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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida • Page 40
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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida • Page 40

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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4D Fort Lauderdale News, Thursday, Oct. 1980 The Last Hurrah. isn't a box office knockout Holmes-Ali: Tale of tape 30 38 211 217W 6-3 8-3 "Everyone likes him." Pay-TV companies in Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Cincinnati are showing the fight to subscribers at $10 a home, just as they did the Duran-Leonard fight. ON-TV in Fort Lauderdale does not have it. Home television viewers will have to wait until Oct. 28 to see the fight on ABC, which paid $2.8 million for delayed broadcast rights. The networks, which rule much of the sports world, were priced out of this fight, like the Duran-Leonard one, by the mammoth' purses of the fighters $8.5 million to Ali, $3.5 million to Holmes. That leaves radio as the only alternative, anj second-hand radio coverage at that. Both WIOD and WINZ will provide round-by-round reports, gathered from the wire services. It will be like listening to election night coverage. There is no live radio play-by-play. can do it one more time? Down at the Orange Bowl, where they are putting up "The World's Largest Color Screen" (40' 60') to show the fight, business just starting to pick up 36 hours before the ball Before yesterday, only 5,000 tickets had been sold. "I think we'll do 20,000 in the Orange Bowl," said promoter Chris Dundee. "People have been waiting to buy their tickets. Since we're showing it outdoors, people want to see what the weather is going to be like." At 921 a pop, boxing fans don't want to be caught in a deluge. Even if the Orange Bowl sells 20,000 tickets, attendance would only match half the crow.d at Shea Stadium in New York for the Duran-Leonard fight. There are two other main South Florida outlets for tonight's telecast, the Sunrise Musical Theatre and the West Palm Beach By Jim Sarni Staff Writer Three months ago, a ticket to the Roberto Duran-Sugar Ray Leonard closed circuit telecast was the hottest piece of cardboard in town. The fight show was sold out across South Florida. Tonight, Muhammad Ali is fighting Larry Holmes for the heavyweight title in Las Vegas, in another closed circuit ex-travagnza, but this time you don't have to part with any of the family heirlooms to get a seat in front of the screen. There are plenty of seats available. Interest has been building this week for Ali's "Last but the fight has not hogged the sports conversation. How about those Expos, Phillies, Astros, Dodgers, Yankees, Orioles, Dolphins, Hurricanes, Gators, Seminoles. and oh yeah, do you think Ali Auditorium. Sunrise (4,200) is sold out, while West Palm Beach (4,500) still had seats remaining yesterday. The Cricket Club in Miami was serving dinner with the fight for dessert, all for $150. Nationally, as well, the Ali-Holmes telecast was lagging behind Duran-Leonard, which drew 1.5 million viewers and grossed $30 million. The promoters are predicting 1.2 million viewers tonight, with 75 per cent of the seats in the 300-plus outlets filled. "Business is picking up," said Jack Trevitt, the head of closed circuit television for Don King Productions, the fight promoter. "People are beginning to realize that Ali's in shape and that there will be a real fight, not just a rope-a-dope special." "There's only one Ali," said Dundee. 81 82 Age Waighl Height Reach Chest (normal) Chest (expanded) Biceps Forearm Waist Thigh Call Neck Wrist Fist Ankle 47 48 18 14 38 28 17 17 74 12 10 43 Vk 45 15K 13 35 29 18 17 8 13' 10 Slim, trim Ali predicts a knockout of Holmes -j -w' it KrB-mev -w our tar tt -w i i it i aw i aiaiHiWv, 1 WEATHER TIRE lUUyf 11(1. MH inJiiLmii-t i Wm fcfllSlS Jl IKS I -Sf-JS: i BELTED RADIALS A70-13 31.44 D70-14 34.26 70-14 36.40 F70-14 37.18 G70-14 38.69 H70-14 40.15 "G70-15 39.91 H70-15 41.29 L70-15 47.47 SUPERWIDE 60s B60-13I 33.55 E60-14 39.21 F60-14 38.21 G60-14 41.21 L60-14 47.80 E60-15 43.07 F60-15 44.53 G60-15 41.89 L60-15 56Tir 50 SERIES G50-14 1 49.42 M50-14 58.39 L50-15 55.98 N50-15 57.9T P18M0R-13 AR78-H 35.20 I I YX I they hope to capitalize on. When Holmes throws his hammering left jab, both his feet often leave the canvas. Ali and Dundee know if Holmes is to be beaten, Ali must take advantage of that split second when the champion is defenseless following a Both chief handlers Dundee for Ali and Richie Giachetti for Holmes are happy with their. fighters' conditioning. "He's in the best shape he's been in for years," said Dundee. "My kid is going to win the title back no doubt about it. He'll win simply because he's Muhammad Ali. He can handle the situation and Larry Holmes isn't up to it. His weight is perfect, he's in great condition and I expect him to knock Larry Holmes out." j. "Excellent, the best condition of his life," said Giachetti after the weigh-in. "I don't think it'll go eight rounds. He weighed 210 for Ken Norton and 209 for Earnie Shavers and we figured to let him go around pound and a half higher because of SJLiiii i-- '4 ply rating I Whltfiwulls 11-15 81.82 PHS75R-14 CR78-14 41.15 aBBaejaiaaaiiiieBBHaaasxaaaiaaBaaamei BaaaaeaaaiaBiaaaaiaBBiaaiaaaaaBalaaaBBaaaaaBB 12.5 7332 P19575R-14 3B7B-14ER78-I4 42.54 fl'MH Mils flllMTJ I IW I A 1 fV 1 1 12-165 2l' Smil2L gaHH.l:-y.l-?H 5S2'0ZXE10 5i Sfi3 21 so AUTOMOTIVI 14-16 5 108.14' Pg2575R-14 HR78-14 W.11 57RB V7Mn7 Sa25 WUX1U ZU.SO bOOxU 21.50 MMaiaaa K80875W.18 FR78-I5 SS 600X12 560x15 BEPA'R rtfffW? P21S75R-15 5rTT -4T7T, -gf- 155x13 24.77 600x15 25.38 CINTIR WrtrW 685x15 21-M brakes liUiiLaj Pg3575R-15 LR7M5- 175R13 36 37 18570R14 1 45.09 BOaVT TRAILKR TIRKS IDLER ARMS BR60-13 1 48,52 laVn8tBBRKnBuBBBlBaHS I 1A Sri I 1M7M111 1 a7 I ihm i oa uvt. IDC.I I A I I iniUTS I rntft ,4 I Ifl Hfi lSizL'T' I 175H14 39.79 2D570W14 5a.7i 576rt LRB 1i.7S 4M.1I LRB H.0S I ALIGNMENT FR60-14 53.42 0kil IZW" Lgaij. 42J0. 18870R15 I 4Ut tM8 LR. 2, I COMPUTERIZED GR60.i4 VV55l5fv plusFtTWIoSwhlw. I M65R15 I 36.21 'Fabric Belled iL MUNOTINCL. 1 WHEEL fn "arSg ai55fA A white spoke 14 tAji .1 BUINC( GR60-15 iraKijf JV'H'l' fe I CBEIAlTmTTATrgK TRUCK WHEELS x6 '21" I IR60-15 82.74 SlS1 WWP 1 SPECIAL BUY $QQ65 Br7o-3 VJZ 1' A Wilt RAISED WHITE LETTER RADIALS WU ER6014 MONROE E-Z RIDE SHOCKS ll'fT'Ml tk "ER70-14 "wTT mnK tmuw! it.u..i.Mn'VM'i fMATjyjn asig fri. NL iV. I It Hii-y jfrnW Q95 07e 15 liir GR70-15 25 iiwTTniyffli. TrarwrT -'IWISV! iTwrW 4o.7 hr7o-j5 SAT. zSiW iSBr "TTTnfe? the heat. Continued from page ID "I used to beat up on him just for practice when he was my sparring partner. Now I'm going to use him for a punching bag. I am going to show Larry Holmes that I am truly the miracle man, the greatest of all time of all time! "When I said I would beat Sonny Liston, they all laughed. But I put the big bear down. They said Joe Frazier was too tough and I should retire after he beat me, but I came back and beat him not once but twice. "George Foreman they told me he was too much man for me. He lasted only eight rounds before I knocked him out. And he was supposed to be the baddest heavyweight who ever lived. They said I was finished when little Leon Spinks beat me but I'm the miracle man. I came back and I won my title back for the third time against Spinks with no doubt about it. I was 36-years-old and I danced all night. "Now the world will see another miracle, history in the making. I will become four-time world champion and then people will truly know I am the miracle man the greatest of all time." Holmes' strategy appears to be simple. He will pressure Ali from the start, making him fight most of each round in an effort to wear the challenger down. Holmes has worked on countering Ali's rope-a-dope the tactic he used in conquering Foreman in Zaire by firing hooks to the body and then coming in with stinging uppercuts. But Ali's battle plan isn't so simple to decipher. In the days before the Foreman fight, he ranted and raved about dancing all night, flicking the jab and staying out of the massive Foreman's reach. But when the fight began, Ali leaned against the ropes, inviting Foreman to hammer away at will. So when he says he's going to dance, one has to wonder. More likely, Ali will continually tie Holmes up, grabbing with his strong right hand in a effort to frustrate and anger Holmes. In watching thousands of minutes of Holmes' fights on tape, Ali and trainer Angelo Dundee have seen a flaw The light will be held in a specially constructed outdoor arena- in the parking lot of Caesars Palace. The fight will be shown on closed circuit television, with a few cable televison outlets to home TV. Ali first won the title in February, 1964 by knocking out Liston in seven rounds. He was stripped of his title in 1968 for failing to enter military service during the Vietnam conflict and won the title for the second time by knocking out Foreman in eight rounds in October, 1974. He won it for the third time by outpointing Spinks in September, 1978. He has won 56 of his 59 fights, losing only to Frazier, Spinks and Norton, all by decision. He has never been stopped in his 20-year career. Holmes won the WBC title in June, 1978 with a bruising 1 5-round decision over Norton in what is considered one of the greatest fights in heavyweight history. He defended it succesfully seven times, stopping Alfredo Evangelista, Ossie Ocasio, Mike Weaver, Earnie Shavers, Lorenzo Zanon, Leroy Jones and Scott Ledoux. I ffflTnTKri w- Won combined purchase Sfn FIX-A-FLAT fe1 lj vjJJ rUflV OF LEE MAXI OIL FILTER AND ANY LEE MAXI AIR FILTER TWO STAGE Wgk S'275 I ROnCTFD fflWn SrL 1 A 1 TOF 'Valid Throogh October 5 ifSII VF5 V7iWI LEE TWO STAGE tri lSPl WeS filter Plus $1 cash rebate from Leo for a total $3 saving! na'ne cl8aner g' I gas mileage Details on Lee Maxl Air Filter package. a Valld ihfouqh ooobsi 5 i i mmwmJ 3frrmmm)wwmYff Mf-Rn PENNZOIL BACK WINDOW yC Jl HD 30 and HD 40 SAVE $20.00 1 IinVnO Unwjn STYLE STRENGTH DURABILITY A AMOTOHw Oand instant in minutes. Reduces heat, screens Slant. Racing Oil. ot away damaging ultraviolet rayl. IC'1' LOCKING zwyyv GAS LIFETIME GUARANTEED I f' lJfM ILWe More Lincicome Continued from page ID For those who want to believe Ali can do it, there is some evidence 'in his favor. He did drop all that weight. If he weren't serious, if he were just going to stand around for a couple of rounds and then fall down, he didn't need to punish himself as he did. "My guy," said trainer Angelo Dundee, "is ready. I never seen him so ready. The whole thing with Muhammad is motivation. He wants this one like he wanted (Leon) Spinks in the second fight, like he wanted George Foreman. He paid his dues to get ready. He'll do it." Ali's ring strategy will probably be to fight in brief flurries, maybe 30 seconds of each round and try to coast the other minute and a half. Both Ali and Dundee believe that the longer the fight goes, the better it is for Ali. Holmes, warranted or not, has a reputation of fading early. If Ali can't get Holmes tired, maybe destiny can. "Holmes is fighting for a car, a house and a swimming pool," Ali said. "I am fighting for immortality." JiSj 4mhl -(S GOT.TM4i iYM SUPERFLUSH REFLECTIONS WINDOW FILM AnfX I iff 2.4,AA SALE 6.49 A STABILIZER UNIT BATE 1.50 REBATE i 50 199 $099 I f-f WITH 19 rgj AfTER DE8ATE tf ATIR REBATE bI 4 AIR ADJUSTABLE Vfm Remova radiator ruit For th ultimata Kap Auto or Von wm I I I WITH HOSE 4 1 bafora you fill with car hine- Cool, Comtortabla I I I "pV mmmmWmWKmmmmWImmmmmW mmymmmmmmXmmmmmmm4 I 1 I MIAMI WtSTCHESTIR OAKLAND PARK Of A IOCKA LAUDERDALE LKt mmmm mm 2730 N.W. 7Btb XL Wutckiitir Ski Ctr. 1522 E. Cmw. Ilrt. 1404S Nl. Rttf SkiptM Ctr. 36-0611 8641 Carat Wif East Oiiit H. 27tl Anih 3260 M. State Ml 7 jf A A 1 264-1111 772-8890 681-3602 484-3030 Si I I 1 I MIAMI OAKLAND PARK DAVIE W. HOUYWOOO HOUTWOOO II 11 Ctral Part Skac. Ctr. Zarra Ikiiiiif Ctr Davit Ikappia 2921 I. State Hi 7 6(441 Car Uiriiii 11 II 1796 1 Stk IL 3490 la4raaAN Hail. Or Grtffii 61 441 1 Mallade lli. 883 0224 III 223-1621 566-3830 434-6611 961-6452 963 3495 i I MIAMI CAROL CITY H1ALEAM POMPANO BCH. 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