The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1933
Page 4
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\m PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS .SATURDAY, SEPTUM IHCK THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BA3COCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager 6ote National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas bailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class .'natter at the ijosi onice at Blytlicville, Arkansas, under act of Congress October fl, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In the City of UlyllievWc, 15c per week, or J6.50 per ytsr In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00, per year, $1.50 for six months, 85c for three months; by mall in i»stal zones two to six. inclusive, »6.50 per year, in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. What May The Neit) Deal Bring Us? I'robably the greatest misiuki: anyone could make these ilsiy* would bu to niul(.'i--t;stim:ile' llic extent ami force of the new spirit tlinl l );ts swept the country since hisl spring. Tins spirit finds expression in various way<i—in the blossoming mil of Ijluc eagles in shop windows, in pur- ado; and mass meeting, in the new air of optimism which appears in the conversation of ordinary citiy.ens. These are surface indications; only. But they arc like the lil.llo ripples ilml the thimble-si/cd whirlpools that form on the surface of u deep, swift river. A tremendous tide is in inoliuu underneath: iincl the man who forgets that fact is very likely to get swept away, head over heels. Now this means more Ihan a mere revival of hope.' It sijrnali/.cs a determination to reform a great many things which need reforming; and the one thing lhat appears certain is that this new force cannot be contained in the old channels, hut will if necessary lind a totally now way of expressing itself. A Communist writer in a radical magazine remarked the other day thai laisscz fairc capilalism—the rugged individualism of sainted memory—is dead as a dour nail. As a result, he asserted. America could do one of just two things; it could turn to Fascism, or it could jro Communist. '1'hes.e, he said, are the only alternative.-. The writer found Fascism far more likely. Taking what has happened in Kurope as a guide, il must be admit led that this radical viewpoint has much to sustain it. In Russia, in Italy and in Germany the old type of iim-wtricted capitalism collapsed, and narh country in turn had to choose between Lenin's kind of society and .Mussolini's. Ittil why take il for granted that the same thing must happen over here? H hasn't yat been proved thai there is no other alternative. II certainly lias not been proved thai finding such an alternative is too big a task for American intelligence. H is certain thai not one American in a hundred really wants to see either Communism or Fascism adopted here. Isn't il more likely that the new spirit in this land is tea bi;: and to 1 .' strong to be contained by the eld formulas—that our great contribution to modern life may well be to lind a solution for industrialism's problems without despotism, without oppression and without a revolution? — liriiee. Caltun. Inimical Friends SIDE GLANCES By George Clark duel Ik'i'lii'M llijiiviu- must luivu ;i fellow lY'diHK i'or Uiu m;in wlin ri'inarlt- cd Hint liu roiiKI Uikc cave of his enemies if only siHiK'iiiii 1 would proluci Mini from lii.-i fr-KMi'!- 1 *. Then 1 is, fi-r oxiinvilc, that frk'iidly Itoston lioU'l niiin who !=!iys thai Mr. while president, privately fav- jiuiil of Ihe IS'.h iimcDilmonl, i publicly he d-d not. eviilenlly said Hits with tin; notion Hull lu: was coniinj; to Mr. Hoover's <lefense. Actually lie was doing just the reverse. Tin; politician who goes counter to hi-; private cmiviulions because he lie- licvi-s lie will not votes that way is not a prelly fi'eaUire. It is ironical that Ibis iio-iisiitiun should lie laid iigainst Mr. Hoover, not by tin enemy, Iml by :\ fi'icMiil. Tin. 1 Govcrnor hilrell No governor In llic history of Arkansas lias so quickly alienated his true friends tuid supporters as Clovernor FutKll hi>.s 01 made it easier for his civjinle.s In flip his ivlnss. This impcr trusts thai Governor l-'iitrell is not aspiring to n second term. ' Tin- good thai nc luis don? and he hits put over ;;mne. constructive measures, pales in the light (if polltk'ul stupidity, and makes il irnpos- sllilc. in the fncr n[ the miciy collosul bliHKl- crs. to detent! ilm. To ninny thinly he is indirectly If not directly responsible for. his friends have no answer, find would be foolish to try. Apparently Governor I'ulrell thinks that nol- illts is miimpmtuul. II is imirortatu in one wny. lie has a program to curry out. A:ul he can only curry it 0:11 us governor. Hence il. is esscntinl to piny wise politics In order lhat he might remain In office mull his program has been cairlcd out. Without the confidence ol ihe ircople, however. It Is Impossible to acannplfch nnyllilng as tjovenior. It is sad l;ul tine, that Governor Oilri'll mi longer enjoys that confidence. Ilis elTccliveness lias been di'.stiuyi'd. Hence he has oiillired liLs usefulness. —Pine nlun* CouiiKercinl. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Fion Uw fllw o! (be BljUievlile Courier ~ THIS CURIOUS WORLD Sunday, Scpl. 23, 'OM No paper. ; Monday, Sept. U. 1923. John U. Ncedliam, one of Man- 1 la's prominent citizens, was in; Blythevilli! Monday. More than a 'enr ago lie fell from his discing , machine when the scat broke, in- j luring his back to sueh nn extent i hat, he has done no work since. He was jubilant over his impVovins condition al the age of 73 and says his wife will soon Have a. 'oung man as her companion j again. Tile Elliott Klctclicr Chapter, U.; D. C., which is always active in patriotic: work, past and present., sent In the first check, $54.50, to; the Herman Davis Memorial fund. The commuter which did such ; handsome work on this little drive.. setting a pace for nil oilier interests, is composed of Mrs. J. K. Sgitain Mrs. M. I!. Robinson, Mrs. H. M. Gilbeit. and Mrs. Warner liuwkins. Jesse Ebcrdl. who noils from Eurdctte, looks like a. e,ood prospect al 'center lor '.he Blythevil'.c high scliool football team. Jesse weiahs close to 180 and is tall and MAJOft RAW. SCHROEOER, FELL SIX MILES IN AN AIRPLANE AHO WAS UNINJURED.' HE LOST CONCIOUSNESS AT A HEIGHT OF NEARLY SEVEN AMUS, BUT "CAME TO"(N TIME TO LAND SAF6UV. . (eAircrt, OHIO, ' "Kill, fellows, football." CHURCH EXCSUES llemcmber now thy creator in the days of thy youth. Serve him with yladness. mill m.ii;iiify his nair.^ lorever. Happy is the man thai findclh wisdom, ind the man that [jeUelh .uiulcrslsindiny. — the «ible. ATTEND ( 11URCH SUNDAY Committee. Umbrella Parachute in Leap From High Bridg UP) — Karl IN CHINA, S'WORE .MEHOKIU. CfiRVIMCS Cf , J€pi 1 £050*1 f LIN(.'.-.J.; AMD R.50SEVELT AEE E1PECT6D TO LAST ScVEPAl. HQMOKED THOUS-AND THE VEILOW RIVER \WENT OM A RAMPAGE •N IBBS AND FLOODED 2O.OOO SQUARE M/LF.S, TAK1N& 2.,OOO, OO& WES'. MARTINEZ. Cal. Crawford. 21. had heard "that felloe Sieve Brorlic." As a result l:c strolled out lo the hi!!li- est point o! the iliizy Carciuinez Strails Bridge.. 150 feet above the bay and doffed Ills clothes. Maimed guards n:shed la slop him, but before Ihey arrived, breathless. Crawford opened a large No one can say just hou' ton^ til? cavv^-d l'ac?s o: | more will last. Waier erosion, coupled '..'i'.li '.lie ision of tile ^ranilc, OBIEIS cslhnate about I caused by contraciion and obliterate ihe figures, but Ihai Mount R- constant • will some this will occur for perhaps a half million yeais. NKXT: Do tides occur only on ivJler? immigration Men Tell Chinaman His Name his right 10 remain in (he Ui • States. . The Chinese said he came America before the lmmiL;L'a'| • bars \ycrc raised. lYc aq' looked inlo Ihe mutter, fftvind • Close Watch Needed lo Keep School Child's Heallh Good beach umbrella, lurched crazily on the railing lor a moment and plunged into space. : Horror-stricken guards peered | FXKO. Nev. lUP)- Immoral,™ below, feariiiB the worst. craw- offlcc-rs who arrested a Ciimama . s(cn . v . as . n . c alld info ., mC(1 ford landed safe and unharmed, at, Weiidovcr were mysuned wl eti , clijn( ,,. ( , h ._ i];ime wfts Wo g except for o slight dripping be-! lie admitted he did net know lie. w j$ ,.. ., nd _ cmployert (l . hind the ears. . na , me »'« icr ffl ) 1<:h . ll( -J. as arim1t -i Western Pacific section gang. "I was just practicing to be a : ted lo this country in 190,. . movie stunt man," he explained: Federal agcms had detaiuad j nonchalantly. 'him. pending an investigation into! (Read Couric- -News Want A mwm Ti.'ilI.Y HKALTII Si;\iV'.CIi .. : tonsils or peihaps tiie leaving ot BY i)K. MOKllIS I'ISIIl'.lllN icniiiants of 'he adenoids which Editor, .limrnal "f llic Ainc-rirun 1 continue to give rise to infection. ^Irdical Absocialion. and "F Tlip routine examination of vast ~ llycin "ihp Health M.'igiiziur of children in schools by NOT" is Ihe lime abuvc all oilim ; • <' hco! ti<xl °™ * " ot "™ rl - v so . cN I'lam- the yeor, \vh:n it is nee-1 I"'°"l; >« an individual examma- lirl; lo know the physical: i>°" "y the family Milk of the child who c:uers' s;liool for Hi.' fliT.t. time and pas-; tv; from the period of play and; •.i.trciuiuu inlo one of Intensive L «" >; Ivvirk. He comes .into contact ivilh| m1 - lc i numerous other children Ironii doctor. True, gross defects, such as- liKsr of vision, infection of the t- nfils or b:ici teeth, arc quite <-<*™" '< be found bill it il Any intelligent conception or minimi RDvern- nicnliil fnnclioiis miisi ^embrace UK- idea ot cITcciivc cou^um':! 1 proU-clion --rtcxford G. Tugwelt. assistant socrcmry ol agriculture. * * * 'Hospitals arc on their laM legs, with free- care increasing. —Arch Monde'., cxpcullvi- scc- I'cluiy, Dayton Community Chest. * * f No denomination :i conuT or :iu- .-.nuts. If that hints your dcnotiiiiinUoiul pi'idc. it may help your ChristUi'.i humility. —Dr. S'.iinlcy li- Jones, missionary. ire: 1st Ihe t-.i'.nsmisslta'.c " he must be In the best riiriiaiii(':.\t»rimii>m is Mich cnclrd iu Austria in March, and never will com:- u-jsnn. A sL.Y,c willioiii uulliDiity canr.dV rib.:. —h'nui Wen I>ollfus. Austrian olmncclloi. \.t!'io»s IIKIICS. and if he is to diseases, physical I ;^>.' ; n'is v.cli riTO'iiiizc-d tliifl a vast' I number of children, perhaps 45. • iii'i cent ol those rr.'.mn's school.; i nave conU'fll-.blo defects, includ-; 1 in-j !nfrcled tonsils and adenoids,. : decayed iccth. rlefccls of vision, ; I .••pccdi and licni ing. u:inor dis-1 liivliances of Hie hear!, .ind even' Icninniny ciiHiiibancc.s of the; i h'.t:gs. I Certainly every child should , na'.c a coir.pic'.r inspi'clion during, I :|s lirs: year in school aud there-! ' alter should l:c examined at least JITCC Piii'li yea-. who is examining large numbers of children in groups to make <erlaln aboul. dislurbanccs of be- r.avior and problems ol digestion NRA Brings Boon-. In Adult Playthings We have a pr'jiucl lo sell lo lit' -George r. Zook, U. S. coiiiini>. < -:c:ivr OUT OUR WAY Morn .uid t:iorc private schools; ;nc Ix-r.uini;;!'. ;o p:iy coii'ilst-! Mil altentior. lo liv.- iihy.iical nt- iu\ss of thciv clii'.drcn. In on:?! Hriiish .schoiii i( :'•.<*• lonn<l ll'.at jo pt". 1 icnl oi ilv.- 1:0;,.* v.ric Ix 1 ; IIA- the avera::f ol tiir .school when . • 5ia:iod accor'.UK; r .o liic usual 1V7 , 11 . 11 risht and \v^.^I-.t ::-.,,:i-cri. \vith By WllllflinS j' 1 ' 1 " allowance !or ]:.:r..y:-.jl constI- ' ; '.iition. ; Recently, bccan.-' >: (lie in- i creased ;ictiv''.y "( .:'.::<h'cn. the be even r.'catcr. Some ullflck h.i'- '. tl;e removal r.: almuM .1:= .• :uie in children II :i hns been - 1 s\ho has his inlrcu ir.ovcd tends to ir.c:, to be moir :'u j • « i NEW YORK I DPI— The NRA is' booming ihe use of playthings as; v.ell as re-employment. j Orders for games and funmak-: ors for adult use have jumped 201 per cent since the KooFevelt pro-' srani switnj into action and the sharp return in sales indicates that the leisure promised by tie New Deal indicates a 1933 bill for. gioivn-ui) play v.dl over last i year's 530,00'J,OM total. ! Advance orders show that thcj 1033 trend in adult play is foliov/-! in? the trend in women's fashions. and reviving Viclorlan favorites j for lireside p'.ay. Checkers, chess,, i libber quoits, diabolo. lop spin. ning. nifnialurc Ixiwling. billiards. : riu^ toss, parchcc. 1 ^ and caruin arc among the parlor sports of the ?,ay nineties that arc nest sellers. Kede5li;ncrt in dc luxe packages, they are high fashion. Tlic fad for jip saws has died down; although there is a steady made up-. market for the intricate, hand-cut -isils and puralcs by the true devotees of the sport. SACRAML-N1O, Cal. lUPi — It look Mrs. Aunc Dulton, Volo County pioneer, a long time !o make ' up her mind, but slip did. KWO! rOV.. -• f';^,~ ni:rtK TODAY EVB ll.VYLKSS. prcltr nssislanl (o KAIII.B BAHNES, JldverllilnK mnnnccr ol illxbr 1 * *ci»ar1ra«»l • tori-, mnrrlrl DICK IlADElt. a coimtractton *uperilltcn[lent. X>lck I* Brut to lake chnree uf n con- jkfruclEon ]ob fa the Adirondack*. It ivlll require nl \tnm1 a Tcnr to rcmplcte ^ut £TC rtta*e» to Ka nilh M«i. ?IOXA Af.Lr.N. cop/ rrrifpr, dUllkvB ETC and !• conxtnnlly c:iu«I.C trouble. She I" rc.nroml- blc for nevernt mlKlnfcen for which ETC f» blnmcd. Mon^ [• frtemllT «Uk TIIF.HOS JIBECI! who force* unwelcome *ftcnlioav •n Eve. UnlcnoTTB to THck, Ere hn% Ijcen ylnylni; the Mlock ninrkct, hnr* zowinfr money from her motbrr mid Nlitrr. She lo»c!i all tni», at virll n« all her own Navloffi aad HIM) Hick 1e<t In the bank. live in lonely aud wishes T)]ck. On Thanksgiving day she vrrltc* him A Iui.g letlcr. bnyiaf; Ihnt if he Bllll tToali hrf nli« .in >Tllllnc 1«. conic to 1'lnc Forext. However. Mr.Tt da5 lite chan^rn her mlail • •d trarx up the letter. She «iic«ds OhrI»ttoaJi whli her rtaTcnt». Illc-k, iinn^iatt of her plain, nrrlvcs iH Lake City to • lirnil the «ny \rilfc hrr. IIHHOt'IIY McELHJX-VEY, prelly • chuol teacher, mterlalna kini void tt i« tiaic fur all tula to leave. \Vhea Kve relnrnv and Fenrnit thi^ nhe 19 jtalnun nad nn^rr. Mie MritCH an nccu»inff letter to Hick. MMV «iO OX WITH Till; STOIOf CHAPTER XL1I VF/EBKS passed and no word " came to Eve from Dick. As lime went ca she found it incrcas insly difficult to bring herself to vrile him an apolosy. Gradually she began to sea herself aa a martyr. 1C nick br.d been n wtallliy wan, blie told lii-rteU, tbcir j married lite would bava bce:i dil-l 6 ' terent. Since s!io sava no one l;cr cciiifiuencc tliero wis no ouo to [grown tlio one he hM now and I jniurh to blatn* agree with blot. Soma day when j "There have be^a':iaic3 \vlicn] I feel in tbe mood we'll be mar-. ^as nnich iilcased \viib your v.o: riecl. We're going to get the license '• - m that line. Tlini column yi'l and then we can just slip away and j urolo alxmt oriental rugs, tor i | bo married without any trumpet. . stance, was first rale." ing." ! l-:ve hastened lo cMiti^in' ib I * * * jGcorse Blisa deserved Hie cmll licit week tbe eirls si>cnt.. ror t haL "He made me feel 'tb:| an cveuius ^vith Marya. Theyjiiicrc is romance and jiocuy found her sweetly sinilins. reflect- i mcTclininiUi?." she went on. ing tlic ccnleutiiicut abe felt. Her j "Eyaelly!" ctclaimed >!r. nixbl fair bair was parted In the middle i"i' ve always coiitendn:! Uiat inil and waved back from her while cliandibiug is more than a mail [ She wore a, sown ot Foft ! 0 f iiargnin sales, gray material and around her j "Suppose we take table i neck and wrists she. wore turquoise ', nest. 1 have an idea Mr. Fulil jewelry. Rny, courteous and altcii- | c . n , , e ]] yoa quilt a lo: about Ilirl live, Eccmccl to find ;i myriad oE; wcaV ins if you Marl bin: iaikii| ittle attentions to add to the com-' fio . 11D c | a y v.-bc:] ho isn't ii.i-". ort ot Marya and her g'-iests. lt;i, e c . m 't tcli you inucli. llierc was a pleasant cvcuiiis and t'io: a i K-1 ys Hie library. Rirls stayed late. Sr.m called for I .. Alu] w( .. rc ,,,.,„„„,., a ,, jM ,,, rl tbcm aud they left near """"'S' 1 -. j.; a:;lcr bi:des, i'e:itu;in^ talilo ff n a no'jrms rain. Because of tlic hour Arleno and Sam declined Uve's invitntioa to :omc np to her apartment. Lett alone, Eve stood iu tlio darkened living room, lookin? out al tlie vcr. ouiuJOoC yoii ^o into Icrestins filets back ot tab: 1 ; al ver. Out at I lie art museum U'l liavo one ov two examples of Ilevct'C's v/ork. Go out and lo"j llien:. Take "Mr?. IVnncy al'i:i-. am alone. Wliy is it I always lctl; fo-se much more loueiy on iDiny i jnlchU?" I)ut Hie next day Hie sun s!;cme briKhtly and Kvc fuiliid a telo- iihoiio niRsase from .Mr. Bixby s tcnoEKinlisr on her rtcsS. Jivc .I.?. 1 ', 1 '. •' Jr '* l1 |j!' 1 , •a« to go to his office immediately. • '•- •- J ' A summons from the owner of .M"i >••<">'• "" tbe store always disturbed Kvc ;, vol . k nl;1 y be tcc-n in L;ike Civl 1;113V .. ;,;• I.; VL . Cl '. see wl:;U you ;iH5—Sties.ll, V-.';n.l lo liml ;:. No car. do: 1 ' point out lo her llial il vns not In advertising iwicc a week hut the lectures were o! little benefit with If.'o splay Her efforts did no*, go unaotlccd. Jin:; an alert eye 0:1 Hie activities Carle Barnes otlcn iirau-oil licr lor lot saleswomen mi-l btoik-sirls. Mine rarllcnlar lay-out or for a]\Vhcn Eve dei'cciulcil lo tbe tliect dircct-by-mail camraisu whicii ' cinn:.^ bad originated. One sunny niornins Arlcac bardl into Ibo office and caiisiil live in her arms. "Thrill! and hcnrl throbs: 1 ' she cried. "Look at!" She held out her left hand on which sparkled a diamond cng.iec- incnt rinir. "Krom Kam," Arlcne (onfidcd. "And 1117 parents arc dee lighted. We're so happy. Eve!" Kvc Iclt a pans of wist fulness as fhe looked at the bright eyes and flashing smile. Sbo herself had | been us radiant » year before. Now the had lost tbat HUirnatloti. "When will you be mamrtr ehc asked after asbiirins Arlono that tbe had her sincere:* withes t«r happiness. "Oil we haven't decided that! Arlcne spoke, up »"•'')'• couli'lontb-. loor in Ihe cvev.ins the »:is al- iiost ceil.iin lo c.itdi gliiniMCE, liroush tlio elevator d'jor. ol lic- :ated buyirs i:i cotimllalioa with the window-trimmer or attending to some linal detail ot llic day's; Ing between llicm. work. Women, Kvc reilcclcd,' from Ions, lonely ECCiucd unable to shift the burden ...3 library. Uiuul _ ;:],(. \VCt!ld IlilVC b:| •liiilB j;i;lllicil ill l;iiiii!B 1'™- liiis rc-a irch fi urn oilite lioarj. would no', admit, even lo^ her. what a IK/OH thi.i new work wc< her. It li'-jil li;r lliouslila i Dick and the ritl tli'.it was wtd-| It li-.-pl cveiiings tlOMIC tOO. ot iieltv dc'.uii-i to oilier tboaldcri. Moro Iniiwrlant. i'erliai,'. 11 « - » ! additional worl> Gave bcr a rc;| E VK dcciiled lhat flic would copy ;cr;cn<c from evenings at tbc brid the method, ot llic men c.ccu-.lablc where sfcc felt hcrEolt to 11 " • 4¥ertiiiBs . ;irouatl ror sho entered bl? ofticc. • Kve bad NO way of knowing. "Good morning. Mrs. Itadcr," he.telt, however, thai her own mlsj said. "I w.intcd^io talk over your'.inusl be an oiicn nj^c fur airj column with >oii. It basu't dc\cl- : to oped quite at I >ioiicd U inlelit. I don't put (lie entire rcd|;oiibibilily btttir He he's out-1 Unrnrj, »uil I \\';is it possible lhat n;mc inidciu'.aiiiliiiq l,nwc;n : M. Llliin'iry xnd UMj.' (To Hf. L'uutiniKfl)

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