The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 29, UIA'THEVILMC (AIIK.V COUIUEU NliMS Unexpected Occurs at Coronations' Blood and Fire and Low Comedy Have Marked Past Crownings BY MOIiniS GlUHiUT NBA Service Slaff Writer nrillsh rulers have not always hcen as mannerly and upper-crust as the nrcsenl reigning'house, and coronaltons nol always as high- toned and genteel as the approaching one should be. Some coronations, in fact, have been prslty rough. Tragedy has dawned wilh the grcal day of crowning, more than once. "Thai hollow crown," which Shakespeare says, "rounds the mortal leinples of a kins." has sometimes surrounded a powerful headache, too. And once in a while, through the centuries, a louch of low comedy ' has muscled in amid the pomp and damlement, as if to prove thai even royalty is subject 16 an occasional kidding. William llic Conqueror's Crovt-iiiijg Set London Afire William Ihe Conqueror, at Ills coronation In Wcslminstcr Abbey, cot oif importunity on llic wrong foot. He was new lo his job, didn't like Ihe. Angles and Saxons much anyway (and they had pretty good reason not lo like him either), and slood In considerable danger ol life and limb. So when crowds outside Ihe Abbey began yelling, William's soldiers imagined Ihe noise wns a unified menace or razzberry, and maybe il was. William's marines lauded to es- lablish order, anrt did so will swords .battlcaxos, and olher un friendly lools. The slaughter was considerable, and then the Iroop tried a itllte arson. Pretty soon a sizeable. section of London wa blazing merrily. Meanwhile onlv William antl a few priests were lefl inside Ihe Abbey and the ceremony was finished before practically no witnesses. llichari! I Had Triple Ceremony Richard the Lion-Hearted seemed to like being crowned. It got to be a habit with him. The first Urn? •was at Westminster in 1180. Pear- ing that, like vaccinalion, it hadn't taken or had worn olf. he was crowned again eleven years later. This was on ths island of Cyprus during the Crusades, just to make H'good, he did it all over agfiln in Winchester when he returned to England. His first coronation was t h c worst because of the massacre that accompanied it. The persons who were massacred were Jews, the Crusaders of those days being as resolute arfi-Semlles as will be found today in any German becr- % gardcn. Jewish homes made good bonfires, too., Henry Ill's Crown Was Makethifl Most piliful of all coronations; was lhat of Henry III. at. the age of 9 years in the year of 1207. England was a prey to anarchy, armies of France were invading^lhe land, only a few nobles still surrounded the little king. The crown and ' .royal jewels had ben lost l)y the late King John in' fording The Wash, an estuary of the North Sea. Speed seemed so essential thai the forlorn lillle band supporting Henry decided to have him hastily crowned at Gloucester wilh a simple fillet of gold. As il lurned out his was a long, if Inglorious, reign. The great Elisabeth was crowned under somewhat similar national conditions, England being Ihen much disrupted and threalened from abroad. Bui her coronation procession was triumphant, she won Canilliersville Society — Persona! Queen 'ol.Caves in Furry Finery Richard Nl, to prove that it was only by his own consent that tin.- church'should crown him, lifted the crown from llic ullar and imud- II lo llic archbisho)). !. ft I'. W. f'liili Meets. 'liK 1 u'^titur luncheon meeting f tin' lli'slm-wi und 1'iofos.slonal Vomi'ii'-i clnl) was hold Tiii'Mlny vonlng i! (he i'li'.^bvU'rlun church.| I'itli Hivli-'ihw of tin 1 Aiixlltiiryi ervin^ Hit! luncheon. ' : i : ll was "aiinoiincrtl Hint volltyj :r>)l ivumi" will Ins pluycd Friday | vmiii; Mny 1 at (lie hliih school ;Vii':iinK,iiim.' hi'twccii well knovVn nishicfw nun of Ciuulhcrsvlltc nnd llnytl nnd dial Ihcr: ulll ulso j ii wciiien's yamc. willi bnsi- j .:; women from C:irnthei 1 . i ivitle i and Ilajll taking i:ar!. \ 'Jilt 1 iiioviain was di'volcd ,((> j •|.'C'.'t.s fnni ttu 1 di'legute:; who | ittt-iidrd llii- Mate cnnvenllon ul j lil. I.nuts over the v,ivl>rml. Those ; ui (tic i>nv;ram were.' Misso;; Wilma Adam::. Nellb McCUinuImn, Jewel Witlli'.sr", :iiul Mrs. Clcimidi! McElvain. Mr.-;, f.rrsii' Hopkins uf Camp- bet!. Mo., arrived Tuesday la .spend the v,'K'k vi'-tlini; her daughter, lira, .Ice Wyntl. , Mrs. Laii Lour and Mill, h'nrl, j;:;<nl rmiiiiiy in Memphis vis-j iliii 1 ,' with Mr.;. Lung's brother, | Carey Motley. ! Mrs. Haw Kni',hl rUunicd; mday evening from Cape Gir-1 ik'au v,lieio shu h:id spent scv-1 i 1 1 days visiting her malher. Ill's.! rarer,, who lias be:n 111. I Mr. and Mr.-i. Clayton Senility.! rove to Caps Cliranlcan Salur- w evening to take Mrs. U U. i hftiivin to her home there. Mrs.) auvin hud been visiting her lighter, Mrs. Sclmlln. for the list week. Mr. anil M:s. Gitford Edgciton nd '.small daughter nf Fit. Ixiuis ire visiting their parents, Mr. intl Mrs. L. U. Kdgerlon ami Mr, mil Mrs. Chris Mehrlc. Bunie Lay, who is employed in ?t. LoiH<:. spent Sunday In this •ity visiting friends. Horuersville Society'— Personal Queen Helen, in this fierce and furry regalia, rclened over the Oregon Cnvemcn til tho.organi- •/ation's ceremonies ..In' caves near Grant's Pass, in''this year 7037 A. C. (aflcr caves).-..Away ; from the caves the ciuceti,-i3 ( more simply Helen Carlson, x The sombrero gets ils name from 'the 'Spanish word "sombre, 1 meaning; "shade." Mr. and Mrs. Len Hay 'nnd on, Charles, visited friends In iiytl Sunday. Mrs. Volnui Moore rcUirllcd iomliiy from Flint, Mli'h., .Micro us .spent two months visiting her lutlirr and his family. Mr, and Mrs. Oscar !ilge» nml Arthur IM|3i;.s of Joneshoro i Mrs. Mary Frisk of Hot Springs vorc week end guests (if Mr. niu! rii. Charlie WhlUvorlli. Mr. nnd Mrs, L. M. Rugim Imvo akcn charge of the T. F. Kln- solvlni; drug More, which the; lurclniscd Monday. I 1 . I 1 . Ihyanl and daughter, Mis. Cora, accompanied Mrs. liryiin lo Mnnphls Biiliirdny. She culcr ed Ihe Kaptlsl hospltnl lor treat menl. }>. M. Hnijnn rccclvc'd a incssni; Tuesday ntBlil telling of the, deal of his father. He lefl «t one '(or Trenton, Tcmv, to bo wit tils iiiolher and to attend th funcriil. Mrs. licitha KlnsolvliiB, Mrs. II, Klnsolvliu: nnd daughter, Mi lioiier Manning nnd Mrs. 1' Cnnnon cif Kenncll, Dr. and Mi Holier! mil and U M. KInsolvil of Cape Cilinrdcau drove'lo Maiden Monday and attended Ihe funeral of Mrs. Luther Klnsolvlng Stokes. Earl Allen left Sunday for Tori reck, Mont,, where he will be cui- iloycil Ijy the government. He oh- inlncd tile . position Uiro'UBli J"° Little ot Hie army eiigliicres. Mr. an<l Mrs. Mnford Sunders, Mrs. W. M. Gates nnd Donald, Cieuc and Helen Mario Parks were guests Saturday of Mrs. George Mycn of Marble Hill. Mr. mid Mrs. 0. B. Anclbiion Mr. and Mrs, Lcojiai'd lil- onston,. Mi 1 . ni\d Mrs. E, D. irllsoil, Ml', nnd Mrs. n. P. 8ea- nigh, Mr. nnd Mrs', Roy Qooch, iv nud Mrs. Tom A. nay, Mtss ary Jano Ooodwln,_ Arch Young, | rs. n, B. Anderson", Mrs. Bctllo i use, Mrs. I-. M. RREnn, Mrs. J. . Wl.lWns, Mrs. W. M, Halrc, and tr. aiid Mt-s, C, 1*. Klrkmrm drove > Cdldsvdfer In&l Tiiurcday lo at- •iul (he funeral of Mrs. Warren livens. • ' • ('lly Voids liicor|innilloii DOS 1'ALOS, Cnl, (UP)—When os 1'nlos resldenl.s (llscovercd (hut s an Incorporated fire district licy were subject 16 two diffcrenl ypcs ol laxallou they immediately n'uulllzcd 11 lolul of 20 voters oiil f a pnsslbb 300 and volcd to Iso ate Ihcmsclvcs:. l^ic^'o being no 'otcrs in favor, Don 1'alos no long :r will appear on tlio nrc map. Wnlhlkl lo IIiivc Club Ilou-l HONOLULU (UP)—Announcement has been made (lint Ben Flnney o( New Vork has acquired property In Hie Kaplolunl section of Wnlkiki where nn tnlcniatlonal ululi'holel will be erected lo bcj ready for occupancy In 1038, i ORDER-DRINK-ENJOY' ; UNUSUAL QUALITY I'lumc HI mSTHIIiUTINft Oiiccola, CO., Ark. DISTUIHUTOUS Xcisc !Jftr;iv.s I'ristmi'r DONlPHANi Mo. (UP)—A piis- oncr In (he county jail here sang :co lustily and danced lob vigorously in (he opinion of Slierili Lewis. Lewis investigated and found Ihe yodlcr was Iryint; to drown ciil the noise made by anfjilier prisoner who was tlissinf; al a wall with a stove p^ker. Kc.snlt: Silence from both. "God bless yon, my son," says King Edward VII in a precedent- making episode at- his. coronation. The son became revered King 1 '.'.•"• George • V. Prince of Wales, later George V, and press his hand during the ceremony of receiving homage. "God bless you. my son." he said. There is a certain poignancy in the record that George V gave a similar fatherly blessing :\vhen his own eldest son knelt before him. No doubt it all seemed simple then. JUlc Edward in ,!lurn would sit in ,hal high place.-would receive the lenity.' of a 1 "grc'a'.t people, would commence a long..and no doubt llorious reign! How could a loving ather-imaglnc the untoward events vhich were to make that hoy a vir- ual exile from- his own land, an tion day. Flying in majestic sweeps around the palace, il caused ;> shudder of dismay. Then somebody discovered ihal it was a goos?. All was well. The omen of tv gocce i; hardly evil, whatever it U. Fiance Aids French Ilcusc OBERL1N. O. (UP)—I'rof. li. P. Jameson, head of the Ouerliu college French department.' has announced Ihe gi>\ of 2.5GO francs from the Frt/ncii government to Oberlin's French House. The money will be used to buy books. th" licnrts of Londoners, and aus- pk'ously commenced her magnificent rule. nn'rtvl Inaugurated Charles 11's Kciffll . I At Charle-f n's coronatioii. Ihe king himself had to soparalc Ihe . royal coachmen from the Lords of the cinque Ports who were indulging in an unseemly brawl for possession of-the royal canopy. When George IV (Beau Drum- mcl's "fat friend") was crowned llic day was made hideous by Hie screams and cvolulions of Quest Caroline. George and Caroline ha< l>cen separated for years, he had lost a suit to divorce her, and sh" turned up al the Abbey determined lo lake ihe place her rank enlilled her lo. George bad ordered her barred. She was. For a Ion-; time she diverled and irritated loyal subjects outside Ihe Abbey by her vociferous efforts to gel in. Finally flic drove away, her plumes defiantly nodding. Victoria and Heirs Had Better I.uck .Nicer manners set in with Vicloria. She was Ihe belle of her own coronalion. a bewildering apparition to Ihe assembled mulli ludrs' who didn't know what Ic mnkc of being ruled by a girl of 19. One unforeseen episode occurred Overcome wilh years and cmo- llou, old Lord Hollo rolled dowi the steps of the throne on his way lo offer honiiige lo his sprightly sovereign. Slic leaped from hei chair, lifted Ihe ancient nobls, aC' ceplcd his alleRlanec at the steps and seated herself again, all will such natural grace- as endeared hoi (o all hearts, the chronicle (ells. Her son, Edward VII. repcalei this kindly, simple act when th Ihen Archbishop of Cantcrbur; seemed on Ihe verge of collapse And Edward added a. homely, pa ' ternal touch of his own when h was seen to kiss the cheek of ths ibscnlee from the throne which was hi5'b/-long heritage, from that coronation 'ceremony where he might have' been the unique and shining figure! Bat Was Omen of Flock\of Trouble A bat. disturbed by so many p30- ple being in etiurch, circled and circled around Ihe head of. Richard llic Liqn 7 Hcarled during his'Wcst- minsteV. coronation. It was an evil omen.-When Richard, on that same occasion, himself lifted the crown | from the altar and handed it to the archbishop it was also considered, bad'-luck. Richard wanted to prove that l\ was by his O'.vn insenl that the church could rown him. Churchmen, jealous of heir prerogatives, shook their lends. : The mosl jealous churchman of ill, howcvor, was that archbishop of Canterb.iiry who functioned at he coronation of the queen consort of Henry I. Seeing a crown on head of the king he abruptly snatched it cfT. He imagined, the j historian explains, trat "his right CLEAN FALSE TEETH IF STAINS- New Eaiy \Vay- No Brushing oves tilarkcal stains, t.irnijh, tai'tnr li*!- a^ic. Just put I Lc.iclrr Fcdcrjl Sjvtnct , I 10 N°. M-iin St. Mcmph; I I'lnic s»nd me oblif to put on the monarch's crown had been infringed." It wasn't a bat, but another bird, which' ,'troublcd the supers tit Sou.; subjects of Victoria on her. corona- ffl at Holland, Mo. announces A jxilicy of only otic Httitle. of lii.ahcsl (jwilily nclrol- cnni producLs direct fron: refinery lo you. !Iii;li Tcsl T o No-Mox (iitsolinc J.OC 101)^; I'nri; rriini vani:i Mnlor Oil Sf:ilcd Cans Gallon Tax 1'aiil Tax I 'aid JOvci'y to noo> sold with a Moncv-Uacli titiavautvu of One Hii;li Qualify - - One Low I'ricc 100'"- I'ariffin Kase Motor Oil Scaled Cans I5c Gt. Tax Paid NOW YOU CftN HAVE BETTER THAN PREMIUM QUALITY lyBRlCATION AT LESS THAN PREMIUM PRICE .... Naturalube Offers These Advantages: 9 INSTANT LUBRICATION * EASIER STARTING 9 FASTER ACCELERATION $ INCREASED POWER © LESS OIL CONSUMPTION @ GREATER GASOLINE MILEAGE ® LESS MOTOR WEAR & REMOVES CARBON THE NEW, DIFFERENT MOTOR OIL THAT PROTECTS YOUR MOTOR WITH A 3-TIMES STRONGER OIL FILM AND REMOVES CARBON .... DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT • DEFINITELY B.ETTER Naturalube cx«( a wide margin every specification rtquitsd to meet the exacting .dcmanJs of todiy's'higli speed.-high compression motors. Nowiyou can have, a two-purpose oil. An oil-that lubricates better and removes carbon—yet costs less pet quart than (he best oils of olhcrjtypes. ~k * It is not necessary lo mix various oiU or to add foreign essences' to Natu- ralube. In Naturalubc. science and naiute combine to give yon greater protection against grinding, burning, metal destroying friction. But natute alone gives it the ability, to remove powtr-desltoying carbon from your motor. The tare crude oil ftom which Naturalubf^ijK- fmorl by a special process contains certain natural characteristics' that give Naturalubc an oil-film- more thin.tbiee times strong«r-than that of the best oils of other types. Anothet natural quality found 'only in this rare etude not only prevents the formation of catbon, but actually removes it from your motor. REDUCES ENGINE WEftR UND REPAIR BILLS Njturalobc'i mofr ttun ihrce tirnfj iirongrr film withstand! the highest tem« pnjturti. grtjtf&t prcssuiri and highlit speeds with a wide margin of safety, no nuiKr how extreme the opcrjting con* ditioni. Tht* mjigin of jifcty is your insurance jgainit unntcfsssty tcpiir billi due to oil film failure. Naturalubi'i ability to remove powcr-dcjiroying arbors from your motor increase* iu opirjtirg cfficitnty. dccrcaits g.noline contomption and eliminates costly ca'k° n temovit ' bills. -K -K Give your motor a chan« la do iti bcstr—thang* now lo Naluwlnbe. and get ih? thrill of increased power and fistcc acceltution. Begin now to Hve . on gjiolin* Jindl repair billi. LION Pit REFINING CG. El DORADO. (YRK.. • ' T. H. BftRTOrl, Pl!S. . 'Makers o/iKNIMOX Gasoline MONEY BACK CyARANTEE:.'Btciuse_Lio» Nilttiilube. tht new, tttlei motel oil, possesses vahsblt propffties not contained in other types ol oil, Lion can rraks this positive gostantcc: * * Try a craink-ctse lull ol Lion Nituralube, Give it 3 fair trial—then if in your opinion it is not the best oil you ever used—bar none— your money will be rdunded without question, -)< * Gel Lion Naturalubr now it all Lion service stations am) dcileh. Ask for illustrated literature giving complete lictl ibovt this distinctly different, definitely better motor oil.

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