The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1937 Huge Statue of Lenin Will Crown World's Highest Building BY NORMAN B. DEURI. Uitilal I'tess Staff Correspondent MOSCOW (UP)—The projected 1'alace of Soviets, designed to be tlie tallest and tlie largest build- Ing in the world, will top the Empire State building literally 1)5 a head. An architect's drawing of Ib building, published when plan,* were completed, showed the head of a giant statue of Lenin wltlcl will surmount tlie structure completely nuove a line projected Iron the top of the Empire Stale. Len- In's upraised arm parallels thi height of the Empire Stale nnd his outstretched finger cxcedes il , Tiie great statue, to be constructed of stainless steel, will lie 328 feet in height, the'head itself 45 feet high,'the arm 98 feet high, the ann 98. feet long, ending in a thirteen-foot linger 'stretched, over Moscow. ; ' it' Height To Be 1,377 Feet To the 'top of the statue, Ihc height of the building will be Doctor Drownert as Flpocl Balked Rescue (Continued Prom pdKe i) iippl County wnnl nnd need 0 fnrin . program ns much as iwy county In the United Stales and on cntitil tins!* will bo glnd to cp- opernte to Die fullest extent, both In Ihc form program nnd the Farm Bureau, "It Is probably loo late ill this time of the yeur lo get the iilxive mentioned errors corrected but 1 can assure you Dint If In the fil- lure .any time llils county Is |>\)t on cqiml basis-wllli oliiei 1 cbuiitlfcft in Die South ami within Its own Mississippi County completely out .,tnte, they will be 100% for tills of Ihc farm program. | fnrin program, I Irave snld and still say| "Yours very Irtily, Hint the (turners of' Mississippi' "Irn Crawford." County have been ns loynl nnd I — -• ore still as loynl ns any farmers V O iiri(riilnrJ Ua« 'n the United States to the farm 10 "ngl>100(1 Has program ns far as itjs 1 possible \ n Shelby Horse SHOW them lo do so. If wo were J_ * 'I'lienl' ihT " crc ° Be ."I" 1 b " se i Verne YomiBbtootl, who is tralri- tltled to, there would tllll be more ft'* " n "* e , r - Lof *" ow lloHiCS " il(l thnn 95% of the farmers sign con- < ,„,„"„,, c lk tracts ttnil reduce whatever per cent Hint Is necessary lo mnkc a renl farm program. .Some Counties Have Too Much "I know \vq r ore entitled to.nil 'ic biise mentioned above ;'for, the staltstlcnl 'records hr> ; the K 1C K AT O statistician's iiock show office 1 that ; iin while Ltlttc this icrses. \ lashed the surging flood waters hindered the three rescuers who are they attempted to save Dr. J. H. MacDonald, whose automobile was 1.317 feet, as compared with 1,243 'Driving snow and a gale whlct to the toil of tlie lower of the . dramatically pictured above as Empire State, and 1,046 for the ' swept off a bridge near lilissfield, Out. Apparently Injured, Dr. MacDonnld had drowned before the Chrysler building. . i tliree men could get his body from the almost submerged nuto. The doctor had been on his way to Deducting 323 feet comprising Woodstock, Out., where a washout caused a train wreck that killed two trainmen. The flood waters " ' Hie the building will bt> 1,040 fet in height. i Plans for the building hnve changed often since it first was projected, although work has progressed on tlie foundations. Plans ore now declared (o hnve been worked out in every detail and finally completed. The base of the structure will be 1,500 feet long and 830 feet wide, comprising an area of 131,203 square yards. Tlie .steel substructure of the building will weigh 228,000 metric tons and will consist of alternating cylindrical and conic parts. Above this the lower construction, 254 feet in height, will consist of 32 pairs of huge columns resting on steel plates, while the upper structure will be of chromium- • copper steel, the formula for which was worked out after two years of experimentation. • ' [lull To Seat 20,000 The main hall of the palace will sent 20,000 persons in a round amphitheater having a diameter - of 3SO feet, Beats will be arranged' > in 51 ,yows..The hall willoccupy. an afe'a of 14.352 square ' yards with a total 'volume of '970.000 cubic meters. Part of the circumference will . be assigned to seals for members of tlie Presidium, diplomatic, corps and Soviet and foreign preps. During conferences the audience will occupy the area of the hnll, but when necessary the main floor space can be transformed into an indoor sports field or area for demonstrations by lowering the senls into a basement. A circular foyer, formed by two rows of pillars supporting the central portion of the building will encircle the large hall, displaying large paintings which will depict different episodes of the -•--" wllich covercU secll(m of westem Ontar!o ' drove trom thclr homcs ' London, nnd caused damage estimated at $1,000,000. Dublin, Ireland, but came with $100 prize, offered for the tlelegn- tiis ijarents to this country at 11111 lion traveling Ihe most miles. early age. Surviving arc Ills widow, Mrs. Ogy Zculs Henley; five sons, Will, Local Delegates Leave for Bar Association Meeting at Wynne Authorized to cast votes for 29 in the Cliickasuwba Mississippi county, V. O. Holland and W. 'Leon Smith, minslructed delegates of tlie local jar nssociation, left shortly be- 'orc noon today for Wynne where i convention of delegates of conn- ,y bar associations in eastern Ar- iansas is to be held this afternoon to endorse a candidate for the eastern Arkansas federal judgeship. About 10 local attorneys accompanied the delegates of the local bar. Practically?— the entire membership of the. 1 " Osceola district bar was expected to^ be on hand. Congressman W. J. Driver ('of Csccoia. and Chancellor Hutching of Forrest City appeared today to be the most formidable candidates for tlie convention's endorsement unless a deadlock should result in the nomination of some other candidate. It was anticipated here lliat the local delegates would cast their ballots for Congressman Driver. A recent press dispatch from Washington that President Roosevelt would send the name of Hamilton Moses, John, Tom, Jim, three daughters,' and Joseph; Mrs. Mamie Baynes, Mrs. Anna May Fisher, and Mrs. Herbert Russell, all of lear Carulhersville. Also surviving are one sister, Mrs. Catherine D. Friend of St. Louts, and 21 grandchildren. The boys visited the state capllo at Jefferson city, where lliey me' Governor Stark and other stale officials, Ihe state penitentiary nm ;he Furmington hospital. 500 Children" Will" Sing at Caruthersviile 24 Young Baptists Attend State Meeting Tins morning four cars carrying 24 young people from Mississippi county left for pine Bluff to attend the annual stale meeting of the Baptist Training Union. The host city is expecting more than 1000 delegates from the 860 Baptist churches In the state. Outstanding .south-wide leaders in young people's work will lead the 'programs and conferences. Churches sending delegates from this county are: Manila, Dell. Armorel. Clear Lake, New Liberty, Reiser, lan'ey, Second and First Baptist churches' irt this city. Opon their return the Baptist young people of this county will launch their summer evangelistic movement in keeping with the si-, miiltaneous revival promoted by the 28 Baptist churches of tile county. county lins been' developing It's fni'in hind, other counties in, the ntc have been continually rftluc- iS their crop land tit ii'much reater per cent due to erosion nd oilier unavoidable causes, event, liese figures are corroborated by statement from Mr. Jim Sar- ent who Is working In the slate rosion program. At the meeting t Marlnnnn, April icth, he slnted hat due to erosion, there had cen enough soil washed away In he hill, sections of Arknnsns lo equal thirteen counties. Still, n greater per cent of the base acre fige that we are entitled to, remains in those 'counties where hey have no use for It .whatever. "Each year from the time this fnrm program started we have endeavored to show the state committees nnd the committees In Washington, the condition in which it was leaving us In this county, warning them that they were gradually pushing a very loyal bunch of cooperating farm ers out of the program. Anil now you can see the results. "This does not apply to Mlssls- fnhgroimds 1 honors exhibiting horses of W. J. Driver. Osceoln. nnd Youlig- blood nnti c. O. Smith bf this cily, nl tlie Shelby, Miss., horse shew Tticstlay nnd Wednesday. Younijblooil won first In the roadster.-event, driving the fnmoiis Broadway ;l!ill, while nnolher of he fumed Smith & -YouiiijblooU C ARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — Flv Hundred grade, school pupils wl be presented at . the high schoo auditorium in n. massed musicn Concert on Tuesday evening, Ma 4, at 1:45 o'clock. The .students , are all pupils the local grade school, and . th concert Is under Ihe direction o Mrs:, visor school. . Redman Dunham, of nuislc in the gnu 'bream, took second plnce, driven by R. Mnhntl. Youngblood rode W. J. Driver's Peggy Lc,e Allen to lake third place in ihc senior walking,, nihre I'ti Inlrixlifcr it finr oM Indian mcillciiir ami |>iovc ill wondrrlul liver trouUd, wr will nil for t fctv davi ihc r«cul»r II Wei' bi(nt) for 49 cfnu. l.lmh, thrte to fc customer. We flio giiRrahlee 19 refund full purtluit price lo fcny iJmon wh> li noi (Ml l>ie medicine ii worth it loil ten llnlet svUt he p«id lor ll. In twelve hours OLD ^•111 drive potioni from your ivi U'lll ft* llm'l. A« r.i>)' Ink thht i-Yi-[ clnic from a bcllle, It CKUICI » rnore nalurll action than any other mti!!c!»e we know of. It 1i a tool treatment lor rheumatic ana neutl- L tli pains in mm. 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Its stage will occupy 1,435 iiiare yards, ; Tcrmccs Around Tower Terraces around Ihe lower por- on of the building, particularly, te terrace planned at the feet of 10 Lenin statue, will afford a ide view of Moscow. Designed to rapidly evacuate ie 30.000' persons who may oc- upy the building simultaneously, 2 escalators and 99 elevators have een designed. Thirty thousand ersons will be able to leave the iiilding in 10 minutes, and ele- alors will make the trip to the ase of the Lenin statue in three i unites. Ventilation of the big halls will e accomplished through air vents ! the backs of the seals to elim- liUe drafts. It is estimated that tlie statue >f Lenin will be fully visible only 0 days of the year, the rest o'f he lime hidden partly or com- ilctely In clouds. The average life of a butterflj is five weeks. Many species arc unable to tat during their shori life span. PRICES SLASHE Accessories - Tires Here Are A Few o Used Tires .. $1.50 Up litiaranlecd Tubes 75e Up Tire Boots . . 3 for lOc Tube Patching 2 for ISc Headlight Bulbs 2 for 23c Distributor Points l!>c Get Our Prices 128 E. Main ARIAN Al Little Rock attorney, to the senate next week ^for confirmation ns successor to the late Judge John E. Martineau, apparently was not lo deter Die eastern Arkansas bar's effort to secure ap- polnlinenl of an "attorney from eastern Arkansas lo the post. The Little Rock bar association, of which Moses Is a member and of which Judge Martineau was a member, has ignored the convention call issued by Chancellor J. P. Gantncy of Jonesboro, state bar president. Rites at Caruthersviile for T. M. Henley, 72 CARUTHERSVILLE] MO. — Funeral services for T. M. Henley, 72, were held at the First Baptist Church here by the Rev. D. K. Foster, with Inlermcut in Maple cemetery. ' ; ] '. Mr. Henley, for 24 years a resident of tills county, was bon; in DR. 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The lettermen group Included:the following: John^ Ed' James, Enterprise,- Ala.; Kunkel Vance, Evening Shade;- Bert Walker, Para- gottld; Jim Gooch, Wynne; Glenn Spttrlock, Caraway; Orville Kellett, Williford; 'James'' Hunt, Emmett Colvln, Bill Hunt, Blytheville; Harry Feiley, Jonesboro; - Lloyd Mayfield, Senath, Mo.; .George Vloer, Jonesboro; J. K. Young, Pam- gould; Manager James DeShuzo, 1 -Viola. '•'.': ' . checked the statistical record of practically every county in the stale mid find that n number of other delta counties suffer the same handicap, however, none o them are hurt equal to the farmers In Mississippi County. "I know the farmers of Missis- BAKERY SPECIALS All Day Fri. - Sat. - Sim. 19 C Youngblood showed his Drbndwny 1)111 to pciTcctlon In wlnnliii} tile roadster class, piloting the Imiui- sorne Irotler In ~"tlirlllln^ ihtirmer to liefeat n good field." 'iciiires Will Show University's A picture story of Ihe Improve- nents whlcli ImVc been liiade lii ecent years In the physical plnill of the University of Arkansas wll! be presented • at the high schoo auditorium, tonight by ArUitlr' M linrdliig,' professor of nstroiioiiij and niEithemntics. Mr. Hnrdlntj'.s np|>cnrniice was Arranged particularly for member, of the high school senior, clnss liu anyone who U'Interested .Is Invitee to attend. There will be no charge Ivfr. Hardlng's talk will beglii at o'clock.' Hornersville F. F. A. Boys Attend State Meeting • HORNERSVILLE, Mo.— Twenty- four members of the Hornersville chapter of the Future Farmers of America, accompanied by Nelson Tinnin, agriculture Instructor in the local schools, and Mrs. Tinnin. ., , , ., , , it t attended the state convention of HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 IBS. A DAY Doclon iay your kidneys contain 15 m!U ol liny tube* or fill era'whtch btlp topmity ibe blood and Veep you healthy. 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