Waukesha Daily Freeman from Waukesha, Wisconsin on April 29, 1948 · Page 12
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Waukesha Daily Freeman from Waukesha, Wisconsin · Page 12

Waukesha, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1948
Page 12
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;r Page 12 - Waulcesha Daily Freeman Thuridny, 'April 29, 1948 230,000,000-Year-Old Fossil in Museum CHICAGO, (UP.)--When the Au- Jacocephalodon left the ocean and wriggled onto dry land, it was a "most momentous occasion," according to the Chicago National History Museum. "Aulie" was one of the caily amphibians and his fossil remains ore now on e-ihibition at the museum. The museum said that "aulie's" adventurous spirit gave rise to the age of dinosauis. Then came the mammals and finally man. "Auhe" and the clumsy Cacops and Eryops and Trematops had' their heyday about 230,000,000 years ago. Some of the early ones reached a length of six and one-half feet and looked more or less like crocodiles. Nice Lawn Onco NEWBURYPORT, Mass., (UP)-School Superintendent Rupert A. Nock gave up hope for a beautiful lawn when he returned home and found 17 cows nibbling his grass. They had wandered away from a nera-by pasture. Benito Mussolini, son of a blacksmith, started his career as a school teacher. I am playing I'm BUI Hart Off to rescue my sweetheart. THIS P U R E MILK will sure revive her To her home I then will drive her. Report Rise in U. S, Leprosy CHICAGO, (U.R)--A medical specialist says leprosy sufferers are increasing in the United States, but that leprosy can be fought effec- itvely with new drugs. The specialist, Dr. Robert G. Cochrane, head of the London office of the Ameiican Mission to Lepers, said service men who ··vere in the tropics during the war accounted for most of the new cases of the disease. But he said public understanding of leprosy and its problems is vital. "If there were an adequate understanding of the disease, people would become less hysterical," he said. "When a man suffering from leprosy was cured, his neighbors would take him back into the community as they should." He said that victims of the disease usually are hounded from their homes by frightened neighbors "Yet a leper might walk down the streets or sit next to anyone in a movie without infecting him," Cochrane said. New drugs, he said, have brought "a tremendous possibility foi better research in fighting the disease," and in India, some 50 per cent of the less senous cases of leprosy are cured The average yearly per capita consumption of gum in the U. S. is about 120 sticks. BEAUTY ON THE BEACH --Gail Russell, whose latest picture takes a camera look at night time in the city, spends her days between s h o o t i n g s a t California's Santa Monica Beach. Handicap Well Licked HINSDALE, M a s s . , (UP) -Charles L. Winchell, 62, who has been blind since he was six, has made a living and raised a family of seven children during the past 50 years by repaiiing chaus. The latest recently developed speedy U. S. combat aircraft, Navy XF2R-1, has a gas-turbine in front and jet-propulsion engine in the rear. Telephone Operator Faces Problems In White House BY MEKBEHAN SMITH ; United Press White House Reporter WASHINGTON, (UP)--The operators on the White Hems* telephone switchboard hate to see a rainy day. Not that the White House roof has holes in it. A bad day outside, however, means that lots of children have to spend the day indoors. And when Mother goes to the grocery, Junior sits around twiddling his thumbs with nothing much to do. Finally, he gets the bright idea and grabs the telephone book. He knows very well that the President lives in the White House. He looks up the number and finds NATIONAL 1414. A few seconds later one of the trunk lines in the big board at the White House lights up. A child'sh voice pipes, "I wanna speak to the President." Hackle Has System The operators get so many such calls that they can detect the voice of a curious child immediately. Louise Hachmeistcr, the chief operator for the President, has her squelch, time-tested and infallible. "Put your mother on the line and I'll ask her if '*t is all right," Hackie tells the kids. Invarip'-'y they hang up immediately. Hackie is an energetic, cheery- oiced New Yorker who has been the No. 1 "hcUo girl" at the White House since L933, when the late President Roosevelt first entered office. In fact, Hackie was the first v/oman peimitted to work the White House switchboard. Before her time, the operators were men. Until FDR brought her to Washington 1933, the White House operated on the simple theory that all women were blabber-mouths not to be trusted with the big secrets that flow through the White House telephones every day. Sh« Keeps Secrets Miss Hachmelster, who keeps her pert figure by walking more than three miles to work each morning, is a bottomless well when it comes to secrets. In the first place, she scoffs at the mere idea that she knows anything hush- hush. When FDR died and Mr. Truman entered o f f i c e , the Roosevelt staff told the incoming Trumans that for 100 per cent loyalty they couldn't do better than keep Hackie as boss of the switchboard. The Trumans did and today Hackie is one of the most tiusted members of the staff. Through her five-position board every day move calls Irom the big- gp- c figures of government, not enp '·" this country, but overseas, loo. The switchboard staff, which operates on a 2-i-hour basis, consists of eight persons. Tas board handles about 2,000 calls a day. President Secluded The number of people who can get the President on the telephone merely by giving their name and then askmg for him, is small. In fact it probably, is confined to the members of his immediate family. During working hours, even the calls from cabinet members usually are relayed first to a secretary to the President before being put on the extension of the chief executive. After office hours, the switchboard operators have to use a lot of judgment about calls for the President, checking first with the usher's office before disturbing Mr. Truman. Obvious crank calls are usually transferred to a Secret Service agent. Not So Safe BOSTON, (UP)--Police have decided that a "safety island" in East Boston isn't safe at all and will install a flashing blinker to warn motorists of its presence. The "island" has been recently hit for the 43rd time since last Jan. 1. Even Seven Constables Can't Evict Her NEW ORLEANS, (U.R)--The severt constables in New Orleans who evict people have a problem in a ·woman with a 92-year-old mother. Every time they go to evict th» woman, she disappears through the back door, leaving her mother to face the constables. "Time after time we have been in her house to serve the notice," one constable said. "Every time she was gone. We would lind her mother in bed naked. We couldn't put the old lady out like that and we couldn't dress her. "But we'll catch her one of these days." ADVERTISEMENT A mooorn, medically-sound treatment that oetl real ratulli Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights When disorder of kidney function penult* poisonous matter to remain in your blood. It may cause nagging: backache, rheumatic pains, leg pains. loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, puflinees under tho eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent oc ·cnty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is nomething wrontf With your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait I Ask your druggist for Doan's Fills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by million* for over 50 years. Doan's give happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poiBonouawutcfroxD your blood, G*t Doan'» Filli. ' ORDER EARLY FOR QUICK SPEEDY DELIVERY " T H E B E S T F O R L E S S " TEXSUN BLENDED JUICE TEXAS FANCY GRADE A rf^H® 154SJT8J WWT WWYW^IP ^l%^ *jl?I*Ull ·lUlVd IX HKAVY SYRUP FANCY INDIANA 2 46 oz. «» p» _ Cans 35'C 16 oz. . . Can 14 Vz oz. Cans 25c Tomafo Juice SAILOB YELLOW 29 OZ. Can ^ ^ liUIV.lAlJ.lJNa 4 Ic Tomato Paste 3 c," CAMPBELL'S 23c Tomato Soup 3 ! clr 29c Pyre Grape Jam 2 ir 37c f;iiiTnirf a k,,« "·«· *** CBISCO VEGETABLE laiiiorma lajsup B ottie 33c Shortening a £$i.« Bulternul (oflee ....'£53c T.T'Y'* «.-··».* t,-' » T r T,' TTTXTlT · » · · ^^^ ^^^ 2 46 oz. Cans 46 oz. . . Can 21c WISCONSIN NO. 1 20 OZ. Cans ' little Bo-Pecp Amit " )nia QuaTl 19C «-" 20c Renu/.lt ite Honey ^ 33c Tuna Fish Flakes c» 39c cleaner ^ 89c COKTra BKAND Breast O r Chicken Tuna 7c »49c Tissue 3 RoUs 25c Large NKSTLES PLAIN OK ALMOND Chocolate Bars Anglo Corned Beef FANCY 1-2-3 CUT 12 oz. Can Cleanser 14 oz. .. Can 12c A9c Bhe whit « ° r LaFrance 3 pkss 27c GLADIOLA JUMBO 20 oz. «* -I _ . Can Z I C A G K D . \ M K R [ f \ N Cheddar Cheese 20 oz. ... Can Fels Naptha Soap ..._..,,.. 2 A C Soilax Cleaner _. 3 Bars 29c 24 oz. Lb. Lb. FANCY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES QOME GROWN r ' ' ' I L b . . . . Bun. ' NORTH DAKOTA 15 Lb. T0f\r KKl) KIPJE K O O L - A I 6 pkgs - *-- ./*iJI.JLJ VJT JLV\y t » 11 lender Asparagus NORTH DAKOTA Cobbler Potatoes 23c 65c 1 Large Bar, 1 Med. Bar IVORY SOAP WITH cotrroN Quart Fres'i Green " ot " (nisi -^» J W «« Leaf Lettuce 2 B u n 25c Cucumbers 2 lbs 29c New Texas Dry Onions 2 Lbs 27c Florlda Juicy Green Curly OraHgCS Doz. 39C Spinach 2 L b s 25c ^ Ig ^ nby ^ 25c Grapefruit _5 F o i 29c CUBAN SWEET KITE Pineapple O X Y D O L 24 oz. Pkg. With Coupon D R E F T Large Box Wiih Coupon D U Z 24 oz Pk g . Wiih Coupon GARDEN FRESH AT NATIONAL CALIFORNIA 220 SIZE NAVEL ORAN6ES CALIFORNIA TJ. S. HO. 1 LONG WHITE POTATOES MINNESOTA MESH BAG RUSSET WHITE POTATOES 1O BL , b3 75c FRESH LARGE CRISP BUNCHES TEXAS RED RADISHES 3 B " BETTY HUTTON star of new Paramount picture "DREAM GIRL" At Paramount's Cafe Continental, peach-and-cheese »alads are popular with the movie stars because they're so nourishing... grand tastingl LARGE FRESH BUNCHES CALIFORNIA CARROTS 2 B ""29c FRESH CRISP SOLID HEADS TEXAS GREEN CABBAGE CRISP GREEN STALKS--48 SIZE FLORIDA PASCAL CELERY 2 Lbs 15c 2 B -19c NATIONALS GUARANTEED MEATS SWIFT'S GOLDEN WEST (3 to 4-Lb. Average) STEWING CHICKENS 3'jc FIRM WHITE CUT VALUE WAY-RUMP or LEG OF VEAL, -49e ECONOMICAL, SQUARE CUT, NECK OFF VEAL SHOULDER ROAST... -43e SWANSON'S "EVERFRESH" COMPLETELY CLEANED FRYING CHICKENS «J9e ECONOMY VALUE--FOR STUFFING VEAL BREAST -31e 95% BONELESS TENDER and YOUNG PORK BUTT BREAST -49c FRUIT COCKTAIL 3 r 30-0i. J) Cans *r GINGHAM GIRL CLING PEACHES In Heavy Syrup NATCO STUFFED CREAMED--12-OZ. PKG COTTAGE CHEESE 20 c HAZEL BRAND SALAD DRESSING !i Quart Jar MMMMMMMMMft NATIONAL S F T°O°R?S ^i.i. .«··», pi

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