The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1947
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NSWS ^'TUESDAY, JULY S, 1947 Fire ; Victims GM b DMd, ond Two fiffirtMii;. iii Hospital; IHpri liivestigoled Armtess Mother Conquers Hand leap -HAKR»on, Art, July 8. (UP --,;,to-»parttn«it liouse fire Bwzitoo' early today claimed |Me"o£' one person and sent two elderly women to a hospital suf- terinc from second degroo burns, .-Bnxned to death was Miss bltnllLe 'Rloe,*l8->ear-pU ,daugh- fa- or Mr. a«d Mrs Albert nice il Bruno Ui Marion County. She was Identified by R letter she was farryii}* ;ih a puree .clutched In her hartd and by a ring she wore. Treat In the. hosnltul were Wilson and Mrs. Dome 'alarm sourded nboiit .st. nlpht «nd -it took vi 11^ fire eQuipnu-ut In the rk Mountain town lo brin^ the fireiundei control. i ins three story fume bulldina uras one of the landmarfeSi in Harrison, having been lni|lt nl)oct 18fX) . . Walter Burge, an. occupant of the house, said he was ••'awakened by the fire and ran thrpiirJi the house-spreading the jnlnrm. Three girls were rescued through a front •window by a passer-by while others ran' from the house li their night clothinc After some five hours of rhecv. mg the other 21 persons known to IK 3 Sn the building had been no- counted for Miss Rice, the victim of Ihe blaze, graduated from the Bruno High* School this Spring and mis employed in a Harrison laundry. State Fire Marshal Lee Buko at Little Hock arrived hero early this morning and is continuing his investigation in nn effort to determine the origin of the bl«M- Too Late To Classify Scouts Search For Man Lost \ln Big Cove CATTANOGOA. Temi.. July ,. ;UP)-A 'miner and eight Atlanta Boy Scents resumed their searel in (lie "Jjws of Hell" today in L , , oall ]»st-dilc!i effort to find John T-.\ i^,, w itii a umill houses, well located. rill* ho vise Is bum of best ivallttWe. ready to move •arry tjood loan. <" closets', si <m«^rl"l» I", will lliirn. In Nickajack' Cave for seven diiys. . - . Miiiinu experts and Tennessee troopers had ulrcady nbandonec) all pfloi'ts to find thn 3B-ycar-old PI- cltii; wur veteran In the ftolto:nl«ss ilurknr-'.s of the cavern. nil the Scouts, all members of :> senior Scout explorer post, believed they could locutc the hidden rntruv-o to the cave through the top of Sand Mountain, which leg- Price Siaso. wllli snmll Ho*" I" 1 *- inflii talunco $20 per inoiilll. Pos- >;e«;ilon with deed. txli-ril 8-rooin house on corner lol. close in. well locateu. Trice W100. hull down. bntam'i! loss Ihnll real • room home with Iwlli. on i lot*. Owner leiivhiu town. $.1500. wllli sniull down payment. Ciul tmy furniture liliuiii. liimicilhilc IKJMICS- louse on Missouri Street, pilce $2500. , end soys exists. They lud modern cavi'-dr.irthH: 'equipment,' food and si tonl tn paclcllc up the mile-long river In the central passage. rri'c Stilts were led by 20-year old na'.> phllliiw, n member of-ith Nation >1 SpellxolOKlcnl Soclet which Is concerned with cave e)( ii'.or.Uiws. Tlxiv also were Jotric bv veteran miner John Gouge who warned against stalactite which mlsht crash down to tl r.ivc floor and the Icy waters o Ui" undetT'roiuul river. Hum ]>:<d unlered Hie cave, whlc miens no on a spur of lookout Mountain 20 miles west of Chntla- naapn. to explore Its commercial possibilities as a tourist 'Attraction. .. .» .-—• ......—. Arkansas tor Woodmen of tho World Vely liberal contract- with renewal.' tor 10 years. II HilL-resta! tee H. D Willie. Hotel Noblo. WeilneEdoy. or contact, ino nl Lake City. ArK. Need n route. nrrku man lo- operate. -----Good opportunity (or omm- route. llous man. Call 3579 for for Rent .room"i>ous<t, well locuted. Prlc-cil Ternw. to S.ali home 'en IniBC lot 1'rlce $2150. ii. $1200 clown. Modern, cool bedroom. Mrs. Frantt Simmons. 813 W •"- Rubberoid Mat Designed To Halt Ring Injuries NEWARK. N. J., July 8. (UP) — Ring officials and boxers who tested a new type of rubberoid mal designed to prevent head injuries, predicted today that the equipment soon would be Installed In all rings about the country and that It might put an end to boxing fntaliUes. Babe Caiman, a promoter, who saw a fatal knockout blow delivered equipment when he introduced the at his arena three years ago, culminated a long search lor such rubberoid mat at the Meadoxbrook outdoor bowl last night. • The mat. an inch thick, was placed under the regular ring canvaB and fighters' who tested It said they clt no impact when they fell with I full weight against It. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR TUB 'CIIICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS The First Huuonal Bank in Blytheville, vs. Plaintiff JOB"uc«i''w?l'i' located. 1H nillo of isoci.l to'*'!! Ill Missouri. Fenced mid mm •fenced ^Mi extru nood improvements 'ife'i&ra IfSlhSlI^'PIonW or improvcme.US. Kood land, lirlee-1 ' n l/i'h'ivu other'cliy property "nil farms liaeu for sellliiB. if >'°" "? '"Af r SM .. .„ .nlllii,. nr '.mvltlt!. t.eC Or lull uli. mil "UOSH ' VA:.V:SMAN. ' ph. OUl'ce with ' MnrKm Will' Aurv . 1'hoilC 2151. City Seeks Relief From High Tax Colfc-?;a:: Cczi 'LITTLE TtOOK Ark., July B. '(UP —Mayor Sam V/flraell toci^y is pro paring to «ft:..u two at'i en !t contingent basis to chitlleiiEe dlstriljutiorj of lay. funds ijy the county.. He s-Ji<j he- will j>j;ne Oln If. Nixcn f-nd ^ Cooper Tlio "iirivii-'s action follows coun- J A. Blankenshlp, el al. Defendant WAKNING OKI1ER The defendants, J. A. .Blanken- slilp, Jay Blnnkcnship and Junmie Blankenshlp. ar e warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawb.1 District of Mississippi County, Arkansas within thirty days and answer the complaint ol Ihe plaintiff, The First National Bank in Blylheville. WITNESS my hand »s clerk of said court mid the seal thereof. this 30 day of June, 1947. HARVEY MORRIS, CLERK By Harvey Morris Tl-8-15-22 bauni to sell and dispense vinous or ;:pirltous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 112 N. 2nd. Blytheville. . Tins permit issued on the 1 day of July, 1947 and expires on the 30 day of June, 1948. Philip Applcbaum Permittee B 1 .IS-B..-I S . . y. fSjeqfO i'l ^ Woman Confesses Killing Her Husband Editors to Visit Occupied Areas in Japan, Korea WASHINGTON, July 8. (UP) — Secretary of War Robert P. Pat terson "announced today that 10 American editors and publisher will leave Wednesday on a 32-day tour of the occupied zones of Ja pan and Korea to study conditions Six of the party will leave b plane from national airport tomo: •row for Fairfield-Sulsun Army Ai Base. C'al., where they will be Joine by the others. • ' , The route will be via Hawa Kwa]alem and Guam with nrrlv in Tokyo scheduled for Sunda July li 'The tour will tnke In t 1 Philippines. China, Ounm and Ho : waii, as well as Japan and Korea, the Brthy said. Sow Tu" Co^Bap I[E[jE NA, Ark.. July B. <UP) - uirch in (Driver for bovie An- A ;,o-ycai-old farmwifc has been "i-son of Driver who died Satur- nrr estcd on a murder charge by ivornliif at her home. She Phillips county otflcinl.s alter nl- the wife of Claude Anderson. lcgc( My killing her husband for nt- v 'M F. Scott, pastor, will lemptlng to assault her 10-year-old tri-Vite Burial will be held ill uaughlcr by a previous marrlnec. '" ccmclry ut Driver. . officers Identified the woman as v Licensing Officials Want to See Drivers LITTLE ROCK, 'Ark., July 8 (UP) — it is Koii'U t° be harder to c.l driver's licenses In Arkansas ore lonn If the state Hevenue De- artmcnl can find a way to tight-n the ictiulremenls. Revenue Commissioner Otho A Cook said yesterday that he would all a conference of department of- Iclals soon lo determine 'Whether a <M1 law requlrlnfi all applicants foi i drivers license to appear In person can be enforced. I'honc a»5. Mi's - shoals and 1 CU-nr l.itke. Aik. A P. UvirXs. fil .,,,,,.n.,,i ].. E t. night of a "legal ! Ihrory" inl-.f'iced i-y the two attor- I neya T'iu< city will clwlli'iigc the (•three per e-nl irolleclion fen now 1 Icvioil hy the counties o' O'le a'lltnnun (pinnated tha >U!p mck could obtain sime S25. COT i". •iddittonal revenue eacS year if the suit proves successful. on HiBiiwuy Wonted To Buy • repair cciul|)ineiit. Phone 217 Ilftdlntor repair cciul|)n liny or 2638 nlEhl. Read courier News Want Ads. NOTICK OF GKANT1NO OF l.TQUOIl t'KKMIT Notice Is hereby given that 111 Commissioner of 'Revenues of 11 State of Arkansas h"s Issued permit, Wo. 194 to Philip Applt C A •"»» Personalized Stationery WITH NAMI 'MM AODI«SS-Print*d Ink 1OO SHEETS She*! Sin 50 ENVS. lO'/iX7i/ 4 in. R.gulai pile, ot Ihll bo. 01 tine quality <!ppl« finHh«<l Bond pap«' n ll-»- '"'» »»•' " 1°°" onl » """' Au ' ) "' Juii writt your namn and addrell clearly on piec* ol pap«' and rnjU -Hh your chaclt ot Money Oldei 151-50. no mole) to ut WE '*' POSIAGt. Ord«'S lilHd ian>« day f«ceivid. PEPPER STATIONERY CO. U COURT. M.M Fr.n« MEMPHIS, TEMM. 6 her linn her husband, she Mrs y\ n dry Skelton nnd said she i survived by two damjlitcro, snol llD| . husband, J. C. Skelton, 49 Iiry nnrley <ii^l (Willie E. Mc " ns he slept in their tenant home ilnney. elaht miles Northwest of Marvel Cnston Funeral Home 13 I' 1 cil ,.iy yesterday. Officers quoted Mrs. Skelton saying that she shot lier husban Funeral -ervlfcs for Ai-.'.iur Will, because he "repeatedly tried to I»M w'-oi llicd ycstcroy morning criminally assault" her 10-ycar-ol it. the "home of his daughter | daughter by a previous mnrrlngc. Mamie Williams, will be M'.u to-1 •noirow at 2 p. m. at Enoch Ohapcl, A. M. E. Church. Rev P. S. Shaw, pastor, will iffldiue. Burial will be in Mount nvic\v Cenielery in - He is also survived by his wife, Rosi Jackson County Group Seeks Liquor Referendum 'H IH'llVHT. ULli "i J ..... — - Glmvicw Cemeiery in ChlcaBO. NEWI'ORT, Ark., July 8. 'UP) e is also survived by his wife, lncksotl county Judge D. J. Nnncc ic Mills, another daughter." 1S cxl)cele(1 lo nd, within 10 days lia' Mac Tailcy of Chie.iso anu gn ^ po tltion filed ycslerdny nsk- '——>—• Ing for a countywUlc local option MEET -a brother. Ciislcn -Funeral charge. NO'I'ICF. The Mississippi County Board of Fduc:illon will meet July 23 at 2 in Blytheville Courthouse, for the purpose of considering petitions rctinrsting that R".cce School DIs- ii-lc-t 'N'o. S3 n ml Flat take School District No. 4D be dissolved and tho territory comprising these districts be annexed to BlythevlHe | Schools District No. 5, and that| Mlltlcan School District No. 8 and] Ilrown School District No. 50. be', dissolved and the territory comprising these districts be annexed to M-inlla School District No. 15. Signed: Philip J. Deer, Countv Supervisor of Mississippi County Schools. •J'8-15 Home Is Read Courier News Want Ads. h petition, which is snid lo have Mink a Baptist i I conlnhied sonic 1300 signatures, president or the Jack 1 was submitted by the Rev. W. A. • commmce. :.««ci^«W.^o>>:^^^^^ Cedar Hope Chest FOB REAL MERCURY SERVICE, | "ALWAYS SEE YOUR MERCURY DEALER We're the best place in town to bring your Mezcury, 'cause naturally we're specialists in Mercury Service. That means Beautiful ..vdurable Uoyd Fibre-and-Metal FureiHuri Outdoor living is the healthiul, enjoyable order oi the day. And this colorful furniture, smartly designed, built and. finished to; resist wear and ' weaiher, makes you proud o! your "outdoor living room." -.. Fibre is never too hot or cold to the iouch — does not sag or stretch. ... Come in and select yours now. Lloyd fiber and metal choir, oss'td. colors $8.45 All moral white table $9.75 Charles S. Lemons, Furniture The Gift That Starts the Home Remember her birthday the romantic way. Give her the Lane Cedar Hope Chest she longs for. It's one gift she li cherish always, while it keeps her precious treasures safe. No matter which stunning style/you choose, your gilt Lane will have all of the exclusive Lane quality features! |<W Birthday Gill for Sw.«Hi»°rf, Slil«r, DovgMar or Motk»r TARPETS AND RUGS... IN SOFT CARVED EFFECTS Also plain weave, two-tone or con- i trailing colors. Come in and see them. 9x12 - $74.50 to $94.50 Charles S. Lemons, Furniture KEEPS RUGS CLEAN No liquids! No suds! 3-lb. can $ 1 Use on any rug or carpel, including light colors and twists. Cleans entire room, os' ciy.rH areas without leaving ring. No wooder we're making fricad>. r»*ry day wjtH our Mnairy Serriw. Still & Young MOTOR COMPANY 347* Affc. Charles S. Lemons Furniture \ \\iff ' NEW LIFE for your Coleman Oil Heater Authorized Service Today your Coleman Heater is more valuable than ever. A regular check-up will keep it working like new. It may need only a little cleaning or adjustment, or perhaps an inexpensive part. We can make it work like new so that you can continue to enjoy at low cost the "Warm Floors" comfort it was made to give you. Call us toclayl CHARLES S. LEMONS, Furniture Charles S. Lemons, Furniture

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