The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1950
Page 5
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. MAY 9, 1950 tJ»« Nation Today; Motion and Clotun Cloture Rule Leaves Southerners An Ace ! Ry James Murlnw j WASHINGTON, May 9. </!•) — A ; motion ... a measure . . , the dlf- i (ercncc between a motion and a ; measure .'. . cloture. . . . They're all terms used in tlie Senate and nre some of the thhiKs which cause lite lo be loss than simple for the lawmakers. In the FKPC bill, now awaiting *^fce Senate action, there's a pood ej»/»ple of how molioti-mensure- clolure complicate things for the senators. Bill In f'rralc llourd This bill (o crcale a five-mini ward, called Hie Kali- Employment Practices Commission, would do this " it became law: 1. Make it unlawful for an employer to refuse In hire a job-seeker necause of his color, religion or race And— 2. Give the PEPC, meaning a government, agency, power to compel an employer to stop discriminating In hiring workers. The southern Democrats don't »'ant this bill passed. To slop tlic rest of the Senate from approving, they're willing, singly and in relays! In talk themselves into exhaustion' with a filibuster. ; So lone as tins filibuster, or marathon talk, continues It can block all Senate action on the FKPC and on all other Senate work. too. Then—and this is I lie aim of the . Iilibustercrs—In order to gel on will, 'he rest of their, work the othc' bring up the hill. >As soon us the motion Is approved, then the southerners start, their filibuster all over again but this lime against the bill it-self. The purpose: now it's to prevent the Senate from voting on Ihe bill. And this filibuster against the bill can't be stopped unless once more two-thirds, or 64, of the senators vole cloture. if t), c Senate approves the second cloture. thai ends Ihe filibuster on the FKPC. Then, when the regular debate is over, Hit- Senale votes on the FKPC bill. On the bill Itself, only a simple majority of those present is necessary. , abandon (he FEPC democrats are in „ Mock the work of Ihe resl of the Senate? United Nations To Sue U. S. In Ship Row SAN FRANCISCO. May 9. l/Ph— The United Nations may now .sue the united States— nnd 'it intends !o. Federal Judge Louis K. Goodman upheld .the u. N.'s right to Institute (lamriKc actions In a hearing here yesterday. 'Hie issue .irose when (he TJ.N. and six shippers filed for damages in a libel action against the United Stales and the American Pacific senators will bill. 1 ".—^rr^orir-" !"" — ™ —d in a minonty _ damage to and shortage ill a large shipment of powdered milk to Italy and Greece. Attorneys for the United States i company argued Yes. Clolure Js Stop '•ote for a thing called "do'lHrc 1 ." which means: shiilting-off-a-nii. It « can be done am' time two- thirds of the total numorr of scn- ators-fM of the 96—want lo vote for clolure. : H you read thai Jn a hurrv, tt sounds easy. It isn't. In Ihe first place, few senators relish voting for clotiirc. Some day they may want to filibuster on something. They don't wnnt cloture used on them. In the second place, (lint vote of m out of n<> is no cinch'to get. For example: A simple majority vote of Just those present at voting time is all that is needed when the Senntc votes nn a bill. If only 7fl scnalors were on [he floor at. voting time and 36 voted for and 34 against, the bill would pass. 61 Must Vole •But if a nite on c|oture comes up nnd only the same 7(1 senators are on Ihe floor and 36 vote for cloture. 34 against, there's no cloture. There can't be any clotnrc unless M Jfc'ilrip total number of 9G sctia- tnl^u-liether or not all !)fj nre on the flonr. vote for cloture. So cloture Is much harder to eel. than a simple majority vole on a hill. That's not all. f" Ihe Senate there's a difference between a "motion" and a "measure." A "measure" Is simply a hill like the FKPC bill. And the measure and motion eo like this: Before the Senate can consiiter a hill, some senator has to make a motion to bring up the bill for consideration. If a simple majority of those present vole approval of the motion, then the Senate can consider the bill, Then, after debate, Ihe Senate can vote on the bill itself. Tnke Ihe FKPC Rill But. until a motion to tiring up a hill is approved, there can be neither consideration nor action on the bill. And this is where life for the senators gets difficult. Take the FEPC bill again: The motion Is mane to brine up the FEPC bill. lniniDdr>'-ly~ the southerners begin their filibuster, not on the bill it.self. but on tlic motion to bring It up. The purpose- to prevent Ihe Senate from even voting on the motion to bring up lire bill. If, finally, the rps t of the senators vote cloture on the filibuster then vote on the motion to no legal authority the u. N. had to BO to court. Jurt b 'e Goodman disagreed: "The interests of the United States are served when the United Nation's Interests a re protected. The coin-Is of the United States afford a mos t appropriate forum for accomplishing such settlement." Oldest Gray Veteran Dies At 108 Years HIGGINSVILLE. J,fo.. May S. (A-, —Uncle Johnny Graves, the nation's oldest Confederate veteran, died today. He was 108. His real name was John Thomas Graves, but everybody knew him as Uncle Johnny. Until about ten days ago when he became ill, uncle johnny conlri still feed -himself, smoke his pipe and chew tobacco. Smoking, chewing, a place to eat and sleep—Unit's- about all a man of his ace could ask. h» used to say. He liked to sit in a rocker at the State Confederate Veterans home here, reminisce and cliat with visitors. He even offered advice on Ihe atom bomb, which he called "the devil's instrument." He was the last veteran in (lie Confederate home which once housed 325 of Ills fellow soldiers. He. had the 02 acre place practically to himself. A few widows of veterans, however, still live there. 11 cost the stale about $2.1000 :i year lo keep the home, open and see that Johnny was properly cared for. Uncle Johnny was born Jan. 1. He was released after serving In the Confederate army only "two years. The .-cason? Poor health B5.YTHEAm.rjQ (ARK.y COtrRlUR K1CW» Life "21 Tax Gremlins EDITOR'S NOTE: "Life With the Tax Gremlins" Is a 12-part thumbnail story of lh« nution'i complicated tax structure. The characters: Uiicle Sam himself, his Gremlin, State and Local Tax Gremlins, and you—the taxpay- . ers. It's /rom an "American Affairs" pamphlet published by the National Industrial Conference Board of New York, an independent, non-profit fact-finding institution supported by business, labor and other groups. Some, of thi- articles include comment by Rfcliard A. Mullens, Washington tax expert and author of NEA's annual "income Tax Primer," which appears each year in The Courier N'cws. Wouldn't you think the Gremlins with whom you share your car might once in a while put in some Bas? nut. Instead, see what happens at the gas station. The Gremlins share of the gas you buy is roughly one gallon in four, As they tap it oft they are not very friendly about It because they are never content with Ine terms of division. The I big federal Gremlin's share is less! than that of Ihe state Gremlin, and '. the city Gremlin get.i only the leak-i age. ! Tlie federal tax Is 1 <o cents per J^y.****^ TJip slop fur ;ras. sallon. Ti, e Mute lax runs from 3 to 9 rents, averaging 5.1 cents. Then, if you need oil or (ires "Klin the Gremlins lake theirs The federal lax on oil Is 1''. cents a quart and the tax on a lire and t'l'ie. in Hie avcrngc, Is roughly Si. 50. i Accessories extra. Back of a |] (his are Ihe hidden: taxes that lie in the price- of pas I" the eas station, such for example as a (.Moral lux of $20,1)00.0110 a j year mi the pipe lines. sound. U« Prohibits A Maryland law—similar to those ol most states—prohibits the use of a muffler cutout, bypass or similar nrvire ii|»n > motor vehicle." Rut a dealer quickly pointed out that a Hollywood muffler Li i true muffler, so the law shouldn't apply. 'he general manager of the Automobile Club of Maryland. Leonard Knlmer. had this to say about the MORE PLEASURE He .lettlert back, rellcclcd (or a moment, then lauded"You kn first car I «»"> Throaty Rocr of Tempered Muffler Adds to Present Return to Twenties BALTIMORE. May 8. UP,— Aiiolll- trariemark of the twenties, along- with the Charleston and the like is doing a Rip Van Winkle. The full- throated road of a tampered muffler Is back again. But Ihis time rnr mge for the motorboat throb isn't left to the fancy of the f,id. it's being propelled commercially. The general name for these fugitives from a sound laboratory are Hollywood nmf/lcrs. That's because the revival started around the west coast colony. The CM7.C gradually moved easl picking up momentum as it went , until it reached the eastern seaboard in recognizable form a month ago. Somewhere along r.'ne line the Jiisiness world caught the scent, and is turning It Into a mnjor item in the accessories Hue. The Hollywood muffler makes the average automobile sound like a souped-up racer. According to one manufacturer, "it's here, It's different, it's 'dynamite." Store Recording* Von can agree with the last without the- slightest hesitation. .One type, selling for about U. Is demonstrated right In the store on recordings. You put the record on. Firs, .here's a roar. A cabin cruiser, you think. Then a voice, packed with ivangelistic fervor, breaks in: "That's the .... muffler, -that gives your car thai deep-throated roar of rich, smooth power." A deep-throated roar of rich smooth power follows. Then the Political Announcement The Courier News has been authorized to announce Ihe following candidates, aubjecl to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8 FOR COITNTV JUDGE Roland Green FOR STATE RErKKSKNTATlVF, !•• 1 AUlry Re-clcction Post No 3 John Cowan Kenneth S Snlccr Post No 2 E. C.. "Gene" Fleeman iPor re-election Post No 4) W R. Nicholson You'll Enjoy DELRICH «n;r,, c "o;"'j,™ny°E'h'7fti'r"K! ONLY" ^PS-u«' r ^;r, /iq, Rl»r.«.«l,y,,.4«. '"• A ' V '« *TiJ Corrugc?J-cd Mefo! Culverts Sizes Tip to 81 In. Automatic Flood dates Concrete Culvert Tile Si/.cs up lo 36 in. Concrete Scplic Tanks Mclal Septic Tanks Srwer Tile Best I'riccs He Deliver A. H. WEBB Ilishw»T 61 al Stale I.fnr Plinnr 111 voice : "Listen to that! Rounds like that just don't hamicn." .Scientifically Developed Then tlrr voice explains just how this type of muffler was scientifically developed and laboratory tested. "It lakes nut that high-pitched exhaust noise." assures the voice-, "and brings out the deep rumbling tone that moans real power." More real power. The conventional muffler Is a pipe pocked with holes surrounded bv absorbent, material and encased in a larger pipe. The Hollywood variant Just skips some of the packing, explained one dealer, to gpt Mini power-surge NEW Rn\ Opens \\Vck Days 7:00 p.m. Matinee Saturdays ,?• Snrulajs 1 p.m. Cont. Sliowlnp Manila, Ark. Tucsdny "BOWERY BLITZKRIEG" wilh Thr l-:asl Sirtc Kltls Also Shorts Wednesday & Tlmrstlny "BORDER INCIDENT" nidi George Murphy Also Shmls RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Tuesday "CAfTAIN CAREY U.S.A." will, Alan I.ailil anrt Wanda llrndru Warner News A- Short Wednesday & Thursday "THELMA JORDAN" »ilt, Hnrham Slaiiwvrk ami Wendell Cnry the golden goodne.ssof I lavishly on bread and piping-hot, rolls and I Use DRLR1CH in all your baking and cooking. H'» wonderfully delicious lo taste.. -specially thrifty lo buy. Get foil-wrappod DELRICH ift^mtf^ Margarine at yow favorite loBBi^ store today. Sdden w QUARIKS FOR TASTE SHOW STARTS 7:30 I'.M. IX Xir.lIT AI,T, T If RETS I5r •'1555 anr) .M.itcie in "JACKPOT JITTERS" Wednesday & Tluirsrlay "CALAMITY JANE AND SAM BASS" UN' TECHNICOLOR) Vvonne He Carlo Ifnwarrt DulT PER PENNY than anything on your table ! A Special Kind of Coffee MOUNTAIN GROWN Kxtiii-ridi in flavor ... winrry Hiid vijjomiis. Noollict coffee llnvor is quite Ihe sjinic. art a cutout on the ever owned. That was In . the first nortec road- masU-r ever sold in Frederick Coim- "ISetwi-en ynii a ,,d me, it rounded pretty s STEWART VAIENT1NA COtTISA «^ BRACKEN Double Ke.itur« liox Qtlict So Exlro-Rictl in Flavor You ore urged to ' X--x"°" r " s PICGV CUMMINS V (HARKS COBURN with UOTD NOUN tli on witfi lesser flavored brands I HERE'S SOMETHING EVERY WOMAN SHOULD i READ Here's real fasblon news! Ik'forc l.m K ynt, „•!] l, ( . n |,) ( . ,„ sh( , p ;„ mv (hrvill e in one n flJic smnrlcM ,'cn ( |,-lo-«i-ar s.m.s in Iliis enl.rc ,,.« n . The new NBW i nrk bloie is conunj; V»r one lhin K ...t>r yniHI enjoy s!,.,,»|.in c j,, si.rr.,iim!in.;s U,;,l ; ,,-p so K. 1 ^ "..zsrr 11 im(l so i ...... •"••"""•-^ —^" '»-- ^..«K Bui Ihe rally minorUnl lhi,, K is heini; al.k- (<• find a ) ; ,, T ,. ^krlinn of Ihr newesl a.shm,,, lha. American ,lesi K ,,,r. ..... du.-e. To I,,. M, ,„ si,,, ", , he r;« n ,"^}X.'n7v,r l l>cronilnK '" >nu - !ind •" riml ih<> - sbL in u - The new New York Slurc will iralh |, t The l-jishiun Onlcr. tlie NEW YORK STORE

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