The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1933
Page 1
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Served by the United Press EVI THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION nvf, VOL. XXX—NO. Daily. New» BlythevUle Courte. valley Leidcr. Blytbtrilln Btitla. v'pupvn i i-> IHKVIU.K, CM'rin>M\\' III<I>TI<-\IIMM> no hAlUKl)A\, SUM KMHKU 2.1. SINGLE "fcOPIES FIVE' CENTS or /\ ciuilla! Vcrclid for Denied. Observations -_ bv C. It. B.: II there is :iny 1 vho is 'iliinkini! I Kiit in day uljiu by i ni wilii (.'iili-i o!' h;Hl Iji-'.ll-i- III! loiiuli nombr? of \i'!ebr,illllg MC'klnj u qunr- 1-ciliiv Ku Hi"' !i; II iivi-r. roposal Government parnnllv Will Check In-1 Demand. Mniley Will Testify r -ivc :c:.' t unony in Ihc spi'e- r trial be&in With the death .s of fugitive Gfoiw "Ma- Ouii" Kelly. Hailey hCiurli- s;ill hanging over govern-! Jir-ni. prosecutors ;ind witncsies. Hailcy. 48-year-old Mx-E«rvtcr • ijsiin who leained to 1 n m:i- chine tfun in France, \vns 10 tesri-j ty in his own defence. ' ' \Vi> have nothing to cnnccal.", :airt. his attorney. Jair.cs Mathers. | "There is no le^al evidence against Bailey." i The i,'ovi:rjimen(. rtrsial its ca'ip. | the firii major p:o?.i-c;iilioii in :i nuiion-widf 1 drive to oueimlnfilf kidnaping, yesterday. The battery of defense allorneys jumped into acUon. Tneir first move was to produce diameter witnesses for some of the nccus- j ed. Kflly Still at I-argc They hoped lo win acquittal for Bailey, charged with engineering tin- most spectacular kidnaping in history. Ihe Shannon lamily. ai v-hCEc Texas lanu Urschel was held captive for nine days. Al- l:eri Rales, Denver gunman, identified as one of the two machine gunners who snatched Urschel fioni his home, and seven Si. Piml and Minneapolis money !t:r:;mn-a rr.iic't! il: Tnaf:. the iei:l;u lilkcn HI Sai:li? . ii;r)r:ally -.voimiii'd hut .slil! con.«c:r.iis. ™ :i curb Wlnie !M!I! lack ciiinms ilimni'S, t. Kinuan Cjilioiic priesi, i! \e..iiiii::iis. ;!cim:nislc:s t!'.<- 1 lasi riles nl the chiiruli. iirkniiU- : : cen:- v.liidi ihc earner-, ixii'tray:: in this plctuie Ciiilo. wliere recent heavy loll ot warfare IIIIK exacted a Tin' rliiC'l. !>•• nucli 11 known [li..s moininy. Is through wi'iirlns •:. I lists oil uhEUcix.w.i'i dli/riu- I iisi SiUuriiav nlvhv »<ia ('.nines jiii p].\\lm :,.-: Kd was I'.scnvllnv, !utn lo ihc: Iwkup and '.'.us cd lo a left uiul i- rlshl. A-s :i I'tsull tliu ulilef hie; been nui'shiij | . . __: .1 ;>:ii:' ol Mjrc -mil MMilli n hands i WABIIINtVI'ON. Kept. •» run —i a,l neck. AIli'i Hit i-iHMMinUT 1 riiiiuii ( TOWCIS who caiiu'lo Wns.h-1 hi: prtdi'.teil Unit ilicy wunl'i for-j liipii'n diwinnclinii currency Inlla-l In simp- by KmiHlu, bill the heal- : linn wire tent home liuppy today ^ i:vf process hut. been .slow and | with n uruiinim that Immediately, ini.s mornlnir in- i.nncinued tlml | lal-'rs the price of cotton but; lie is swinnina a I'llly h';" after. '• lii'vr., the dollar where It Is. ; Hi keep lii-i liaiKls in sliuiii! tori l'i>:.|i!i-m Hoasevrh decided to 1 Mining the unyioll and similar- ndvam'i' lonn:; <if 10 cents a pnimd . msifs. i '•" "" I'ollon held by farmers who I oOo ' pininiM' to reduce next year's crop. < .mini iiueksLcn. nialnt.-nimn- su-1 The decision aiiiomiilicallv boom-' ;>i-i visor IciV the Mulf highway ill:;-'"! tlir market,' liveried financial i. id which includes "Mississippi; lllMl!ll 'i' '<»' m "uy InuniTs. and i unity, is one public oltii-ia! who I v ' l '«' lar lo insure Micce.^ of the! dees nol IHin-e In alibis. Hi-'P-'ii lo reduce IQIil ]ilantlnu In (fopiied into ihi 1 Courier N::ws to , ii (00 0(10 acres. i.-:iy Uiul. this column's criltelsirt' llankht'ini I'lruMM ' .il' the cicpnrlim-nl'u fiiiliire lo re-, Thf pvoernm so appealed to Ihe . l-i,ir or mart: the dip in tin- pave-: .'oiillirrn farm leadcis. who had, i.ifin that liaiircil In ii fiilnl :i<-' Ja 't1 mtlallon was their only hope.! lull-lit, near " Fa-iu-lmiiin's Bayou':" 1 "' Senator Uiinkhi-nd tl3cin.,j 11.1 other (lay wxs Justified. Tin-1 rtla ' ol "' of their leaders annuunc- | (Icpoilincin. hi- Mild, had tills (li-! icl himself as ciilliHSlasllcovcr uio-1 p:vs.sion in the piivemi in schcdul-' Sfci'elur}' ol Aerluillurc Waltac^ .-(• tor repair, but had not recuc- Stn ' r ' :n '. v of "Brlculiilre Wiillnct-i i-:wd it us .. danger spot de-! "••* lci1 ll::l1 ll «-' Uln " ""wnm; Hiinulim. immediutc atu-nlion. Hf' c " uKI " ot llc compared lo the ihs- Miss Susan Ann Gilbert, His slx-week.s-old young |.s;iid thai highway (lepanmr-nt cm-j ;iillous '' UU|)11 buyirii; of the fed-!,,, l]lr , r|l| | Hi li( .,. nm u mi vv ir,. of John Gilbert of Ihe Illms. known l|.-l(jy.-s nwkt Insiiectioii irip'l uvnrj"'" ,!*"? ,"", 'Vj'" 1 ! IllSw",- ' |)roli'.viiiinnl]y as Virginia Urnce. looks on iidniirluvly us SiiMin Aim I.K> roads but 'lo not always rccou- 1 ""»*"-"""i »i i ITMCK ni noovii. ,.„,„„,.„ ,i. i,,,, Thil ii'irpd linn nil" itllntl<; tilt 1 : llll.Ke.S lie] (liuieill (ICOIIL. ri«> eondiiion.-. Hint may result in ' .) Sl - ni ™ IIUO ou - minus tni| __!__ H.'asked lli;- co-opera- "«':SMty of not irylns' to control ipnci's without also eonliollini; pio- ! duct Ion. in reporting such s lo his office at Wynne in order linn ihey may bi! tlimin- Senator Blames Firebugs I Witnesses Say Drowning Could Not Have Been for. Two Small Blazes Last Night. Accidental. NRW Olif.EANS. Sept.' 51 i —While Senato;- lliiej- r. slept in a downtown hotel, Jives threatened his SCO.OOO i •:lon on fashionable Audiibon boul- IEXINGTON. Tenn.. Sept. IIJ . ..... ...... ,-- . , ^I,. J n »,: K ehangers charged with attempting • ' '« >" '•>to dispose of part of the S200.0CO ^ ^ -^ ; paid Kelly, a »?ecl car dealer turned gangster, who still rruiwd the soiithwe^t in his !'•• r', hilder limousine. Ihs tlireins to ll'fcliel anil !«!e/al prosecutors bore hi^ linser- piints and signature. i-varil eariy today. Dainace cf SI.5CK) was renorteii. The firs: hlc>7.e nccurred in liic laundry shed and the second, two hours later, in tlie basement. Senator Long was spendini! the ''. ° r < lit in his suite nt the Roose- j bnnrt. and was summoned | Milam snitl home by his wife after'the sec-1 lightened iiml rnr! fire. Tl'.r- screen to the basement win- L. Mtlsm. west Tennessee two' P 13111111 '. wni; under S2.COO bond ;oday after u preliminary hearing ci charges thai he killcrt his wife i-ntl threw he:- body into a ereek to conceal tho crime. Mrs. Milam. a fister oT the Intc Crviiity .luilge L. B, Johnson, was "drowned" August 4 in a cieek farm owned hy her hus- shc (ell from while Ihe animal a bridge. Ihc pivlituinaii w;>s crossing Witnesses 'o\v hnri been lorn off. lending pn-. lieanng here tesiinYc! (hat Ihe body re in beii->vo prowlers were re-:'*"••= iomiil In-low n series of drift? 'jninhle for Ihe fires. Senp.lo:- I.OIIE issued :nent." Market Tlie cotton market soared '•?< points in the few minutes left tor Hading after Senator linukhead Such regulation, it appears, .-! TCVO!llp<1 Ulc lmi1 "'"" largely .:&.. fiiiictlotiy ci revenue department, which could, ,,<,„,,,. co , ((]n lo t : Mi to Ihe fa-?t that traffic vogn- In'ions. vil> lo any safety progium ' imporlanl also to effective highway maintenance, is outside ,>i"S lllc While House yesterday. JllWo sjauJj^j,,,. . [|lp lirogrnni t 0 --hiiirt'--iip«. well make a siudv of conditions HigTiway CI. par this season when 25.000.000 prevailing on liniilarly nt there is. a heavy truck movement of cotlon and .seed. ln\' between Ihe spol where statement, it was found and the bridge where body ivlfls. A. T. and T. Anaromla Ccpprr ih'llilehi'iii Sli'cl Chrysler Cilies Service "Cimerul Ani-Mican T.uik General Kleclric (leneiiii 7\lo 1 .uis Inleriiniional Harvester Montgomery Waul KJW York Cfr.tial Packard [Miillips Pet i oleum Uatiio Coi'p .Simmons Buls St. LouLs-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co II. S. Steel island." lifi 1-41 The senator was slaying al the !1 1-81 hotel a: Hie sussPMion of his pliy- ^•i 1-8- sician. He ha: - lieen suflerlng •IS ':•--', from an :illcii-k of hay lever. ^ j-* : Meyican Po'ice w 22 S-Ri r.UADAI.AJARA. Mexico. 42 l-"io^ iLM^i--?ix persons were here eavlv today in 11 machine £Un 1 beiwe-on police and members A group of members of Dud Post NIL 24. American Lei;o "> D.i-ssett Monday Alleged Revolt Plotters Sept. for HIP Tirtt ol i Cuod Will meetings. ! in various ML-sissippi h»nnili?s. The Basseli meeting in llir ctiurch ihrre. and good .spf.iker.s a series of to be hew couiily com- .will l>e heltl Good promised. Hold Man and Woman for Extortion Attempt WASHINGTON. Sept. 23 lUP) — 'Die department of justice said to- fiay that n mr.n and woman had bion arrested in New York by leueral ngent.s in connection with an attempt to exlovl SIO.OCO frnm Mt.s. Fianklin Hifhelnr, sister of K.-ssell Leiringwell. member ol-lli;i n of J. P. Morgan nixl cotn- pnny. Mrs. Bachelor had received ex- io:lipn leilei.s since August la.I ;h'; (lepurlmeiu said. Kiiinnping 01 her (laughter was Uirciitoncill unless tlrt; money was lorihcom- mg. Miss Nicolinn de Palma, a icrf- is'.eied nurse at -Yonkers. N. Y., and James Mc'dlcy. said lo be her (ii.uce. were arrested yesterday by iwlicc and federal agenus. acres wns announced. All farmers who promise to reduce their plantings, by the proper piopoitions will be given acreage rentals and benefit payments. No runner who does not promise lo reduce acreage can receive a loan on Hie cotton he still holds. Tlie administration Is every effort to sell largi making quantities of coiton In Europe. France has indicated its Interest 'in buying while Russia Is ready to pur- Attitutle May Prove Obstacle lo International A»rcemenl. PARIS. Sent. 2^ (UP)—Germany ha'i kcuiin her loni; planned direct attack on the military clauses nf tlu> Versailles treaty In prc- narnlinn for the Geneva disarmament conference next month, H was Indicated today. Success nmv depend on the degree (o which Germany can per- eth Turner Arrested " ori Island 37 for Com'" press Robbery. OSCEOLA, Ark.—Elliabelh Turner, 27. said to be the "brains" behind thc Tri-Stnte Compress rob- Iwry In Memphis August 13, was arrested on Island 37 lasl night and turned over to Memphis au- tliorllieri early this morning. Tlie arrest wns made by Chief Deputy Sheriff Hale Jackson, and Sheriff Jess Oreer of Mis- CEJSlLlSlif L1GJN Mft: Menace Clerk With Pistol When He Is Unable to Open Safe. >k . Two handlus held up the. night cleik ut the Noble hotel. Broadway and Wulnui, Blytheville's largest hostelry, early this morning. . They escaped with $33.50, a shot tun, fountain pen and Severn] packages of cigarettes after being thwarted In an effort to open the : oirtcc safe when Die clerk told them he did not know the combination. Overlooking S250 In an old suck, lying on top of the safe, . |illie pair forced the clerk, Iionnle • fimlth, to iiccompany them "for hiilf a block before releasing Mm and walking away. , A negro porter slept througli the robbery In a clmlr In Hie hotel lobby. 1'ollce uiul county officers, arm- fd with u meager description of (In- pair, were seeking some dc- (Itiltc dun to Uielr IdenlHy today but admitted they had HUle In- formnllon i« work on. v • Threaten Clerk The utmdits entered the hotel .< lobby shortly urtcr three o'clock. One of the robbers, a- tall man, wore u. handkerchief mask and held u pistol as he entered the hotel door. He was followed by u heavier, shorter man who apparently was unarmed and K;ore no music. Tlicy walked over lo Smith, Edited In a lobby chair, covered him. mid, proceeded to J'lfle 'he cash drawer In the clerk's, cage. They threatened to kill the clerk unless lie opened the office sole but Smith Insisted that he did not-know the combination-, and they. simile France Hint she will secretly build mi n war mad: chase cotton as soon as rreilil (Mini such us thr trcalv forbids. Fratirc Is convinced that Gcr-1 arrest In Polnsett county Thnrs- not Deputy nine slssipnl be arranged. county and Sheriff Du| Hard of Polnsett county, following dc-1 day night, of John Troy McCuf- j fcrty, alias "Sparcrlbs," whom pol- with the German I Ice had trailed wills the Turner ! ci>m)iaii;ii Ls Hie plan for a period' woman over Tennessee and East- many Is heavily armed now spit" ihe treaty provisions. Chinese Attend U. S. killed i i.nd ilip public as well us all foitu- Army School 10 1-8l K , "f the Pi iHtiro religions proup. 't'J i Five were Killed as 3 ^-lj|>ol:re chased them through a •H 5-tti r.irk alter breaking up a meeting. 27 1-21 v.hir-h p.y.icc said was held to agl- ; l,pcc 4!' 1-2! tote n revolt "' •'•- "'-'- "' T """ '• " a service men are invited to A similar meeting is scheduled Manila O>'.!obfr 0. LEAVENWOBTH. Kan. (UPj — and ! Major Ho Shai-hai of tlw CJiincse army are attending the United States Army Command and Gen- of intr-inational supervision of ar- ninmenis regarding which the Unit- oil States. France, and Great Brl- eral Stall schools at- Fort Leaven- u.-e prisoners. Take Possession of Sugar Plant, Imprison American Managers. HAVANA. C iba. Sept. 23 lUPJ — Cuban laborer.-, have sei/ed a sugar plant belonging to Vincent Astor. Pctcy Rockefeller ami oilier Americans, near Antllla. lli^ UnilMl was informed today. The plant run be rc.u.-;iert '.•:>.:' 'i water since Uiere aio no ii>-rls or paths to il. Klghl men. Americans and Uiil- i.'U. who have managed the plant. lain concluded a series enees yesterday. Normnii H. Davis represented the United States. crn Arknnsnj since they were Implicated August 14 by three others who confessed to having had a made no attempt to open the sleil l»ni' Incidentally .overlooking''-^, aij6«'t-»25() In »n old : ^>« lying on*'.^, top of Ihc safe. It had been left ill thc hotel by a wholesale grocery company employe for safe keeping over night; Take Shotgun and ftn - •• Coming across a shot Bun, own- 1 ' ed by Bill Dolan, hotel one of the bandits picked It up and also pocketed u fountain' pen from the cleric's desk. Before leav-;' • Ing, the unmasked bandit, who ap-' peared extremely nervous, scooped several packages of cigarettes out of a tobacco case, dropped, his loot and picked it up hurriedly again. Thc pair lorced Smith to accompany them half a block north-on Broadway and relieved him of *15 before walking away after releasing him and ordering him to sleirt running. of confer-; part In the clay light hold up of of New York Cotton ro The sixth victim was n pol- . Plow-Up Checks Here of , 043 c)lt , cks rcnwin NEW YORK. Fi-pl. '2'S O'l closed luvlv steady. open hi^h low t lu>i !i:m 1003 OS9 n!'3 i (en in if) )ou iiK" ll.7 r i 1083 1037 lOiO in.i2 ICO- 1 1053 10 r >? inr. MI.) 1077 inaj ; rlcsrd .'-fe.uiy ill Kir>. up 2.S . , Pifc nsrcrted they sei?.cd him- A | drrds of (lonimem.s showlnp the . , 0 ^ reroivod bv farm ers i n t h e ' atiintors weir bcni on ; uh , k b ( , isl V icl 0( I fninentliiK insurrection. They ac- iiisvri iliein of forcing farmers and iflneliers to rfiiitribute to the movi'iiii'iii .under .threat of death. One fi'i'iner who refiibed was slain M'Merdny. iw'.lce vharucd. pi counly for coiton acreage le- the gov- veceivert at the office of J. K. Crltz. county agent. il'iction r i rninenl. No checks worth. Special by thc War Department for them | r-ilh "the Cubans and to attempt H was repoitcil thc U. S. Ue- attentlon was granted l.snoyer Hnmilnn arrived to confer Flames Destroy Cotton Gin East of Bassett BASSETT. Ark, Sept. 23.—Thc Mary Ann gin. about 2'-j miles ens', of Tlasseit. was destroyed by fire which was discovered at about 2:30 this tuornini;. Ihe compress company. McCafferty w"as one of two men who held up the place, according to police, and afterwards made a i rpcctncnlar get away after com- manrtcerlng two automobiles and forcing one of the car owners to accompany tticm for a short ills- la ncc. The other man was Thad Whalen. 25. of Senatobia, Miss., whose confession along with those of Thomas V. Copcland. billing clerk at the compress, and Willie E. Mc- . Smith notified police immediately after hurrying back to the hostel and officers combed the city vlthout finding a trace of the pslr. Tlie gin. the properly of W. B. • Masters, of Memphis, implicated Burkctl. local planter. Wn s one of the most modern and best equipped in this vicinity. It was built McCafferty and the Turner woman. Copeland told police that he tipped Elizabeth Turner off as to two years ago. Mr. Biirkctt. it was | t nc best time to rob the compress said today, plans to rebuild at_ nn ,i ti )n t sn( , planned the robbery. cnce and hopes lo h.ivc a new gin . she was taken In custody on Is- In operation before the end of the | i nn( j 37 present cotton season. . night nt the house of to attend the school. Duster Music. She is the daugh- by n ' ter of Mrs. Mary J°h»s and a Co'onel rim k n BinTng gr^nate Tech and also studied at the Norwich Military Academy. Major Ho has commanded artillery on the Chinese frontier. He was graduated from Ihe Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. England, in 1927, and also studied , _ . The fire'was discovered uy n:ter of Mrs Mary |lc bring oil tliree women and «ve llcgvo watc hman. Its origin Is not',, !ccc of will Evlneton. both of en eiiildrcn. I known. Fifteen bales of cotton were; osccolo. and a sister of Thelma LJOSIO!! " ..-.-_.._ . at Foimtalnbleau. Little Luxor?. Boy liang. New Orleans Cottonl Olton Jan M;,reh rinsed .sle.Kty. opon high low flP.-) 1013 990 1030 1045 1012 10-10 IOS3 1022 IMS 1070 10 J .0 Ifil 10S3 !0fi!> r.c-re. this week hut 672 checks were., b Mqr ,,. a7 .rcelved prior to this week. llerc u> A'arsnai County Aarnt Critz said that T> 11 D'»i L r» iiianv farmer.^ liavc the hupres- /-, ,, Badly SiUen by Dog -ion" that today is the deadline I College i for Issuance of checks which is! I.UXORA. Ark.—Malcolm Whevvy: i>ioneotis. S'jne counties have] He was si'iit Chang Hseuli- KEW ORLEANS. Scpl. 23 (DPI— jr.. four-year-old foil of Mr. niid';:irt received any checks Mr. Crltzj Mrs. Maleolm Wheny. was badlyj !oxi. derlnrin? that the work of clo^.ei bitten yesterday by a stray dog., jutting the cheeks at Washing- PSO the child will probablv. be plveniln-i has teen so great that gov- wagon drawn by another child! eminent employes have been un- vhen Ihe doft leaped upon him:,-We to complete the task as yet and bit^ him severely on Ihe slioul-, but ihal nil who signed contracts eventually receive eompensa- clif-cks. ah Spirit Rapidly Disappearing 1010 10S3 Tlie>- were unable to cap- 107fi • ture tlie <ln^ foi- observation but: rlosod Moady at nni. up 31.i Ihe child will prnbably e given. i ; ircMincnt for rabies as a prevent-: ' i\c nirnsure. l "' lurun - ! known. Flfleen bales of cotton were; osccolo. and a sister of Thelmt Tootl supplier weie .still to DC , ( i. 1mng0[ ) an( | a i )om f our bales of i chisholm wife of Forrest Chis !ow and rebels weie iliieatennit ,:<,<,,, coUon Ketc (ostroycd. The holm of Blvtheville. tn shut off th- water an.l I^H!-!|otal loss is -stimated nt between' ' i'E equipment Chancery Court Term to Open Here Monday Chancellnr J. F. Gniilney of! Jonesboro will iirrairtt 1 over thc| Se pl emb, tera, of chan- loss | SIO.OCO and S12.000. covered by In: surnnce.' Expect to Open Jersey Exchange Mrs. Richard Revier Heads Luxora P. T. A eery court openinc morning LUXORA. Ark.—Thc P. T. A. o Luxora has chosen for its officer the following: president. Mrs NEW YORK. Sept. 23 (UP) — j Richard Revlcr; vice-president . . .lie Center J-farkct building In; Mrs. B. O. Wilklns; secretary tiero •"''"""'Newark, N. J. today was selected; treasurer, Mrs. Charles Turner, and ! as thc site for the new trading! recording secretary. ^ rs - R ' °- Army Leader Threatens to Split Cuban Regihle HAVANA, Sept. 23 (UP) —'A !3lll between students and army enlisted men supporting Prepi^ dent Gran San Nfartin seemed imminent loday. The situation placed the vevolu- lonary government in danger. ,, , Col. Batista, army chief, was reported angry r-eoufe students n- luscd to compromise with political leaders, and conferred secretly v.-'lh opposition leaders preliminary to deciding the army's course. Eighteenth Hole Was Nineteenth . . . . A number of divorce actions are| ,, Ilnr i ers of ,, ]( , Neil . Jersoy stock! Nichols Tills organization will have Dec MRV Chicago Wheat high low 92 l-'2 PO 7-8 PS 3-1 95 open 92 95 ClOSL 1 92 95 3-f _________ Hurricane Off Mexico 3,100,701 Bales Ginned I WASHINGTON, ,sept. 23 (TJPJ- «««»„ L IC' A tropK-al disturbance attended by September lO. winds of hurricane force near the Chicago Corn oiwi hinh l°w K l-^ w \-i r>i 7-n s f,i> 59 l-J S« 5 i center is central about 150 miles | WASHINGTON. Sept. 23 (UP) — i off Frontcra. Mexico, moving lr-e ! Cotton sinned through September illghllv north, northwest at about S-Hj 1G totaled 3.100,701 hales, the ecu-, 10 miles per hour.'lhe weather bn- I sus hurc-a'j annoiuicert rean roiwrlcd today, PITTSBURGH (UP)—College lite has lost some of the "rah-rah" spirit which traditionally has characterized secondary institutions, according lo J. G. Quick, for 18 years registrar at thc University of Pittsburgh; Quick, who has aided more than 150.000 students enroll, attributed the change in pan to the depression. •'Tr.erc is a seriousness of purpose which did not exlbt 10 years ago or more," he said. "Some of il is caused by the depression. "The parents' attitude is one factor. When a father considers the outlay of some $300 now. he expects tl'.e son and daughter on whom II is expended lo make good,'' scttiemtut as other litigation Aerial Theft Brought 60-Day Jail Sentence USS™ change on Octoljcr 2. BUFFALO, N. Y. lUPI—Ira'ln L. . . Nugent docked his boat securely! its meetings on the second and i Howard Froeiich . chairman ofj fourth Wednesdays of each month. I the organization committee of the j ,the first meeting to be devoted to new exchange, announced selection group study and the second moet- I of the site and said he expected, ing to be used ss a program meet- important' ing, > now cx-j . STOCKTON, calif. (UP) — The 18th hole of the woodbrldge Golf and Country Club here suddenly, usurped the post-prohibition popularity of the famed."19th hole." At the peak of this popularity managers of a nearby winery discovered their sherry vat was alarmingly low. After superintendents allowed 8 per cent for evaporation, 10 per cent for the night watchman and 16 per cent loss through leakage! the shrinkage still was loo grave. Investigation rtvealed a rubber- tubing leading from the vat to an underground pipe that bobbed up 'Imlraculousty" at the 18th—with a faucet conveniently attached, Little Hall Girl Dies Postponed of Lee Wilson's Illness and settled down to an evening, i radio entertainment. He was lis-1 — telling to an program! Funeral services were held yes-| WILSON, Ark.-The community tcrday for the six year old daiigh-1 (air, to have teen held next week ter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hall,! hns been postponed because ot the illness of R. E. Lee Wilson Wilson underwent an opet- when suddenly siience Nugent left the cabin lo investigate and found Frank Dronsky leisurely rolllr.e up his aerial. ------- .,. : ...,,., Bronsky arraigned in court, ex- Burial wa s mada at Snyder: nilon at Ihe Methodist hospital plained "I didn't know t ere was cemetery with Ihc L. G. Moss Un- Memphis, yesterday, and reports a radio on ihc otlu'r end 1 He wasldcrtaklng company In charge ofi.'rom that illy this morning were ofArmorel, who died at midnight I cr'tlcal Thursday. Mr. WEATHER sentenced to serve n 6$ day tenn, arrangements (lint liU condition was critical, ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy and warmer In east portion tonight. Sunday partly dou3y. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday, not much change In temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 87, minimum 56, clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official weather observtr,"

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