The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1940
Page 2
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CSORftjR \ A \ FOR FRIDAY & SATIRDAY Jonathan Fancy 24 for 25c ORANGES Juicy Texas Hollow handle linife and fork, sili ver plated on 1B% nickel silver base! 4 B«tr* deposits it pdirit of w*tr! JWnch »t*inle« iteel Wader iwry h«ndl<?'. Guaranty stt- isf action I- 2 Doz. 25c GOCOANUfS Texas Seedless Sweet Potatoes CAROTS Porto Ricans 10 Aw. CAULIFLOWER Snow White Head, Each Putkeit's Charges Go Scoring Spree In Last- Half "\. axwell CANOVA ' COFFEE, 1 Ib. Caii: Baked Beans* 18 oi. AAc FRENCH 1 Ib. Ba<r, 2 for Hotdated Coffee llb.BagISc Slb.Baj Milk c. 3 Ige. or 6 sm. SARDINES American 7 for Corned Beef -ftash. 2 for MILK Igel or 6 small Miracle Whip Dressing Qt 29c Cak* Flew C, Club 44 Oz; Pkg, 19c Fork & Beans C. Clab No. 1 Can 5c Tomatoes Stand. No. Z en 4 for 25c (Green Beans BMlfe Cut J for 25c fit Cherries^ C. Chib , Can 10't Pure Grape Jain 1 Lge Jair . . Ea. 19c MarshmaUows Cello. Bag . 10c No. 2| Can, Ea. Bread Clock Lge 1 . Loaves 2 for Apple Butter Parkdafe 28-<^. Jar, only SearchKght Matches . 6 for 19c Mackerel, TaD Can 3 for 2Sc Sah - Matches 2 Bx$. 5c PotfedMeat 2 Caiis 5c Ealmofe 1 Ib. Pkg. P-GSoap?5 • t> Peanut Butter, Pint Iffc- Qt. 19c Hominy, C. Club No. 21 Cn 2 fr 15c Humko, 4 Lb. crt. 36c; Lb, crt 9c Flour, Guaranteed, 24 Lbs. 57c Rindlrss Sliced I Ik- Gcilo. Each I). S. Falbaeks Pound ^•^^••^•^•^MHPOV 6!c of Joiner remained In second place in tWe Northeast A*- kansas Six-Man Football League following a game VVec^ae^day rijgbt at Joiner when Shawnee defeated Armorer,. 49-7. GrawfordsviUe . -te still in the lead with 1 no* defeats. .Coach Ace Puckett's t-pam played a fine game of offensive footbalV on 1 their* ho"me field, forging to the front; ftv the thif(i quirter after the score- stood 7-7 at the half. , . - . i th* end of t^ie 1 first quarfe^ sno^'- c* 'ruy scoring uhtir in- flic' la^f minutes wften Loorie"y : m*de a' touchdown and Eddings' itfolcetf tfe extra point. , Armorel made a toublkkiwiv ea)rly •ri t~he second quarter" and' kicked the jxSiht to make the gariife 7-7 until the" third quarter whett the' Armorel defense" ^weakefted. ' ; Brownlee, Edding* and Looriey scored in >he third .quarter fcefore Looffey was takeri front the gam* witlV a back- injury.. A : pass frbtft Sddings to osey for & yards was i feature of this ^u'ah-er ahdUn tKe fdurth, Frew ran 31- yards to malice a, touch^o^v A-pass to.Hosey for the final snded the gam'*;-,; • : ; '• -.'V- ShawneeV Hirtup':" ' Hosey, "I'f;' Jones, c; JpVew, -re':' Browrilee'v hb'; Looney,- hb'; :E^d||ng>, M; -SUD^ Brewer; McDaniel', • rJrlv'er, YtUjs. .Ai-morers lineup: &oss> le;. Jaiies,: c;- *, Arderptjn, r . iferrlao Sims, fii> Steele-Codter Society—Personal Mr. and Mrs. . Rayrrioiid Bryan iiid ( daughter, Nancy' Ruth, and Miss ''Evelyn' Web|b; spirit' Tuesday 'n riiemphls. "' ';(• \; Mrs. W. N. Holly and, daughter, Mrs. Hayes Smith, -and daughter, were visitors in Keri'het't Sunday afternoon. _ " ; , ," Miss : ;Let;tie Strong 1 of iilinois' has arrivwl for a vi'sii with'- 'her mother. Mrs. tjiliie Strong, arid ofch'eV rela^- tlves.' '•''.• ' /'.••.'. '"•.',' '-'':. . Lynn Vaughn of lOierhplii's, spirit last week end here' with" his par- en ts, Mr. and Mi;sf. Albert Vaughn. . Jack- Pitts of North fcafoliha 1 aVas arrived for a visit' 'with' His parents,, Mr. and-; Mrs. U. J^.'Pltts, who have just' moved ; here from Sharon, ' who is Bjiendii'if fen diays at Reeves, where; he- hais a large fa'rm, •pent Suftday aftwipori at Gooter, with his cousin, Abnef Asncraf't, arid family', ': R. E. Burriij of Piggbtt,- Ark., is spending .this week in Cbo'ter with his son, B, E. Burris, Jr., and family: Wiss Lois Tipton, vocational home economics teateher at Cootei-, who Has been 'spending tiie vacation with her parents in Horn Lake', liliss.. has returned to her position ikhd is staying- in the' home of Mrs: Tftelma Thdthaso'n. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7;^ 1940 'Circus Of Death 7 To Be Presented Sunday Afternoon Ace LUi'a'rd's 'Circus of Death,'j .consisting of 52 daredevil stunts and running on a two-hour sclied- 'uJei has been booked by the Dud Gason Post fro:- 24* of the American Lejgiori for appearance here Suh- da'y afiefrioo nal the Mississippi County fairgrounds. ...the circus conies here direct" from Kehhett, Mo.,, wKeYe" it recently performed before 15,000 people, the largest crowl t'6 life assembled tnere for a performance since the old fiaiir days. Fbilowifig their performance, the Kenri'et'fr Legion contracted' with them foi* another appefaance next year, it; is- said'. Highlights of the . pe'rformancr will be a buYning roll over, 6,000 po'und bricic wall crash', burning Serial crash',- burning ho'use crash aiid many others. A. safety talk based on sslf-pr'otection will also be, made and some of the Wade secrets of stunt driving unveiYed. Drivers in't^'is show wear safety belts" and ^helmeis as .their only protection .and it is"- .the prediction of Wr. LillUrd'^ that in, less th'atf five years, a fedieral ia^r will' require aiia'uipmobne manufacturers to have safetiy'.b'efrs on their automobiles before they are placed on" .the market. • ...Back in : the Sunday afternoon ' fine-up will be -Buddy Lillard brother of the'- owner arid proprietor. The former was- injured in his ' brick wall crash in 1 Kennett, .but- will be able to continue" in the show. Besides the Lillar'd brothers who drive. Babe Lil'lard, wife of the owner, is featured. She is one of the few women stunt drivers fchV business. LIBERTY CASH GROCERS PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Standard Ho. 2 Can Jack Spralt or Luzianne 1 Ib. Can 22c Chase & Sdnborn Ib. 5k -mmmmm 19c RONCO SPAGHETTI, 5 MILK DIME BRAND DATE NUT BREAD < aft 11 10 Ib. I* 9 1 2 ruit Juice CATSUP WESSON OIL CHILI Ubb CORNED BEEF " l ",\; 1 Frazier's Ac Lge. Bottle 31 Pt. 10 in Lumber for 150 'five houses .caii be' furnished' by one giant Sequoia tree. . CHAFED SKIN WHITE Pt-tHQ^g'lfM JELlJ A- large number of but of town friends; and relatives were here yesterday a ftef noon for the' funeral of Mrs. Mattle A'shef.- • Msf .Wfllfe Miohie'.arid daugriler, Mrs. Westat Riddick : spent yesterday' afternoo niiT Gar'uth'ersville with friends: ...... Miss, Joy Cqrbin of Steele, who has beii employed in - Houst'oil, Tex.-, has returned and accepted a position at Canjthersviiie. Earl Robmsort of Morrilton, Ark.. More Comfort Wearing -|; I^LSE- TEETH >Jlere is a pleasant way to over- c^ae loose plate discomfort. PAS- TBETp, an improved powder. sj»ii}kleci[ on uppei- aiid lower plates' l:<Sids them firmer so. that" they £e$ Iinore . comfortable; No guinmy,- go^ey' • pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline (non-acid). Does not sour. ; Checks", "plate odor" t'dentur'e breJitM. Get FASTEETH today at ariy drug .store. Adv. 7 IAPPY REUEF : ROM PAINFUL ,. if .• ptna ple bferae- on: coW« or straitis' arc " . ea^ fn th« v rTgW wkyl- " -'*y <jf taking r-- . ;6ut of tho blood. Twfr help mo«t pwphiwsi about; 3 pints * day. . . - .;•' • ." . _ . • If the 15 milwV^ 'H.^ ne 3f •Duties' and fikcra (ion f work well, poisonous was'tc matter stays m lot! wood-. .These potapna may start Bagging backacbca, rHcumatic n»ias, ]pes of pop nml pncrgj', xettrpg up riigh'ts,- awelline. puffi'n«>5 tnwer the c.^-w; h«3'dacrica intt diiiibcss. Frequent. or scanty psiasAgcs with smarting and burning sometimes shows th«!fc is a"ori\cUiini: «Tong wth your- kidneys or bladder. . Don-'t wait! Ask our dtujist for Doa'n's idney, luw'. ush o«t poi from your blood. Get Doaa'a Tills. WE APOLOGIZE THrou^h a,n. eri*or in the! mMing; room of the Fox Stu-j dios ;iveI'failed to receiye the, news reel showing Blythe- viije's^^ recent Cotton Picking Contest. .This news reel was to. have been shown here yes- te?da t y and today. -Everts will be made to ob- tain'this particular film''for ar|utuf^ date at this theater arid we are extremely sorry thai..-,.this error by the Fox Studio's disappointed patrona" at yesterday's shows. RITZ THEATER •Dr.- SaUba'$ fliinic EYEv EIAR, NOSE artd THROAT 125 E: Kentucky Ave., Corner FVartkHn A Kentucky GLASSES FITTED J. A. SalihU, M.D., M.E.. Ph.G. 'Office Phone AI8, Kcs. TURNIPS 101 If «^"^^MMMMI^^ Corn Standard No. 2 Can f^^^^^mmmmmmm^ 6c Cabbage - lie GRAPEFRUIT WHITE SQUASH Pink Ea. Ib. 21 5 4 Crackers 125c|Com FLAKES Ernst, Bx. Angel Food or 3 Layers, Ea: j a '|fl LJSBY'S KRAUT CALUMET 9 No. 2 Can >KK |P b. Can 13 CJRANBERRY SAUCE Ocean SDray, 17 oz. can....... CRCSCO 31 1 ;,,, i 46 GRAPE JUICE STOKELY ta QUAKER OATS PORK & BEANS Freedom itflj< Quart fcV Med. BOx S T 6. 3 Can 16 8 5 Hunter IFialf or Whole Tenderizfed, Ib. Fancy Sliced Rind On Ib. K.C.Beef ROAST thick Rib or Chuck, Ib. Center Sliced Ib. Cnops 6r Roast, ft. STEAKS Round or Loin, Ib. 25c HECRWlIp ... Lb. 5c CftOfXIEOASf' Lb. ml Hfi TAILS LbvlOc Lb.25c BRlStEf IWAST Lb. 12k ,. , Lb.25c SELECT OYSTERS Pt, 35e FRESH RED SNAPPER Lb. 25c CATFISH STEAKS Lb, 29c JACK SALMON Lb. lOc STANDARD OYSTERS Pt. 25c TENDERLOIN TROUT Lb. 29c JUMBO SHRfMP Lb.2Sc SPANISH MACKEREL Lb. 19c PAYNEXlFALL We arc again ready to sefl you anything we have on these extraordinary••" fall terms. Farniturey Stdvesy Rugs, Ranges, Philco Rad- iosy General Electric Refrigerators or Anything in oiir Large Stock. Hall Down — Balance Next Fall October 1,1941 This applies to bills amounting to $40 or more Yowf Gre*t Is Good -~ No Red Tape HUBBARD FURNITURE CO Full Dressed Ib. Extra Select PI. FiilJ Dressed Ib. FRYERS OYSTERS KENS HOOP CHEESE , SAUSAGE Comitry S* PIG LIVER 35 35 25 20 Ib. 10 OLEO I VKR SNOOTS. »b. CLEANSER L *t^ MTTEOMEAT c . LIBBY'S PEARS *«# IDEAL DOG FOOD Pride of Memphis qt Cans Fruit Cake Ingredients GLACIER ITOEArrLE"'.."...:..ft: 37c GLACIER CHERRIES"'. . - - ">. ^7c LEMON .PKEI .". .ll)."2;)c ORANGE PEEl Ib. ^>c CITUON .., .Ib, 2<k 24 !b. Sack 24 Ife.

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