The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1946
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 194G BIA'THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Arkansas Retai! Sales Increased State's Independent Stores 30 Per Cent .Over Jan. 1945 Mark W LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 22. <up>_ Independent retail -store .sales ill Arkansas v.-ere 30 per coin higher in January, 1940. tluin iti Jamiarv, 1945, it \vjs revealed today by the Department of Cummt-ive. Bureau of Ihe census. At (lie sanic time, J. C. Capti director ,.n the census, Bad Luck Stalks Local Joycees But They Stage Dance Anyway AM ^ie Jaycces wanted to do ] arrived, the five men would do was bring Alj 61<clie$tra to Blyllie- i their best. Those present might jJeople could dane*. But have their money refunded or wait pointed oat tliut tlit> had dropped 15 ceinber lo Jam ftuTeases in of sales «'ent from De- tor January, 194U, over January, 19-15. were recorded (or most of tlie kinds of business in ihe .stale. "Noteworthy 1 advances," .said, "were registered for furniture stores with 5G per cent, lumber- buildini; materials dealers with 49 per cent, motor vehicle dealers with -16 per cent, and drug stores which showed a as per cent gain." Eating and drinking establishments, wilh 11 concerns reporting in Arkansas, showed a healthy IS per cent increase over tlie same period last yen 1 , while general .stores, drug stores, jr-wclrv stores and filliiiK stations also showed substantial gains. Little Rock, with 22 firms reporting, showed a four per cent gain in January of this year as compared to the same month last year. Fort Smith reported the greatest gain 30 per cent in January over the same period a year ago, but showed a minus 41 from January ns compared lo last December. jff Taking the stale as n whole, the "census showed 230 independent retail stores reporting 17 per cent gain for January, 194G, as compared to January. 19-15. It showed 37 per cent minus for stores reporting their January, 1946 sales as compared to those of December, IMS. Dollar sales reported amounted to 83,847,599, according to the census director. villc .s "Mr. Rad Uick" Is t> greedy f*l- low and he seemed delettntned th^l no one should 'dance bVit he—with glee at the sight of poor jaycees *lip allilost had to start refunding money a second time iasl night to unhappy people. But the junior Ch»nib«r of Commerce Jiist stuck out Its tongue at bad luck. »h<i cam^ twic'k lighting, when Anson. Weeks Band was unable to play h^re t»x> weeks ago because of U" American Federation of Musicians regulation, they engaged the Colie; Stoltz Qrehes,lr». More thai! 300 people, gathered at the- Armory to he»r Ihe band and dance, it looked as If. they Were M6 go home withbut either. Af. il rnilt o'clock no band had arrived. The? Cnptl f - -- .•_- jij -•-_--. _-l*v. They waited. 'J'licn slill more delay—there -was no drum, and what orchestra can Play wlliiotil n drtTiu? A few minutes laler however, n cheer went up as Mr. Budbury rolled u drum sel across Ihe floor with Ihe words "Duke fendbury" wriilen on the side. The olher members or the band arHved shortly before 12 o'clock, mid band-leader Sloilz, complete Will greasy hands from his stalled car, led (he orchestra and present:)00 until the home. ed vocrjr numbers people went happily Air, Sudbury. who had declined to play his drums earlier lii the evening, later played "\Voodchop- pers Ball" and olher nuiribers. Tonimie Hnwklns, Mrs. O. N. Hawkins took. Ihe Read Courier News Want Ads. few jnembers did com*, wilh very little equipment. The others, and most of. the equipment, were , stalled severnt miles away when (Microphone, when their car broke down. Polly Freeman Taking the Job as hiaster.of cere- vocalist, monies, Jaycee .J. T. Sudbury said that until Mr. Sloltz «nd his band Mrs. Young To Methodist WoWert Mrs., Henfy Vqymfc was .hostess yesterday afternoon to members of Ihe Woman's ijdcifcty of chrlsTlari Service of Yarbro Methodist Church 1 . Mrs.. George BU.hcH presented true Brpgr'a'm on "ftrortd Order ahd Peace" and Mrs. Roy Koon'e* s'pokfe on "Trade aiitt Peice. 1 ' Mts. Yoiing'k subject was 'Trei gpeech." During (he business sefesldh. It was atthouil'ced lii'at ivtfs. Albert Hqlllngs*-orlh, district secretary bf children's work, "would be the delegate l b thfi iihhUftl WSCS Conference March 26 thrdugh March 28 at Harrisoh, Af'k. Plans were made for the ship supper, to be next Wednesday "ight al the church. The group was dismissed with Prayer by the Rev. Riy MtLester, pastor. billing ihe social hour,- refreshments weri served by the.-hostess. Red Cross Drive Behind Schedule State Has But Half Of Over-All Quota; , Two Chapters Over UTTLE ROCK, Ark., Mar. 22 <U.l'.)— With the annual American Red Cross drive for funds two- thirds completed, only two chapters In Arkansas hav6 reached their goals, while the stale us a' whole has attained only 50 per cent of Its over-all quota, accord; ing from Cross Louis, The inforiiialion headquarters Midwestern WANTED . . . Two Colored families to make iiharecrop. houses. Gnoti lain!, fjfetid Equipment-. H. C. KNAPPENBERGER BLYTHEVILLfi, The ctiriiilCT reported siir|>asslng Its oal on March u. second lo report wiis the Cross Cotmlv Clinp- Saturday American Legion Hut ORCHESTRA? Admission $1.00 olus tax which ii-nchcd Us quiila on Mnrch '!']»• two Arkansas chapters lire j i\nion B 449 chapters .scullcrcd I ini'ouRiumt llie iialion who ropurl- j ed successful completion ol Uielr .1 fund inislnu drives by March 111. In Ullle liock. home of Ihe 1'Up'si cliaiiler In Arkansas, now- ni'il Kleljbltis,. Jr.. campaign clialr- '»!in, snld the 1'ulaskl Clmpler had attiiined 39 per cent of Us I'.oal — SU4.405-lhl.i taornlim. Tlie 1'iiluskl iliwlii Is t!02.0CO. RnptuislKlnu ihe nlow gull which tl"' drive lias allalned this year, Kictblns iiolnled out lhal Ihe nuniufr of conivltnitor.s (his year weto slithHy moie Ihmi one-liilrd "f tlie number at Ihe sumo period ''i Hie 1U45 drive. On n national scale, ihe half- ny mark or Ihe $100.000,000 cnm- nltin found more than $50,000.000 'Potted in from chapters ranging PAQB THBEB, bnnk, Malno. Harvey D. Cllbson, 'ui'i'u fund clmlVmn)!, reported the progress of Die campaign as "on- coiiiaiilnu" but ho Veinlnded clntp- teis tlint "we must make renev.'ed effort not only to rcneh the minimum objective. IjiVl to exceed n." The drive ends March 31. 0/«t*fs, Gfs To G*t Identical Uhitorrns WAglUNCiTON. Mai'. 2a. (U.P.) —Anhy officers and ClI's weiv told today thin (hey will don Identical streapillned olive drab uniforms utter JUIV' 30,' 1940. ' On (he same dute. the War l)c- pnrtinent said, the Arm}* also will adopt A HOW blue uniform for dress and siwclai occasions. The regular uniform will consist of plain' IroiWrs and buttle Jacket. The Department said Ihe di out catdovu, Alaska, lo Kenne-clslon lo dress officers mid FLOOftS REFINISHED Hew Floors Laid and Finished. Makte Your Old Floors Look New—Modern Snndine Equipment Used. Cnl) 469 for Free Estimate Deal's Paint & Wallpaper Store Poirttj, VVdilpoper, S/at$-O-Wood Awnings " °- "•-* "We CJtim and W» Floor." Phone Mt 104 So. Flnt alike had nothing to do with' charges of u "caste system" but, resulted from ekud-leiicc In com>:it theaters. The' Navy also Is workliiK. about, a strenmllned enlisted men's uniform which will do nway wilh hell Ijollom trouseru and neckerchief. There are no lirc.scnl plans for 1111 Identical unl- fonn for Nnvy officers and^'men, howevei'. • The new Army' uniform was developed frrtm (h e iiritlsh dress, it first was taken up by American Ranger units 'arid, later pptJulftrliSd, by Gen Dwlgh' H^., ^rhifn he commande<C U. 8. troops In Europe t If th« manufacture of the new ' • dress "bltlei" lnt«rfeics with clvil-^ Ian clothing production, the otfv£l drab will be worn both for dutyj imd dress until the shortage eases, 1 -" 1 . the Army said. Head Courier News Want Ads. i Radio Service . "Mr" Angel Refrigerator Service Fred L»»lfr Washer, Ironcr and Gas Engine Service I'lilUp frrl Vaciuun Clcaneis, Pans, trons and Sniall Appliances He- pal red, Baby Slradler — Jumper £ Swings ;J, I'reslo 4 Quart Cookers | I'remiuhi Vacuum Cleaners ij; Phnn<)jfra!)h Records and ;»! Accessories • •••!«!•• Kuna—iitUc, wlndpw, p«d- >: es<al, uM iible'iy|*s.; -ft. Adams Appliance Cd.> Int f .1. W. Adatm. 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