The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1933
Page 2
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SATURDAY, SKME ; ; Socia} Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS3 Blaclc-Kroejcr wcddiiig, 3;30 P. M., at home of Mr. mid Mrs. W. A.-Black. St, Stephen Episcopal Guild, M;s. J. Louis:' Cherry, hosless. . , TUESDAY'S EVENTS American i^lori auxiliary Wn- i'fil bridge and rook party, Woman's club, 7:» P. M. • . . WEDNESDAYS ByBNTS Bingo : party, Aimorel ' Junior high school'. tudltortuin, 7:30 P. M. ltriori AiuiUiry i 1'Hcc Of T»rty Tirfidiy. The -benWit bridge and look party'; to\ ! be feivefi-by Ihr Alnci>- Ican"*'t«ilon aiixillarv'- Tuesday «venlng, will 1 be held r. I the Wo 1 - inhri's • : c\ub 'instead of" at the r.rmory as had been announced: •• Mrs. HownrA Prottor, president of the group, is p making special p-.-cp'aralfon.s for this event, assisted by a number of committees. lf»s'"VlnlihliS;" Party. Mi-s. Raymond Smllh entertained n of her friends yesterday HfU'nibon wit:i 'one of the "van- IF!.Ing" parties which are being , L ,ponsoi'cd by the senior high tchool . parent-Icicher association :is a money aiaWhg scheme. Be- tause she hhd been Invited to several affain she combined her efilertalhmchti; into one large af- fiili. In the Bunco games Mrs. L. j. Lsverty won ire high score.pike, a bulb bowel, a dusl mop went It- Mrs. J. D. Smith for the traveling pnze and Mrs. W. H. Sim-all's gilt for low score L.ith, towels. i ... .... Ah ice- comic was served. Girl Scopls Klect ttrTIccrs jwo groups of local Glrjj Scouts clcclcd Officers lii a mcellns S'cs- itrrtay afternoon. In the l]oiie Slsr patrol Ihcsfr will servci' Char, lotle Bngg, leader; Lcorn McLeod, ECflbe; Estclle Hawks, reporter. 'Tin the stcbrcl pn'tro), which has. noy yet been npjiied. the'se were elected:, Martha Washburti. le'iid- tr( Bonnie "Jcin Buchanan, scribe; Hrtty Pioctor. reporter; Winifred Crsvuforri, scribp.- : -... -. Xfiss Ma'ry'smmn Hood is sor-of the troop. .*. - • • Celebrates Birthday. Mary Nine fame!*, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Murray Daniels, was four years old yesterday so she had an nftprnoo't party. Stven'twn of her little "friends pliyed fcani"S with hci- nnd later there was a birthday cnke, served with ice crearn. Brtoe-Elrct Cownhincntc*. Miss Cclia LnFcrncy. wlitne mr.r- sl.igr. to Mr. I.ewey Caraway, of W:uhii>glqn, D C.. vlll bs solemn- izi-d al tlic Methodist chinch of Manila tomorrow nl high noon, Iras been the gueol. ol honor at a WB3L HAW WOOL KOCK BMW HAS A R[0 MO IWV/75- GINGHAM BLOUSE __ .j A&OVt IS A GRKN WOOL CKEPE WITH SMOCKED f '\'£S. IN OF STRIPED V/OOL. Bits q/ Nei£s Mostly Personal Mrs. W. T. Barnctt, Mrs. J. Cecil IAJWC and , son, Jlihihle, and Mrs. M. T, Moon were In Memphis Wednesday. Mrs. Tom Mc- Cianily, of Osceoln, aecompenled tliem. Percy Smllh, who Is seriously 111 following a stroke of paralysis, K slightly improved today. Thc condition of Mrs. Thumian Alklns. who is seriously in at the Memphis Baptist hospital, Is worse today. Her mother, Mrs, J. C Haintsh. and 'daughter, Miss Marie and Mr. Atkins are with her. She! wnhelm direcL Ls 111 from typhoid fever and com-! $ H s ni iillmtlnnii "' "' °- nl FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Watnit ind Kljhth Strwt s Alfred R. Harwell, Tutor, Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Alvln Holley, Siiperlntendenl. Sermon at 11 a. m, and 1:45 p. m. Morning subject: "Going On Onto Perfection." Evening subject: "Why Heed God's Call to Salvation." Orchestra music fifteen minutes preceding evening service Everett McDowell, leader. B. y. P. U. 8:30 p. m. Miss Lima •WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON- Some Early Leaders of Israel Tfc* Jn^rutUnal Uniform Run- toy Rehfoi u«on (*r Sept. 34. . Golden T«t: Bt strong In the lord ttvi in the strenglli of 'his 6:io. BY ^'M. t. GILROV, B. D. UW of TV C«ntrfiill«o«list The 12 Jesjcns of the past quarter have stt before us great leaders In KrMl, from Oie time of Joshua when the Jewish people were emerging from their long captivity ami UK experiences in the wilderness into the consciousness of a new nttlohhood faced will) acute d»ti- gtre ini^ prabltrns to an age of na- lions, IU conflicts and Its triumphs ] greatest of all leaders :uul prophets in the individual life and wltli full of UK p«iiod. recognition of the social factors in} Yet despite all the*; tilings one the battle with Injustice and In-j must recognize the measure cf fail- equality and In the cftorls to build lire, Jor the glory of the nsc or up a common-wealth. | Solomon was followed by strife ;md ,Our problems have changed In' division in the kingdom—a strife ;)onal $tcry »hlch has challenged of the whole world.. Mr. and Mrs. James Hill jr., lut or Shreveport, La., have taken ih Ray WorthhiBton home on Chlck- the church Monday mid Tuesday 3:30 p. m. for week of prayer. Sunday .school officers and leathers meet Wednesday 7:15 p, asnwl>a n venue. Mrs. Hill win nr- i,,,' rive October I. Mr. Hill .1, con-i ^ Y . w A Wll , navc nccled with Ihe Arkansas-Missouri Power company. Mrs. P. C. Johnson Ls a paileni | ]0 V k ' lcn ,i c ;.' i of the mid-week service, Wednes' dny. 7:45 p. m. Mrs. A. C. Blay- Mrs. B. K. Lntlmer Is home on Henni street. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Morrison, of! Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8:30 <" her.,, m Mrs pa,,! Tipton, leader. i Men's spy's meeting Monday 7:30 Oklahoma City, Okla., will arrive tmnorrowto be guests at the wed- i ding of Miss Anne Black nnd Mr. Karl Kroeger, which will, be solemnized Monday afternoon. Mrs. O. M. Morgan, president of ! the Business nnd Professional Wo-. iftrn's club, and Miss Cora Ltd Colemnn. went to Newport today! i lor the meeting of District Two: of tile Arkansas Federation of j ! ]). in. All men of the church invited. Mrs. Murray Smart at the organ. The public is Invited to al services. . .. "Oii story of Solomon and hit temple' b written large U|Kn the »H«s of hlstOTj- as the spiritual idtals and aspirations of Ihe pe- riofl. But this story must be read In ths light of its backgrounds and the struggles through which the national and religious consciousness developed. .-'The value of the sliidy of the Bible Is that it oilers s omuch by way of analogy to our modern life. It Is a great book of human experience -presenting (lie story of religion srid preaching to us the form and content, but in essence they are the same as the problems of this ancient people of Israel emerging out of bondage aiki chaotic conditions while its greatest leaders sought to build the life of the people Into a unified community in which a common prosperity built upon righ'tco'usntei and justice was the goal. • » • Is not that exactly our task in America at thb present liour? Can we do tl except as to b-ome extent it was done in ancient feraelt Can we learn to avoid the pitfalls oj the and division ocGisloned by injustices thai had been allowed to go uncoiTcctcd. Prestige and glory IMC not enough for a people; greal kings and rulers cannot e'flect, the salvation of the nation. The welfare of a pecpic rests more deeply upon tl:e quality of Its visions and its deeds. It ti in the unselfishness and fairness of the relationships ol ordinary life that a jwoplc become welded into strength. No matter h o w much t h r strength of power or of- wealth lliat past'and build more securely? No a nation may seem" to be building state can build truly unless It lias high-minded leaders and a people willing to give heed lo its prophets. The stories of these lessons have presented heroic figures, both men and women: Joshua and Caleb, the courageous spies;; Deborah, putting the men of her age to shame with her strong and determined leadership; Ruth, the woman of gentle but persistent loyalty; and Hannah, lessons of religion through tlie real- • the devout mother, contributing Ism of dally life, with its tempta- (.through her devotion Samuel, the I struggle for life. up. tl:ere is always inherent weakness, the doom of prospective failure, if greed and selfishness IK pros- cm, or if those in authority ami pawcr disregard the factors of -jlc- mantal justice. The strength and power ol states depend untimatcly upon trie welfare of the |ieop!e. Tl:ls i? thr.J outstanding lesson that comes to us from the study ol the lives of Rical leaders in the era ot a naiir.n's High School New | Business and Professional Wo-' ; men's clubs. Mis. Morgan will | preside »t the president* 1 touncll. I meeting tonight nnd will read the ' club collect at thc banquet.. Miss 1 Colcinnn Is to preside at the hVncti- con meeting tomorrow. They -will IK Joined in the morning by Mlss- LAKE STREET METHODIST Corner Lake and Johnson Sts. W. 1. LfRoy, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Special promotion program r Prelude, piano and Irlmbone. Hymn 88, assembly of classes. "The Lord's prayer," school. Hymn 163, school standing. Promotion message, pastor. Promotions and congratulations. Classes assemble and organize. Preaching, 7:30 p. m. Subject: 1M11E1 IS • Byron Morse; Secretary. Anna Mae Jones; Scrge&nt-At-Arms, M. P. iBrownlee, and Mitchell Johns was elected reporter. This club Is undoubtedly one of the most helpful and useful in school. 'es Minnie Matthews, Nell Hanlsj "chrisTand His" Churcii Working and Cora Lee Boldrldge. Miss Together." Text: "Take Ye Away MRric Harnlsh. district chairman.! the Stone." The football boys arc out work- i ing Ibrii? ?nd hard these days. Scrimmage is the menu for almost every session now and the jo;:s are settling down to hard work. vi Invited to aiiciul. us it is-just moved here from Cnriilhers- po'siblc that, an Organization wll| villc. !:i cltccle;!. The young women's association "••"*- of -the Bnullsl church gave a mis- 1'.. V. V. II. 'Onnip " I celbneous shower for Mrs. Louis 1'u 'Give rriifnim. ..: . | IVuill at the home of her mother. Again (In- Macrduii- i Mrs. T. F. Oillem. Tliursdny cve- inn Call" will be the nubjed ol • !:r.. program o' Ihe Just Friends! Dr. "3. Y. p. u. of ihe y-irei napllst: Aik.. Edna Nlcs of Blylhovillc. aucnrted lo business here will riot be able to attend because ol the illness of her sister, Mis. Trmrmaii Atkins. Robert Shirley, of St. Louis, will spend tomorrow with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alford. He Is cnroule to St. Louis from Memphis where he assisted In thc opening of a new Walgreen Drug store. He formerly resided here. Miss Geneva Morgan has returned to her home In W<st Plains, Mo..- after n visit, with her vrhclc, O. M. Morgan, and Mrs. Morgan. Mrs. George W. Barham nnd daughter. Miss Gladys, and grand daughter, Shirley June, wenl lo Carulhersville this afternoon to attend n birthday party given by Jcanett'a Jean Sebnugh. who formerly lived here. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Gray, and son. of Peoria, III., are euests of relatives for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roscnthal have as their guest Mrs. Rosen- thnl's sister, Mrs. Fred Goldner. of Everybody cordially Invited. PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH H. J. Kleliid'knct, Pastor Sunday school, 9 a. m. Divine service, 10 a. m, Sermon theme: "The Christian Life." "Blessed are they that hear the Vord of God and keep it. L-k. H, 8. thiir weekly meeting. Thursday. mimbrr of inlcre-stlng affairs since w-is livn .Yi MIC 11 ' Tom " : >' »»n'kill ™™ 1 *"" Mi: '' s Kl »» re The pink mom dc:t>ral:ons ol (lie large lawn! v.hcVe Hie gui-st.s enjoyed gams'.! .ind a 'treasure hunt for the brirle- ticcl. Pink hearts, slrinig from! H.r ti-ccs. toltl din-ctions which' LaFerncv u.=eil hi Decking I Ii.o ell's and Ihe last heart Ii-dl hfr to a larr: treasure. The fhmc .shs'di was used In Ihe refreshments of chicken sandwiches, cakes and iced lea. Mr. and Mrs. Uuijiit Boivcn rnlrrlaincd :h» 13 employes ol thc local Kre.v: store v.ilh B parti- 'Ihursday cvcninz at their home i.'i the -hnne .iparlmcnts In six-e-j After .several hours or games' Miss LaFcrney v.a 3 presented a^rtl t'ift ol an -'—•-'- • ro - J. P. Armnrcl .r. T. A. 'Delation lielrt it.^ "Schools of Yeslcrrtay" was subject for dis-rualon with flrsl ineclhi!! ofi Osceola Society — Personal me Mr. mid Mrs. Marvin Cooke nnrt son. Marvin Jr., of Memphis, spctil J. L. Thompson jr., of Memphis Ls visiting friends here for a short ! time. I Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gay. ol | Aimorel, hnvc moml to this citj to make their home, Mr. Gay now employed at the T. A. Dnvif ' I in Crigscr and V shmcrit niur v T , , l " '" t(- ' snvi '" GlliM RC)ram MnUn * " Thc guttA , , p , , , .. ' ""• Mrs. IJM Richards Is 111 nl l:y I'.ync on Sycamore sti'cct. • Mi "" Mrs. N. D. Ellis. j Miss Ovll ncll. of Memphis, lias : Mr. and Mrs. Archibald C;itch-j ri.tin-ncd to BIrthevillc to make tier .„:...;' »«; s of Bassett were thc guests of j home- Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Wilson all Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Thomnkln niythevillc Tuesday. ' ar.rt Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ixillsr. o Miss Harriett Eastcy lias re • Oak Ridge. ;\7o.. .spent Saturdaj -turned to Hollywood. Ca!.. after n! Sunday with relatives in thi chu ' . ">°W»s visit with her father. n e.Xrs w^e e n.emwrs were «" Mrs. Bowcn war nfflstcd In wrv-. !!CVL ^'m°rtov '' ing rrfrcshm;nls by by MISSC^' l^ CiirTie Heath, aieiifcc Bcnn:lt and A!ma Maloney. • — ^^ There was a BuncO-.parly Wcrt- neiclay cvenlni; when Miss' M.imi- i-ouiso Edyards critcilahied M thesis. Mrs. C. H. Ryller, Jr.. of Chicago, who «as formerly Miss Uicllc Harp, won thc hl ; ii .score prize, hdntlkerchiefs, aiul til- consolation gUI, novelty souvenirs vere won by Mrs. Shields Ed- ™' mc "." s . mc « in S s: Easlcy. and brother, James. . Mrs. Howaid uoweu lias re Mrs. Jack Milligan and daush-: turned home from Ynrixi citj ter Betty visited .tn Memphis Ti:es-i M'ss., where sue spem .1 -.icck. Mrs. C. S. Brandon jr. nrc ill wilh I malarial fever. i _R. E. Lee Wilson 111. left Tliuvs- \ ci.iy niqhi for New Ila\cii. Co:m.,j where he will cnlcr Yak- unlvcr NR A" \ iN KA PERMANENT |0l3 Hayti Society — Personal The Rev. A. C. Ruriioff of i)e Solo. Mo., will deliver ihe movmng nnd evening fermon.s ai the Baj- lls; church Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. v: Ferguson =^ nnd daughter Betty left Friday for Mrs. J. M. Mi'c.s entertamert two Magnolia, Ark., to \LMi Nfr. Feri;11:011-5 father, W. F. Ferpuson. They; will "return by way nf N'en- ?;dln- ! where -.they wiii visit Mrs.' wards. An icc-ccurro was served • lfl * lc5 of f'lends wilh a bring. A number of friends of MLsr ilau >' al - her home Friday' aflcr L;iFt;rncy had a-vcincr roast lnst lncon - Ki Sh score nrlzc was 'a'war* ..... evening i or her and Mr. Caraway rtt Mrs - ••'« Kolm. while ' bw' Feifiuson's mother, Mis Ida May v.-l.o has arrivvd from Washington : f[ - orc went to Mrs. Thomp- • Mosely. : ' * • ' '.ron. Mrs, L. ,7. Banner, a zi:est William and Paul, small rons ofl Tarty Is Given « f Mrs. Lnmar Thompson, atlcmi- Mi. and Mrs. Ed licll of Basscit I'or Miss .Black. ' r d the party. aro retiouMy ill with rolins. Miss Anne Black, bride-elect I ,' - B "* Mr ' ! - " inir Buckley en- Mrs. William lloppenjaucs has, wr.f the guest of honor at a bridge! , !nC<i wilh " britf Se. party at returned lo h« Home in Pine I V luncheon Friday when Mrs Eltou- llom< ' Tll ursday evcnir.g. 'Jhiff after several d.iy.i visit with] W. Klrby ;:nd Mrs. John I, „. rc werc lhrcc tables'ol gueM;. )'.er .Msler. Mrs. WnltVr Wallace. Flnley. Jr., entertained. ';«i8h score prlozcs were won by Oils Frailer and sons. Howard] The-dining room table was ar-il: ?' McDcrmotl and Mrs. W. T. «nd nilllc. vent to Jcmesboro raitgcd for clghl with a ccn'er-i - * I 1 " 1 '' Gucsts P rlzc s wore awnrri- day where Ilillie cnro)| tt l as '0 Mrs. W. R. Minyard' for the high score pri*. »nd Miss Black's gilt xsas llnjerle. " • ~-"».-'-*» in ,tvj ks\i\- <\^]LLII- unj \%[it.r[; iiiLju- tilvoiiixi as a piece of .pink" roses In" a"s-'vcri,? Ir - Bnti Mrs - "o 1 ! 510 " Buckley. : freshman al Jonc.sboio A. nnd M.i bsskct In • contrast to the green' T M antl 7l!r5 ' L ' J ' IiiUlllc '' ot roues' 1 . I n.d white mct'lf used In thc love- '™ * na r»l''S, Ind.. who have been Jesse Greer made a business trip ly autumn n'o«c» which dccoral- )i B ln C"™^ 1 '- M », during 10 Llltlc Rork Tucsdiiy. c<l thc two rooms. A three-course ,1 ,. s " mmCT -" 8re thc PUWU of Mr. J. H. Grain and Wnlicr Wilson iiKhu-*-as served ' |*r.d Mrs. Lamar Thompson. i re tinned from Hot Springs Wcd- . In Oifcard.-gsme. hosfcTy (vent'- -I Women's Missionary Union, r.esday. in Mrs w n >n n , n ~i. ... i,..i . v - Baptist Cliurch met al the' 'Mrs. J. R. Ciillum -ind son J. c.iurch Wednesday afternoon. t R. pr.. f |>ent Thur;-dAv in Mcm- The devotional was led by Mrs.; phis D. B. Hayes. Those on the pro-i gram werc Mcsdair.cs Frank Foster Mable Burrls, Johnson. T. D.j SAN' FRANCISCO iDPi—Philip Brasher, A. G. Sanders and M/Corroa, 50. asked police lo nid him Fry. : Thursday Hrn Of Tint ItstfhV OrtrA Me*t Problems ot tht ^church will be tiiocus£i< "of the' nrst Uf.'rsfet -chrifcli at" a Meeting Mbri- fiay evening at 7:M P. M. All men prlre houjcwarmlni; fo'r Rev and . „ . vho arc, mcrr.hcrj c.- this church[ Mrs. J. w. Cunningham, who have-i:nge. : in soRltiR a perplexing martial :. Thursday c\-ciiing members of tr.ngle. 'He ,1cc!nr:d his wife. Nel- the Baptist Church gave a stir- lie. ai. had clojied with Louis Cor- 1. his sou by a former mar- CHURCH OF TUT. NAZARENU „ , ..Second.and Vine R. K. Rushing, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.. E ivans. superintendent. N. Y. P. S. 8:15 p. m., Mrs. J. C Crincr, president. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Evening service, 7:30 o'clock. Evangelist Rev. J. E. Gaar, who or the past two weeks has been n charge of the revival service, will preach nt both services Sun day. "Tlie Ten Virglans" will Red Pepper Club Will Season Tickets Cost Only $1 This Season They arc all In good shape no,v j ,-„, Mr. Kramer is offering for sale tins year a season ticket selling - infl equipment be- | which admlts thc , lo]cler ginning lo ocouire that distinct- ,ve football odor. In other words, life boy% 'are ready and waiting for the first p-anie with Osceola on '(he ftth. John Holland, slar guard ol ^ years 'eleven. Is helping Mr. Kramer and Mr. Puckett with their coaching duties. Holland, •v:ib has charge ol Ihe junior high squad, removes a great burden from the shoulders of the other eecches and gives the'm more time to.devote to.tiie high school team. There is a flock ol youngsters oul :or the junior team, which is a good indication of a splendid to four holnc footba || g arn e s , ( wo basketball games, two baseball tames arid two track meets. Lasl y?nr the season tickets for foot- 'jsll alone were more than this. • Season • tickets are how being sold at the high school, Hubbard Hardware. Kirby Dnig Store and Hudson Tailor Shop, nnd the American Legion nnd Major Ivy Crawford are also selling them. eeted Home Room President of Mr. \ Moore's room which is the. ill) ' group. : Bill McKcnzie, president of Hie junior class, has moved to sc Louis. Bill King has been ill. Virginia Martin, senior, who ha* been seriously 111 with malaria fever at thc Blythevllle hospital is improving but is not able to be taken to her home in Dell yet. Miss Winnie Virgil Tumor", cily i grade school supervisor, entei mined thc grade teachers; In the Home . Economies' laboratory Monday eve- : ning, September 18. The Home Economics cln.sses prepared and served dinner to Miss Turner and her twenty-four cucsts. Thc menu consisted of chicken sulad. stuffed tomatoes, waffle potatoes, hot lolls, iced tea, apricot • ice cream and cocoanut macaroons. Thc dinner Entertain Grid Team ! Baptist hospital was served by Mildreci Jarratt. Marilyn Jones, Louise 'Luitiell, Juanita Pern-, Fredelihe Langwcil, Velda Martin, Alia Mae Judd and Willie Lynn Edwards. After several days illness Charles Brogden is able to be back In school. ' Mar?' Francis and Annabel Stacy spent Wednesday in Memphis with their mother who is very til at the Miss Sclirm Lentz .is bnck in ienior hon'cc. team a couple of years cd by Preparations are under way for an eutertainiiicnt to be yivcu Monday night for the Red Pappers nnd „, . Ihe football boys. The. purpose is-; Jr': school after a week's fever. s - II Mac Knminglinm.lm Inreti iiit; luuuurtlt k/uya. *iu;' uuiyuriu la, TT 1 T j u cau , to formulate plans for scholarship I af ™^' ^ dc " 's back '» sv: ccne in practice Monday. He displayed a rare type of nerve, walk- banquet lo be thc for the 'given soon. Ruth ! •eek's absence. Charles Pi'itzius. former school student . visited the school Thursday. high high and | Hospital Not en he subject lor tlic evening service Evelyn Smart Elected President of Freshmen The freshmen elected officers ft* follows: president. Evelyn f.nart: vicu^prc.sident. Jiimcs Ooz- ' ices. SKCOM) BAPTIST CHURCH J. L. Nfwsom, Pastor Eunduy school, 0:45 A. M., Tom- :iie Bogun. superintendent. ' Promollmi play. 10:15 A. M.. Mrs. J. L. Newsom. In charge. Sermon, 11 A. M. Subject: 'Abraham ana Lot". B. Y. P. U.-R. 6:45 P. M. Sermon, 7:45 P. M. Subject: "Christ, thc shepherd". \v. M. S., Monday. 2:30 r. 'M.. nt the church. Mrs. Leslie Moore, president. Mrs. Will Blaylock will have il'srgc of the progrniu. Prayer meeting. Wednesday. 7:45 ?. M! We have twenty-one In Sunday .:vhool who nrc to be pTorriotedj The Science Club had a -special from one dep?Vrtmrnl "to another j jivgram Tuc-day wilh Ethel Uart and many others who will take ins chairman. The subject of the j-arl hi the pVo^rftm which will Iji.-csram was "Panama Canal", be put on In tlic form of a play.! Charles Wood gave the life of The public is Invited lo visit' Ocugns. Bill King spoke on th Margaret Shaver; parade, Sara Joei Little, Emma Joe Hess, Burr.cllc! CHICO C'tl iUPi CHi'-i-ni Bradley; r*p. Ruth Jenkins. Jose- j t .., lhrrNl ' llr ;,,' ttilll ^ (lr , v ' ,, K . plnne Johnson. Doris .Douglas; , , _ ., 1)(] b d .,packet. Jane KochllUky, Patty; uo ^ m ',.,.,,Shane; recreation, Mary Spayne | d , ch , . businCNi chi , rll , c i., Usrey Ls chairman and from time j f! to time others will assist her.; treasure 1 -. Robert Scott; ser- Li'ant-at-arms. Bill King and rt- ;wttcr, Sonny D'illahunty. At the next home room meet- j ir.? these officers will be installed i by Byron Morse, president of the j ai:ior class. i Miss Grace BiblOxs. of Fort! Smith, who Ls visiting her sister I Mrs. Crawford Greene was a guest 1 and neighbors lor the; ]of the club. ; ;„ the illness and clca Canal" Subject j of Science Club Meeting' 1th us nnf. sec this spiritual >>by'and-ro help toost 6nr young L'll'KS. The foolball schedule is a s fol-! lows: : September 28. Osccola. here. October G. Piggolt. here. • October 13. Tech. here. October 20. Shawnee. there. October 27, Paragould. Here. j November 3. Joncsboro. there. ! November 10. Wilson, here. j N'ovembcr n. Forrest City, there.! NovemlKr 24, Unscheduled. Thanksgiving is yet undecided. the bank moiHtorium. CAKII OF TflANKS v.'ish lo llcink o;ir fr:i:no-> kind:ies.s alh of 01:1 daughter. Barbara Ann. V/ii appreciate the b"auliful flowerr, untl i-specially do we thank flu- li<:v. .'. Q. Rone for his services. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shaneylclt. HEMORRHOIDS (Piles) cured without Ihr. kr.Ur.' cancer, variroscd \tins, tonsils rcmo\-ca non-surgitally. DRS. MES and NIKS ' Oflicc 5H Main I'hnne US High School Briefs | Duih'.e the -her. school cxtcndcci hot wc;i- at B:00 each • rial signiflcancn of the Pan- .•iiiiii Canal. Cecil Branson gave a report on ihe sleeping sickness •—--— . tp'risnuc whic'r Ls caused by the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE S'OCIKTV i r (( ie.s mwquito. This mosquito •Reality" Is thc .subject of thcili also the cause of yellow fever. ;".-soii-serrnon lo te rcatl in thC|Eihel Dnrt closed the prozvam, '"OVMni; and closed al 2:3t) ^hrLstinn Sdcncr. .service. Sunday - v.jih a tribute to heroism of doc- Afternoon. momlns. 11 "'clock al the Hotel • lors who saw Iheir lives in [hn ^ lra - •?• ^- t-ecch mode quite a Xoble. <l,Tco\ery of the yellow fever mos- ^f™ 1 'donation of magazines to. Tire Golden Text is: ''Behold. I nvto. and lo those who arc mak- l ' ;<i "brary Ins 1 , v.'cek. mag-1 uvaie new hMVens and » new:,,- 7 efforts to control Ihe sleeping' l ' : '-' ncs w111 b: a sreat aid to the; <\ulh: and the former shall not c.ckncss disease. • Knmc Economics girls as well as; bo remembered, nor 'come Into : to other students. ; Max B. Reid, local lawyer, addressed the high school Monday j morning en the NRA. Mr. Reid ! is chairman ot thc NRA: Commute?. ; E. Tiill gave a very To Insure Your Cotton Call 707 Caudill's Agency GENERAL INSURANCE IDG Norlli Broadway Biblc is the following. "Lo, this I oftly haw 1 round, that God hath, i.iudc man upright-, but they have :o'.i»ht. out mrny inventions" (Ec- ,:lesia.sti-.s i7:2fli. texlbook: "Science Han Sclenci . mid Heallli with Kcv lo the fc-rlplin-MVbv Mary Baker Kddy.j r ^- Jc ^ one of Mileh reads. ••^" n-<-l«»ni<> I At Thc Home Of The Mayo Clinic i »ochcs,lcr. Minn.i Ihe hr.illh <>f- rtccr. nr. D. C. l.ockhcad. rrcerlly sale 1 in a .statement thioueh the |.rrs-s, "We in Uio health di-ynrl- i.icnt arc concerned about, milk „ ^... , u\- food obtainable, we nant Preildenl. Safa Joe Little: vice i u'uiscll -Red" Gill has been cl-1 In sec it in grcal (iirun- rrom the; Sa >-a Joe Little Heads PuWic Speaking Club Forming the Public Speaking, .,. „. B . llt „ , tij ,„„:,„,.. flats Into a club Is being arrang-' i, lg (a^ , ai ,, g ••Cikstoms of Africa" f d by Miss LMna Wllhclm. spo:\- lo tnc boy.,- 'assembly Wednesday elected officers: V erv miich. Russell, treasurer, : thc incrcafo of knowledge »Ud thc tiid OT c-rrov. even Viuhimi Southwestern University, will cic- Al) arc cordially. A TOlfnlps queen ot Hie NK Is brunctKi and -'smiling Lii t e Kord. Millions declaimed her ni^n sha wore this costume Iti the monster NllA imrado la New Vork recent- has been rhc»emto " in oiler (uucllous - ly-. . houorlns the K«i-»icry Act fn the East. At'JMtlou, Hcllrisocd! For Grehound Lines liver a sermon. Invention mils', Tmve lls day. and ir.vitcd to aucnd. wv want thnl clay lo be succeeded, Oclober 1 has been set BS Rally, uy Chrisilan Science, by dtvinc I Hay In thc Suiidny scliool dciart- 'Pase 95). | mcnt by s. E. Vail, superintendent.! rinst ^HRlStTivN CHVRfcn -'Transcontinental and West- K. K. IjiVUntt, Minister ' . Ch\irch school, 9':*5 A. M. Tomorrow will be promotion day «ilh ,spccia\ excretes when M. T. f.fwi, superintendent, will pvescnl dlij'.oiuas lo 24 ITrtplls. • ( ol Communion r.nd sermon. 11 A. M. nt Vesper sorvlccs. 6 P- M-, Christian Science Reading Room. a open Tursd.-y and Friday frorn! 3 lo 5 P. M ,U Room 108, Solcl N'nblc, All nrc cordially invited. I'lltsr The Rev. wtllUm F. Orr Memphis, teacher of Bible Rates and Time Schedules mtirtcnta] and crn Air. Inc. Postal Telegraph r»st r«k»ire Express Stnice Call GO'O tllc | ity of Its .spreading disease, wt: i v.jinl lo know that our loc;il v.ip- ! ply is produced under all the rc- I fi:icment.s of production mnmr.r- 'iially |xxs;iib:c and that It be p:vi- tnerlztd so thai we can guarantee it s»fc." Telephone No. 71 Bennett's milk is safe — It's properly • pasteurized. ' Bennett's Dairy

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