The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1950
Page 2
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PACE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ».TDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1MO New Home or Apartment Fixtures Going to Cost More in Future •T SAM DAWSON • NSW YORK, Dec. 8. (APi— That new home or apartment U going to cott mort to fix up. C4rpet mills ire just darting on their »ev«nth price-hike round ot th< year. Makers of linoleum and other hard-surfaced floor coverings have also begun raising prices. Furniture makers are telling dealers that higher price tags may be tacked to chairs, tables and beds In trie coming January markets. Even :. m •'Jew dealers In an- tifques are Ultcing about shortages «nd rising prices In the luxury furniture and bric-a-brac they buy and sell. , Grand Rapids furniture men warns of coming cuts in civilian supplies of some of Ihe critical materials they use, such as copper and Fed Up with Set Up, Red-Head Slashes Singer in 3 a.m. Brawl And furniture workers are reported restive again after the recent wage boosts in the nearby auto plants. All this could add up to higher prices. And it could also mean a scarcity In popular priced furniture as scarce materials are routed to higher priced more profitable lines. Carpet Sales Up Carpet makers report production and sales ; up 10 per cent over last year—but costs of materials soaring out of sight. Carpet wool prices are at least two and a half times «s high as a year a^o, Industry sources :say, adding that the price of wool accounts for about 40 per cent of the cost of making a carpet. The carpet mills also cite Increased costs of labor and of other materials that go into their rugs. The cotton 'yams they use are up 50 per cent hi price this year. But It is wool that gets most of the blame for the v seven rounds of price hikes this year. Production of wool, for all purposes, has been steadily falling behind consumption demands since World War II. The United States' own sheep population fell off sharply, although the president of the National Wool Growers Association, how meeting In Casper, Wyo., says that wool production is on the upgrade ugaln here. However, the country still has to ; import.most of its wool for all its needs. And since the Korean outbreak the price of fine wool has gone up 45 per cent, dragging the other grades behind It. U.S. government wool orders for Its military needs have made the shortage still more acute. HOIJA'WOOD, Dec. ». (AP) — Billy Daniels, »5,000-a'-week Negro - rrtght'club singer, was slashed with j a butcher knife yesterday in the I apartment of a red-haired Hollywood actress. The latter, Ronnie Quillan, 29 and white, was Jailed on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Doctors said It took 35 stitches to close a gash on Daniels' neck a'nd I face. I Miss. Quillan was booked here I and then taken to Lo« Angeles City Jail. Daniels, currently filling a i sjneing : e«gngement at the Mocambo on Hollywood's strip, was releas- led. j The- 34-year-old Daniels and t Martha Braun, 21, daughter of the 1 wealthy Carl Braun of, Lowell, Mass., were married in Weehawkcn, NJ.. by a Judge last 'January. She is visiting with her parents but Is expected to Jain her husband for the holidays. At the time of their marriage Daniels said: "I'm going to dedicate my life to making her happy." Detective C. C. Forbes quoted Miss Quillan. onetime wife of writer Joe Quillan, as saying she and Daniels argued over her request for money for medical care, the nature •of which was not explained. The detective said Daniels asserted that she demanded $5,000 from him after he went to her apartment at her bidding. Her apartment showed evidences of a terrific struggle, Court Action Pending Daniels was treated for a long slash from his temple to under his chin. Miss Quillan waj» claii In brown slacks and H long mink co»t when taken to the police station. She was wearing one pink sock and one yellow one. "The cops were In » hurry and even wanted me to come In my pajamas," she complained. The actress said she has i clvl action pending against Daniels and that he came to her apartment at 3 a.m. to discuss It. She claimed that-In an argument he hit hei with a lamp and she got a knife to defend herself. Daniels was quoted by detectives as saying: "We were talking and she said 'I'm going to make you look like somebody I kno»'.' she picked up the big knife and it wen whap anil here I am." Miss Quillan told reporters: "I'm not the least bit sorry; I'm Just fed up with this guy." t Your Blood Pressure May,Be Lower Than the Reading Will Indicate State Education Group to Fight For Supervisors A. B. Bonds Tells Intent to Resist Move To Abolish Offke LITTLE ROCK, Dec. .»! (/^-Arkansas' Education'Commissioner A. B. Bonds said yesterday the education department will fight any attempt'to abolish the position of county school supervisor.' B?nds made his . statement to members of the quarterly meeting of the county school supervisors at the state capital. Some members of the Arkansas Legislative Council have suggested the possibility of cutting county supervisors from the state's payroll In their efforts to effect economies. One of the arguments for 'eliminating (he job has been that it no longer is necessary In view of ths increased consolidation of schools in Arkansas. Bonds contended: "It Is absolutely ridiculous on the basis of so-called economy to do •»way with an office which Is becoming more Instead of less Important in the total education program in Arkansas. •We have unlimited investment In the future of the children of our state and the job you county supervisors are doing fits into the development of the children." By ALTON I,. BI.AKFSI.KK Associated Press Science Reporter CLEVELAND. Dec. 8. (IF)— Relax, you may not real^ 1 have high blood pressure, even If your blood pressure reading was called high. For "many so-colled 'high' blood pressures may be normal," if age and sex are taken Into consideration. Dr. Arthur M. Master, heart specialist of Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, said yesterday. There seems to be a widespread phobia or worry about high blood pressure, he told the American Medical Association's clinical session, designed primarily for family doctors. Blood pressures of more than 70,- most sure to follow. With prop* treatment many of these children show spectacular Improvemenl Thslr susceptibility to Illness de creases and their physical condl tlon becomes better. 1 / I A I Five TWA Planes Will See Service In Korean Area KANSAS CITY, Dec. 8. WV-Five trans-world airline DC-4 Skymas- ter s will join the military nlr trans- --. , port service in flying men and 000 persons were analyzed In » supplies ,to the Korean «re», (he study to set up new standards of airline announced today. what constitutes high blood pressure or hypertension, he reported. "The lower limits for hypertension thus established are higher than are generally accepted. It may be unnecessary to attempt to lower the blood pressure If it ts within John A. Colllngs, TWA vice- president In charge of operations, said the MATS, through the air transport association, had m.iked commercial airlines to supply four- engine aircraft for the Pacific «lr- litt wer« returned. St. Louis Goose Hunters Die in Pit on River CHARLESTON. Mo.. Dec. 8, (API —Two St. Louis hunters died apparently : of asphyxiation while seated In a goose hunter's pit near Ihe Mississippi River north of here yesterd»y, Sheriff Early Malcolm said yesterday. The victims, found dead by two companions yesterday afternoon were Identified as Joseph and Frank Kemp ol Lemay Perry Road, St. Louis county. They are believed to be In their 60s. Their associates were Edgar C. Eime and Harvey G. Bauer slso of St. Louis. The bodies were removed from the pit early today and taken to » funeral parlor at Slkeston. Sheriff Malcolm said he was told by the Eime that the four hunters had ch*rco»l buckets to' keep them w»rm. Snow tell heavily Wednesday in thlt urea and the mercury dropped rapidly during the day. The four arrived at the pits about H^VfdncfrtRy morning and Eime s»ld he decided lo Investigate when . he ' saw ^ no activity around the rijt occupied by the brothers early In lh« afternoon. rH fT " nge for the Rge t E " rller thls ***'• TvfA furnished and sex of the person being studied." , four DO-4 Skymasters when the _ Women. Pr f ,» ure Hl r her Pacific supply line first was placed ,iirt,°ift f M'£ Ver w 4S .« us V»"^' h »w In operation. Thes. plane, later,, higher .Wood .pressure than I men of;the same- nge.-he added.• In another report, Dr. Arthur 'J Horesch, assistant professor of pediatrics at Western Reserve University School of Medicine, said It might be an .allergy that makes.» child a bad actor. ' Often,-he said, children with behavior problems change their whole attitude when the thing they are allergic to Is found and removed. The allergy might be due to some food, (o dogs, cats, feathers, overstuffed furniture or other things. The allergy might cause hay fever, eczema, hives, colic, diarrhea or susceptibility to colds or bronchitis. A child may lose his sensitivity to the offending substance if it is removed early In his life Colic Is First PhiiM. In babies, a period of colic and eczema Is often only the first phase of the nllerglc cycle.' he said, add ing: | "It is a fallacy to believe that n I child will "outgrow 1 the eczema aiid i ~ that all troubles will be over. | Mrs. Anna Lnvcrg'ne. church i Parents should realize th'at early Point, Louisiana, says she has a treatment Is necessary not only to word of advice for those folks who correct the skin condition but to seem always blue, mad at the world, minimize or prevent the bronchial or think cloudy skies are always hanging over their heads. Mrs. Lavergne says most folks when the> act that way must not be feeling well . . . 'cause a poor disposition Is a sure sign of trouble. Mrs. Lavergne says. Just taking herself »s an example, . . . now that she Is taking HADACOL there isn't a person in the world who can make her -—A U.S. Hijfh'commissinrTbonri m ? d ' Mrs ' ^"S"' '°>»>d "'at By here sentenced a German woman l "£ m s HADACOL her syStcm was to six months In prison for falsely "° '"" scr dcf ' c «»t »' Vitamins Bl accusing an American soldier of . B2. Niacin and Iron, raping her. it was announced yes- e ls NIrs ' I -'»'«gne's own slale- lerday. - merit: "You don't know how won- Mrs. Anna Schumacher 24-vcar- dcrf "' R fccls to oe ln s »ch good old German divorcee was'convicted condlllcil >- nf ^r two years of feel- on the charge of false accusations \ " 1 ,?,Ji l !"" d . Om .' 1 - ' '-'^ "..?">' poor i I •colds' and asthma which are Bl- Court Dismisses Gl Rape Case MANNHEIM. Germany. Dec. «. after testimony of Oermnti s , l j "I'l'etite— in fact, food didn't agree .—..., t'l UI.-ICIIU4I \\ll- ... i II L J " nesses exonerated the soldier whose " ! a nnrcl ti[nc name was withheld. ' t 5lce Pj, n 5 nights . , . sometimes I Farm Lottery Aged i i if. '*. l ROME Wi-The little farms of old San Giovanni In Persiccto. In /the province of Bologna, have just changed owners again for the six: ty-third time in a land rotation scheme unbroken tor more than 500 years. Every nine years since 1383 A. D. the plots subdivided from' an old medieval estate of 4.942 acres have changed owners by » system of lottery. The Portia Law school In Boston, Mass., was the first law school In the world devoted to the legal education of women. Diplomat* to fat TEL AVIV —(/n— Forelpi diplomats shall eat belter,: the fuAel .Foreign OHlci hit decreed. Iven U they pay in restaurants in local currency only, they will be served meaty "non-austerity meals" as now offeree! to tourists from other countries who pay In foreign currency ONE NAME changed touting habit of millions would stay awake until 1 or 1 in ihc morning and then the next day I would feel tired and groggy all day long. You have no Idea how ter- , rible 1 felt. Now all this It gone i . . . yes, now that I have been tak- : ing HADACOL, I feel wonderful l I get lots of good, sound sleep, have ! a fine appetite and just lots nf en- i ergy. I can eat any kind o( food • now and It doesn't bother me a bit. 1 just can't begin to thanlc HADA- COL." Don't Put Off Taking HADACOI. ... (to as thousands of others do whCvse systems lacked Vitamins Bl, B2, Nlacin and Iron are doing The HADACOL formula Is very effective for stomach disorders. Insomnia clue to upset stomach, vague* aches and i pains, and a general run-down con- ' ditlon If they are due lo such deficiencies. Make up your mind (o give HADACOL a chance to help you as it has helped others whose systems lacked Vitamins Bl. B3, Niacln and Iron. Remember, there are no substitutes for HADACOL. Always Insist on the genuine HAD- ACOL. No risk Involved. Buy a hot- lie of HADACOL, either the trial size, 41.25, or the .urge family ot hospital size, 53.50. and \t HADA- COL does not help you, your money will be refunded, if your druggist does not have HADACOL order it direct from Ihe LcBIanc Corporn- tio, Lafayette, Louisiana. l^l'Klsht 1930, in, i.cKUuc Corpon- ft THE BEST BUY IN TOWN FOR YOUR MAN'S GIFT Genuine GABARDINE SUIT Grey, Blue, Ton; 'Green or Brown Sizes 32-46 Regulars, Longs, Shorts, Stouts Guaranteed Perfect Fit Hudson's Famous "This Christmas Get - '&W Money At Hudson's" ft . jy . / |>? —•jr 2 ^-, O* 1 ' ^5-A^*T ^*f*&3 ^^^r^iK^ *«ep*^ Genuine Gabardiine TOPCOAT Hudson's Famous Naturaf or Tan Smartly Lined Handsomely Tailored Full Cut Style HUDSON CLEANER - CLOTHIER - TAILOR BIytheville, Arkonsos Steele, Missouri ww&m*»3^w*»*!iu^#&#fc#^^i^m

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