The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1946
Page 6
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f AGE FOUR BLYTHEVILUD (AKK.) COUK1E11 NEWS KU1DAY, iMAKCH 22, 19<1G XIWLITIUEVILLB GOURIEB NEWS U«t,AU»I*k. 00, KM Tort. CUOMO. D»- EMIT Altatnoop Kn*pt PttfaiUy S&tcnd M Moond elMi gutter «t tb* oflte* tt BlythtTllle, Artuiu, under «et of Oon!*>•, October 9. 1917. ~ Semd by th» Pniua ~~2 SUBSCRIPTION BAT*B~ -. By carrier in UM city ot BJjtbOTfll* or W «£urt»n r town ,wber« o»rri«r Mrrlot It mitln- tgned. JOo per week, or 860 per month. v^»aB. wttUa • r*dh» of « nlM* |U» par ytar, «2JOO forix month*. lldO for three nonthi; by null outdde 50 mlto wo*, «10.«0 par jt*r D»y»We In ednaee. Read and Heed ; Even more important than the pun- Khmcnt'-bf German'- war criminals is ijhe evidence, beingr- produced at the trial, tfgainst the German people as a 4'hole.. It his be'come unescapably clear that"'llie horrors described could not ijaye.- continued - so long, on so vast a s^£*if?the;.Cterman-people as a whole had not been morally blind and unstable. : We want our boys home and out 'of uniform, y?. do not want to send more hewu soldiers! across than is necessary, {o replace, them. But the war criminal trial proves that we dare not weaken ihe occupation until we are assured— Bitterly—that Germany can never again £tart another wanton, conscienceless, Inhuman, blitzkrieg against the world. Poker Face "Washington's- .Congressman Coffee wmita"to" J kiiow' 'if the forthcoming 4tom bomb tests are designed ''to in- (timidate the' Russians." The answer • fe No. : a land power, not naval. These.,-tests, are primarily naval. They are to determine what an atom bomb will do to warcraft and what naval strategists.ought to do about the atom . bomb! ,'..," " ; If,.,.Russia ,was not intimidated .by what happened to Hiroshima and Naga- sakij-these-tests.will not.worry her. If atie^-twas ~'so'"yintimidated, then Heaven protect us against playing stud poker V'ith Joe Stalin. SO THEY SAY |lf 'ever'"Europe is going to b'e redeemed, if tficrc ever is to be a Europe, it will be thanks t<5 two things the first League of Nations lacked—the co-operation ol the United States of America and the co-operation of the women of all the' United States.—Dcnise van Moppcs Butler, Jrench Press and Information Service. .'' » . * * ..We will be ^obliged to help the Philippines rigain their economic health for years to conic. It-Is-to our. interest to do so and to take such measufeslas are necessary to help the Philippines-•shake'-off- the shackles of a .feudaltsUc Pitt.—Paul V. McNult, Philippines High Com- rrttssioner. . We need lo replenish the mlnslry in Germany very radically. It, won't )>c enough to reestablish' the church as It was before, for the church In Germany wasn't strong enouBli before.—Dr. Franklin C. Fry, president Unite! Lutheran Churcli ill America. * • • This Idea of a shorter and shorter work •week seems lo raise nil sorts ot far-rcachini! social questions. Corlnlnly until we can give more convincing proof that we know how to use our leisure wisely, the whole practice of limiting output seems to me of doubtful social wisdom.—Dr. Edmund E. Day, president Cornell U. * • * In oiu- view an Industry concerned with •w'cdnltnuous production Is not a subject for "detailed parliamentary control.—Will Lawrence, president National Union of (British) Mine Workers. * * * If the cost nf living rises faster than wages women will attempt to add to family earnings In order lo nmlntnin customary .standards of living.—Mildred Falrclilkl, Bryn Mawr College sociologist. * * * Every man and woman in the country must have nn adequate opportunity to learn anything they want or need to learn.—Dr. W. C. Hallenbeck or Columbia, U. * * » The war which has just ended Inflicted wounds on the world which will take a century lo heal. 1 The alliance between the soldier and the scientist is producing new methods ol destruction which It is doubtful if civilization could survive.—Lt.-Gcn. Walter Bedell Smith. Ambassador lo Moscow. * # * All the experienced personnel are going home and the vitnl job of insuring the peace In Europe is being "turned over to youny, iii- ••cxporlcnccd Infantrymen. After nil, you can't have a bunch of kids Idling 50-year-olti German officials what to do—they just don't carry the weight.—Capt. Edward J. Clsar of Cleveland back from /\MG duty. * * * But when the (atom) bomb goes off under water, I think it Is going to make the "Navy very unhappy. I believe it will prove destructive to ships over a radius of 10 miles.—Dr. J. A. Campbell, Obcrlin College chemistry Department. , * * t Unless social security and related sources of family income are greatly expanded in the near future women will continue to seek work, not primarily because they want to, but because they will feel compelled to share in family support.-Mildred Fahchild, Bryn Mawr College sociologist. » » » Knowing the Army for what it really is, I insist that we dare not turn our youth over to such, a leadership as it Is now constituted without grave danger to our American democracy. ' II. C. HoldrUlgc, retired West Pointer. * * * I wonder who is preparing for .war? The I07.0CO Poles or the Second corps or the millions or Russians?—Gen. Wladyslaw Anders, Cammnmler Polish Second Corps "stranded" In Italy. * * -t If we want,: to keep our conpm'titivc advantages in various lines of production, and at the'" same, lime to let other countries keep theirs, we must have expanding international trade, with imports as well as exports increased.—Agriculture Secretary Clinton P. Anderson. We only need wheat and fats. If the house- wile will only save on these she can • have anything else in Iho stores. I sec no necessity for meat rationing or for a tightcnig in the sugar ration.—Herbert Hoover, honorary chairman Famine Emergency Committee. The Return of the Prodigal Son ss? UKlfLYou SEE WHAT t BROUGHT * f IN HOLLYWOOD . BY KRSKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent far. 22. ETC. He seemed quite happy about meeting Ginger Rogers backstage _at the Academy Award presenta- ss *'° froni "Will we have war with Rus- •2 OW T'" '«' ""i™ f ""'* " .' sia?" to "Since you have •Scadcl %f J^^^'? ££>£ It'al > Street'^ fever, what is your tempci- $J a yal . d ..j had £ fl|u) ^ M J ft ^ lll , c ' , , i -I ti about it," he said, "because I "It was pretty tense or a while," fc ' Johnston would ^ L Johnston later told a friend. about it when T ent hnmn »a-SS£&^«re-a£jsT?S * Aifyway, he "red them all.f »»• "»* tlle >' ".?«' asked me confessing. tlWu it was the first 1 ?, tio , another one," he chuckled, time anyone In Hollywood had ex- ' ,.." J " . • l '-^' lt pressed -an interest In such things back to the Academy pre- alxnil him. It is about time some- scntiltlon - J° h "fons first public one did', though, because Johnston:>Pl lea '' allce n Hollywood, he said is now as much of a Hollywood' 1 - »'»« °> le °. f thc /cry few times he personality as Lna Turner or Clark»»" bc ™ "treme y nervous. .-There Gable or Margaret O'Brien or Don-*"* a b '« spothghl. and I couldn't aid Duck. But his 16-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, of the Washington, D.C.. cil '> (s . cc i' 0 " 1 ' a " dlcnc <;- . bobby-sox set, still prefers Van , w , hlch Probably explains John- 'Johnson as a Hollywood favorite. stons ™? °f.'anecdote" when he "KKAI " FIIM MAN meant antidote" twice in Ins Eric, who 'is giving up his job as s P racil ; « e was J"st nervous. Or president 'of th£ United Stxitcs*<> mcd how he was going to ex- Chamber of Commerce lor Will" 11 "" Gm S«r Hogcrs' oilcloth dress Hays' $100,000-a-year film czar post,'" Ml ' s - Johnston, said he was a "real" movie fan, go- Enc was wearing a loud tic bearing two or three times a month. '» th e initials "C.M." He bought H c prefers dramatic pictures, he U for S7.50 h'oin a Russian ticmaker said, and cries when the scenes '" New York named Countess Mcr- are sad. He likes popcorn, but he e™>- Ho buys all of his ties from doesn't eat it when he goes to the Ihe countess, he said, and she has movies. He dislikes double features thc f !« alllt » ab it of PutlinB her —like most of us. initials somewhere in thc design. He owns dozens ot sweaters, mostly blue, which his wife knits for him. He has special sweaters for skiing and badminton, his favorite sports. cvcn ^ een ' l' e °l' le '" " 1D f "' st 10W difficult, to speak when you RADIO SERVICE Just Dial 3414 Craig Electronic Service Co. 1211 W. Main St. While You Wait Hat* Cleaned and Blacked 30 Minute Service The John's Shop 503 W. Main tit. FARMS FOR RENT One 380 acre farm, one 3frO acre farm, one 220 acre farm, on«t 91 ;icrc farm, one 75 acre farm, and one 15 acre farm, all well improved, with electricity. We also want 25 SHARECROP FAMILIES Will completely set up and finance, to farm, a limited Dumber of large families. Bee E. II. Tice Cotton Co., Marston, Mo., Frailer, Mo. (t mHe« west of Portagevllle), and BljtheTille, Ark. U. S. Army Leader HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured U. S. Army leader, Maj.- Gen. •" tjy Hazel HekJergott l»y NKA SVIIIVICK, ISC. STORY. A«»>. life •rKlt* plca*ant rnvtlar. Sfcr Hmtx lrjike woven CBVKvalal fcvt lmale frirMdH among- Ikrm. r*n her 4o fclra. 5 ... ; XIII 'j'HE weather turned suddenly • ; cold on the second ol October. Ann and Colin were sitting in front of the fireplace, smoking clarets and going-, through the mail. Ann opened 'Colift's' bank statement, and .inquired, "Want me to check this for you, Colin? ATler all. I used to do bookkeeping." j"If you don't mind. I've always iiatcd that job." • i ;Ann ran through the checks quickly, separating those written in Cblin's small neat hand from her own, covered with large, sjjra'.vly writing. As she was arranging his according to the numbers on the ^cnecks, one tor $500 payable to' Millicent Roberts caught her eye. ."Who is Millicent Bcbevts?" she inquired idly. {Colin put down the paper, and Idoked acrosj at her. "She was nly wife.'' V'Oh." •Funny to encounter her tha Tjay, on tddceled check. Funny i^e never had known her name before: Then she-asked, "Is thi "/%H, Colin, you spoil your women horribly! I don't mind your paying her this— though it docs seem rather a lot —but it's so bad for women to be treated like that!" "Any complaints, Mrs. Drake?" Colin asked casually, coining over to put his arm around her. "My dear—" She stopped in her tirade to kiss him, then went on, still a bit angrily, "Why did she divorce you, Colin?" "Gross cruelty was the cliargc, I believe." He was very nonchalant about it, but looked as if he would like lo drop thc subject. Ann, however, persisted. "Cruel? You, Colin? How absurd! I mean -you're probably the kindest man who ever lived. How were •ou cruel to her? Forgive me if 'm being tiresome, but I'd really ike lo know—" "Vou'd bettor run info Seattle iinti sec what you can find," Colin sugg-jstcd. "I've arranged for you lo charge anything you buy at Frederick's and Best's and Magnin's— if you want to buy anything anywhere else, you always can v.Tilc a check." "Trying lo get rid of me," Ann said sadly. "You've always gone with me to Seattle before. Do you think you can trust me to pick out my own clothes?" "Darling, I'd trust you to do anything in the world. And I hav* to write a book." "You have every, right to. My cruelty— my current cruelty— consisted in not being willing to drop the book I was working on and take her to Uuropc when the mood suddenly seized her. Some six months earlier she had refused to accompany me when 1 went lo England to finish Ihe research on Bruce. Oh well, I didn't fight it. I was as ready for a divorce a . ^Something else struck Ann then Md she asked, "Did she get he njaiden name back?" Rather nic fee know that there wasn't anollic Mrs. Drake,- at th»t. |"No. She's" Mrs. Roberts now." t Ann was still looking at the cfceck rather abstractedly. She Idofced up at him suddenly. "But, C^in*£;*fVm4rri«d |C>in, you : aren't still paying h«r alimony, «»e you? I mean—" "TTes, in> dear, 111 go ori paying ttfr tSM a month »o lone *» ""* t*th iUU llv«; fUtber careless of - she. But promise me, Ann — i[ you ever get a yen to go any place- to Tibet or the Congo or maybe the Isle of Man— you'll tell me, won't you?" ANN stopped at Connie's house on her way in to Seattle, but Connie was giving a luncheon and couldn't accompany her on her shopping tour. "Do you s'pose I'd dare leave my guests to shift for themselves?" she asked, then wistfully decided she couldn't. So Ann continued into town alone, and with her usual quickness in decisions involving clothes, bought a d;*.*5 ot coral crepe and a small brown hat that swept off her forehead and gave her a wide-eyed and ingenuous look, in something less than 45 minutes. She was leaving the store, and considering whcru she would go for lunch, when she bumped into Jock. Quite literally — she hadn't been looking where she was going, and ran straight into his arms. It was half a minute before he recognized her, and she had to blink a lime or two herself. Then they laughed, and he took her arm and steered her lo the edge of the Insure j Now . . . I through W. J. Pollen 1 Agency Glencoe Hote! Bldg. Telephone 3545 For Prompt Service On Animal Vaccination CALL Dr. W. A. Taylor VETERINARIAN I Specialize in Treating All Forms of Swamp Fcvei Daytime—Phono '184 Dowdy-Aycock Motor Co Night Phone—2138 Como Hotel. E. Main SI FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in, A.H.Webb Hwy. 01 ;>1 Stale T.inr Phone: Hlvlhcvillc 711 D. & P. L. No. 14 Planting Seed Cleaned, Delinted, Ceresan Treated. Germination 80 to 90 per cent. ~' Also LAREDO SOY BEANS 90% Germination Lloyd Stickmon Phone 3210 Business Opportunity! f Due to (he fact thai we have no one to nuinago our Appliance Store we offer lo sell Hie business and lease the building—or will sell an interest in it to person that is capable of managing and operating it. TOM LITTLE REALTY GO. I'hone 861 13 Creative worker 14 Hegret .15 Soot It Fin ale , . (music) i 19 Preposition ^ . 20 Without • 21 Injure (• 1 22 Asterisk j 23 Half an em 241 am (contr.) J 25 Meaning ">~V [ 29 Gems "'' l \ 32 Even (contr.) ! 33 Boy |34Cut ' | 36 Attire i 39_Near ! 40 Diminutive ! suffix | 41 Entry I 44 He supervised development of the atomic 48 Point ol land 50 Mark 51 Prince 52 Poker stake 53 Wears away 55 Evicted 57 Abandon * 58 Wrenches ^* VERTICAL 1 Girls 2 Stoat 3 Stupefy 4 Stone (suffix) 5 Exists - TWJT 6 Engrave 7 'nc 1 Troy weight 8 Ancnt 9 Work / K 10 Outlet f 11 Involve bomb dropped from a plane flying one mile high to reach an object (ab.) 18 Doctor (ab.) 26 Recent • 27 Perceive ?£ 28 Conclude 29 Aged _^ 44 Finest 30 Equality ^ 45 Hindu 31 Fruit drink .^v invocation' 34 Floated ,. ^ 46 Note of scale . 35 Apparel ^^ 47 Forehead lt 37 Group of ;;§ 48 Container •^ seven *-JJjzi5 ^ Insects 38 Horses .'**&' 54 Erbium 42 Greek seaport (symbol) 43 Native of 66 Abraham's ,» Media ' " _iome * 1 )ur Boarding House with Maj, Hoopie Radio Sales 8* Service Felix A. Carney 13S East Main Phone 3616 Sales - Phillips Robinson Service - Felix Came] you? Ann nodded solemnly. I won't get a yen when you're in the middle of a book," she promised. "Dear heart," Colin said suddenly, "do you realize that you have practically no winter clothes?" "I have a fur coat," Ann responded promptly. She hadn't worn it yet, that rich and lovely thing that had been Colin's wedding gift » her. She realized then that she actually didn't have any clothes that v.-i>!ild be appropriate under a mink coat. sidewalk. What hick, Ann! It's been years. How ore you, darling? You'll lunch with me, of course.'* Jock was so big. She had for- [,'ollcn how big ho was, and how very handsome. She was wearing brown suede pumps with four- inch heels—it was all right for her lo wear high heels when Colin wasn't with her—and still she had lo look up to him. All these thoughts ran through her mind, before she said, in a voice that was curiously breathless, "Of course I'll have lunch with you. It's so nice to see you, Jock—it's been a long time." Phone 2611 for Prompt • Road Service • Tire Recapping • Hattery Charging • Washing and Lubrication • PolishinR and Waxing • Kxpert Kord Mechanics • Truck Tires—any si/c Hours—6 to 6-7 Days MARK'S AUTO SERVICE Ash at Second Slrecl POULTRY WANTED! Mi - . Davis is connected with (he country's largest poultry buyers and offers highest prices at iill times. FRIDAY and SATURDAY PRICES— Hens — 23c Cox — 16c IWING YOUR POULTRY TO US. 1711 West Vine St. Blyrheville t'lk-r.s Subject lo Change Without Notice OUR FRIENDS IN OSCEOLA and VICINITY ... \Vill IIP interested in knowing that we have rc-oiK'iieel our Paint and Body Shop in the nc\v addition lo our building. We. are equipped In work on all makes of cars . . . and f - I he work will he done under the supervision of \V.\l,TKH GARWOOD, ;i factory trained expert. Louis George Motor Company Dodge ami,Plymouth Sales and Service Your Allis Chalmers Dealer OSCEOLA, ARK. EGAD, BARTER.' IP YOUR ..-.,. 250-POUN5D BRrSKEr OF GOOF.' IF VOLVO EXERCISE LITTLE YOU MIGHT R6MD6R GOME OP fHPCT LW?D PACKlNiG.'-~- AKJO YOU VJOULDKs'T LOOK ^O MUCH LIKE fM-J ^RTl^T'S IDEft OF A HT OPEM.TUE ODDS ARe TO 5 THEY'D F1MD ^M OM1OK5 BOU8 IKi VT/ 0 MOST MOR.WS THESE ICST FAIR D^VS OF • PRlNG "SUGGEST LIUT- MOSIC OR GCvY „ POETRY — BUT YOU? ByJ. R.Williams I CAN) T \<7 SAVVV WMV SUCH A BIO WAR. DOWT TEA.CH SOME PEOPLE A TH!MG-' STU S-l i SEElW _J_J CHIP't.L IT'BRE TH'

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