Unifonni ly BERKELEY, Cnl. (UP) — The University of California hns discovered that, the "Southern ac-cent", Is destined to disappear, also the "New England twang" and the "Yankee accent." • _• ! Radio and the lalklng .pielu'res nre responsible, • the university finds. ' ' :, '-. '•Today- we. nre passing through .a -period of voice standardization," said Mrs Guy. A. Piurlnglon, Instructor of public ^speaking at ii, c university.' ••;'•' ' : "Along with the radio mid the talkies, which are plnylng the. major icle, even the telephone Is do- Ing much to make everyone from every section of the country speak fi standardised accent, idiom, and inflection which everyone else can understand Eventually/' everyone will spenk Ihc same slang and with the same voice standardization " Mrs. Farringlon predicted Hint when, that time comes, the American language will be much richer han it Is today, as it win include the liveliest nnd most vivid parts of speech of every section of the country. She believes that even in 8 ' 8 1. 0 * 11 Ellgllsl1 '" En will become slandardlKeS with American Engllsli ns n result of he ever Increasing use between the two countries of the radio and the trans-Atlantic telephone 31,0 pointed out that former King Ed- w " d ' s P hr »se in his abdication address of -ions last- has been incorporated into the American language lo 'such an extent that .r 6 *' 5 ^'" 8 "re protesting the phrase should not be TODAY'S PATTERN BUREAU, '.-••!• irSTERLING PLACE, BROOKLYN, N. Y. : .,•''O Enclosed is .15 cenls in coin Tor [_•' Pattern No.-,, .-....•;.•.-.:; Size' ~ Nama ^r-"^ - — — Address . ^TT'' ---^ city.^rffr;—;:rrr^...; st.ic m.i.;::^:^ Name 'of this newspaper. •?.','';??,Tt?: -*«**»~*».«*iu . •-' V class on sight seeing trips lo the > telcphoni! orrice, light, offices,' milk, depot, Western Union Dines, post office and the new Pres- lylerlun church, after which they . vcre treated to ice cream by G. K. j Sullcngor, secretary of the school ' oard. ' • . . I John Bnmcr, Marked Tree, dis- j vict governor, mid J. Louis Cher- ' y, Blythevllle. were speakers at ' le first regular meeting of the ewly organized Osceola Roliu-y lub, held Tuesday noon In the S 'regressive club room. Other Address your envelope to Blylhcvlll» Courier News Today's Patten Biirenu, 11 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. "worked to death." However, she regards It now us n permanent phrase, just as the English are making permanent in their lan- Ciinge -many of America's most picturesque phrases. Read Courier News War.i Arts MANCHESTER, Miiss. (UP) — fashionable North Shor has a "fair weather" fir Tills town alarm I system. Selectman Davi Burke sayii ,that on damp day there Isn't a workable alarm-bo .in town. He attributes the dlffl culty to ' exiioscd wires. 57 Moisture. 59 Credit. 60 Musical not% 62 3.1416. 63 Right.. Sawing of Log lo Open Bridge at Golden Gate PORTLAND, Ore. (UP)—Not the "shot heard 'round the world," mil Ihe shot that will he heard from coast lo coast will signify the program opening for the log bucking contest that will officially open the Golden Gale bridge at Snn Francisco. Archie Wliisnant, Portland, secretary of the Pacific Logging Congress, with his starters gmi, will set three log-sawing champions uests were Ctmrles Lemons nnd he Rev. 'Stuart Salmon or Bly- lievllle and I'nul Price or Mai'i- inna. James Cartwright was clect- •d delegate and ncn Butler aller- mte delegate to the district con- i-ention, In session this week at Hot Springs. Among the members or the Os- ceolu liar who nre in Wynne today ror the meeting 'called by Chancellor J. F. Gautney to endorse a man Tor jucfge or the U. district court arc: . J. T. and James Coston.'D. Fred and D, P. Taylor, jr.. and C. B. Young. Joe Rhodes. A. S. Rogers. W. W. Prewitt and A. F. Barhnm. Bruce Ivy Is attending court In Jonesboro Among this vieen. (hose who Memphis yesterday to see Tallulah Bankhcad in Ellis Audit Mrs. H. J. Hale, Mrs. Ruth Hale Into rhythmic attack on a 36-lnc:, redwood log, only remaining bnr- rl?r to passage or psdestrians and vehicles over thj span. The int?rm!!oi'til bucking iLirney was ctccldsd upon for ceremony in plate of rlbtai-L-m- ling. pressing of electric bells or other lime-worn customs 1 o r bridge and other opening.*. Wliisnant was chossn startod !>•>• causi of long experience at oili- [ elating at log-bucking ctramiik'.s. j :| KIs sr.ol will make history, for 11 will be heard across liu inuisn. ,ii radio. Brown trout grows twice as; large in Ne England waier%, vet !-| all of New Zealand's trout origin- '• • ally came rrom England. }' Hnvp You Visited Our New Moili'rn Service SlatiimV Wliile Itose Gasnlino {Joodj'ear Tires Willanl Batteries Ho.iil Service On - Gas - Tires - Wmiks 24 1IOOU SUKVICK Call C33 For rroni|il Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Baby Chicks Good Healthy Blood Tested Chicks Now In Our Store Get Your Chicks Herd The in "Reflected Glory" at I torium were: Mr. and •HEKNAT' KNITTING YAIJNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday, 2:30 p. M. MRS. LESLIE HOOPER 1103 Chickasawba Phone 192 the We Got Quintuplets in the Wilken Family! Our Lubricants - - will meet the severest tests and provide motor proteclioi under every operating con dition. You get dependable oil for your motor when you drive your car into the Phillips Motor Company. Open AH Night 24 Hour Service PHILLIPS' SERVICE CENTER William and Tom—Ihcy got a . nolionymimightn'tcaretohcar • nbout the 5 new members that come into the Wilken Family a few days ago. Well I wouldn't doubt but what there's considerable to what they say—only I thought these pups was so extra culc, maybe you'd like to see them, and besides—it might be sort of nice to celebrale on account of our dog Jessie. And if you've a mind lo celebrate, you couldn't find a tastier nor a milder whiskey than this personal whiskey of The Wilken Family Dial's made according to our own family's recipe. It's the identical thing as is enjoyed by us that have spent our life in the whiskey making business. mm FA Davis Slrolher Glenville comfort isolated cabins. ir WAS siotv RAVflLVG AND i ecucitr CUPf.HOI CUIIE KM HOW i wamt> Ml IT THE TO rSOLATED IITTLE CABINS FAR FROM MAIN ROADS ROUTE TOOK ME UP^OVED RiWOS IOUNTAIN TRAILS BUT I SOON couio str 20 iiaes PER. GA > usrMfi ESSOIENE AND THAT... I COULD NOT OM1 PAY FOR THE SAS01INE ... BUT TAKE CASE Of THE CAR. PAYMENT, AS WELL... OUT OF THE S< A MILE ALLOWANCE' f ptrti*. aw, itraltht wh**Vey"i"s*M*Alh» o"^V* BtraTjM^ **UK»y 4 y«m alt. "\/"OU have the written testimony of thou- J^ santls of motorists as your assurance of extra mileage with Essolcne, the patented gasoline at regular price. Essolcne gives more miles per gallon than even most premium priced gasolines and no gasoline at a HI/ price gives more. Essolenc is different ... so different it's actually been granted a U. S. Patent. Different, patented, loaded with extra miles. Try one tankftil and see why Happy Motoring Starts at the Esso Sign. MOTOR FUEL PROTECTED BY U. S. PAT. NO. 2,066,234 STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA

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