The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1944
Page 5
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBBK 25,- 1944' BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.), .COURIER NEWS 'PAGE'FIVE •?*. Navy To Build Plant at Camden Proposed Ordnance L Factory Will Cost r 60 Million Dollars LITTLE ROCp, Sept. 25 (U.P.) — A Little Rock dally newspaper, the Arkansas Gazette, siiys Arkansas .Senator' John L. McClellan of Camden has announced that - the Navy Department lias authorized Justff ekes Patience to Teach Canary To S/ng, Soys Trainer immediate construction of 60 million dollni" Navy ordnance plant near Camden. According' to tlic newspaper, thc ; plant will produce a "revolutionary' implement, of war for use against the Japanese." And Senator McClellan is quoted as saying tlie Installation will be designed for use as part .of the Navy's permanent operations after the war. The • paper quoted McClellan as paying: "All plans arc perfected !>nd approved and .construction will I begin in the immediate future.' When completed this plant will engage in the mfiiuifuclure of (•pacific ordnance items for the Navy." He added: '"mis plant is, of course, being constructed In fur. tlierance of the present war efforts it is also designed to and will be used as a part of the Navy's permanent facilities and operations after the war.'* McClellan is quoted as saying the plant will be built on an area of between 60,000 and 70,000 acres, and that more Hum G.OOO employes will be required for the period of construction. Governor-nominee Den Laney of Camden says lie and other Camden residents hurt co-operated with Navy officials who inspected tlie site three weelts ago. According to Laney, tlie plant will be erected on property in Ouchila and Calhoun counties. By AUiEUT P. MAYKli United 1'ress Staff Correspondent CHICAGO (UP) — Anyone with patience can leach a canary to slug "Yankee Doodle" or "Slkewalks of New York." At least, thnts what Nate Provol, who makes lib living training canaries, says. Provol has been in the twitter and trill business for 43 years. A few years ago his canaries sang on dally radio broadcasts, "All you need to train a canary Is patience,' Provol sold. "Canaries are just like children. Some [lay close attention to their trainer and learn to sing in less time than others. Some act like schoolboys with spring fever and daydream tlie lime away." . <;',','' A bird that Is -not making^ progress at the end of two w'eeKs : of training will not be a good 'singer, Provol said. . . .; '; Repeat An Easy Tune "Good singers start to warble when they are three months old," he said. ."Then, they go through a period known as 'baby molt' which weakens them and they arc unable to sing. However, at five months thjs period passes and tlie birds' training is begun in earnest." To train a canary Provol stands Spanish possessions. None is being shipped now and I've bcen'forc- ed lo feed my birds oats and other domestic grains for which' they do not care loo much. As 11 result they tend to become sickly nnd do not sing." He said Hint sunflower seeds, a canary delicacy, formerly cost six cents a pound and now retail for 40 cents a pound. ''Before [he war sunflowers were grown In California by the Japan- psc," Provol said. "Internment of Japanese growers lias eliminated tills source of supply." Sharp Resigns Manpower Post Likely To Become Candidate for Mayor If Little Rock Osceola Society—Personal near its cage and whistles the same easy time over and over again. Male birds are the best singers, A singing female is rare. Birds of undetermined sex do not sing. Singing canaries arc of many colors, Provol said. The most common color Is yellow, but there are while canaries, green, blue, orange and cinnamon ones. While good singing canaries sel for $15 to $35. those that actually can warble a tune bring $125. Provol started his career with o whistling act in vaudeville. In Ne\\ York he found a canary whicl could accompany him. Then, hi bought and trained several othoi birds mid when vaudeville expired he took bis birds onto the radio networks for eight and one-half years. War Cuts Off Seed Provol now has over 300 canaries in his Chicago shop. He has 32 breeders all over the country hatching canary eggs for him. of these breeders arc farmers v^lio earn extra money during the winter months in this manner. Keeping Up With The Men In Service Mr. ami Mrs. C. E. Sullcnger have as their guests Mrs. John Sullengcr of Willow Springs, Mo., and Mrs. Clyde Smith of St. Louis. Frank PciTin arrived Friday for a visit with his mother, Mrs. C. B. Pcrrin, before returning to Riverside Military Academy at Gainesville. Ga., for his senior ye:lr. N. G. Uartwrigiit, who recently received . a p medical discharge from the Seabecc, left Sunday for Ark-j unsas State College at Jonesboro, where he will attend school this , Winter. I Billy Alexander, sort q[ Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Alexander, is attending Morris School for Boys in Searcy. Mrs.''R. W: Hlrncs"Ls a patient at Memphis Baptist Hospital, where her condition is reported improved. Like every other, bysiness, Provol said, the canary business has suffered during the war. "Its been a struggle lo feed the birds," he said. "True canary seed is grown ill Morocco and other Ben D. liamner, aviation ortl nance nutii l-c. now is stalionc n Panama, where lie is serving a gunner on n PRY. Mr. llainner wn stationed at Hutchison, Kans., be fore going to Panama. James L. Williams, son of Mr Rosa Williams of Osccola, has bcc promoted lo the rank of scrgeni at the Army Service l'\>rces Trnl: ing Center, Camp Clairbornc, La Tccli. Sergt. William Terry Mi clicll of Ofceola, a fire director in Held artillery, now is somewhere in France. Sergeant Mitchell has been overseas since last. December, crossing from England to France on D-Day. Staff Sergt, Hassel M. Blaylqck, son of Mr-s. O. B. Blaylock of Memphis, formerly of Osccoln, lias been in England since May. where he Ls assistant engineer on a 1S-24 Liberator. He now lias received the Air Medal with two oak leaf slus- ters denoting successful missions over enemy territory. Pvl. Joseph R. Roberts, .son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Roberts of Blytheville, has just been graduated Irom the Scotl Field, 111., radio school of Ihc AAF Training Command. His intensive training saw him complete the course in radio operator-mechanics. Mrs. Wylie Ralph of Blylhnville lias received word that her husband. Private Ralph, has landed in France. Mrs. Ralph and their LITTLE ROCK, Sept, 25 IU.1'.) — loyil Shari), Arkansas Manpower ommlsslon director since May, 943, 1ms tifiit his resignation to lonal Director FA McDonald of Cansas City, Mo., nnd usks that he rwlgnntton become effective Oct. l, Although Sharp neither denys ior confirms the-report, informed ources say that Sharp will uii- lounce as a candidate tor mayor f Little Rock as soon as the rcslg- intlon is accepted. Sharp was Arkansas WPA ad- ninlstrnlor before he was selected o head the War Manpower Com- nlsslon In Ihe stale. , Meanwhile, Alderman Sum Was- tcll and formed Alderman Daii T Eprltk have announced their cim- dldiicy for the mayorshlp—now lieu l>y Charles E. Moycr. It Is believe thai Moycr will seek re-election. Former Congressman David D Terry, who inst Bummer-,made :r , unsuccessful campaign for the gnu- mission nnd r.r. crnntorial nomh.aiion. iiays he < [Si,,,, 8 .."'^isn't jjolni; to run for the past. ~ ' Troj/or Is Overturned, Killing Hatcher Child LEI'ANTO, Ark,, Sopl. 25—Wniuln Icrlus McClellan, thrce-yi'iir-nld diuightor of Mr. and' Mrs. O. II. McClellan of the Hutcher community near U'punto, wits killed Snlirr- day when the tnilli'r loaded with cotton on which she wns vldlnu overlurnwl as it slruck loase grnvcl ighl miles noitheast of Ix'panto, None of Ihe child's five brothers Ihe cai 1 with her mother, Mrs ml sislcr, riding on the 1 trailer nnd II. Mi'Clellnn, was Injured. , Eccllon. 1. That Act 44 o! tho (Knoial AiRniuns, npiirovcd frl> riiary 10th, ns nincndcd, cn< Turtle Drinvnc llag COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP)—A Col- imbln woiunn whoso dug drowned n n li\ke neur here the other day ™> informed by velorliiniiun.s Hint lie pet hud been bitten, mul Irowiiod, by u turtle. daughter are making tbclr at 1901 West Vino while home ho i overseas. She also lias two brothers overseas, Pfc. Charles' Williamson who is in Franco, and Pvt. Aiii.lhi Williamson in Italy., lioth are from Dlythevlltc. All adutl weighing 'ahoijt 115 ixninds breathes 23,040 liinps.-lii 24 hours. ; .,'i •'.' Cost o! publication to llio tnxpaviTS Dl Ihls notice In Ilili paper U llmos It S25.00). PROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. ! INITIATED BY F'CTITION "A PROPOSAL FOli AN INITIATED ACT TO REPEAL Till! HORSE AND 000 RACING STATUTES Of AUK- (\NSAS. BALLOT MILE An Acl it'pcnllnfl Ai'1 40 ol Ihe Cencrnl Assembly ol Arxnnsnu. ai»- provcd February 10. 11135. mill Ael 119 ot Ilii; Gcncrnl Assembly ot Arkmi- ins approved March 6, 1911. umeiulinit mid Acl 1C, providing foi Ilie mm- Inllon, licensing and coiuliiL'liui; ot Morse llaclm: in Ihc Stale ol Arliniistis. " the Alknnsas llnrlni; Com- crlblni! ils nmvrin. _ pi'rmltliiu: Auction Pools niul Ihc Pnrl-Mnluel ol Ci-rtfti. calo Mcllioil ol nwrlnr. on lloise ,- -- licensed raclny meetings In .his Male niul approprlnliiiK Ihe funds cd Ihurelrom. mid 3M ot Ihe General Astcuihly nt Ihe Slnlc ol Arkansas which tn-caii a low nn April \. lOIlb, inm-iillni! I... me collection ill n Li* <jn Hie hnslucHS )f Gliiyhmiml Don Ruclni: III tin- Sliile if Arkansas and rerjulnltm;. llcvnslnn Ind ncnnllUnR P.irl-Miitur-l or (.Vr;l Hcnle Method ol waKcrlnn on (III! tv~ Hill ol such races al licensed i.r.-i-ui FU 1 II enacted hy llic people o' '•• (Slate ol Arkansas: '. tlllcif "An Act to Proivdc, nnd l.tccnao Itio Conducting of I'horoutih- broil Home liaclnii Meets In Ihc Stole ol Arkansus; to Create Iho Arkansas Hoeing Cymmlslson, lo Prescribe Us Powers niut Dulles • niul to Provide for its Snlarles nnd Kxpi-nscs: lo l.cagnllzo nnO Penult Auction Pools, the Pnrl-Muliirl or Ccrlllk'nlo Method of Wngcrlnfl on Ihe Results ol Races nt I.tccnsi-d Rnco Mccltnus Ln Uio of Arknnsns; to Appropriate Uio I Derived Therefrom, lo llcrutcr ln.i|>- lillcnblo nil Acls or PnrlB ot Acls Counsel Therewith niul lo Provide Penalties for Iliu Vlotnllon o[ This Acl (or Other Purposes tlelnllng Therelo." bo tuul II Is hereby rcpcnH'd Secllon 2. Thnt Acl 3M ol Iho General Assembly ol Arkansas, vvlilch be- cnm« Inw on llio <lh dny ol April. 193!, without tho approval 'ol the Gov- crnnr, cnllllcd "An Acl to Collect a Tnx on the Unslnesi' ol Greyhound Itachu; In the Slnte ol. Arluuuas; lo Provide for.' HcgulMe. LteoiiEc-. ; anil Pernill I'nrl-Muluol or CcrlllH-alc Method ol WnKcrlnx on ''Ihu IIMiill ot Greyhound Ilaccs at Licensed Itnclng Meetings In This 1 Slate; lo''lli-inlcr Inapplicable- Certain Acts En Conflict Therewith niul lo Provklo ' Prilnllles for thu Violation THercof, niul, [or Ulhcr Purposes Rclnllnu 'rherolo','' bo and Lt Is hereby repealed. Uy (Ills, our pelltlon, we order (hat a time... . _ electors tor approval or rejection liy Ihe le^nl voter* ol the sluic* nl the ncxl rc- i;ular iLcneral election lo l>c held un (he 7th day ol November, 1044. I ocrsomilly hnvo sinned Ihls petition. 1 am a LcKal voter ot Iho Slnlc ol Arkansas. My residence, post ofliye nildrcss and volhlil precinct ur wind nre eorrcclly UTUIen nflcr my nninc, wliieti [a lim-unlo tslnncil. The ballot llllL- ol Ihu net culiinlllccl to mid lo bo ccitllk-cl liy, the Slate Hoard ot Elccllon Commissioners &hatl bu the title nhove set out under the liciuHni) "llallol Tllle." . Piled In the ollk'e ot Secrelary ol Sl.iU- on July 1, I'.HI Witness my linud niul seal ol office on Ihls Iho lillli day of August. 1011. C. «. ilAI.l,. Secretary of Slnto. Cor>t of iiubllejiUini to Iho taxpayers ot this noticu In this paper (-1 Ihucj Is biY'coNnmoi J.OYMENT." : lAhovo (ballot llllo approved by ibo Attorney General ol Arkansas November Q,' 10-13). AMENDMENT lift It cnaeiccl by Iti4 people ot the Slule ot Arkansas: That Uio following sUhll be an amend- iiu'iit lo llu? Cunslllullon: "Secllon I/ No person shnll be denied einploymejU ticcntise- of incmlicishlp In or iilllllallon wllli or resl^iiQUoLi from a Inbor liiiLon, or bccnusu of rcfusn to Join or altlllalo with n labor inilon nor Bhnll any corpurallun or ljullvi dual or nssoclntjon ot nny kind cntc Into nny contract, wrlllcn 01 ornl, lo exclude from employment meinbera ol a labor iniLon or persons uho reliiso to Join n labor union, or bcc.iuso ol resignation from a labor untoir, nor Bliail nnv person against Ills will be coin- polled lo pay dues to nny Inbor oruanl- intlon ns a prcrequlsila to or condition ol employment. "Secllon 2. Tho Oencrul Assembly shnll bnve ixnvcr to cnforcu Ilils arllcle by appropriate leiilslntlon." > and by. Ihls, our pelillon, enter that Ihe eajno bu tuhmlllcd to Iho pcuple bo voto ol Iho tl;o forcKotnK mcasnro , for wide ncl bti f Bllbmllted 'lo tho ,Slnto to Iho end Ihnl tlic'calnc inctl. enacted or rejected by Hie Jie lc>[Lxl voters ol nnld Slnlc t'liulnr i:ejicrnl election lu be held III snld Slalo on Iliu 7th day ol November. 1041. and cnch ol ns lor himself sny<{ I have pcnonnlly signed Dils petition; 1 am a Iccnl voter,ot tie Stnte of, Arkansas, and my rcsl> denec, post olfleo address and vollnR precinct nro correctly wrlllcn nfler mv nnme. riled In Iho olflco ot Secrelary bl Stnte on July 6, 1U14. Witness my hand nnd seal ol oitice Ihls lOlh day ot Annual, 1044. C, G. MALL, Secretary ol Ktalc : or nntillonllon lo Elio Inxjioycra ol nolfco In lliLi pnpvr (4 Umci Mrs. DALTON C. FOWLSTON, B. A., M. S. M. 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PllOPEIITV Al.RKADV TAXED t-'OH MAINTENANCE OK A CITY UUHAKY UNUKIt THE PI1UVI- S10NS Of AMENDMENT No, 30, OF NOT UXCEEDINC! TWO M1IJ.S ON Till: DOIXAIi OF THE ASSESSED VALDI-; THEREOF FOR THE'PUR- POSE OF MAINTAINING A PUD1.IC COUNTY I.IUHAHV Oil A COUNTY LIIillAIIV SEHV1C13-OR SYSTEM. AMENDMENT . HE IT ENACTED UY THIS PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS THAT THE FOLLOWING HE ADOPTED AS AN AMENDMENT TO ITS CONSTl- ' UTION: • ' ; SECTION 1. .Whenever 100 or more ix paylni! electors ot nny county shall le n pelltlon In the County -.Court sliinu tlinl nn animal tax on leal nd 'persona! '.properly - tic ; levied loi IL- pnr|)os« or mnlnlnlnlny B (uiblle br.iry or n connly Ilbrnry service r system ond/5llnll sepcclty a ralo ot nxnllon not oxcccalnu two mills on ie dollar, Ihe question as tn u-lielhcr aid lax Bhnll lie levied nhall bo unlimited In, Iho^qunllUcd electors ol fiucli onnty al n ' nonernl 'county-clccllon. ncli ' pelllloii must lie filed nl least hlrly I'-ivs prior to Ike elccllon al s'hlch •". will bo snlnMIUcd ito .the •otcrs . ,J'hc ballot Ebnll bo In sub- l.intlnllj- 'llm' IbllowlliK liii-iri:. FOR o .' .....J.mltl inx on 'renl"«nd pcrsqnnl properly lo ho used, loi maintenance of a nnblla 'coim- ly llbrmy or connly library tervlce or Evstcm. AGAINST-a,.-. mill toj on real and personal properly lo bo used for maintenance of a p'jblta county library or county library itr- vice or system. SECTION 2. nit .lection commli- loneri slinll certify lo the County 'udsa the rciull of Iho' voto. Tlie County Jndgo shall enlist Iho r«snll 11 llio ctccllon lo be entered o! record n the County Court. Thft result so entered shall be conclusive unless mt- acked In tho courts wllhln thirty d«yi. f n mnjorlly of the (juallflcd electors voting on Iho question at such election 'oto in favor ot (tie xpecllled tax, then t shall thcrentier be continually liyled ind collected AS other general taxes if such county nro \cvtcd and collected; provided, however, Hint such lax shall not • bo levied against any real or JCrsonnltt properly which Is taxed lor Ihe - maintenance of A city 'library, pursuant lo tho provisions of Amend—'. No. 30. Tlio proceed! of any lax voted for Hie maintenance of a county public Ilbrnry or county library ;crvlco or syslcm Ehal! be GCKrcuatcd :iy the county officials ami used only or Ihnl purpose. Such funds shall DO licid In the custody of tlie Counly Treasurer. No clnlm ncalnsl sn ld funds Ehall be npprovcd by the CounVy Courl unless first approved by tha Counly Library Board, II Iherc \i a Counly Library Board functioning under Acl 14 of 1927, or similar legislation SECTION 3. Whenever 100 or more ix > paying electors of 'any counly having a library lax In lorce shall file a petition In the Counly Court asking lhat snch lax bo raised, reduced or abolished, llio question shall b« sub- milled to tho qualified electors at a gencrnl counly election. Such petition must bo filed al least Ihlrly days prior to Ihc election at which It will ba sub- milted lo tho voters. The ballot shall follow, as far as practicable. Ihe form set lorlh In Secllon 1 hereof. Th« result ilinll bo certified nnd entered ol record K3 provided In Section 2 hereof, and "- -- ' ' ' ihall Cost oC Ihls JM.50). PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMUNDMIINT NUMDER 30 INITIATED DY PETITION AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION CHEATING A STABILIZE!) C;AMK AND FISH COMMISSION VF,S TED WITH Tlll-I POWER TO REGULATE THE PROTECTION. PROPAGATION AND FIXINfi OF OPKN SEASONS ON GAME AND FISH AND OTHER WILDLIFE, KAII1 COMMIS- :. EIGHT MEM- HERS APPOINTED HY THE GOV- licenses an* permit!, 1. limits and tho .manner of taxing, | and flsti''and-Curbeariiig* anlmui, shall have Iho'authority-to dlvlda Stnte Into Zones; and'rejfuirfU se-udoi and manner of taking came,, ind. (lit) and fur bearing animals' therein.' And fix penalties;for .violations,' ^No' rule or i-i-'iiuhllchs shall apply to less lhan n complete zone, except* ttmporully In caso ol extreme emergency." '•• • •"•• f -Id Commission shall have tb* pov, ^'r to acquire by purchase*-gUtJ, cnllnent domain, or othcnviae," all pro perly ncccsonry, uselul or convenient ior the uso'ot Ihc Commission-in the'cxet^l else ol any-ot IU dullcs, and In th« t ovcnl Ihe rlRbt ot eminent .domala- Is exercised, It shall be exercised In Ibc same manner as now. or .here- afler provided .tor Iho -exercise'-of cinlncnl domain by' Ihe Slate High* • way Commission, All laws now - In effect shall continue. In- force lihtlj > changed by tho Commission..,Ail con-,, tracts and agreements nc-w , En etltct shall remain In force until the date at llielr explrnlton. ',., This amendment shall.,not repeal, oiler - or modify the provisions of nny exlslllng special laws under Ihe lerms ot,which a County Uam« Com- mtsslc-n hns been crcalcd: The Commission slial] bo empowered^ * 10 spend such monies as are necessary lo malch fcdcrnl «ranU undei th«' PIltinnii'Hoberlson or similar acts for the propagation, convscrvaUon and ra- ilorallon of game and llsh ^ Tills. amendment shall become. ••>' tcctlvc July 1. 104S. tiy Ihls our - pelltlon v/t Order that Ihc snino be submitted lo Ihc clectori (or. approval or rejection by lha legal' volers ot Ihe Stale al the ncxl general election to bo held on November 1. I-H4- '\ tl hnvo . personally signed this pe- lillon ,am a Icdal volcr of Urn Stnte of Arknnsns, nnd my .residence, post olflce nddre.ts, and vollnfi precinct aro scl out correctly opposite 'my slunaturo. V licit in llm oltlco ot Secretary t* Stale on Ihc ulho day of July, 19<1. Witness my linnd and seal -of 'otflp*' on Ihls the 10 dny of August, 10*4. C. G. HALL, '< Secretary of State. IJUNOIi WITH ONE NEW MEMHEIt TO DE APPOINTED KACH YEAR; Al^O filVING THE COMMISSION AUTHORITY TO FIX SALARIES. EMPLOY PERSONNEL AND EXPEND MONEY UNDER A FIXED I1UDGET UY ACT OF THE LECilSLA- TUREl ALKO THAT CONTRACTS AND AUREKMENTS NOW IN EFFECT SHALL REMAIN IN FORCK UNTIL Cost or pnbllcnllon to or tl>H iiotlco In Ilil l t THE DATE OK TIIHIH EXPIRATION; AI.SO PROVIDINCi THAT THIS AMENDMENT SHALL NOT REPEAL, ALTEII OH MODIFY THE PROVISIONS OF ANY EX1STINC! SPECIAL LAWS UNDER WHICH A COUNTY GAME COMMISSION HAS I)I!EN CREATED: ALSO PROVIDING THAT THE AMENDMENT SHALL nECOMR EFFECTIVE JULY I. IMS, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. AMENDMENT He U enacted tiy Iho people- ot the Stale ot Arknnsnu: • Thnl the followlui! Fhnll be an amendment lo tho Constlttillnn! Secllon 1. 'Ilio control, manntfeincnt; restoration, conscrvntlon nnd icilnlnllon of birds, 1 'fish, i^nini 1 nnd wildlife rc- iourcca ot Iho Slnlc, Including halchcr- Ics, Ennclunrjes, retuccs, rcscrvnllons and nil propbrly now o^vned. or used for said purposes and tho acquisition nnd eslnhll.shmcnt of snmc, (ho ad- minl&lrallon of Iho laws now aiul/or horcnfter pcrlalnlng thereto, flhnll bo vested In .n Cointnlsslon lo uc known aa Uio ArknnEns Slnlc Gnmo nnd Klsh Cninmlsslon, to consist of Eight mem- hern. Seven of whom shall he active nnd one nn inssoelnle member who shnll bo (no Head of Uic DcparUiicni of ZooloHy nt Ihu University ot Arttnn- sns, wlllioul voting [lower. . Section 2. Commissioner* shnll tinvc knpwlcdue.vol and Interest. In wlltllltc conservation.' All shnlk bo nppoliitcd by tbo Governor.! Tl\e tlrsi mciijbQrs nt tho Commission cltnl! be nppi>lnlc<) by thu Governor lor terms ns follows: One for one year, one for lu-o yean, ono for Ihrco years, one for (our years, one for live years, one (or nix ycnrs, ono for ECVCII yenri. l',r,eh Congressional Dlslrlcl must be represented on the Commission. Secllon a. Upon thu expiration ol Ihu foregoing terms of tha snld-Com- mission, n successor Ehall be appointed tiy tha Governor'for n term rif Seven yearir, which term o[ Seven years shall Ihorenflcr be (or ench member of the Commission. No Commissioner can serve more them one term and none can succeed himself.! Section 4. Each Commissioner ahull lake the regular oatb ot oldce provided In tho Constitution and strve without compensntion olhcr than aclual expense!'while ew»y from nome engaged entirely on the work of the Commission. Section D. A . Commissioner mny be removed by tho Governor 'only for Iho same causes as apply to olhcr Constitutional Olllcers, nfler e ncarlnjj which mny be reviewed by tho Chancery Court (or tho Flrsl District wllh right of appeal Iherclrom to the Su- R reme Court, such review and appeal ) be without presumption In favor . Iho taxpayer!' paper>(i times}'!•• PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONALi>'| AMENDMENT NUMDER 37 INITIATED BV PETITION • l >':'l'.>l •AN AMENDMENT TO THE COM. STITUTION AUTtlORIXINO MBN-ANII' WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES TO VOTB : WITHOUT POLL TAX." j AMENDMENT ' ' Uo II ennclcd by, |hp, peoplt.oi Oi* Slnlo'ol ArKniisns: " ' ' , Thnl llio lollowliin «hnll ba an amend-, mMrt'lo"(ho Conslltiilloh! ' "' «i Secllon I.' "Any cjllzcn ot Arkan- ana, while serving In tha nrmcd forcei r of Ihu Unilctl iStnlcs, • mny vote in nny election, wlllidnl haVlna paid i' poll Inx. It,otherwise qualltlcd to vot» In nny nueli election." " ' lly Itil.i nur-pelltlon. wo order that tho torccolnii bo nubmllled to'tha" clcclors ot Iho Slnlo oI.Arknnaai for npniovnl or rejection by Ihc legal vuleia ot Iho slolo nt Iho. regular elccllon lo bo :licld Iho 7lb day «t Novcmlicr, I0«. . ..• , , DALLOT TITLE ' >' Tlio bnllol Illlc (o Iho nmcndmenl lo be subnillled to. nnd to be ccrtl- tied h. " - • - Coinih! ly, Iho SlnlQ Board ol Elecllom ilssioucrs Is:' r A proposal lor., an .Amendment! to Iho Coiulllutlbn authorizing citizens of Arknnsns, while.scrying In the Arnied Forces ot the 1 > ncrv Uiillci Slates, to 'vote I pcrsoiinlly have signed thu petition, I am n legal' volcr of the Slate'of Arkansnu. My • residence. pdit.ofllc« address and voting precinct or* ward I nro correctly written • allcr 1 my name.' uhlcli Is hereunto signed. Filed In Ihoiolltco of Secretary'ot Slalo on tho Bill dny of July. tOM «• Witness my.hnnil nnd icnl of office Hits lOlli day ot August,' 19M. C.i G. HALL. , , f. Secretary o( Stale. ' S".i,°'! ff' 1 ' 11 " 1 . 10 " ^o '"i«..taxpayers' 3f,|lila Iho IrUI cou ng rt. Uia Governor or Iho result as entered of record ahall bo conclusive unless attacked in Ihe courla within thirty days. Tho tax shall bo lowered, raised or abolished us the case, may bo according lo Ihe majority of tho qualified electors vollnu on Ihe ciuesllon nt such election; provided, however, Ihnl II shall ro t bo raised to more lhan Iwo mills on Iho dollar If lowered or raised, Ihe revised lax shall Ihcrcaflcr bo continually levied and collected, nnd the proceeds used In the manner nnd for Iho purposes as provided In Section Z hereof SKCT10N 4. Nothing herein shnll nc construed ns preventing co-ordin- nllon of tho services of a city public Ilbrnry .ind a county public library or o county library service or syslcm. And by this, pur petition, we order that the samo be submitted lo the people of said Slale lo Iho cad lhal It may be adr>p1cd. enacted, or rejected by Iho vole of the legal voters ol 6.ild Elalc nt Ihe regular general election to be held In said State on the 7lh day ol November, IS44, and each ol us lor himself, or herself says: I havo personally signed this pctlUon:' i am a legal voler o( the Slalo ot Arkansas, and my residence, post office nddrcss, and vollng precinct •••" correctly written alter my name Tiled In Ihc office of Secrelan Slate on July C. ISIt. .J Vil J!S?' J ry lK1n ' 1 anrt !cal °' °" lce this lOlh day ot Augusl, 1944. C. G. HALL, Sccrclnry of Slal». CosI ol publication lo thu laxnayers of Ihls notice In this paper « times U J17.50). PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 35 INITIATED BY PETITION BALLOT TITLE "AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION PROHIBITING DENIAL OH REFUSAL OF EMPLOYMENT TO ANY PERSON BECAUSE. OF MEM-' DERS11IP IN OR RESIGNATION FROM A LABOR UNION; PROHIBITING ANY CONTRACT EXCLUDING. FROM EMPIjOYMENT MEMBERS OFj A LABOR UNION OR PERSONS WHO REFUSE TO JOIN A LABOR 'UNION; AND PKOHIRITING THE COMPELLING OF ANY PERSON AGAINST HIJ PAY DUES TO Section fl. Vacancies on the Commission due lo resignation or death be filled by appointment of Ihc Governor for Ihe- uncxpircd term wllhln Thirty days from dale of such vacancy: upon falluro of .tlie Govirnor to (111 tho vacancy" wllhln Thirty days, the remaining Commissioners shall mnke Iho appointment (or the unexplrcd term. A Chairman shall bo elected annually (rom the icvcn members ol the Commission lo serve one year. Section 7. The Commission shall elect nn Executive Secretary, wtioso salary shall not exceed lhal ol limitations placed on other constllutlonal departments: and other executive officers, supervisor, personnel, office assistants, wardens, game refuge keepers, ano salaries _ jubmiltcd to tha legislature and approved by an notlco In this. caper/It llmea) U PnOPOSEO CONSTITUTIONAL | AMENDMENT NUMBER M • I INITIATED DY PETITION AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION MAKING PUB TBnM-O»" GOVEilNOIl AND LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR KOUIl lYEARS, PROVIDINO THE CiOVEItNOIl CANNOT SUCCEED HIMSELF.- AND THAT UNDER' COM. 1 DITfONS THE LIEUTENANT GOV. ERNOII CANNOT SUCCEED id TUB OFFICE OF GOVERNOR." • AMENDMENT •" "•' ' ' • BB It enacted by tha peopli-ol Bit Slnlo ot : Arkartsns:-t"i'. M -(ii'urni Hint the following shall ba u amendment to the Constllutlodt • i 'n IHU "Geglnnlng wllh the general altcltoo lo l)« held In 1949, the governor of tb4' stata shall ba elected for' a t«rm o* lour yeara, and shall Ir.«Uglbla. lo succeed lUmsell. Tha Ueuttntnl governor iliall be elected at the aatea time for a like term. U (or'ahV reason tho governor doea not 'aery* out his term, the lieutenant governor' shall be Ineligible to succeed to th* office ol governor by election.'. < DALLO1 TITLE Tho ballot title, to tha amendment to be submitted to, and to 'be ceru-' lied by, Ihc Stala Board of Election Commissioners Is: ' A Proposed Amendment to tha Coo- Mltnllon providing for Four Year'Termi for Ihc offices of Governor and Lteiiteo- anl Governor nad providing the' Cov^' crnor shall be Ineligible 1 to aucceed himself, and under certain 'clrcum- slanccs lha Lieutenant Governor shall ho Ineligible lo succeed the oltlce' of Governor nor by ersonall by ELccllon. lly hava signed thtii' hatchery employees, whoso nnd expenditures must ho Acl covering speclflo Items In the biennial appropriation as covered by Arllcle XVI, Secllon < of Uia Con- stllullon. Section fl. No person shall b« em- E loycd by the Commission who shall o related lo nny of Ihe Commissioners or any other Slato Officers wllhln the Third dcgrco of relationship by blood or marringo. All employed may make arrests lor Uic game and (Ish laws. iploycu pen for vlolatl< ary ol I crsonncl ol . Tho Ices, monies, or funds arising from all sources by tho operation nnd transacllon of Ihe said Commission nnd from tho application nnd administration of the laws and regulations pertaining to birds, gaine. llsh nnd wildlife resources of Ihe Stale nnd the sale of properly used (or Bald purposes shall be expended by Ihe Commission for Iho control, management, restoration, conservation and reculallons of the birds, flali and wildlife 'resources ot Iho Slate, Including the purchases lions of- properly for olhcr ccqul^l- said purposes and for the administration of the laws/ pertaining purposes. thereto and All monies (or no other" shall be deposited In (he Game Protection Fund with tho Slalo Treasurer and such monies as arc necessary Including ah emergency fund shall be appropriated by Ihe Lcgislalure al each legislalive session (or the use of Ihc Game and Fish Commission os hereto set lorUi. No monies other than those credited lo the Gamo Protection Fund can be appropriated. All money to the credit ol or that should be credited to the present Game Protection Fund shall ba credited lo the new Game Protcclion Fund and any appropriation mada by Ihe Legislature out o( Iho Game Prelect- ion Fund shall be conslrucd -to be for the use ot tha new Commission and out of the new Game Protection Fund. The books, accounts and financial allalrj o! tho Commission shall be audited by the State Comptroller ns that department deems necessary, bu' at least once a year, . Resident hunting and, HsMng .license each, shall bo. One.and $<)/,l(!olppl)ars annually, . and amount unless' a,, hlgnc-r v (It Ihls fe , Is authorized by an Act ot' Legislature Th.0 Commission shall v Bavc the oliulvt • powb »ni authority" w-i* Uon. 1 am a ,legnl voter, ol the State o( Arkansas. My residence, post of-' (Ice address nnd voting : precinct or ward arc correctly written otter my name, which It hereunto signed. - 1 Filed In the office of Secretary a« Stale on July 6, 1844 Witness my hand and seal ot orttbt on Ihls Uia lOlh' day of August, 1M4.-..;, C G. HALL. Secretary.- of fttato. INVITATION, Foil KIDS -, - l i The State'of Arkansas; through' Brig. General E. L Compere, A,d-, 1 jutnnl C5cncrnl, %vlll receive bids lor' • .oollns; o[ Armory Building at ' oncsboro, Arkansas nnd'on Rtpalrs | o Armory nt Blythevlllc, Arkansas, J on.sisting of roof repairs, painting, ;. ihimblng and miscellaneous repairs. • Bids will be received until 10 A. ' I., C. W. T., on the 29tii day "At". icptcmber, 10-1-4 at the office; ot the • i \iljutant General,-by Col.-Hendrlx ", y, Room 183, State Capitol ' \ Jujldtng, Little UocU," "A'rR5nsa|.\V"". : l! The Contract. Documents- includ- •• • ns Specifications, may be obtained ' U the Office of the Arch;t4dUS,'Gl- ; locchio and .Crqinwcll, • 219 .Hall' '' Building, by depositing the sum Of. ! en ($10.00)' dollars. Deposits' will !• ^refunded in full for sets of docu- • * ietiU returned in good Condition';;; vithln 10 days after receiving ;bfds;,, j' The successful Bidder will bD^re-'»-. quired to furnish satisfactory: Per-' • i formance Bond. Bids must be ac-';I companled by Did Security not,less > '. than 2% of the bids. . - : " i ,->->;j- ;] Tlie Stale ol Arkansas reserves the • \ right to reject any or all bids ahct^p \ ; waive nliy Informality hi bidding. ' State of. Arkansas — — • B} Brig den E L Compere, ' i Agent l J >-,°^, ,; ClafllU IRRITATIONS OF ^1IV8II CXTERNAI, CAUSE Acno pnnpl.01 1 , cczemB, fafctory denn»> tills Hmpl6rmgworm, letter, salt rheum, liumps, (blit\Koad«), and'ttely broVcn- put skm Millioua relie\ro itcninj, bunS- ing inil sorenc?3 ol these tnisoriea.wita simple homo treatment, G6est6'TOri«t once \ids hcnW&f ttrKs tlio antisepUo i«U U'vlilacliattdH'hilc'OintiDCTtonly ns di rcrlcd ' 1 fX, JSc, 60c si««. 23 > *ata' PUCCC^S Money-bach, gua'snlco Vitil in clc inking u good "eoap Enjoy fatuous Bhck i\nd \Vtuto SlJB.Soas dtuh/j

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