The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 4
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—--- BLmeVILUS '(ARK.): COUftlfift APRIL aO, CHEF CHIOZZA FRIES GIANTS - - By Krenfc "" Also G u a v cl A g a i n s I Q Duelling When ting Ssys Nelson J ul- •BY 11YUON \Vintifr of > 11)37 Augusta Masters Tournament After I had been caddying nlwul a year and n .halt, Ted LoiiBworth. professional of tlic Glen Gardei: Country Club of ml Worth, took a liking lo me. Ik- gavs me a job helping him around (In; .shop. 1 worked for him throughout the slimmer of 1023, shining clubs ami doing all sorts of odd Jobs II was tougli. There were about 300 members al. the elub ami o:isb would come out and piny on Saturdays nnd;. I'd have lo clean SCO rcls of clubs on Siilnrdiiy nicliL aiid then clean them nil over again on Sunday .night because l/niis- worih wouldn'1 let me leave them fiom one <hy (o tlie next. But I liked tile Job because it a chance lo undlce. I would tang the ball around ovary <iay and play about three morn- Ing-: n wesi l got pretty cowl, loo. especially With llic short sr.ols, because I d l oiilsidc Hit! pro's shop and chip it ball across Hie load and then run over am! cliip it back So when tbc cuddies' louinu- mcnt came nroimd Ibe followin 1 ,' December I won It.. I shot a 70. but I iLtllv B.isn't, that good. I was very lucky. And, of course, il was a. real short course wilh an easy 71 r hint one-null greens tint 'tij • ; iVIasttir llur Circcus 1'lrsl Tiiat'5 KOinctliini!, incidentally, lor a beginner nr n 100-shooler lo remember, llnjlcr the greens Iirst. Pulling is thc most important department of (lie game. You '.'(in recover from n bad drive or bad Ions iron. but. nolhint; can 'bring b.ick i lost slioke on' the greens, and around them. Tlie first tiling I do when a pu- liil coni"s lo mo Is'lo tnke him over on Ihe putting green. Then we move buck from there. The lee comer, last. Learn Hint pulling first. ; Then, maybe, jou can shoot a 79 and still u:> "missing your drives like I w,is thai tiny ivhen l won llic caddies' tournament. Tlie first Ihinj; about putting is lo be rehxe 1 Don't crouch over the ball loo mi!cli, Spvr-rnl yrarc nflei- I started pluylnj slen-.iilv 1 started lo crouch "nil the boys began falling me "Thrc?-Piitr Nelson beraiisc I had tlirco pulls on 12 greens oul of :IG in Hi: national Amateur. So don't croiidi. stand witli .vour weight chilly distributed on uolh fe"t and stand fairly creel. Feel comfortable. In gripping the dull keep your thumbs, perpendicular lo the club shaft so Hint your wrists have n fri" an I easy pendulum motion. And witch your shoulders in ut- lins. Don't move lliein ton much —jmt n lillle bit. Too many beginners puot their shoulders ami tliey lose accuracy. If you are troubled by overpul- ting llic ball, shorlcu up your back- swing. And don't forget lo follow •through on your putt. Don't rhop at Ihe bill—sort of push it. nlong and let your clubhcad follow be- Wnrt it as [hough you were nc- 1 tnaPy tfyinz lo put tlic club into the,hole with thc ball. J.-ikf3 Farrell Grip As for grip I've always used thc Johnny FarrDll grip because Johnny won the National Open thc year I, started caddying. He was the talk of the country then and became my idol. Fiirrell puts both thumbs on the shaft artl lets the little finger of. the right hand ovcfian the third finsscr o[ thc Icll. MinMn? ilir fourth finger fo lay'lightly across the fingers of the right hand. I find this a most effective grip for accuracy anrl sle-Hirayj, but others are just as good. Just its important as pjittin^ is you: work around th? srei-ns— run-«p s^ois and chip:; and sxplo- Eions from traps. On y.nur chips IV;': an open F.limce.'.ts insure re- Inxation -On run-ups kc:r> your Uad« slightly closed, hit tho hall en" Ihc right foot mid keep your l:;ir,rlr, ahead of Ite clu'ohead. 5'layins; out o[ n trap yati should fir-t 0"! yocrselt firmly in the Jirj u-.n-' tlio open stance sc tlial you 'can cut the tall.and set it inlo the air. The most common fault oi many amateurs Is that they take too inuih san:l, anri not eriMij'n ball. This is mainly V^c-m ; they fail to folio through completely. i>E.\T: Byron McUon will lei you how to step hooking, nnd the- imporliiicc of keeping tool in llic heal of battle. ito-M X* CHIOZZA CONDUCTS SvtZESWI. ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN MEMPHIS ANO IS SE FOR rtle n,??i YOFIK &itwrs... TI/K o.vty POSITION, fl\r in- WTti Tlte PHH.LIE& o/vty GIAHT. mo HIS Boys And Girls Soft Ball Teams To Play Twice Weekly Soft ball will definitely be re- dales will be arranged so as not Burned In Blytlievllle regardless' of Hie presence of ii professional organized baseball team Hits season (or Ihc first lime In some 12 years, ll has been decided by sponsors of boys' nd girls' soft ball teams. Soft ball win conlinue, however, In a somewhat abbreviated form wltli focal merchants who arc sponsoring tlie teams emphatic in their statement that (hey do not wish to conflict In any way wllh Blyllic- vllle's Norlhcast Arkansas league ball learn and lhat liielr playing of a conflicting dale the Jackson club lias with the Osccola Indians at Jackson, It is likely that the Glniits will play Union city, Tcnn., In an exhibition game here Sunday Instead. Junior High's Track Squad In A four-man junior high school track and Held learn, accompanied by Coach J. A. "Ace'' Piickelt, wenl lo Paragould lodny for thc district Irack nnd field meets. Preliminaries \l;ro to be held this morning and finals lliis ait- crnoon. Members of Ihe Blytlicvilla squad are: Norman Mosley. Junior Hudson, Mayfield Lloyd and Fred Boyettc. Al Sinn nous Is Due For Big Year With Washington Club I1V CUIOKCii; K1UKSKY Unilnl TrtEs' Xt:iff CmTcsncnidciit NEW YORK, (ill')—Al Simmons got the shock of his Hie on Sunday, April 4. lie was sold by Detroit to Wnsli- iiirjlon. but that wasn't Ihc shock. Tlie Tigers sold him for ?10,UOO, just $2,500 morc'lhan llic waiver price. Simmons, llic grout slur of Connie ,/viack's peniinnt winners of tf)23-JO-31, sold at ;( b;lrgalh- coualcr iirii'o. Siminon.s, ;\-lu> full- ed lo but JOO only once in ills lit 1 llic While Sox spring training trip at I'asudeim he hnd his rooui cluniRCd hcciiusc he said, one thing and unolhcr bothered liim. 'First It was the milkman. Ihen the ele- Viilors. llieii tlie people next door, lie hnd an excuse for everything. . He also got n hunch about Ills bill. Kvcry iimc he sot In n slump, he'd saw his bat- an :i quai'lcr of an inch. Al was the victim qf his own imagination. • . -• fjiril yenr will) Detroit Simmons sold [or less money Ulan a fnir- lo-middlin' rookie " brings. Simmons, who booast.s a 13-year bat-, 5 ,, 1sn ., ling average ot .3-15, highest oil"" tiny Ainerienn Lciiyue player, ul- mosl given awuy. That price lag mndc Simmons, who had been .sold by Ihe While Sox to Ihc Tigers foV 515,000 in 111 cwinlcr of 11135, pull up short, llic grrat Simmons couldn't be through. He'd show 'em. ' There are three persons' wlio know Hint Simmons can go al lop speed through a rough and tumble IXMinanl race: Simmons, Ducky Harris and rjhirk Griffith, "I'll show "cm," snarls Al. "I think so much o! Al thai I'm giving him the clean up spot," says Harris. "I'm betting he'll have the best year silico he left the Athletics," says Griffith,' tlie Old Fox who's seldom wrong on u player. Simmons, bought by his pal, Mickey Cochrane, after the Tigers liad won Ihc world's title, was never welcome with Detroit. Tlic other players resented his presence 0:1 Ihe club. Cochranc bad to disiwse of him to restore harmony With the White Sox Simmons (rctle-J, worried nnd brooded himself inlo his worst year in the blj show in 1035 whc'n he lilt only Ml— a cirap of Ti points from balling average oi i!ie proviouc ;:ea;,oiL Al allowed everything to bothe;- him. Pour times during driving In..'112 rum. lie wiis : bat- tlng .aiO in July but burned lip llic league Hie last half ot the Today's Games Southern league Memphis al Atlanta. • ' Hashvilte ab Birmingham, I.iltlc nock at Chattanooga. Knoxville nl New Orleans. Xationnl LMSIIO 1'rooklMi al New York. Cincinnati at SI. Louis. Chicago: at Pittsburgh. Bo:ton atvPhiladclphia. American Lcas\ic lit. louts at Chicago. Delroil at Cleveland. Philadelphia at' Boston New lYo^rk at Washington. Promote Hair Growth It's odd,.tlml Simmons went to Vashington for his last stand. As visiting player in v/astiingloii he as thc most haled of Ihe Imled. 'ho Washington fans look a spc- lal dislike to him nnd rode; him urd. Once Fred Marbcrry, Wasli- iglon pitcher, got in an argument vlth Al nnd dared him to come ill (o the mound and slort .some- hiug. • Al jusl hmghwl antl hit a .cubic lo right-ccnlcr. "I'll make those Washington fans vbo used lo call me 'sorehead' like uc before Ihe season's out," says iimmons. "If they can hate yon, hey can like yon, too." Baseball Standings Southern l,ragnc Ulllc Rock a 2 .8111 Memphis ... 1) 4 .007 Nashville B 5 ,5<I5 ChuKanoogii 5 5 .500 Allanta 5 C .-155 New Orleans 5 7 .'117 Birmingham 4 8 .333 Knoxville 3 8 .273 lo conflict with the Giants' home games. The Commercial league, the boys' loop, will have only half as many teams this year as it has boasted In the past. Only four clubs are now In the loop and the number will be held to four. Officials of the boys' and girls' leagues announced todny that soft ball will only be played two nighls a week instead of three nighU week us of last year nnd that boys and girls gnmcs will be staged on (he same night's. Their plans call for two teams of thc four-team girls circuit lo play tlie opening game (five Innings) each night, to be follower by a game between boys team: (seven innings). These, games wll probably be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Each learn in each league will play om game a week. Present plans call for Ihe open ing game lo be playcil Tuesday night. May 11, al Haley Field, the rish school park, where games will be staged. Sponsors who have withdrawn from thc Commercial league arc Pastime Billiard parlor, R. D. Hughes and company, East Arkan-' sas Builders Supply, and McMul- iin's Grocery. Sponsors who will, bnck teams In the circuit Ihis season nrc: Tom Liltle Chevrolet company. philliiB Molor company, Arkansas-Missouri Power company and Joe Applcbaum. Players ' of (he learns dropping out of Ihe ague have been declared free icnls find may be signed, by, any of the clubs remaining 'in thc league. Four very evenly matched teams appear in prospect and. a close race is anticipated. . ' The same sponsors who backed clubs in the girls league last year will remain In the circuit this year. They are: Dlythevillc sleain'Laun- Introducing - Bobo's Giants BENJAMIN A. LINGLE, right- liand pitcher. Seventeen years of a?o, born September 30, 1919, at Charlotl*. N. C., his present home, His dad, B. A. Llngle sr., owns and operates a clothing store. Lacks one year finishing central High school Plans to complete next year, in his sophomore year played football t a tackle. Also plays ccnlcr in ba'J ketball, and, of course, baseball;] Was a pitcher and outfielder for! tlic Charlotte American Legion] team. He was beaicn, 4-3, by Spar- Unburg, and they went on to i lure highest honors, ScorTtcd and] recommended to Bill Terry by Van! Llngle Muneo's father. Was one] of thc four youngsters to go lol Gulfport with Jersey city, also al Giant farm. Is n big boy, extend-.! ing S feet 2 Indies in the air, anuvl pulls Hie scales to 197 pounds. Ilasi plenty of smo'ke behind thai fast'i| ball. Is the only child. Gov. Bailey Will Attend First Game Governor Carl E. Bailey of Arkansas has accepted nil mvilallon lo take part in the . opening day ceremonies of the Northeast Arkansas league here Tlntrsday.'Mnv 0. when lyio Blythevillc Giants-will meet thc Osccola Indians. Governor Bailey 'has notified Clarence n. Wilson of this jcjlty, member of Ihc stnte police commission, lhat barring unforesceen complications, he will allcnd the opening game here. Invitations have also been .extended lo Floyd Sharp, state WPA admlnlslmtor, and Capt. Limerick, stale WPA engineer. Joe Bcrtijf of pa'rngould, president of thc Northeast Arkansas league, and Kenneth Riddle of Jonesboro, secretary, will also attend the opening game here, they have not tried officials of the Bly- tiicvillc club. A concerted effort is lo be made lo win thc opening day trophy for the largest attendance bcin^r offered by thc tJons club of Blythe- villc. Thc Irophy is now on display at Roland's Bootery, here. An exhibition game with thc Jackson, Tcnn., club of the Kitty loop has been called off because National IV. L. I'd. St. Louis 5 Philadelphia -i New York <l Brooklyn 3 Boston 2 Cincinnati 1 Chicago l American New York . Detroit Philadelphia Cleveland .. Boston Chicago' St. Louis .. Washington League W. -1 3 3 3. 3' 2 1 .033 .800 .CGT .IMC .500 .280 .2on .167 I'd. .800 .150 .COO .000 .500 .333 .107 Yesterday's Results Southern League Memphis 13, Atlanta 3. Little Rock 2. Chattanooga 0. Birmingham 5, Nashville 1. New Orleans 10, Knoxviltc 3. National League Brooklyn 3, New York 2. Cincinnati 10, Chicago 3. Philadelphia 1, Boston •!. Pittsburgh at St. Louis, rain. American League New York C, Washington 1. Cleveland 7, Chicago 2. Detroit 11. SI, Louis 5. Philadelphia al Boston, rain. Viti, on I ruursc nrw ni Mnny lucnl people nrr no?: Inking ihcsc treatments frnm us. Thc machine i.timnblrs Ihc sculp, stops tlsmdnift and fnlliiiK hair and promotes growth of new hair on b.ild he;u!s. Let us explain it lo you. "CORRECT! A PERFECTLY BLENDED WHISKEY makes a perfectly blended drink.'" No wonder cocktails made with Calvert arc smooth a:,'. satinl ForCalvcrt is blended perfectly—to bltnd perfectly! Thai's \vliy you can count on. CaU'crt , . . for cockteils . silky and satisfying . . . tor highballs marvclously mellow ... for sheer pcdcciion in alt mixed drinks.'It's good judgment to call for Calvcrll CLEAR HEADS CALL FOR W-H1SKJES [ffa^H'^^ Hfra'i how an 010 FASHIONED U ma j« Ihq *«w wcryrTft tim imgTitompoi lugar, add two daidei rl brtt«fi ard on« ounce ol lade or slain vraMr icxou«Hv lo dillolv« lujot . . . Now d«. vtrt'i "Tltltrv*" «l ColvBri'i "Spetial." DetotaU \vith eul e* plrteapp'* o«d tfftfl ol orange. Comple!* 4h« plclure. wllh o tutclovt maraKhtno cherry. ciry, Nn-Wii Laundry Coca-Coin Bottling 1 Jack Applebanm. Cleaners; company,, and ' ' Track Squad Off For Coiiway, -Will Enter Slate Meet Superintendent of Schools W. D. McCltirkin and Coach Carney. Laslie will accompany members of the Blythevillc high school track squad today to the slate high school track and field meet to be held at Conway Friday and : Saturday. • Members of the. Blythevillc squad making thc trip are Russell Mosley, Starling Bunch; Byron. Walker, Homer Bcslmrse, James Roberts and Jack Jenkins. '". Jenkins will compete in' the •high ami low hurdle events and Roberts In the 410-yard dash. Mosley will probably compete in the 880-yard run. Bunch, Mosley, Walker and Besharse will compete in the 880- yard relay event. A New Shirt FREE if an ARROW ever shrinks! EVER h»d a sliirt 8lirink. : fio that you looked as if|:| ; you'd swapped clothe* with : a midget? Then you'lifjl cheer our. -"Arrow flhirls till-you're hoarse. For A trowel shirts are Sipj/drizierf-Sliniiik— Ijumclcring won't ciTectfil their fit one'bit .:.,. we give'. yon a new shirt if one «l , ever shrinks. Fnrthennore, Arrow shirts - arc Mitoga fj form-fit jnd. topped {with the' smartest looking collar r that - ever:; graced •• »•- man's neck'-, , ,'an Arrow. ••;•'"•'; *ir •" ; ' R. D. HUGHES & COl Get Ready Now for Your Favorite Sport CHOOSE THE BEST EQUIPMENT FROM OUR COMPLETE LINE OK Sporting Goods BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL EQUIPMENT Classy outfits for any team, uniforms, caps, sweat shirts, and shoes. \Vc also have every item-of playing equipment including official league baseballs anil softballs, bats, gloves, etc. In fact anything you need in the baseball or softball line. Tennis Supplies Tennis lovers will nnd our cn^'P- • mrnl most satisfactory . . '.. hljli . Rraile racqucls. balls, nets, 'lentils shoes, anr! oilier supplies.-Come in and look them over. Fishing Tackle Every popular lure m Ihn artiflcwl ball line and complete requirements of. Ihc polp anrt. lire, fisherman. Also My nnd casting rods anil UndiiiR nets. Our prices are on all fibhing facklc. Hubbard Hardware Phone 32

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