The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1944
Page 6
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: , •*« taxpayer. , . Ihti-rioncVJn ' piU paper <« Umei a SWVWr'S ; -H:'^:'C---;v^' '' v ; '' ! ' INITIATED .ACT NO. PETITION " LE.'..*v STATE AN ACT-TO CREATE A SVSTEM OF HOSPITALS <m. THE -STATE OF AR. KANSAS^TO'-FURNISH. GENERAL :-HOSPtTALIAT10N; TO -THE -CITL - ZENS OF>THE'$TATE BY'THE^ES. TABLISHMENT-OF FIVE'GENERAL HOSPITALS, ^ EACH i AT A COST rOF NOT''? LESS-: THAN 5500,000 .: NOR MORE ' THAN ^«,500,f»Q/'ANOSEV. ENTY COUNTY CLINICS AND EMER; GENCY HOSPITALS; TO BE GOVERN. EO BY 'A'COMMISSION OF THREE MEMBERSTAT A'SALARY OF $5.000 PER ANNUM. AND'OTHER OFFICERS, SAID 'HOSPITAL SYSTEM TO BE SUPPORTED BY A TAX ON NATUR. AL>' RESOURCES INCLUDING /TIM- SER.'^OIL",^ GAS, ,:i COAL," SAND' GRAVEL, BUILDING STONE, POTTERY" ! -CLAY,- BAUXITE' AND ALL OTHERS ORE AND" UPON EECTR1. .CITY> MANUFACTURED IN ' THIS STATED THE' COSr'OF HOSfWTAL SERVICE TO BE PAID OUT OF PROCEEDS OF SAID-TAXES AS FAR AS'AVAILABLE; -THE BALANCE'OF SUCH COST-TO BE PAID BY THE PATIENTS EXCEPT CHARITY CASES WHICHVSHALL BE 1 FREE OF COSTl AND APPROPRIATING $5,000.000 FOR THETYEAR^ENDING FEBRUARY IS. |«, ANp_55,000,OpO FOR THE YEAR ACT, SHALL' IBE IN 'ADDITION TO 'ALL OTHER -LICENSES AND TAXES LEVIED BY LAW, AS A CONDITION PRECEDENT. TO ENGAGING LM ANY'BUSINESS OR DOING ANY ACT TAXABLE: HEREUNDER. AN^'be entitled an Acl to CreaU a System of" Hospitals In Ih* Slate of Arkansas and to provfde Puni^i by Taxation (or the Building ol Such Hospitals ^elr Equipment FurnHh Irig , Maintenance and Operation, and for ott}tf Expenses, and to rnafce Appropriations therefor L Be ,IT .ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE'STATE OF ARKANSAS T,itl6,;l f -.Creation, of, tha .Arkansa* Hospital Syitern Scclion 1 DEFINITIONS (&) The Short UUe ol thLs measure shall. be 'the itallingsworth Hospital Act." (b) The Commissioners „• herein provided lor shall be. designated ps the .Com mission'.", (e) The System .c! Hospitals NTTCREST. FOR BIDDEN. No member ,tor,^ thl£C«4*r4l ,V Pirtcli a* in $ A fcc nl or' the"* Secretry-Treasurir • of" "(He Commission,'- or employees ~ot Ihc Hospital System/- shall be personally . (In- ancSally InterC-stcd' In any firm or corrxirallpn . .filial! supply -ihe Hospital System \vith goods pr services of! any tyti& nor shall iiicy ^crlye pecuniary gain ihroufih any ' Hop niary ga . \\ith r . Hospital System or by . r reason or their.. official relationship, or e'hiploynieflt. Violation ol ,lhc provi- sEqria of .Ihli Section ihall b« cause (or removal, , . ; . Seelton 7, COMMISSION TO HAVE PLENARY POWER,; Tlie Commission U ( hereby vested with plenary control bt- the "property and ' affairs of the * ' ' System;* and .'tt '-shall take ' ospa ys . -s a ;such"aclion' as l» necessary to carry out ! the purposes o( i th!s r Act; and 'to thit ehd » Is .vested Iwllh* (ull PQw.or pVid 1 authority to locale, conslract, equip,' furnish, maintain, operate ant! insure and protect from fire ' and 'oil)- £r ha?at r ris* 1 aH building's ,'and 'property of ; the 'Si'stcm; end shnll beautify the Erpunds, and by contract or otherwise* djo | oll'acts deemeil ^necessary for the pertnancnt development and : bperatlors of' the' Arkansas Hospital 'Systcrn, ' " *. 8. AlGIlf 'to '.EXB comfort to patients, employees snd visitors. .'Tlic' "operaUnd roorns . thalJ ^'furnished with the latcel and must porarEly, but a complete ^nccpunt .of modern the five onerc '(51 fjiment. • At tcasl • one —in rooms' In each ol Uic General Hospitals 'shall - 'DC ^ such suspension and th« occasion for ' hy so arr^ngrd as lo pcnnft students 01 tho School of to vlesv . wards including M'9 ' ENDING" FEBRUARY 15. 1347. TAXES IMPOSED 'BY THIS . of ' o pro\ Idci 4 "(or b> Ihis Title shell be re ™ N ,_ (b as ihe Hospital S>s(em Id) For the purpose of determining the "balance of..cost"\ol hospitalUa- ifon to be paid hero under by citizens of. Arkansas" the Commission shall (irsHlnd'the actual cost of such.hoa- pltal service -furnished. In the..<]JWerenl •=lMd r rooms;an^ vnrds. ns .reflected ;by the ' records " and by following sound acounting principles then the Com missfon shqtl apply ES a credit to such actual cost Ihe proper proper lion of revenues avabable (or opera tjng expenses from income rccch ed v,hich uhcn deducted \vill lea\c lh» balance of cosl to furnish such scr vice to be paid b> the patient re- celling hocp'lalizauon (e) Hospital ^civice .frce^ol . cost" shall be - Cur- nished to those. cUizcns Q[ Arkansas who arc, under lh.c' pules and Regulations pt.jthe Commission. ; entitled to recel\e'such scmcc <t) The word * citizen shall mean only llioso per sons \\ho hate aciuall> resided In .Arkansas continually tor B period of SccUon. 2. CREATION OF -THE S\ STEM There Is hereby created for a period of nlnel} n!no jeirs Ihe ''Arkansas Hospital S>s!em* to he go\ Jerned and.administrated by a Commission o( JLhrce ($) "members who shall be citizens cl thts Stai** The mem bers constituting Ihc Commission and their succerrors In office shall be a body corporate wUh all poucrs neces- -sary to'carry into effect Ihe-purposes of this' AcV pp\vprt;6? EMINENT: DOMAIN. Commission. ..upon tho - J -'-*"- rcs6tution* dcclaFlflR the 11^11^1^,, wt spccli'wa' property is'[n Ihe'public l»- tercjst ;nivd"hetess"ary for.'pupUc' use. mny' tx^ctse Uic 'power'; of emincni domain ,by' an' pnronrlate proceeding as ritiw'provided* hy law. "Section '»."' ORGANIZATION AND STAFF. PERSONNEL. Immediately upolv (heir = appotnlnAenf and .qualtfi- cation the . Commission shnll organize tiy 'clcctlnK 'one 'of. their'.number as Chairman, The Commission shnll olso elect a Secretary and n Treasurer lo servo (or two years or until their 'successors arc elected and Cjiiiilirird' buf'thc same person may 1 ; be circled Secretary and Treasurer nnd shall Uyc bond In the sum of $25,000 to the Stale W ArTknnsas l;1 fpr , Ihe faithful performance of his trust nnd, for the lnlo~ his ^hands' 'All . bond, _. ..,_ ComrAlssloners ' and ', other employees shall tie ktnt on fllo In the ofJIco 'o* the' Ailtltlor of State. ' J - ' ' Eec[i6n'"l6. EMPLOYEES OF THE SYSTEM.''-The Commission ihall have (he • p6>vcr and authority - (o engage all persons necessary'(or'carrying out tlie provislQiia'of this Act.'nr|d J to (Ix the compepsatJpn 'of each empJWCO - n>)d for cause.' and/or terminate the period 'of crriployn\tnt. .The corn- pensatlon'of such employees' shall be tn'llne'u'lUi Uie'prevAlHnE rnUs'of pay tions as Ihey , nee ; performed /tcfunlly being present in cuct) opera- ling .rooms. Kvcry General /fospi(a) sli^ll : contain • appropriate ; rcccpllon rooms for patients and visitors and necessary rest rooms and all proper facilities for the comfort of nuroca, Interns, visitors, physfeans and employees. Uach ot the General Hospitals shall contain' an ejcctrq-car^lo "graph machine, a basal metabolic ralo machine, a . thoroughly.. equip^d X-Jlay Lahor.itory, mnjor, minor, Orthopedic and Obstetrical operating looms '.and fully- equipped moiprnlly uding M'9 '^st d«slgr\«d for prcniaturcly honi rlifl- (Ircn, together with the necessary nyni- j'cr of .liaslnettcB, .Kach of .the Gen- oral , Upspltctls shall provide edufra- tlounl facilities for Interns, nurses, dlcticltins , ami technicians; 'there ^hflll be provided pawpr house*, laun- <lrlcs, • central supply robin*?, elorc rooins, .pharmaqlos, , ra<llologlc 'and pathologic laboratories,, 'physical Ihcrnphy nhd occupaUona! thcra- ph'y department, libraries, kitchens and cafeterias and pny -other motTern (.'Cjulpmorjl,'- ^r.ran^cmcnt pr (nclllty dcctncd 'necessary in tliis operation 'ol ,a thoroughly . modern Ilospltal. ; In ^carrying out iHc,' provisions of Ihc construction projjram under I tils ' , . . Section 20." VENEUAL H1SEASE5. It Ihcrc shall ever he enacted a law in IMs- Stale 'rcoUirliig Kcdlea) cxi. initiations of Icidlylduali . ty determine the existence of Vcnera) /diBc'asca* un'd to compel persons with iiich diseases t« fubmlt lo 'treatment, (hen It aHall De Ihc duly of . Ilia Cormnlsslon to . for 'shall bf rplijirtcd at lh« next m'eet- o( the , Commission. . ' ' ' " clthcri wllh oil cr (15) cents per barrel. ; NEWS MONDAY, SEITJBiyiBEJl 25, 1944 . cause, lo be constructed o sultab |o proper- treatment ot tjuJIdlnj;, or ly equipped for Ihe Act, Comtnlssipn shnll' Rive prp- to ; the .use ol matcrJals pro- tor work or scrvl- ' . . , • . The CommUsJon ahaJ) prescribe In reasonable detail the diitjcs of ,chch cinplpyjic^ and - tho' hours ''pi employment' and shrill cause tlie'*Sfime to be posted' by ''placard ^vherc thfc'cmplfaye'e works and ln' : a plrice' plainly' visible to' the" "public I' ' '"." ' ^' ^ •'*' N T o persort sh.all be' employed In any capacity In r thc IlospHnl System who Is [related by" consanguinity or affliiily ,wlthln' the fourth* degrefi to 'hny' ^ember' of 'the Commission or to the fsUiV crinlcndent of any unit ol tho-llos'iiltal ste r - ' '•"• ' ' duccd Rnd man^(aclurcd In the State of rtrkrttisas n»d .preference In, (he USD o( labor where the Eniuc can' be accomplished ,\vltlioyt Increasing Uic cost o(. tjie . hospllpl iiroijram. In Ihe passnRe' of tills Acl the no C lc realise- thai In view' of conditions rbufiht about . by World' War U.' U inay IJG ImfKjsilblc ,(o liec'i t^c '.con- structl'qn herein' provided for imm^d- lately.alter tlio date tills Acl becomes effective, .It' Is hcfcby spccKlcnUy provided, however, Ihnl Iho Commls- ioh , shall , procce^ \yllh the construction ' program as • outlined In this ,Acl when , coqd.itions appear nornial t"*l I seems appropriate Itt do KO.' In the cVonl'that construction Is delayed'for a 'long period of 11 rue, the funds derived from the 'reyCnOcs provlricd hcre- undcr shall "not bo" diverted' from the provisions' mnclc' hcrfiln to other uses. 'Such revenue) n?' collected, shall accumulate In tho Stale' Treasury; to the credit ot' tha Hospital Fund as herein provided . BO^ thai" it shall OQ avallablo for carrying' out tho ! prov|. Gloria'pi thSa''Act, when the Commli- ston"considers 'the time opportune. " Section 18. SCHOOLS Of NUK- S1NC5 AUTHORIKED; - 'INTERN. SHIPS.' :,Thc Cammlsslcn la crripow- ercd to provide Tor'.a standard school of nursing ,ln each' of the five 15) Control* Hospilals," In one o*. the. tivc (5) ".General Hospital, n .school -'of nursing: may dc .established for mein- hcrs of, the negro race. The Commls- (on la empowered also to provide' nnd maintain Inlcrn-shJps" for the ' bcntfU such voncral diseases, not (o exceed In cost Ihc sum' of tu'o-hundrcd fifty thousand ($2$O.OOG) dollars. '•'•••' Section '27 ESTABUS1IES UELA- TIONSMIP 0V PIIYSICANS. Tho Cojn)nt.5sJof) shall have no power - or aulhoHty to fix the fces'of physlcpnj In Ihc practice ol Medicine "in" Arkansas, Mcmhers of the Mcdlcal.profos- Eton who shall .compose Uic Staff ot the various units of the Arkansas'Hos- pital Sysleni shnH.aKrce nol ttf charge ,6r IVo(psslonal services extended to [itillcnts atlmUled for" IrcatifieKl' and Lo whom no'charge Is made 'for the j balance' of cost' of hc-spllallzatlon-'by 'lie Syslcm. ' /' Section 28. FAVORITISM F<m. BIDDEN, njo Commission shall formulate t-ulc, prevent ai member ol rnaklni; any suggestion as to t](e choice of n phyelcan" by" a p^ttbTil. to Hit end lhat 'no discrimination will bo fho\vn In'Ihe selectipn'.of'phy. ''Secllon 23. COUNTY CUN1CS''.& EMi:itC!KNCY HOSPITALS. Alter any * " *-•••-• • rrospitais put 'Into' Ics (Jeslfjned la effeeltvttty . .iny' official, employee 'or mernher of tlio Staff or intern 1 trofn one of Uic fi^c 1 CJcneral Ins hcen" constniulcd' 'and [:_.. „.._ operation the Commission ehull pro- Cecil wilb the construction and equipment of other tmlls" of (tic ; ''Hospital System 16 ho kiiown ns - : County Clm- ics and Emergency Hospitals; Ehpli such Connly flosnllal; wlicn consli^c- ted, snail be cqulp'pcd wllh" ncccss&ry ^dcnllflc apparatus for all Cllhl'eal j \vork used In making medical aiVd I Physical cxaniinoHons and for- doing emergency operations. Tlie' location;! • provlded 4 (Iftecn tho purpose ct this tax/ measurement <?J such pro- duels taxable 1 under 'this paragraph may bo made at or near the mouth bj ihe well, or Ihe place where Uic celd products' taited by this paragraph arc ultimately scpuratetl or removed from the oil or gas, all measurements being made under Kules and HeguJa. tlgns promulgated by Ihft Commission. Section 2b. .TAXES ON GAS, COAL AND CXniER NATUHAI, PnODUCTS; (a) On gas, ,lh;rec-tenlhs (3/10) ; ol one cent per thousand' cubic feet, measured at ten • (10-oz.) ' ounce pressure. ;-..•: In determining the quantity of gas fur tile 'purpose of such tax and; in the calculation of typ amount ot tlje 'tax, there shair'be excluded nil Eas injected Into the earth' In' Ihc' State ol Arkansas, provided that tlie (lospi- lal tax levied by .this Title shall ,«p[)ly pn the ultimate severance of'such fijis nnd Iherc' shalV "also "be excluded all jjas produced :from 'oil wells, Hared or Vented directly into the atmospheie. ' (ij) On sulphur, one (1) dollar per Jong ton of ' two thousand ' tv,-o hundred and forty pounds, whether severed manufaclure'd ps a 'by-product. '\ ' ' . [ri On 'coal> nine (0) cents per ton of Uvo thousand pounds. (d) On "lignite," one , (1)' cent per ton of two thousand pounds, {c) On"' 'all other 'ores, ten (lu) cents per ton of. two thousand pounds. •(t) On marble, -ten.. (10) cents tici 'ton of two lliousan'd pounds, ' U) On r building' stone, five 15) cents per ton ,of Iv/o thousand pounds. (h) On (gravel, one' and one-hoJI (Hi) cents per ton 'o( two thousand pounds. ' " ' " *' " ' (i) On sand, one and one-hall (t",' 3 ) ccnls per toi\ of Uvo thousand pounds. (j) On pottery' clay, one" <1) cent per ton of two thousand pounds. (M On ijaujcile. fitly (50) cents per size, !L PLACE SOLICITING of. Uiosp (or trolnlns ,In : " employed by the Commission "ex. y Iclter nddresscd '(o ;thc' Secre- 3 COMMISSION PtRSON 'NEL The hrst three-^icmbcrs of the Comml slon ^haU be appolnlcd u> the 'Go%ernor with Ihe advice and con 'sent of Ihe Senate nnd Ihey shall ,scne for a period ol seven (7) years except that one ol Ihe first nam^d Commissioners shall serve for a period of [i\e (5) jcars and another shall serxe for a period of six (6) jeats ' V u ac » nUcs ar ' s ' n B on the Commission shall be tilled In accordance wUh Section 5 of Amendment No 33 to the Constitution of Arkansas which li » follows Any vacancy arising In the membership of such board or com mission for ani reason other than , the expiration oi Ihe regular term 1 lor which the member ^as appoJnl E d .t hal1 be flllEl3 by appointment by Ihe,governor subject to approval DJ & majority of the remaining JJiembcK of the board or commission and to be thereafter elfcclhe until the expiration of such regular term t t'v P^ fter to(rcm ^o any member OE lac .Commission shall \cst fn the Governor m accordance \\ith the pro^ , n i°J Scct!on * Q* amendment No 33 '° the ConstituUon of Arkansas uhlch ts as follews The Go\emor ehalJ ha\e the System. Sedfoh .. __ RESTRICTED. No. official of the Stale' or of any •• political' sVib-dlvls'lo'n thereof, or U. S.'qovcVnmcnl offlclbl (or 1 anyone 'ncllhg In tliclr 'boimSI) shall'submit Ihe name of'nrty'person to' be cr * " " ' cept by „, tary of Ihe Commission, oullinlnB the quallffcallons • of'- Iho^'appilcant;- jUcli letters * shall- be : duly signed n by 'ihe writer and be kept on' file by the Commission for three (3) years and-tie available 'to InspocUoh' by" any Infer- estcd citizen or taxpayer. - •' •' V Section-M2. '-'ACCEPTANCE Of GIFTS." The CommlsEton niay accept, on behaU of the Slalc; ! slfls In money, trelsht, lands or other" property:".but such "donatJoc; shall' not' be' accepted as ••*' 'consideration - tn " whole 'or* in part, for Ihc location'of a'hospital'at any particular r plncc.' •Sccffon 13. 'DISPOSITION 0 OF DO^ NATIONS/. Any Ihe-Commission „ ...._ _ fit ol 'the Hospital System'which can- . . , prtvctlco n»d tt-chnlquo "of \ medicine and ' surgery. • . -. - SccttonMO. HULKS AND REGV- LATIONS. Tlio. Commission .Is .mi thprlze^ . anil directed" lo make and promulgate Rules and Regulations (or \.]\c',' administration antl ' enforce- incnt of the provisions oC this Act. Section 20. BOOKS ' TO UK AUDITED. -' All - records and ' form's ot bookkeeping of ; lfie' Arkansaa [lo'splt'al System .shnll bc^de.'ilyncd by thc'Qen- cral"AucJIIor; rind iuch recorVJs shall archttcciure, '. cost|' ctiuiptn'L'nt arrangement and (urjilsliVng ' '' power . remD\c any members of boards or commissions before •Kc"rapltatjon of his term for caus proper!/ donated .(o for Hie use' anB 'bcric- . . inl System "which e'nn- not be uscd'tn the form In which received may be 'converted Info "money by_ the Commtsslon'"QrifJ deposited : dl- rcclly Into thu' Slate Treasury;' 'there lo be credited to the SysfCm Furt<J; and" It- may "be avallnblc'by Ihc Coin. mission (or Ihe' benefit of- the System Treasury. ' ..... * * '• ••'" • '• f '- '-• • vEccUoirH. TEMPORAnV ADMIN- JSTnATIVE QUARTEns. Upon Uic citcctivc orfiantzntibn"bf the Comrnls- sion Ihc Secretary 'of 'State shall (riV medlgtcly provide ''pdcqualc "-quarters for Ihc occupancy of Its' personnel in thp^CapitoV blinding' or' elsewhere 'In the City of Lltllo nock *- n •'*"'•'- : ' i Section " 15", ' M 'POLrcV - TOWARD HOSPITAL'S BEMElnCIARIES. It Is Ihc- avowed purpose *'at '(his Act "fo provide 'and mjikc"tlerinitcly acccsslb'e gencrar-hospitalltatton tor' 1 the " clll- zensWthis' Statg'^ the balance 61 cos(. or free of cost, ,as -defined in Section 1 ot 'this Taic; 'nliio. to" pro- .vide I Medical "and ^Clinical -.cxamtni- 1 " correctly reflect . nil the finandnl (ransa'tfllons of the Syslorii", The Geiidral Auditor shall supervise and compel the keeping" of 'silch records. aijd. 1 ' he. "shall" iiunke !ifi general ^dult pnce'each ycar.'-iXvhlL-lu in a rc^sqiiably "form shqll be filed lh't";e attic^'of t!\C'.' Secretary ' ol S|atc. The Sla\c Comptroller 'jshnll also moke *'a cdinplctc ''audit' pf j the tr'ansnctlons of the" npsptfar'Systcni" every two' years ar\d '.a sii'mmar'y 'of .each amilt shall .be ;runlshed" .to the Governor ' ^nd cobles sha)] bo' ,rn^Je available to tlie membcrs'lbf th6 Gehcral AssemWy. ' ' Seftldn :2l,- nESKARCIl LABORA- .TORY ; AND --ADMlNlIiTIlATlON BUILDING. ".Tlie ", Commission shall lltst caiiso to', bo ofcctud In the City ot U.I11C nock a btiildtng to be used as ^'cadqunrlcrs of die 'Scientific' lie- seaVch DcpnrtmcnL .„ bt the "Hospital System. ' Such ' bultiUnx "shall' olso ' o( such County Units ~as well ns''the control, opernllon" nnd management thereof, shall be matters "solely r to be determined by (he Commtsslon. ' : ' : '* Such County Clinics 'nnd Emergency Itospllals when put Into 'operation, shall be kept open to" the public at oil tiours of Ihc day and night. -The'Conv mission shall provide 'adequate 'ambulance service "to nnd frbrri 5'u'L'H Clinics and to and from the General Hospitals ol'this Stale. •=•••>• , The County Hospitals shall be «•-i tabllshcd first In 'those counllcs of mis , SIMe where, In tha opinion of : tliei Commissioners, the need (or Ihem'[ seems greatest. In .dctcrniinlng the' size and cosl^of each such unit to'be' cstnbllslicd as well as the' pcrsonpi;! ' to bo employed, coulpme'nt to bemused, clo,, (lie Commission sliall 'tafce into consideration Hie ; pQpiilation : 'of p '(nV county to he" served and any other factors deemed pertinent, nnd all decisions of Eho Commission 'In such rtiattera -shall'be filial. " ' "' ''"*' ''Each County Cltnlc and Emcreency UospKal MlabJIshcd aliall tic- a. unit of 'the Arkanas 'HospHnl Syslchi J ai'id shiiil be so mamlalnciU rio\vcver, 'appropriations \vhl(ih ; njay be " oy the scx'eral Quorum Courts ql the State towards Uie maintenance expenses of such County Hospitals shnll be used lo'supnlch^nf the",regular service of such imlts whicli "thay be mil-, • lually 1 Agreed 'lo between -the Coin. '; mission jind" the Couhtv Judge, nol Inconslfitg'iilJy with this Act." . • There shall be .constructed in' every : county ol ' Ihe'-Stale of* Arkansas except Uic «ve •cduiilfcs In 'which -the • Is'nre |ocalcd, : "a'Couri-"i' 'mcrgency • Hospital "as *' long (on,. Section 2c DEFINITIONS. Ccr- lain terms, words and phrases as used in this Title shall have 'the " following I meanings: -The .word 'Vscvcred'.' shall mean flic point at which the natural products are taken from tho earth or /Hie phrase "purchases on the open market"' .shall mean purchases made In .1 tie absence'of any contract or agreement'requiring the buyer to ma^e payment .direct to the owner of suL'li oil, 'gas or other natural resources. ''"-" "' ' ' " Tiic \s r ord "owner" shall mean owner at the time or severance. The lerm "barrel" shall be deemed to be (lie equivalent ,of forty-two gallons, ''•.•''* • • •<••:•••••-• The word "Commission" shall refer lo the Arkansas 'Hospital Commission created by this Act. '. Section' 3. COMMISSION'S DUTY !TO COLLECT: THE TAXES, it is .hereby 'made the diily of the' Commission' lo collect nnd enforce the pay- 'mcnt o( "all Maxes lliat become due under the provisions of Ihts Title and ,t6 pay the,proceeds or Ihc same lo the Slate Treasurer, "by him to he dulv —-•"•-• ' to the Arkansas Hospital E3 DURING TITLE LITIGATION. Whenever the title to any. natuial ,rc- sourccs"contemplatcd by thfs Acl'Is in clJst>u(C', ,o,r'. U'hOrj'ftvcr the pyrchascr qi &uch resources or any person engaged In severing the same from the soil or water, "or, In' the "ac,tubl operallo» ol oil or gas properly, shall be withhold* Ing nayme;its on account ol litigation or for any oilier valid reason, such purchaser is hereby aulhoritcd and required to deduct frdrri the'gross sutn thus he)d> the 'amount o'f Ihe tax herein, levied and to moke remittance thereof to the Commission,' as herein provided. ' Section 11. OWNERS AND SEVEH- ERS JOINTLY LIABLE. The owners of natural resources severed from the soil or water ore hereby made proportionately responsible • for ' the tax herein levied; urid If such tax la nol paid by" the purchaser thereof, or" by the person actually .engaged In sever In E su eh res purees or in opera tin G oil pr^eas properties,' thel) the Commission shall sctid by'registered"mall a notice' (o' the debtor directing him to show cnuse Before said Commission on a date named In'said notice, not less than five' (5) nor more ithan twenty (20) days after Ihc dale ol said notice, why the amount of the tax due shall not be definitely ascertained and fixed. And when, afler hearing the tax debtor, or If the tax debtor docs not appear or does not submit written reasons why !)ie amount of'the tax should not be llxe'd or U Ihe reasons subimttcd shall be deemed by the Commission Insulfi- clcnt, (lien thi* Commission shall puke In any manner 'feasible, .and Cause lo be recorded In ttie mortage records of the county where such natural resources are severed from the soil or water a statement, under oath, showing the proportionate amount ol the tax due lo the Stale of Arkansas by. each of said owners ol the natural resources severed from the soil or u'fllor. Such statement, when filet, 1 (or record, shall operate as a tlrsl lien and i *' ..... from ' Commission v-..» Amount of tax owed, deducted or withheld ;4%•.'"^rfin. P ro * video" shall be punlshed'Sy fine* ol not l&s then fUty tSW) dollars' nor inVrc than live hundred (S500) dollars for each cuch "offense. 1 J3ut Ibe Impossi- lioh of'tl;e said, fine imposed . (n this section shall' not be construed as re- ieaslrig the purchaser or dealer iti natural resource* from.paying to the Commission the amount of tax owed, deducted or withheld'by them. ' Soc-Uon 21. FALSE SWEARING PUinSJIADLE AS PERJURY. Any person who shall Intentionally niake any, false'oath to any'report required by lite pryvir.lons of this Title shall bo deemed guilty of perjury, and'shall b<* subject' to the punlshmchl pres-' crlbed ^for said 'crime. : ' " ' " TITLE III. HOSPITAL TAX ON". ELECTRIC CURRENT Scctlo'.i 1. DEFINITIONS. U) the word ''uiajiufaclurer". &s.,ifscd in .this Title Includes every .Ihdivldual, firm association, "partnership or" •'corporation manufacturing or producing electricity v/Ethln the State; (2j; the word ."electricity" tnca ( ns eleclrlcal energy : or ' ' •" "' ' • ( r current, '2. HOSPITAL TAX ON . ELECTRIC CUHHKNT.- There Is hereby levied., a hospital tax ,o| tour tentits of one 1 mill upon cacti kilo- wail hour ot elcclrlcity rnmiufactured wllhin the State of Arkansds. ' " : Section 3. RECORD OF " .his Act nnd all increases, Interest and penalties thereon shall become and continue irbm the t',rne't 1 -and payable, a debt from the I, I^aycr liable to' pay;,the same. 16 -, recovered by the Commission In " ah In o/i this statue. An action may be brought ot any llmt wlUitn six yc^rs by the Attorney Gen.. crai; at the Instance of the Conin\is-' |>lon; to recover the amount of taxes, penalties and interest due under thli Act. Section fl. JIOSP1TAL TAXES AJIS N ADDITION TO ALL OTHER LEV- 1ES. The HospKal taxes hip posed by (his Act £h,all be fn attdilion to all oilier licenses and taxes' levied by law, as a condition precedent to engaging In any business or doing any act taxable thereunder. ' * ' ' Section 7. REPEALER P1UWI. All Jaws and parts of laws _ . all of the property , the resources were severed! arid on all .other property of the res- jccllye tax debtors/ nnd said properly shall'' be "subject to seizure and sale Tor" the payment of th'e (axes duc. : ' Section 12. COMMISSION TO GIVE NOTICE. , .Whenever the 'Commission sliall cause Uie slalcment provided for In ', ihe preceding" Section to be recorded It shall give notice to the lax debtor by registered Iclter of such re- CQrdatlon, and alter fifteen (15) days thereaf Ic r the Co m m Isslon sh all, b'y petition" as : ln ordinary cases. In'Uie name ol the State of Akansas, In the Circuit Court ol the county in which said lien has been recorded, as abi>vc provided, sue out a rule against such tax debtor to show cause-tn not less than live (5) days nor 'more than ten (10)' days after service bt said petition- and "rule why" ' sufficient amount of property belonging, to the tnx debtor should not be seized and sold to pay' and discharge said lien. Section 13, FURTHER PROCED- UllE. On the day'sel'tor hearlnc the said , credited "Fund. gro during Ihe "first , Eive (5) Act Is tn", force. " coiilalu nmplc .fa ing^br Ihc llo*5pi acilities lor .'the . . pitar System's A .trativc driiclals- and Slnlf and oilier necessary employees. "The Administration huildlns shfi»"cost 'not'" tcsa than .SMiO.pOQ qor .more than §600.000' in- cudlnif 11^0 land (it .necessary . to purchase the .samej nnd 'Uic equipmenl and furnishings.complete." It shnll be of fire-proof construction,.' nlr-coridl- • loncd nntl hunt according to plnns' to be aprirovcd by (lie '"Cainnilsstoh. Tlie 'Research ; Laboratory shall tie iirovt(le,d \vllh the'mosfrr^odcrn sclcn- board or Commission, bu! without ; the.right to vole by the member • 2J}Qvpd pr, b y his,successor, which i a6Hon shall bo filed with the Sec!. nS^L^-' Eta i G .* 0 ^thcr. ; with- a 1 0 'J A " 'appeal may be taken to tlio P,ulasM ^Circuit Court by the Cover. " "'"I. "iv hc mcmbcr .ordered removed. , and the same shall be tried de novo ' f <* c record. An appeal may be , taken from, the Circuit ' court to the . ' " 5 KIcns there- t, ere- for at Ihe .cost; of the' .materials used but tn no "event 'to oybeed : tho' 'stim of one doHar and Wty ' m.50) ccnls f " - * = c . h such 'complete . ci ain Inatluri ; all Information pertaining Ho' such e.t- ammatlonj" shall 'be furnished only to Ihc-physlcans'hnnicd hy baUehls ' The ,f cos to be charged- n plher'V fees for hospital and cllnle '' ific\ apparatus' obtainable fo'r lisc In Ictcrrnlnlhg'- the 'caUiSd .'and \trcatment if diseases. The' 'Commission • shall im ploy'only thoroughly ' qualified and icasonea scientific exjierts to .carry on the- System's" Research , activities. The sum 61 One Hundred Tliou'sand ($100.000) dollars ahnually 2hall L b> spent In rh' activities.' . '* '•" fncilllles of the Research Lab- orhtory shall bw made, available (or *. c ' '- j , - Each ' Commissioner snd pf/Jcer provided for In this Title shall ^ a clllzenof ftls state of Eoid moral character and shall devote hS "I " m c &" re Ume to »e duties ot the ?."'« . N°_ Commissioner shall be a licenced physlcan The Commission Ehal appoint a General Auditor who l Sa r, n6C 3 i C S rllf l c:cI publl ° «™unC° a Genera! Purcha Ing Agent a Secretary Treasurer ol the Commission r-U", , a , larjcs 0| toe members of Uie Cornmlsston and other olficlals named In this Section shall be as follows For each Commissioner « 000 00 per an rum fat ihe General Auditor 5" OW 00 per annum, for the GeneraV IPur chaslng Ag«nt 5 00000 per annum for Ihe SecretarS TrEasuriir per annum IssIon shail *m EUch o, tl >. - t -j-,-1"' -•••.- ComnMsslon ")s ouihorlzed to construct and properly ! all i necessary buildings, for use of Ihc' System.'^'' . . 17. •' CONSTRUCTION Of "VE _GENSRAr, 'UOSPITALS AU THO Rl ZED.' Tlicrc • shall 'be con . 3 }W-5??? { . !° f J-« ^Pfndcd' on each Hospitals as well as lic_ record .of"results ol ex'pcrtmenis -..afle In the Research 'Laboratory of i scientific va(itc'-'shall, be'preserved -ind the same shall Uc made available to members of the, Medical profession at ,-- lhc discretion of Uic Commission ^n^r'r?^ ^ BE A UTIF1CATION OF GROUNDS. The Laboratory 'and Administration building and each Genera! Ffospilal shall be air-condllloned and provided with equipment designed lo facilitate the salety of the employ£ C V\" f lhc " '" pvery Practical way. Such building shall be fully protcc- ted by lnsurance"covcrlnG the usual hazards to which Hospitals- ot thlj ti'po are .exposed. • '•No 'one of' such buildings or All puildlngs constnictcd as a 'unit ot the system shaH be constructed so as to occupy more than twenty (20) per cent ol the grounds, including,nurses' mmies. and all of the grounds nol covered by buildings sKnll be com- «ctcly and suitablj* landscaped and jippVoprfatcly beaiiUtled with shrubbery and properly sodded; : '. such pounds shall be equipped wilh sprinkler systems that will be adequate to supply •sufficient '.water at, all times . D _ r ,^ c . Protection of such shrubbery ADMISSION Or PA' admit antl . Section 23 General Hospital tir 'ClInEc'nhd, EL....^.^ „„„,„„„ aj herein nulhorlzed The aggrceate cost, ol'the seventy (lOJ Coiinty 1 Clln- '. lps r and Emergeoby Hospllals complete • .with E^ounils 'shall not -.exceed ten ' (10) per .cent of the k amount' bt ,'thc ' 'ss revenue oollecled 'hereun'der ' year's this . Section 30. THE COMMISSION TO HAVE '• WIDE .LATITUDE. In the ' nia'nagcmcht ~. and 'control of th'e 116s- • ,p[al Syslem t : (he* Commission shall he : Vested wllh.wlrte lalHude.ln Ihc' exercise of Ua ^Jolnt judgment and discretion, lo the cml that tlie Krealest -• possible benefits may Inure to" the citizenship of Arkansas.. .,,- Sect'ion 31. PURCHASING ACJENT. ! ,t shall be Hie .duty of the 'General Purchasing agent to contract "(or aiul purchase all" supplies (or the Arkansas' ftospitnt System under the Hulcs and: Regulations promulagated by the Coni- i missions, ' Bids for. ail Durchases"tx-! cecding In amount the sum' ol five • hundred (JnOO.OO) dollars shall be advertised In Ihc manner^tor fiTe' lime prescribed by Section ; 7 L of Act No. 503 of (he Acts "of 1323 (Pope's Digest. Section 13JH2). 1 ' '' | Section 32. RESERVE FUND .'FOR COUNTY HOSPITALS/ For a period of .five (5) years from the effective date ol Ihis Act there- shall .be ^cl aside nndl dedicated to a 5 reserve-'fuji'd to be used only in th'e construction ol the County Clinics and "Emergency Hospitals ten {10) per cent-of "Ihc gross annual revenues collccled her£under. ••,-••* - 4ection 33. LIMIT ON POWER OF COMMISSION. The Commission shnll not, by ruling, regulation",or otherwise, deny admission lo a hospital of the System to any citizen ol Arkansas, solely on Ihe grounds 0 [ race, color or religion nor to an "expectant mother becausa tlie paternity of her unborn child may not be known. ' TITLE Ik. HOSPITAL TAX ON I NATURAL. PRODUCTS Section 1. ilOSPITA L TAX IM. POSED. For ,thc year 19« and each subsequent year tax*cs nre hereby lev- led for Iho sole use and benefit ot the Arkansas Hospital' System upon ";all natural resources severed from thi soil or water of ,the Elate ol Arkansas. Including all forms of timber and other forest products; .minerals such as oil, gas. natural gasoline, . distillate, condensatc. caslnKhead Rasoline. sulphur, coal, lignite, and ores ot -all kinds; also marble, stone, gravel, sand and other natural deposits as herein- atler enumerated. ' .' •"•• Such taxes shall be paid by\ the owner, pr proportionately by the owners, of. such products at ttie fnne' of Ihc severance and shall become dua and payable quarterly as herclnaltcr provided. And the taxes' hereby'lev- led shall operate as a [Irst lien on such natural resources which lien Shall follow said 'resources inlo the hands of third "persons whether ' received nna held In good or bad faith, 'Seclfon 4. QUAfiTEH-ANNUAL HE- POUTS-PAYMENT OF THE TAXJ Every person, linn, corporation, or association severing any natural products from' ihe soil or water In ibis "State shall, within ' thirty 130) days alter the expiration of Ihe" next preceding quhrtcr;-annual period expiring, respectively, on the last day of March, "'June, September and December ol each year file' with the Commission, on Ha" prescribed forms; a 'sworn statement br the business conducted by such severer during the last pre- 'ceding 'quarter, showing ; the • kind of such -product's '.and the gross,' quantity of .each severed or" produced, the names of Iho .owners at Ihe time of sevcrcncc. the 'portion owi\ed by each and such' other necessary formation pertalnine thereto Coinnitsston may -"reasonably require tor the proper enforcement ot this Title.''-. .:••.•-.<•Such reports shall nl^o show Ihe location of each natural resource ann trie place or places where produced or severed from the soil or water al tfie time of re port' lo the O rende ring ea ch s uch re- Comnilssion, Also,"'.'each such person, finn or'-cprporritlcn shall payVlo Ihc Commission a lax on "the gross quantity of each' resource so severed, computed at the rale 'applying thereto as'specUied in Section 1 hereof. • - * " - Section S DUTV TO PA* THE TAX. The making of said report? " arid Ihc payment ol said taxes slia- be .by those , actually engaged in • UK .operation of 'severing or •'producing, whether as ( owner ,o( th(* soil, as ctm- tracted "severer, "or from the "sol) ot ano^h'cr.' or"ttie owner ot any such' •natural rcsbijrce or product Irom the soil ol nnolher. -The reporting' tax- 1 payer; shall 'collect or withhold, 'oxll '6f the ' value * of Ibc products' severed,' 'Ihe proportionate parts of the total Hospital 1 tax' due by "the respective owners o! such" natural resources ' *'• '^'Section G. WJ1EN SEVERER. MUSI W T IT1IHPLD' THE : TAX.'* Every ' per. son," firm, corporation or association actually engaged in *scvcrlng""6il,' 5115 or';o t ther naturial resources'^ f f om r th'e soil or water, or actually operating oil or grvs properly.'or' diher'properly from which natural resources arc severed under contracts or agreements requiring paymcnt'dlrcct to the owners of any royally interest, excess royally, or working Interest, eilher In money oc in kind, is hereby authorized and required belore making such payment lo deduct from any dmpunt due, or from anything due the.; full amount of the Hospital lax rule the Court shall proceed, summarily and by preference ovtr I all' other cases, 'to hear the "matter whether or not 'the tax debtor ' has appeared or ansivorcd said rule, rind shall render judgment thereon wilh- In'three 13) days'from the trial thereof, and If the Court renders judgment in tavbr ol.the Slate 'of, Arkansas, the judgment shall fix and , confirm 'the amount .due by the tax debtor and shall cornhiand the' shc'rifi and cx-offic'So tax collector of said county to seize and sell, for the payment .of 'such hospital . (axes, any property whatsoever" belonging to 'Ihe said tax debtor 'which "may he found within the jurisdiction of the said sheriff an d collector. f f the Ju dg- ment Is against the Stale of Arkansas, Ihe Court 'shall order'" said ' lien cancelled. i -- -, . Section 14. SEIZURE AND SALE. The sheriff and collector" of any county, when requested _by "the Commission, is hereby 'Vcquired' 1 to seize and sell the properly, assets and" effects belonging to any'person, firm. corporation or association" owing the lax herein levied on any natural "resource severed from Uie soil or water, after (lie recordatlon ol the statement required tn Scclion .11; and after the npllce'required in Section II lias'been given, all such seizures and sale shall be conducted fn (lie manner and form now required, for th.e sale of similar properly for taxes, and'pemHlcs shall be Imposed and collected as prescribed herein and by pcneral laws. 1 Section 15. PROPERTY INTEREST SUBJECT TO '. SEIZUKE—PRIOR. .ITY. All oil and "gas leases, fnCeres) and. minerals, mineral * rights, royalties, timber contracts and rights ul any kind to the ownership of any natural resources severed from tht *oit or water .are hereby declared to be subject to sizurc' and sale tor the payment of (he fax hprefn in preference to a]) other claims or Hens ~ ' ' J Section 16. PENALTY FOR ' DELINQUENCY. The lax provided l*y this Act shall become c'elfunucnt after tha date fixed for each quarter '—annual report to: be filed. In the "office of the Commission, and from Each Manufacturer .shall.keep a, complete and accurate monthly record of all kilowatt 'hours of 'electricity manufactured -.within the : State ,of Arkansas. Scclion ..4. METERS flEQUUlEU. Each'manufacturer shell install al Us plant ahd 'maliltain at' alV "(lines sucli nieters and apparatus and other equipment as may he necessary for the accurate ascertainment ,cT Ihc number of'kilowatt Hours of elecirlcLly .ma'n'u- tac'lured by' It within -the'.State. 1 ' 11 The, Commission or its agents may at any llfne examine or . cause to be examined such" meters, '•apparatus 'and equipment for the 'purpose' o'f de'lur* mining 'the accuracy' ot their -operations, _, • . • Secllon 5. RETURNS—QUANTITY OF PRODUCTION. . Each manufacturer shall, on _or before'the fifteenth day of each' month," or, at 'such" b'tliei times' as' the Commission and' "the manufacturer may agree upon, .file wilh Ihe Com mission' r( a return, under oath, "*oh proscribed (orrns, 'slaiirig ,lh« 'number of kilowatt hours of 'dJeetri- city produced by such manufacturer In this'State during the preceding-eaten- dar'rhonth (o'f'.other OBreetl. period ,'ol time). The : saldi return, shall also set forth Uie number -'of kilbwult hours consumed during:;such period oy tlie manufacturer. for his or It's own use 'and consumption,'.within 'the state. SectlotT'G. PAYMENT "OF TAX- CREDIT. ' Each manufacturer shall pay to the Commission at the , time of filing .said r,elurns, the lax Imposed by Section 2 herein on .each kilo- wal 'hour ^of electricity pVoduc'cd 'oy such manufacturer in the State .as reported during the period. covered ay Its return as against ,lhc total tax, but there '.shall be allowed as a credit . Jh conflict herewith are hereby repealed. " Scclion B. JUDICIAL CONSTRUCTION— pEVERAHILITY. Should, any title, section, provision or clause *cf this Act be declared void .or uncoil- slilullorial by any court ''of competent jurisdiction, such ruling sh.all not af- (ect.ll>c remainder of Uiis Act which shall continue In full force arid effect after the elimination of such Invalid Pfirt. • '' - • •• • ..... •-•" Section 9. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Act shall become mid remain, effective ahd In full force from nnd after February 15, ' 1915, ' ' ' ; .Filed in office ot Secretary of Stat« on July C, 1D44. Witness my hand and Ecat of offlc* this 10 th day of August, J9«. C. G. HALL , Secretary of State Cost of publication to the taxpayers of_lliis notice iu this paper (4 limes is herein levied, "Section 7, WHEN PUACHASEK MUST REMIT TAXES. >Vhco person, firm, corporation or association , actually cnKaycd In severing oil ' Kacl> ,. , \vhlto and colored patient* from rxv county In Arkansas. Tho Commlssiin" shall prescribe res Rules and Regulations tor the a. smtl. hospttallzatlon and discharge ol "*'n n h tor ,«"''no?P»al. Nolhinj S...H1 be conlataM therein «-Wch will opcrilc to Un3uly .delay the ndmls- slon or discharcc oi patients. In cases of emergency any Commissioner ?Hm 1 £"" s *" < ' nd . ltm "'S? Governing the neccss ^ ' * • p ?'' l;nt u deemed Section 3<. POWER TO LIMIT OR TEND SERVICE. TUs Commission shall have the Dower to limit ' or' to cxlcnrt Ihe scope and character 6t [he Hospital bcrvicc. or U may refuse hos- pltallzation lo any Individual sulter- ns trom. an Incurable disease. Chrotv Ic ,alcohollcs and patients suHcrmg irom mental diseases shall nol be and whether or not tho same be found In a manufactured pr unmanu/achircd stale. ' ' . : . Eccllon 3. RATE OF TAXES AP- PLICADLG. The Hospital taxes on natural resources, as levied by thts Tillc, shall bo predicated on the qunn- • tity severed and shall be paid al ine (olloiving rates: tn) On all kinds of timber such as red gum, hickory, elm. oak, pine and other varieties, sixty <60) cenlj per thousand feet, log scale. (b) On pulp wood, thirty (30) cents per standard cord of one hundred nnd twenty-eight cubic feel (c) On slave bolts, forty («) centi per cord. . td) On crosj ties. Uirca M) ccnls H " d ' P ° SlS ' "" (f) , ot gas or other natural 'resources under . contract or agreement requiring payments direct to any owner of the •proportionate sJiarc "ot such nalaural resource. 'as set out in Iho prccerllrig Sectrpn'. shalt sell oil or gas or oth^r natural resources to any person, firm or corporation or association ot oer- so'ns; ' under "contracts or'' agreements requiring such purchaser to pay all oyvncrs-ol such resources direct, Utcii the . person 'or oresons " actually sever* Ing sucti -.resources or actually operating such., oil or gas properly, may not b6 rco.uh'ed '.to 'deduct the tax herein levied; but in such event the deduction' shall be made by 'the purchaser fccforc 'making 'payments to each owner of such resources, provided, that nothing herein" shall be construed as releasing the seVc'rcr of such producls Irom liability (or the payment of said such lime aa a penally fo^ such "die* linquency the taxpayer sha, T l-be sub- Jecl lo a penalty of two (2> rwr cent per ijionlh and other penalties urovirtcd in the general revenue taxvs of this State. ' No Hospital tax or license shall be levied or Imposed by any county or other local sub-division of the State Section 17. RIGHT TO EXAMINE RECORDS. The Commission .shall pave the power to require any pcrnon engaged in severing natural products to furnish additional information tleemeil necessary for the purpose Ol computing the amount of saitf tax- nnd (or said purpose ft shall have the right to examine the records and tiles of such severer and to examine wit- "25SCE. Section 18. WITNESSES COM-' PELLED TO TESTIFY. If any such witness shall fail or refuse to appear al tho request of the Commission or refuse access to books, records and files within his custody and control the Commission shall certify tJjc facts and the namo ot such witness to the Circuit court having Jurisdiction of l)ie party; and said Court shall thereupon issue a summons (o the recalcitrant party to appear before the 'said Commission or its agent, at a place designated within the jurisdiction of the Court, on a day fixed, to be continued as occasion may require, and give evidence and open (or inscpclion such faoofcs and papers as may be re- -uired tor Ihc purpose ol ascertain- :o be 'deducted by' 1 the 'inanufacturc-r, Ihe amount '_ ot .'the 'tax' Imposed by (his Acl for , such period upon * ,ihc number" of .such' kilowatt hours consumed by ths "satd manufacturer within tho -Slate- ' ' '-'• ••'•"-• ' - ' ' Section 1. HETUBNS BY MUNICIPALITY — CREDIT. A municipal corporation, p.n'gdgccl In the'' manufacture of electricity shall set for'tii In its return the number 'of -kilowatt hours of elcclricily consumed during such period by such municipality and the residents Uicrcot. There shall be allowed 1 as a credit against the" total tax, to be deducted by such municipal corporation, the 'amount "of"the" tax herein imposed upon '.the number of kilowatt hours consumed during such 'period by such municipal corporation and the residents thereof. - Section 8. REVIEWS-VENUE. When a manufacturer falls to file a return as required "liereiri; "or" haying filed an incorrect.return, fails to file a revised or corrected return within twenty clays after the giving ol notice by the Commission that a corrected relurn is required, the Commission, at any time within one year after the date ot the earliest manufacturer of electricity included • insuch finding,-'shall -;determine the amount of the tax' due arid shall give written notice of such dct ; ermina I ion ' to such'" manuf ac £ui er. Siicli 'delerminailon' ot the 'Corn'ruis- slon may be reviewed by the" Pulasln Chancery Court on -. a complain) aj^ai nst tl LC Commiss Ion, with in sixty'.days after servicR of such notice. Section 9. PENALTY FOR FALSE OH 'FRAUDULENT RETURN. A manufacturer required to file an original or curreclcd relurn or to pay tho tax herein Imposed.* or who fails lo (ile such relurn ,or correction ,,or to pay IhC lax r within" the period required by Section 5 hereof, or who ahall-file a-false or fraudulent-return with intent to evade the tax. shall be deemed to be delinquent and, the normal tax shall be doubled and an additional T one'.per" cent per moifth or'fraction thereof shall be added. ''• Section' 10." FINE SUPERADDED FOR : WILFUL' FRAUD. ' A': manuiac- lurer or i»Jficer ol a, corporatlbri who makes a fraudulent ,relurn,'or statement with' tnlint to defeat or .evade Die tax bevc-in Imposed shall be fined In a sum of not less" than one hundred (100) nor mQro" t than one thousand PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO.' 1 INITIATED BY PETITION POPULAR NAME OF ACT ADDITIONAL ONE PEfi'CENT (1%) SALES TAX ACT FOR BENEFIT OF . , ; .SCHOOLS BALLOT TITLE A PROPOSED , ACT TO PROVIDE FUNDS FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF A MOItfci ADEQUATE SYSTEM OF PUBLIC EDUCATION. TO PROVIDE A SOURCE OF REVENUE 'THKREFOA OTHER THAN LIQUOR AND BEEEt TAXES, TO ADJUST TEACHERS' SALARIES MORE IH LINE .WITH THOSE PAID IN OTHER OCCUPATIONS REQUIRING'' SIM1- LA R TRAINING, TO MATCH TEACHER" PAYMENTS IN THE TEACHER RETIREMENT SYSTEM AND" TO KEEP SAID SYSTEM ACTUAItlLY SOUND BY LEVYING AN ADDITIONAL EXCISE TAX :OK ONE (1%) PER CENTUM UPON GROSS RECEIPTS DERIVED ,F«OM . SALES." ACT Be It enacted by the people ol the Slate ol Arkansas: SECTION I]" There Is hereby levied/ ah" additional excise tax of one (1%) per .cenlum upon the gross proceeds or gross receipls derived from all sales.' as now defined by Act 38G of 1941 or as may hereafter be defined by the General Assembly. SECTION 2, The tax herein levied shall bs payable by the taxpayer and shall be collecled in accordance wilh Ihe provisions of Acl 3i!6 of 1341. until oUicnvtec provided for by (he General Assembly, SECTION 3. The purposes ol this Aci are; (a), to provide financial rcJU'f tor 'the '"Public Common Schools: (b) to attract ahd maintain' a more competent teaching personnel by 'Increas-'. ing "teacriers"''salaries above the'current tf-1000) dollars. .TITLE IV. GENERAL PROVIStONS Section 1. HOSPITAL SYSTEM FU1ID. There Is hereby created In the office of the Slate Treasurer-'a separate lunrt to be known as'Hospi- tal System Fund, and'all revenues of whatever kind collected under" the provisions of the Hollingsworlh Hospital Act siiall be deposited In the State Treasurer's office to the credit of said Fund within a period of' col more than thirty (30) days after the collection thereof. Section 2. APPROPRIATIONS. There Is hereby appropriated, to be payable from the Hospital System Fund, the following amounts: ' - For the year ending February 15. 134G: (I) Capital Expenditures, General Equipment, Otnicc Equipment and Builcling sites „-.;;„ $3,500.000 of a little more • than per week; (c) to'provide' a source.of school fuhris'other than liquor and beer taxes; and (d)' to keep .the Teacher Retirement, System actuarily sound in order thai! teachers who liave outlived their usefulness in the classroom may retire., with a : small measure of ecouo- mic security. All moneys accruinR .10 the "Public Common ScJiooJ'fuiids"frnm tiquor" and beer 'taxes shall, attcr tha clfcctlyc date ot this Act, be .set aside into a special fund by the Commissioner of Revenues lo bu Later allocated at the '• discretion 'of t?.e General Assembly; however, the moneys accruing .o Public Common - ScHooJ uses from :he tax herein levied shall be in arld!- lion'-to 'those accruing" to ,, their f use From any gross receipts tax or sales tax no-,v In force: therefore, Ihc General Assembly shaH not reduce any 'o( the ocrcenlages alloted to Public Common School uses HOIV provided In Act 386 of '1941. . SECTION 4. Of the moneys received ,.*h oy the Commissioner of . Revenues on /J ', "A account of the taxes collected untier \; this Act. hc shall annually pay into ^ (he State Treasury to'tli'e credit ot'lrte Teacher ReJiremcnt Fund, such amounts as shall bc.ccrlitlcd to him by Vhe'Tlonrd ot Trustees'of ihe-Teacher Kc'tircniienl System and'tho State Comptroller. as necessary' fo match 'teacher donlfl- butlo'ris lo the Teacher "Retirement System, to pay the administrative cosls of (he System, to pay beneffls Co retired .teachers, and lo keep the System acluarily sound, tie shall annually pay into the Teacher salary Fund $200,000,00 to replace money now accruing from liquor and beer taxes, and he shall annually pay into the School Equualfzing Fund $300,000.00 to replace money" now accruing' from liquor and beer (axes, and" to the Vocational Fund 250,006,00'annually ,to replace money now accruing-from liquor and beer taxes." Of the moneys .'remaining atier' the (oregolnfi allocations are made, fie shall pay fifty" {50^% i per cent inlo the Teacher Salary Fund, twcnly.fivc (25%) per cent Ento the Common School Fund. amJ : , twenty-five per cent to the School eaualfz- poo 000 _ JOO.OOO Hospital taxes. Scclion 8. WHEN PURCHASER In the "sum ot JoO 000 00 In A sufttv company authored to do business In Arkansas for the faithful performance of his duties Except as hereir provided Ihc Commission shall prcscribo the arhbunts of all other bonds to be jrtaaetjy other officers and employees ,oT the :Hospltal .System .which VEK ^dgeinent of the Commission appear '*"•• "' >( -"- n ^ e thc^Commfsslon m ffl lo the official oatli S escnNst by Stvtlon 10W2 oi Pope'i ih 2, n b « tm&\ ccsl as (opoMS r Eacl, hospital shall be put into 1m- VI ^—i * do mediate operation when fmlshed 7?c •AlAmnln .» H.V /«. -etr i j. .. . flcrtfrnftrnf* x.Ll -I i' ••/'.', Jl '*'"; ^*ikt- ndnjittcrf, or (umishcd hospllaUzaUon In Ihc units of [ho' Hosfillal Syslcm. |nc Commission Is empowered lo cnlcr into contract wllh the United stales Government (or the hospital]- atlon o! soldiers and sailors and other members ot Ihe military nnd naval torccs. D Section 25. SEGREGATION OF "ACES. In each unll ot the Hospital System, there thall be a complete segregation o/ Ihc .White and Negro races. Separate entrances and e^lls and quarters shall be matnlaincd and shall be, plainly marked at al) times. Thei members ol both races shall keep to their respective quarlcfs. entrances and exits. ' Violation ol thts provision shall consulate a misdemeanor and, upon conviction Ihereot, the clfendcr shall bo punished by • ttae of nol less than ' Iwcnly.Hve (fSS.OO) dol- 1!™.,1 M n>«fe. ,0i»n on«\ hundred 1*100.00) ao.iarj; provided, In Ihe MnitniMU -»^ »A.;I —.-j—.- -.- — i s ^ °* • Setlouj Occident rcqultlnB iftorH & !f?,iJSm ru 'J'' d -Wv 1 !* *2 i kn lm jned(at« operation, any Commln" »"frd k Ojs rlt«xln\urn ot • tUctf'ftid loner rnay.'Mipend Mi provision Km-. f) On poles and plllnft, twelve leet ^ ,?" r , ', n .. cnBlh ' tw ° (2) cenu „.. e. e as«rcgate coSl ol such General Hos- P'laJs Is aboia jllpulated' as a mlde or Ihe Commission lo follow. » bearing a direct relationship to the gross ' MUST DEDUCT TAX-ALTERNATIVE LIABILITY. Every person, firm, corporallon .or association purchasing oil. gas or any olher natural resource severed from Ihc soil or water' linder contract' or agreement requiring such purchaser to make payment direct to such owners [s hereby authorized and required before mak- Ing such payment 16 deduct from any amount or balance rlue any owner (he amount ot Ihc tax levied by Ihis Tille. Every purchaser In Iho open markcl ot oil and gas or any other resource, upon which Ihc ffospital tax levied by Hits Title, has not' been paid is hereby authorized and required belore making such payment to deduct from any amount or balance due the seller (hereof : the amount of lax herein levied. .•:••.. Every purchaser ol oil. ESS or any other natural resource on which a Hospilal lax Is levied by this Title who falls IP deduct and withhold the amount ol taxes due. as required by this Section, when resources taxed arc purchased under ,conlracta or agreements or ori Ihe open 'marhct shall ho liable lo the state for the arnounf of the taxes. Inlcresl and penalties 'lhat should have been deducted or withheld and remitted to the Slalc by the purchaser. Section^ 9. SEVERER MUST FILE "' persons required lo And not above ccnls wr b " rc) - EravJiy and nol above ci E ht and one-hell . deduct from amounts di:c to others the lax herein levied shall file wllh the Commission, the 'reports herein required and shall at the same lime pay to 'Ihc said Commission Ihe amount of the tax Ihu* dcduclcd or withheld, or the.amount of taxea and Interest due, If not deducted or withheld; provided, that nothing herein stiall be construed aj releasing the person or 1 'persons levering the rc- Kourcca from liability for tha payment TAX- qu ^ _. tng whether or not any return'°s'o made is Irue and correct as herein required. . : Whenever It shall appear to the Commission lhat any such severer has unlawfully made an untrue or incorrect return, the Commission slnll correct the relurn and compute said tax due Ihercorj and certify Ihe same for collection. : - - ' Section 15. PROCEDURE ON FAILING TO REPORT. » severer shall fail to make a report of Ihe production and value of its products (upon which tho Hospital tax Is levied! Wjlhin Ihe time and In the manner prescribed by law. It shall be 'the duty ot the Commission to examine Ihe books, records' and files of 'any such person or persons to ascertain the amount and value ol such .production and lo cormpule Ihe tax thereon as herein Imposed: and where witnesses refuse lo testify, or to accord access lo books and papers, Ihe Commission shall add Ihercto Ihc cost of such examination. IdgcUicr 'with arty' penalties accruing thereon. Section 20. REPORTS REQUIRED OF ' PURCHASERS-PENALTY. K shall be Ihe duly of .all' purchasers and others dealing In natural products severed from 1 the 'soil' or water In Arkansas to tile quarterly reports wllh Iho Commission staling, under oalh, the names ,and addresses of all persons; firms, corporations or associations from whom each such purchaser or dealer has acquired any such natural product during the nc*t preceding quarter logclhcr with th« total .quantity acquired from each sucn vendor and the Rrosl prlco paid for such natural products. Satd reports shall be filed within thirty (3») days sflcr the expiration of each quarter, and shall be made '<m forms prescribed by said Commission. The said purchaser at the time ol making the said rcporl shall pay lo the Commission the amount of lax' deducted or withheld or lhat m»y be due under this Title. The (allure of any person or per- aoni |o mak» rcporu tno. pay tq t)i« (2) General Operating Expenses' .'...I. _____ .. ..... (3) Salaries— Admlntslra- ' tive and Hospital System Employees t-1) Research Work In Research Laboratory _____ 100.000 Total „....'. ............... 55,000,000 For the year .ending February 13. 1E47 : ' ' ..-.-.-.[1] Capital Expenditures, • General Equipment, Office Equipment and Euiidins site's ........ :: ...... $2.500.000 (2) General Operating 'Expenses ' ....................... _ l.SCO.OW (3) Salaries— Administrative and Hospital Sys- • ? lem Employers- _ ..... ___ _ 000 000 (4) Research' Work In Research Laboratory Ing 'Fund: provided thai the Stale Hoard of Education m'ay use not to yxcced $200.000.00 annually of Ihc money accruing to the School Equalizing Fund to'assist local school dlslr'icls in purchasing school buses. ' SECTION 5. The provisions of Ihis Act shall lake ctlect and be In full_ force and clfect from and alter' Jarur- ary I. IMS. " «T ' SECTION 6. 'Hie provisions ol this Act arc sevcrablc, and 1C any parl or provisions hereof shall be held void. Iho decision of the court shall nol altcct or Impair BPV ol Ihc remaining parts or provision! of Ihe Act. SECTION 7. All laws or parts m conflict herewith are hereby repealed. And by this, our Dclilion, we order lhat the- s'amc be submitted lo Ihe people- of' said Slalc lo Ihe end that It"'may be adopted, enacted, or re- fected by the vole ol Ihc legal voters of said State at Ihc regular general election lo' be held 1 in'.said State at the regular general election to be held In said State on the 7lh d.iy 6f November. 1944. and each of ',us for Himself'or herself says: -I have personally signed this petition:' I am a legal voler ol the Stale of Arkansas, and my residence, post olficc address,'and voting precinct ara correctly wriKcn after my name. Filed In the otlice ol Secrclary ot Slate on June 30lh. KH4. ' Seal of office this 10th day of August. 100.000 1944. Total Seclion 3. SAFEGUARD AGAINST EXCESS ISSUE OF WARRANTS. In view of tl\e uncertainly as lo Ihc actual amount .of revenue which" will bo collected under the lerms of this Act, the Commission shall keep informed al all limes as lo the cash balances to Ihc credit ol the Hospital system Fund, and no voucher shall be drawn unless al the lime of Its execution there Is sulliclcnt' balance 7 ^ to 1 'the credit ot said fund oh the Sl.tfe Treasurer's books lo allow for 'the payment- of. such voucher when con- vcrlw Into a Warrant.' Including the aggrccalc'amount''of'all olhcr warrants Issued previously by virtue ol vouchers executed by authority of the Commission. " Section-' '4."' ADMINISTRATIVE POWERS OF THE COMMISSION The administration ot all th,e revenue provisions of this Act Is 1 vetted exclusively tn Ihe Commission'' which shall prescribe Rules and Regulations pertinent to Its' practical' ehforeeir.cnl The Commission shall have'power lo enter upon the premises~ol any' tax payer and .examine, or cause to be «ai ?d, oy llj designated agent 'or repn._cnlatlve, any books, papers, it cords, memoranda, etc., beartr.g upon the amount of taxes payable and to secure ariy olhcr Information directly or Indirectly relating lo the enforcement of said revenue provisions. Section 5. TAX A DEBT-ACTION fO RECOVER, Anjr turiinjwsen bj> C. C. HALL, Secretary of Slate. if you want (o buy "more War Bomls SELL US THE FURNITURE VO'li ARE" NOT-li'SlNG, for cash! Also liberal fradc-/n allowance for old furniture on new. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. 301 E. Main Phone 'i \Vlicn we repair Ihc sliocs^ tliey arc iruly rcncwctl. 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