Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 3
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p.. Through His Nervine Is a Benefactor to Thousands." WIDELY irnown Wisconsin puSllahor, -n-ho 're^iQ('^ a; C;M-P Eu;', writes March C:h. :.'".. .i.<?»l''0*s: "Yivt youro u?o I :<n;:i-.'ii! i-o nervous thj.t iscntui wori; w:'.s a buruor,. »' couid 1101 rest 3.1 niirhi, on n^coc.'ii o.' siu'.'»'n;ssnD>:5. My itte:-.t;c lr i w.'is cailed tc frr. >!il«s' Resiora- ih'O Ss-rvinc. :md I cciinraCLCCiJ 10 usu It w::b :;•••> vji-y 'MS; oilt;::;. Since tncn I h^vc xi.-p: a i.-o:t':o in =iy house ana use It whenever rr," rr.'rvcs 'oc^orou unstrung, with al'A'^y,-; ;:u- .-:uuc t;ood ru.iui's. 3iy SOE also ^' vj'iiosi: ior cervoasncss B r R ;= 'r"'r'ill2 success, I iinve rccom- ^ rat'nded Ittomany.ind RSStCreS M cures them, AH who -» ,j_-^ 5'JlI(-'r Irom nerve I1^.2.iLl....... troubles should Try k. It is Tree -from narcotics, pcrlectiy harmless, anu yoc sootncs and strengr'nens. Dr. Miles, through his Servinc is a bcncf.iotor to thousands." A. C. LEHMAN. Editor aoii proprittor of DEIS LANDSMAN. Dr. Miles' Nervine i" »old on j:uuranteo first bottle will bnneflc or momj refunded, THE Mm Typewriter Is a Good Machine. stnmlard ot excellence, Munj 'isiK of the "Munson" consider It THE BEST. You will tlod It a valuable nsslstaut In jour o.t- tlce. Address for partlonlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MASUFACTl'KKKS. •x!.K)-2J4 AVe.it LaUc St., ChlcilK", 111. ' E never put up any Plour under any other Brand than our own. W Our Magnolia Patent Flour Is Guaranteed to be Twenty per cent better than any other JFlour made in the State,' Peru Co. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Flro and Accident Incur- •nco ofllce at 410 Kroadway, up stntrs, and nollclts a share of the public patronage. None but First Class Companies Represented. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY.'.TUNE 17, 1SOU. •I-iargaiin boys' suits at Mitchell's. litisl. sugar-cured shoulders, 5 . I'm iu. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. C. H.^jtevens/gallery at 414 Market . street IsSr<«f^opeD. Competent -workmen. Work guaranteed. Beautiful boiim-f.s and huts sold for half price for rwo weeks at Mas'. W. J. Potter's. Broadway near Sixth. Don't forget the concert given by the B. B. Club ftttlie A.M. E, church Tuesday, .Tune 1C. Admission 10 cents. IHu'ify your blood ivith Hood's Siir- snparilla, -\vhlu-li will give you an appetite, tone your stomach and strengthen your nerves, U'illianl Bnrgt'.ss is tlie only man ant.horixed 'to solicit .work 'for Clias. Malbcn '.tlie 'lanndrym.in. All o'.hi'i-s are l:Ti']>o.stors. Landretb Seed -Company ot Philadelphia, hare been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrison : U their agent !n Cass county. 0o yon want to invest in g-old mining rtock In tlio best gold producing clistrict In 'tliis country at Cripple Creek.' Col.? If so, call on J.icol) Hera for particulars. It (Toesn't. rake.mucli medicine to cure Marlar.ial. Fever, provided you tako Simmons Liver .Re~ul:itor. It is .inst the remedy for Mnlrtria aud all Spring ailments.' And you'don't need to tako much o.f it. "Simmons Li.vev'Regulator broke n cnso'bl' Malarial Fever of tLreo years standing for me, aud. less than oue i..« tie did it: I still use it whan iu noeil • of aiiy..iiie<il(.'Ine.'.'~-C. Ilimrod, Lnticns- .tor. O'liio.. .' - THE RAILROADS Pennsylvania Claims to Recognize flerit in Employes. PRESS ADVERTISING General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Tin. 1 , statement has beon ni.-ide Hint certain roads, the Pennsylvania among tlio uimvbcr, employ Catholics for tin.' reason tamt.they are n<->t allowed lo-bo- kmg to any won't order. This is denied by railroad men \vlio are alleged to liavi: been ot that number. A Pennsylvania oilicial says the company always insisted tliat its mon should lie recognized for Hielr real merits alone, anil that If a man was negligent, in- eoinpi'tont or in any way unlit, to hold a position on flu.- road no secret "I'drr •that lit' might belong 10 could save hini from being discharged. It was the policy of the company to huhl IMI lo go.'d nii'ii regardless of their ]iolliical. ivlig- ious or social aliiliarions, and even if a man had no religion at all his mcri'.s would lie ret-ogniwd all ihe same. If ir was proved lo-'the.satisfaction of Ihe sri'iii'i-al ollicri's thai a promotion iiad hfeii made in a manner not consistent witli tlie rules of di.-ci.pline tilt- matter would lie inquired into at once nnd .ins- lice would In- dune regardless of any or nil secrel orders. NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING. Advertising In trade price lists. amiiseuu'iit programs or any of the numerous kinds of publications of that nature, has been prohibited by the 'board of .managers of the Joint Trafllc'asso- ciation. They have made a law that from July 1 no road may publish or par- ricipate in advertising in such publications. Advertising muse be confined f:> regularly published, standard newspapers or periodicals of general circulation, pu-biished at regular Intervals. Transportation issued' on account of ,such advertising must be contiin'd to rlie houa tide proprietors, publishers, editors, officers,.einploye,s or attaches of such aufhoi-ixed publications aucl mem- • bers of their immediate families. TRAIN THAT PAYS. Train 'M over the Pep.nsylvanin lines is credited with being the best paying train run across the country from west to east. When it leaves Indianapolis if usually has nine ear.*, often ten. When it leaves Colu-riibns it has nineteen cars and is run in two (sections to Jersey City. The first section consists ot.' two mail cars, one express car, one baggage ear,.a combination car and iwo day coaches. ' The second section '.< made up o:' eig-ht !o nine -sleeping cars and a dining car addiiionnl I'mm Pit is- burg to .li't'sey City. A FAST SCHEDULE, Tin; Cincinnati, Hamilton <fc .Dayton will next Sunday put in effect its uew fiiat time schedule between Cincinnati and Detroit in connection with tlu 1 Michigan Central.. The running time, which is now right hours ami lifty-hvo minutes. Cinciiuwii lo Detroit, under the new schedule will lie six hours and thirty minutes, -pome interest, is shown as to whether the Big Four anil the Toledo & Oldo Central will meet this fast inc. RAILROAD NOTES. Snpt, Walton is 'ii Chicago. Ed Ilulton is improving slightly. Wesley Wsilton has retui'iied from Kort Wayne. The A'ohiutnry Ttelk'f.wlll soon be inaugurated mi the Va'.ulalia. Dispatcher Hi White, «ivho has been in Columbus for a short, rime, rcvunii-d yesterday. C.'H. McUridc and-Ed Xewcomb of the Eel River division oC the Wabash have had an examination preparatory to promotion. The Yandalia will on Sunday put on a fast train between St. Louis nnd Mackinne. via Sr, Joseph. It will be known as the St. Louis and Mackinae express. The Board of Public Works at Indii- iinapolis will soon be given opportunity 10 act on arranging for an entrance ot the Indianapolis. Lognnspoi't & Chicago through the city to a connection wlthtlie Union'tracks. It is stated that everything is now ready to move in this enterprise, the .arrangements to raise money to build the road having been perfected. THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food nnd sunshine, witti plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows willi teal th-aud -her face blooms with'its beauty. v lf her system needs the clenasing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by the California Fig Symp Company. . ' .TO" REPRESENT -INDIANA. Alvin 11'. Ili.ggins ol Terre'-ILmie, well .known here, will represent Indiana on ilie. grand marshal's staff in (lit big iYTeTCinlcy demoii.sU-nlion tonight at Sr. .Louis. - . ' .,.;..•• .-• . GREAT HAN .IN CHICAGO. Hyron King Explains Why Mat thews Should be Nominated. The Chicago Chronicle of Saiuvda\ says: The first m:in n> reach town will a boomlet hidden under his hat Is My rou'D. King; private secretary of Gov ernor Matthews, of Indiana. Mr. Kin is a young mini, with plausible, engag ing wa.vs, tihil lie is past master of thi. art of smlllnig and -sli<iklng uamls, .TJic tirst thins he did when he reached the r'ahner House yesterday mornirifr was 10 visit Panlor M.. where ?ecreta.r,\ Slieorln of tlie NationaJ connnlttee, litul ivpejied liea'dquartens. .There he re inaJned all day, helping Mr. Sheoriu tf entertain cullers. It was a neat: aiii: el'feer.ive way of meetlnK Democrats, cnil a,s Mr. King had the. nold all to hini.self, lie made the most of his opj>o.r- tunitios. lie did not liesitale in siie.-ili nut In favor of his candidate, and j-'ivi 1 a multIImlc of reasons why be oti.shr tr be nominated by tin- Democratic convention. 'l'l)i-:re wai no coyness ivu si'.vness about Mr, Kin^. Mr. Kiug dial nineh practical work yf-siei'day. J-Ie found O'Ut wiievc I'v Siaif di'lc.italf'm is Koiii?.' to be quartered, iiiul whfiii he reliirns lo Indian- apulis lie will lie able to ti'll'liis frluinls ju-'.f wln're :hey fiughr to go a.nd what In do to .u'ive ('iovernor Matlhews's e.'in- didacy hnjietus. FAILURE IN BUSINESS. ];ittle Habit.-; Gnaw IV.z Holes. A larp 1 nn.niber of'men are nusiu'ces-v fill in fl'.eir business because of sonit .sn:a.II haliit or lialiiis that rob them of tlie vitality necessary to push a business as it should be'. The nni.n who is thoroughly well and can phui witli a'Clear bra'in ami work out. his plans wlrli a healthy body, LS ihe one who will be In rhe procession when his •nel.Khboi 1 has to drop out, • Some nveu cau stand hurtful habte better than tuthers, but when one finds out: that lie is aillnp a IM'ile each day, let him remedy the trouble and have the machine work ri»,'ht for that is the sure road to riches and happiness. . Dr. .T. I!, reiinlngrton. Chicago, Summer School of Medicine, Ifi3 State St.. Chicaso. says: "The PixstHTU is received brewed and used up. I Hke it very nvneh, -The pu,ly. criif.lcli-.-sm I have to offer lis that ii did not la.*t long enough." Coffee interferes witb the iligestion of iwiy people who liud it. hard to ;;Ivo up, although they know, k luii-ts thnn. It is easy to do wUhinut coffee if one cau have .fost'ivm, the jrraln. coffee. This hns the deep se.-il brown color of Java, and changes to rhe solden brown of t'lik-k Mo,clia when cream is added. It is made of the pure grains, w.hcat. cit:., and is iiiiiu'l^hin^ and .fattening, and i,s true health enlfee. It can be drank at every meal wiTh6ut. any ()f the 111 effects <>f coffee. Made by the Tos- tjiin Cerepl Co.,_Liir.iiod. Battle Creek. Mieh. " , Then; is but oive Lreii'iiinc original Pos- tuni Cereal coffee, wiitli a mnlritude of iinitarions offered ,-is "just (is good." Mercliants supplied by .T. T. Elliott & Son. 'SCHOOL BOARDS. Guardians of Public Education To Meet. Foliowdii£ is Uhe ]v,'o;s-rani o". the llrsl National School Board conveiaion, to bn lidd iu connecttoin with the iinnual nK'etin.ir of the National Educational Associiatiion at Buffalo on July S and 10: 'WF;DXESDA.Y. .TUNE s. All addressee linuted to-Tifteen rnin- nli.'s and will be .followed by a general discussion. The .School Board Convention idea— WJHia.m George Bruce. Editor American School Board .'lonrnnl, Milwaukee, Wis. ' • ScliOQl Boards, Whnr awl Why—R. T,. Yea^er, Esq., President Boa.rd of Education, Kansas City, Mo. Tlie Itelat.lon of a Board to iis Su- pemitendenit.—Win. S,'Mack, Member of Board of Education. Aurora, 111. The Free Text ..Rook System—Mrs. Lonl,<a Tteert Sto\vel, Member o'f Board of Education, Washin.S'toTi, D. C. • FRIDAY,-JUNE 10. General Business Kouiine. Election oi' Oilicors. etc. Sha.ll Teachers be PensionedV—-Dr. J. E. Clark. President Board o.f Bduo'i- lion. Detroit, Mich. - \ School Mouse Hy^eitie—Wiii. Backus, Esq., ' Ex-President Selid'ril • C-ouneil, Clevelauil. Ohio. . . School House Arcliitectur'e—Hon. J. K. Uoo-ley, rresltlC'iit School Boitnl, Salt T.nke City, Utah. ' All Boards of Ediicji'tiouhiive been itiviti;; 1 <o send dek-A'iites a^ud t.bc indlw- lions aro tliat the attendance .will be larye. The ijuestions to l.xj disciissetl are tb'ose.inosfc-;ti.ra.ifl,v.. and.tJie persons appM'i'Ii'nr .on t,he • program 'have won (Ilsti:ict-ion.iii.aff:ili i s'o'l"sc]ionl"juliiJ"iniii-- tratinn.'"' " ..'•','.' • "•' "'•••.. Cur of'oJd •pota.to,es : 'just'"arr-ivrd, .fj'ee J'roni sjiuis. -'.'c per iHishel. Must bo sold; MUNYON'S NERVE CURE Cures all forms of nervousness, nervous prostration and all the symptoms o.f nervous exhaustion, such as depressed spirits, peevishness, irritability.' general sensitiveness of tlie whole iiervoms system, failure of memory, inability to coivceretrate the thoughts, morbid .fears, restless and sleepless nights, pains i.u the head: noises in the 'ears, and dizziness. It stiinnlan's aud strengthens tire nerves and 'acis as a strong 'tonic. Price '2~j cents. 1 Mnnyon's IJIieiiiniitism Cure seldom fails to relieve tn 1 to 3 hours, and cures in a few days. Price i'n-. Mnnyon's Dyspepsia Cure positively <:iiices all form's of indigestion and slom- ach rrouldi.'S. Price 2."c. -Munyon's Catarrh Reinodit's positively cure. Price 25c each. Mnnyon's Yi'taHxer rnsloivs losr powers r.o weak.men. l.'riee SI. , A separa;re cure Tor oac'.t di'sonso. 1 At. all drnggisvs. inu^rly 'l~<c a vlnl. Por.-onal letters to Professor Munyon. 1."U."> .-\rcli stri-i't. Philadelphia. Pa., an- .swet'ed wi'tii free medical advice for any disease. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by F. H. Wipperman, Abstracter. .'lane A. Moroney etal., to-Alien Roin- k'.v lot 17 Backus add.. Altoni 1 ?-. rinil claim. $05. William C. Allen to Henry W.-nermau lots 24 to 20 Thompson's add city N side warranty, !?2.r>00. Martha .T. Lawrence to Ella C. Tarn lot 1 Bumgariier and Flynn's add city, W side, warranty, !?SOO; Elizabeth jJcGovern to John II. Walling and wife lot M Whiteside's :)d add. west side, warranty. Minnie E. Rnburn to Fred Davis E % lot 41 Brown's add., w Mkt St., warrants, Sl.OOO. John Hildebraudt t?) Geo. S. Kisller lot 3." Brown- and .Teroloman add., Wright St.. gelow Hrh St.. warranty, Henry M. Baum to .Tuo. W. Kiiubei 1 ling W V L , NE V, Sec. IS Jefferson Tp.. wairanry. $2,r>o<X ,T. T. McNary to School City of Lo- ^rans lot JS. -I!), ,7>0 and ."il McNary's add.. Mn.]ile Grove, warranty, $2.201.1. Isaiah Wcyand et al. to Geo W, AN'ey- aud lot-2 Wisely's add Royal Center. ¥150. ' ' Moses Netliercuit to Nancy S. Hodrick lot US .Tolln I 1 " 1 . .To-hnson's Riverside add., $1,050. Geo. S. Kisfhir to Susanna IlildtI'randl: lorS5 Brown and .Terolr-'inan add Martha A. Morohead lo Win. H. Dale and wife lot 70 Shnlfx add., s .side warranty. $-17". A. C. H.-HTun in A. K. and W. E. Rhodes lots 1?.. 1.4 and 10 La'ync's .add. Roy;d Cent?:. 1 , warranty. $7,000 T\venly-two mortgages (ilcd aggregating .912..T..VU7. Read This. SUMHER SUITINGS. To those who arc looking for something light and airy, something to keep cool in, we would sny, try our $5 line of skeliou serge coats am! vests. They are of exec lent iyialiry. and price Is ri^ht. We also Jiavo them in any grade and prk-e desired. Wo also have full lino of Alpacas, Dnitatas and light wooleu garments, from ?1.25 up. Get an outrtt. it will make you feel good. BICYCLE GOODS Latest out in bicycle suits, with caps to match, ranging in price from .«5 to $7.50 per suit. \\'c carry best grades of bicycle sweaters, belts, how 1 , racing suits and caps, Golf pattern if preferred. We keep a full line of those good.*, and can supply anyt.hinj: not i.n stock. SPECIAL SALE KNEE PANTS. This week we are making a. special sale of certain lines of children's knee pants, in wash goods, and medium summer weight's, at from !) CQiit.s 10 ]0 cents per pair. 'Full assortment we make the price that.wil'l close them. out. simply to reduce stock. Those who are looking for bargains in this line should call at once, and make their selections, before the lots are broken up. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. It. FERGUSON.' A.P-JEKKS INVENTORS AND BUSINESS MEN. Perspective and Mecbanlcal DrawlBfl prepared for the Patent Office and CM Commercial purposes. Drawings and Specifications of Eta* trica!. aud Hydraulic devices prepanft, iucludmg Alarm Batteries, BnkM, Cond uctors. Cutonts, Electric Llfbto, Magnets. Coils, Keys, Lightning Rod*, Meters, Registers. Recorders Switchboards, Telegraphs, Telephonic Appliance?, Electrical Clocks, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Mercurial and Rotary Al» Pumps, Accumulators, Compressed All nnd Water Elevators, Double Actltf Drainage and Force Pumps. Lift •»* Oil Cups, etc. Byron B. Gordon. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney lock, Logansport. NICHOLSON LAW DECISION. Expected From the Supreme Court Today. Indianapolis ,Tou.rn:)l: Tlie long-looke.d for decision on the Nicholson law will omo dcfwn Cronv the Supreme ourt tliis week.- probably about Wednesday or CliiH'sday. M: would have eonie dowu l:-i.st week had not the court lakciva hCTfn nnconsidei'L'd ph'ase of ihe ease, iranifily, n.s to whether an omnibus •('monstrance, covering all applications for license, cau.be IHed, ov wherher a sejiarnte remonstrance must be Illod for each application. This is, of coni'se. a very imnortant point, for it! a blanket : emonstranc(» will hold good agaiust all ipplica.nts the In.w will ]irove to be a •local option' 1 measure of the most fata! iind to tlie liquor Irallie. HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case ol' Catarrh thai can lot be cured by. Hall's Catarrh Cure! •\ ,T. .Clieucy & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned,'nave known F. T. Cheney for the last 15 years, aud bc- ICTC him perfectly honorable in all bus- ness .transactions and financially able :o cany out any obligation made by tbc irm. • „ WEST•& TRUAX, Wholesale Dmg- gists, Toledo, O. . : WALDIXG, KINNAN & M/^'VIN, Wholesale Druggists,'Toledo, Q'." Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken •intornal- y, acting-.directly upon"the blood and raucous surfaces of the system. Price "Gc per bottle.' Sold by all druggists Testimonials free. - •TO WHOM ,IT'M-A;>: CON'CEKN. Kd-'Hawell has.'no' a'urbo'i'ivy-'to 'Collect 4BOuey or solicit iwork "for MaiDcn'« ti.uiidry.-. Hi' i.s'ur.tiJn uiy, employ nor jas hi; been,'for tn'e.'.pasr eight daysi'. : . ''' ' '' s. 20C.--Trout.' Natural and Artificial Gas 3i!!s das tta Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pear! Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July. August and September. 0X15 THOUSAND FAlvMF.Ki? WANTED To seiilo on one ilion,<anil choice farms on the linu o'f tile Chicago. Milwaukee & St. !.'anl Kailwiy iu Dalwta, These lands are located iu fwenly different counties, and arc to be had now at prices i-aii^'inff from $7 lo $1.' ]ier acre: a -few monitlis henee their value will be doubled. For a bo.nie or for invesinient no Iiieliier oliancc in the Y\Y?t hns ever before been offered. Now is the lime to invest. No better -farming laud exists anywlii-'i't\ .No greater results c:ui be obtained an>'where. Schools and churches abound everywhere. Nearby markets for all farm product-;. Norih and South Dakota are the banner diversi lied f.-irmiiiir . and. stock raisin? .States of the West. Everylhi'ii.!: strews in Dakota except Is- nornnCH a.nd Lntemperance. A now boom is on. .Take ndvnntage of t.he lide which leads to. D.'ikota and to fortune. For fnrtliei. 1 i'tit'ormation .address or call upon W. K- Powell. General Iinmi- sriition A.!rent,.4.10 Okl Colony Buikl- \n£.. Chicaa-o. 111. STILT. GOING DEMOCRATIC- Failures for the Jirs-t week of .Tune showed liabiHtit'S of ,'?2.:>1S.717 against $1.0.810.40$ last year, including ?0.1GO;- 000 of the Cordage Co., and ?2,507,22S in 1S!W. M;uni,f:iciuriug were $000.540 against $-JOl',J<i7 exclusive of the Cordage Co.. last year..and ?47rt,llS in 1S04. Trading were j?l.'JOfl.l45. ngainst$1.123,- 0:lu .la,--t year, and §];S72,3<!1 In ISOf. l-'ailures fo-r the week have been 24.C i» ihe United Swtes aga.Uist 2-H last year, and 27 in Canada agniiist 2-1 last.ypar. NOTICE Is hereby given that the aununJ meet- ins of stockholders of, the Logajisport :riKl Burlington Turnpike Co., will be IveJd at Hie Council Chambei 1 , Logans- j port, Intl.. at 2 o'oSx-lc p. m..'ou Sati in-day, .Inly 4, 1S90, for the election o? ! a Board of Directors for the' ensuing ! v«iir. S. T,. TANGUV. Sec'y. jrO'lM-lEK'S l'[A?S MEETING. A moiher'-s mass meet in? will lie 'nold ai. the llroaclwny llapti^t chureli on Thursday afiernoou at-:.? o'clock sharp. l'"u:l'lier iliscussjon. will be hail on industrial Schools versus .Si'lmols of Crimp. Kcv. E. L. Sr-mnns, Krv. Cocl- baujrh -ind oth'erj'are oxjieciud !•"' give their view? on -the • s.vrtvje'ei:. . 3'>-eryliody HORSES WANTED VOR THE NEW ' YORK MARKET. At Dykcman's Feed ya.rd Friday^ Saturday antl Monday. .Time lOtti, 20th and 22 I. Drivers. concJiovs. drafters and . business c-lnuiks in gooJ llesh from r> to 30 years old. "Will pay lii.gliest market price. . .. .L A. BRIDGE. Subscribe for the -Tournnl, 40 cents per'.month. Children Cry tor

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