The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1946
Page 4
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TWO BLYTIIBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 22, iO-lfi Mrs. Clark Attends State Assembly Tuesday Mrs. James B. C|a'rk rf turned •esterdav, Iroiji LIHle Roctt : and =ln« Jjluff, Ark, wherf.she attended thi State Assembly of the Daughters of American Colonists jnd State Board meeting of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. 1 • *-•.. . V. • ).)••=- ...' •:•-,»' Mrs. Lorene-.E. Rex of Wichita, Kans.; and . ; Y?fLshIrigt6n, p. C,, national' president of: the Daughters of American Colonists, was guest of honor Tuesday. at; the 10th Annual State ' XssemBlj;.,' t ".' f: , '.,• . Following a the home of Miss HllrJeSa'rde Smith, sta|e regent, in Little Rock, the meeting fiiclally opened at 10 o'clock In >ine Bl^Jf, .-wilii the Quapawi Ohap- er as rtosfesies.^ . ,. v ... . , Mrs. iQfcrfc state first .vlqe re- icnt, read the' •objects of the so- :Iety. Mrs:' A.'W.! It." Branson, 'also of he iqcal- chapter, .receives a -cit'a- .ion . 'i$r. outstanding Re'd Cross service.' " :•' : '----- ••• ••-• ' '•• •••..-.'- . Mrs; Clark.' by virtue 'of her office ' 3ronp's decision to.riave their regu- ar parties Thursday, nfterncoti Instead of Saturday, when tlicy have ieen held .for some .time, j Other team members, guests present wore Mrs. Tom Keatoli and Mrs. Bernard 'Jiggers.' High score bridge prize was awarded Mrs. Roy Kea niul second ilgh went to Mrs. Bill M:illn. Decorating the Edwards txjinc for tlie.'.occosion were arrangements of mixed Spring tlowevs.'' The hostess served . a . dessert as Tp'ast f ^Oie Arkansas Division «ol -the - United Daughters of tttc jbonferedary, attended the StntV a»ari -rneetfaTigr ..Wednesday at the -W»r Memorial Building in Little. RocK. - '(i - • •••.During.,her stay.,ln tittle. Roc*. Mrs:*cWrk. was guest of her cousin, Mrs, Philip Baldwin,..who is state-chaplain of-the Daughters of American * Mr. and Mrs. J. Nick Thomas of Hopkinsville, Ky., formerly of Biy- heville, have returned to their onie after visiting, tiere several ays..wilh Mr. and : Mrs. C. P. Blakemorc, nnd friends. • .Mrs. G. C. Sayre left Wednesday o. return to lier home. in. buranl, l'ii, ,, after spending, .the past w,o .wceVs, here with her sister, r^ Edna . Nieij, and .Dr. Carl Nies. Marvin Niinn lias goiie to Poughkeepsie, . N. Y.. and .Washington. wl|l visit ,Jils. ' Honor Students Are Announced "or Junior High John \vol>b Wilts led Hlyl'hcvlltc Junior High Scliool Honor Roll for the first six v/ceks of the second semester. Others on Hie honor • rofl \vevc: Jim Deer, Moiui Cloodrlch, lUchard Reid. Murray .Smart, Jimnne Par- risli, Charles Helknnp. Margery Mule. Sue. OrsUurn, Mona Joy Claines, Shirley King, Frledrleh Laekmann, yivlnn Toylor, Jvlary Jo Eaton, Jcnnett I'iginnn, Ted Vnnce ouls e snll|van, Denny Byium onji .arry • Axhby. ,. Hec'elvlng honorable . mention ; cre Nancy nrnlchcr, Ruth Hill' ifargnrcl Hunch. Ann Yaibro Minify shlvlcy, Beverly Alley, Eih- na. Hianchtinl, JpcQucllne E.stcs. «aveun Crump. Boii'iile Oijff, JWijl- >a Pi-yoi 1 . Pnl B'uVks, Freddie.Smith. Betty Wade. Kenneth Hood. Ed- At 'All- me'nibers ~oi Mid-Wei Bridie Clgb*"were"presenl. yesterday wli«n Mrs. Jb. A; fcynch e nt eft ained \v i Ch a-liifacheprY.,,.,.:..!., :• .•;.-' . Trie lWlr% room 'i'nd.dlmnfe 'room of .the tyricri ' ripthe, ,','1115 wea Ma'irS, we're decorated with Jonquil and ( -hyacinths. Luncheon whs serv ed 'set trie -dining room table. •Slig. ftj'rry W, ttaihes won high scora!tiridg'e prize during aft'ernooi games. D,,c.. .w.- ,. daugfiters, Wiss,Msi;y. Prn'nces Nunn r , ,. and >Jlss Virglhin Nunn. Miss Mary l>m«n Is .a ..freshinan nt, .^qilege , aiicl, - her , sister is ert|'plbyed,.in W ns hl n B'OJi. D- cf , Mrs! , Essie. Davis, \yrio.has. b9cn qiiite .ill. .U.'rtiucli iup'rovcd ,i>'nd ,Wns ' .. .. , , aule Yo leave •fllytfle'viljc Hospital Mrs... Raynlqnd .Fo^te,!- of. ..SI Louis, ii'as nrrlvcd tq.spcijcl scycriil days with her ,'pio'tlicr, Mrs. Altec Wo'rymcfe. 111. at Walls ifospital; hci .sift'er, .{ilrs...!?. 9,. Allen, an'd oth'ei relatives _tmd friends. ., . . .., ''' of J.. Vj. Moore. \vl ' At The HospitaU Blylheville Admitted: James Miller, city. jlsmisfied: Mrs. EXsle Davis, city. Mrs. W. A. Dobyns, city. Mrs. Tom I-cwis, Cooler. Mo. Mrs. R p. fsorlvcncr, city. Walls [losiiltul Admitted: Mrs. J. R Nral, city.. Marcus Weldon, Bteele, Mo. Wlllard Barnes, Steele, Mo. ,Mary Prances Wilson, Dell. Dismissed : •Mrs. George A. Moody, Carutli- ersvllle, .Mo. M*rs. A. L. Corkran, city. Mrs. Thomas A. Weaver, city. Mrs, C. P. Steward, lit. 1, city Jerry Harmon, city. Memphis Hanlisl Hospital Ailmi'tted: j/frs. W. W. Watson, city. Mrs, Ray Wortlilngtoii, city. Mrs. It. C. ,'Jqlli).son, psccolp. SKe'mphts Methodist ftosjiilat Movie Contest Open To Clubs 4-H Members Will Be Given Chance To Win National Awards vcird pipkin, Pally Bartholomew'. Anne Fllford, Alim Berry, i Patsy Admitted: Pope, Nancy Ann. Damon, Hay..Elrod. Joiner. Charles Rrlchnrd, Eivlna Brice and Wilbur Dillahunly, Osceola. Humphrey. . 4-11 Club leaders nnd members ther boys or girls *no wish to try for a leading role in the movie, | although some amateur piny. > speaking gr demonstration practice j may be helpful. j All entries must be postmarked not later than April 15, and should bo, mailed to National 4-H Club News, 59 East Van liuren Street, Chicago 5, Illinois. The new 4-H movie will be sponsored by the Sears-Roebuck foundation. It will lie produced In cooperation with ih e u. S. De- Singing Conyention Be fte'ld Sunday announced-by R. E. I.. Smllh, president. . . n Nonh Mississippi County have in cxi-pjiiiotiul opportunity to (j"'" latlcn-'.vkle rccnt'iiillon nnd re- •c-lve v:iln:il)!e uwnrds l)y partlci- Lllni; ill Ihe new Nnlionul 4-H Moe coin, st, loc::.l County Gxlcnslon lienu-, saitl today. Any ;Hiult qr junior loc-ai leader actively enjoined in icitdlng a 4-!l 3i»l). iciui club members cnrollect .his ye:n, nre ellglblu to'partlclpat? in the The 4-\l lender v.ho submits lh» best story Wen and the. 4-H boy and till chosen to play,the leading roles in the moyle will each receive ;ii) all-expense trip to the 25th Anniversary National 4-H Club Congress in chiewgo. Nine runners-up. in each division—leaders, boys and (jirls—will receive U. K. suvinys Ronds. Tin- winning; story written by ii local Hub lender will lie used in the production of the new 4-H /novie ;uuE 1m or her name and address will appear m the film, 'tile siory may be based on fact or fancy, or a combination of the two, nnd should not exceed 500 words. No attention will be paid to,. literary style or con-struction. No experience is needed by ei- railment of Agriculture, the State Extension Services and National 4-H Club News. Complete infor- rnalion regarding the contest may he obtained at the County Exten- .sion Office. Turkcy Town WALSENBURO, Col. (U.P.) — More than 332,000 pounds of turkeys were shipped from this town of 5,600 population In 1945—an average of OB pounds per resident. "RHEUMATIC PAINS MAKE THIS TEST FREE •II you'Jl luit send m« y^ir name tnJ srfjfe.i*. I']] null you ABSOLUTELY KltE*: m gt-tit rein lrl*l tfil suiT'ly "1 the NEW mPUOVEn CASK COM DIN AT ION METJJOD w!1li [ill] lilSUuelioJH tor rrllel ol OIOM urciiililne pilns commouU iiSocialed »ll» RHEUMATIC. SCIATIC. ARTH- «ITJO. *n<3 NEUHA1.O1C ronitltlont.- tto tnal«r how Jons you have liad tjiosr n'»r<jl rvilnx joa o-x* It to yourfelf HI.4 your <trflr ^nes to try my isew Improved Caie CoinbhiMlon Mtlhfkl IT DOESN T COST YOU ONE PENNY TO THY IT. (3O SEND YOU]I NAME AtJD ADI1RF53 TODAY TO ' Read Courier News Want. Ada. ' PAUL CASE, DI^/^ElRfl'CIRTON. MAS? \Ve have fre.«,h ground meal nnd chicken choji^ .fine or ii'oiirse. Hay and mixed ground feetls. Also custom g raid ing-crushing 1 . \\'i> arc now buying poultry, SON Soulh Second On Old Berlig Gin I.ol L A N G L E Y & The,. monthly I'emiscbl • County :ln.|;lne convention , will. fc? )>elcl Siniday, March 24, jn Ca'ruthevs- vllle! Mo.. First iiiiptli^t ChuVcli. Assisting .iVi the, s^lgln'g. will .be irjplal .guests. , the Keathly tlar- mony Boys, who...broadcast over stattpn. vyREC. .Menipliis.^ . There, will be church services,..In LlVc (noi'nlhE .aiid the flarinony Bpy's w'l'l'l .pre.scj'iL V. .15/Vn'luu'lc, pro.- 1 gr'nm, inmiediately,.-after Sunday School bceln The [er.-Club.- Gtifets , G. G^ Caudiil .was ' hostess yestwday witli a. .luncheon, to riiem- btrs'i of Thursday Contract Club and^ther guests.- Guests other i'ihan -Club . mem- bersiwere .Mrs. M.-.'Ai Isaacs. .Mrs.- Waiter and Mrs. A. G. has .'beep 111 for 'the ptist week .at his home^.qn East Sycamore Street, 1. so:^i c wli a^, Improv ed. 'Sa'rnii, Bob Stilwell, dniightcr o IVI/,.,i,'and Mrs, 'Geprye gtllwell, I confl'ned to lier Ijcd at theiv home 301 ..East, Ke'nU'icfey.. , ,Th'e.. p'ey. ..Dr. Prank G. Smll,h, who ..has been . licrp , trie past two months .witl'i ^his^laught'er. Mrs. R. P. .Klrs"lme'r .a'n^ 'family, left yest'er- d^y.'for his home in Nebraska City, Nebr... iieut. Cecil ,R,_ Branson Is spending a,.10-'day leave with Mrp..Bran- son iin'd liis parents,,Mr. anil. Mrs 'arrangement of Spririg ' . nowisrs. : . . . . . \\ ;. P. D. Foster .won high --,--.. prize "during -bridge games aiid;isecond .high went to Mrs. Humphreys. . Gists' of Mrs : . Partlaw - ••••$. , : •,:,.,. .:• ... •... . •: . -Mrs. Jesse: M.Wliite. Mrs. : Rupert Oraftoh: .and , Mrs. .' Earl -Buckley plaj|d bridge, last night Wth plciu- ber^of C"_ab Eight when Mrs. H. G. PariiQW.'wa's .hostess to the, group. ' Bouquets of Spring Mowers deco- ratjjlthe home. '. ;. ;,. . . •.Mrs'., ..Charles Langstpn >ypn .Jugh sco^e. prize .during bridge games and secftid> : ,high, wen.t _ to Mrs. White hostess served, refreshments. jt' new chjtb. th« . Chat-a-waj CluB, his been organized : In -Bly.- the^iUe ' .'and - ; rtie - eight, member sew^at their -weekly, meetings. Mrs.-OeoS'ope 4 as hostess ti lh e ^ group Jyeslerday., 'afternoon ,.a he'r^horrie, 3li Eiougan. .The hous way- decorated with mixed e ar . ii Army transport, has just ,rc- urncd to .the States from Casa r nnca,. Naples an<l other ports in ij\t area.. . . v '| Jack Henry. stor'ekQQiier ..third ass, wha is stationed at Jnck.son- ille, Fill,, is .<jpenrti)>g,a Tew days inyc, fl'ltli his brother, O, E. Henry nd family. . Mrs... v nny Wprihinglon euteveii feinpj(iis. Baptist .ilosnital Wedncs- ay, for . treatment prior to undcr- oin'e a major operation, Russian expcrinienlai fnnnilihvc aiscd cotton. in T such colors as black, red. and green. , _. School. The stngfng program' will WOMEN Were Nisver Meant To Suffer Like Thltl FLAVOR AROMA FUfSHHfSS THE BEAUTY CLINIC Margaret lleen Smith, Owner fncram 'Bldf. rtjone 3U74 It the functional "mlddle-ag«7 period pe'cullar ^o women make* you suffer from hot 'flashe*, ioiichy. hienstnirig, weak, n'er- vdtis leelTriga, try Lydlk «. Plnkharh's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Taken regularly — this great medicine helps bullet up resistance agalnit »uch "inlddle-age" distress. ; pjate was at -mid-afternoon. Members olrie> ihan Mrs. Pop are^ Mifc cufford Watklgs, -AJr, • 1<. A. pou^herty, Mrs. Jesse .Cain Mrs» tCeiton Francis - ,urs.j.'C)'au Price, -.J^s.j Gene Ellis and Mr Jaclf rieming.,i i: . _: k . O^her ftiari mernisers, a guest yes- terd«y was -Mrs.- Allene LaRue. Mr4- Keyriords Hostess .'its. "Hblb'.'Beynolds W MO STUFFY NOSE! MOTHERS .-. . row you can f««1 «i» ibDul not* dropi. Your Doctor.c*n till pu Kiddii • r»nd'Noi« Drool contain NOTHING. h«n,W^NO NO .ph.diln*. Mid. " - . ditnli tor four chtld'i common cold mii.ri.i. Xe<p a bottli hand^. AU Druqglil n . . ^^\ ( KIDDIE BRAND NOSE DROPS Another 'from Me to You' Letter from Harry Fritz/us While not an ;i.!iU'mist it seems to me the average citizen talks all too lightly of \Vorld War III. .We are, at (We cross-roads. A greater crisis is at hand iiow than even our "government admits. Russia is not bluffing—Neither are we. Our diplomats are none too good at their job. ,1 am optimistic and believe that immediate war will be averted. Nevertheless the danger is real and almost too terrible to contemplate. For this reason we miist face facts arid riot hide our heads in the sand. . . To most of us the .atomic bomb is just another weapon. Not KO. It is the final weapon! World War III will be, if. fought, a war to end all wars. There will be none fight! The'two bombs dropped 'on Japan were small arid crude, but even one. of .these <i;xploding a half rnile above a densely populated city .would kill 300,000 people! More terrible bombs 'are iii the cards.—Dr. j. Robert Oppenlieimer, who was Ihe head of the great Los Alamos Laboratory, says that one type bomb has been investigated which is too powerful to,'use. on any target except a "very major one such as greater New York!" General Arnold makes the startling statement that (he H-29's of the 20th. Air Force, could have done with atomic bombs in one day's raid th'e'damage they 'caused to Japan 'dining the entire war! These m'eri, of course, are ultra conservatives in 'their statements. All agree that there can be no effective defense a'gainst this,horrible destructive force, the very light of which kills humans like flies! Whose heat rivals the interior of the sun and instaiitly vaporizes (not melts) all metal and stone. Whose shock crumbles massive buildings to dust in an instant! Whose cosmic rays destroy men's blood cells and (he tissue in which they arc produced! If every thinking person in the world realized these facts would there be a World War 111? - Fitzpatrick Jewelry Store •fiutAothaa JZonyiriei - U/iHna.uzt - Plnkham'a.Co'mpoiincl la ,onf; oi the best know D medicines you con buy for thla. : purpose. It has proved some ol tha happiest days of some women's lives calk of,ten be durinj} their 40's. ^W* urge you to give • Plhkham's Compound a wlr. and hohist trial. 'Juflt see It it doeja"! help you, too. 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