The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on November 9, 1959 · Page 8
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 8

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1959
Page 8
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PAGE t--THE BROWNSVILLE KEHALP-Mimtay, Sen. Langer Is Victim Of Coronary WASHINGTON (DPI) -- Fvmer al arrangements were betrig cem pleted today for Sen. WilHan Langer (R-N.D.), a poHllcal mav erlck who died in his sleep Satur S/iip Blast (Continued From Page One) (orms 1 would probably be dead now." Tlie Amoco Virginia was believed to have had a crew of 43 aboard when it hurst into flames. Her decks became so hot that one of the crewmen wlio hopped across (hem, Howard Searcy of [Houston, said the.soles ot their day night of a' heart attack. [shoes sizzled like steaks on Aides of the colorful T3-year-oW;i£|*?!£: . senator met with Senate officials to work out the final arrange, ments. They said tho funera' services and burial would be in Casselton. N. D., probably "to-l Mrs. JEWEL- c - FUIJXN ward the end of the week.' ] Funeral sen-ices for Mrs. Jewel danger's body was found Sun- C. Fullcn ot Brownsville will be ^Obituaries Joseph Dailey of Seattle was on vatch when he saw the flames licking across thc water. Hi risked his life running about thi ship to awaken officers and men Dailey also lost his We saving: of 53,131.87. which was bclov deck. "1 didn't have time to get dowi lhs gangway," Dailey said. " jumped from deck to dock an ran. About that time the first ex j plosion came. Pieces of sice 'rained down alt around me. I wa lucky to get away as well as dirt." Boatswain Rudolph Ozol grab Me (he ship's rail. "It was so hot I thought Willis C. Fullen; four sons, Gene ol Brownsville, Chester of San was expected lo name Republican to succeed Langer. In Failing Health Langer, whose wife died last Benito, Gall ol Harlingcn; August had been In failing health*Billy Joe of California; two daugh- in recent years. But he apparent- Hers, Mrs. Patsy Pace o! Laredo .'" had recovered from an attack am ' ji rs . Virginia B l e d s o e of of pneumonia he suffered in Sep-i Brownsville. died just like a dog the 50 feet shore." The Amoco Virginia now was i plowing coal in the darkness am the sleepy waterfront was siu denly alive. More than 200 firemen bega heroic efforts to pul out the fire Pallbearers (rill be. John Gam-1 J" 6 s P ccler °'. ' «·.':· ,'' « l i n North Dakota senator re- b lc, Francis Fullen, Pratt Muuins, |12 (wsons died after two ship a politic,., non-conformist, Burton j^Hen and Artlen Fulien. M»«' P « ycars ".fY , '",, v end of his Senate career, Hinklcy Funeral Home is in lhtm - Eil !* moment t i c k c « o ! I h r-uan in 1941. Tn one of his 1 .1 ,.» 41,- _«__~.~- Kl . Ihp flammc time bomb in tn tember. Tile mained to Die which began in 1941. In one of his c h, lrge 0 [ the arrangements, last major legislative act c he joined with Sen. Wayne Morse (D.Ore.) in casting the only two Senate votes n^ainst the Lan- dnim-Griffin labor reform bill. Pallbearers will be. John Gam- The specter of Texas City whe. LEA.VDKO RODRtGl/EZ Mr. I.eandro nodri f up/. S?. n[ 444 E. Madison St., died at 12:30 Langer's death brought to a,Pm - Sunday, close a turbulent. 45-vear oolltical! " e K sut-vn-ed by a (laughter, career- He was intensely proud ol^' rs - Fcl ipa R - Gonzalez of Bay his maverick status, nolin? in his:City, Mich., and several other re- Directory that he was *hp "onlvf Services \rere held nt 4 p.m. person ever to be arrested in any j Sunday from Delia Chapel lo fnv Eivlish - sofiikini; rountr- 'ir maculate Conception Omrch wllh filing an affidavit of prejudice burial in the Oty Cemetery. againsl a judfje." I.lked Ry Colleagues As a pei-sc:!. Langer was well liked by his colleagues, even hv those w'ho were the targets at hls^a.m. («)oy at his home. desk thumping oratory. ., I He Is survived hy a daughter, Ho was knou-n affectionately as.M^rs. Gloria Hernandez de Ozuna "Wild Bill." He was labeled ANSKUMO Mr. Ansclmo Ilernnnclez, 77, of ,v 914 E. Lincoln St.. died at 2:30 (he flaming time bomb channel was agonizing. and civil defense workers who also played with death. Fire Chief C. M. Bullock warned that "we still have an im- pendins dnnKcr." He said a small tire still raging In the bow could cause another explosion. lannci was *ij;uiii£uiy. y^v "I 1 · 1 They were joined by policemenjUVCI'SCclS I l l i l l l U l l S \V'0(?K filatmch is3l,-i(ionist in forci.fru affairs and a social reformer of the LaFollette - Hiram Johnson-Thro-, dore Roosevelt tradition in domestic reforms. Besides Mrs. Cokey, he Is survived by three other daughters'-- 1 Mrs. Lvdia Irwin. New Verntjn. N.J.; Mrs. Emmn Schaeffer. Rye, N.Y., and Mrs. Cornelia Norland, Washington, D.C. Dead And Missing Are Listed HOUSTON, Tex. (UPI) -- The if Oklahoma. \^ t oi dead, missing and injured Services will be held at 4 p.m.!j n o le [j re aboard the Amoco Vir- Convair Has Probe Set On Bomber FORT WORTH, Tex. (UPI) -A Convair official Mid today that investigators "expect to gel a great deal of inlormation" as to the cause of a B-5S Hustler bomber crash that killed two men through telemetering equipment aboard the airplane. ."It was a very heavily instrumented plane tor flight testing," Malcolm Halloway, a Convair spokesman, said. Investigators at the scene said Sunday that "stresses on metal parts" may have caused the 10- million dollar homber to explode in Ihe air. Saturday near Lawton, lodny at the Our Lady of Cluarla- upe Church with burial In the City Cemetery. Delta Funeral H o m e Is In charge of the arrangements. KEKM1T T. STUTVMAN M. Kermlt T. Stulvmnn, 57, of loute 2, Brownsville, died Friday after a short Illness. Bom In In- dinna, Mr. Stutvman had lived in Brownsville for the p a s t six months. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ruby Stutvman, and a brother, C. ginia Sunday included: Capt. R. DKAI Combs, about 50, Columbia, N. C. Able seaman Calvin C. Thomas, Malhews, Va. Able seaman Harry. M. Walling Jr., Newport News, Va. A first asst. engineer Francis J. Riley, Staten Island, N.Y. Oiler Arvld J. Hill, Bronx, N.Y. Chief cook Eulogio C. Gallardo. Sommervllle, Mass. Second cook Jim Brown, Phila- dclphia, Pa. Those ol you planning to m a i l C h r i s t m a s packages to overseas m i l i t a r y personnel should pay iiecd to the scene nljove. IJondlinu Cor niiiiline Hie packages is Nov. IS -- which' falls on a Sunday -- anil Mrs. Augtt.slinc Coleya, n g h t , beats the f i n a l W. S. Jn.cfiuei rr 3.1 years at U.S. Steel's Home- uon'l think it's any good. Th« stead. Pa., piam. companies have us i); the MUCK." A worker al a steel plain i n ' - a i r t James Dedcs, '!]. who worKs 'levelantl holloi'cd al another wno at thc Allegneiiy-l.udlum S l e c l vas burning a picket placard. [Corp. plaul in V.'aten-lk'i, N.Y. 'Don't do that. We'll need it: No negotiations beiwcen toe igain in SO days." jSlcelivorkers Union and managc- "I don't like the injunction. I ' m e n t have been scheduled. Chief [·management negotiator li. Con-^ X X -rad Cooper said thc companies would continue to strive for a non-inflationary agreement. The union has not lessoned its wage demands and its rcsistcnce to U. S. Loss Runs Into Billions WASHINGTON' (UPll-The nation's losses in the 116-day steel strike, already counted in the billions, will continue to mount even though the mills are reopening under a court order. Government economists management-sought \vorfc rules. changes in * * * Wall Street Recovering From Sir 1 NEW YORK (L'PIl - Wall . , sald I Street produced a rousing stock the walkout - longest industry- market advance today as Us reac- widc stoppt-e m history-braked] (jon , ,, (£mpor;ln , md , o , the a business boom and in creased | s t c(! [ ,,M* chances of a longer economic!' slowdown this winter. At 11 a.m. (tie Induslrial aver, age reached a new high since The Labor Department 6 an tlic most active trailing etl today that more than one mils j n( . e March IS. Much of the hour lion workers -- including the 500,- / ol( , 7 ,j t] le ticker behind the mar- 000 strikers - w;:'e idled by the |kct h as lnrec m i l l u l c s _ dispute before the Supreme Court Wira ,, 1C , irst ,,,,,._,, 0 , huvin , upheld the 80 day back-to-work li-; h ad run ils course, some profit- . -- . date by h a n d i n g her overseas package to Po.sla) Clerk Mrs. From The Public Record lis;ip|H)int tlic hoys and girls overseas. Us-ville Raided By Gotham Fuzz Lynch Case Decision rective. These workers lost more thanj'^|ek''modci a !clv from their hi'i:hs SU35.0CO,(X» in wages, the de- aill ] trading lightened somewhat, partment calculated. No one! Just about every group on tlie knows how many billions of dol- bo.iid joineil Ihe parly advance, lars were rot spent because ol Thc oMs fail ed (o , nke part hut steel shortages. u )lei , ^,,4 up in strength and Ta.\ losses to federal and state! around noon the group showed governments will nin into the gains ranging to more than a millions. U. S. officials now seri- points in Standard Oil (Ind.) and Kcrr Me Gee. Phillips Petroleum and Amerada were up fc point {taking developed. Prices slipper! :msly doubt if President Eisenhower 's buclget will to balanced Wearnei :jpt\vor Dctn.U ·Jiilutli Church Set Here By Kiwanis Club o r i T , , · !-·-- j-- .· ·-...'-j.-.rii »ji j ·_ -,VILI V I I L . i HUH LUC i a uvi:ii ix u i i e me SUprC' borne of the characters brought, (he recessed September jury. Hi Court was considering Ihe legality to the station house (bars) in-,Ihe jurors, who will be pci'sons[ 0 f the Taft-llartley injunction. ' miners and railroaders i-1 u niny return to their jobs fairly Two Scho Break-In List A. Taber ot Miami, Fla. I Houston city fireman D. H.' Services will be held at 2 p.m.'chandler, 20, who Icll into a hold:-;;; today at the Hlnkley Funerallpm-lially filled with oH early today Home w i t h Chaplain O'Connor'and drowned. Cmdr. U.S. Na\-y, officiating. Bur- IN.JUItBIl ial will be in the Buenn Vista At Soulhmore Hospital, Pasa- ry with military graveside 'dena, Tex.: services. Pallbearers will be Chief Petty Officers of the U. S. Navy, AMC USM Stlnson, Crowther, K t d d ; Hem-y, Butler, and Radford. opinion was unofficial. 'The victims were Raymond Fitzgerald, 35, of Swectwater, Tex.. Convair's chief pilot, and Donald Arthur Siedhof, 25, of Fort Worth, a test flight engineer. Filzgcralcl had been with Con- vair for 12 years and Siedhof, who was originally from Pennsylvania, had been an employe about three and a half yenrs. Holloway said the telemetering equipment sent data back to the base during the whole flight. How- JOSE SLOSS Jose Sloss of San Juan died near Boca Chlea beach Sunday afternoon of a heart attack. Sloss, 56, suffered an attack while fishing oft the jetties at the beach. He \vas taken to a house near the beach where he died. Justice at the Peace Paul Dye said a brolher, Manuel Sloss, was stricken. Tlie body of Sloss was taken to the De Leon Funeral Home al Pharr /or services. MRS. TIEFUGIA L. VH.LAIIHEAI. Funeral services are pending for Mrs. Refugia Lerma Villarreal of Brownsville who died last night at Mrs. Viltai-real resided at 434 McDavitl Boulevard. She was S3. o'er, one of three rectangular] f ur |; ivors incll '" one sou, Mo* boxes which contained the cmiip.! Jwrrego Lerma; one broth- rnent had not been found and V ?.'' C ^ ? v' C , rmR: ,, °, nf , si ' stor ' thorough search was being made 1 ;,-, " Vcla ' a " of B««TM- for "· 11 r,",, F Severa! hundred troops from'- a U n o r a l Horae m Fon Sill. Okla., and Shcppard Air Force Base. Tex., kepi sightseers ··· 1 1 rrr-' · over age. Pensioner On Blind Rolls Kill* Girl Strike Is TEXARKANA, Ark. fUPf)_ A ! : ·19 year-old motorist, whose eye-l sight is FO poor lie draws a s l a t f j ' pension for the Hind, was jailed! 50 ' 1 ' today in the hit-run death of a lour-year-old girl. A formal manslaughter charge was expected to be filed againsl him, Police Chief Max Tackclt said. Tne viclim iv«s blonde Marina Rogers, who was killed Satur- BOSTO.S' (UPH -Ttie apparent .bscnce or any effort to reopen iCKolialions in Ihe four-day-old io.tlon newspaper strike prompted fears (oday that it might last lon r ' " Leonard Crips, Hampton, Va. William G, McBeth, Texas City, Tex. Julius M. Spaing. Conilg, Ark. Edward R. Kemier, Drexel Hill, Pa. Joseph R. Daley, Seattle. Wash. (Hospital spokesman SFild none ot these were seriously hurt) Community Hospital. Jaclnto Clly Emamiel GHeca, 63, New York, not critical. T)c » Ion Hospllitl, Galena Pnrk John McMade, 33, Ballimore, ^ff^., smoke In lungs. (Two other cre«Tnen. Will M. Rice and Homer Massy, were treated here (or smoke Inhalation and released.* \1s Hospital Jim Scott, address unknouTi. Northshore Hospital (Amoco Crewmen) Rudolph Ozol, 66, West Lebanon, Maine. Norman K. Harris, 3T, Houston, treated and dismissed. Rohert S. Divers. 30, Nonvalk Calif. Howard Serey, 38, Houston. Builbn Gulllermo, 35, New Or- eans, Ln. Nick Camoourakis, 4D, Hoiislon. Julio Cruz, 40, New Bedford, Mass. (Firemen and ds-il defense workers hospitalized! Kenneth Pickles, Houston. Darrcl Se.ilock. Texas City. Carroon Waldrop, Houston. Earl Craildrwk, Houston. Johnny Nit-hols, 19, all-man sta- lonfd at Ellington Air Force Base. Three Die Of Suffocation A1.V1N. Tex. (UPtl-A shrimp honl caplain. his wife antl tinv Drlr^ns h',ma Cily* rily n1.i . ,M,in ; . ii^r Tiiir,t u,i s ntt? · Re^uliir altcntlaiicc at worship i-sfrvlCTs 111 all Churclies jn^u^ics will bo urged in Browns- iville during tile inonlli of November, Kclip.ion In American Life J U I I A L I Month, il was announced lixlny by the Kivvanis Support of j Churches Committrf. j Increased support of al] reli- Igiou.s iri.stilulioos ivill be cmpha- isiz"! cluriiiR the program, which |'S the iniportance of eluded William Bailey, brother of'from throughout Soulh Mississip- smgcr Pearl nailey; James (The[pi, indict anyone Ihe trial will be kTM , Sl "?' a '' (t '.. i Vh ° "ITM , iS ' lw , I , i in Bilt ^' ' soon but chances of early recalls known as Foots" bccaso he has; The Justice Department ordered! ^nnnrrrt slim for the noirlv 2^0 size 13 feet; and the Mad Mon-iu.S. Ally Robert Hauhcr B to prc-! ± P ",,', ,v Or b c ~ * golian of Hlcecker Street. ;,, a rc a case n K ninst white men I Imlustn , . our ' ces cstlmaled It ,. The heroes ot the gambit were suspected of lynciunc; Parker, a", u , ml i,j'tnice = TMTMii, ^ mnr» in P° Uce five detectives who a mimth aj'O -iccuscxl raoist, at Poplaiville las' ^SS^'F. C^ytartea 1 '^^^^ goatees, stopped cleaning their;.iury tailed to indict anyone for clothes and learned how. lo play the lynching, Ihe bongo drums. ! Negro groups ha\'e praised the They inlillratcd Ihe ranks ol the Ju.slice Department move, but licnlniks who grew so convinced; somc Mississippi officials have Two elementary schools In Brownsville were broken Into over tlie weekend, according to monlh or more to j.jgel steel production up to 80 per, cent of capacitj'. In that time,. iuuii more plants in other industriesIgTM'^' JjJJ ' thc U reak-in was dis- arc sure to close lor lack ol the covcrcc j early this morning, basic metal. they gave the detectives "beat' i l c c " f '' n n '· c ' w - J - p - Colcman. generation" names, like Gorgeous wllt askcti tllc f ' BI ihlr) (n e case Oeorge, Thc Sailor, Janie the ils soon "s i( broke, has refused Queer. The Blotch and Stone: t o comment on the county action. Face. Abuut 110 members ot the Tllc Ji' s(1 'cc Department with People And Events Saenz said it was apparently the work of juveniles since cookies, potato chips and other food items were scattered in (hr hail- way. Clearwaler Principal Amador Pavedcs told Desk Sgt. Lx)Uls said llwt ctitr.Tiic'c 1 to his ullh low Ililoi Sunrise 6:4; IN VOHT T.T.T f R r - i - ^ E l d m n n r.i ICIrlmin h l . » T.TT. mtfrirt U V S ' i ETA tnention at Kiw,ini.s meetings, a minute f i l m trailer at lo- al theatres, billhoard signs, ami postcard signs placed throughout Cily. Small prayer tents have i placed on tables in rcsiflu- K and may he kepi by the pa- li'tins. ' o t h c r w : " ' "It wa ter day .eh won him iwever, was "Junk ich went: a cold and rainy wiiv sick with no conception: A Brownsville w o m a n was it how to score a dccfc' s l 'S h t l y in .) ul ' cd ln n l ra!(lc acel dent Sunday. i'^s Woman. Injured In Aulo ^ Vern HarU, owner of Hartt's Texaco Seivice Station, Highway, 77, was otic ot 76 winners in the nationwide Texaco sales incenlivt contest held recently. Hartl received a prbe of 550 and a trophy. A1IMISS10NS inn naliv. Mrs. CLin,!nliiTx- Mai-v Mr. Jlnm-. fs. Marti- nrnwno. Mrs. w. ,\. U, , , :. Mrs. rnr,lln:i Tiwlnn. N n i b r r l n l o f filllll. -,. Mrs. .!nrk K l i r c i n . T I I. n. .r. Uri.-T. Mrs. K i l t TM w;mis spokesman said. "We are i living in nn age ol international s 'tension, when every individual is ir/-.'looking for security. That security - mi - can only he found ' » T J i r e as no one on f nickpl in mv J c f - r y Ciifllnr Mi- ..... Mr*. r.,,t*-7. : Mr*. Honnv K-imii' :l\«Pl'll. 1.U7 Miirlrx '/jiral, nn. K r m r l l n ^ n ',nrxi. II. Miles Ayimb. l.o,, wi"^ .Si n i l l T H S Mr. »ml .vtrs. Klcnrar Oi, Mr. flnil Mr. 1 . Sanllac, Mr. Rn.1 Mrs. Jo«e ,Mii:l "And baby - - "With just in the realm Joans." Naliomllv ih P r · · '^rmudez explained (hat the me i em I 'if, n B - m |10 TM wns abmlt a man '" »·-"'- I i -n pra .S ram , ls s Pin-1cm who could nol get ' ncd by ,0 prominent lay men H;lv i cm hc . nll!; , women of nil faiths, and is 01 . ronnections ^iipnorlctl by 21 national religious "° nSl mn,j.|groups. American business pro- 1 [,';,,'.;vidcs more than SS.000.000 worth Sl.AYKU TO HAXf, of l i m e and space for RIAL art- of treated at Mercy Hospital and released. She was riding in a car fh c driven by Jimmie BarrienleE, 36, which was involved in a collision nni v i l h our ^ri\ 1 en hs- ,Toe of Southmost Rd.; on Sixth St. near the intersection of Jackson Damages to both vehicles were estimated nt $150. ENDS TODAY -- 2nd. Feolure -- KISSTHE/W ' FOR MF Orlo, land he hnd no money · . vcrlising throiish 'Hie Adverlising , si- .dent of J. P. Stevens nnci :l; '"' I-ON'DON Ilirn -- German- ;ruimcil. Rolicrl T. Stevens, prrsi- lwl " (~'imthrr Potbla. ."0, is scliod-j Tlmrfrtay for f l i p Co., s In Himalayas Arc Rcporlcd Safe London dctcrtive of nn nltrnipt . . . s n n c o., '" ' K11 '-" f f r i c . , nnrl fnrnipr Sccrefarv of the " 7(J1 '^cr of n .Army, is nnlional cliaiinwn of: 11 '"" 1 ' ln " 'nil tlic propi-ani, in which lum-'"v the fiomian Kmbassji to a drrds of roinmunities across the vcnricvc. \ roiinlry participate through com-: Tim embassy appealed (o the! innniily campniEns. Ifirilish government to ch.infxc Po-j i ' -- -- [[tola's scnlcnoe to life imprison- |ATonc CAI'Anil.lTlKS .- 1U .,,| hcrmiso there is no dealh KATMANDU. N'cpnl «'Pl)-Tlw, There is cmuing spcciilation .penalty in Germany. lion Sccre- n r 'cr Ihan the 21-dav walkout tn ' )n ^- F daughter si:(focatcd in Ihcir I^rpal government announced lo-'jthat alomic warheads nclually trtr\ - jlii-me near Alvin early Sunday, [day that 32 members of a ,fnp-;*»re present in ·lisliers of the newspapers Justice of Ihe Pence P. K. Re- t'ic sinking union printers "'Mist of Pearland blamed a Ras Ihcy made no effoil to con-l^cAler for the deaths ot Mr and tact each oilier over thc weekend. Mrs. Donald Combs and their had any statements onjdauglitcr. Reno Miehele, 1, o! thc (lie slattis of the dispute. Shut down by the walkout wcrc ( Tlie- [(tastings communit - . Ihe Boslon Olohe. Ihe Herald-Traveler and Ihe Hearst newspapers, all of which puhl Ts t|house 71 were found dead early iv In the three-room frame i by Al Ruhman. a Hastings ice station operator \vho bad i, evening and Sunday prli-| mi , C( j , h(1 hm , f ,,, , h(¥ Foster Furcolo -« ^'- MrS ' C ° mhs ' M ' waf: an cx ^ c said over ho lanl mother and formerly lived day at a Tox.irkana intersection, lions. Her body was dragged 51 feet by f '.ov. the automobile. idlfciisscd Hie silualion over thei,-. ,,-,,.,. Tackclt said several suspeclsiweokcnd with Stale Labor Com-! T , ,. , . ha,l been queslionet! and rcloascdjmisslonpr Jolin Callahnn and 1 , *' sllc r r(11 " l ' n0( ' » vevnirl when pn'icc were contacted by a Conciliation Chief William Fallen!? .. acc dream by asphyx- mnn who wilncssed Die accident:and notified both sides that he' on ' anil recognized the driver o( the car. Police homo and haii 1 , hlood ancse mountain - climbing team \ South Korea. both N'orlh South Korean feared Wild in m avalanche ac(-;to«^linistcr_Kim ClmnK Yul de- ually "are safe and ore reluming i to Katmandu shorlly." Iclarcd tho N'orlb Koreans have atomic Kims deployed alonp the) Tlie siccr slopes of 23,410-fool Gauri climbers were reported gTM I «£ a «TM? 1 S^^i ,'ish" the Comrmmisls if thc Reds; ,, , . . , ... _ . |launched an ,-itomic attack. He' Sanknr peak west ot M. Kverest a , so ill( , iratci , ho punisiiment in the Himalayas on the Mcpal-! u . O(1 ]^ Tibet border. by (]lcl samc mMns used by the Kcds. Con. 1. D. If they had been buried under ,\vhi|e, U.S. Army commander in an avalanche, as feared, it would !(he Pacific, said in Seoul on have hecn the worst trnsrdy in:Thursday that Ihe North Korean tile history of mounlnin-climhinc i Communists may cannbililies." have "atomic went (o the suspect's ' found bits of fabric, and bits ot flesh and brain tissue under the man's 395D automobile, Tackelt said the man admitted lie was driving on tlic street where the .child was hit but said lie did not know he had struck : s e s a c p . j u w-us available 2-1 hours a day! Lmlbs nart """ discharged should they want him to sit In on ''- om lhc Alr Forc1 in Auswst. He her. Tackcll said the suspect Is dvnwing s pension for the blind tram the slate, lie also hus no driver's license. was operating a slirlmp bont nut ot Kemah and had planned lo be- cjn studying for the dentistry in January. ·A mecling. More than one million persons were without their regular daily papers because of the walkout. The only major Boston newspaper still operating was the Chri.s- llan Science Monitor. Local 13 of the Inlernallohal Typographical Union voted TliurS' day nlghl, 5G1-511, to strike the papers to support' undisclosed [months, gelling away with $1000 wage demands. The publlsliersiln Jevvclrji, -pollen reported Sun- ROB MARQUIS AGAIN ·BIARRITZ, France (UPT1 -- Toleves slruck at the Riviera VII- lla of Spain's Mnrquls de la Sola 'or the second time In eight immediately shut down plants. thelrjday. The' first robbery nctlcd 1310.000 In Jewels. NO PRICE INCREASE Tlic ,JI/fy Manttfneliirinff Company i.s pleasci! to anunmice Hint for Ilio flflli consecutive .year Ihcrc ivill be no PntCK IXCHKASK In .Illfy Produce Pads. It is possiulo |» provide the snmn high rjiinUt.v .sland.ird pads nt the sainn price each year, lipcnuse of your continued grnwhlf; Mltiport, Htll l!o- nialno j o u r J l f f j Iirj. nlll hn In flic Valley Urn: !)lh ·-JMh Cnnlrnrl him at I he l-'nlnvay .Molnr llolrl -- .Murray 6--JIU Floulo 3M, .MrAllen, IVvas. ENDS TODAY At 6:30 10:00 To-day Thru Wednesday Also at 8:27 -Today Tuesday liidiarcl A. Rul!rr dcrlinnd. Features No. 2 No. 3 Last Times Today H ll'j fun with a Latin flavor.... FIRST RUN TO-DAY DOUBLE FEATURE Today Thru Wednesday Clifton Webb. Jan« Wymin Jill St. John- Carol Lynl«y Paul Heweid · Siry Crotby la the MOHICAN WltDERNESS -- Also a» 8:39 -- LEX BARKER M O R E N O F O R R I S T T U C i a R Nolicicro - Cartoon M E X I C O THEATRE i. flzzxzzzzxxxzzxizxzzzizxl MUI JCHOOl. MIDI ilwta, AnH. s.nd» RoniliJ Foil.r . Chrit Kobmtan *« * M t « I C » « I K T I U N A T I O K f l riCTUlie w ,,,,,, j M i r t i n Bn!dock . R u l , ,,,,, M t M E H I C A l I N T E « N A I I O K » L rIcntg

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